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Evangelize Me: Can Evangelism Ever be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Kristyn Dolinsky


Kristyn Dolinsky leads a workshop challenging her audience to prioritize evangelism.


Kristy worked as an actor in the film and television industry for 16 years before being convicted to follow God instead.


  • May 24, 2018
    1:00 PM
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So who can tell me what evangelism is still 1 sentence definition of what evangelism is sharing Christ so that would mean sharing Christ with others very good Yep that's basically a. Pretty simple definition and it means sharing Christ with others in all kinds of different ways. So next I'd actually like to ask how many of you are involved in personally or let's call it an unorganized evangelism just in what you do in your everyday life OK if you view and what about all of you is organized evangelism I would think that a lot of you if you're involved in campus ministries public campus ministries that considered an organized kind of evangelism OK All right are a great. Well I think it's pretty clear that if you are a Christian evangelism is going to be a part of your life in some form or another. That that's a little different from what Pastor Ron Sino yesterday he said all of us are going to be evangelists and it's true not all of us are going to be. Evangelists for our work or our occupation but every 1 of us as a Christian as a believer in Christ is going to be involved in some amount of evangelist work. I'd like to open with this quote and then I'm going to have 1 more word of prayer we can never have enough prayer. And this comes from the book evangelism. This is by Ellen White and it's Page 17 and it says something very important about evangelism says evangelists take work opening the Scriptures to others warning men and women of what is coming upon the world is to occupy more and still more of the time of God's servants so that goes along with what I was saying before how evangelism will be not will maybe be but will be a part of your life if you are a believer in Christ so let's bow our heads have 1 more word of prayer and then we'll get into it heavenly Father I think you that we can be here to hear your words being spoken I know that you have provided a message for us today about types of evangelism and how you want us to conduct our lives as Christians and I pray that your holy spirit be upon each and every 1 of us and that you guide this seminar today in your name I pray and OK so just a little bit about. Where I was at 1 point when I started to really begin to believe in Christ you know of course I'll continue my story later tonight but for now I wanted to tell you that at some point. And this is when I was 1st beginning to study the Bible for myself I I was. Very I was raring to go and I wanted to do work for the Lord and. I tended to be a workaholic in my natural life and so I kept on adding more and more things on my plate. Many of those things involve different kinds of Angela's I'm whether it was organized or or whether you know it was bible study or whether it was different forms of outreach different things and I got to the point where I was. Tired and irritable. Where I felt I never have enough time I could never get any of the stuff done. And so that's why this presentation today's entitled evangelize me. Kind of Angela's and never be too much of a good thing and that's only 1 of the questions that we're going to answer and think about today so this is what we're going to cover I know it's a little bit small so I'll read this some of the questions that we're going to think about hopefully answer our why are you doing evangelism you personally how do you make decisions regarding evangelism What's your process what part does evangelism have in your life currently. Here I think is a it's a specific 1 for Students are you afraid of Angela's and will not leave you enough time for study are you wondering where or how evangelism fits into your life on a non-Christian campus so here's some of the questions that we're going to cover and 1st we have an activity so oscar Oh OK So I think now I'm going to pass out each of you is going to get a sheet to fill out actually it's it's to color. And you're going to do your own coloring it's not filling the line so it looks like this so. Kim and Jonathan and Ryan are all going to pass out 1 sheet to you and in addition to this sheet you're going to also choose 4 different colored pencils for different colors may make sure that they're all different colors not similar to each other. And the 1st thing we're going to do is we're going to fill out the top chart this 1 that says Current And so you're going to pick the 4 different colored pencils that you have and each 1 you're going to fill in this legend here and this legend says studies or your job if you're working how much time do you spend doing this in just your general life currently right now the next 1 is evangelism you're going to take a different colored pencil and you're going to fill in this square here with that different colored pencil evangelism how much time in percentage do you spend in evangelism in your life the 3rd 1 is personal time with God you're going to take your 3rd colored pencil and you're going to fill in this square here and tell me how much time you spend in personal just you and God and then the 4th 1 is other and your free time so any time besides those 1st 3 and what you're going to do is you're going to put your percentages in the column next to the legend of how much of your time you devote to each of these and then you're going to make your pie chart based on those percentages is that clear to everyone OK in any questions you can come up and ask me we're going to spend a few minutes doing this. This is for your eyes only this is not something that you're going to share with anyone else this is just personal to you so fill it in Honestly as honestly as you can be. And we'll take a few minutes time with that OK So I think we may be a little low on color pencils so if that's the case please do share with the person next to you OK So you filled out your current time management pie chart. And you're going to just keep this in mind again this is for your eyes only for only you to think about as we go through our time together we go through the summoner So for me myself and I'll speak more about this in detail later but I when I did my my current pie chart I said wow that's I I want to change some some percentages on that. And so we're going to talk about how how the Lord instructs us to do evangelism and how all of these other pieces fit into how we do of vandalism the Lord's way. God is a God of order so I found this to be useful it's a clean $31.00 if you have your Bibles we can read it together a crazy ass tease $31.00 right before what you're looking at day Song of Solomon this morning with Michel a crazy ass These 31 says To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven God is a God of order he has a time and a place for everything. So. Here is an acronym that is very simple and it's an acronym that I find useful. When dealing with all the things that I have to do in my life especially evangelism. And so today we're going to use it for vandalism It's plan and these are 4 steps 4 steps that you can use. The 1st 1 P. stands for pray. Michelle covered the same exact thing this morning and it's it goes for evangelism just like it goes for Bible study we have to begin with prayer there's no way that we can do anything except if we have the Lord to guide us and prayer is the simplest form of communication that we have with him. John 15 if we can turn there I'd like us to read a couple of verses I love the 15th chapter of John because it talks about Jesus's relationship with us and not us collectively with you personally. John 15 verses 4 and 5 it reads abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine no more can you except you abide in me I am the vine this is Jesus talking I am the vine ye are the branches he that abideth in me and I in him the same bring it forth much fruit for without me you can do nothing. And I know we we hear this all the time right yes yes OK we we can do nothing except through him but you know I think some of these verses we tend to just gloss over because we've heard them so often and when you actually personally study this new go OK So I really cannot do anything except that I'm having a constant personal relationship with him it's actually very eye opening it stops me in my tracks that means that even the the natural things that I do or maybe the easy things that I do maybe that's not the way he wants me to do them I won't know unless I have a relationship with him for him to guide me I wanted to go to Matthew 26 and I wanted to study this passage a little this is when Jesus is in the garden of 70 so it's Matthew 26 versus 39 and on so we're going to start Matthew $26.00 verses $39.00 and on it says and he talking about Jesus went a little further and fell on his face and prayed saying oh my father if it be possible that this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as the wilt OK So this is Jesus in his 1 of his most stressful moments in fact probably his most stressful moment here on Earth and this is an example that we can use as how Jesus prayed and how did Jesus pray Well he says it once and then in verse 42 it says he went away again the 2nd time and prayed this is the 2nd time he prays and he says Oh my father if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it that I will be done and then further on down in verse 44. It says and he talking about Jesus again he left them and went away again and prayed the 3rd time saying the same words so what can we what can we glean from this. I'm going to open it up to the for what what can we glean from the way Jesus praise from these passages Yes. He prayed for strength. But the 2nd 2 times he prayed he prayed more for strength to carry out the Father's will and I believe he got that strength from the father as Scripture says OK anyone else yes. Maybe I grew up thinking is that if you pray for something don't keep asking God for the same thing he's heard you once we see here that Jesus is doing is not doing what he's asking these petitions 3 times for this 3 times for the same thing yes thank you Jesus realize he had to discover God's will on his own like nobody can discover God's will for you you have to discover God's will so you have to discover God's will it's not it's a personal relationship between you and God in this case God the Father OK thank you so much oh yes I just want to point this out I find this interesting how when he came in he saw them sleeping instead of immediately confronting them he went to pray and then he came back and said you couldn't stay awake with me for 1 hour OK Very interesting so before he even acted before he even moved his 1st inclination was to go and pray 1st step was to go and pray OK those are all very good comments thank you very much a couple other things. Was that we see here. Just like my friend here said Jesus is repeatedly asking and he's repeatedly asking the same thing but at the end of that he's always asking for The Father's Will to be done for God's will to be done not his and that may take us a long time just like Jesus expresses here this hard for him there are certain things in our lives that are extremely hard to do there are certain things that we want to do no matter what no matter what he says but again and again we he we see here Jesus is coming and surrendering his Will He's submitting his will to God God the Father in this case for him and we must do the same thing if Jesus is our example then we need to do as he has done and every time this is a reinforcement every time he goes and prays it's a reinforcement of what he knows to be true God's will not mine God's will not mine and so he honestly expresses his true desire his true natural desire and it's that he doesn't have to die but he goes and he does it anyways so his net he brings his on assist desires his honest will to the Lord he's honest with him we need to be honest as well there's nothing that the Lord doesn't know about us but it is our confession to him that maybe makes us aware of certain things that we may be hiding from ourselves be honest with him but at the end know that he wants you to submit to him not only because you love him but because over all ultimately he's going to do the the best thing for you that's trust it's a hard thing to do. But it takes time just like jesus shows us it takes time takes not only 1 part or maybe it takes 3 maybe it takes more with to pray without ceasing 1st the Saloni and $517.00 says pray without ceasing and I think that took on a new meaning for me earlier this year you know what does that actually mean to pray does it mean OK or pray in the morning and then I pray before meals and I pray an evening or does it mean that I can constantly pray to him in in my day. When I'm worried or discouraged about something. My husband and I we do an evangelistic series we've done for the past couple of years and we do it as part of the Sabbath school that we belong to and just this past year we did it in April that was a couple months ago and in the few months leading up to it our speaker actually suggested hey I want to pray with you guys not only with with you and your husband but with your whole entire team your whole entire economy. Is that something that you would like that can can you set aside the time to do that and I know it may seem really it may seem really easy and you know well duh of course but it wasn't something that I naturally thought about I just thought OK we're going to we're going to prepare and we're going to do our thing and we're going to pray on our own but the fact that we had united prayer together we not only had united prayer together for the series we prayed specific things for the series and we prayed to God every Sabbath at the same time at allone $45.00 to tour 3 months leading up to the series and it changed the outcome of the series not only the outcome of the series but it changed how the team worked together. We were united in a way that we wouldn't have been had we not had those moments with God so you can pray collectively and you can pray personally but that does something to the outcome of of your work with the Lord in an organized sense to some extent OK. The responses that we got from that series were more than we were expecting out of a Sabbath school evangelist excuse baptisms re baptisms and it wasn't the amount in so much as it was that we made personal connections with these people who are in need. And in need of different things. But all in need of Christ so pray pray before you decide. What evangelists to condensers to pursue and I don't know whether this is working sorry Jonathan things are right the 2nd step in our plan is to learn and to look up L. For learn and to look up and what does that mean learn what learn from his word exactly what Michelle was talking about this morning these are the 2 steps that we need to do before even thinking any further about any type of Vangelis to condemn or learn his word John 157 Does anyone know that 1 by heart let's turn there John 157 if ye abide in me and my words abide in you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you I love this verse I think it is extremely clear because you know what it's conditional. You don't get what you want bar none you get what you want. If his words are of biting you how else can we do that if we don't study if we don't read on a daily basis if we don't not only take it into our heads but it goes in it gets into your heart I know that can be a little maybe not very practical like what does that look like but it's if you you understand it you understand what he's saying and it shows itself in your life in different ways you really believe it with 100 percent of your being it's a long process so it's something that we need to be doing day by day some 1130 says the entrance of the word give a light give it understanding on to the simple and these 1st 2 steps praying and learning what he says what he wants what God desires for you that is imperative we have to do these things before you even think of acting and it's a lot of the time that we skip these 2 steps I know I do it I don't know about you but. That's what I've been doing most of my my whole life I'm so quick to do what I want to do without even consulting him and even things where I don't I'm not even aware I'm not even aware that I've acted before thinking OK I would like to talk with God about this I'd like to see what's in his word and so that's the. Third Step Thanks John. Oh I think we went 1 too far act and not act in what I was talking about last night act as in do before you decide to do I think. The 1st Psalm makes it very clear and I'd like for us to turn there Psalm 1 and it's verses $2.00 and $3.00 so let's let's turn to Psalm 1 verses $2.00 and $3.00 they say but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law does he meditate day and night and and this is the 2nd half of a very important concept he shall be NICE TALKING ABOUT A person talking about any of us and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bring us forth his fruit in his season in his season in due time there is an order to everything says his Leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever he do it shall prosper Amen but how does he get there he has to meditate on the law of the Lord day and night in fact he has to make it his delight and that's the only way that the fruit from your tree is going to grow it's going to bring forth more fruit so you know looking back when I said. I want to I want to work for the Lord you know I want to do I want to do work for him as though I could again bring something. To him and it was a quid pro quo kind of situation I'm going to bring you know my my own glory my own stuff now take no it's not a very fine line we co-work with him right we're coal laborers but all of your labor all of your work still has to go through him he's the 1 who does it in you he's your strength your utmost for his bias. For we are labors together with God doesn't mean you don't sit back and do anything that's the other thing it doesn't mean that you pray and then you study His word and you don't do a thing no you have to do The 1st heard step which is to move to move where he is calling you to move there's a completion of the plan here and it is important that we give our all and the the giving in most cases in all cases submitting to him that's the effort that you make I think that it's quite common for us to think that works is a bad word. And in used in the wrong sense I think it can be if they're your works but if they're the Lord's works wow that's exactly what he wants us to do James 226 I love the 2nd chapter of James let's go there James $226.00 says for us the body without the spirit is dead so face without works dead also Wow So that means that we have to act if we have faith it's a natural outpouring of the face the belief that we have in the Lord He wants us to act but he wants us to act with him not without him so that goes for evangelism doesn't it Psalm 1271 let's go there Psalm $127.00 1st verse says except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it except the Lord keep the city the watchman wake is but in vain. All of your labor if the Lord is not in it if the Lord's not watching you do it if the Lord is not doing it with you all of that doesn't mean peanut. And I wanted to to go a little deeper here. Make it make it a little more practical let's let's bring it down. To our personal level I think that there are a couple camps that we commonly fall into as people as Christians. And I'd like to go through them. The 1 camp is. Those who at this point if there and please don't raise your hands this is again just personal but if you find yourself to be maybe. Fearing rejection in sharing the news and sharing the gospel. You know my my husband actually gave me a lot of this because he goes through it himself. So understanding this for me has been important and significant maybe you're afraid of rejection maybe you know you go up to a nonbeliever someone who is not a Christian doesn't know Christ and you say oh OK why don't want to pressure them I don't I don't want to pressure them into believing what I believe by telling them I also don't want to offend or exclude their their beliefs want to be all inclusive. And so there's this there's this 1 camp. That thinks that and then never gets beyond that to sharing the good news with with people. If you felt that way. There are others out there as well and I know for my husband. We we're involved in a transitional homeless shelter where we go and we give Bible studies at the shelter part of the outreach that we do on Sabbath afternoons and we go pretty we're pretty regularly and I know every time he used to get right before we went we were driving down and even before maybe when we were even having lunch used to get really quiet and I could tell that something was bothering him when say anything and I knew that in his in his mind after he told me you know I just I worry about this stress about it I just don't want to be rejected and he he mused over this over and over as we were going down to the shelter. But then we would pray we pray every time before we went in and we would ask like we talked about for specific thing and we asked 1st specific divine appointments please give us someone there who needs to hear the message. In whatever form that is it may have not been a bible study it may have just been that they wanted you to pray with them whatever form that was we wanted that divine appointment and every time we would pray for that we would have a divine appointment and after our time there at the shelter ended my husband always said I'm so glad that I went but the hardest part for him was going down and actually starting starting to do it once he was doing it the Lord was working so I just hope that that can be an encouragement for those of us who have those kinds of fears who may be struggling with that in terms of evangelism and I also want to give encouragement in Scripture you know Scripture has. Tells us that there is nothing to fear. We can go to Matthew 1032 to 34 are the verses that I want to read Matthew 10 starting in verse 32 it says Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven but whosoever shall deny me before men him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven now before you go OK that's not very encouraging Christi what are you let's just keep on reading let's keep reading on verse 34 says Think not that I am come to send peace on earth I came not to send peace but a sword OK And so this verse you know sometimes has confused me in the past but when I think of it in these terms and the Lord lead me here when I think of it in terms of a person like my husband used to be. Because the Lord is changing him and I think OK this person who said OK we'll if you know if they don't want to I don't want to offend them so I'm just going to say and I'm going to agree with that with whatever they say and then OK I'll go to this other person and then I'll agree with of whatever they say with whatever they say. And then I read verse 34 and it says Jesus says I came not to send peace but a sword What is the sword the Word of God Hebrews 412. Says for the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow in his it just Cerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart and it just struck me that's the word of God It's not the person. You are not. Doing the dividing it's the Word of God that's doing the dividing and you are just the messenger all you have to do is with the Lord's strength speak the Gospel and it's the Word of God that separates the believers from the unbelievers or truth from falsehood the word that does it not you and so if you realize that God is with you doing that and it is it's not you who that person may be offended by but it's the very Word of God I hope that that gives you strength and hope if you are more like me like I was in college the other camp that I think we can fall into. You have kind of you know I had a very narrow focus when I was in Stanford I was telling you last night it was just OK my career I said OK whatever friends don't care about the. Studies OK I'll do that fine but my career that's all that I wanted to focus on and I had a very narrow view. A singular view and so maybe there are some of us like how I was in college that say OK I don't have any time and maybe you're saying I don't have any time for evangelism I mean I mean I'm in school to do that and it's to get my career on board and I'll do the evangelism later I'll share the word of God when I have time but I don't have time now because I'm here for that I wanted also to give you some encouragement. If you are thinking that there is a time when you're going to arrive that everything is going to be perfect in your life to do God's work that is a deception you do not need to be perfect in order to do God's work God perfects you. By doing his work that's freeing Saul 19. I actually just found this as I was doing devotional yesterday and I said this is perfect I want to share it with all of you Saul 19 verse 7 says the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple it's the law that is perfect and it's the law that converts you it's the law that makes us perfect it's not something that you have control over and you do it spending time with him it's getting to know him I wanted to read a couple more verses. Matthew 25 Matthew 25 starting in verse 41 starting in verse 41 it says then shall he say also unto them on the left hand Depart from Me you curse it into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels for I was in hunger and he gave me no meat I was thirsty and he gave me no drink and of course this is a familiar passage to us he saying this in contrast to those who did give him food and drink I was a stranger verse 43 and he took me not in naked and he clothed me not sick and in prison and he visited me not then shall they also answer him saying Lord when saw we hungered or athirst or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and did not minister on to the. When we never saw you then shall he answer them saying verily I say unto you in as much as you did it not to 1 of the least of these you did it not to me there are people. Who you cross paths with wherever you are on whatever public campus you're out that may need the gospel to them right then and there and you will not get another chance with them be ready always to answer you ready always to give a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear you know that it's not OK at this certain time and only to Jesus that you know because well Jesus can give us salvation so I'm going to minister to him No it's not partitioned in some portion of our lives and I'm very passionate about this because I thought this was. It's who you are in each and every 1 of you and not in a occupation kind of way but each and every 1 of us an evangelist maybe it's not your job but it's what you do as Christians Matthew 5 Beatitudes Matthew 5 verse 13 says Ye are the salt of the or not sometimes you are that's what makes up your whole person you are the light of the world that's what each and every 1 of us is and here's something actually my husband gave me this and I loved it and he said hey bring in the same jewelry how many of you have studied the sanctuary studied it out beautiful I love the sanctuary let's go to Exodus 2720 if your the light of the world and the sanctuary is our way to Christ to getting to know Christ. Verse 20 of Exodus $27.00 says and Thou shall command the children of Israel that they bring the pure oil all of beaten for the light to cause the lamp to burn continually always that's how much your light the Holy Spirit in you is supposed to burn constantly whatever period of life that you're in continuously It's a beautiful beautiful word eternally. Wow And the thing is is that. You know I think we know this right some of these verses may be very familiar to us but like I said before it's 1 thing to know it in your head it's a completely different thing to believe it in your heart it's a process it's a process so whichever camp you fall into maybe you fall into a different camp but I think that this is a temptation for a lot of people either you're too scared to offend or too much for perfectionist maybe either way or looking at yourself instead of God Either way it's about you instead of him you need to look up you need to look up and like my friend Peter says you know this song look up and says see the salvation of the Lord is powerful stuff for this is the last worked nurture step for and plan nurture So what does this mean let's read Mark 426 starting in 26 mark 4 twenties 6. Reeds and he said so is the kingdom of God as if a man should cast seed into the ground and should sleep and rise night and day and the seed should spring and grow up he know is not how for the earth bring it forth fruit of herself 1st the blade then the ear after that the full corn in the ear but when the fruit is brought forth immediately he put it in the sickle because the harvest is come and I chose these verses because well the Lord chose these verses to show me and I hope to show you all that this gives us a good representation of what the Lord does and what we do in the we have a work as well but it's a very specific work and I think if you see here notice that the man he's sleeping but then he rises and he watches the see he watches it he doesn't just OK he throws the seed out you throw the word of God out and then that's it and in some cases it may be some cases you you might not have a chance to see these people again but if you do if they're your classmates if you see them every day at the post office or at the market anyone that you come into and come across on a regular basis were to be you watching watching and praying the Bible says but watching watching for it to grow watching for those signs and the Bible tells us we know what to expect 1st the blade then the ear after that the full corn in the ear there's a process there's an order and we know we know the signs to look for. And then at the right time and with the Holy Spirit you reap and it's not you that does it the Lord's converting the heart that's the thing is that that's what we do but it also says in verse $27.00 that the man the farmer doesn't know how the seed Springs and grows doesn't know he just knows that it does and that's the Holy Spirit converting the soul so nurture What does it mean nurturing takes time. It takes a lot of time for myself. Let's see when I 1st came back to the Lord to the time that I 1st cracked open a Bible to do my own personal study was 2 years 2 years I didn't have mentorship I had myself in a in a Bible that I didn't open for 2 years but it takes time give me some synonyms for nurturing care watering caring I heard over here guiding. Mentoring providing nourishing feeding watering Proverbs 21 and I think it's 26 the last part of that says but the righteous given and spare with not there is a sense of hospitality that comes along with nurturing I think that mentality where you're going to get is. Man that's that's a that's a heavy Jug you're going to give and you're not going to spare anything to give that sounds kind of like how I was at all these things I said OK OK Ryan we're going to do all of these things we're going to do business Knysna is going to outreach here I'm going to do this I filled all my plate with lots of things and I got tired that's been. So how is it that the right has given us in spare not gotten That's how John for 14 this is the Jesus in the woman at the well I think we know the story very well but let's read it again in this context John 414 but whosoever drink is of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life everlasting your source comes from the Lord you will always have enough energy to do what the Lord has called you instructed you guided you to do if God is where you start not your own action this nurturing spirit it comes from the Lord it doesn't come from yourself and you know what God may be calling you to do all of these different ministries I'm not saying that's a bad thing well what I'm saying the mistake that I made is that I did it without his guidance I did it without his consultation if the Lord is calling you to be busy in 678 different ministries and you prayed about it then he's going to give you the strength to do it period but that's between you and God A Vangelis I'm Since we're talking about evangelism Ellen White has a book entitled evangelism and it's on page 645 and she says all duties are irksome into which the heart is not brought time is gold and there is a work to be done and into the doing of this work we are to put our whole hearts. The duties that God places in our way we are to perform not as a cold dreary exercise but as a service of love bring into your work your highest powers and sympathies and you will find that Christ is in it his presence will make work light and your heart will be filled with joy you will work in harmony with God and in loyalty love and fidelity and the other thing is about nurturing is that it requires you to get to know the person right the farmer had to watch that meant that he knew that plant pretty well so for example OK James 215 and 16 let's go there 1 of our last verses before we do a couple exercises so James $215.16 reads if a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food and 1 of you say unto them depart in peace be warmed and filled not withstanding you give them not those things which are needful to the body what does it profit. What are they really needing and this can go both ways are they needing a bible studies straight off the bat are they just wanting some some love they need a hug you pray or it can go the other way too if there are thirsting for the word and all you're doing is all come over you know have some have a meal have a meal have another meal and you never get to the part where you're sharing the gospel with them is just bad is interesting yesterday you did outreach right you may care packages you went out to campus. And my husband and I came a little later but we saw some packages still on the table so we went OK let's let's go and let's do some outreach on campus and we went and we ran into. An older man and I don't know whether some of you saw him but he had set up a table. I don't know the campus that well but it seemed to be in a kind of a major cross cross a central part of campus and he was I don't know whether he was even selling them but he had a table full of these books on eastern religion and he was dressed in a. White robe and. You know he approached us and he said Oh what are you guys doing or you guys are Christians and then you just started talking to us talking to us and saying oh here I have this book here and he was just you know showing us he's well he's evangelizing us in a way that was for his God and his religion but what he wasn't doing was he wasn't tracking with what my husband and I were doing he didn't really care to have his question answered he wanted to get across what he wanted to get across and I'm I'm not saying that to put him down I'm just saying that as we were going out and doing this outreach it came to me as an example as this is different you know you guys are going out there giving them study snacks giving them you know help and this man just wanted to have his opinion heard and I don't know his heart but that's how it appeared to me and it just made me think when we're going out there doing evangelism do you or is your main concern getting your point across or is it actually understanding and realizing and looking observing. What does this person need at the moment it's a process and of course the beautiful but the most beautiful thing I'll just read it it's ministry to healing ministry of healing page 143 this I cannot say any better but it's Christ method alone and you guys are familiar with Christ method alone or no yes OK Well let me read it it says he talking about Jesus showed his sympathy for them ministered to their needs these are human beings he's talking about that she's talking about and won their confidence then he bade them follow me 1st he showed his sympathy for them 1st he ministered to their needs their needs their physical needs their spiritual needs their emotional needs their mental needs you guys are in a on campus is worth. I mean. You know I think about it and I think you know it was was 1 of these 2 we had several residents who asides this year and you think OK these people needed something what Weren't they getting I know they didn't know Christ it continues and said there is need of coming close to the people by personal effort if less time were given to sermonizing and more time were spent in personal ministry greater results would be seen the poor are to be relieved the sick cared for the sorrowing and the bereaved comforted the ignorant instructed the inexperienced counseled we are to weep with those that weep and rejoice with those that rejoice Wow That means that that's more than just sympathizing that's empathizing that's feeling what they feel going through what they go through and all of this. Serves to cultivate our own characters that's beautiful that the Lord does that has us work together with other people 1st Corinthians 39 says your gods husbandry another word for husbandry is cultivation your gods building building you up just as he's building them up so now I have a few exercises. 1 exercise before we close in before you fill in your 2nd high chart and it's on the back of your sheet that you already have and I'm going to give 2 scenarios. If you can't see it I'll read it but if you want to to look at it further look at them further they're going to be up here on the board feel free to move around where you're comfortable you're going to spend time doing this on your own OK So the 1st scenario these are 2 different types of scenarios going to give you 2 different choices and you can choose either 1 so you're only going to do 1 scenario and what you're going to do with the scenario is that you are going to go through the plan that we've talked about and think realistically practically through what you would do in these types of situations these are real life situations that actually happened to my husband and me and for the most part some details I changed so you know some details are hypothetical but for the most part these are real life situations that you may come across as someone who does evangelism on your campus the 1st 1 is. Not organized evangelism this is just life of Angela's and working out and it says Snorri a 1 while at university in order to graduate you are required to do an internship in your field of study for a year you have spent the last several weeks applying to a dozen internships and have been rejected every time there is 1 remaining available internship for which you can apply except this internship requires you to work Friday through Tuesday you believe in keeping Sabbath how do you handle yourself in the interview what do you do in regards to working on the Sabbath and this while maybe it may not seen at 1st to be it is evangelism 2nd scenario it's the 11th hour until an evangelist experience that you are directing starts you get a call from the location manager that the location you had reserved 6 months ago for the biggest night of the series the last meeting cancelled your reservation just for the that last night now you have nowhere to hold the Last Night of the series you're sick with the flu plus you have only 2 hours before the 1st meeting begins the location manager is abrupt and unapologetic over the phone how do you handle the phone call with him particularly in your treatment of him what do you do about the last location for the last night of the series 2 very different scenarios choose 1 go through the plan what would you practically do so we're going to do this for quite some time going to I'm going to give you quite a bit of time to go through this just think through on a practical level what you would do in these situations in 1 of these situations and you can go wherever you'd like OK everyone. Thank you for your time and filling those. If you haven't finished filling them out please feel free to do that later scenario that I chose scenario 1 and it's because it's happened many times but it is easy for me to say no to the programs I got accepted to or to let them know. You know attend the programs from Friday to Saturday evening and the thing is they always say that's OK so the Lord always provides for me in this case like this in the end thank you for. Yes 1 more I also chose scenario 1 and I think the the difficult part for me is in like this case for example whether or not you're like you feel you kind of a burden on them or something like that over there it's a job or internship you're like I'm so sorry I can't work Saturdays it's kind of hard to go from that mentality of like being a annoyance almost a trying to take it to chance to evangelize in and say here's a crowd like why you should like more information kind of why I do this you can only be discreet about and be like I can't work Saturdays and then OK Yes No OK You know you don't want to be like a big deal about it sometimes so it's a change in mentality. I see. OK Well 1 more 1 more. Like a chance for everyone to share who wants to. I also chose scenario 1 once again just because I've been through that experience and. I kind of jumped to the end of it. Like deciding whether or not deciding but seeing whether or not you got the answer that you wanted and if I I presented as if I got the answer that I didn't want I think at the internship and the thing that I would find the most difficult is is while praying and asking for God's help I think it's very important to ask that his will be done but even after that if his will is done and it doesn't go according to the way that your will is asking for the comfort and the the understanding of why it didn't go the way that you wanted it to because if your will is not in alignment with God That's 1 of the many reasons why people you know decide to not believe in him because because of what they wanted isn't what he wanted so I ask for that comfort and for that understanding and for the wisdom to understand that what God wants for you is is better than what you want for yourself thank you very important points brought up here and it's true God's thoughts are not our thoughts His ways are not our ways and we may never understand until you get to heaven and you can ask him So thank you so much all for participating. I think the question Can there ever be too much evangelism the question we started off with. Was answered for me. And in going through this and using the plan is that there is a kind of evangelism but it's not God's evangelism that we can do or we can do it with him and in that way there will always be an everlasting. Source of strength and hope that we can turn to. And so now I wanted to close and use these 1st these last few minutes to do your 2nd pie chart and see if there's anything that changed for you in going through the plan going through this. You're going to do your 2nd pie chart that says your goal and so if there's anything that you would want to change based on your thoughts on going through this seminar. Please put your goal using the same colors. For the same segments of your pie and again this is just for your eyes this is just for you to have to look upon to remember and you have the tools right here in the Bible to make that happen so we'll use these last couple minutes to do that and then we'll close with prayer and you guys are free to go. Going to close up here I just wanted to leave you guys with these questions. Do I know God do I want to spend more time with God How much do I want God to factor into my everyday life how much do I want God to be a part of my decision making process are there parts of my life where God is absent just questions that you can ask yourself only you can answer them so let's end with prayer Father in heaven I thank you I thank you for the plan that you have for each and every 1 of us. Thank you for introducing yourself to each and every 1 of us and for wanting to have a personal relationship 1 where we can cold labor with you in this great work that you have this great commission that you have for us here on this earth that we may be fit to enter your kingdom and to be with you for eternity I pray that you bless each and every 1 here and pray that you guide each and every 1 here only you and they know where they are right now pray that we all think. About how. We want to have you in our life more kind of relationship. Needs in. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more service revisit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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