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Teaching at Mbiuni, Kenya Was Just a Means

Abigael Songok


Although Abigael did not want to teach, God called her to be a teacher far from home. She joined a family at Mbiuni, and attended a church whose members were the only Sabbath keepers in the area. God placed a burden in her to help the church grow.


  • May 23, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Thank you Andrea for the introduction last time when you went to Arizona where. I convinced Andrea to actually come for the meeting together with 2 other friends but it was close to time to leave he actually study is bards and he likes to go to Peru Brazil and so many other parts to study birds and so it almost happened that this time we'll show you for that and I wanted him to be in Arizona so I actually prayed I got up in a way and he didn't go to the actually and he was available but I remember 1 time when. We were supposed to choose new leaders those who are leaders then we're about to leave and then we didn't have a new person for the S.C.F. at Alice you and I remember when we just met at this time and really you know to come so much to our meetings in so we were meeting we were 3 of us and we wanted to nominate and you passed and and so we asked him if we could be the chair of the group and he told us I need time to think about it and he thought about it and I believe God answered our prayer and he accepted to be the chair so he's now the president of the Alice U S E O So I thank God for how he's been using different people to to continue his work today I want to share with you about the message of how God answers prayers and in this case actually help God So electively side by prayer you know there are so many requests that we present before God. And there are some very important requests that we present to him when we think they're Arjun's and important they seem not to be in that order according to the significance of the things that he put in his shadow and so I remember this time that after my undergrad I was I wanted to be in I wanted to be in grad school and they prayed for a long time I tried to apply to many schools and it didn't happen and I think it's time it's almost like I gave up and I was you know outside it was early morning so. I actually experience a lot of challenges between my undergrad to grad school that I actually learned to do morning devotion and I remember this morning instead of waking up and reading my book I actually got outside there my house and and it was like bright it was around 45 that's when I actually do my devotion sometimes so I was like outside it was like morning light and I'm looking up in the sky and telling God So what now. It's like I've tried all means and it's no working out and it's like so what now napping I have nothing else to tell you Mark told him all I wanted to say and I remember that I was actually teaching in a high school then and I remember at some point I good and I mentioned to you out of nowhere I head up light years but I didn't expect that I was going to get it and so I got this admission and he was close to my birthday and I remember that day when I wrote you know I did share when you why not resign or for those who are there that everybody I like to write cards to myself so I actually make my own birthday cards I buy any and I write my prayer requests for almost a year and I remember the title up there in the cut I said in God remembered Abbey because I feel like he had forgotten at some time and so I I thought I should share at that maybe sometimes but forget and I remember that in the Bible there are so many of us is that talk about God remembering Genesis Chapter 31st 22 says that and God Remember Rush will and God hearken to her and open our warm and generous is 81 but God remembered no and all the bills and all the cars in the UK and God caused the wind to pass over the earth and water to subside. So what is it that God chooses or how does he make decisions up to what he needs to answer and what he does not need to answer and today I'm going to share Actually my possible life just beginning from in line of school because I've actually been in school for such a long time that you know that just mention that I have a defense coming up soon but I think I've been in school for a long time from the time my mom was awarded that I'm having a boyfriend Eileen life until the time she was awarded that I don't have a boyfriend now I remember there when I came in for the S.P.L.. I met with 1st her audience to see and it's like I want to be excited that I see them here and they're asking me you mean you're still here it's like yeah they didn't expect me to be here but anyway so I'm I'm excited to get out of school but I would like to talk to you through my education life when I was from where when I was young to day. That when we were young Actually I have a sister so our parents got separated while we were young and I remember that we lived with our grandparents and while we lived there I got to interact with my grandfather and I would actually actually mention that I got to know about God during this time you know grandpa would actually put me you know I like to play a lot I was a kid and I like to go and play a lot with the children but he will call me out of my playground when you say I need you to come and rid of us for me but yeah it's not in English it's not in Swahili I'm from Kenya or for those who don't know but it's actually you know and not have language it's not easy to read that but he would put me sit me down and asked me to read of us but what's funny about that is that he knows those verses he has memorized the bible and I'm sitting there I'm struggling to read the words and he's finishing them up for me I'm struggling to read the sentences and he's finishing them up and it's like why am I here well my reading it for you but to some time later I think maybe he wanted me to actually land this words and pretended to be asking me to read them for him and so I really attribute to some of my spirituality to his guidance I also like to go to school and I remember 1 time you know we mostly walk to school and I remember 1 time I was sent home too. To get. So it's different here you know here children are well taken care of so that parents have to drop them in school and they have to pick them from school and I can see actually children leave school leave home and go to school by themselves they leave school and come home by themselves so I remember I was sent from school to go home and get some Titian fee but then at my I'm almost North. Where mum to live she was living in much like home but she used to teach somewhere for us so she lived away I didn't stay with her and of course our dad was somewhere else and we actually used to just visit but then I did not really understand the issues of separation or divorce or anything all I knew is that we lived with our grandparents who went to visit all died and Mom was somewhere in school and so when I was sent home I remember this day I was sent home to go and get to see and I didn't really like to be away from school I really like to be in school even saying that right now but I like to be in school so I do want to means even a few hours so I went on my way home I actually made up a story and came back and then went to the principal of the school and told him actually there's no need to send me home because actually my mom went away I don't know where she went to my dad died I don't know why I say that I don't even know what it meant but I guess I said he died because I never saw him in my life so I told him this not if I am not going home so I I actually stayed in school he allowed me but I remember after that I think that story was told to my grandmother and she was not a very nice trimming and when I went through elementary through middle school. It was easier like I really like to study and so I passed my spell I like to play more by the 6th grade I could not qualify to move up to the 7th grade and I really cried when I was told that I had to redo 6th grade class because my friends were moving along and then I'm going to be in a class with people who I was ahead of them I was not happy with that and so it's not very nice to realize that you are not advancing and I'm sure some of us there are so many aspects of our lives that we experience that remaining in that same spot is not very nice and actually I will share later that that's the aim applies to our Christian life even though Christian life is different but this 1 I was not happy with it but it led up played out that when I finished 8th grade I was supposed to more to move to high school that's when my uncle finished his grad school and a grad and he was going to a new high school I happened to just be in a very nice high school just because of him and so I say that timing was OK not that I was happy with their doing 6th grade but the timing walked out well that I managed to go to have a very good high school just because he I finished at that particular time so my experience in high school. I when they're when I I did not really I had the lowest grades in there in the school and compared to they are the students but what I found out is that the school actually had more to aim higher and you know today for the N.C.L.B. is high I am and I thought I yeah that's a good reminder that the school taught us to aim high and that's what I did by the time I cleared the 4th year in high school I was actually the best tutor and so I entered you know as the list but left as their best so I I believe that the advancement that we hop it doesn't matter where we begin so when you are in a situation where you are people whom you think they are well advanced in terms of maybe study or even in terms of life well and all that stuff it doesn't really matter if you have that desire to aim higher and so I did a high and and I was the best but what what I was best at is only sciences I was not best at some other subject and I came to realize later that it was my choice to pass or to fail because in the high school we used to the hit teachers used to like rank students so you are ranked by subject so for every subject that what was taught in high school they will call the 1st student that the 1st 5 in the subject and also the last fire in the subject and they all call them off and so yeah when they called my physics chemistry biology I was leading in all those but when they called their Graffy I was in the last growth that came in it was because I didn't like my geography teacher possibly I just didn't like the subject but when I was finishing high school I realized that I needed all the grades in order to get a good pasta Mark to go to to go to. The grad. So I actually was the best in. The last year for the 1st time and what I remember in high school is while we were taught by maybe when we were young. Mom taught us to leave a Christian life there was this thought that really bothered me so much about heaven I was I don't know we used to have preachers who used to talk about going to have and I when Jesus comes and you go to heaven there are some cases where if you didn't tell your friend a blood chooses he's going to hold your cloth behind and say you didn't tell me so you're not going anywhere I don't even know I never heard such stories. Yes sir if you say that if you are with your friends even though you're qualified to go there but you didn't tell them they're going to hold you back and so you might miss heaven because of that and that thought is what worried me so much and so I I decided to actually go in tell people about Jesus so that I don't miss heaven because of that but I was shy to go and preach I would remind myself just like Mr Ross talk about he didn't imagine himself being a pastor I didn't watch myself actually studying in preaching before people I remember I do you know like my history class just because I did not like to memorize people's names I did not like to memorize the years you know they asked in the Dodge these and that happened I really didn't like that but after high school because I desired to actually preach to people to be safe or have and I went to join the neighbor interesting meeting. By the youth and I was teaching prophesy. And this is the time that I could to lie and all of this about 4 beasts I got to line up but 7 Daniel to Daniel 8 a revelation and I was surprised actually surprised myself that I could memorize the years so even today I still remember the parable started in where it went like 6 o 5 and 530 and then I learned 538-2331 then 331 to being 168 and was 68 or for 76 all that all those years I have memorized but not now it was then and I actually saw. I actually taught prophecy and remembered everything but I haven't had any much advancement that I had before then and so it means that if I actually took my history class I would have done well but only had a different attitude and so my desire to actually reach out in preach to people you know in my country we they don't necessarily limit how you preach you know here we are so careful about how you set up system as we would just go to any place set of speakers so loud and preach to them and tell them about the beast and the paparazzi and always big star. No 1 really would have any issue with that but I believe that right now things are becoming more strange and I remember this night that we would go to a very we go into in the like conscious A and set up speakers at night when people are sleeping even they had even if they don't come for their meetings they will still hear in their houses because it's night everything is quiet and we would do that but that build up my spiritual life they when I actually moved to undergrad I met with a very strong group of people and actually I did share this morning with the group that we were together that most of my independent spiritual life away from my Mormon actually developed a compass because I met this group of young people who are more interested in knowing Christ they were more interested in reaching out for Christ and that's when I learned more about Christ apart from just teaching. Prophecy that there is another part of our life that that is growing in Christ and so this time I was studying chemistry. It was but but you love science and chemistry and actually still pursuing chemistry I remember when I was deciding on which major to take it was between ma and chemistry you know I had to decide 1 and I was like I always like to be to challenge myself and so I wanted to do math because many people didn't like to do but when I went to pharmacy and it's like someone is reading a script and looking like an illiterate POS and presenting this paper that I cannot even read and I don't understand what it is then I say no I want to do chemistry I don't know how those 2 are related but I like to see people in white coats and. Feeling like you are a doctor so that's what made me to decide to major in chemistry so I did it and so. In that. That's OK so they. Their decision to study and to major in chemistry was led by that but to what I see right now the current how I got to come to Alice you was because of chemistry so. Done with. Undergrad and now I need to translation to grad school this is where the big challenge in my life came because after undergrad I did not want to go teaching you know there are some jobs that you are already saying not to bad jokes that you are desiring to get and I prayed to God to really open up a way that I may get a job but not a teaching job when because my mom is a teacher my dad my uncles my aunties everyone is a teacher I wanted to do something different but I did not get a chance to get another job apart from teaching I actually almost a job less well holy i just because hours of waiting to Ching dogs and when I had to do something else until finally I had to give in to teaching so I remember a friend of mine texted me and told me this of I can see in this place would you Are you interested do you want to comment teach and yet of course I was so blessed then I did how my knee and so I decided I was going to teach and so the day of the interview I needed to call to find the direction because I was not in the city then I was in Nairobi but the school was was really quite distant it was almost 2 or 3 hours drive away from the city and I cold and I asked to be given directions so that they all of the interview I got to use public transportation and we went a really long journey on the way it was like I'm not going to take the. I was so ready even though I was already going for my interview I was decided I wouldn't take a job because this was a very remote area it was away from the city it was like there. Those who are really Marty and he was not what I wanted and so I was so excited to go and just say I wasn't going to take the job and then so I got to the end to the place he went to the office and then I had the principal Press and me some papers and when she presented me I always thought I thought it was the interview papers you was the timetable should you go for teaching I didn't even have a chance to say no to that she was already prepared for it and it's like which of the days which 1 do you prefer to like yeah only this 1 and this and that I didn't have a chance to say you know so yeah I took the job and when I went home it was during I think I was in November so during Christmas I was praying to God to OP and a way to just make make a way so that I may get another job because before the jury comes in the school begins but I didn't get a lot of top so I just had to go to that 1 and so I go to this place is so far away from home in Friday comes and it's almost sad and I did not ask where they had been to church is and so I started asking the teachers and the people who lived around there if they knew and I'd been to church and so no 1 even knew what 7 that meant. I try to explain to them that they washed up on Saturday no 1 knew but then later like some time I think it means that Sabbath to go to church and then on the next Monday 1 of the workers in the school came and told me actually I know the 1 family that that Adventists but they they actually made in their home so I asked him to show me where that family is and I joined then I went and joined them so they have a place to wash if they don't worship in their home even though. Even though they are the only ones who are attending in charge of this the washroom they would leave their home and actually go to the wash if I took a picture of the place where they did. That that was the structure they were washing in is not a nice building who was very tiny it was an all building but they were just chose to go the and worship so when they got in there they just brought in some states and then they just do their Sabbath school but I was so surprised that they didn't just do things casual you know the way we have all the shows your programs in the church for Sabbath they did every program as it is shadow even though I was 1 of the children leading and the parents sitting because they were only 2 adults and like 4 children that was their charge and so they would still do the program exactly as it is and so they were so excited to find me there that's when I realized maybe there's a reason why God to me was sending me to this place and I was trying to run away from it and of course I tell you I taught prophecy before so I started prophecy with them that's all I knew anyway I had to change so they were excited to learn more about prophecy and all the stuff and so they were happy to have me there but I was really bad and by that structure. Yes I was teaching I was ironing some money well actually it was almost like $6160.00 a month if you translate to U.S. money of course it can do more than what it does here but you were that was the I was Biden and I really wanted to help them just do some innovation or do something different but I was not capable of helping. At the end of the year because the school actually was sponsored by Catholics so they used to have programs on Saturday and I missed most of those programs so why don't they when the school was almost closing I always called in by the principal and actually I was being fired and she told me that you know we cannot continue to keep you here because we have events on Saturday and you are not a viable Saturday so we're just going to lay you off and you just have to see replacement that was a surprise. Anyway it was not how it was not a good news for the members of this family when I told them that I was going to leave but when I left I realized that I needed to do something I was not left I was not I did not forget them so I called my friends from campers well at companies we used to have different choir groups so we have a big group likes about 600 students in the main campus it's a public university but many Adventists so we could have about 600 general and so so we used to have different choir groups so I got connected to 1 of the choirs and I called them some of the students and told them that we could meet most of them were done and they were actually employed so I told them let's meet and think about it as having a project with this church and trying to help them to to build it. And so they agreed to that because I was the 1 giving the information they told me that they could give some monthly contribution and I was the secretary so I kept the money and they contributed so this during this time because I was already off back in Nairobi but jobless so I decided to do like private tutoring to high school students so I did the tutoring but sometimes that was done I didn't get and alledge all I decided to do an intern with a pharmaceutical company that was a job that I wanted but it didn't pay me so at this time living in the city I don't how much I need to pay rent. So I I actually started thinking about the money that I have because I was keeping the money right there I was tossing to keep the money and I said that I contributed a lot of question of that money so if I use it it's my money anyway so I started using that money that was contributed or used my pot and it's like my part was a big portion so I could use it without stealing anyone's money but once you begin that no limit I actually ended up using the home money and this is the time that I was not having it and I didn't know any way of replacing it but I ended up getting a not a joke as a teacher in a novice school I actually talked to other schools before I go the opportunity to come to Alice you so this time even though I was money it was not enough to repay what I used I was feeling guilty because yes I had a nice project to help the church and I have used this money but I cannot repay but when I got a chance to come to you the stipend that I get was sufficient to help me pay back the money so I thought about that so when I came here I called 1 of the leaders 1 of the student leaders that we were working together and told him that I'm ready to continue with that project you know it's like yes how did he do we'll reach then I contacted the people the good thing is like before I left before I came to us I went to the chart and you know I was still really concerned about them so I wanted to go and find out you was about 2 years after I was away to find out how far do they go what happened to them so I went but when I reached there they were I know to church they actually told me to meet them in a different place which was north to that same place and I thought that maybe was just a change oh venue. So I got there and I only met 1 of the idols that. 1 of the adults but the other daughter in law was home but what I was told is that there is a group of people who came and talked to them and told them that this Adventist thing is not real it is is a whale is a devil worship is something different so they got diverted to go to a different place but I did not know when I went to visit them so when I read today I was really saddened to know that they while confused at this moment and I'm now leaving when I was going to change so what I do is that I talk to them but when I came here I also talked to them so they kept in contact and even today that I'm still in contact with them I call the students who are back in encompass the leaders and told them please talk to the students and campus so the advantages of the University of Nairobi we have the students who are graduated who would be the loner but they call them associates and the students who. Who are still in school the ones that go out for mission so I also see they are now having to have their own Actually they decided to live in 1 place and so they had their own charge and they call it contest on so that could I still in charge is a student it's like a student led But these students already graduated but they are working so they finance the students on campus I've been to students on campus who go out for mission so I always say that the associates have money the students don't have money but students have time when they are in the school is all but this one's own half time so they give the money to go out for mission and that's how I did so I called them and they sent students to this same place to hold meetings and at the end of those meeting they got $14.00 pub to Sim's so I was really grateful to God but after that then we decided that we were going to find a way of having someone to help these because these are new people. No 1 lives around they always Adventist the main charge is quite far away so all the 3 of us sided that we were going to make some monthly contribution in they have a lay preacher stay to stay there after 2 years of doing that the conference decided to take over in there has been brought in the charge so last year when I went to visit really last year 2016 I I went to find that so transition from that previous to this 1 this is what they have now current So with the contribution of my friends and some of the local churches they have helped to build the church and that's what the heart is right now with a big number the church is not complete yet but what I am happy about it is that is that most of them now can do things without having to seek for us that's they how it is that from the inside and where I went I took for them the book states to Christ now some of my friends are in that picture together with their local members but what I'm happy about that is the congregation that is there. So that's what they are doing currently they are trying to put some flow into their charge what I wanted to share finally is the growth that we are advancing our students like I showed you I decided to move from elementary to high school to graduate to undergrad and then to graduate school that same needs to apply in our spiritual life I just do the same idea the same picture there to show that we need to be advancing in our Christian life just the way we are desiring to advance in our educational life we are the beginning when we accept Christ we we are almost at the foot and I put like position in a. There are many characters in the Bible that you could use to relate to people that position for example like they are adults for someone who just came to know Jesus and Jesus forgave hussies that is the point where you accept Christ your opposition but through the sanctification process you need to be advancing your life to the glorification of course that is what happens when we finally get to heaven but I would think like people pushing position. Would be someone who was just line of about Christ and starting to live that life that they have learned I would use an analogy maybe David King David who who used to rise and fall in his relationship with God and position see you are really advancing Well like I would use that analogy of Daniel I'm not really making judgement of people but I would just use an example and you can actually place yourself at any of those positions Daniel good to know more about God and you learn to advance his knowledge but I would like to be more what position do you think example may be in Iraq or a lighter who walked week or so closely that God missed them he just wanted to be with them in heaven and so I want to advance my spiritual life in that direction and what is that's what I'm calling everyone to try and do today because like I said I was really excited when I had to redo my 6th grade you know in the Christian walk through doing really exist you are a the advance in for what you are molding backwards in so when you are not moving ahead and growing up in Christ you are actually growing backwards in so but there is an opportunity to fall into rice like God has provided that but remember that each way you are advancing forward or you are going backwards and so I want to call each 1 of you that where you desire to advance your educational life where you are moving from. Aiming higher as it was in my high school now you are being called to. Aim and that is focusing your eyes when Jesus and desiring to grow every time in him. I think when I was upset to ask everyone to rise up as we pray for they in heaven thank you so much for this opportunity that you have given we pray God even as we are desiring to advance in our educational life that we may decide for these. That is before us that we may look to you who may decide always to advance your spiritual life to to be sanctified and to be acceptable for you so that we may rejoice in me and be satisfied as we get to town life is made plain just as me and in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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