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When Missionaries Leave

Dee Casper


How does God react when we fall apart? When we fail in our God-given responsibilities? Elijah's experience after Mount Carmel illustrates how God deals with us at our lowest points.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • March 21, 2018
    6:00 PM


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Father in heaven I thank you for this privilege to come into your presence in prayer and I'm just asking now that you would bless us with the ability to understand I pray that the message will be relevant and helpful and I just pray that you would minister to each of our hearts particularly those of us who maybe maybe be in the throes of failure right now in a wrestling with knowing what to do and so I just pray that you would open our eyes to how you dealt with him precious servant of yours and of the promise it's available to us but I pray as Moses prayed that you would show was your glory Oh now I pray and I ask this in Jesus' name amen when missionaries leave so the theme text for G Y C north west this year is kind of Hosea Chapter 6 kind of begin with the Scripture reading here has a chapter 6 in verse 1 and they will actually go into our message was there Chapter 6 in beginning in verse 1 and then will move on so it's come now let us return to the Lord for He has torn because he will heal us he has stricken that he will bind us up after 2 days he will revive us on the 3rd day he will raise us up that we may live in His sight let us know will let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord his going forth is establishes the morning and he will come to us like the rain and like a ladder in the former rain to the earth. So what I'm going to be covering this evening is the story of a missionary who left who ran someone who stumbled and we're going to walk through the story of Alija and see how it is that God dealt with him in the midst of his misstep and his weakness and what lessons we can learn from this we're talking about the pursuit of God in the midst of our. Discouraging moments in our lives so we're going to be walking through with you and I'm going to be over viewing for time's sake this evening is basically the content you'll see in prophets and kings 11 and 13 if you haven't read that it's better than any Hollywood script you'll ever see in your life it's amazing you're going to love it can I say ya'll in the Pacific Northwest OK and the narrative is basically in the general range of 1st King 17 through 19 so the man alive is given an amazing call and kind of a scary call and almost kind of. Seemingly unreasonable because the coal that God has given this man is to tell a have the king of Israel that there's not going to be rain in this land until I say so basically and he not only says that it's not going to rain but the problem is on his way to tell the king this we're told that some prophets and kings nothing that he sees would make him think that what he's saying is true right these hills look completely devoid of any lack of moisture the rolling with Virgin or there's water everywhere it looks lush and beautiful and so this man has to believe what God says in spite of what he sees and by faith he makes this charge and she says that like a thunder bolt on a clear sky this guy comes in and drops a bomb and leaps to get in Sucker Punch like by the time the Ahab realize what has happened Alija is nowhere to be found like they did He doesn't even know where he is he's still trying to make sense of what happened now once and just a bill gets word of this she's live it beyond livid and they literally check every rock in Israel for this guy and want him dead because the drought does come hardship does come and he's guided to the brook Cheras and God miraculously feeds him through Ravens bringing him meals now in my mind's eye I would love to believe that this food comes from a Habs table none of our inspired writings tell us this but I would just love to see that was the case but we don't have that but we do know is that God does miraculously provide for this man now once the provision starts to run out at this location he calls them to go visit the widow at syrup to and as she's gathering sticks he asked her Would you please bring me a morsel of bread and leave asked for water as well now it's the drought and she's really discouraged doesn't know what to do and she says look I just got to be real with you we don't have much like I'm literally gathering these few twigs so I can make a small loaf for my child and I because we're going to die after this. And he basically encourages her to take a step of faith and trust me if you take this step I promise you God will provide and God does provide and blesses this home in them it's a great hardship now after the 3 and a half years have finished it's just barren it's brown it's groups right it's just it's a very difficult place to be just a bill in a have actually sought after and tried to kill prophets of God and are killing prophets of God because they just want to get rid of all of them if 1 guy is bad they must all be a bad they brought us bad news get rid of them but a lie just given a 2nd call at the conclusion of this timeframe where he's told and I'll go back to Ahab and tell him that it is going to rain there's going to be a showdown 1st of all and when he does this again nothing he sees tells them that rain is coming there's not a cloud in the sky if everything is dry and parched in gross and he has to believe what God says in spite of what he sees trusting God and circumstances the most for bidding and that exact phrase will be used here in a moment. So then a servant of a HAD comes and sees him in a lie just says Go tell him that I'm here and tell him to come meet with me and he says Do you have any care for me all right like I don't know if you understand that like they literally have checked every rock in Israel and if I come back and you're not here when I come back with they have he's going to kill me don't you know that I fear the Lord I had 50 servants in a cave here and fed them I put another 50 here and fed them I fear the Lord and I just as I'm not going anywhere tell him I'm here and when he had shows up the introductory greeting that he gives him is is that you know trouble or of Israel a lie just the problem the writer's prophet not the wicked pagan King right and he kind of banter back and forth in the why just basically gives him a charge and he says bring everybody up to Mount Carmel and it's basically to meet me at the flagpole Now I want a public school I don't know what your situation was in your upbringing but in the public school ever you had differences you had to settle with somebody you took care of at the flagpole it was actually the clothing store across the street when I was in junior high I was in that situation thing fully praised God for that but that's where the dust ups happened and he basically tells them bring the province of Bale and this we're having a showdown at the top of Mount Carmel he's not boastful but he says you need to bring them. So they do in the showdown begins Alija makes a proposition to them that you build an altar and all build an altar and if you call down fire from heaven then your god indeed is God alone if I call down fire from heaven then this is God alone seems like a fair proposition to them and they go 1st and what begins to ensue once they've set up their altar is a scene of absolute mayhem chaos and the madness 3rd jumping or leaping they're screaming they're cutting themselves they're bleeding all over the police trying to prove to their gods that by what we're doing by harming ourselves we deserve to get a response and Ellen White says about this is absolutely amazing she says the sacrifice remains unconsumed nothing happens awkward silence for hours as they make fools of themselves for quite a while and this keeps going on in adventure gets to the point that she says the people who are watching here because right before Alija given this charge is this How long do you Terry between 2 opinions if God is God worship Him The veil is God worship him and not a single soul would claim loyalty to Jehovah on that mountain top 0 not a single soul and there's Israelites at home upon the top of this mountain just promise of bail no 1 claims loyalty to Jehovah but as time goes on these people of Israel are starting to become weary they groom weary of this type of religion she says but not all that in the Thursday about it and eventually the ramp up the foolishness seeing that God will respond in a larger than Rita they will tell you is but a lie just as you know maybe maybe your god is on vacation somewhere maybe he's fallen asleep or is on a journey maybe you should cry aloud or nothing changes and if someone is of happening and she says that 1 person looks for 1 thing another person looks at something else and eventually they just kind of quit their depressed their dejected and their defeated that look like fools. And then she says that the contrast is stark because what eventually happens next is that Alija repairs a torn down altar to the Lord he cuts the sacrifice and then he tells them to once you put the sacrifice on top and digs a trench around it he says I want you to grab buckets of water in our buckets of water easy to find at this stage 3 and a half years into a large famine and drought know now how many Pathfinders we have in this room I was baptized as a 25 year old man with hair in his face so I didn't do this but here's like the Boy Scouts is that right now you've been trying to start a fire with your bare hands Pathfinders right if you're starting a fire with your bare hands which he's not going to do but if you're trying to start a fire would you recommend what he's about to do you literally tells them grab water and I want you to douse that thing covering the entire sacrifice with water is not a good idea or a bad idea if you're wanting to start a fire it's a bad idea but it isn't just a do it once isn't to say do it twice they do it 3 times so that not only is the sacrifice just dripping but now the trench around the sacrifice is filled with water and then the way that Alija approaches his god is vastly different what we're told as Alijah kneels and he offers a humble and simple prayer knowing that God is there. And when he offers this prayer to God asking Him to vindicate the call that he has this fireball comes out of heaven not only does it consume the sacrifice it consumes the stones and even licks the water out of the trench and the response of the people is the Lord He is God the Lord hears God every 1 of the Mountain Falls and claims loyalty to hold of which they wouldn't do earlier but now it's just this amazing and stunning scene and that a lie just says grab the prophets of Bale and don't let a single 1 of scape and they do they kill the prophets of Bill and then he tells Ahab to get yet from here for the sound of an abundance of rain which sounds kind of crazy at this stage because there's nothing there but he sends his prophet to go over to the lake to see what's there what's going on and when he comes back he says there's nothing you says go again and there's nothing you says go again and there's nothing how many times does go on. 7 times and when the product when the server comes I asked Pavol he was talking to me about this a few years ago and he said that whenever he looked into it there's a few things 1st of all when I just PRNG the posture that he assumes is not a posture that you and I would normally assume he kneeled down with his head between his knees which by the way is the ideal posture of lightning striking around you know open field so you can you can keep that 1 for free no charge to you but as it as he's doing this and he's praying to God he said that that posture he had to do a lot of research because he's doing his dissertation on the topic of prayer throughout the Bible and he says he found the answer that this is the posture and it's a posture of determination right of refusal to accept a different answer and I asked him about this because I know that numerology numbers are very significant to Hebrews and he says that this the 7 times he feels it is more of an indication that oh I just would not receive an answer until what God did promise was complete right was to persistence basically on both ends of this but what Alija does get a response from his servant there's a cloud the size of a man's hand she says 3 words in response to this is and I know what it is this was enough that was enough for him now some of us and maybe most of us whenever we're looking for supernatural miracles we want really big signs to not look like kooks and not look crazy right by God What I need you to do is for this to be dry that to be wet and then tomorrow need another confirmation for this to be a what now that to be dry right but why did it need that he just needed any evidence that God is heard and that was enough for him and would to God that I would respond that way. But he tells a had to get out of here and what he ends up doing is girding the winds it's basically like the folding of his rope thing in a more dignified way to run and he ends up running in front of a Habs chariot because the sky has now gone from 1 cloud the size of a man's hand to this angry black cloud dropping buckets of rain and I don't know if you've been in a situation where you're on the interstate and it's just it's really hard to see and he's going to get behind a semi because it's raining so hard because you're not going to mashing the brakes real quick and the kind of lead the way for you this is basically what Alija does all the way back to Jess real he leads this chariot all the way back he's been fasting the entire day he's weary he's exhausted and yet once he does this Ahab goes in NE tells the Jets Well what has happened and only I. Live it and she says God do so to me also if this man is not dead by tomorrow or it within $24.00 hours or forever she phrases it and a lie just so exhausted once you get to the edge of the city that he just lies down in the rain in his coat and just falls asleep he's famished he's tired he's hungry and word gets from Ahab's household to Alija that they want him dead in this is where Alija story takes a turn that you wouldn't expect in the trajectory of this narrative right he has this amazing crowning act of proving that God alone is God and then all we begin to find is that Alija begins to run for his life and it's. Encouraging and scary all at the same time to know that someone who did something so amazing on behalf of God could still struggle kind of gives you a little bit a hole doesn't it right whenever I mess up maybe you've had these experiences that are mountaintop you know events you give a Bible study to somebody you gave your 1st sermon or something else and forgot happened and then this great discouragement happened after the fact and you weren't who you thought you were Alija basically enters this experience and he runs but we're also told desire in the prophets and kings is heart breaking because what we're literally told is that had he stood his ground and not run remembering that God had definity him from jazz a bill earlier. Would have been converted just a bill would have been judged in the nation would have been brought to reform would he do he ran this guy is a loser for all intents and purposes if it's easy to assume as much right God wanted to do something amazing and he failed miserably and you just wonder what's going to happen here this is what we're told a lie she had expected much from the miracle wrought on Carmel he would hope that after this display of God's power just a bill would no longer hold sway over the minor hold influence over the mind of a Hab and that there would be what type of reform a speedy reform throughout Israel time had something to do with his expectations on God Maybe you've been there you're expecting God to do something a certain span of time it doesn't happen right in this greatly discouraged him all day on Carmel's height he had toiled without food yet when he guided the charity they have to the gate of Jess real His courage was strong despite the physical strain into which he had labored I was bullet proof to all this hardship to listen to this but a reaction such as frequently follows high faith in glory success was pressing upon Alija he feared that the reparation Reformation begun on Carmel might not be a lasting. You're going there at your mountaintop experience for Jesus you're almost distrustful that I don't know if this is going to last but then what does she say depression seized him this is hours after he proves that God alone is God and sees this supernatural miracle and depression seizes this man and is now on the run but she continues he had been exalted to pistis top and now he was in the valley all under the inspiration of the Almighty he had stood the severest trial of faith but in this time of discouragement with just of those threats sounding in his ears and Satan still apparently prevailing to the plotting of this wicked woman what does that say next he lost his hold on God. The man who proves that God is God alone within hours literally loses his hold on God He is running from the call of God in his life and he's seized with depression but she continues he had been exalted above measure and the reaction was tremendous for giving God Alijah fled on and on until he found himself in a dreary waste alone utterly wearied he sat down to rest under a juniper treat and sitting there he requested for himself that he might die I don't want to live any more I don't want to see anyone anymore I just want to help this is too much for me I can't take this anymore it is enough now Lord he said take away of my life for I'm not better than my father's a fugitive far from the drawing places of men his spirits crushed by bitter disappointment he desired never again to look upon the face of man and at last utterly exhausted he fell asleep how can this happen. How could a powerful man of God lose his bearings like this forget God loses hold on God be seized with depression and run from the call of God in his life how can that happen maybe you've been there you had this amazing experience you want on a mission trip you did overseas mission work for years maybe whatever it may be and you thought are never going back Jesus and then you find yourself in a situation that you never thought you would be in and you start questioning everything things you never thought you would question this is what happens to Alija but then he gets this angelic visit he's awakened from his slumber and when he wakes there's this big bread and a cruise of water and he gives it to him but a lie just so exhausted that after he enjoys these things are happening the joy that he eats these things he falls back asleep and then you waves a 2nd time and he's given food and water again and you know this angel says to him he says arise and eat because the journey is too great for you. And here's why this is amazing what you're saying he's not on his way to a mission trip where he's actually going right now is Mel Sinai's where he's going to end up not horrors the same place he's not going on a mission trip right now he's running from God with everything that he has and yet God sins miracle food to him twice to strengthen him for this journey I think this is absolutely amazing God literally since a miracle meal from heaven to strengthen to keep running from himself he's going to let him run it out but God loves him so much it isn't want to make this 1 alone and he comes in ministers to this man in the midst of running from God for giving God losing his hold on God and being seized with depression. The tenderness of God is on display in the midst of a horrific failure that did not lead to the reformation of his. Jesus is so amazing and then he gets to Mount Sinai and he literally has an encounter with God Himself and again he's not looking there is not going to talk to God he's running as far as you can but he can keep up with this image and. It doesn't matter how far and how fast he's faster and what I love is that God response is so unexpected here what I would expect is I'm so disappointed in you Alija I can't believe you did this Alija but God doesn't do this he doesn't criticize shame or condemn him what he ends up doing is something that I just I could not believe there's a supernatural pyrotechnic display that takes place in front of them but what is the text say about that pyrotechnic display God was not in this God was not in this God was not in this and then God approaches him with what I still small voice and he asked them what are you doing here and a lie just response is you know that all the killing the prophets and I'm the only 1 left that wasn't the question I asked you I asked you a very simple question What are you doing here who sent you and this is what she says and commenting on this into the experience of all there come times of keen disappointment in other discouragement days when sorrow is the portion and it's hard to believe that God is still the kind benefactor of this earth born children these women troubles harass the soul till death seems pressure preferable to life ever win there. It is then that many how many many lose their hold on God and are brought into the slavery of doubt the bondage of on belief could we at such times discern with spiritual insight the meaning of God's providence says we should see angels seeking to save us from what ourselves did you know that in our times of great discouragement God is literally sinning angels from heaven to save us from ourselves. I wish in my times of of you know 6 SAS that God would send me angels to save me from myself right but in this situation he's willing to do this for us God's love is so profound here striving to plant our feet upon a foundation more firm than the everlasting hills and new faith new life would spring into being and I love it she says next. When I 1st read this chapter chapters 12 and 13 in particular it wrecked me just leveled me this section here was 1 of them to God for sake Alijah in his hour of trial Oh no she said this he loved his servant no less Well I just felt himself for sake of God and man and then when in answer to prayer fire flash from heaven in the womb into the mountain top. When we crash in bird and even run from the call of God He loves us no less than the needed we were champions for God in the in the flames of fury I think this is amazing because its exact opposite of how we think God feels but that's not what we're told God loves us no less and we really wrestle and here's why because many times we project our own belief in ourselves upon God. The guard looks at me in the way that I look at me that I'm a mess that I can't get anything right but that's not the faith of Jesus and I love how he deals with us and so again God shows up and he asked the super simple question What are you doing here who since you God doesn't yell then he doesn't shame him what God eventually does is he tells Alija I need you. I'm not done with you go back there's a large multitude you have not bowed the need to bail and they need you for this reform to take place and this reform eventually does take place just a bill is judged through the work of J. who and why should God raises up people through Alija who will do this I didn't call you here and I'm not giving up on you because you are here go back this isn't what I had planned for you I need you to go back and if some of us are on the run this evening from a call of God in our lives whatever it may be he's chasing us down and he's asking the exact same question What are you doing here I need you and go back God Medders tried servant with the inquiry in 1st kings 1009 What do is there here Alija I see you do the brick Cheriton afterwards the window of syrup I commissioned you to return to Israel on the stand before the idolatrous priests and Carmel and I girded you a strength to guide the chariot of the king to the gate of Jess real but who sent you on this hasty flight into the wilderness what errand have you here to listen to what she says next to every child of God whose voice the in the knee of Souls has succeeded in silencing the question is addressed What do is there here I commission you to go into all the world and preach the gospel to prepare a people for the day of God. Why are you here who since you. May be the enemy of Souls has silenced your voice this evening you can't even get out of bed in the mornings can't even make sense of life right now I've been there very recently for 2 straight years but God kept nudging and letting me know I'm still here there's still work to do I haven't left you I haven't for seeking and we'll talk about this tomorrow evening beloved What are you doing here what am I doing here. Why are we here we need to go back to the works not done and God needs you not only does God love you not only does God like you and not only does God believe in you he needs you you're precious in His sight and you possess great value you are of infinite worth to God and the reason why we're going through these times of discouragement and hardship is because not only does God believe in us but Satan believes in you and you know what you're capable of and I've come to to adopt the position that the amount of oppression a person receives spiritual oppression that a person receives is in direct proportion to the potential that they beare And the reason why I always do a hardship when trying to do work for God is because Satan sees what you're capable of he believes in you and God believes in you but the question is do you believe the things about you that God believes and will follow the call that is given you and if God has called you do you think is going to provide when you go Of course you why would you leave me through I just inspiration reform does come through why should Jay whom just a Bell is judging what needed to happen still winds up getting done this is the amazing thing sometimes we feel that whenever we really mess things up I mean there are times when God does have to move on and uses other people. But God still is going to find ways to do what he can to try to get stuff done and he would love to have you involved God we deem this work by chasing after Alija he reasons with him and he calls him back and I love this no matter how fast we run he's chasing after us to he knows where to find you there's nowhere you can hide from him where he doesn't know and he wants you back in his work this is what she says if under trying circumstances min of spiritual power press beyond measure become discouraged and desponding if it times they see nothing desirable life that they should choose it this is nothing strange or new You're not a loser for having these thoughts let all start to remember that 1 of them ideas of the prophets fled for his life before the rage of an infuriated woman a fugitive weary and travel war and bitter disappointment crushing his spirits he asked that he might die but it was when the hope was gone and his wife work seemed threatened with defeat that he learned 1 of the most precious lessons of his life in the hour of his greatest weakness he learned the need and the possibility of trusting God under circumstances that most forbidding it takes moments like this for us to truly understand what it means to trust God and sometimes we lose sight of it because he doesn't give up was I think of our failure he knows that and that's why he doesn't give up us in these situations because the class isn't over we think that the class is about fire coming down from heaven but it's not the class is about what you're going to do in these moments and what are you going to do in those times of discouragement even to get mad at God when the whole world falls apart around you and blame him. Or we trust God in the circumstances the most forbidding more we recognize that his gracious in tender dealings with us and our failures is evidence that he believes in me and that he believes in me the logical thing is to believe what he says were told in other places greater prophecy that we can please God by believing his promises this is what the class is really about this is what we have to learn in these moments the good news is God does love you enough to track you down and ask you that question what are you doing here and inviting us to go back I still need you to go back to those who are standing in the forefront of the conflict in our intel by the Holy Spirit to do a special work will frequently feel the reaction when the pressure is removed maybe you can vouch for this something also happens whenever you're in service for God You go to G Y C You go to some other event in years on the spiritual high and then almost certainly right after that's over there is this left hook that come to know where that you were waiting on that you didn't even know what happened you were going there despondency and it will freely feel a reaction that pressure is removed despondency which is hopelessness may shake the most heroic faith and weaken the most steadfast will and then the next 3 words here literally just tore me to shreds when I read them because you think whenever I fall apart when I'm filled with despondency and depression and my Horowitz faith we get things right and I will weakens you would assume that God is disappointed God is frustrated God kind of face palming in this moment what are the next 3 words but God understands and he still pities them us he doesn't want this for us this is not the ideal situation but it ain't over he understands why we're feeling these things why we're wrestling with these things and even in those moments of failure he still pities unless he reads the motives and the purposes of the heart to wait patiently to trust when everything looks dark is the lesson that the leaders in God's Word need to learn and it's not just the leaders. Heaven will not fail them in their day of adversity here in the city nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible than the soul that fills its nothingness and realize holy on God So when your life has been filled with failure you can come to a God who knows no failure and who loves people who are filled with failure even. Now how I JUST story ins here is so unexpected because you would assume that God is going to move on cast this loser off and find someone else who isn't going to chicken out so I have the story and chases them down he tells them I love you I need you go back and Alijah does go back he raises up a life and eventually J. who is going to be commission to do his work and then God literally takes this man to heaven in a fiery chair here without tasting death it's the most amazing Indian you would expect this in the right after Mount Carmel but whenever this ugly chapter shows up you think no can happen to him he will get that story and yet God Even with this man takes him to heaven without tasting death in a fiery. Moses has somewhat of a similar story Moses crashes and burns right on the edge of the promised land just before receiving the promise just like Alija did and God's dealings with Moses were very firm they have to be leadership is held to a higher caliber It's no joke it's not to be taken lightly he misrepresented the sacrifice of Christ by striking the rock twice as it is speaking to it and he literally said Must we bring water for you at this rock now is Moses capable of bringing water out of Iraq. He was claiming a divine Parag in a moment of frustration these people drove Moses crazy there's literally a 2nd I believe it's a numbers were Moses literally tells God he says look if you have any care or concern for me at all kill me right here and right now because these people are driving me crazy he literally tells that to God. And ever been their parents going to get an amen from your children. And God has to deal firmly with Moses and Moses dies before making it to the promised land but God in His great mercy and love for Moses takes him up to Mount Liebl and he gives in this panoramic view not only the promised land but also the timeline of what's going to happen the future of Israel and it's devastating because they're not going to live up to their potential but the promise that God made to Israel will be fulfilled in a man named Jesus the promise of Abraham and he's going to die for the sins of the world and make a way for us to be reunited with our father once again and Moses was given this amazing pyramid view of all of this that he lays Moses to rest and garden literally buries Moses himself so that all will build shrines and worship Moses. But I want to close with this interesting text found in Luke Chapter 9 turn with your Would you. Luke Chapter 9. Will begin a verse 20. So chapters and verse of occasion came later and that's in Matthew's account no worry about that leeway Jesus in Luke Chapter 9 in verse $28.00 it says now it came to pass about 8 days after these sayings and the sayings are in a previous verse 3 says that there are some of you who will not taste death to see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom now is a very simple question for you has Jesus come back yet. No are in are these people still alive please explain right what ends up happening is we're going to see something beautiful here in a moment that God is literally giving a snapshot an illustration of what the 2nd coming is going to look like and John James and Peter are given that snapshot the basically depicts what it's going to be like in the 2nd coming of Jesus to God Jesus in the glorified body but then we have something else that takes place beginning of verse $28.00 a days after this he brings Peter James and John it goes up on the mountain to pray and as he prayed the appearance of his face was altered and his room became white and glistening and behold 2 min talked with him who are who Moses and Elijah the 2 losers who blew it right before they received the promises of God and yet they were speaking with Jesus what are they talking about his deceased and what he was going to accomplish it Drew Sloan his sufferings there just imagine that Jesus is coming to terms with what this is going to cost him and could be prone in his flesh we're told in the garden to simply chatter will come with us on Sabbath that his humanity shrink from this responsibility and know that this would happen God literally since Moses and Elijah to speak to Jesus to give him words of encouragement just imagine guys imagine what happens in Heaven God literally says Moses come in I want you to encourage my son he understands the weight of what's coming before him and I want you to tell him what you know and what you learn from your story and that every 1 of the promises that made to him are still true and Alijah you're going to you know what it's like and both of these men are given this precious divine message from heaven the 2 people who blew it to remind Jesus it's worth it. God will be with you to the end and I think it's amazing Who would expect their stories to look like this why would God use people like that shouldn't God use of people that have it together maybe part of the reason for this is to remind people like you and me that don't get everything right that messed up a lot that he's not done with us that if you can do that for their story you can do it for mine. This is what God wants for us I think it's amazing Moses represents those who will die before the 2nd Coming and be resurrected Alija represents those who will never taste death and be translated to heaven there literally given this snapshot of the 2nd coming of Jesus some of you will not taste death to see the son of a coming to this kingdom this is what Jesus was referring to here I think this is amazing I think God deserves all glory and honor and praise for how he handles the situation because it's not how I would have handled it I would have called in a relief pitcher someone who didn't get life and ask them to do the work but God doesn't deal with us in the way that we would deal with each other thankfully. Or allowed to close with is a precious promise that we're given and steps to Christ paid $64.00. There are those who have known the pardoning love of Christ and who really desired to be children of God yet they realize that their character isn't perfect their life faulty and they're ready to doubt whether their hearts have been renewed by the Holy Spirit you have been there you tell a Jesus I will never do X. ever again and this time I MEAN IT JESUS NEVER AGAIN week goes by maybe years go by and you find yourself facing the rug over the same sin again and you wonder Was any of it even real was it all a lie. She knows she's been in situations like that read the 1st 3 chapters of the Volume 1 of the testimonies and the widest of all familiar with this feeling of just being cast off by God but with what she says Do not draw back in despair or we show off to how frequently often have to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus because of our shortcomings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we are overcome by the enemy we are not cast off not for seek it in and rejected of God no crisis at the right hand of God who also make intercession for us said the beloved John these things right on to you the eastern nut and if any man sins we have what and advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous and do not forget the words of Christ the Father himself loves you you don't just have the love of Jesus you have the love of the father some of us have a really mixed up we think that Jesus had to come to convince the father to love us Brahmins 5 or say tells us that God because of his love for us sent His Son to bring us home and then he did that to convince the father to love us the Father already loves you in the amazing thing is God's love for you is not dependent upon what you do there are things that God expects and we should not downplay those and I do fully believe that God will transform a people on this planet who will fully reflect the character of God who will show the unfallen the world that God is not a liar that he who has been going to go to work will see it through to completion I fully believe every bit of that. But the point is in those moments of failure God does not love you any less does he want you to fail no but if we fail we have an advocate and if we confess our sins he's faced boy he's not going to fill you in doing so and is just in doing so to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness same him there will come a time when you get off of that carpet for the last time with that sin God's promise of transforming power of His Spirit but the point is in those moments when you fall and you will fall a lot you're not cast off you're not for saken no and we're not to forget that the father himself loves us he desires to restore you to himself and to see his own purity in holiness reflected in you and if you will break yourself to him he they have begun a good work in you will carry forward to the day of Christ Jesus pray you more fervently believe more fully and as we come to distrust our own power let us trust the power of our Redeemer and we shall praise Him who is the health of our countenance him him this is the promise that God has made for each of you that's not the promise that he makes for the rock stars in the Bible that's available to you and tonight so if you found yourself losing your hold on God for giving God being seized with depression and running with everything that we have in the opposite direction of the call of God in your life he can keep up and he loves you enough to chase you down and ask you that question what are you doing here who sent you I still need to go back in. It's pretty. God in heaven I think you that your love indeed knows no bounds you don't encouraging us to to rebuild are you not encouraging us to sin but if we sin we have a God who loves us and pursues us none the less and does not want our life to continue to look like this and has the power available to transform the life but I just pray that if we meet in our moments of hate self-hatred and discouragement Lord if we have projected our unbelief in ourselves and our hatred of ourselves upon you that you would forgive us that we would believe the things about us that you believe and that even Satan himself believes the potential that we bear and that we would choose to believe that every promise of God in Christ Jesus is yes and even and that he has begun a good work in me hasn't forgotten about me. And he's faithful to see it through to the end God encourages people this evening before running before discouraged remind us of your love reaffirm your love to us in what I pray for freedom for power and for something that we have not yet fully experience as we wish. We love you and we think you know we asked these things in Christ Jesus day. Even. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio hers or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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