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Ellen White and Hermeneutics

Isaac Eliot



  • August 20, 2009
    9:00 AM
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for life is to begin this morning 's presentation went nowhere like that as far as possible Daniel Whitney has a price point is a heavenly father we thank you for this precious opportunity to study my Lord we have squandered precious time you have lost opportunities to help us to redeem the time recognizing a there is not much time left in Lord in a short amount of time give us the amount of skills and the ability we need in order to be effective witnesses for you as they regret the screen in a well good morning how I wanted you for being here my name is Emmanuel back I actually came here from an evangelistic series on holding some evangelistic meetings in tallest New Mexico and we're in our last week where the fourth week it's a critical week we and him among our subculture of evangelists we call it this is the week when everyone it's cooking now they're almost done okay I would ask you to pray because we have we had a small opening crowd we open with about twenty three guests were bit were down to about ten but out of those kind we have a Baptist minister and his family and some of his church members of incoming and out the other night we gave out a decision card for the true church and he and his family and his church member that was there with him all requested to join the remnant church but I want you to know I have explained that we learned in evangelism but you don't know what's can happen until the very now you don't know the devil is active and there are multitudes of factors that play into people making decisions I just ask you to keep rank this is unusual interlude for me to be able to come to something like this but I don't accumulate there has I don't know what I cannot think of anything in the past that has been ever quite bit like the seminar this is not really a a a a account meeting in the natural sense it's more like an intensive class and this morning my presentation is not a sermon so for those of you that are looking for emotional upliftment I know this is not perhaps the right venue for that I hope that intellectually and as far as learning that you will experience and gain some new insights and tools to study the Bible what a talk to this morning my first presentation is about hermeneutics and Ellen White before I launch into this I just have to I have to ask just by show of hands how many of you have heard a presentation I gave at up and hope on audio verse cults each about the fish but wanted to buy showcase up I need to see okay that's good right I just wanted to make sure that this wasn't completely redundant all right I want to talk to you about your fish in nineteen ninety six I found myself in China in close to Beijing and I was there with Peter Gregory and we were doing some work at a Adventist sanitarian that was hosted by an Adventist physician there and the day was typically denote minidisk many a lot of sermons and then after some of them would have questions and answers well there was one question and answer session that staff stands out in my mind and it's because one of the guests asked this question they said according Bible will Jesus come next year and so we said well where did you get that from and so this is what they said they said that in John twenty one eleven Bible says that Simon Peter went up and drew the net to land full of great fishes a hundred and fifty three and for all there were so many yet was the net not broken so they said to the Bible specifically says that there were one hundred and fifty three fish K and if you add one fifty three to the year eighteen forty four then you come to the year one year one year nineteen ninety seven so in nineteen ninety six they were asking the question will Jesus come next year at OSU question was that a proper was not a correct interpretation of John twenty one eleven a.m. instinctively you say no and I think that many of you recognize that something 's wrong with that now obviously it counters the Bible 's teaching that no man knows that they are the hour is not true but it's interesting that as you said it was pretty much as far as I can tell those universe that most of you agree that it's not true but how do we go about determining what is a correct and what's not a correct interpretation of the Bible this is what hermeneutics comes into play I would give you one more example and that he is an example of an early church father his name 's origin and origin did a study on the parable of the good Samaritan care and how it is asked out of curiosity anybody know us far as the history of the parable of the good Samaritan what does Ellen White say about that particular store does anybody know what is Ellen White say about the history of the parable of the good Samaritans and Benigno only says that it's a true story okay unlike other parables the good Samaritan was a true story and when Jesus told that the people who were participants who were involve the actual characters in the story she says that they were there in the audience okay now if I say this to you because origin to this parable the ten thirty two thirty five and this is what he did with it okay he took the parable and he began to take each of the symbols so there's Jerusalem is Jericho there's robbers priests Levites the good Samaritan the donkey in the end and this is what origin set or to said that Jerusalem is a symbol for heaven and he said that Jericho is a symbol for help and demand in the story represents Adam Adam and what interesting is that literally speaking Jerusalem is on on on considerable elevation and through Jericho is quite a bit lower so in the parable when it says that a man went from Jerusalem to Jericho it was literally a downward progression okay so that he said that the robbers in this particular story represent the devil and his minions and if you follow his reasoning idea was that Adam 's fall is not completely his own you know he was deceived and this man didn't know he didn't invite this but of course this fate befell him he said that the priest represents the law and believe I represents profits and so he explain the Los Angeles review the profits can save you as well so this one should be easy who does the good Samaritan represent he said that the Pittsburgh drug since Jesus at the donkey is a symbol of his humanity and that began of course represents the church but here's the challenge the question is was origins interpretation of what his exegesis on the parable of the good Samaritan was correct i.e. with me the undersigned math in other words how do we know is this an accurate way of explaining or interpreting what this parable is about now I should perhaps add to this that many of the reformers that followed him including Augustine and Luther Calvin I can even Wesley these men all look at the parable of the good Samaritan in an allegorical sense I does not make it right okay so I'm leaving you these questions because I want to try to introduce the importance of having some set of guidelines by which we can determine is this the proper way of explaining a Bible passage will best for this principles of hermeneutics comes in an exegesis now this is a term that Pastor Myers mentioned yesterday I just want to reiterate what was said exegesis is determining the meaning of the passage based upon its historical context and its literary context in other words it's trying to determine the author 's original intent in giving the passage now in Adventism and I were missing Christianity in general there are two extremes that people two approaches to extreme of what okay what a constant determining the actual meaning of the passage and I've I've summarized as all scholar or no scholar okay and what it might mean by that in the church today when it comes to determining the meaning of the passage some church members would rather rely solely upon the authoritative statement of the biblical scholar and say what that must be what it means because they have a PhD or the other the other extreme is that you know Bill needs dollars each person can decide for themselves what is correct and what is not well I took a borrowed the language of a statement of hermeneutics it's from the Chicago statement on her hermeneutics and it's not relevant so much where it's from and how it's worded one of their statements on hermeneutics says that we affirm that a person is not dependent for understanding of Scripture on the expertise of biblical scholars in other words we do not need to depend completely on scholars tell us what the Bible says at the same time the balance is that we deny that a person should ignore the fruits of the technical study of scriptures by biblical scholars DC the balance pay we shouldn't have the mentality that only a scholar can tell us what is true at the same time we should deny that certain people have put in a great amount of effort and study and God has led them to come to the conclusion that the half so in explaining this a little bit more this particular article of the statement on hermeneutics this article attempts to avoid to extremes first it affirms that one is not dependent on biblical experts for his understanding of the basic truth of Scripture what is not true but a significant aspect of the priesthood of all believers would be destroyed proactively undertake understanding of the laity is contingent on the teaching of experts and Protestant interpretive experts will have replaced the teaching magisterium of Catholic priests with the kind of teaching magisterium of Protestant scholars understand that last part is saying other words no Protestants embrace the idea that each person can be guided by the Holy Spirit understood the vital for themselves it was Catholicism again the idea only the church can interpret the truth so if we as Protestants embrace the idea that only the scholars can tell us what the Bible really needs were buying into a Protestant brand of Catholicism is this kind of the summary on that and on the other hand biblical scholars to play a significant role in the lay understanding of Scripture even the very tools like Bible dictionaries concordances lexicons used by laypersons to interpret Scripture were produced by scholars and when it comes to more technical and precise understanding of specific Scripture the work of the acts of experts is more than helpful hence the implied exhortation in the denial to unveil oneself of the full of the fruit of scholarship is located so again I want to try to present a balance here because as Christians as Seventh-day Adventists we need to have an appreciation for scholarship and yet not be completely dependent upon that now hermeneutics by definition the science and the art by which the meaning of the biblical text is the term pay and other denominations they have panels of scholars that put together statements on how that could do denomination interprets and looks at Scripture while I do not deny that Seventh-day Adventist Adventism is also some just a controversy is on the new next the reality is that we are fortunate because we have the gift of prophecy and I have Ellen White and you would be amazed to know that Ellen White gives us a tremendous amount of information on how we should correctly interpret the Bible now I'm that kind of share three points on this and the launch into some practical things but the first statement that out I would say that the most clear in my understanding the clearest statement Ellen White has on how to study the Bible and its principles of interpretation is found in one place review and Herald November twenty five of eighteen eighty four and interestingly enough if you ever look up quotes on that e.g. Lexie Rondo noticed that sometimes a statement is repeated several times this particular statement on principles of interpretation is only found one time in all of her writings and if the publication review and Herald so here's what she says and I'm in a give you some background as to why I gave you the first ten W millijoules of the answer is biblical interpretation in just a moment but this is what she says those who are engaged in proclaiming the third Angels message are searching the Scriptures upon the same plan no summer plans the same plan the father Miller adopted in the little book entitled the use of the prophecies of prophetic chronology father Miller gives the following simple but intelligent and important one rules for Bible study and interpretation what we call rules for Bible centered what he called hermeneutics right so this is a statement it's a direct statement on hermeneutics okay so this is what she says now what I wanted I have not altered the quote I just simply took it out and then I split it up because she numbers the things that Miller session is actually quoting so this was Miller's statement she says she's quoting him every word must have its proper bearing on the subject presented in the Bible this rule number one rule number two all Scripture is necessary by the way I know some of you are writing if you notice William Millersville 's interpretation she is actually quoting without the scriptural proofs but she's actually quoting exactly what William Miller wrote a so you don't need to write these his ongoing kind of fast number three she says nothing revealed in Scripture can or will be hid from those who ask in faith not wavering back number four to understand doctrine bring all the Scriptures together on the subject you wish to know then let every word habits proper influence and if you can form your theory without a contradiction you cannot be there for five Scripture must be its own expositor since it is a rule of itself if I depend on a teacher to expelled to me and he should guess at its meaning or desire to habits on account of his sectarian creed or to be thought wise that is guessing desire creed or wisdom is my rule and not the Bible now what's interesting is that only went only quoted the first five laws that Miller 's however William Miller actually have fourteen K and I given these to you here there are the first two pages of your folder and as I read through then I discovered that without stating them Ellen White in some way reiterates or practices these very principles in her writings and try to show that you recently been just a moment so when we talk about a statement on hermeneutics from the spirit of prophecy from and inspired source we had a very definitive we don't need the gas we do need to know which scholars more influential on which study longer we can have the confidence to know that God has ordained that William Miller's method of Bible study is the method which God 's people who are going to preach the three angels message at the end of time are going to use in their study of Scripture and not know that's a blessing because we don't have to guess you don't have to look at that way or or rank or so forth we have this inspired sports now the other place in the spirit of prophecy where she gets a great deal of information I would say more than any other place on the on the methodology of studying Scripture the rules are of studying Scripture is the book education and it's on the chapter leaders it's called Bible study and she talks its pages one eighty nine and one ninety public education in that section she gives so much information about Bible study if you have not already I encourage you to take a moment to go through those pages because in that you will find a reiteration and even an expansion on some of these principles that William Miller mentioned and I'm just a read some of these and then on to demonstrate how these rules were practically in my next presentation called teach about the fish okay so the direct statement here's a direct statement on what she says the student of the Bible should be taught to approach it in the spirit of the learner we are to search its pages not for proof to sustain our opinions but in order to know what God says that seems pretty basic but you would be amazed at how many times we have the temptation pastors and laity to try to present a set finding evidence to support what we want to say and read into Scripture one may not necessarily be the author 's intent so she's warning us against that kind of an attitude is another statement in the daily study the verse by verse method is often most helpful but the students take one verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into that verse for him and then dwell upon the thought until it becomes his own she gives us a system by which we should study the Bible is another one the Bible is its own expository Scripture is to be compared with Scripture the student should learn to view the word as a whole and to see the relation of its parts that last part that the student should learn to be the word as a whole and then see the relations part in many other statements and hermeneutics they uphold the principle of context principle looking at these incompetent she saying that here in education page one ninety study the difficult passages comparing verse with verse and you will find that Scripture is the key which unlocks Scripture the sponsor messages young people page two fifty nine child guidance make the Bible its own expositor bringing together all that is said concerning a given subject at different times and under varying circumstances again another similar statement these are similar let them study Christ's lessons in the New Testament that they may better understand the lessons in the one old and this is another principle she's giving you think if you want to understand that the New Testament look at what was written in the Old Testament that she says the New Testament is the key that unlocks the Old Testament so she's giving us a clue on the principles that govern the interpretation of the Old Testament here okay now the next section and as you know like when I'm sure with you this is not an exhaustive I just wanted to introduce to you the idea that Allen Wang gives us under apartheid amazing amount of information on this one about the next is to show you how she actually applies these principles into her own writings as we look at then I want to caution you that what she does is often encumbered by rules that she was aware of and we can take this to its we can't take it to an extreme than explain what you look at this statement this is an indirect statement on how Ellen White view the principles that govern the interpretation of the Bible just as the church must and will shine forth in the notice to put quotes fair as the moon clear as the sun and parable as an army with banners and white wife that it indirectly salon interpretation this is found in song of Solomon chapter six a nasty open there in your Bible song of Solomon chapter six and I as you turning there I want to ask someone to tell me who is this talking about in this passage song of Solomon chapter six and somebody tell me who is this talking about when Solomon wrote this in ace usage here who was this referring to who is this talking about somebody tell me that notice on and asking it when Solomon wrote this in its original usage who was this referring to I heard someone say the girl and the girl and look at verse thirteen Solomon song of Solomon chapter six verse thirteen return return all who shall not okay this is one paragraph from first hand down this all one paragraph seven was Solomon talking about in this particular passage was talking about the show limit has brought okay well although saw Salonen was talking about his bride Alan why applies we don't even have to get a link directly applies this particular verse she advised the group the church daughter if you notice among scholars there is debate as to whether the song of Solomon is merely a love letter or if it has typical significance in other words does can we say that this is a symbol of Christ and the church will Seventh-day Adventists we don't need to just because Ellen White lets us know that the language that's being employed here regarding the Shula might it applies to the church so right away then it makes sense because Solomon was David's son is not right and it doesn't make sense that Jesus is also the son of David Wright which means that these these precious saved implications is that the story of the song of Solomon has an amazing amount of information about God 's relationship to the church I want to just give you one thought that I think is beautiful when Solomon court official night this was his first wife this was his first love evidence in the song of Solomon seems to indicate that he did not reveal to her who he really wants I understand your fear was the king of Israel and as wise and as gifted and as brilliant as he was no perhaps he didn't want a gold digger you know you want someone had wanted him because of what he wasn't what he had so in the song of Solomon there are clues that indicate that when he courted the show tonight he actually did not reveal who he really wants he appeared under the guise of just a lowly shepherd now if we look at the song of Solomon as an example of Christ's relationship to the church and that makes perfect sense doesn't it because when Jesus first came to this art although he was the son of God the original form in which she thought was sought so that what we would not want him for any other reason but the truth is that right so again like I think you can see like this naturally follows that if the spirit of prophecy gives us license to say that this has typical significance than everything about the story bears upon Christ dealing with the church and his love and his relationship with it okay so that's just one example look at this one the rabbis understood Christ's parable as applying to the publicans and sinners by it also but it has also a wider meaning now just in case you're not sure this is talking about the parable of the lost shape than fifteen percent work by the lost sheep Christ represents not only the individual sinner but the one one world that has a pasta size and has been ruling but said not enough to realize what significance that holds if you read the context of Luke fifteen as you know there are three things that are lost in the right in the fifteenth at the launch of the lost coin and the lost son right so that immediate context is about salvation and the loss of Ellen White takes the parable of the lost sheep and she makes Ace and offender phrases right but she makes a secondary application to not only a lost sinner but still lost the lost world in comparison to other worlds that have not been lots day now what's interesting about that is that this is one of the several times that why makes a double application on a parable and this is also a subject of debate among scholars Canada parable have more than one interpretation okay and she seems to give us evidence that this is not what you look at this another example here by the casting of the grain into the soil Christ represents the sacrifice of himself for our redemption that's taken from John twelve twenty four Doucette except the corn of wheat falls to the ground and now I get a bite of the lungs this is again another parabolic teaching so in the parable than a quart of wheat falls into the ground is a simple for loop workers and students right but if you are the this one element set she says and all who would bring forth fruit as workers together with Christ must first fallen to the ground in my so what is she doing there she's the first application she may or the explanation is that this represents Christ but then she says that it also represents individuals okay again to dual nature of the explanation there gives us some idea okay so now one of the third session on the tape that will talk about stories and how we look at stories Dubai part narratives in the Bible and not one of the things that is interesting is that the story of Ananias went healed solid farces who later became Paul it's a historical accounts real sport but notice what she does with this story she says in this case Ananias represents to Christ and she goes on and also represents Christ's ministers upon earth who are appointed to act in his bat okay now I bring this out because she took a historical event as actual story and she gives to it typical significant she says that this Dennis Ross is that Anaïs was a symbol of Christ is another example John the Baptist went forth in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way of the Lord and to turn the people to the wisdom of the just see was a one representative of those living in the last days to whom God has entrusted sacred truths to present before the people to prepare the way for the second appearing of Christ look at what she says here she says that John the Baptist represents to us right represents people that are to prepare others for the coming of Jesus so if that's true she's giving us a clue here because she sang look to the symbol he represents people that will lived before Christ coming that will prepare the way for Jesus second coming and if you follow this through if you follow this fall through you begin to see that John's life in many ways has almost unmistakable similarities between Seventh-day Adventists and John the Baptist ever there's an amazing for example John was a reformer in what areas address and either the right okay and of course we have also a message of reform was John predicted by prophecy yes the Bible says in Isaiah that the voice of one crying in the wilderness of the right were Seventh-day Adventist predicted in prophecy the dragon was rocked with the woman in the right okay how did John how did he die now think about this for a minute John died because a woman who did not like and she deceived her her husband who was the king right and she used per daughter the right to their daughter to manipulate the masses so that they came would be due into killing John is right I said that all right so do you see the point but when you look at this you see again there is a mother at the end of time the mother church they are the daughters who understand through the wine of their fornication use their influence to cause persecution to come upon the people the right so what were doing is we're looking at the way that the spirit of prophecy gives us and gives us license to examine some of the stories with both significant and perhaps a license and I'll explain why we have to be careful that we don't make everything similar type that's the extreme danger okay and idiotically more about that in our next next session okay look at this before the flood God sent Nola toward the world that the people might be led to repentance and thus escape the threatened destruction at the time of Christ's second appearing draws near the Lord says his servants with a warning to the world to prepare for that great event so in this particular passage sister why compares know what to do we should compare the people to people living in the last days that have the truth is the right to the God 's people so again there is a there is license to understand no was stormy as a symbol or a lesson book for God 's people who live at the end of time in the last day did you notice that the same agency which caused the destruction of the people of the wicked was the same agency that brought about the cell -based you know what this family is enter yes or no because what destroy the wicked the water right but what caused the boat to float Hunter I got the simple fact that is a true the same agency that destroys the wicket at the end on what is it Jesus Christ's coming right is the same agency that causes the deliverance of God 's people is true and we could go into more examples of this will do that more in the in the next session okay look at this I believe Pastor Myers mentioned a statement yesterday Christ never worked a miracle except to supply a genuine necessity in every miracle was in the character to lead the people to the tree of life whose leaves are for the healing of the nations of the simple food passed round by the hands of the disciples contained a whole treasure of lessons noticed two things about the statement that I found intriguing number one she says that every miracle that Christ performed was designed to do something more than just supplied immediate one okay P he didn't these miracles to meet people she says to the tree of life okay now I'll ask you from that statement was eloquent saying that Jesus miracles let people to the literal tree of life that much about how do you know if there was no tree of life on earth at the time when Christ was on the surface the right so this tells us something very interesting she uses an actual option the tree of life there the garden of Eden but she uses it as a symbol of something we see that she's she's taking an actual in that an actual thing in the garden of Eden and she applies it to something spiritual she makes a application of that the other thing that I is very interesting is that she makes a statement about every miracle tissues that he never worked a miracle to every miracle was designed to do this looking on monitor to explain what she meant by that statement I'm simply pointing out the fact that others have also noted every miracle not only by Jesus but every miracle in the Bible was designed either to teach a spiritual lesson or illustrate some spiritual truth and if you look at Christ ministry almost every time he taught he did a miracle and after he did miracles often said something and if you compare that often finds the miracle is direct directly related to what Jesus was trying so that's an interesting point on the top of miracles we talk about America's later on okay look at this blow represents Christ's love which encircles the earth and reaches out to the highest heavens connecting with God and linking Earth with having this is Genesis nine this is talking about Genesis nine thirteen now when we read the Bible what is the meaning of the rainbow what is it it's a sign of the covenant that God will never send the flood but here you noticed that Ellen White applies the rainbow as a symbol for God 's love okay and it's very interesting again another object another real thing a physical object but she makes a spiritual application to it that's in addition to what we already understand the primary significance of acting to be in the Bible I pointed out to you because they give us some idea on the way that Ellen White look at the Bible and principles of interpreting the Bible tag now under switch gears here and I didn't launch into a study that demonstrates the usage of these principles that Ellen White outlines and practically how they apply our use of the Bible but while I do this I have to tell you that the D organizes of this want to be seminars to be very practical and instead of having just a lab where we just have time to study I'm actually asking you what we go through these to respond as what kind of what the class on when I asked the question is not a report question what I really want you to think about the answer and respond okay so let me explain that this next section but I'm going to go into it it's designed to help people understand practically how to apply the principles that govern interpretation how to use them when we look at other works okay I'm not giving you general rules to study the whole Bible I'm kind of narrowing it down to how we look at single individual versus and let me tell you where I got the title for this from this is a Chinese proverb that says give a man a fish feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime it's true that every week when you go to church you should get a fish that I mean spiritually speaking right you should be sad with some real meat the problem is that while many people are being fed many people are unable to feed themselves back I have a son that's two years old and he just was we justly to the relief of my wife and wouldn't it be strange if you saw it like an eight -year-old child that was still breast-feeding wouldn't that be strange but you know what we don't think anything of it when we see adults who have no real clue on how to feed themselves spiritually but we don't do anything about that okay so there's something I want to tell you about the way that choose us to miracles are what we said about miracles all miracles like Jesus were designed to teach a spiritual truth I went spiritual truths were taught oftentimes Jesus performed a miracle emphasized them Jesus is feeding the multitudes that the two times when Jesus fed the multitude there was always a specific order that Jesus performed this particular miracle Jesus received the food he prayed he blasted that he break the food and nobody do next he gave into the disciples in both miracles the order was the same he gave it to the disciples and then he gave it to the multitude what spiritual lesson was that designed to teach was a desire to teach that God 's disciples we asked his disciples are to receive the food the bread of life fresh from the furnishings us and then we are to impart it then in turn to the hungry multitude that make sense of what that means is that in order for you to see the multitude it necessitates that you get the food from Jesus first right okay so the Bible has been approached with two extremes when it comes to looking at how to interpret these two extremes are the literal and the allegorical and add in if you look at from the Reformation on the pendulum swing both ways there was a time when everything in the Bible was allegory and some denominations still hold that I want to say that some churches views on the Scriptures largely dictate that bitch that the Bible teaches us truth allegory and it's up to the church and how you want those trees are okay with eloquence to Catholicism the others swing the other extreme of that same thought is that everything in the Bible is literal and then only in enough is Christian circles that are basically four views on how to look at the Bible one of those views says that the Bible only has one meaning only one meeting exactly what it says okay so that would mean then that the story the song of Solomon is just a love letter and that would mean that the seven churches only that the letter to the seven churches only applied to the literal churches at Ephesus and Smyrna insolence of what these event fallacy of that so there is there is to extremes that we need to avoid when we look at what we take approach to studying the Bible and that is to make everything an allegory and then to take the other extreme everything is literal Thomas Hartwell Horne has a compendious volume on how to study the Bible it it's so it's so difficult to read but there's an amazing amount of treasures when you get to certain parts of this book one of the things that he says is that when you study the Bible the most simple sense or that which most readily suggest itself to an account of an intelligent reader possessing competent knowledge in all probability it in all probability the genuine sense for me now this is really very very helpful because of how mankind is not an assortment and the preacher does something effective like well this represents that and you're sitting there thing like that that that that come from and I have to say that I unite my past that I'd look at things in the Bible I've made some egregious mistakes the constant looking at things because sometimes the desire to be something new or like profound or something that people have never thought of townspeople to like want to look for something that's so fantastic and supernatural but you know friends when you look in the Bible you really have to be grounded like it down to earth you have to have common sense and this is the idea that when the Bible speaks it's not code this is the not like a history the Bible was designed to be understood so when you look at it ask yourself know what makes the most sense based on what I know about what this author is trying to say here John Calvin the first business of an interpreter is to let his authors say what he sets instead of attributing to him what we think the officer know and that this is really the basis for our exegesis the idea and exegesis is that we want to let the author say what he intends and dentist prescribed to the historical grammatical method of scriptural interpretation what is that mean whenever we interpret a passage we analyze the historical context under which it was given and we look at that the weight of the truth is conveyed in the structure of the sentence or of the passage that's how we study the Bible can I give you this exit the definition of excuses before by the way these things are all in your handouts I see some of you writing this you don't have to copy of literally all right so how can we be more effective at knowing what the author meant out how can we know better what exit how to do exegesis of the Genesis repellent like she said in its daily study the verse by verse method is often the most helpful let the student takes how much one verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into that verse for him and then dwell upon the thought until it becomes his own one passage thus studied onto its significance is clear is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction game in my early Christian experience after I accepted Jesus I had that burning zeal like that first love and I would wake up really early in the morning and I would open my Bible and I'm a average we your reader the average rate at in the morning if I spent an hour reading I could probably read like seven or eight chapters of the Bible you don't like it is reading it there and I don't pray go to practice and if someone would ask you what you study this morning and I would have no idea in a given amount if you wake up and then you read and then you know you read a lot in a new goal and then when you think about what you actually read you have anything that remains from what you so-called study and I don't want to discourage regular reading knowledge of this Richards a senior he was famous for reading the Bible through twice every year he met once in January the month of January he devoted all his time to just reading through the Bible once then for February to December he read it to more slowly add Bob Edwards of this book on the biography of HS Richards says that often as he was reading he would make little like he would write in the margin like ass it's meant that right there he had just written a sermon when he had found the sermon from his reading and I must say that that can happen when you're more familiar with the Scripture but more often than not when people are just reading the Bible they're not able to exercise their analytical ability when they set when they just read it it's just superficial reading and the just familiarizing themselves so there's a difference we should read the Bible we should read the Bible through every year if we can and if you want to get a great resource amazing facts our website we offer a Bible reading plan for one year and I like this plan because I'm enough you never tried from January 's statement understand or read the Bible in a year and then you get slain by the book of number seven Brenda and I think you get the numbers I think that's it I'm not myself amazing facts plan what's good about this plan is that you actually we are uninteresting part of my cooperative and you read very very possible Bible so that it's always like interesting always read Psalms and Proverbs every day and always in the Gospels wanted something from the old and new Testaments always makes a very interesting anyway while we should have a systematic reading of the Bible to familiarize yourself a little I actually says that when we study for devotional study in the daily study devotional study is that you should just look at one part snap this is not a lot to say that you can only look at one verse of the ideas that you should basically try to take a small amount and I just been meaning of that before you go on the other things of this is very practical so if you could put a if you could put like a expression on this when he comes the Bible study lessons more right in other words take less and choose that amount thoroughly right shoe that announced thoroughly and you will have more nourishment for spiritual strength so here is some practical ways to look at one verse one verse how to look at one verse we should meditate on the Bible and look at one Olympics is about meditation wickedness merely to fear or to read the word is not enough he who desires to be profited by the Scriptures must meditate upon the truth that has been presented to him by earnest attention number one number two and by prayerful thought and then she says he must number three do what we learned the meaning of the words of truth and drink deep of the spirit of the holy oracles now in your handout under teaching at the fish I believe I've outlined the three things that she mentions constituting spiritual meditation spiritual meditation requires you to pay earnest attention to prayerful thought and three to learn the meaning of the words of truth now I have to tell you that when I listened the goods servants I get a good idea of how the preacher studies the Bible really if you think about this every time you hear a good sermon you should be getting some clues as to how the study the Bible and I will share with you a good example of meditating on the Bible this is a well-known passage of the Bible and Matthew six thirty three what I've done is I've exploded this and that I've emphasize certain parts so that you can kind of see on a handout on the photocopy you'll see that that section of emphasis is in italics and the rest is just regular but let me give you an example of how we would applied meditation to a passage in Matthew six verse thirty three so she says three things when we meditate Michigan three things we should pay earnest attention prayerful thought I learned the meaning of the words of truth right let's see how that would play out when I read the Bible I shouldn't underpay earnest attention I should avoid anything as being unimportant is the right question assume I should avoid eyesight I should look at everything and she says we should learn the meaning of the words of truth now this might seem elementary and I noticed that English class but what is the word but need westward but it's a conjunction right is a conjunction of the work bought it implies a contrast to the right like for example lolling Wally Matthew six thirty three B how we need what with the meeting of Matthew six thirty three different anyway if you started with or how to be different it started with more of you have a choice right or means that whenever I said already I want them to say now you can decide between one of the wettest and seek you first the kingdom of God that is not busy doing like Larry said plus that's right but when it starts the box that implies a contrast in other words what has been stated is going to be in contrast to what is going to be sent in a sense so like just like the work bought whatever Jesus is about the say is going to be in contrast to what Jesus said in the previous verses is an expense okay so the next where there is the worldwide state so the words seep it means what to look for it right now have you thought about this there are two times when you look for something when you look for something when you want something on forever losing my Bluetooth headset you have a problem always like pencil 's line of always losing it right but when you lose something that's when you seek for it right that the only time no one else went there something that you never have right like the American explorer because they must constantly on what died in Florida looking for this thing called the fountain of youth outstrip but he never found what he was looking for something that he did not have his right that why is that important because that means that in Jesus audience there were people that once had with Jesus is talking about what they lost and there are some people in Jesus audience that never had when Jesus is talking about Jesus is coming down to find them a sense okay so toward the then beware ye what is a contribute to the meaning of Bill Rojas of what is me et al. the audience that's right you know some parts of the Bible are written for specific groups right when the word he is given and given the context of this was in the sermon amount automatically we can say that the audience unequivocally is awesome right it's Jesus is speaking to us what's the next word the word is first what is that word first me primary on order it indicates order right so let's say in other words whenever Jesus is telling us to look for we should do this before everything else in Iraq would not be before family would be for your job would it be big would it be before a relationship or in other words when Jesus is saying this is of primary importance right this is what you have to do verse right okay the next word is other than XLT this is the phrase yes okay right such as the first there must be a second right and he implies that in the bursa there is something that has to be done in addition right so the word that seemed the phrase the kingdom of God you notice appears like a lot a lot in the Bible the kingdom of God the working done is old English and it's taken from two works it means the King 's Dominion Bank so King Don implies and by the way in this dominion who is posted see the kingdom of God so what is Jesus saying about this nothing about this but seek you first the kingdom of God or Magog seeing all the domain will want domain is not ask you to make in picking up your heart right now the gun is something that Americans are not that familiar with because you know that we live in a Republic but anything done there is something cult sovereignty bag like the one thing that I am most familiar with what here's a question for you what kingdom in the world today has had the longest ruling monarch that I know now in other words not the longest dynasty like not the longest domain of Kings but what seeing in the world has been ruling his country for the longest right now I'm I'm he's it was really confuse AT&T's over the things in his eighties now and you know in Thailand it I remember I saw high when I saw the Thai Airways airplane 's on his birthday they painted on them for his Majesty 's seventy fifth birthday the likely painted on all their planes into them like when we look at that it's hard for us to understand a kingdom because of our Republic in Thailand if you ever see the King in public it can be above him and offenses for security reasons but whatever the scene is like in a procession or whatever you can be in a building looking down on him like you have to be on the ground that I like whenever you go to someone's house in Thailand if you look at pictures on the wall but always the king 's picture is above everyone else's always about every other picture in the house but he is has many residences it has residences in Chang Mai in Bangkok and other parts but he is a is a pretty like Cosmopolitan thinks he was educated in Switzerland will be litigated example led to the king as in Switzerland where is this domain if the pilot right that the patient's right so where is Jesus right now is in heaven but where is the domain that he wants to rule our hearts right so that's what doesn't do the same thing look make me the king of your domain the domain which I want to rule which is our heart make me the king of your heart now if Jane this is a think about this for a minute what would naturally follow any kingdom like what's whys the natural outcropping of living in the kingdom at the scene as well if sovereignty like right there's always in a in a kingdom the king has sovereignty like I don't know enough isn't it like in the US of a president has to be decent you must like we do but I think you could have a choice but it came down when the king asks you to do something this post do it I notice what Jesus is next he says seek you first the kingdom of God and his law is righteousness write a righteous is a obedience like the gods commandments right righteous right doing obedience of in other words if you make God first making the keen on your heart first it naturally follows that you will obey his command is Iraq okay so this is kind of an example really quickly this is an example of what it would be like to meditate on the Scriptures paying earnest attention with prayerful thought and learning the meaning of the words of truth and doesn't make sense so much so so often we going to versus and we think Artie know what that means that's the great danger when you think you already know what it means you often times cut short the amount of truth that you could have learned if you just went back and said let me see what this means from the Bible money see what this means from another source okay not the just these are just examples that I use on verses that lend themselves again some of the verses like if you were to read a layout like something in numbers of these lists of things sometimes they might not lend themselves so well to just one verse meditation but these are some famous verses in the Bible and being really very well lend themselves to the idea the word by word and learning the meaning of these words by themselves so that I can't move on here okay so we talked about learning the meaning of the words of truth and I'd like to use you notice this particular slippery history verse twenty okay and I have it on the screen here Philippians three twenty in the King James version says for our conversation is in heaven from whence also we look for the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ okay so this example is a simple one of those simple things that looking at another translation would help you with but I want to just this is in examples I wanted to give you this illustration the word that confuses this particular passage is the work conversation because I also love our conversation is in heaven was Paul a ventriloquist will write the policy ventriloquist of obviously the word conversation is the word that seems to give us a little bit of difficulty in understanding what this is talking about someone we do well if you have a concordance you can use a concordance to look up the word conversation and this is what it means it means what citizenship rights citizenship select a single quarter citizens here were citizens in heaven right so that that's easy right you just look at some of the concordance and will write right there the answer is given too by the way I presented is overseas other privilege the Bible sometimes just make it very simply just but citizenship no so again that's but now look at this James for verse eight is another example concordance is not always help you with this draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded now that would purify human importance it means to make clean and if not most people think you are right to pure finance McLean right and I'm sure that's what that is let me the problem is that in the passage there is no indication that people have a dirty mind that it doesn't say that they have a dirty mind but the Lord purify entitled you will get up in the regular dictionary it comes from the root work your back so it will work stormy it means not mixed with anything right that's why like when you go to the supermarket you can bike your orange juice you can bike your honey but you can't like your spaghetti sauce right why not because it's next right so that's the idea of the work storming snow mixture right so that makes sense in this first line because James says purify your hearts you are double minded how many things do they have in their mind to think right that you read in the back it's talking about the love of the world and the love of God and so he's a look terrified me to make sure beats the only have one thing in it right the only have one thing that's of course love for God okay so sometimes a concordance is helpful sometimes a dictionary is helpful but sometimes those don't even really help you either here's Matthew eight eight the century answered and said Lord I am not worthy that thou should come under my roof and speak the word only and my servant shall begin our premieres use this verse could explain much or faithless account having a little bit of formatting but you can see that right according to our pioneers and does make perfect sense because when Jesus heard it that's insurance it is what you think that you said I have not found such great faith right such great ideas had that with interesting is that our plan is that okay what whatever as many as they must been demonstrated by the Chilean and if you think about all the centuries and was that he said I can enjoy the concert my house all you need to do is just say and if you say it and I know will happen and that he gave exactly the look on a charge of soldiers if I stated this when doing a duet and so the century and says that he recognizes this and then Jesus when he heard it said this man has nothing to say according to the Bible if you look up in the dictionary or if you look up the word faith of the components we just elect to believe okay but faith in the people 's definition is so much more specific faith is believing that God 's word will do what it says in the that say okay but inherent in that is the understanding that God 's word as a living quality that it has creative power able to do what it says and you don't Romans four twenty and Hebrews eleven for the exact same thing Romans four twenty says that but Abraham was fully persuaded that when God promised he was able also to perform others like God said he would do okay this is again IV update so I did I chose these three examples because when you look up words in the Bible you can be tempted to assume that you know the meetings are but there's three sources that can help you you can go to the concordance noted a regular dictionary and you can look up biblical definitions for words like El Cid is defined in the Bible righteous as defined in the Bible faith is so most likely all between these three sources will find exactly what is meant by the particular wording we study the Bible of you know in these verses all I've done is illustrated that when you look at a verse there are clearly in these verses there is more than one meaning that is intended like I believe Matthew is the eight twenty two says let them bury the bad right does the word that in those the universe doesn't mean the same thing both times no pain and you can see that Romans nine six they are not all Israel which are all Israel with what does the word is running the same thing now clearly there's two is roused by two different John nine thirty nine Jesus said to the Pharisees he said if you were blind then you should have no sin but now you say you see therefore is related and in the previous story there was a real blind man the word blind in the Bible is indeed more than one thing yeah there's obviously more than one meeting here so these are just examples don't assume that you know the meaning of a word you always have to go back and look at it from one of those three sources okay so technically three and it only talks about this but I'm getting use this example let's say that you heard two men that were in waiters okay and one nice aesthetic I love fishing was any beneficiary right that's of any let's say you heard to pastors talking at once that man I love fishing what is the name probably need salt right okay what you heard two guys and a computer by typing away alumni says men I love fishing but the zero the same phrase to mean something totally different depending on how it sat right okay so look at these passages I would just use this really quick because this is where oftentimes will ignore what's really being stated risk against sex and if I was preaching evangelistic series and you heard me read verse nineteen what know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you would you have of God and you are not your own what that what message would you predict I was speaking on how how would they always written about message and my question when Paul said this was Paul saying doing or was he saying no don't smoke was pulsing look at verse eighteen was issued at all was talking about in the context of risk against the exposed issue fornication okay so let's look at something for minute the context of this passage is about fornication right now when we use that we often uses for the help message is not wrong to do no it's not wrong why will this fornication defiled the temple yes that is eating unclean foods that defile the Temple yet so the application of the principle is there but when you're reading the Bible you always want to pay close attention to what the original context of the author had in mind okay look at perspectives fifteen this is an interesting one first fifty six University one and please notice that Paul says here for scripts fifteen verse thirty one Paul says I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord I die what easily we hear this in your heart I die daily in a sermon what were the preacher talking about typically by itself right okay so the question is in context was Paul talking about that itself binds a look at verse thirty what you say and why stand we in what jeopardy every hour was Paul talking about dying to self in his original intent for writing these words know what was the original intent Paul was saying that almost every day he is in select danger that he could basically die anytime now as you question it did Paul received herbal treatment as a result of carry the gospel to the whole note the jet of gas uneasy look at Fresno human stones think twice now and that he had shipped rack he was beaten thirty nine times twice he went through all of these things if you suffer for Jesus like that do you think that you have to have humility being treated like the offspring of the scum of energy have passionately so in the real sense while Paul meant that he was in danger to his life was in peril every day doesn't make sense the application of the principle applies that Paul also in his own spiritual nature have to die his human nature really have to get into the Scripture is that true yes or no of course and that's why we can make the application but don't miss that in Paul's original pointer when he says I got it working on but I could buy at any moment I saw for ad free day as a result of my work for Christ okay Matthew twenty two and this one we use in evangelism largely because of the misunderstanding of Protestants have about the law Matthew twenty two look with me at first thirty seven and noticed please let the Bible says Jesus said to him thou shall love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all my soul that all my mind first thirty nine the second is like unto it also love my neighbor as myself on these verse forty two commandments and all the law the prophets were positive about this they say that what was done away with there's only two commandments right but it would help if you understood the context was the context first thirty five then one of them which was a lawyer asked the question tempting him and saying Master which is the great what commandment in the law which is the great commandment in the law you know it's funny because I like evangelism are asked this question allows this but I'll be diverse and I'll explain you Jesus was being asked out of the ten Commandments which is the best one and almost without fail in almost every place I go a seventh address will I compensate the sound budget Jesus didn't say that he knows they didn't say that he didn't say that he said no to love God and love and imprisoned self to notice that the contact Jesus is the acid trick question and so he has to answer this very difficult question and because of that he says look there's due to love God and love your neighbor as yourself and obviously Jesus is not saying that the tech members were done away with okay one more example to fifteen verse eleven and Luke fifteen verse eleven this is a famous parable it is the parable of the good Smith on-site that they could circumvent prodigal son right and he said a certain man had two sons now when when we look at this in context it's important to understand who Jesus was talking too much look at versus wanting to Bible says venture near underhanded publicans and sinners for to hear him and the Pharisees and scribes murmured saying this man receive it centers for youth within our galaxy two groups of people were listening to Jesus as he told the three parables in with fifteen with two groups okay so you have openly sinful people write the public in the centers I don't other side you have the Pharisees and the scribes came out in the parable cool woods the prodigal son be a symbol of the public incentives like living in old openly lascivious lifestyle rights of these were symbolized by the public concerts but you know it's interesting if that's true that means that based on the context of this that means that the first son the Pharisees think about this isn't true that the older son if you think about this if we look at the application the older son was bent or had an idea of his own righteousness based on his own works number is that this father let all these years aqua serve the notice you also said that you never given me a party he had his mind on the reward based on his works right also noticed they had no compassion for the one that was lots right so the context of this story while we can make an application to people that are lost generally the original context of this is describing the Pharisees Republicans versus the scribes and the Terrace is okay so let's go on here I broke us up into two sections and that's why it's like okay so another technique is that when you study the Bible were told that we should compare different passages that are similar to to the central topic the Bible is its own expositor one passage will prove to be a key that will unlock other passages and in this way light will be shed upon the hidden meaning of the word by comparing different syntax trading on the same subject viewing their bearing on every side the true meaning of the Scriptures will be made of it so notice what you practice she says very practically by comparing different types treating on the same subject viewing their bearing on every song okay so let's see if we can apply this in an example I use Matthew seven seven if you'll think I could ask somebody to read that not yet just get it and read and then undress someone else three James four three as someone else read John sixteen twenty three Maximus remark eleventh for NASA one oh three John first John five fourteen minus one oh three John fifteen seven okay so let's start with Matthew Simmons on a consummate reader for us please okay thank you so ask and it shall begin to question let's say that right now we knelt down and prayed and we said Lord did please give us give me a million dollars but so we prayed right now does the Bible say our initial beginning of the data yet so if I kneel down and pray our special beginning I personally notably got to give David Gates meteorites okay all right now so the idea is is this a blank check is ask it shall be given is this a blank check yes or no it's not how do we know that it's not just a blank check wear whatever we asked if we claim this promise will get James for three different regions for three as an arena for us okay but thank you did everybody here that James letters as you ask its receipt not because you ask amiss that you may consume it upon your own lust in other words why don't we always get what we ask because sometimes we want we asked with a selfish motive right or we ask the wrong motive like other documents the million dollars some of you might end up losing faith in God just enjoying the world and giving up in all the sacrifice what ever you might just not think about God any more soapboxes look if she knows what's best for us and sometimes we ask we don't get because we don't know what to ask so John sixteen twenty three whose agreed efforts yes but okay so everybody could just as easily three if you ask not only do you have to ask the right thing but you have to ask in Jesus name okay now I'm sure you know this but when we pray in Jesus name it's really at a request of of asking God to give us the character of Christ right so idea that asking in God 's name is just more than just a only by citizens is a notice of their something attached to that were asking for the character price so again that also limits Matthew seven seven from being a blank check okay we can just enough to seven of seven it is run with it Mark eleven twenty four yes but thank you note according to Mark eleven personally for what the additional qualifying point about asking th


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