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Thief in the Night

Taj Pacleb


Are we ready to meet God, or are we wasting our lives away in procrastination? Taj appeals to attendees to make no delay in putting on the all-sufficient righteousness of Christ.


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • March 23, 2018
    6:00 PM


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Right Good evening everyone. Aloha. Bring you greetings from the beautiful warm sunny islands of Hawaii we just came in this I just came in this morning had a red eye flight last night and I've always heard about Walla Walla ever since I became a Christian be given I have it this I heard about this place called Walla Walla there was a there was a cool name Walla Walla and I were just so glad to be here we're I apologize that I was not able to come from the beginning of the conference but we're happy to come for the last few days to share with you I trust that you've been blessed Amen you've been experiencing revival and reformation and restoration in your life Amen praise God and I just have to say that it's a it's a high honor it's a great privilege to stand before you here tonight to share the sacred message of the Lord Our topic tonight is entitled to feel if in the night and so I hope you got your Bibles I hope you got a note book I hope you got a spiritual appetite we're going to feast upon the wonderful words of life tonight a very serious and solemn message we def we need the Holy Spirit to make it sink in to our hearts and minds tonight so I invite you to our heads as we begin with the word of prayer let us pray the Lord we want to thank you so much for giving us life today now only this physical life but the abundant life and the promise of eternal life when you return and Lord we come before your presence into your presence tonight just asking that we would be in the spirit on the Lord's day that you give twas a fresh revelation of Jesus they would help us to see you more clearly that we might know you more intimately that we might reflect you to the world more accurately we asked Lord that you please speak now. And give us years to hear your voice we thank you Lord for this wonderful privilege for we ask this in Jesus bless it may. Be in our message tonight is entitled to Thief in the night but you take your Bible and turn with me to the Book of Romans Chapter 13 as we begin our study tonight Romans Chapter 13 I'll be sharing 4 different reasons patients this weekend or the next 24 hours and every single 1 of them has been inspired by events that have recently transpired in my in my life in the last month and up the Lord has given me some some precious lessons I would like to share with you this week and here's the 1st 1 we're going to Romans Chapter 13 beginning with Verse 11 Romans Chapter 13 versus makes you write it down and notice with me Romans 13 verse you live if you're there if you're ready to study Would you please let me know by saying a man the Bible says and that knowing the time that now it is a high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation here or then when we will eat the night is for Spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk honestly as in the day not in writing and drug in this not in chambering and wantonness not in strife and in vain but 20 on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfil the lusts their own my friends in this awesome verse the Apostle Paul is right inspired by the Spirit of God The Lord is sounding an urgent solemn and serious along. Alarm that is calculated to shake us up and to wake us up to arouse us from the spiritual sleepiness that many people have fallen into to recognize the time that we're living in that right now it is a high time it is an urgent time it's a solemn Tun time for us to shake off spiritual sleepiness to put on the armor of light which is none other than the righteousness of Jesus Christ us that armor of light is what's going to prepare us for the salvation flight without the armor of light we're not going to make our salvation flight how many of you have ever missed an airplane flight before ever miss 1 my wife and I we travel quite a bit and so we've missed our fair share of airplane flights and I'll never forget the experience we had some time ago we took a group of young people to Central America we were going to do evangelists like meeting multiple beings we brought whole bunch of young people teenagers high schoolers who were going to be the speakers for these different events at meetings in the Latin country of El Salvador many of them were going to be speaking for the very 1st time their own evangelistic series and every single morning we would worship together we would have worship would pray with study in the afternoons we spent the time looking over the Stars sermons that will be preaching in the evening in the evening we separated into different sites all over El Salvador to preach the message night after night for 2 weeks straight it was an amazing experience we had a witness thousands of people getting baptized some of the pictures of those getting baptized during those meetings not only were they here is lives change but the speakers lives were changed as well my friends we can't hold up the light to someone else's pack of our past being lit up as well to him and. And that's the reason why God calls us to go into shape now only for other states but for our own things and so if you want to grow you got to go and show people who you know Jesus is the 1 that can satisfy the longings of our hearts Amen we got is called us not only to be recipients of the message but participants in the mission of the I was it is more blessed to give than to receive and so the here is lives were changed but also the speaker's lives these young people I want to share with you about 2 of them their names Daniel and Samuel Daniels they're in the middle Samuel's to the left of. The On the other side left of him or that would be the right of him right yeah I'll be the right of him. And let me tell you about them that Daniel had just come to the Lord a few years before that he was on fire for the Lord Jesus he introduced Jesus to his friend Sam Samuel was just coming to the Lord and so he looked up to Daniel as his spiritual mentor and because they were high school buddies they share the same hotel room during our time there in else El Salvador and they preached every single night it was an amazing beautiful experience while on our last night of our meetings we all met back at the whole tale and everyone was in a good mood we're sharing the stories of what happened on our at our different sites we were lingering in the moment and rejoicing in the memory of how God used US them bless those who was a wonderful time of fellowship after that everyone retired to their respective hotel rooms it was time to pack and get ready for an early morning flight home the next morning I went back to my room I packed up and before I went to sleep I made sure to go and check on the 2 high school props Daniel and Sam you're just like the prophets they were named after they were being used by the Lord Jesus and so when I went into their hotel room it was like I entered a crime scene it was a disaster. It was the stereotypical room of a teenage 2 teenage boy. Let me try to explain there is trash on the ground dirty clothes on the floor taller trees on the table towels over the T.V.. Laptop cue computers left out sermon notes in disarray there was boxes of food on the nightstand and that I'd suppose those on the bed and in the midst of this mess were these 2 high school prophets eating talking story having a good time not having a carer in the word I joined them for a few moments eating good Salvador and purposes and before I left their room I reminded them of our early morning flight the next morning I informed them of the time that they were to be on the bus they would head to the airport which I promised them the bus would not wait for them if they were late so. I then instructed them to make sure that they packed and they clean before they went to sleep and I warned them that if they did not pack in clean before they slept that they would not be ready the next morning but then Daniel he assured me Don't worry I will be ready the next morning we get on the bus I do roll call and guess who is missing the 2 high school prophets so I went to their hotel room I had knocked on the door and they opened the door and to my surprise their hotel wrong was the exact same condition as it was the night before and worst of all just like the foolish virgins that I knew and Shami all were fast asleep they woke up in panic mode frantically trying to shove all of their belongings into their suitcases they had no time to go to the bathroom no time to change their clothes no time to even wipe the crust from their eyes the time of departure had come and they found themselves on rec. Daniel amazingly was able to gather all of this stuff shoved into his luggage in 5 minutes and he exits the hotel room still in his pajamas crushed all around this guy's head into the bus and laughing at Sammy all along the way. But for Sam you know it was too late he had too much stuff spread all over the room Samuel missed the bus and guess who else missed the bus because I was the leader and he was the miner I missed the bus to. I stayed back to help Samuel Klee and I wish I could say that I stayed back just because I love Samuel and I wanted to help him out but there's another reason I knew that if I was to leave him his Salvadoran mom would get mad at me so I was also trying to avoid the wrath of the of his self Salvatore mom I asked him why didn't you get ready last night like I told you and you what he said just like how Adam brained Eve sham your blame Daniel. That you told me last night I tried to I started packing last night but then you said hey don't worry about it let's just hang out we're going to sleep tonight and we'll wake up early we'll have devotions we'll pray we're going to practice then we'll pack and we'll clean and would be the 1st ones on the bus Samuel said that's what he told me and I believe the reason it wouldn't take long and then I said and he made the bus and you missed it you were listening to the wrong spiritual mentor I told. I feel bad leaving that hotel room because we don't have any time to clean it was a disaster when we left it but we could not let the trash hold us back we had to leave those things behind and and for because we had a flight to catch we needed to go home so we caught a taxi and by God's grace we made it to the airport to meet up with the rest of our team Sami rode on that plane the whole way dressed in his pajamas. Forget the lesson he almost didn't make it home why for the same reasons. Many people would not make it to their heavenly home number 1 he was listening to the wrong spiritual mentor Number 2 he had too much stuff that held him back and number 3 he was sleeping when he should have been preparing the time of departure had come and he was not ready when he should have been why don't wake he was fast asleep my friend beloved Don't let what happened to Sam happen to you the Apostle Paul in this passage tells us that now is a high time to wake up the time of our departure is at hand it's nearer than when we 1st believe now is the time to put on the armor of light too because that's what's going to help us make our salvation flight not only that but the armor of light which is the righteousness of Christ will enable us to win the spiritual fight in the last days because you see him now only is our time of departure almost here but before that there is a time of destruction that's come this time of peril was prophesied by the Apostle Paul and 1st this alone in chapter 5 and let you take your Bible Let's go there now 1st US alone. Chapter 5 and verse 1 the Bible says this verse us alone aeons chapter 5 and verse 1 but of the times in the seasons brother you have known me that I write unto you for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as all work as a thief in the night how many people have read this and they have thought that that meant a secret rapture the Lord will come as a thief of the night secretly and silently in a rapture his church people than it into thin air but notice friends that this verse does not say that the Lord is coming as a thief in the night what does it say is coming as a few in the night is the day of the it is not referring to how Jesus is returning but rather 1 when he comes the day of his are coming will be like a thief in the night and friends have ever had a thief come in the night to steal from you have you ever been the thief that came in the night before she had been on both sides of that equation but praise God for His mercy if you want to feed comes in the night he doesn't always come secretly inside it only sometimes they make a lot of noise but a thief comes in the night they do come suddenly and unexpectedly and that's the point of the passage during this time people will be caught off guard many people who have fallen asleep spiritually will be overwhelmed when the Lord Jesus returns. And I want you to notice what the multitudes will be saying during this time those 1st 3 it says for when they shall see 1 of the next 3 words peace and safety then know what kind of destruction. And destruction comes upon them as trivial upon a woman with child and they shall not escape. The Bible tells us that in the last days destruction will come suddenly like a thief in the night it's like going to labor contraction and I know it's obvious but I'm a man and my wife and I we don't have any children so I don't have any personal experience with labor contractions but I see some mothers your mothers you have you know labor contract is all right what is the characteristic of a labor contract they began a few. They begin mild few and far apart but the closer the time of Deliverance comes loose contractions begin to change in intensity and frequency you see ever since the beginning of time when sin entered into this world we've experienced the terrible results of sin which is destruction but when we see destruction increasing like Labor contractions in intensity and frequency we can know that the time of our deliverance is almost here Bible says sudden destruction will come and it will swell up into an over whelming crisis and during this time people the world will be saying peace and safety they're going to be crying out for peace and safety in France today our world is crying out for those 2 things now more than ever before senseless school shootings become more and more frequent across America many are calling for stricter gun laws or the removal of the 2nd Amendment altogether people are crying out for peace and safety but the Bible says that sudden destruction will still come why because this there is no man made law that can change the hearts of a society that condemns violence on the 1 hand. And it at the other hand is entertained by it in the media and in the movies and in video games or frightening the wrong enemy friends what we really need is to be a whole load a lamb of God that can take away the sin of the world from our hearts to be whole to God they can change the murderous heart of us all it is by beholding that we become change. Now most have never gone on icy tannic shooting spree you know the reality is friends is that every single 1 of us stand guilty for murdering the Son of God we were the ones that drove those nails through his hands and feet but if we choose in exchange for our hammer nails the Lord will give us the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God as our primary weapon of protection and only then will we find peace and safety as crime in terrorism continues to strike fear into people's hearts all around us many people are calling for immigration reform and border control and a revamp in the national security crying out for peace and safety but the Bible says that destruction will come suddenly still why because listen there is no manmade wall that's high enough to keep the true enemy out the true enemy can walk right through all but the reality is Satan is not really the greatest enemy satan is a defeated enemy EVA The greatest enemy we face is the 1 we look at every single morning in the mirror self. There is no manmade wall that can keep out that enemy Well we really need friends is a God that desires to surround us all within a wall of love and liberty for in a heavily country of alone all nations have a clear path to citizenship even if it is through Jesus was the way the truth and the life he is the way and so long as we are willing to learn the language of heaven which is the language of love he will grant those An unrestricted passport into that city into that country into that kingdom and only then we find peace and safety as not to disasters continue to increase in intensity and frequency ripping apart countries and economies in moments many people are calling for energy reform to reduce global warming climate change which they point to as the cause for this what good weather people are crying out for peace and safety but then sudden destruction will still come why because there is no mad made solution to the manmade pollution that will save this world that has been terminally infected with the cancer of sin but thank God the Lord promises that soon and very soon he will create a new heaven and a new word where in the wills righteous there's a place where the meek shall inherit the earth and when that happens it's then that we will experience true peace and true safety you see my brothers and my sisters man's plans for peace are temporal at best futile or at worst what we really need is to get ready for the 1 that soon to come in the clouds to rescue us from this crazy world we need to continue to do what we can do. To heal the world and make it a better place let's do what we can to relieve the sufferings of humanity in this present life let's do what we can to stand up against injustice in all of its a tonic forms let us do what we can to ensure the safety of our children but let us also remember friends that our world is broadband beyond repair and there is no president politician Professor Pastor Paul policy or program that can fix the problems of our world this world is beyond the tipping point the only lasting solution is evacuation it's evacuation time now friends don't misunderstand Yes we need to occupy. That's what Jesus said and so go ahead and plan as though you're going to be here for another 30 years but here's The Point live your life every single day as if this day is your final day on Earth because time is short and life is so fragile and Jesus is coming soon they have this come like a thief in the night suddenly unexpectedly for those who are spiritually sleeping now someone pointed out when they shall say peace and safety together then suddenly structure someone to pick somebody up pointed out that in a general sense peace is what the church offers safety is what the state offers. So when they shall say peace and safety together really it's a call for the union unity of church and state and when that happens destruction will come suddenly and friends we see this happening today. Faster than ever before this prophecies being fulfilled the destruction will come suddenly the final movements will be rapid 1 and tragically many people are being swept away by a wave of dark demonic delusions and the darker it gets in the last days the brighter God is calling his people to shine for him notice what it says in verse 4 verse 4 but you brother in are not in darkness that that they should overtake you as the feet. You are the children over that you are what like. And the children of the day we are not of the night nor of the darkness Therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us do or watch and be sober my friends during this time of an emergency God is appealing to us pleading with us to stay awake as sons of the light and daughters of the day it is so important for us to watch and pray many times we hit the spiritual snooze but we see the signs of the times we hear the alarms and we wake up momentarily want to crisis comes only had to hit the spiritual stills but then because we want to sleep a little bit longer our friends now's the time for us to wake up to wake up and if you feel sleepy tonight physically you know what you need to do shake yourself. And if you see someone next to you nodding just go ahead and give them a sanctified no such now's the time to wake up friends because trouble and destruction comes when we least expect it it's just a few weeks ago January 13th 2018 was and another easy Saturday morning in Paradise beach goers were going to their favorite spots. Sabbath keepers were preparing to go to church it was business as usual just another beautiful day in Hawaii but then at 8 o 6 am the inhabitants of home what we received a great blessing in disguise. A blessing in the form of 14. Tension gripping words said to every smartphone and maybe even every dumb phone in hole in and here's what that text message said so many of you saw this on the news here's what everyone in Hawaii received a little 6 Saturday morning January 13th but let's kick mist of missile threat am bound to hold seek immediate shelter in the last 5 words were especially gripping this is not a dream. Of you saw that on the news that we're praying for people who are. Now I was in Japan at the moment so I wasn't too worried about it. I just play and I just. But 1 of the 1 of the greatest fears of Hawaii was seem to becoming a reality it seemed like Pearl Harbor was being repeated again you know what happened many people slept right through it they would have surely the height. But many people went into panic mode seeking for shelter in buildings and garages even in the sewers in panic mode now they're trying to hide but how do you hide when you live on an island from a ballistic missile that has nuclear power can't really hide from that thankfully we know that it was a false alarm but friends you know that this false alarm was a blessing in disguise many people are mad and upset but those who are mad are not thinking clearly it was a blessing why because it was a false alarm it was in a way Rick alarms for those who are mad there was a false alarm they're not thinking clearly Thank God it was a false alarm and not a real 1. But another reason. She's been. Another reason why it was a blessing is because this false alarm caused many people to reflect upon the fragility of life and their preparation to die and I say thank God that people were given that warning that opportunity for I think was over 30 minutes not sure if when the bomb would drop not sure if it was true or not the Holy Spirit had that time to really impress upon people's hearts are you ready are you ready to die. The Bible tells us the destruction comes suddenly it was a normal day when the rain fell during the days of not just a normal day they were eating and drinking and married and given a marriage they were doing all the things that they were accustomed to doing and all of a sudden the rain began to fall destruction comes suddenly so too for the last days and because of that friends here's the point we need to live not with a sense of doom and gloom we need to live with a sense of urgency and a hopeful expectancy and we need to be ready on us ima just a few weeks ago. My wife and I we had an incredible day in. An amazing day let me tell you about this day that we had we had just reunited with a friend that we hadn't seen in probably over 10 years. He just got married and brought his new wife to honeymoon in Hawaii a good place to go on honey and on their last day we picked them up and we wanted to take them from their Waikiki hotel we wanted to rescue them from the fake tourist trap that they were stuck in there that's not the true point we wanted to show them the real 1 so we picked them up on the last day there were the 2nd to last the there and we wanted to show them the beauty of our island home and so we start of the day in the morning with a spectacular at a spectacular sea flip overlooking breeching whales in the deep blue sea it was fantastic I set my drawing out took pictures it was awesome after that. We took them to this beautiful white sandy beach cold to swim with the friendly turtle in the water nice clear warm waters. Took some amazing pictures there and after that we stopped by what is called The House of pure Aloha it's a shaved ice place that. Uses natural ingredients organic natural for the use fruits for their shaved ice it's amazing we stop by and enjoyed that and then we ended the day towards the end of the day we went on a spectacular sunset hike and this hike was just incredible the sheer cliffs on both sides offered a panoramic camera panoramic view of a green island paradise and at the end of the day we saw 1 of the most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen right there on that beautiful beautiful mountain and at night we end the end of the day by eating some awesome exquisite vegetarian food it a newly discovered Asian restaurant and the food was great the fellowship was sweet the day was so relaxing the most beautiful sunset time in nature time with family and if you think that's a good day not a good day how many of you could use more days like that in your life. The new the newly married couple they said that that was the best day of their honeymoon we're so happy for that before taking them to the airport the next day we want to show them the other side of the aisle where we are where we live so they slept over our house in our guest room that night and we all went to bed that night tired and satisfied looking forward to a good night's rest nothing was out of out of the ordinary all seemed to be normal I dozed off to sleep fully expecting to wake up to another beautiful sunny day in a hole just like the day before we had no idea what was coming 3 o'clock in the morning I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night too. With a loud pounding on my door and then I heard the most terrifying scream my hands he was saying fire fire the house next to ours was completely engulfed in flames Here's a picture that our video our neighbor took right behind that fire is our house we got out of the house went downstairs and was confronted with this raging inferno the house next to ours was completely engulfed in flames it was set on fire by I see they came in the night which no 1 arsonists that had been terrorizing our community for the past several months he'd set fires during the day there was always put out by the farming but this time he came in the night when all was sleeping he used gas accelerant and we walk up there we were confronted with this raging inferno it was already as high as or 2 story home and it began to reach over the walls and I did my best to protect our home with the little garden hose I had this was me trying to fight the fire before the firemen came and that puny garden hose did nothing was good enough to water my mango tree but powerless over this angry conflict confederation and about 5 minutes later the fire had broken into our windows and the flames and the smoke was quickly spreading throughout our family home after what felt like an eternity the firemen finally arrived to put out the fire but not until I called over $700000.00 of damage this was just a few weeks ago but thank God no 1 was injured thank God we all made it out with 5 minutes to spare if we had slept 5 minutes longer perhaps I would not be here to tell you the story I didn't have any time to gather any positions. I only had time to wake up my wife put on a shirt and get out and thankfully we all got out but I've learned some precious lessons from this fire I'll share some of them tomorrow but here are some of them tonight so very precious lesson number 1 we need to live every single day to the fullest. Live our lives to the full every sin number 2 we need to live every single day as if it's our last day number 3 we need to be ready always. To meet death in peace. And number 4 destruction comes when you least expect it before we went to sleep it was a normal beautiful Hawaiian day it was a it was a time of great peace and safety but then sudden destruction came like a thief in the night suddenly fiercely and rapidly when we least expect it friends it's the same way with the last day just like my house so too this world is soon going to be on fire soon this whole world is going to burn out the Bible tells us in 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 10 the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat the earth also in the works that are there in shall be burnt up soon this whole world is going to be on fire all the basic elements of the world will melt into eternal oblivion it shall come suddenly when we least expect it that's the reason why friends every single moment we must place our lives in the hands of Jesus every single moment we must be clothed and covered with the with the armor of the light the righteousness of Christ because the devil is walking about like a roaring lion a roaring fire seeking whom he made of our and if you can get you before you choose Christ he's got you for you try to be. I want to read from the book great controversy for 91 side and be unnoticed. As the midnight feat will come the decisive hour which marks the fixing of every man's destiny the final withdrawal of mercies off to guilty men watching therefore less coming suddenly he find you sleepy perilous is the condition of those who grow growing weary of their watch turn to the attractions of the word while the man of business is absorbed in the pursuit of game or the pleasure lover is seeking indulgence while the daughter of fashion is arranging her dormant It may be that it may be in that hour that the judge of all of us will pronounce the sentence that weighed in the balances and are found wanting my friends time is almost finish we just you see just as I only had a few moments to escape the fiery destruction of our homes so too we only have a little time left to prepare for the final destruction of the world friends we don't have time to be storing up our treasures in a world that's in a world that's bound for destruction we don't have time to be chasing the empty pleasures of sand we don't have time to continue to hold onto our pride refused to humble ourselves before the Lord now is evacuation time now the time to wake up gather our family and put on the robe now's the time to seek the Lord with all our hearts to pray like we've never prayed before to gather our loved ones at the altar of sacrifice now is the time to put aside our pride and apologize to those whom we have wrong now's the time to give our hearts to the only 1 that can save us when this whole world is on fire all my loving brother this world is on fire don't you want God's blessing to be your pen friends we should not do it because we're afraid of the fire because we can't be saved because we're afraid of being laws we can't go to heaven because we're trying to avoid him. Is the love of Christ that compels and that love is sent not only in messages of compassion but also messages of warning Jesus said as many as I love I rebuke and chase in God loves us enough to send a startling message to wake us from spiritual slumber in the Book of Revelation the Book of Revelation depicts the destruction of this world in graphic detail it describes the 7 last plagues and how they will be poured out upon the year it will be a time of bloody war. Boils and blisters and darkness and destruction and 1 of those painful plagues is the brutal battle of Armageddon now we don't have the time to explain that in detail but as it's the time that the on holy counterfeit trinity will come together in an ecumenical unity the battle of Armageddon tells us that the dragon the beast and the false prophet are going to come together the dragon is spiritual as in the piece of policies and the false prophet apos they promised in tism these are the Post religions of the world 1000 to gather in an ecumenical unity that was prophesied we see it happening before our very eyes but then the Bible tells us that then when they unite together they're going to go to the kings of the earth the political power. They need military muscle to enforce their agenda upon the consciences of the word once they go to the kings of the earth its And that they go to the whole world and the whole world will be gathered together to fight in this spiritual battle the battle of Armageddon the whole world will unite fronts. In a universal cry for peace and safety a cry that will inevitably lead to the passing of a national someday law and a revival of religious intolerance in the last days this is the climax of the great controversy between good and evil it's the final showdown between light and darkness truth and error righteousness and wickedness and as this battle we just it's climax all of a sudden G.'s us interred jacks an important word of warning and encouraged I want you notice this verse seems to be out of place so out of the 7 last place. And in the midst of the 6 plate the bout of Armageddon Jesus must say something and notice what he said revelation $1615.00 Jesus says behold I come as a see Blessed is He that does what watches and what keeps his garment less he walk naked and they see his shame my friends in this crisis are it's important for us to know the identity of the beast the drug and the false prophet but even more importantly than that it is important for us to watch to wake up and to keep our garments as Jesus said because only as we watch and pray will we be able to keep those garments the righteousness of Christ and avoid the shame of nakedness it's the righteousness of Christ friends the armor of light that will enable us to win in the battle of Armageddon so Jesus calling us. Put on that garment you see just as I only had enough time to wake up my wife and put on a shirt and get out so to friends we only have time to gather our loved ones. Put on the role of righteousness get ready to leave this world of sin it's time for us to wake up and put on the rope friends but here's the question what secures our ROE How do you want that rolled up what secures our role. In the Battle of Armageddon listen this in this for the most important part of the message tonight that which secures our role in the midst of the battle of Armageddon is because Jesus gave his role in his own personal that of army again it was a cold dark night but it other than that it was a normal day and they've gone to get some of the crisis our was about to hit and yet the disciples were acting like it was business as usual they had gone to that guard it many times before it seemed like a normal day and they had no idea what was coming and thus Jesus told His disciples He said Watch and pray indeed this the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak tragically instead of watching him praying what happened to those 3 disciples they fell asleep Here's a picture of a sleeping church in the midst of a stupendous crisis they were fast asleep then suddenly unexpectedly Judas came like a thief in the night and by the way Judas was a member of another unholy trinity you see Judas this false disciple had united with the fairest seas. And the Sanhedrin who had united with the Romans we see a 3 fold union here Judas the Farriss and the Romans they all came together to arrest Jesus the Romans represent spiritualism paganism. Very seasonal possibly priesthood that's the Roman church state system and Judas the false disciple a pasta a Protestant ism they come together to get Jesus it was like a microcosm of a bout of army get the crisis Howard found the disciples sleeping when they should have been awake but then notice what happened next some very interesting but I was interested in Mark 14 versus 50 to 52 Write it down this is this and the author or so came and fled and there followed with follow him a certain young man having a linen cloth cast about his naked body and the young men laid hold on him and he left the linen cloth and and and fled from them have need for an interesting here's a young man that was following Jesus but he wasn't watching praying and so when the thief came in the night to apprehend him Bible says He left his garment and he fled naked and friends in that crisis hour that this I thought allow the thief to steal his garment friends would happen to that young man literally what happened to many people spiritually because when this final test comes and young Holy Trinity the beast the dragon the false prophet come to apprehend the people of God Those who are spiritually speaking sleeping will be robbed of their role the righteousness they're going to for sake righteousness in order to save their temporal lives they will compromise with the crowd in order to secure a superficial peace and safety and in that day they will be found shamefully naked when the Lord comes friends without the armor of light we're not going to win in the battle of Armageddon we need the arm of light the righteousness of Jesus Christ but friends in that crisis our will disciples fled this young man fled naked what happened to jesus jesus was watching and pray. Praying with tears of agony for the faith to face the thief in the night or the church's sleeping Jesus was wide awake friends I'm so grateful that when we are sleeping Jesus is still 0 am and when we're sleeping God is still at work while we in the form of those this like us were clothed. In the filthy garments of self-sufficiency and self righteous through what happened Jesus was stripped of his robe of true righteousness he gave his rope and he died make good on the cross it his own personal battle of Armageddon Jesus took our naked this so that we might have his righteousness how be very thankful for Jesus and so today friends as we get ready to close Jesus is pounding at the door of our hearts he's trying to wake us up to the urgent hour in which we live he's pleading with us to get ready for evacuation and so on I want to encourage you my friends use the last few precious moments of your life in this world to do the most important things hold your children kiss your wife spend time with your family get rid of all the nonessentials the things that hold us back and distract us and most importantly let God cover you with the fireproof role of righteousness for his is the only righteousness that will last for a time and all eternity like the song we sing our hearts are so prone to wander so prone to leave the God that we claim to love let's give our hearts for Jesus tonight we need that righteousness now only for our own sakes for the sake of our love and you see friends the sooner just like when I woke up I woke up my wife and I put on the shirt the sooner you wake up. And put on the robe the more time you're giving your family members to follow that example the more time you're giving the Holy Spirit an opportunity to bring your loved ones your your parents your children your brothers your sisters to the experience of salvation and so do it for yourself do it for your love do it for your god let me close by telling you about the miracle of my auntie Helen my auntie have 5 aunties Mattie Helen was known as the black sheep of the family she was very deep into the New Age philosophy meditation and astrology and just all kinds of weird things and I remember I was in book 1 raised in the church I grew up not knowing anything about God and I remember at a young age that she was trying to teach me how to meditate how empty my mind into my body and it just connect with something she was she's a very peculiar lady might be hella deftly dancing to the beat of her own drum she was a relativist in appearance she didn't believe in more absolutes she would always say to each his own what's right for you may not be right for me what's wrong for you may not be wrong for me there is no such thing as absolute truth in and because she did not see anything because she didn't have any more absolutely didn't see that she was a sinner and because she did see that she was a sinner she did not see her need of a savior and when I became a Christian at 16 years old she saw the change in my life but she would warn me about organized religion she tried to argue against me about about the things I was believing she said that I was brainwashed and I would try to debate herd to answer her back but I saw that that from what I was saying nothing would ever change her mind so what I did was I decided to stop talking and let my life do the preaching what I decided to do is simply put on the rope and wear it in front of her. I sought to live a life private and public life of purity simplistically simplicity humility and consistency and so 16 years went by of silent witnessing you know sometimes we're talking too much all I did was prayed for her and wore the rope in front of her and let me tell you what happened after 16 years in 2015. Helen came to our revelation of hope Bible prophecy said she had come to a few of them in the past but the previous time that she came she always came drunk and a little high but this time she came with the with a searching heart and an open mind and every single night we lifted up the logical evidence as to why we can trust the message of the Bible but more than that we lifted up the beauty of Jesus and His great love for humanity and I'll never forget the night that at the end came to me with tears in her eyes and she said I'd never realized how much God loves me she was moved to the depths of her being by God's love for her as it was demonstrated in a Bible prophecy seminar as I just have to add because some people think that Bible prophecy centers are informational fear and doom and gloom and it's not about Jesus those who are saying that are misinformed that Bess misled at work for whenever we give our prophet a message correctly it magnifies the beauty and grace and love of Jesus like not how. She was moved to the deficit would be how much God loves her and has a result she was never the same again here's her during the meetings you can see in her face the conviction her heart was touched her life was being changed she made a decision for bat is a. She quit smoking after trying to quit for decades she would always try to quit but you don't want to go back to it she didn't have the power over her addictions when she found the love of price she found the power she quit her addiction she stopped smoking and drinking and now started to attend church every single Shabbat and shortly after those meetings were finished she sent me this text message and I want to read it word for word from her because when I read this text message it calls my eyes to open up with a fountain of tears as I saw God was answering my prayer is with at the Helen said I have not drank a drop of alcohol nor smoke since the meeting God is God I do crazy I do crazy but somebody say but I do crave but it swiped. When I focused my mind on his crate. I see the light. She still has those cravings but that's no power over her when she places her mine on the greatness of God She sees the light has the power to dispel the darkness of her addictions and just last year we had the privilege of baptizing at the have a name and look at her getting baptized look at her face Victory in Jesus we serve a God that can change hearts and change lives now with the fear of the last days but with the love of Jesus. And when she was baptized she came out of the water tears flowing. My grandfather was on the beach that's another beautiful story grampa was the 1st 1 actually that we had the privilege of that ties him back in the day when we 1st started doing me maybe I'll share that story another time but my grandpa was there and and he embraced my head and on the beach here's the moment friends and grapple he raised his hands and said hello my daughter you are now my sister because the blood of Jesus friend makes father and daughter brother and sister in Christ Amen every time I talk to my auntie Helen about Jesus she cried I told her about what we do you know the behind the scenes part and how we have teams evangelistic teams and before we actually do the meetings we want door to door and what not and we get bible studies that she say you know I don't know if I can give Bible studies but I can definite go door to door and invite people to your meet my friends it took 16 years. Of pray and silent witnessing wearing the robe in front of my at the head and finally she woke up and she decided to wear that robe herself she finally accepted the role my friends the faster you wake up and put on the rope the more time you're giving your loved ones to do the same and so we close tonight our friends are going to come and sing a very beautiful song we're not for great We're not for the grace of God. We would have no hope you would have no peace would have no victory would be lost for eternity. By the grace of God to my fear saying for him Lord shake B.-O.. Wake me up. And trust you. With the armor of life. The real the righteousness. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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