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Beauty for Ashes

Taj Pacleb


What happens when our lives are laid waste by Satan? Can God bring something good out of our failures? Taj shares about God's power to redeem beauty out of the ashes of our lives.


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • March 24, 2018
    8:00 AM
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Morning What a beautiful day. Thank you so much brothers for that beautiful song but your bar has with me as we pray this morning we get into our topic beauty for ashes Let us pray thank you so much to the Lord for giving us life today thank you Lord for the blessing of another Sabbath we can come together and receive a new revelation a fresh revelation of Jesus thank you for bringing us safely through another week into your house and now Lord speak to us as we open your word give us spiritual ears to hear with the spirit has to say to the church and I pray Father that our lives will be changed that we would be touch would be blessed you'd make our lives a transparent medium to display your glory in this dark and cold world that we live in please be with us Holy Spirit lead us and guide us in Jesus name we pray Amen our message this morning is entitled beauty for ashes but you take your Bible turn of me to the book of Isaiah Chapter 61 as we get our study that today in the 61st chapter of Isaiah we find a beautiful messianic prophecy pointing to the great work of Messiah and it reads Isaiah $61.00 we're going to reverse is want to 4 and if you're there if you're excited about Jesus and if you're ready to study the Bible would you please say amen the Bible says the spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has a anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek he has sent me to bind up the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives the opening of prison to them that are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the load and the day of vengeance of our God to comfort all that moment. To a point and to them that mornin zine and to given to them beauty for ashes the all of joy for more than the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that they may be called the trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord that he may be glorified and they shall build the old ways they shall raise of the former desolations and they shall repaired the way cities the desolations of many generations during the time of Isaiah Israel was wavering between wickedness and righteousness in their superficial head knowledge they were losing a heart experience with Jehovah they had become more and more concerned with formalism rather than faith more focused on rules rather than a relationship they desired earthly pleasure above heavenly peace and because of their sinful abominations dreadful desolation was upon the horizon soon the literal city of Jerusalem would be destroyed by the Babylonians and the pride and joy of the Jewish nation would be reduced to ashes and yet despite their sins in their own faithfulness God to remain a faithful still Isaiah saw in the Prophet a vision that the old ways places will be rebuilt repaired restored it raised up and redeemed then the prophet had guy said that the latter house would be more glorious then the former House greater in glory why not because of the generous offerings of gold from Herod but greater in glory because the desire of ages would come into that house and bring a new foundation. His presence would bring the beauty of spiritual grace and he would offer to humanity a garment of praise in exchange for their spirit of heavy days he would bring them heavenly beauty in exchange for the ashes of empty formalism and so I see you here describes the work of Messiah He points to the 1 that would come to review would broke any humanity but the power of his message the purity of his life and the promise of his sacrifice he would bring liberation to the captives. Restore ation to the broken hearted revelation to the wandering and salvation to the suffering because my friends no matter how long we remain in the ashes of brokenness and the fires of 1 faith what is here is the God that can bring beauty even from the actions. I've experienced this firsthand as many of you know who were here last night our house was destroyed by an arsonist just a few weeks ago and the firemen even though they were able to save our home at least the structure the suit and the smoke had permeated every single room of our house. Everything has been contaminated in our home the talk sick poisons of dust and ash are everywhere it's in every room and in every closet all my clothes all my books my electronics all my pictures and friends I have to say that it's very very upset. To see all my stuff covered in this toxic black that you see there are very few things I dislike more than dust and ashes. I spent a great deal of my time personally trying to get rid of it removing it from My Space Yes my wife I'm always trying to sweep in vacuum and white does I just hate the US I don't like does I don't like it in my nose or in my eyes on my stuff on or even in the atmosphere in fact I have 3 air purifiers why I had 3 air purifiers there on 24 said to remove the dust particles even from the atmosphere I despise feather dusters because all the feather dusters do is spread the does the only way to actually get rid of it is by air filters or vacuum you know sometimes my friends and my family members they think I have O.C.D. because I'm always trying to clean and organizing get rid of return to remove dust from my life but I never understood why someone would consider a desire for order a disorder it just doesn't make sense to me. I think that most rational people would agree that it's completely normal to want your life and your space to be as clean as it can be it just feels better to be clean how many of you agree with that you are the normal people now don't get me wrong I grew up racing their bikes playing in the mud camping at the beach and so in the context of work and recreation I don't mind getting dirty but when it comes to day to day life I believe in the old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness and so friends when the fire penetrated our home and the dust in the smoke in the suit permeated every corner and surface of our house it was difficult for me to see to say the least and now that the smoke is clear my family and I are left with the time consuming task of cleaning away the dust and the app and the charred wood of our home thankfully everyone is safe. But now we're left with the frustrating and time consuming task of rebuilding the brokenness including clearing the ash and I just have to say for a clean freak like me it's been a very challenging and testing experience and yet I still have so many reasons to smile because I have understood it with great clarity that it's in the fire it is in the fire they are God is the God they can bring beauty from the ashes blessings even from the brokenness and so this morning I want to share with you another lesson that God has been teaching me in the fires of this trial you see in the beginning of time God made man beautiful from the so that's what we are made from he brought something beautiful from the depths but tragically because of sin Bible tells us that we will return to dust 1 day from ashes to ashes from dust to dust but the Gospel story declares unto us that through the grace of God instead of going from ashes to ashes and from dust to dust we can go from face to face and from glory to glory Amen but how does this take place. You see ashes are simply the result of fire and I want you notice what God says concerning fire notice what it says it's on the screen in 1st Peter chapter 4 verses 12 and 13 the Bible says beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try as though some strange thing happened unto you but rejoice but do what every 1 rejoice in as much as you are partakers of Christ suffering so that when his glory shall be revealed you may be glad also with not just Joe but exceeding joy. You see my friends living in this spiritual war it is expected that we will be attacked by the drug the enemy is angry with those who are a threat to his kingdom and Jesus said that a servant is not greater than his master if they hated me they will hate you too Jesus said and so if we're being opposed We must be doing something right into for all those who live Gali Christ Jesus shout software persecution but in the midst of this fiery trial Bible says that we can rejoice we can be happy with exceeding Joel God has given us so many reasons because when we partake in the sufferings of Christ we're also going to partake in the glory of Christ as we're. And while we're in the fires of suffering the fires of trying God will give us 3 things 3 things I want to share with you this morning he will bring the beauty of a lasting liberation the beauty of transparent transformation and the beauty of comforting consolation these are the 3 things I like to share with you today 3 things God has been teaching me in 1st Peter chapter 1 verse 6 and 7 we are told wherein you greatly rejoice though now for a season of need if need be you are in heaven it is the manifold temptations that the trial of your faith being much more precious than of gold that perishes though it be tried with fire might be found to praise and honor and glory at the appearance of Jesus Christ here the Bible tells us that even though every day we wake up in a sinful world and we're bombarded with a total onslaught of temptation that we can rejoice. God is trying us in the fire now God doesn't tempt it is the enemy that temps us. And the sinful heart that misleads us but every day we wake up in this world in this battle for you our commitment to God is tested in the fire of trial and in the crucible of temptation and God never promised that it's going to be easy he did say that he would lead us we sign green pastures and still waters but he also told us they would walk through the valley of the shadow of death he didn't promise it was going to be easy but he did promise that it would be possible and that it would be worth it and friends it's far better to walk with God in the dark than to go alone in the day it is far better to be with God in the night rather than be alone in the light. Because the Bible tells it like INS the testing of our faith to that of precious gone that's tried and purified in the fire now for that and if you don't know anything about gode but go it in its natural state is not you it is mixed with rock and dirt and other metals and in order for the gold to be free to be liberated from the impurities and all the other worthless elements it must go through an elaborate refining process of purification it must be blasted then crushed then Paul overrides then grinded to pope and then dissolved into 1 after that water is heated it goes through this it's heated and then it solidified after that and then it's melted at $3000.00 around $3000.00 degrees Fahrenheit that's hot after that it's cooled in cold water then it's repeated again and the fiery process is repeated several times over and every time more and more impurities are removed and the gold shines brighter and brighter and the purer the gold the brighter it shine after that the gold is cast. It's cut and then it is sealed and my friends it's an expensive process it's a dangerous process it is a time consuming process required requiring great commitment but the refiner is committed to the process why because the goal of it is so precious and in the same way God does not waste his time but the heavenly refiner does not waste his time on base elements that have no word God reserves his greatest resource. For that which is of inestimable work and that's you and that's me no matter how mixed up we are with the base elements of sin we are still precious in His sight Amen I love this beautiful promise in the book ministry of healing page 471 please write it down it is often God permits the fires of affliction to assail his children that they may be purified the fact that we are called upon to endure trials shows that the Lord Jesus see in us something were precious which he desires to develop if he saw in us nothing whereby we he might glorify His name we would not he would not spend time in refining us not cast worthless stones into his furnace it is valuable or that he refine my friends don't forget that no matter how mixed up you are with the base elements of sin that we are still precious in His sight and it is in the fire that the Lord is seeking to liberate us to give us a lasting liberation from the base elements of sin in that fire and now friends in the 3rd chapter of the Book of Daniel we find a very powerful story that illustrates this reality we find the story of the fiery furnace. In France this profit Explorer has the pipe typological significance for those of us who are living in the last days Kingdom about alone has set up a golden image and the whole world was called in to the plains of Dura to bow down to this to this image the whole world was gathered in an ecumenical unity and at the sound of the music they were to bow down and worship this man made image and those refused would be thrown into the fiery furnace there was the death decree that was attached to this law false worship and that which has been that which shall be history's being repeated before very eyes because we've been told in Revelation that there is another and time Babylon that would do the same thing that would set up a false image of worship it is the exulting of the pagans golden day of the sun the sun they worship and right now the whole world it seems to be coming together in an ecumenical unity to bow down to that false image in fact instruments of worship are being used to unite the churches of the world they're putting aside all their doctrinal differences they're coming together in a counterfeit spirit everything and is beginning to put aside the truth to bow down to the beast and those who are seeking to remain faithful to God are being thrown into the fire but friends God had a people who would involve them Ima get a faithful people who are faithful even in the face of fire 3 young men who had spiritual backbone they said to the king we're not careful how we answer you they were not concerned with political correctness they said our God would deliver us and that was beautiful but what they said next was even more powerful they said but even if he doesn't deliver. We will not bow down they counted the costs but they did not consider the consequences. They will be faithful even on today Amen and because of their courageous stand what happened they were thrown into the fire the most mighty men about blown threw them into the fire those and the fire was whole so hot the men that threw them in were slain by that fire friends the 3 Hebrews were not secretly raptured from it they were taken out of tribulation they went through tribulation but they were preserved and purified within the fires of jubilation friends of the church and the last These were not to be secretly raptured out of tribulation we're going to go through it but we're going to make it why because Jesus will be with us who was with them in the 5 it was the Son of Man Himself Jesus was with them in the fires of persecution and as he was with them so too will he be with us my friends the time is coming where every single 1 of us will be thrown into the fires of a testing trial perhaps you're in it right now this morning but remember that even though you might not feel God's presence or see him working around you that God is with us and if God is for who can be against us and by the way it is far better to be in the fires of persecution with Jesus than the fires of hell with the devil. And so let's never be afraid to stand up and to stand out and to speak up and to speak out for the cause of Christ let's never be afraid to do the right thing for God will always honor those who honor human for just like pure gold in the fire we are precious if his sight. And I believe those 3 he boys they knew this promise in Isaiah as if $43.00 verse $1.00 and $2.00 in verse 4 it says Let's read this together shall we here's the promise of the Lord let's read the Bible says fear not for I have read D.M.V. I have called you by your name you are my When you pass through the walls I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire you shall not be bird nor shall the flame scorch you why since you were precious in my sight you have been on the road and I have loved you today I want to say Lord give me the courage to stand for truth and help me to be focused and faithful to trust you in the fires that you desire today. 3 Hebrews knew that I can say with a great degree of confidence they had to have known this verse gave them so much confidence that even though they would be thrown into the Fire God would be with them my friends it's interesting that when your chapter 3 tells us that they were not harmed hurt or harm by the fire in fact when they came out of the fire there was not even the smell of smoke that was upon them but did you know that they there were 2 things that was destroyed by the fire only 2 things that burned in the fire number 1 the men that threw them and number 2 the ropes that bound him what a powerful is you see it in the fire of trial that Jesus is seeking to free us from the burdens of Babylon. From the ropes those ropes burned because those were Babylonian wrote. And it's in the Fire God is trying to free us from Babylonian rose my friends what kind of Babylonian ropes have bound you today is of the ropes of addiction alcohol drugs pornography lustful thoughts what about the ropes of business some people are bio NDA by the ropes of business they have no time for spiritual activities others are bound in the ropes of a worldly earthly relationship that is not pleasing to God Perhaps that's you today you don't know how to break lose your afraid to let go of that person in your life that's more important to you then got down by the ropes of Babylon some people are bound by the robes of doubt they finding they find it difficult to trust God with their lives with the ropes of guilt and shame maybe this morning you're struggling with the mistakes of your past and you're overwhelmed with guilt maybe the ropes of low self esteem you're believing the devil when he says to you that your life doesn't really matter maybe you're bound by the row of loneliness. Loneliness. You can be in a crowd of people but you feel all alone you long for companionship and you feel like God is not enough maybe this morning you're bound by a rope of resentment you have that the thing that you're holding against the person that hurt you that abused you that mistreated you and you refused to forgive their own by reason the others are bound by the ropes of trying to guard their reputation sometimes we care so much about what others think of us they're always trying to guard our reputation others are bomb a rope rope of debt. Driven into debt and as a result discouraged and overwhelm others are bound by a rope of pride you refuse to humble yourself and acknowledge acknowledge you're wrong and then there are others who are bound by ropes of spiritual indifference Maybe this morning you've lost your 1st love experience my friends if that is you then you must be placed into the fire of trial so that God can burn off the burdens of Babylon and purify the fire of his presence you see my friends it's in the fire that God brings lasting liberation from the burdens of Babylon it is the means by which God pleadings us by consuming our C.N.N. Friends if you find yourself in the fire today may be the flames of a fine and a financial troubles or the scorching of physical sickness or maybe you're in the burning of a broken marriage and perhaps you've been in that condition for so long that it seems like everything in your life has been reduced to dust and ash over and I'm here to encourage you keep trusting God the God that promise is to give us beauty for ashes. The Bible says and 1st damage up to 2 in verse 8 he raises up the poor out of the dust and lifts up the beggar from the dunghill to set them among princes and to make them inherit what the throne of glory and for is that with the experience of the 3 you've always got it taken them out of the fire. From the ashes of the burnt ropes of Babylon and when they came out of the fire they were exalted in Babylon as as as leader is promoted to a position of influence in the kingdom of Babylon and so too in the same way when we trust God in the midst of the fire the furnace and allow him to burn off the ropes of Babylon and purifiers his goad then he will lift us up from the dust of this world that we might inherit the throne of glory to sit with Jesus on his throne as overcomers even as he overcame and sat down with his father on his throne and then we will be privileged to walk on streets of God but if I found it interesting that the goal of the streets of gold in heaven are so pure the Bible says they are like transparent glass so you can see right through them gold so pure that it's like transparent glass and my friends listen listen listen this is an object lesson as the streets of transparent go would show the way in heaven a show to our lives are to show the way here on Earth you see our lives are to be like the streets of transparent go so that when people look at us they don't see us they see right through us to he that lives in us who is the Way the Truth and the life. We're going to walk on those streets of gold and have Let's allow the Lord to make us streets of gold here on Earth transparent people will see you they see Jesus living in you showing them the way the streets of gold in heaven I call this transparent transformation you see friends in the far God not only brings lasting liberation he also brings transparent transparent transformation what you consider with me. That when the when the Israelites were delivered from the bitter bondage of Egypt when they were liberated they went into the wilderness to meet their God and the God of Israel called Moses to come upon the mountain I want you notice the experience of Moses Exodus 24 over 171718 please write it down it says on the side of the glory of the Lord was like 1 devouring 5 on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel and Moses went into the midst of the cloud it's so the glory of God was like devouring fire and when Moses 1 upon the mount it was their friends that Moses saw God face to face in Deuteronomy Chapter 5 years for it says the Lord talked with you face to face in the Mount of the midst of the work of the fire and offerings Moses didn't see God literal face for no 1 can see got the literal face and then what Moses saw upon the mount of fire was the glory of God that was like 5 you see the glorious character of God and the face of God are actually synonymous in the Bible the face of God in the glory of God of the same sacred things for verse 6 it says the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ what Moses saw on the Mount of fire was the glorious character of God and as Moses behave on he became changed into the same image so that when he descended a from the mount of fire now his face was shining with the glory of God You see Miles is became a living reflection of the glory of God and His face was shining so brightly that people had to put a video to cover his face and friends in the same way in a similar way when we go through the fire. Of hardships and try it is then like Moses were brought into a closer fellowship with God It is then that we understand more clearly and deeply the glory of God and we realize that God's glory is actually revealed in crisis for the Apostle Paul said God forbid that I should glory save in the cross or Lord Jesus Christ the glory of God the character of God is most clearly seen in the sufferings of Christ's and the more clearly we see his sufferings though and his great love for us what happens is this friends our vision becomes clearer and as our vision becomes clearer our love for God becomes greater and I will as our love becomes greater our lives become brighter as our lives become brighter our the atmosphere all around us becomes warmer so that when people come into the atmosphere of our presence they see and they feel the glory of God's character shining upon our faces I call it transparent transformation when people look at us they don't see us they see right through us just like Moses upon the mountain of 5 and just like the transparent streets of gold in heaven people will see Jesus the way the truth and the light Amen a few years ago my wife and I got the chance to visit the Italian city of Venice and we've been to Venice before in Venice there is an island there it has the famous woman I know glass factory we visited there and we learned something about how these beautiful these beautiful vessels vessels of glass is made and what it's made from now friends you know the glass in its original form is in transparent at all what is glass made of anyone or glass is made of is made from sand and by the way what is sand it's sand is simply broken rocks pulverized rocks. Glass in its original form is not transparent at all but when you take the broken pieces look of this pulverized rocks when you take this ordinary sand and heat it to its melting point at 3100 degrees Fahrenheit the extreme heat in the extreme heat the sand undergoes a complete irreversible transformation it turns into liquid glass. That becomes moldable and pliable and when the glass when the liquid last cools it remains in its translucent transparent state and friends that's what God wants to do for you and me the divine glass master desires to put us in the fight he wants to take the ordinary broken sand of our experience and he places us in the fire and under the extreme pressure pressure of trials we to experience complete transformation it is then that the fire it is in the fire that our characters become moldable imply about in and then after that he twists any tears he bends and he breaks he pulls and he stretches us and he fashions us to a beautiful and transparent vessel to display the glory of God in this world in. Speaking of Moses 6 Moses experience upon the mount Paul makes the practical application. Verse 18 but we on with open face beholding as in a glass. The glory of the Lord I change into the same image from what glory to glory even as by the spirit of the law because of sin. It's from ashes that she's in from the Stardust but because of Jesus it can be from faith to faith and from glory to glory you see my brothers and I see this is like Moses in the fire it's in it's in that fire we see God's face his character his glory and just like glass is in the fire that we're changing into that same image so God places this in the fire to clean us by consuming our sea and that's a lasting liberation but he also places in the fire to make us clear by consuming self and that is transparent transformation like the song we sing to be our prayer today live by life within me oh jesus King of King the valve I see of the answer to all my questions live out my life within me and all things have my way I die Schrans spirit medium by Glory to display as beautiful glass is made from broken rocks so too God can make a thing of beauty out of you and me he is the God that brings beauty for ash from the ashes of hardship comes the beauty of character how many of you want this transparent transforming experience more deeply in your name and you see in the fiery furnace God not only brings lasting liberation he not only brings transparent transformation he also brings comforting cancellation notice of the Bible says happens in the far sacred Finn's Chapter 1 Verse $3.00 to $5.00 plays right into it says Blessed be God. Even the father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercy and the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our tribulation. That what is the purpose 1 of the purposes that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble but the comfort where with we are selves are comforted of God For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us so our consolation also abounds by cry my friends the point of the passage is very simple when we go through the fires of affliction we're able to comfort of those who are in that same situation God doesn't cost pain nor does God waste the pain that we experience you see many times God uses our brokenness to be a blessing to others someone said it like this sometimes God redeemed your story your broken perhaps your wasted life sometimes God redeemed your story by surrounding you with people who need to hear your paths so that it doesn't become their future comforting consolation see my friends from the mess of brokenness God can bring a message of blessing. From earthly trials God can bring heavenly trying from excruciating pain that God can bring eternal peace and from a brutal test God can bring a beautiful testimony and that's what he wants to do for you Fred what are you going through today what fiery trial do you face this morning my friends when you study the Bible if there is a book in the Bible that has brought more comfort to more people perhaps than any other book I would say it's the Book of Job You see job was blessed by the low. Richly blessed by God but everything was taken away from Joe He lost his family his children his home his possessions later on he lost his health. He lost the support of his wife and the support of his friends and their joy all sat close in sackcloth and ashes Job's life was reduced to ashes at sea and worst of all when you think about the story of Joel worst of all during this great time of trouble or head then it was completely silent. For 37 chapters job did not hear a word from heaven here is his fate being tried in the fire notice with Job's testimony was Chapter 23 verse 2 to 5 job said even to this day my complaint is my complaint bitter my stroke is heavier than my groaning all that I knew where I might find him that I might come even to his seat I would order my calls before him and feel my mouth with arguments I would know all the words which he would answer me and understand what he would say to me and then verse 8 and 9 behold I go forward but he is not there and that word but I cannot perceive him on the left hand where he does work and I cannot behold him he hides himself on the right hand I cannot see him it seemed like God for saken him and Joel didn't understand why 3 times in the passage he says I can't perceive Him I can't behold Him I can't see Him God where are you when I need you the most why have you forsaken me over and have never asked that question are you God why have you love my love and to be diagnosed with cancer why do you allow me to lose my child. Why did I go through that devastating divorce why why God where are you and Joe He was wondering he had these questions any Couldn't find the answer he didn't understand a lot of things but there was 1 thing that job did understand that enabled him to get through the fire here's what Job knew in verse 10 he said but he knows the way that I take and we when he has tried me I shall come forward as go though Joel did not know why he was going through what he was going through he began to realize that in the burning Crucible he was being refined as gold in the fire and Job knew that God knew he says I don't know but but but he notes you may not know the reasons for specific different situations but got no. Job knew that God knew his pain he understood his sorrow and this reality brought to job comfort that that it enabled him to keep trusting keep praying keep moving forward job had nothing to cling to except for the promise of God and by clinging to that word job overcame it is the same for you today my friends listen if Jesus is all you have then you have all you need because before it's been before it's over if we are faithful to God we will be stripped of every earthly comfort and if Jesus is all you have you have all you need. And when you can trust God in adversity God can trust you in prosperity because notice what happened when Job came out of the fire in verse chapter 42 verse 10 it says in the Lord terms the captivity of job when he prayed for his friends. Also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before you see when job took his mind off of his situation and started praying for his friends that when his captivity turn. He was blessed with more then that he was he God gave him double of what he had before but he was also blessed with the opportunity of being a blessing to others. That was the blessing of Joe He was blessed to be a blessing to others in praying for his friends and friends job is not only a blessing to his friends back then he's also a blessing to us here today I mean think about it the story of Job has brought hope and courage and comfort to millions of people down through the ages this was the 1st book of the Bible written and I suppose I suppose if the devil only knew how much how much how how many millions of people would be inspired by the story of Job craft the devil would have left job alone because from the ashes of Job's misery came the beauty of comforting consolation I want my life to do the same habit you. I want my life to be that blessing you see. After the house fire were almost finished after the house fire I began to realize the from the ashes of this terrible experience that I had so many reasons to be thankful so many reasons to praise God so many precious lessons God was teaching in the fire I may have to make some time to write them down like I wrote a whole bunch of things there are so many things I found to be thankful for when you take your mind off your situation and begin to count your blessings you realize that your blessings will always outweigh your difficulties and let me tell you gave me more fight. The devil damaged my home and gave me fire to do some damage to his kingdom I I said I'm not alone with this experience and so I I I I flew my friend from Michigan over he's a videographer and we recorded 3 or not 4 devotional clips in the midst of the charred ruins of my home sharing these lessons the 1st 1 was just released last week it's called shrink the law is there it's already been viewed over 20000 times shared over 700 times hundreds of comments from the Flyers came this wonderful opportunity to praise God and to show people that they can to have the kids they too can find strength alone now only that but right after the fire just minutes there are 3 television stations there on the scene interviewing me several times and on live T.V. T.V. I was able to preach that the message of Christ and thousands of people all across the what you will was able to hear the message was beautiful you can see those video clips I'm going to post them in the next few weeks it was an awesome experience to shine for the glory of God So many people have commented when they saw the the video of the news and they saw the devotional clip we put together so many commented how that video clip helped them find the find the love to forgive those who hurt them you see friends if God does not give you a miracle he will make you a miracle to somebody else if it doesn't give you 1 he'll make you 1 and so for this reason among many others I stand before you here today thankful for the fire praising God in the midst of the fire through your god is refining me like a precious goad tried in the furnace he's making me in a transparent glass medium to display his core glory because he's the God that brings beauty from the ashes How would you want to experience this in your life what made this experience a reality. For us here's my closing thought that which enables us to praise God and be thankful and to smile in the midst of the fire is only because we understand that Jesus went into the fire for us in the typical service the land was completely utterly consume by fire and from the ashes of sacrifice comes the beauty of salvation Jesus went into the fire and was consumed for us and just as the sacrifice was fully consumed by fire so to friends listen listen listen so too would Jesus fully for only utterly absolutely completely and perfectly save us from sea and from the penalty of sin in lasting liberation we call it justification number 2 if you also save us from the power of sin that's transparent transformation we also call it thank you vacation and number 3 from the presence of sin in comforting consolation that's what we call glorification for at the end of the great controversy between getting leave this whole world will be consumed by fire and from the ashes of the old world will come the beauty of a new heaven and a new or where in righteousness we're doing now and in that time Blessed are the meek for the meek shall inherit the earth and Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God not just like how Moses saw him but we will see God literally face to face and for evermore we would do well in the presence of the 1 who brings beauty from the action. Glory glory glory we shall be with the god of fire and so today how many of you want to say Lord help me to trust you in the fire and Lord make me make my life a transparent glass so to display your glory to the Lord is that is that your desire if so would you stand with me as we close with a word of prayer thanking God that He gives beauty fresh a garment of praise for the spirit of happiness let us pray thank you so much the Lord for speaking to our minds and our hearts today thank you Lord that it's in the fire that you're wanting to give us lasting liberation transparent transformation and comforting consolation Lord forgive us for the times we have doubt forgive us for the times that we have complained in Mom murmured and grumble but I pray that you would help us that when we go through our personal job experience it would cling to the promise of your word that during the times we can't see you or feel you and during the times when we don't have the answer to the question why that we will still know in our heart of hearts that you know that you would never permit us to be tried above that we that which we are able to handle by your greenies but we pray that you please purify us free us from the burdens of Babylon Lord Mabel's ropes burn off and make us a transparent vessel of glass pure gold like transparent glass that we can people by the good by your grace can show people the way to your kingdom. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer Lord I want to pray for my friends here anyone who's going through something difficult devastating divorce loss of a loved 1 a financial harsh maybe physical sickness whatever it is Lord we pray you pray please bring beauty from the ashes of our experience we thank you that you would do it because you. Trust you. And we thank you we ask this in Jesus' blessing. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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