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The Faith of Jesus: Why He Left

Dee Casper


Why did Jesus leave heaven to save us? And what does the answer teach us about the character and love of God? The story of the cross illuminates the answers to these questions.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • March 24, 2018
    9:15 AM


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It's a privilege to be here Joy see Northwest and to see lots of smiling faces and hear beautiful music to hear powerful gospel messages I have been immensely blessed us we can't you imagine what I'd like to do is begin with a word of prayer and then will begin this morning's message the faith of Jesus why he had left him a new invite you to by your heads Sweet Jesus I feel an extra. Awareness to some warning of my need and I'm asking that you would move me aside that you would keep me from getting in your way I ask that you would keep your promise to be with me I pray that you would review the devil in all of his minions in any form of darkness that would abide in this place and in my own heart and mind and pray that you would speak with power with conviction and clarity or mind of the words of the song if you would choose to use me my savior in spite of my fears in all of my failures I'm not much to look at but whatever I am I'm yours Jesus use me I'm you which is my plea and I ask this in Jesus' name amen. I work with A R T V era T.V. now is our website if you'd like to learn more about what we're doing and I'd love to speak with you if you're a creative photographer videographer editor script writer I love to speak with you over the course this weekend if that could be afforded us and we have more cards at the registration table here's why I have this bird and we're told that the faith of Jesus it is talked over but not understood what constitutes the faith of Jesus that belongs to the 3rd angel's message what is that Jesus becoming our Sin bearer that he might become our sin pardoning savior. He came to our world and took our sins that we might take his righteousness target which is that last night and faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply and fully and entirely is the faith of Jesus and 1 of the best ways for us to understand this is what is also referred to in the spirit prophecy as the simple story of the cross the simple story of the cross of Christ His suffering and dying for the world His resurrection and ascension his mediation in the sinners behalf before the father subdues and braves the horrid and sinful heart he brings the center of the sinner to repentance the Holy Spirit sets the matter before him in a new light and this sinner realizes that sin must be a tremendous evil to cost such a sacrifice to atone for it how grievous most sin be that no less a remedy than the death of the Son of God could save man from the consequence of his guilt why was this done in behalf of man it was because God loved him and was not willing that in the should perish but that all should come to repentance believe in Jesus as a personal savior and have life eternal. So this is why we're told a Luke Chapter 19 of verse 10 that the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost and what is implied in that is that God places a high value on the people that he's seeking and it also implies that he's taking the initiative to bring about the solution even though we are in a horrible condition and this is laid out in the book of Hosea which is the theme book. Largely illiterate chapter but this is laid out throughout who 0 and 002 in verse 13 God says that his people were going after other lovers and they forgot to help but then he responds in this amazing and unexpected way you would assume that he would cast them off and move on but he doesn't. So therefore Behold I will lure her I will bring her into the darkness and speak comfort to her and it shall be in that day says the Lord that you will call me My husband and no longer call me my master when God sweeps us off our feet even when we have spit in his face it changes our view of God that we're no longer feeling like grovelling slaves potentially with their unhealthy views of God but he's my husband he's the love of my life then he says that I will trust you to me forever yes I will be true to me in the righteousness and justice and loving kindness and mercy I will be true to me and faithfulness in you shall know the Lord and then I will so her from myself in the earth and I will have mercy on her who had not attained mercy and then I will say to those who were not my people you are my people and the usual say you are my God now. What has to take place for this to become a reality how does this amazing transaction take place where the next chapter in chapter 3 begins with a price needing to be paid to buy back the unfaithful woman that's the gospel so what I'd like to do is share with you something that is. Just where the white refers to the simple story of the cross the beauty of the Gospel Jesus as a Matthew chapter $24.00 verse 14 that and this gospel will be preached and all the world is a witness to all the nations and then the end will come he says to be rather specific here if he wants a specific gospel shared with people Revelation 14 alludes to this as well that the everlasting gospel will go to every nation tribe tongue in people all what is this everlasting Gospel were given a hint in manuscript 321896 that the message proclaimed by the angel flying in the midst of heaven is the everlasting Gospel this same gospel that was declared in even when God said to the serpent I will put in that sea between the and the woman and between Vice seed and her see something about what was preached in the garden is indeed still the everlasting gospel it's not something that just is new and in comes up later this same theme has been all throughout salvation history as soon as man was was just man had a Seaview there was a solution in mind immediately So what are we told in even 1st of all that the promised see the his heel will be bruised What else are we told that to next of skin something has to die to cover the shame and the nakedness something has to suffer to cover the shame and nakedness of these precious people who have now been lost what is the sanctuary teaches that a lamb is slain something must suffer for the sins of the people what did the prophet say that a messiah will suffer what did Jesus say I will suffer and the disciples hated this message they didn't want to suffering messiah they wanted someone to dispossess the Romans and regain the land they did not understand the true power of what God sent Jesus to do Jesus on the road to a man is discussing with the disciples is beside himself and he says Didn't she know that the Messiah had to suffer. What do you think the Apostles preach in the book of Acts that unless suffered and then we see in the book of revelation about a lamb slain from the foundation of the world in short Jesus will suffer this is the gospel that has to go to this world but how often do we hear messages that highlight the sufferings of Christ and not talking about a mill gives them blood bath I'm talking about the true nature of the sufferings of Christ that were not only physical they had other components to them that were deeply deeply crippling to the Son of God and will cover those. And we wonder why did is that our younger and older generations are wrestling with unhealthy pictures of God and a lack of an assurance of salvation 3 B.N. is pastoral Department is getting an alarming amount of phone calls from 7th Day Adventist adults and pastors who have 0 assurance of salvation I've been to 22 of our academies and a handful of our colleges and I see the same issues we seem to be missing some of the core fundamentals of Christianity of understanding how God views us how to have healthy views of God to know that the Gospel actually includes me not just everybody else sometimes you wrestle with the promises of God applied to everybody else but me because I'm a mess because I've gone too far because I've been a harlot like we see in the book of Hosea So we do have a need here so how do we deal with this need we Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and that sin in that sin is included nice it my responsibility. Jesus risk the eternal Fellowship of the Godhead in his only eternal existence to see you saved this is not some chore some errand they can be done easily there was a high cost and a very high risk why would someone take a higher higher risk for people who seem to not appreciate and value what is about to be done why would he do that the faith of Jesus he not only sees you as you or he sees you for what you could be and he is hoping that by treating you as what you could be it would awaken within you a desire to be that very person to be that very thing we're told a 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 21 big God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ tars talked about this so Notice that Jesus did not write a check for the price of sin Jesus literally became soon and received the wrath of God toward sin to set you free and if you understand the definitions of shame and guilt this takes on a greater meaning because guilt says that I've done something wrong and it points you to your need of the Seaview but shame says that I am something wrong it causes you to identify with your sin and in turn get you so full with unworthiness to if you will that you can't come to Christ God uses 1 and see him uses the other but according the 2nd previous 5 verse 21 you know longer have to identify yourself with your sin because Jesus became that sin in your stead and he's offering you his righteousness in exchange I want you to imagine with me this morning that you were standing before all holy God and the holy law with no mediator. And when you're bearing 1 of your sins only 1 now I'm glad of the impression you're probably somewhat like mean you've committed more than once in your lifetime why correct in this yes but I just want you to Madge with me that you're standing before a holy God in a holy war with just 1 of your sins and no mediator what thoughts write 1 of the emotions come to mind when you think of yourself in that position I need verbal feedback what comes to your mind when you're in that situation fear what else hopelessness anyone else shame to groom anyone else condemnation worthless it's a horrifying picture isn't it you would be struck dead in a moment from terror and horror if you had no mediator in this situation but I want you to imagine with me the shame the condemnation and the only name the wrath of Almighty God for every sin from the sin of Adam and Eve the fall of the garden all the way until the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and includes every sin you've ever committed never will commit and all of humanity's sins that they've ever committed never will commit all of this composite shame condemnation guilt and unmingled wrath of Almighty God just a mass in the piles of where they don't want you to imagine that all of this is now heaped upon the shoulders of 1 man at 1 point in time. And I remember you told me how you would feel for just 1 of your sins but imagine this corporate composite guilt all heaped upon 1 person at 1 point in time this beloved is why Jesus tells the disciples in Matthew $26.00 that his soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death he's bearing the composite guilt and shame and condemnation of all sin the moment that he sets foot in that garden. And it's horrifying to Jesus. In fact the moment that he crosses the threshold of the garden gets so many he called lapses to the ground in agony the disciples literally have to pick Jesus up he takes a few steps and collapses a 2nd time to the ground and as he gets back up and stumbles into the garden the psychological agony is so intense as he's praying to his father that he is now physiologically bleeding through his course Jesus' body is freaking out right now because of the stress and the weight that he's contending with emotionally psychologically and spiritually and they decide most have never seen a Jesus like this before Jesus is always calm cool and collected all the time to make a demoniacs or running out at the gathering he stands like a rock rebukes the demons in the text later says that they're seated include in their right mind another situation and demoniac stands up in the middle of a church and says What are we to do with you Jesus Jesus rebuked the demon in the man sits down and calms down we see Jesus in Matthew Chapter 8 when the waves are crashing over the boat Jesus is asleep in the book Nothing rattles this guy nothing does anything to shake this man but yet at this point in time the disciples are seeing a Jesus that they have no idea what to do with because all of their confidence is based upon a man who is always confident who always has the right answer who always has ways to provide for the needy and yet Jesus is wrestling tenaciously right now and they don't know what to do you and I are the same circumstances had this hardware built within us we're overwhelmed that we just check out right emotionally psychologically we just turn into vegetables right you get the 1000 yard stare in a body who's ever worked in trauma like in in the E.R. in other situations you know that look or people just kind of gazing at this glossed over look. We have that ability to check out emotionally psychologically but the problem is Jesus isn't afforded that option there's no escape hatch Jesus CAN'T 1 just to go to television Jesus can't wonder Facebook Jesus can't run to something else to escape what he's contending with he has to wrestle and suffer in Jesus suffers a long and we're told and desire to do something that is heartbreaking that in this moment Jesus is longing for human sympathy and affection you know that about Jesus whanging for human sympathy and affection when suffering for your sins and you know when he gets nothing. Absolutely nothing Jesus suffers along because the disciples are sleepy they can't handle it and they leave this poor man to suffer on his own and then this voice of softer street enters into the head in the heart of Jesus tempting him to leave every 1 of you behind these people don't appreciate you Jesus you're wasting your time man just walk why exert all this effort in agony for people who look to the very people you thought would be with you James John and Peter them of all people will be with me when I need them what are they doing right now Jesus and what are they doing for sleeping. And Jesus was tempted in this moment by this softer stream of foolishness from sea to leave all of us and yet Jesus continues and then he offers 3 prayers to the father literally asking God the Father to change his mind is there any other way he is wrestling with this challenge he doesn't know what to do and is there any other way and this cup that we refer to here is the same cup mention of Revelation Chapter 14 the cup of gods on me in gold rather. And he's drinking this thing to the dregs so that no 1 else will have to and yet people will still spurn it full still reject it and choose the wrong way and he drinks it anyway he continues anyway the other mingled wrath of God is now being poured out upon God. But as he's praying for release your face comes into his mind and this is what leads him to say there are the words what leads Jesus to say never the worst is the thought of you and not just a corporate you and individual you you individually possess value in the eyes of God This is why Jesus suffers because he believes in you because he believes that you're worth it. And so he says nevertheless if this is what it takes all go all continue and then we're told this beautiful line of desire to Jews that his decision is made and he will save man at any cost to himself but she continues. God suffered with his son and there was silence in heaven could mortals have viewed the amazement of the in Jilla coast as in silent grief they watched the father separating his beams of world of white and glory from his beloved son they would better understand how offensive in his sight is. If we thought of that we wouldn't do what we do we wouldn't continue in persist in our selfishness in our pride in our bitterness and unforgiveness if we saw that our bitterness and unforgiveness caused this we wouldn't continue and it brings amazement to the angels. And then God literally there's this heartbreaking picture of desired ages and it's also alluded to in the Gospel of Luke we're as Jesus suffers literally since the angel from the right hand of the father down to the garden of Kissimmee and the picture of this tall is literally that He cradles the head of Jesus in His bosom and speaks tender words of encouragement to him reminding him of the promises of God reminding him Do you remember the baptism we said that this is my beloved son still true. Do you remember the man of Transfiguration that this is why Son listen to him it's still true it's dark but he's here. And this literally is what gives Jesus strength to go on because we're told that he would have died in the garden had this not taken place. He never would have even made it to the cross had this not taken place. And then as he brings the disciples down to the gate Judas comes and greets him and Jesus is betrayed by a kiss and you would think in this moment there would be frustration there would be something but with Jesus you know what he does he musters the unselfish love to refer to this man his friend. Friend. So most of us have people in our life right now that we don't have the ability to refer to as friends because what they did was too hard it was too long and I just can't. You can with his help a man if you can call Jew This friend you can call him friend by his strength we are not going to experience revival Reformation the 7th day on this church until we repent and reconcile our differences. We have to what do you think the disciples were doing for 10 days they were searching their own hearts they were making things right don't kid yourselves that if you just fill out a checklist and do this this and this but if you don't repent and reconcile your differences with 1 another we're not going to see the outer rain we're not going to see that power from heaven we have to and it's seeing the cross of Christ then leads us to repentance and the recognize that I know better than them were not for the grace of God I'd be in a worse situation than them and if I had their wife story in the circumstances that led to where they are right now I'd probably do the same thing the cross is meant to level the ground. And then Peter has a brilliant idea he cuts Melkus his ear off thinking that he's doing Jesus a favor and Jesus tells them put your sword in its place Peter they are taking my life I mean I'm giving myself for them. I'm waiting and talent of my own accord put your sword in this police man. And that is brought before this unjust trial where the word justice is even invited to the conversation it's a mockery of justice and then we're told Nazir Chapter $52.00 that Jesus is literally be beyond the point of recognition you can't even recognize who this man is anymore when they're done with him and I'll leave it at that. And then he's brought before the Jews what do you think they had to say about the man who came to see them we will not have this man is lord over us we have no king but Caesar and give us the rabbits the very people he came to save their very Messiah they've been longing for in this is how they respond but before we're too hard in the Jews we have to realize that each time we choose our choices over Jesus we're saying the exact same thing I will not have this man is Lord over me give me barabus. We do the same thing. We're no better than them all of us were not for the grace of God deserved to die because of our sins and then he's brought to the cross they nailed him to this demonic means of torture the heave the cross in the air and they slam it into the ground which is prepared in every nerve and muscle and sin of his body using downward and fire and runs through his nervous system and then we're told this strange line that his physical pain was hardly felt in comparison with the psychological emotional and spiritual agony he's contending with hardly felt and then is given these taunting jeers of unbelief in the people around him if you're the son of god save yourself if you are the Son of God Save yourself and us in come down from that cross but irony of ironies is because Jesus is the Son of God that he's not going to come down from the cross he's already significant in these haven't figured it out yet and this voice of softness 3 returns Jesus you're wasting your time are you hearing them listen to them these people you see something in them they don't see anything in you why would you choose to see something in them softer street nonsense in the voice in the head of Jesus and he won't respond and then the only consistent thing and reliable thing that Jesus had in his life for $33.00 and a half years is the presence in the of frugal of his father and now that's gone Jesus feels overwhelmingly alone at this stage upon the cross and then words come out of the mouth of Jesus that you would never expect to hear from someone who's been in eternal fellowship with the father. My God my God why have you for saken me she said. You ever wonder why it is that it looks like midnight at noon day it were given some insight. In that think darkness God's presence was hidden he makes darkness his pavilion and conceals his glory from human eyes God and His holy angels were beside the cross are you hearing me this morning the reason to view the irony is when Jesus feels that he's the farthest from the father that he's been for 33 to half years he's literally the closest to the father he's been for 33 and a half years but Satan has cast an impenetrable cloud of darkness between him and the father and he doesn't know he doesn't know but we're told that the father was with his son to get his presence was not revealed and had his glory flash forth in the crowd of through the cloud every human being holder would have been destroyed it was actually an act of mercy from God the Father so that even these people who we would think deserve to die are given a chance to respond to what they're seeing right now this is the love of God the Father on display in the mercy of God on the splayed while administering the justice they deserve to his own son. And in that dreadful hour Christ was not to be comforted with the Father's presence he tried the wine press alone and other people there was none with him and you know why. Because there's times that we treat the 1 person alone and there's no 1 with us so that he can be that comforter that understands and she says went through this for you. Even if it was only you and there is 1 thing going through Jesus his mind right now and it keeps him from coming off that cross you know it is. It's you it's you it's the thought of losing you Jesus cannot bear that he would rather see existing for eternity for you to have a chance then to live in an eternal existence and you not have a chance that's the faith of Jesus he sees things in you that you don't see in you he sees things in the people's life around you that you don't like that bother you do you think it in your times of frustration in and anger he sees those things in them too he sees it in all of us and he continues nonetheless and then we're told that Jesus when he's on the cross literally cannot see through the portals of the 2 Jesus is absolutely sure of the fact that he will never see the light of day again he will never see the father again and that even if this plan of salvation does work and you're saved he's not going to be there to see it. This is what's going through the experience of mind of Jesus while he's on the cross enduring that deafening silence of God. This is why it says in John Chapter 13 of verse 1 that having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the end the other end of him self to their end of his embarrassment. And then Jesus after the resurrection of sins into heaven to see if the offering that was given was sufficient and the angels erupted in praise and Jesus looks at them and says no. No And the president of the presence of the Father and He asks Was it enough. Was enough can they be with me where I am and when the father gives them the affirmation Yes and I assure you is a wild 1 Then Jesus accept their praise then he accepts the rhetorician but he would not until he was sure that this was the case. Jesus refused to receive the homage of his people until he knew that his sacrifice had been accepted by the father and until he received assurances from God himself that this atonement for the sins of the people had been full and ample that through His blood they might gain eternal life Jesus immediately ascended to heaven and presented himself before the throne of God showing the marks of shame and cruelty upon his brow always hands and feet but he refused to receive the cornet of glory and the world ruled and he also refused generation of the angels as he had refused the homage of Mary and to the father signify that is offering was accepted do you think you matter to Jesus. And are grieving in a frustration in the hardship we have the audacity to tell him that he doesn't care about us these are lives did this and his response was Are you kidding me can a nursing mother forgive her child surely they made for idiots but I have not forgotten you I've been scribed jury name on the palms of my hands. That's Calvin ruling which when you're wrestling with Can God love me can God accept me is even here it is even care your name is inscribed upon the palms of his hands and this is why Revelation 12 says that the heavens should rejoice and woe to the earth then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation this is in response to the cross of int now salvation and strengthen the kingdom are guarding the power of his Christ have come for the accuser the brother in whose accuse them before our God day and night has been cast down and say hello to you this morning. And they overcame them by the blood of the lamb or by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death therefore rejoice in the heavens and you who dwell in them and woe to the inhabitants of the earth and see for the Devils come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has a short time but he's a defeated full human and this victory not only made your celebrations secure it actually made heaven the angels and all of the reading more secure we're told in signs of The Times December 3889 in an article referred to what was secured by the death of Christ were literally told of the cross guards the angels in the unfallen of worlds from apostasy not just us it was such a profound a vent that is guarding all of humanity and all from apostasy in the 2nd in the New Earth Heaven in the informal worlds they've made up their mind regarding their view of the love and character of God But now the case has been moved to you to each of us in our hearts individually and the question is what decision are you going to make whose case will you believe the accuser of the brethren who projects his character upon God or Jesus who says if you see me you've seen the Father you want to nobody is like take a look at me so if you're wondering Can God accept you this morning Calvary says yes. And a 1000000 yes. The Lord's appeared of all to me saying Yes I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore the loving kindness have I drawn knew the cross is just this magnet of grace when we encounter and it draws us to Him Jeremiah 313 were told John 1232 that I have finally lifted up from the earth will draw all peoples to myself the faith of Jesus awakens a response of faith in the people this is what is meant to do Jesus pours out his life to the dregs knowing that you can walk knowing that you could leave but it says Nazir 42 verse 4 that he will not fail nor be discouraged Jesus is a real little is pursuing lover and he will not stop loving you until you breathe your last breath but even then he's going to miss you for eternity that's the gospel even the love to missed even the last Are Missed this is the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ this is the way that Jesus places on you individually and this is the message that has to go to the world in our lifetime if we're going to go home if you want to go home we have to tell them this is the message that Jesus preached is the message will toast meant for told and it's the message of the New Testament church fell in love with and Jesus would have to go through all of this to redeem 1 and we have to understand the fact that all of us are responsible for this I individually am responsible for this my killed Jesus mind. My sins are responsible for what I just explained. And that should do something to the human heart wellness chapter 2 verse 4 says that the goodness of God leads to repentance you want to find repentance looking into the cross looking into the goodness of God in spite of our unfaithfulness our unworthiness and our lack of appreciation for what has been done for us. But this was not just Jesus coming and doing something awesome for humanity some of us have this view that Jesus came to convince the father to love us but we're told the Romans 5 a verse saying that it was because God loved us that he sent Jesus right it wasn't like that he bought this Limon car and realize that this thing is a beater and he was disappointed right I'll just be brutally honest with you this morning you're way uglier than you think you are. And so on why and God knows the depths of our depravity and our brokenness and in spite of that the faith of Jesus peers is through our brokenness and says I see something better would you respond today so have Jesus can forgive you and God the Father can forgive you why is it that we wrestle so strongly with accepting the fact that we're accepted. Why won't you believe the things about you that God believes Satan believes in too that's why you're tempted to discourage that's why you have no self-worth but were told lies in Chapter 53 in verse 11 that he shall see the travail of the soul and be satisfied why because by his knowledge my righteous servant shall justify many and he will bear their iniquities In short your justified he's satisfied this is the testimony given to someone who is wrestling to believe that the goodness of God could apply to them the Lord has given me a message for you and not for you only but also for other faithful souls who are troubled by Delton fears regarding their acceptance by the Lord Jesus Christ not going to ask for a reason hands but you there's a lot of us in here this morning. I've had these moments and his word to you is fear not for I have read Dean the I've called you by the name that our our live here in your mind you desire to please the Lord and you can do this how. By believing his promises by believing what the Word of God says about you you want to make God happy. We see the faith in Jesus today he's willing to take you in your harbor gracious experience and he Bijou BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD you've had a time of unrest when Jesus says to you Come unto me and I will give you rest and the joy of Christ in the soul is worth everything and then are they glad because they are privileged to rest in the arms of everlasting love that would rest doesn't have to scare you or make you uncomfortable the people who rest in Christ do far more for Christ than those who don't even rest is not in activity Christ will through all of this because he saw you in a pearl of great price he saw a value in you that you don't see in you and he's asking you to respond with a reciprocating faith this is what Paul is referring to in Romans chapter 1 he says they are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and now today we know why this is amazing for it's the power of God It's what draws us and keeps us to salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew 1st and also for the Greek for in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed from faith his pursuing faith in us to faith our superheating faith in him as it is written in the just shall live by faith and that Texan who back it in the Hebrew original reads the just show live by his faith. When we encounter the faith of Jesus it awakens our reciprocating faith in Jesus to want to do what pleasing to Him Don't want to go or he'll leave. And want to close with this testimony here and it's gorgeous right down this this this reference here and plastered on your wall and share with all your friends manuscript releases volume 1175.1 will close with this the message from God to me for you is Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out this is again a personal testimony given to a discouraged Christian from a tender sweet lady who's been there before him in the message from God to me for you is Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out John 637 if you have nothing else to plead before God But this 1 promise from your Lord and Savior you have the assurance that you will never never be turned away from him how many people here have nothing to offer Jesus right now you can claim this and then. It may seem that you're hanging upon a single promise but appropriate that 1 promise and it will open to you the whole treasure hells of the riches of the grace of Christ cling to that promise in your save him the come of them to me I wanna know why is cast out presenting this assurance to Jesus and you are as safe as the inside of the City of God If you have nothing to offer Jesus but this 1 promise you told me my life has been a mess it's been filled with failure I can't get anything right every promise I've made You've been like whoops of sand if you just had this 1 promise you told me Jesus that if I come to you you will not cast me out in that moment you are saved is the inside of the City of God which will. This precious promise is available to you today but this was not just intended for you. The grave sin of the Jewish nation was that they thought that the promises of God were only for them. And they deprived of the surrounding nations of this precious message we can not make that same mistake and the thing is when someone truly encounters the everlasting Gospel it does something you no longer live your life for me you recognize that selfishness is Satan's kingdom principle and not God's God's principle is self sacrificing love and you realize that the very value that I've come to understand that God places on me is the same value places for the person that I cannot stand the most and that I owed Christ to the world to the Jew to the rich to the poor to the Greek to any and all we are indebted to them Paul says we owe this to the world what are we waiting on if this truly is the everlasting Gospel is meant to get every nation tribe tongue in people this is not just a message for preachers and these are not literal injuries flying this is your individual gospel commission are you hearing me this morning and should this be a burden it should be a burden to want their souls to be 1 but it shouldn't be something that you just feel like I just don't know if I could tell them why this is why so many people are inactive in their experience they don't understand how amazing the Gospel is this is why Paul said I'm not ashamed of it because it's the power of God you have in your midst the power of God and the world needs it. And the annual The other thing is every human soul is preprogramed to receive the faith of Jesus what you were made for. And everyone knows it's like this language of the horror that you've been looking for your whole life you're looking for it in in drugs and alcohol and sex and human sympathy in climbing the corporate ladder right in destroying the self-esteem of the people around you to feel better about yourself whatever the situation may be that void that you're preprogramed to receive you're trying to fill with this nonsense this is where the answer is found even so I like to do is encourage all of us today as we can as we close in prayer to respond I don't know what your story is I don't know what you've gone through in life I don't know what hardship has come your way but Target is such a beautiful job of communicating that these things are not the end there are means to an end but they're not the end and there may be situations that you're dealing with today that are crippling that are difficult maybe you feel like you're into 70 right now and God is distant and you can't find them when you're just suffering we've seen today that there's a Savior who cares and who understands that pain better than anybody and so if you've been holding back if you knock on all and if you recognize I'm not given Jesus what he deserves we talked about this if you nights ago that it brought more grief to Jesus that he did not receive from the disciples that which was due him Jesus deserves better than I've given him far better and I'm ashamed of myself for that we can respond today and then and we can say by the faith and strength of Jesus I want that to change I don't know why is that glorifies God I want a light that is wins and that people realize or something different about you you're right there is when we tell you about him his name is Jesus He's the love of my life and he'd love to hear from you so invite you to kneel with me as we close in prayer. Sweet Jesus we see today. That there is a price that has been placed upon us that we feel wholly unworthy of we don't know what to do with it and God I pray that we would choose to accept the faith of Jesus in spite of how we feel spite of what our history years in spite of what the accuser of the Brethren continually reminds us of I pray that in response to the faith other Jesus we would find a faith in Jesus awakening in our hearts and minds and that we would go all in. God we're told that there's going to be an army of youths rightly trained to finish this work or they have to understand this message they have to receive it and they need to be believed in by their leadership by the mentors and be sent forth to share in. The woman of the world that need to go to a Bible college she didn't need a degree in theology when she encountered the love of God for her in spite of her brokenness she couldn't help but share no pills were made by God I pray that we would respond accordingly that we would receive this that we would share because Paul says it is better to give than to receive and he was speaking in the context of the gospel I pray that that would be the case Lord forgive our sins today of choosing any and everything but you and I pray that you would cover them with the blood of Jesus and pray that the law of the Spirit a life in Christ Jesus would overthrow the law of sin in death in our experience that we would experience the power of transformation and salvation and that there would be an army of youths and of just older youths. Finishing this work in a way that is pleasing to you. Forgive our own beliefs and they will receive your belief in us today I pray and I ask it in Jesus' day. In. 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