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Receiving the Latter Rain- Part 1

Chad Kreuzer


What is standing in between you and full surrender to God? Chad appeals to attendees to give the Holy Spirit undivided control of their hearts.


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • March 22, 2018
    8:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we're so thankful that we have this opportunity to open your word together to spend these next few days together I pray that your Holy Spirit would rain down upon us that you would transform us into the image of your son that we would be changed that we would go forth to be the light of the world that you've created us to be and I pray that your Holy Spirit will guide us just now we ask in the name of Jesus Amen imagine that gaunt told you he had the right spouse for you the right husband or the right wife he said I have just the right person for you her name is going. Now I can imagine initially you find out you're going to get married you're excited but then you find out and the way that God states it immediately if you have your Bibles look with me in the book of I know Hosea Jose is the passage in chapter 6 that we're really looking at this week that's kind of the foundation of this weekend that we're going to we're going to be looking into this but we're going to look right in Hosea chapter 1 and look at what God said to this man he said to his prophet Hosea Hosea chapter 1 and we're going to look in verse 2 Hosea Chapter 1 Verse 2 the Word of God reads the beginning of the word of the Lord to Hosea by Hosea and the Lord said to Hosea goal take a wife of whoredom. And children of whoredoms for the land has committed great whoredom departing from the Lord imagine imagine that you were called to go marry someone who is going to commit adultery they're going to turn their back on you someone who you're committing your life to you are choosing to be faithful to God is telling you beforehand they're not going to be faithful back. They may actually go and they may already have children from you know either prostitution or immoral living and they may also have them in the future after you get married can you imagine can you imagine how difficult that would be now the name Hosea in the Hebrew is very similar to the word for you're sure Hosea means the Redeemer like a savior or deliverer and you're sure means the you know Joe whole of a saves you know the name then where we get the name Jesus it is Jehovah saves these these names are very similar in the Hebrew that this man it seems that even the life of Hosea seemed to be a living illustration of the Savior who was to come and so sometimes I think people read the book of all they look at was and they think how could God do something like that how could he ask this individual to go marry someone that would would not be faithful would run off would give their life to other men and commit adultery how on earth could God do that it almost makes us angry like that's crazy what do you what do you what what what would he be thinking right but I think many times it's because we don't really understand what's in it. We think that our sin is OK because in actuality we actually enjoy our sin just like Hosea his wife Gomer she seemed to enjoy the lifestyle that she was living. Now look what happens so so he marries this woman she goes back into her illicit relationships and if you're with me and in Hosea chapter 3 you know as a chapter 3 what ends up happening look when members 1 into its is then said the Lord on to me go yet level love a woman be loved of her friend yet an adulteress according to the love of the. Love of The Lord toward the children of Israel who look to other gods in love of wine so I bought her to me for 15 pieces of silver and for barley and for a half owner of barley and as I understand it you add up you know the barley that was added to the piece shekels of silver that if you add it up it actually ends up being 30 pieces of silver so he buys his wife back who's now run off as a prostitute she's run off she's actually her life is been sold to a life of sin and he buys her back seemingly for the part price of a slave he buys her back so his wife is become literally in slaved to her loss she's actually been enslaved to her loss and as this happens he has to actually buy her back as a redeemer he redeemed his wife from a life of sin and she comes out of this lifestyle and he's asking her listen you stay faithful to me I will give my life for you please stay faithful to me and this this book is an illustration of what was going on both in the house of Judah and in Israel also referred to as a freedom that especially with the freedom especially with Israel Israel's turning away from God time and time again they were turning their backs on gone as they were turning from him. God was turning toward them he was seeking to redeem them he was seeking to draw them back and Jose as life was an example of who God was to the IS realize that he was trying to save them from their their whoredoms from the prostitution from this life of immorality and he was doing everything he could to try to buy them back but the 1 thing he could not do or the would thing he would not do because it's against this character is he would not force them to follow him but he would give them a choice he would give them choice whether they would actually give their lives to him you know in chapter in Chapter 5 in the book of Hosea the Israelites continue to turn away continue to turn away continue to turn away and not only that they turn away from God but they turn to other nations to try to try to find their own kind of their own freedom their own safety we could say and look at me in Hebrew in Hosea chapter 5 and we're going to begin in verse 13 was a chapter 5 or 613 it says when Ephraim saw his sickness so when Israel saw his sickness and Judah saw his wound then went to the Assyrian and sent to King or it could be not heal you nor Couldn't you cure you of your own womb for I will be on the eve as a lion and as a young lion to the house of Judah I even I got says will take care and go away I will take away and none chil rescue him. I will go in return to my place till they acknowledge their offense and seek my face and their affliction and in their affliction they will see me early so the Israelites are 1 running after the Assyrians they want help from the Assyrians and the Assyrians could heal them of their wounds the Texans so the Israelites discover that their sick they realize that they're weak that they don't have enough strength to take care of themselves so they run over to the Assyrians but the Assyrians instead of so it's as as if they're running after another lover but that lover doesn't bring freedom like they were hoping they sure there may be in immediate pleasure because this person seems that they're going to help you out but then the Assyrians ended up bringing a heavy tax a heavy burden upon the Israelites So now their life and it's so true that when you run after your sin initially it's exciting initially it feels good you actually enjoy it right I mean that's the only reason we go after sin because it promises a reward and when you attain that reward meaning the excitement the anticipation of being able to acquire that which you're looking after is what leads us into sin and in the moment we actually finally have for a moment we might we may find pleasure we may find ecstasy but then afterward there's an emptiness afterward there's a burden that comes upon you and the Assyrians brought a burden they actually brought a very heavy tax upon the Israelites So their life became a burden under the weight they thought they would gain something out of this but once they had it now they now they were forced to pay a big fine a big you know they were that was levied against them and so here they were under this burden and God says OK I'm going to back away I'm going to back away and I'm going to let you experience the result of your turning from me but God's Hope in turning away was not turning away so that so that they couldn't see him but rather that they would seek him out. That he would back off until they realized their need for him because God wants more than anything just this Jose if even though even though he recognized this was going to happen because you think about what it's like forgot God knew that we would turn away from him our Savior even as he came to earth recognise that his own followers would turn away from him but his heart was there seeking your earning desiring that they would give their whole lives his disciples that they would give their lives to him that we would give our whole life to him so as here they are there they're separated their god says I'm going to step back and I'm going to wait for them to come and notice what it says look with me in chapter 6 come in let us return to the Lord for He has torn and he will heal us he is smitten and he will bind us up so it's just come let us let us return to the Lord let us return let us let us come back to God Come let us return to the Lord for He is torn in he will heal us he is smitten and he will bind us up so the Israel lights or the actually more Judah more the House of Judah realized the Israelites sadly of the you know you had the 12 tribes 10 of them the house of Israel largely turned away after this and never return to God So the majority of God's people actually left never to come back but some of them some of them mostly the house of Judah some of the house of Israel maybe but what they actually realize listen we have gone through this difficult time we've been in the time of trial after their sin had come upon them after they feed the felt the gravity the heaviness of the whole situation they finally they finally realized wow we've gone through this difficulty now we're suffering because of our sin and we should turn back to God we should turn back to God. Maybe you've experienced something like that on your own life you felt guilt you finally you went to the Your Life I've seen you've been suffering under maybe it's even an addiction to your sin and then finally you recognize what this this doesn't bring what I was hoping it would bring into my life this doesn't bring joy the peace that I actually hope it actually has brought a weight of guilt a shame a sorrow with it a burden as the old story of Pilgrim's Progress You may remember if you've ever either read that or listened to it in Pilgrim's Progress in the original you know kind of that the Elizabeth in English there you know says that he had a bird in that light heart upon his back and he was he was walking around constantly hoping that that somehow that burden that he had upon him would be taken off and so he's walking along the path to the Celestial City with his bird in the light heart upon his back and it wasn't until he made his way to the cross and when he when he saw the sight of the cross somehow some way that bird in that was heavy upon his shoulders and upon his back it just tumbled off and it left him forever by the side of the cross his heart found peace and the in God's people here in verse 1 say Come now let us return to the Lord for He has smitten he has struck us but he will bind us up he will heal us the Assyrians the things of this world cannot heal me they can't give me the peace the joy that I'm looking for and I know that's the case in my life as a child I love God I was not raised in this faith I was raised in a Christian Reform faith and but I loved God as a little child. But as I begin to grow up I live in the worst neighborhood by to live in the best neighborhood and we had you know kids to try to come steal from us and so forth 1 of the kids you know stole from a friend right they stole my friend's bike out of the yard and kids would chase us and and we begin to be fearful when we were young and and as I began to fear I just turned away from God not even not even intentionally not even even. That I was totally cognizant of it I just stopped thinking about God and as I did I My life went away from God and and I began to live a life of sin you know my my dad gave me my 1st cigar and very rapidly I became addicted to tobacco my dad you know we had a big liquor cabinet in the house very rapidly it became you know just a heavy heavy drinker at a young age drink myself to sleep at night it would do it all alone it wasn't a social thing it's just the life that I began to live in 1 of the things I discovered is as you begin to live your life of sin you begin to initially you enjoy it but what I discovered was that I would wake up Morning after morning you see you could have fun the night before if you even remembered going to bed but what I what I would remember is that when I would wake up in the morning in the stillness in the quietness of my bedroom I was empty I was absolutely empty and I would mean that I mean at that time I don't even think about God I didn't think Oh maybe I need to give my life to God I just didn't think of I was just empty and so I was looking for something to bring happiness something and so I would try the next thing or this relationship or that or whatever and it was find trying to find something to bind my wound right to heal my soul but I didn't even think about God. I was wanting around to the things of the world and none of them would bring peace they would only bring a bird but here the Israelites you know the Israelites or some of the Jews finally say Come let us return to the Lord he will bind us and he will he where he'll announce. You know and then even now. Even after giving my life to the Lord finally and in high school and into college a friend of mine who is an atheist he gave his life to God And after he gave his life to God that impacted me because I knew I was empty and I thought as I listen to him if he said you know he can do the drugs anymore it was going to mess around with the girls anymore as he told me that I thought maybe he has found what I'm actually looking for maybe he's found what all of us are looking for and so at that point I gave my life to God and and I began to over time Long story short over time I began to read the Word of God day by day by day I was reading through the Word of God and that's where the process of change began to take place but even as you give your life to God I mean you recognize OK this is what I want but sometimes you don't want to yield every portion of your life to go yes or no if sometimes there are still things in your life that you don't want to let go of so later on you know in college I became I became an adventure and what a blessing that was and so I went to up you know the Mission College and and after that begin to travel around but there's even still some small things in my life but you know I was you know following somewhat the health message and whatnot but I was I was you know really kind of eating an unhealthy diet to a degree and as I did you know I came down with some health issues you know seem to be gold gallbladder issues and and then later on the other part I really couldn't help but that when I could of by changing my lifestyle and then after that I was living in Iceland. And while we were nice and my my wife Adi and we were married yet we had a team of young people working together there we all got sick from the water that was there in the house we were living in we had something wrong with the water and so for the 1st time experience seasonal depression and I think there was it was multi-factorial For instance I mean the weather there is don't tell anybody but it's atrocious in Iceland you know much of the year and so yes that's probably I'm sure that's a factor but I come from Michigan originally and so the weather there is colder in Michigan and you know it's dark not quite as dark as Iceland Iceland is you know further north but I lost 30 pounds while I was there because of the stomach trouble that I had lost significant amount of weight friend of us who work there with us he he was overweight when he got there and he lost a bunch of weight he looked fantastic by the time we left so it worked for him it didn't work very well you know for us but I experience depression there for the 1st time in so for 10 years off and on for 8 years often and I was depressed and then for 2 years after that was totally depressed just felt absolutely guilty and ashamed all the time I was trying to seek the Lord I was I was literally I was confessing my sins of trying to pay money back to try to make my life right I would call people up over and over hey I'm sorry for saying this or for doing that I was seeking day in and day out to try to make my life right with God but I feel guilty I felt it was that I was totally depressed but I went forward I still continued to you know travel the world and share with people the love of God but yet in my heart I felt totally just just absolutely guilty and I would spend hours seeking God trying to make my heart right with him I've gone nature and I literally spent hours just praying seeking God confessing my sins and yet I found no peace in the midst of. And while I was while I was in all of that I remember the very darkest deep this point the thought came to me and I thought What am I going to do when this just horrible at the very darkest deepest point of the depression as as I was going through all the faults all the guilt all the shame. I thought what if I have to live with this for ever and you know my next thought was that I just accepted because where would I go Jesus has the words of life I knew he was the answer but I just wasn't experience and I mean you know I would I would study righteousness by faith I would I was seeking God I was I was doing anything I could but I realize that now looking back on it God Actually it's interesting you know even. The pastor is introducing you know mention the got brain connection I ended up it was the gut issue I mean this I'm not trying to go into that in this message but as I as I learned something very powerful from the Spirit of Prophecy I implemented that in my life and within 2 weeks the depression lifted after suffering for years and years and years in a light even talks about that sometimes are literal mental issues can have a physiological cause and I look back on those 10 years of suffering and I'm actually glad that I went through it and actually sincerely glad that I went through those 10 years of just battle and war and in inner turmoil because it is such a blessing on the other side when you finally find what God is trying to do to help you well the answer was always right there it was always right there in those little red books right I just didn't know I didn't know and they finally said Come let us return to the Lord as we as I finally sought the Lord and answers from him he brought me back he brought me through all of this in and then notice what it says after they say this is says in verse 2 in Hosea chapters 6 and verse 2. Was a chapter 6 and verse 2 says and after 2 days will he revive us in the 3rd day he will raise us up and we shall live in His sight it seems to be that in 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 verse 4 where Paul tells us that on the 3rd day Jesus was resurrected according to the Scriptures that he was actually referencing Hosea Chapter 6 pursue that he would revive us he would write he would raise us up so what is happening here so notice as they come and they seek the Lord he would raise them up that if you come back to the Lord you may have been living a life of sin you may have been living separated from him but if you return to the Lord he will raise us up what is a say after 2 days he will revive us now revive has to do with coming back to life maybe you were unconscious as it were or maybe you were dead in your trespasses in your sins but he will rot he will raise you back up he will give it life back to your soul when you return to Him You may be living a life of living death where life is a burden to you but you come back to God you seek Him you seek its face you see kids word and as you do he will raise you up he will bring you back to life if you've been unconscious he will bring your mind back into reality back to life this is what he did for his people back then in all of this is the illustration of his wife leaving him so his wife runs off and he even knows she's going to do it because God told him she was going to do it but do you think it made it much easier for Hosea because he knew it was going to happen I don't think so the pain was just as real as if he had no idea but yet he did know and I think about Jesus when he was here on earth Jesus. Walks with his disciples for 3 and a half years he showers them with his love with his wisdom with this care with everything he devotes his his entire life to these 12 individuals and just before his death he tells them every single 1 of you is going to turn away from can you imagine every single 1 of you is going to turn away from me and they say no no we would never do that no way I would never turn away from you and yet every single last 1 of them turns away from their Savior and the beautiful thing what is so I mean it's 1 of those pictures you know sometimes the Bible gives you kind of a lot of room to imagine the story yourself and sometimes it gets very graphic it just it just says something so clearly and we have that example of Peter Peter denies his master 3 times 3 times he denies that even with cursing he denies his Lord and then we see as Jesus is there as Jesus is getting ready to go to the cross just before he's going to go to the cross there he is and Peter walks by and what happens Peter walks by and his eyes turn to Jesus and Jesus eyes turn to Peter and their eyes meet 1 another that's 1 of those great very graphic you know depictions in the Gospels where their eyes locked upon each other and you know that Peter did did not see in the eyes of his Lord hatred or anger condemnation but Peter sees in the eyes of his Lord compassion love eyes that are longing to gain him back to have him once again as his faithful follower. And you can no when you have denied your Lord by your life when you have turned away from the Savior by what you have done with the sin that you promised you would never do it I will never do that I'll never do that again I Lord I've I've done it so many times I'm sorry forgive me I wish you know I'll never do this again Lord and then you follow him back into it and you fear that he's looking down from heaven with eyes that are just burning with with anger towards you and yet Jesus says if you've seen me you've seen what you've seen the Father how does the father look down upon you even after you've stumbled into sin the father in the Son looked down upon you with eyes of longing to bring you back and if you return took the Lord he will revive you he will give you life again just as we read and it says in verse 3 Hosea chapter 6 and verse 3 then shall we know if if we follow on to know the Lord his going forth as prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us as the rain as the latter and the former rain unto the earth what is it set it says to us simply then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord. And then it says that he is coming to us is prepared as the mourning his going forth is prepared as the morning just like before you know that at night you have the darkness and it's prepared every day the same thing you go it happens every single day right the sun comes up as it is the sun comes up it brings light and God coming is just like that it is guaranteed just like the sun comes up in the morning God will seek you out he will seek to bring from the darkness that may have been in your life he will come back with light to bring brightness into your life if you will receive it if you will look for if the text says if if you will seek the Lord he comes and he will come even if you don't seek Him That's the thing it's not like God is saying listen if you follow me then you know then I'll come after you know me God is coming up he is going to come forth he's going to reveal his life and will you receive it into your life will you open your heart will you open your hearts receive the light of the Savior that he is seeking with every bit of his being with every bit of who he is he is seeking to save your soul you may be struggling you may be struggling with sin you may be struggling with a guilty conscience but the sun comes up today it comes up every day and God will come forth to you every single day if you will take if you will receive if he is light he can fill your life he can give you the purity of the Son of God His righteousness can fill you you can experience righteousness by faith that he wants to shed upon you personally verse 3 says again then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord his going for is prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us as the rain as the latter and the former rain into the earth. Here's 1 of these tax you see at least 9 times in the old test actually 9 times in Scripture the Bible talks about the latter rain or the former in the latter rain in the fall time see the seasons you know you have some parts of the world that actually have to growing seasons you know here in much of North America we only really have 1 we have kind of the summer you know where the spring comes that we have fall and you harvest mainly in the fall you can you know harvest Sometimes you have to harvest 1 you know mid summer and then 1 ladder and ladder 1 in the fall but in other portions of what you actually have to growing seasons and the former rain would take place in the fall in the ancient near East so in the fall the rain the original rain would come and that was the rain that you would go out and you would plant your seed and you can imagine praying Father police work send the rains these former rains to to actually help the seeds to Germany then you had the latter rain that would come at you know in the spring time so that it would actually bring the the fields to harvest. And as they would come back to God God would rain down upon them just like he would he would bring them up maybe they have no life maybe they're in the soil maybe they are seemingly dead and yet he would bring the former rain that he would spring them up so their life could begin to spring forth and him flourish but then he would also bring the latter rain where he would bring to fruition that which had been growing he would bring forth the fruit and God says I can do this in your life I will rain down upon you my Holy Spirit if you turn back to me I can do something in your life I can do something special I can transform the old ways places and I can give you life this is the promise that he had with his people his goings forth. As prepared as the morning he will not only bring down the light of His righteousness but it will also rain down his Holy Spirit to give his people life he will transform us into his character and you know the trials we go through just as Israel Israel was going through this great burden and as they were going through the trial and even Judah was going through their great time not the great time of trouble but a great time of trouble for them they're going through these trials and God is trying to use these difficulties to actually bring them closer to Him This is what he was doing he wanted to use their trials and tribulations in the temptations in instead of to cause them to turn away from him that he wanted these things to actually draw his children to him this is what he wanted to do in their lives you know it's come to my attention someone shared with me that we're told that about 80 percent of young Adventists leave the face after college 80 percent Imagine if 80 percent of you here just disappear 20 percent for the Israelites you had the house of Israel right before him as the book of Hosea refers to the house of Israel so you have the freedom you have the 10 tribes of Israel and then you have the. You know house of Judah Benjamin Judah so just over 80 percent left just over 80 percent lived most of them never to come back to God what a nightmare what a nightmare it wasn't necessary. Because God was actually through his prophet Hosea Hosea of the latter prophets were told that he was the longest he had the longest ministry of any of the latter prophets we're not talking about you know patriarchal times and we're not talking about you know you knock and so forth but but out of the of the prophets who had more of a normal life span like maybe we do we're told that that was a ministered to the house of Israel and Judah for somewhere between 70 to 90 years can you imagine that that he is going for these preaching and sharing with them telling them to turn from their sins year after year after year King after King after King comes and goes King comes to the throne and he dies another king rises he's on the throne then he dies another king comes to the throne he rises and he dies over and over again over 90 years potentially Jose is minister in trying to save the souls of these individuals who are getting deeper and deeper into sin deeper in deeper into their idols and they're going after Idol after Idol they're committing sexual fornication and as this is happening this is continuing in their lives and he's trying to draw them closer to God and his wife I think his life was to be a sickening illustration that the Israelites would think why would God tell that guy to marry a prostitute that's ridiculous and it would just cause discussed in people and then the Holy Spirit would say you are the man just as David was angry with the illustration of the sheep that was taken away from the poor man and David's and the man should be killed for doing this and what is the prophet say you are the man that is the Israelites would be sickened by by this this man who is supposed to live a holy life marrying a woman who runs after other lovers sells her a lot of self into sexual slavery and I think it was made to make people sick to their stomachs so that they would realize what are we going. What are we doing see that illustration is so ugly that none of us like it yes or no I mean we don't like it and yet God was saying this is the pain the sorrow in the suffering that I go through day after day after day because I come up just as the sun comes forth and shines its righteousness each day my mercies are renewed in my people and yet they turn from me and they turn from me I am seeking to be their Redeemer to buy them back from slavery I want to buy you back from slavery he says if you will turn yet 80 percent of them turned away but here's the thing I don't believe 80 percent just over 80 percent had to leave got I don't believe that for a 2nd they could have come back and we to we don't have to have 80 percent of you turn away it's not necessary because God loves you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness has he drawn you Jeremiah says God cares with you he's not looking down with hatred and saying listen I know what you've struggled with I know the pornography that you were looking at I know the the last that you struggle with I know the anger problem that you have I know you're lost after the world that you care more about money than you care about me God says or whatever you struggle with the attention of people on you know Instagram or snap chat or Twitter or Facebook or whatever it is that the idols that you have I have no idea what they are regardless of the fact that you have them God doesn't look down with eyes a burning anger toward you he looked down with eyes of compassion on us his child and he's trying to draw you out of that life to save your soul he loves you with an ever lasting. If the text says in verse 3 if we return it if in the good news is none of you have to be last 2nd Peter 3 verse 9 says that God is not willing that. Any should perish meaning he doesn't want you to be lost he wants you to be saved you are part of the N. he wants every single 1 of you so 80 percent of you don't have to fall away 100 percent of you can be saved is not good news meaning God has chosen you from the foundations of the world because he wants you to be saved and if you will give your life to him if you will give your life He will save you he's looking down with love upon you don't you may feel guilty you know even in the midst of it even when I couldn't feel that God loved me even though I felt guilty and ashamed I yet somehow trusted even even in the shame of it all that his words must be true your feelings are not what determines yourself ation did you know that you know how we know that Jesus felt that he could never be say yes or no was he saved in the end yes your feelings do not determine yourself ation trust in God and His Word even when you can't feel it and you know that this will be part of the trial at the end of time in a time of trouble that we will feel that we have we have sinned against God we will feel that we have and we have in our lives but we will feel as if we cannot be saved and yet God's faithful in his 144144000 at the end of time they will be saved even though even though they're searching their hearts there and we do need to search our hearts we need to ask God for forgiveness yes we need to repent and unfasten turn away but yet even though we feel guilty we feel ashamed this will be the trial of the last days. Don't let go of your hold on God He still loves you even when you can feel it he will revive us if we hold on he will revive us but many of us are turned away but today's the day to come back I read a story. About that great Him writer Robert Robinson he was walking down the city streets in London there on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and if you've been to London or England in general you know that a beautiful sunny day doesn't come very often but he was walking along the beautiful streets of London at the time with the sun shining and it was you know everyone was going to church and but he wasn't going he had not gone to church he had actually fallen away from God and and he had turned from him and he was he was an emptiness and he was in shame and he was in guilt and all of these thoughts you know were going through his mind there in those days and weeks and months as he turned away from God and as he was walking through the city streets he heard the clip in a club clipped a clump of the horse of a horse drawn carriage that came up behind him and he turned and looked the the driver stopped and behind him was sitting a young lady and she said Sir I would be happy for you to ride with me if you would like and so he hopped up in the carriage with her and she said Are you. Going to church and he said and been there for quite some time he said he was thinking to say no but then just her asking made him think I should go and he said yes I'm going to church and they exchanged their names and he said My name is Robert Robinson and she said What a coincidence she said I was just reading I was just reading a poem by by a man by the name of Dr Robert Robinson could it be and he said yes I am the writer and she pulled out she had with her she had a little book with these poems inside of it and as she pulled out the poems there she said did you write this song and he looked down and he read the words that he himself had penned Come thou found of every blessing. To my heart to sing nitrates streams of mercy never ceasing call for songs of loudest spray. His heart was stirred with emotion as he had fallen away from God and here he was reading these words and then his his eyes dropped lower on to the pages he read the final verse where it said Prone to wander Lord I feel it prone to leave the God I. Tears were streaming down his face and he said to the young lady I have been living the words right now. And she looked to him and she said but you also wrote down here is my heart. Taken seal it seal it for your cords of Robert Robinson gave his life to Jesus that day because of a poem he had written that later on was written to music and now to this day this is 1 of my favorite hymns God knows your heart is prone to wander he knows what you feel Jesus became a human being experienced every emotion every everything that you have to go through he experienced that there on planet Earth he says I know you're prone to wander he says but I will seal your heart for the courts above if you will come unto me and I ask everyone to bow their heads just now. With every head bowed and every eye closed maybe the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart maybe you've you've been struggling with a sin maybe you've been struggling with the temptation Maybe you've been struggling with the desire to run after the ways of the world and you realize that maybe gomers story is a bit of your story. Maybe you suggest I'm not a prostitute I haven't run around and slept around or maybe you have. But maybe it's not that maybe it's a sin a little white lie maybe it's a little you know nobody knew what you were looking at on your phone or your computer or what have you nobody knows what you've been doing in the secret recesses of your own life or in your own heart but God knows and he doesn't look with hatred he looks to you with love and maybe there's someone here this morning who says Jesus I want to I want to come back to you I want to receive your Holy Spirit I want that latter rain experience I need the former and the latter rain to revive my soul to give a life to me I want your Holy Spirit to rain down to give me help me to become 1 of your people Father I don't want to be lost I want you to save my soul is there someone here this morning who says there's something in my life I want to give to Jesus I've been struggling and I want to I want to return to my Lord that he may revive me if that is you you feel the Holy Spirit pressing your heart would you simply raise your hand while you are where you are just now would you raise your hand where you. Put your hands down heavenly father were so thankful that you have the same love in your heart for us that your son dies we're so thankful that you sent him to us so we could have a better conception of who you are Father we thank you that you love us you know that our hearts are prone to wander Lord we feel prone to leave the God we love. Here's our hearts. Take in sealed seal them for your words. Yes that's the name of this. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more service. Visit W W W.


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