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Learning to Fish, Part 2

Isaac Eliot



  • August 20, 2009
    2:00 PM
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that afternoon I hope that you had a good much hope you had a good break and what we want to do for this afternoon is they want to try to apply some of the things that we learned in the coordinators of this can originally gave me their program schedule they wanted each of the speakers to do a instructional and in a practical and unfortunately I didn't adhere to that but at the suggestion of several of the leaders here I decided that it would be well for us and really in light of the fact that it is after lunch but it would do well for us to try our hand at applying some of the things that we have learned so this afternoon I want us to split into groups but before we do that I want to explain what I'm can ask you to do this afternoon I want to ask you to work in groups to write sonnets okay right servants now not that I'm expecting you to preach the sermon is a wide assortment because assignment is the ultimate fruit of Bible study is that it got not only has the interpretation and the exposition but it has applications in other words what does it mean for the person sitting in the seat so that's why I say it write a sermon it has all the elements necessary have to study it to understand what it means but then you have to make it relevant okay that's according to try to do but in order to do this in order to confess now I as I promised you this session I wanted to talk about the narratives of the Bible the Bible has a great deal of these stories that give us understanding about God and his character and principles that govern the Christian life so what I would like to do is I'd like us to study the life of Jacob Okada you might wonder why I just finished a series of the life of Jacob again I and I is unfamiliar with the story and I have to tell you that I went I did a series of him I've been a serious overseas and in preparation for the I would almost say this I went and I wrote the series as I was preaching in other words I hadn't in a half months and months beforehand but applying the principles of how to study the Bible and looking at what the Bible says about the series as I was preaching each of those days when I want to say that it went well I believe that people understood what the Bible said in the symbols they are on so many give you an example where we looking at Genesis twenty five and I only want to do is look at a section of Jacob 's life from when he was worn to when he was renamed Israel OKs a Genesis twenty five and I'm getting give you an example so that you get an idea of what were talking the Genesis twenty five against Libya verse twenty the Bible says in verse twenty and Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebecca to wife the daughter of Matthew of the Syrian had a narrow sister to Laban the Syrian verse twenty one and Isaac entreated the Lord for his life because she was barren and the Lord was entreated of him and Rebekah his wife conceived so what we have here this is just this is a fact this doesn't happen Isaac marries Rebecca it tells us something interesting it says he was forty years old no number what we said when you read the Bible and attention to the details right the doubling of numbers that give the details right to pay attention to the details as they had a problem what was the problem Rebecca could not what she could conceive right but then the Bible says that they have this problem but they prayed and God answered the prayer right but if you keep reading if you come out to verse twenty six and seven after that came his brother out at his handsome hold on Esau 's heel and his name is Jacob and Isaac was threescore you here's all what you are anybody notice something about that it was twenty years later when the promise of God was the fifth now if I was preaching this is the sermon on first of all do you notice what have we done so far we become the first being when you when you prepare to share something or when you prepare to study you should observe what does it say what is there without putting any applications or any note type of integration were just looking what does it say and what is the palace and told us that when they got married Isaac was forty to have a problem she couldn't have children but when he's when they finally were given shelter and it was twenty years later you see the were just making observations were just saying what is this what you say that's overlooking the next thing that you have to ask yourself as well what is on the net in this case doesn't make sense there is no deeper meaning there's no hidden meaning these are just facts that are given to us so you ask yourself well what is the principle that be taught here what does this mean for us spiritually and answer simple does God answer our prayers yes but does he always answer down on the time people but we would like no okay so then the next point would be so now that you know the principle of the principles that God answers prayer but not always as quickly as we would want that the application is but what does this mean for people now coming of the W3C 's anybody heard of many delegates is a great author wrote a lot of books he didn't give a very interesting illustration about preaching that I would like to give you right now and he says when you are preparing to make applications for an audience think of three chairs okay think of three chairs think of a young person a middle-aged person and an older person sitting in those features and ask yourself what how would this point the applicable for the young person for the middle-aged person and for the own expense and so he and I think that's very balanced because again you always have some level of Congo have a spectrum of ages in your audience so the application if we were to make it to a young person let's just say a young person would say that he's been praying to God to show him a wife part of exited the prior thank God we don't help me to find the specific person and if they pray and pray and pray the application would be God hears your prayers but his timetable may not always be what you wanted to be in God will bring you someone but you have to wait on God 's part right guy and you get the idea for a middle-aged person it might be with your health problem whenever another it might be with the know so you getting the idea right this is that the idea that that we want to apply and what I'm doing is this okay now if you will write this down to somewhere on your paper Genesis twenty five twenty three misses this marks like the introduction of by these two boys Genesis twenty five twenty three all the way to thirty two verse twenty eight I need a little typographical error there but Genesis thirty two verse twenty eight and the self this is from when Jacob wrestles with the Angels now as we break up into groups your group may want to focus on on not just one passage you name it I'm not asking you visited to find this on a set of discernment as if I look at the outline that ageless Richard Senior used he would often have a very interesting introduction that has three major points of victory points in a conclusion right so my suggestion to you is to look for three points that you want to make or not concerned about the introduction where we now but were interested in those three points and those three points to all right that I looking at what the Bible says observing what does it say when you interpret what does it mean what principle can be gleaned from this and another point is I was taught how is this relevant because in your own personal devotions if you only are looking for the theoretical but you never apply it there will be the gap between your knowledge and your experience right you want to have that final bridge what does this mean for me now as we discussed this we didn't find the perfect plan on how to incorporate such a large group to do this but here's my suggestion my suggestion is that we break up into groups of about seven people okay larger a larger group might encourage people to be passive and not participate the problem with a smaller group is that it might end up being on very very difficult to try to help people along in these things in three zero three or four people per group might be like three hundred groups that would really take a long time it's like I given you such a large section of Scripture that some of you will find it's like almost instantly and if you are you know if you have a history option of starting the Bible and preaching this should come to almost naturally you're looking for four points the share in a talk and if you if you have the background you want to help those that are struggling but the idea is to follow these three principles observed to see what it says to interpret what is you know what does this teach what is mean and the White House is relevant what does this mean for the people as far as edifying and spiritually and when we look at these passages all the things that we talked about will help you to perhaps I will use the word it's not like were against the Bible but to try to break down the meaning of these possibly talk about looking at the context talked about looking at the definition of certain words we talk about a lot of things okay so this is kind of the hands on this is where the rubber meets the road and now as I said you know Princess how did this with this the challenge is that if we gravitate towards people that we know will end up just with a note among friends we might not feel the be made a necessary rusher that the participate okay so what I'd like to do this is getting tedious because it's exhibiting a challenge because the group is so large but I'd like to assess the number off in groups of seven now there's four major sections here there's four major sections okay and what I'd like 's is that in every section just look at your goods like this site is one business to the system uses four in each of the sections just in some form of order discount one two seven and then when you're all done you have to find your groups at you have to find your groups and the problem with these chairs is that these chairs are connected to you cannot turn the chairs around there anything we wouldn't want to do that is it would be hard-pressed to put that back together but but we would like to suggest is that you find a setting where you can comfortably talk about the passage at all it's very simple you testified three points is three points come back and I were to ask you to appoint one representative from each of these groups to share your younger brief talking to a great start and I believe were to find some beautiful applications and truths from these groups we need that we need to meet back here and remember that someone has to be appointed to present an adult you know this is not getting service we just wanted share the major in all applications that you found and I would like to ask that you in your groups be preparing that one person to be able to be the spokesperson so so again we'd like that count off one two seven any other questions before I will be back in thirty minutes I want to encourage everybody that's coming in unless in the spokesperson for your group I'd like to encourage you to sit together in your tweets into seats how to see ask your spokesperson to come up and as we listen to these I ask you to just again give them your due attention and we need to be evaluating you know was a fair use of the Scripture do they make a a a proper application of the principles or of the of the interpretations that they've made are young you know what when sometimes you try something for the first time people make mistakes were not with no one to criticize anybody we just want to see what they were able to do as a group and application of some of the principles that we found an okay so I think were pretty much ready I'd like to invite the first representative Miguel to connect and share with us what could be let's define boundaries we do the basic overview of the entire passage I were given a Genesis twenty five Genesis thirty two losing out to you and we chose three main versus that give us that they gave us our points leading up to Genesis twenty seven eighteen resolve the weakness in the mother not relying on God to know relying on God to give the promise that the elder would serve the younger but coercing him and encouraging him to live up to the fullness of his name Jacob supplants her and the blindness of his father not being able to see through the guys which she was given that from his mother that he actually blessed Jacob and causing sin together to start to culminate in the growing problems in the family in verse twenty seven eighteen BC his father asking whom are you and hear you could've said Jacob but his army saw through his is weakness weakness of his mother to the blindness of his father he goes forward in sin to secure a blessing then we went on further to Chapter thirty one forty one where now fleeing from the sin and all the despair in an turmoil that had caused rather than being Jacob to supplant her he became Jacobs supplanted he tells Le Bon I worked for you these twenty years and you have changed my wages ten times so rather than him taking the birthright from his brother rather than deceiving his father now Tim being deceived and things taken from him and that the sin has still not left what he has left undone on dealt with then we go on further that chapter thirty two twenty four at the culmination after the wrestling with his angel still the same still the very beginning hasn't left in the angel asked them what is your name but this time he gives the true meaning Jacob leaving a salt leaving everything all the supplanting that he'd done he repented fully of his sin .gov root of love repentance and he says Jacob and I that point he is given forgiveness from the angel uses your no longer Jacob at Israel for your prevailed with men and with God and we were talking about how he was touched on his hip and it was left out of place even though he fled from sin it never left him after he'd dealt with the unit left of the reminder from it okay thank you I want to make a point here for the rest of the presenters please listen carefully we wanted to try to make this as clear as possible for those that are listening so that they got the crux of what you're saying if I was Miguel I would have sat the ninety North they brought in an excellent point you noticed that Jacob lied to his father he took advantage of his brother but that came back to him the units that so I think what they were saying is look like the principle that they're bringing out is what you reading what you so you will rate right so you want to update this verse shows us that Jacob reads what he so right and the application of that is that in our lives every action whether it be good or bad we will end up reaping what we saw it you want to make a clear distinction of watcher when you read that passage what does it mean and then how does that apply okay you always make a clear distinction of what is in the eye let's just be very very or by number R Popper 's point was this here is what we observe here's how we interpret it this is how we applied at a here is point number two this is what we saw is how we interpret it as everything I realize that my instruction to not have been as thorough but I just been a subsequent presented if you can try to fit within a framework okay I we got been looking through the whole story of Jacob that he gave his to be too much of a dedicate would be to base we decided to cut it up and take a little bit of it we were stuck to the beginning when Jacob and Esau had their little studio and a Esau sold his birthright first of all inverse of twenty five inches of sufferers after all twenty five twenty five Genesis twenty five twenty five and the first came out red he was like a hairy garment all over so they called his name Esau Esau means Harry admitted that he was like a red garments Arielle over if you keep reading all red is mentioned a lot that is what's one of our group members stated red is costly a focus in the end his story and as we know read it there's a lot of more red things in the Bible the red Dragon of the wine that hardly drank is obviously can be read the red is mentioned a lot in its always associated with sin now Esau came out with a hairy garment and he was red when we walk around do we walk around with their own hairy garments that's red that was our first point the second point of if you go down are you sucking down wary in its is inversely nine days as please daily with the same breads do you see that red steer the red coming up against for I am wary therefore his name called Edom okay he came that you cannot use where he and he wanted the food now he was like a little kid at the store I wanted I wanted I wanted in the hat that had now as in this world of microwaves of fast food of instant gratification you know we did we get accustomed to being comfortable we get accustomed to popping things in the microwave for thirty seconds and being able to have it we like that happening now brothers and sisters are we wanting a happening now and giving up our birthright I'll be selling our birthright because we want to be cool now because you want to have money now you want to fit in now and for the third point that this one applies a lot more to the younger generation the third point I will directed that adults it and it says in verse twenty nine now Jacob took this new and Esau came from the feet and came in from the field and was Mary is an adult you not only deal with you kids you deal with your spouse you deal with your grandparents you deal with your whatnot you have written your for your your parents you deal with your brothers and sisters with your in-laws with you job with your coworkers it is easy to get where he is and not yet but we must not let ourselves get weary to the point that clouds our judgment we must not come in from the field where he and like I said sell our birthright we must not let us get weary and let that infiltrate our RVing and you know make his Midwest decisions and be impatient and try to have been now and try to make things from our own judgments we must rely on God even in our wariness those are three points of much appreciate the point that presented itself I won't encourage you yes I did say that this was a son that I did say that right but I would like us to emphasize I'd like us to focus on the starts to sink because as you can see we are quite a few people but there is a singly observed in an observation of what passes you look at how you interpret and how do you plan just if you can make your points one through preview could just establish between them the nineteen nineties Ms. Susan Newman image SC in against my young brother and one of the worried guys one of your guys are young in heart which is first presented to Yahweh so when you're also even though her wary I'm really going to be here we selected the Genesis twenty five verse twenty nine is soon again sells his birthright and Don just read it portion of badminton but had one of the three points in the application I also now Jacob took the stewardess who came in from the peel and he was wary and Jesus said to Jacob please feed me with the same red student forum where he therefore his name was called Edom but Jacob said summing your birthright as of this day any suicide note am about to die so what is this birthright to me that Jacob says were to me as at this day so he supported him and sold his birthright to Jacob so that was the premise that we started with and dumb so he sold his birthright and dumb as our young brother mentioned off his father didn't realize you've been deceived so Isaac blesses Jacob and Ahram application from a day to day life is that we can easily fall into that same trap where we go ahead and I wanted to solve birth right Isaac mentioned for instant gratification they could be just small things that we do or given to either Purcell or were our brother sister may talk us into a but I think it's something we need to be cautious about terms or an armored guard so the application is being cautious and careful being diligent bring for discernment becomes very important in that so much all right Ya sure what is wrong and will story I was we focused on the first verse on verse twenty three and the Lord said unto her two nations are in thy womb antimatter people shall be separated from by the now the one people in southeast on your many other people and the elders shall serve the younger we have not gotten came to the conclusion that this is the story of the spiritual battle between awaiting each one of us these two nations represent the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the prince of darkness as you see in verse twenty three the two nations index you matter of people meaning two different kinds of people the righteous and the wicked the story of the righteous and the wicked before the two nations in power always at war for souls and these two nations cannot coexist with one another for they are diametric opposite a parallel story that you can look at and study of the story of Cain and Abel in the application Joshua says that well Judy this day whom you shall serve rest for me and my house we shall serve the Lord Joshua twenty four fifteen afternoon my name is Philip and our group stick to verse thirty the sons of Jacob Chapter thirty first twenty five Jacob prospers now came about when Rachel had borne Joseph but Jacob said to Laban send me away I may go now to my own place and to my own country give me my wives and my children for whom I have served you and let me depart or you yourself know my service which I have rendered you that Laban said to him if now it please you stay with me I divined that the Lord has blessed me on your account he continued name your wages and I will give it to you but he said to him you yourself know that I served you and how your cattle have fared with me for you had little before I came and is increased to multitude and the Lord has blessed you wherever I turn but now when I shall when shall I provide for my own household also so he said what shall I give you and Jacob said you shall not give me anything if you will do this one thing for me I will again pastor and keep your flocks let me pass through your entire flock today removing from there every speckled and spotted sheep and every black one among the lambs and the spotted and speckled among the goats and such shall be my wages so my honesty will answer for me later when you come concerning my wages everyone that is not speckled and spotted among the goats and black among the lambs if found with me will be considered stolen Laban said good that it be according to your word so he removed on that day the strike in spite of milk goats and all the speckled and spotted female goats everyone was white in it and all the black ones among the sheep and gave them to the care of his sons what we interpreted of this was to show Jacobs honesty and not pointing out Laban 's previously previous dishonesty and it was a Christians traits that we are not to condemn nor I doubt anybody's of aliens is eligible to lift them up and to support them bring them closer to God were not to get and to condemn anybody also the second thing we has interpreted was that the Jacobs wages were not from Laban they were his blessings from God and a supporting Scripture there was given to us in our group was Isaiah fifty eight fourteen that he will take delight in the Lord and I will make you right on the heights of the earth and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken I was not just of material wealth that Jacob had earned it he had earned spiritual wealth as well use being blessed by God the third one that we were interpreted was that the wicked men knew he was being blessed because of the presence of a righteous man want to keep him for his own game that when it was he was trying to bribe him to stay as but Jacob wouldn't wouldn't have any of the says this is what we are we want to do it and this is how it is and the relatives that we want to apply to our life is that we should forgive or forget you forget about what the transgresses of people and then blissfully will forgive them it's learn from our mistakes is that we could be more discerning in the futures that won't happen to us again I decided to get it people instruments oriented companies law and the first thing that we need is wrong we got the word from Ellen White the Atlantic to have attempted a intent that he actually made this Euphrates Bob which happened to be useless favorite meal and so use all the solids of that unit of birth his favorite meal and we read that saying no the exactly how to get listed like Jacob knew how to get you thought and absolutely letters dollars gets you spiritually hungry and families like these always than we could give appropriate credit loan a second lien is the fact that you thought you a different rate for something a little as food and we have been redeemed and we as Christians we have earned humans of being given a second chance to Christ and if we don't stay connected with God we can give that up into with something as simple as soon order now that something being so obsessive a rule because in finances and everything like that when I third line editing chapters that him his scene says that you got it on the goatskin to fool his father and that he was actually accepted by his father he the father believe that he was a box of the goatskin and if so we put on every covers all of the highest rates is that it will be accepted by him while let's say before our next presenter godliness let's say that thoughts creatures are always looking for us I think good material when I figure that he really good applications good interpretations and I have to say that among the things that I've listened to today as you've all also been listening there are many things that I would gladly plagiarized in the future use of some of the passages because the actually very many of them are very good you know and I wanted that you can see that there are some definite evidences of people making a practical application of the principle that is very relevant for Christians today no money were not this is not in a place to the sermons the campus study how the study but I want to say that some of these things that are coming out are very very relevant to what were talking about I got the approach to Jim's 's duty to you in general the news can be a few other past references and directions to get his new idea what to do here one of our biggest points is going to be hold onto God 's promises as we jumped into Jacob 's wrestling match with the situation of the angel and Jacob was down at least ten hours trying this situation anyway he mentally and physically can I like said before it's very important to hold onto God 's promises as he was active in the coming toward the end of this he had seen God face to face and not verse thirty that brought them to the realization is that Jacob now interprets and realizes his weakness and unworthiness and humbles himself to God and taking the trust in God so much higher level another very important point is that as we stay throughout the book of the Bible and once again of course chapter thirty two in Genesis nobody advances nowhere without humbling themselves this is very very critical very very crucial and we all want to win as Paul says the race we must humble ourselves this is a story of human weakness not that is the story of human weakness we are not talking about someone who is weak compared to other humans Jacob Israel know is a very privileged strong sharp clean young man who was blessed by God by all means yet some hardships and troubles because of his past and God loved him and we know that God disciplines the children he loves that is a also a strong point so we are talking about a human compared to God 's plan which is on limited I replied his tour lies there really isn't a word or sentence in this chapter that cannot be applied to every one of our lives I I don't know what he arrested you David Harley ANSI I is the idea we came up with ten twenty eight and I will pay instead I eat some thought I think had blessed Jacob and family to the time around the taken several lengthy hair and that he blessed him he gave him in charge saying he's addressing the length and I'm thinking the famous circuit friends in the last few nights the last decades kind of fusion of England United Kingdom I thought about that exactly and I think it's little how little attention because I team will decide how represented just and not the promised land the earth that God put if anything but if they are out that unified producers insurance ratings in a combat to in and ended in planning and collected by so we got for a loudmouth dad and the dying fifteen healthy fat through the five injection and we die die trying it had very taken up one life that you learned anything but unfortunately we need to play he had one chosen wife Rachel and there is one chosen for express which we believe that damaged church but at play here actually supply some visiting and I became very different anything less is I get a Genesis thirty two and thirty two twenty seventy seventy nine it says so he said in a lead agent will take you any he said he is now longer me Jacob it is Israel for you have struggled with silent man twenty nine of the requirement and Sophie Leslie is not only was an annual print print with God and Jake Lopez had planned their famous we should be different than five Mike is wrong or Princess Goddard ever and I gave Jacob a second chance and although he was this their plans are in a soprano I he he he can I change in life and even printed by an undocumented planet began to play at the Iran has explained by that thing that they got the application anyway we find whatever you had with your problem God can turn it around if you are thinking and I will provide for what you thought will provide you why what you'll mounted you want and to us using is not encourage you that want to thank everyone again I would encourage you out you look at these passages don't forget that principle when it whenever we move for a deeper meaning a typical significant something there has to be some reason there has to be a justification on without license to why we're doing that I wanted it the group brought up excellent points just be wary of making everything enough symbolic or submit probably for the better the fiftieth aware of the thinking I see me and eyes is really great you have our collective approval to plagiarize whatever he had called all the pastors it was fascinating in our own group how the Bible is so dynamic that even with just this few chapters any of the entire Bible we have so many different points of view coming out and it truly is a living word I just got flag to make a quick announcement if anyone is fluent in sign language if we could have there's anyone fluent in planning was at least one or even two people if you can go back to where David word is at hand is going to be up he had because we do need help with sign language okay though really great on our points for our group was and the following are our big subtitle what the title was shoe and only sustenance for full record and reconciliation in the point that we brought out were found in Genesis twenty six one our first point was that of the famine that was taking place in the in the background of the story and it was actually the second famine from the tech and it was significant to us to notice that we are living in a time of drought on our spiritual watered-down messages that were hearing in many churches now on we feel malnourished that time this is our group that we were bringing out how we all have gone through struggles of not really feeling like were even feeding ourselves with the word of God and hand we are so the Army is going on right now I so that was artfully with the and it was interesting to note within this family and spiritual drought so to speak that was going on I think in fact slipped into the standing of his father which was the eating and lying about his life as being a sister and so forth on generation only speaking as the older generation we are to maintain the life that we had and never shirk our next the responsibility of upholding the light for us middle crowd we need to really by for out and just pick out and be purer and not be mixed with a lot of theology got been watered down and for the younger folk that even though the parent generation may slip and fall in we are all sinners cannot look at of models that look to Christ that with our spiritual application the second point was Genesis twenty eight eleven and twelve with the latter and how this is true sustenance that is needed during our spiritual drought which is the connection to Christ he is that latter and if that content vertical on connect that we have with eating the word and drinking the blood which is found in John six as well that gives us the nourishment to make it through our spiritual drought were going through right now and how God gives us multiple chances upon chances to have that connect and when you have a full vertical connect our horizontal connections with our brothers and sisters will be restored because it is a message of reconciliation as well so that was our second point in our last point then bring them see when Jacobs name changes to Israel Genesis thirty two versus twenty thirty specifically we look at how on it was dark it's always darkest before the dawn and this struggle was right before that daybreak and before that was leading with that angels can not like going to change on to give him a blessing and for it's so encouraging to know that when we ourselves are going through that time of Jacob 's trouble and we are worried for you know the things have become ethanol and were so dark and clouded in our minds and we want to give up hope that we think and we deal and we expressed audibly the blessing and the promise and don't give up so those are the point that we had in Indiana and God will give us that mean that any God knows and that tied in with Revelation two seventeen thank you very much but when I say that we actually are out of time I apologize to the rest of our presenters bought I want to leave you with this thought when I was either went when I was nineteen years old at the late day I was kindly hand out one of the things that I did before that night I made many attempts fortunately I failed I would get books from the library and read about how to split an and what you're laughing because the risk of lasting know he wants is the only place to learn is in the water in Scripture is the only place to learn is by doing it right by making an effort to study the Bible for yourself God bless you let us pray as the closed session right father in heaven we thank you for these wonderful possibilities and wonderful exposition from the word of God today and I pray that you would need less each of us as we make diligent efforts the fortify our minds and understand the Bible for ourselves what I have spent with this study but each one of us might come away with maybe just one idea on one principle that would encompass more effective that we can understand your will find my bank when Jesus Wright in a car


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