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The Role of Ellen White in Prophetic Studies

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • August 20, 2009
    4:00 PM
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tomorrow I'll well that afternoon everyone I him and to see you here from him I hope that some hell it was very differently the last one you know that I work at locating we locate the trailers and we tell help people learn about and in all endeavors to help our this totally unfit simply amazing I know we haven't seen more locally know we are seeing is a we tell you where to go and we put you in your place as the leader handset you are expecting me to say something about paying times five Flathead evangelistic Arizona church last year in November and Taylor was one of the Bible workers reacted by the workers there and not in the place where we would all about makeup and stuff on the cameras there is one of our volunteers who always puts in his classes and until you each active difficulties lasted only one lecture later than what we we learned to love I still do and we love ties and everybody is assumed by the way for those of you who are interested we professionally saved secrets unseal professionally that series us I available in his right hand behind both provisions there is I believe twenty seven matches some of them are almost two hours long long time to head all of these lectures and thus their outstanding her and you know that literally as soon so I will buy this business and also as unsealed behind the partitions are you will have our prayer I just like to tell you something about the children the study I've written out quite fully what I represent you in a and the reason for that is first of all when it's written down we can go a lot faster secondly you have something that is quite well developed individually to continue studying and a third reason would be that as you look into the syllabus you remain engaged because you're going to be underlining and even of the adding some notes to the material that I handed out I have four presentations the first of these which were run a study now is the role of Ellen White inappropriate expense but before we do I invited just above your heads with me as we asked the Lord to be with us in a special way while there I thought what a privilege it is to be here in this beautiful dispute okay beautiful sunshine cool breeze wonderful Christian Fellowship and the privilege of opening your work we asked father that as we open that were in the same spirit who inspired the book will come and explain to us we want your divine wisdom we need and plead for your was Dennis Lauren open minds and willing hearts help us to stay awake I know that we've been studying all day and there might be a tendency the current bills law when I asked Lord that you will help us to keep awake and alert over to study very important things and we asked father that you will do this not because we have any merit to present before you but because we ask this the precious name of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ amen I'd like to invite you to turn in your syllabus to the document that is titled the role of Ellen White in prophetic studies now I asked the organizers if I could run an experiment with you I know that you been taking a break forty five minutes into the presentation but I've asked the organizers if they will allow me to do the full hour and a half without any breaks and I'll be depending on how it goes will decide what will do in future presentations the reason for this is that what we take a break we can't get off track you know we going talk about other things and then we come back it's hard to get on track again so will study for an hour and a half noble this material available through it pretty only as an I might have a few things here and there Python and then afterwards we'll see how it goes if you feel like it's just too much and we need to take a break then we will take a break but I want to experiment in business much a few years ago at the central charts work faster for thirteen and a half years I decided that I will do a unique evangelistic series against several different series at present I did one called decoding the secrets of Genesis using Genesis defeats all of the others message I get another one called unveiling the secrets of the sanctuary all of the evidence message from the sanctuary I get another one which was titled actually been the seminar have the purpose of teaching all at the end of this message from the perspective of the prophecies of the Bible prophecy made simple with the name but one can say that I decided that I would do is begin a series presenting the full Senate famine this message board Gospels and the book of acts of November driver etc. is I came up with the idea of Lord inspired me to come up with the idea sat down and started to my research I wasn't raised that all the doctrines of the Adventist church just sprung from the four Gospels of the book of acts often middle and end I know this because you have many questions as they were New Testament Christians is out there your New Testament Christian the Gospels and the book of but there was after I get my research and covered all of the documents that we hold the darkness there was one guy I will not find it I struggle with that and I did research on this at home I present this one doctrine of the church and was the spirit of prophecy now the New Testament has a lot to say about this the Gospels and the book of acts and many references the property but I wanted to present this particular sermon from the perspective of God 's time profits in the Gospels and the book of and software many many days probably a couple of weeks I struggle with this I sat in my office I pray I asked the Lord to represent this particular certain this particular lecture one day I can remember as clear as there was sitting on my desk reflecting and thinking and praying about this meditating when suddenly a thought crossed my mind around that happen and it wasn't my thought it was as if somebody had spoken to me it wasn't audible voice but I thought went across my mind and thoughts then starting the life of John the Baptist and so I sat down with it this book didn't come from me it came from the Lord I sent down every reference to John the Baptist in the four Gospels of the events and I discovered an amazing pair between the call admission of John the Baptist as he prepared the way for the first coming of Jesus and the role of Ellen G White whom God called to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus that's what I want to share with you in our study this afternoon you have quite full notes you might want to take some notes as the gold I guess all this material I like fast if you could send the questions till the end of one hundred ten or fifteen minutes at the past question saw you might want to write down your questions as well I salute you don't forget that because we want to take the time to answer the now in revelation chapter twelve ember seventeen we find Satan is two things about the environment of church in Boston things are he's going to this spy is those who keep the commandments of God and secondly he's going to despise those who have the testimony of Jesus Christ so the battle is not hateful things about the environment making the commands of God and in testimony of Jesus Christ now the question is what is the testimony of Jesus Christ I believe that the best way to understand what the testimony of Jesus Christ is is my going back to the Gospels and studying the life and mission and message of John the Baptist not what I want is the notice first the ball is that God raised up on elite women into a parallel between John and our appointment we we discover something very interesting God raised up John the Baptist right at the end of the seventy weeks prophecy your member the proxy of the seventy weeks deal the last week have to do with missile right views and be baptized in the middle of the week he wasn't because I began to of the week the Jewish nation was going to be set aside and the gospel would be handed into the hands of the Gentiles and John the Baptist was called as the seventy weeks were coming to an very significant not John the Baptist also rose in the mess revival in Israel not Matthew chapter three verses five and six three five eight six and I think one of the text in the syllabus the mechanism we don't have to look them up we got kidnapped the local markets I think it's a lot longer so they're all in the syllabus not as much sense when Jerusalem all duty and all the region around the Jordan went out to Jim and were baptized by him in the Jardin confessing their sins so not a success Jerusalem today are and all the region around the Jordan went out to win out the John the Baptist who was baptizing and when it was a little bit later on that John the Baptist was on his diet and his dress and the placing and was very similar to the prophecy about Elijah and the Jews know that in Malachi four at the very end of the Old Testament God promised to send you Elijah before the Messiah would come as a woman and so there was great religious excitement because prophecy was not a people field the prophecy of the seventy weeks now John the Baptist was asked if he was and I want you to notice what John the Baptist answered when he was asked if he was the prophet John one verses nineteen to twenty one now this is the testimony of John this is in your syllabus this is the testimony of John whether Julie's sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him cool are you I did not deny but then fast I am not the Christ and they asked them what they are you Elijah he said I and are you a prophet and he answered no so asking for your prompt and he says what not knowing what John the Baptist April fool he was more than a prop written notes and yet when he was asked if he was the reason why no remember these events so the question has seen no seven seven in verse twenty seven has the answer this is a prophecy about the mission and message of John the Baptist the forerunner of the Masai incense this is he out who it is written behold I send my way my sincere before you face who will prepare your way before you so after I get the properties as no cell phones you see according to prophecy he is the messenger of the Lord now why was he called he was actually called to prepare a people for the first coming of Jesus North John chapter one and verse twenty three John chapter one and verse twenty three he sent this is John I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness make straight the way of the Lord as the prophet Isaiah said so he's the former under that comes to mainstream left the way of the Lord here in Tallahassee you know this has been done by Hollingsworth we know and now look to be brought out and Alan White amplifies that that means that when she was going to arrive they have to make sure that that if there were any holes in the road or any Boston the road they were these in other words that means that we have a way for the coming collecting for the coming of the Messiah he was called to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah notice Matthew three one to three minus in the last days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea and say repair for the kingdom of heaven is at hand with acting one way Jesus brings the kingdom for this is he who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make his paths straight so what is the purpose of John the Baptist 's entire purpose is to prepare the way for the coming of Messiah to prepare a people so that when Messiah but when we see the Messiah with opener no less Luke chapter one verses sixteen and seventeen once again about the role of John the Baptist by the role of the New Testament Elijah 's face about what is mission is noticed and he will turn many of the children of Israel the Lord their God eleven interesting declaration in the turn of the God they must've turned away from the endings of the children of Israel that is called to turn back to the Lord verse seventeen p.m. while also voting for him and Howard John the Baptist must equal the fourteen is this in the spirit and power of will job with what purpose to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and this is the latest and advanced obedience to the wisdom of the just and ready a people prepared for the purpose of this profit it was to prepare a people for the coming of the Messiah for the first coming of Jesus Christ and he was to do this by leading them to reprinted you missed to do this by deleting them from disobedience to obedience according to Luke chapter one sixteen and seventeen in fact John the Baptist came to restore all things not as Matthew seventeen and verses eleven to thirteen Matthew seventeen eleven to thirteen Jesus answered and said to them indeed Eli just coming first and will watch restore all things are nasty what does it mean to restore visit me to innovate to establishing something new something that's never been heard before no means that something has been torn down or misunderstood not comprehended and ninety and must be placed in its proper convicts to restart does not meet the infamy of bringing new drugs that restore that which was not being practiced and believed by God 's own people notice first twelve but I say to you that Elijah has come already and they did not know him but it took him whatever they wish likewise if I put this in this is my comment if you reject the Lord 's messenger you will end up rejecting the Lord as well because it says a lot wise the Son of Man is also about the software at their hands then the disciples understood that he spake to them John that for the mission of John the Baptist to restore that which had been torn down to lead God 's people to repentance to prepare the people of the Lord to lead them to obedience so that when the Messiah would come they would receive the Messiah with opener 's most interesting that even though John the Baptist said that he was a prophet Jesus said that he was more than abrupt noise loop chapter seven and verse twenty six seven verse twenty six were following along in the syllabus doesn't make it easy but what did you go out to see Jesus asks a democracy abroad Jesus asked yes I say to you and will our Mandelbrot was John the Baptist about yesterday was not on the product he was not granted of the province accorded to Jesus himself what's interesting to note that John the Baptist never performed any miracles notice John chapter ten versus forty one forty two John ten forty one and forty two then Manny came to him and said John performed no sign send mail directly miracle in English then money came to him and said John perform but all the things that John spoke about this man were true and many believed in the abolition and him because of them there are also order they believe in him because of the message was because of the seasons because of America's John the Baptist performed out and get a great strengths is in the people believe the message and that's the way it should be another interesting detail about John the Baptist is that John had the testimony of Jesus using the expression testimony of Jesus and Revelation does not apply only to the environment in a church all apartments from the first in history which was Enoch have had the testimony of Jesus because they testified to Jesus they testify of Jesus not ask John five thirty one to thirty three and finally in English we had two words testimony and witness may translate the same Greek word marked we okay in Spanish there's only one base if he got but in English we have to testimony and witness so when will we find the word when we know that the same word in Revelation twelve seventy minus one John five thirty one cents here Jesus is speaking and he says if I bear with us as the work asked the boy if I bear testimony of myself my witness or testimony is not true there are bears witness or testimony of me Jesus says and I know that the testimony which he testifies of me is true you have sent to John and he has borne witness or testimony to the truth song expresses clearly several times were told that John had the testimony of Jesus Christ because he gave why about Jesus in fact John was asked if he was the light and Johnson know that three veteran John chapter one verse six John chapter one verse six there was a man sent from God whose name was John this man okay for a witness the identical work testimony became for a testimony to bear there is again to bear testimony umbilicus that all through him might believe now what is this about John he was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that light John blank no he was raised up to their list of the light and I want to know something very interesting John was a light he was a lesser list rated in John five and verse thirty five John five verse thirty five Jesus is speaking and he says gene that is John the Baptist was made the burning and shining what to see Jesus is like this John the Baptist was like online and starts as he was the burning and shining and you will for a time to rejoice in his life the John the Baptist unlike illustrated what kind of like the light of a lamp the light of the day was not like he was a lesser light to leave or people just don't agree these I hardly know the very next verse verse thirty six cents Jesus is speaking but I have a grammar went less than John in other handles like a highlight he has locked he is the lesser light who gives what estimate so it says that I have greater witness than John for the works what's the father has given me to finish the very works that I do bear witness our testimony of me that the father has sent me some John West sunlight this was to lead to do she is honest the greater life remember that because many continents have misinterpreted a statement from our languages that have gone is given a lesser light the link to the greater light is always the lesser life is Ellen White and the greater light in the Bible no that is a wrong interpretation the grant like his and if they select as John the Baptist will come back to that is a very important point mentally not as light of this and desire may just page two hundred and twenty desire mages page two hundred and twenty the product John was the connecting link between the two dispensations as far as representative Easter fourth to show the relation of the law and the prophets the Christian dispensation he was not a cellulite which will still be followed by a one by a major so was I John was a greater line seasons by the way the amount the Bible is also a lesser line using up after we never heard that before that must be like I know it's a better understanding of your life is what it really is not John five thirty nine and forty John five versus thirty nine and forty was something else that they witness testimony to Jesus yes it says you searched what the Scriptures 's Xanga videos using descriptors for them you think you have eternal life and this I branch but how do you boys are better seasons what does no person until it applies to Jesus something Old Testament must be a left my North John five versus forty five to forty seven John five forty five forty seven do not think that I shall accuse you to the Bob there is one who accuses you Moses in whom you trust for improving models is you would believe me fourteen about me it must bear witness to Jesus what kind of life was Moses he was a sunlight as to Jesus the greater light and then Jesus says but if you do not believe the rankings how will you believe my words listen folks Jesus in person is far greater than in this book Jesus cannot be contained in a block the block is a lesser line that gives you a panel reflection or idea of what Jesus and present Israeli summit table is a lesser light to lead to Jesus the greater light and John the Baptist was a lesser light to the DeJesus the greater length in a quest the question that the media is why are we less I know we can't go very important point so you have to lesser lights the Scriptures and John the Baptist one of the lesser lights is a canonical write your miscellany by canonical in other words the Scriptures I written Scripture where John the Baptist has no Bible .com the Gospel according to John the Baptist is a non- writing drop if you bleeds some what like this that witnesses to Jesus and you have another lesser light that is not part of the Bible that gives witness to Jesus as well the question that begs to be asked business if the people had a kind not people or less sunlight why did they need a noncanonical one or one such as John the Baptist was a living prophet in that day and age or even the more pointed question why do they even need a lesser light if they would soon have a greater light and let me ask another question and this is answer the previous ones digitals have discerned Jesus as the Messiah simply by studying the rest written Scriptures could be then ready to accept Jesus only by spending the written Scriptures the answer was as a resounding yes every event of the life of Jesus was previously choreograph in the script and you have a listing of just mentioned that he would be born in Bethlehem that he would be born of a virgin that he would be announced by a star children will be massacred when he was born that he would be called on libido that it would be baptized in the hour anointed at the end of the sixty ninth week that he would do marvelous works that the Jews would reject his message that the people were confessing with their lips they were coming to Jerusalem sitting on a donkey that he would cast the money changers out of the temple that CL Provence also consuming that it would be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver the disciples were forsaken that even I like your buddy list and across my God my God why have upper secondary menace hands and feet would be Paris that the past laxatives garments in his heart would be poured out like water that his enemies would spit in his face that his enemies would bury them to come down from the cross that one of his balls would be broken that on the crossing would say I first that has passed in the last three days and three nights that his burial would be with the ranch and he was buried in the tomb of the ranch that even resurrect on the third day that he would ascend to heaven and that was sent out in my then I have on testimony from the Scriptures to be waiting for the Messiah with open arms actually where was the problem the problem is that they were misinterpreting the Scriptures especially the prophecies according to the desires of their selfish hearts they had the Scriptures they claim to the most people but they did not comprehend the Scriptures because they wanted the Messiah to come as a ruling King of Israel Rollins and place them at the heights of the nation is either in the Intercontinental let's appeared between the old and New Testament erroneous doctrines penetrated the Jewish nation among those erroneous doctrines must not idea of the Martell I also have a overdue letters and they're not very the only ruling the feeling of the Santa Fe Sabbath by adding a list of rules and regulations that burden down beside it of course during this period much less have entered among the Jews and they did not understand the Scriptures notice the facts that describe this in Matthew chapter four sixteen speaking about Jesus at the beginning of his ministry the people sat in one any candidate is right what condition went and in this the people who sat in darkness have seen a great light and upon goals and upon those sent in the region of the shadow of the night as well as Don North Loop one seventy eight and seventy nine for the tender mercy of our God with which the dayspring by the way not to be translated the rising sun from on high has visited us to give what light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death to guide our feet in the way of the music that people needed a lesson like to guide them to the greater light because they were sitting in what in darkness and less adolescent like to help them along that would not be ready when the greater light with the negative example shortly after I arrived in presence of the church one evening I was in my office and I went to the people I was looking for cassette the message that preached and I never been in that room before so the first thing you do when you go into a room is to look for the switch to turn on the light and diagonal after allowing for a few seconds from eyes to adjust you know I started the move was in all I couldn't find the light switch and you know no matter how much I love them that I just couldn't see it so I said I don't waste my time I went to my office on account again back to the paper whiplash turn on the flashlight shone it on all the walls what you would expect a light switch to be and no light switch to be found anywhere you know the light above on the ceiling as well there's a wall of their there must be some place that you're not like I could find and so what I did I said envelope with a pink with flashlights like Minotaur covered things underneath and as I get back the flashlight to open up a little bit and lo and behold under a bookcase was lightswitch it I turn on the light when asked what was the purpose of the flashlight the practice of a flashlight because it was in fact with the Parkwest was to find the greater light wasn't necessary that last line it will certainly last because it helped me find greater length the people of Israel were sitting in darkness that was no reason why they needed to sit in darkness that the lesser light band the Scriptures make them accept the Messiah but they were sending in darkness they misunderstood prophecy primarily never expecting that and in a different way is that the Christian world today absolutely and therefore contest I'm willing to give them a helping hand on the minimum of last night I went again the John the Baptist dish I mean on the pages of the Bible so that they can see the greater light in the pages of Scripture the role of John was not debris but rather to turn the attention of the people the light already given he was always dressed in the study of Old Testament prophecy after all John's been perfectly with the description of the four runner who would prepare the way for the Messiah people should have gone to the Scriptures then to find details of how to expect that the sciatica using the also claim to be God 's people and cost of having the Old Testament were violating every principle of Lord of the vapor of passively waiting for the Messiah they profess to love the they claim to have a close relationship with him and yet they would crucify Christ because they misunderstood the Old Testament and rejected the clarification by the lesson see the Jews said we had Moses but they did not understand Moses because they did not see Jesus and Moses prescribed second Corinthians three emphasizes this point they boasted of their knowledge of the Scriptures and yet did not understand them at all John let's talk to attract their attention to the Scriptures already given are you getting the point he was to direct their attention to the Scriptures already given to the other lesser line by seeing John dressing like Elijah eating like Elijah speaking like Elijah living in the desert like Elijah their attention would be attracted to the prophecy of Malachi three and four and will search the Scriptures to know more about the coming of the Messiah because they know that the far runner was going around like that and then you see John lighted up the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah he presented Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of work that was some revolutionary new right what no baseline lands undersigned for a service from time immemorial in Isaiah fifty three cents the Senate he would be bringing brought like a lamb to the slaughter anyone opened not his mouth virus solid John the Baptist is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world went to the people I miss you may service my fellow Isaiah eight three is talking about the ideas seem to represent John was to shine the Scriptures like they would understand and seeing unfulfilled in old season fulfilled in Jesus Christ this is the purpose of John the Baptist was the result the Old Testament to make vivid alive present truth what was already contained in the Scriptures the review reproved corrected because the people were living in error so God says here I'm voting to give a call if you're wrong understanding of Scripture so that you're ready to accept the Masai we see the role of John was to prepare a people for the first coming of Jesus for this he needed to restore the truth by revival that's repentance by the way and Reformation that's bearing fruit the people were to wait expectantly for their bridegroom is not John West the liaison or all between between Jesus Christ and Israel was brought he was to prepare the way for the wedding in New Testament times the friend of the bridegroom was responsible for all the preparations for the wedding so that all was ready when the group to go the friend of the bridegroom was not to take the glory for himself the glory was for the groom who was Mary DeVry the best man does not want all eyes centered on himself at the wedding he decreases so that the bridegroom can increase in other words he blames into one or so that all can see the bridegroom John the Baptist was a least tolerant of all things and the one to prepare a people for whom enormous John the Baptist was if you please the matchmaker model radiology is called in the front of the bright business is not my idea Jesus called John the Baptist a friend of the writer knows it comes to prepare but what happens to the right second out but I don't want that room you know what I can get sets on the following intervals of this rice almonds and puts us on the apex of power the interesting thing is that John the Baptist was rejected by Guadalupe Mountain region very solid point in this study Matthews of impersonating both what it says are you following along in your syllabus Matthew eleven reciting for John came neither eating nor drinking they say he has a demon is about what people say the L white was an epileptic and that her visions were the result of epilepsy when you have books that are written with vitriolic hatred against Ellen White she's in good company because John the Baptist the farm under him as the Messiah they said he had will will always say that not also Luke seven twenty nine thirty nine and are seeing more involved Luke seven twenty nine thirty and all the people urging the tax collectors glorify God having been baptized with the baptism of John but the Pharisees violated Navy pastors seriously but this end Uris the theologians the lawyers are described to the theological experts in his red sunsets preachers and theologians that's an interpretation that's what me of the Pharisees and lawyers reach did the will of God for themselves not having been baptized by the novelist Matthew chapter seventeen versus twelve and thirteen Matthew seventeen twelve and thirteen here Jesus says but I say to you that Eli has come already and they did not know him you know what that means they did not know him it means that they refused to let deluxe set in they refused to have a relationship with it to know in the Bible I spoke with a relationship and to his wife which is an intimate sexual relationship with and have a child sci-fi safety of the test him already and they did not know him but didn't tell him whatever they wished novelist if you reject the lesser light to reject the greater light if you reject this paragraph you can reject Jesus you can have for so because we have the benefit of history notice likewise in the satellite the song is also about the software their hands then the disciples understood that he spoke to them John that I wasn't going to St. John grew in his understand John was not omniscient John was not in trouble he was human he grew in his understand of Scripture back in August John when a priest in Matthew chapter three he says you know that the cycling as a news is in his hand and is in the harvest the week and is getting gathered into his barn but the check of any significant is that it is five and the five elements of the John the Baptist thought that the Messiah who would come to do that he would get the righteous with him and the way he would destroy in the fire in other words he thought that that was allegedly one coming up with even while he preaches Matthew Jefferson listened to desire manges phases phase one thirty seven density one thirty eight one thirty seven one thirty eight listen to this theory in the weeks that followed that is the baptism of Jesus John with new interest studying the prophecies and the teaching of the sacrificial service he did not distinguish clearly already breached the Ari prepared away of the Messiah but she says she did not distinguish clearly the two phases of Chrysler as a South Korean sacrifice and has a kind green tea when he saw this coming at a deeper significance than priests or people have desired it even came to the point where John the Baptist his present within the any call some of his disciples this has been the disciples had wanted to go to Jesus and asked him if he is the one who was coming on what to expect and whether some perfect brother who never made a mistake it was totally a mission in the wall course he was a weak human being and he who is understand and Sunday golf Jesus and I said I wanted that were expecting our weekly whiteboard and no one says that Jesus did not answer the question right away is that stick around and watch one minute into the vehicle the paralytic cc on the lepers he opened the eyes of the bland leaves a lot do you have a basic knowledge it will tell John what you saw and they went to the Dunson finally have been there interesting place in the middle of the desert at the very top about of the field else were John the Baptist eventually was beheaded and they went back and they told John everything is done no one says that this block to mind the prophecy of Isaiah sixty one with which Jesus began his ministry in the second quarter sixty years AP the spirit of the Lord is on me and she says that now John I think this is now I understand and he died in prison in peace he grew up in his understanding shall your letter one time the prophet Nathan went into David and he says there have good news for you your benefit of the Temple will you know the type of allowed and the Lord stopped inequities I told you that you develop tomorrow morning and you have to tell him that if not that is limited within the building so happy the next things that now they went a little mistake here it's not you it's your son saw she profits sometimes grew in the understanding and most visible if you read earlier like and then you rebate offers all this I know what in her use of the English language phenomena curse ideological concepts that capacity to describe things that no longer in now word pictures visions of additional path and trains and almost things that deal with the theological issues in abstract terms she drove only in the course of her ministry and saw John the Baptist also group of me ask you what John a false prophet because he did not have full understanding of everything of course not would you say that he was about twenty seven that was only to be one coming of the Messiah is a thought leader on key guessing the complete total picture and now that picture is sharp so some of the things that Ellen White said early in her ministry some people use them against their suit against her like the sound are for example is elemental in the dark relation plus Allawi and I get forty four and happened when she admitted she said I believe she says that in the course of time I discovered that the dog for those who will about the message and rejected but it did not hold for the world title and something oh well I sent them a moment to what I only have a single message was he believes that John the Baptist was able now let's make a pair of parallel business exciting stuff phrase Amarnath I get excited every time I think I suppose you can tell the amazing thing is the seventy weeks of the first part of a larger purpose the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days and it's interesting that the forms the end of the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days there was also a great religious revival listens people all over the United States and even in various places of the world proclaiming the heart of his judgment is come you know we know primarily about the Bill of Rights this great revival in North America due to the preaching of the millwright and the central verse that they used was on two twenty three hundred days and the Savior shall be glad interesting that God raises up a formatter to be prevalent with the first coming of Jesus when the first course coming to an end and God raises up a revival and a prospect as a large enforceable privacy also is coming to an end Ellen White was asked several times he was oppressed let's read the statement selected messages volume one page thirty six she says during the discourse by the way with the sermon she given Battle Creek in October to nineteen oh four I said that I did not claim to be a prophetess some were surprised at this statement and as much as been said in what I will make an explanation others have called me a problem this but I have never assume that I I have not felt that it was my duty that's the biggest that designate myself selected messages volume one page thirty five she says when I was last in Battle Creek I said before a large congregation that I did not claim to be a prophetess twice I referred to this matter in ending each time to make a statement I do not claim to be of confidence if I spoke otherwise than this may all now understand that what I had in mind to say is that I do not claim the title of property or properties so when she was asked are you what did she answer no there's nothing new under the sun so who was led through a couple of statements from World Bank you think Ellen White is going to start John the Baptist talking up wildest myself I mean what is totally unaware of between her and John the Baptist by you your going over the same ground noticed select the message volume one page thirty four she says but my work has covered so many lines that I cannot call myself other than a messenger sent to barren message from the Lord to his people and to take up work in any line that he points out in page thirty two she says early in my youth I was asked several times are you a prophet I have ever responded I am the center interesting I know that many have called me a prophet but I have made no claim to this title my Savior declared me to be his messenger Delaware was accused of not being a true prophet because he did perform your the following statement select the messages I am to base fifty three fifty four some declare their unbelief in the work that the Lord has given me to do because as they say this is easy white working on the article but also look for miracles as a sign of divine guidance are in great danger of that now I have a testimony of Jesus what are you supposed to go to Susan testimonies from the church will eventually get Elimite get this book she exiled is about me you can read the desire of ages without seeing Jesus 's clearance she worldwide fades into the background and Jesus is exalted on marvelously from beginning and not only the direct is in all of the current pictures everything that Ellen White wrote was to bring glory to Jesus she went upset he must increase and I must decrease she had the testimony of Jesus Christ in fact you know Revelation twelve seventeen says of the Dragon within range of the Lord by the way this comes at a specific point in history Revelation twelve is a sequence that begins with the Dragon that wants to kill the child than a ghost of a woman who pleased to the wilderness five sixty years than the earth helps the woman that the United States that was to help the persecuted people in Europe they come over here to the United States and then to Walmart a sixteen year size down to write it wasn't right at the moment and went to make war with the remnant of receipt which means that we expect this number to write your the Church of England 's and me after seventeen so gives a chronological I emphasized the Dragon was enraged with the woman and went to make what are the rest of dropping a better translation is the rather odd verse eight keep the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ was only how many people you know I was brought as an ultrafast it was not A what you have to say no it's the bottom of welcome on all pages in my material I blew it up to eighteen selecting readable without my glasses on his first select the messages page thirty two Alan White says my work includes much more than the WordPerfect six and page thirty six of the same but she sent my commission embraces the work of a prophet but it does not end there the embrace is much will the minds of those who have been sowing the seeds of unbelief can dump again and on page thirty six G also says my work includes much more than this name signifies high regard myself as a messenger and trusted by the Lord with messages for his people Matthew was howling like a lesser light that was leaked to lead to the greater line absolutely not as much and as a selected messages volume three page thirty little he is given to the buyer such are the kinds of genius was little he'd get into the Bible yes absolutely little he is given to and the Lord has given a last I what is a lesser line level is great some thought has given a lesser light to delete men and women to the greater light was a greater length occasions so that we have to listen lights and the impact of we do with the Bible that people don't pay attention to Emily and Ellen White was to shut down the pace of the Bible solid people once again understand and this is an as a result of rights people discern the cream with Jesus Christ notice the following statement the religion of the Jews in consequence of their departure from God consisted mostly in ceremony John was the lesser light which was to be followed by a greater night he was to shake the confidence of the people and their traditions and call there since the remembrance and leave them to repentance that they might be prepared to appreciate the work of who the work of Christ Vidal only have a single emulsion certainly did as with John tools are sensitive what Mister Jesus one canonical which is the written Scriptures and the other noncanonical writings in Isle of Wight which are not part of the Scriptures John the purpose of her writings is to bring attention to the instructions which have been trampled upon and misinterpreted during the dark ages BC Alan White Rose shortly at the dark after the dark ages just like gourmet so John the Baptist after that while the Internet available and because people were not as they believe that the network that they believe that Sunday was that they are supposed that you may believe that you can do your part movably we could drink his beer make us think they can fully vital but I guess I don't like LSF Cheyenne the Bible makes it clear signs in Scripture people at both the sealed his escapades were visible to see Jesus is coming all over doctrine should reveal the purpose of the site is to unwind and spend time with surprise sometimes we focus so much attention to understand the depth that we forget that we need and events of that study on the state of the day with the resurrection of the day Tuesday you when you say that they're not on anything Adorno but God keeps a record of that in a seventy yes for them because your life is all written out there is a will at some things I don't want written well if you repent and confess your sins when your name comes up in the judgment was thankful he so don't worry about as long as you put your sins in the intricate peoples I hope you don't happen as they can ever believe that security of salvation music believe that this is going to the same sort as we don't we believe that when we confess our sins when we repent of sin are single set of the sanctuary with the blood of Jesus and if it doesn't going back to care some assurance is like our sins sites like covered by the blood of Jesus and because you don't put them in that he is in the series Illinois once wrote to a man misunderstood the relationship of providing the bar this is in spite of testimony six sixty four and six sixty five day IFC sent to this man you are not familiar with the Scriptures and a few have gone toward your study with a desire to reach the Bible standard and I think the Christian perfection you would not have needed the festival as if the Jews had believed in the Old Testament and then clear how the Messiah would come when God embraced up John the Baptist Michael G raised him him him him because they needed to comprehension teachers which they did not do the same it is because you have neglected to acquit yourselves with God 's inspired that he has sought to reach you by simple directness the boys calling your attention to the words of inspiration which you have elected to a bank encouraging you to flash in your life in accordance with its pure and elevated features this element will drop the Bible is not yes he does she continuously the Lord designed to warn you to reprove to counsel through testimonies got and to impress your minds with the importance of the truth of his lair scenarios that written testimonies are not in yet but to impress family upon the heart the truth of inspiration already revealed man's duty to God and to his fellow man has been distinctly specified in God 's word yet but you you are obedient to the light given additional truth is not brought up but God has to the testimonies simplify the great truths already given and in his own chosen weight drop in before the people to awaken and impress the mind within that I'll make well with all disputes I understand a little bit of all of some people say why Ellen White if we have a Bible for the same reason that the Jews needed John even though they have built that they did not understand or obey God 's word and God in his mercy decided to give them a helping hand by simplifying and amplifying the truths of religion so also who also rejected John were rejecting precious Elimite is not the source of but rather one who amplifies and simple simplifies field like Ellen White amplifies magnifies explains clarifies correct enlightened simplifies she does not supplement Scripture she compliments out interestingly enough around the same time and place that God raised up Ellen White another person also rose who claim to be about he purportedly found some gold plates in Palmyra New York written in ancient Egyptian which he translated into English this document is known as the book of Mormon and the Mormons also called another testimony Testament of Jesus Christ now forget within the brackets I don't have time to get into that but if you want to make wrong Mormon missionaries for loop ninety all you have to do is ask them know because Joseph Smith arose in the eighteen thirties but the book of Mormon is will sixteen eleven so my question that I missed it doesn't snap live in the eighteen thirties why do they translate why do you translate the golden plates into English there existed two centuries before the rest of biggest profits always welcomed language of the they did not write in the language that was used one to get people anyways it the daily they also have the pearl of great price and doctrine comments they believe that these are supplemented to Scripture and asked how many of you never had a visit by Mormon missionaries went away with this for my site the Mormons are good people they have high family values you believe they should get married many times I can only the mainline Mormons don't practice polygamy because of the law of the United States forbids polygamy but if the law allows it all the Mormons would marry Mary multiple lines you know about that there are some offshoot Mormons that married many many women but not the mainline Mormons but you don't know why was everything to have high high health values is supposed to smoke or drink you think that they're good people those young men to come to us the pulsing only one not interested in buying the company and treat them well but it wasn't be aware and Mormon missionaries visit you which is the first study that they give you the whole history of the Mormon church and how the book of Mormon was given by divine inspiration that their first lines lines at the first unelected you likely to because want to be able to use the book of Mormon cultural doctrines that are not in the Bible and how that happened after the invention of the book of Mormon is as inspiring as the Nancy Wonderland has talk about Elimite in evangelism and window we don't very be illegal violent scripts from scratch this is instead hell holidays of health reform you know LSD and festival were all in that way to visit over the way in and then we explain her purpose is not to hand to what was I don't find people to help with lifting so we're totally different than the ones because our source document is nondescript and Ellen White is in an bonus with Seventh-day Adventists the process is reversed the student is taught the truth from Scripture alone and once all the doctrines have been clearly presented from Scripture then the spirit prophecies presented last as a compliment not supplement of the Bible this is not done because the spirit of prophecy is of secondary importance because some people they misunderstand what lesser light means anything saw L eleven the less I like the Bible writer like so she was less inspired than white allotments Ellen Wentworth has inspired the authors of my car but you are different I got purpose is not to you will like her this is blend like Nestlé can understand the all-night just like John the Baptist but rather because the functional varieties of Illinois is not the supplement Scripture but rather to complement it Elimite magnifies explains Akamai simplify and highlights the great truths of Scripture is not at any new shoes school you look at telescope at night and that the sky that telescope invents all kinds of stars up there doesn't know that Haskell have to seize five things that you can see with the naked eye but by what is there an element amplifies what is contained in Scripture is the just possible that many sex many of the Senate Baptist Church they are saying I don't need a lot like because I have a Bible once before same there really violating every principle of monthly work the fact is that Ellen G White is despised by many within the church as much as was John the Baptist in the white people hate profits because the province it is complicated you know that the people don't want their their mistakes and errors we grew on me I don't understand it must do and so what they don't is because they hate the message of the property that's happening finally don't waste your time on those interests Internet sites against the light don't waste a single second those it's all trash him will undermine your faith everything that they now has an explanation but if you are you gone back to the tree of knowledge of good and evil you could be Ellen White Sands the very last deception of Satan will be bit to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no reason that the people perish Satan will work in jeans and in different ways and through different agencies to send a confidence of God 's remnant people in the true test that is happening within the ancestors you'd be amazed at the number of e-mails that I get from all over the world that's a good sign seal phone calls I get that it's sickening it brings tears to the eyes out how people say that ministers and as minister Santa Paula and they said I don't use Outlook because I don't believe that season 's final believe that she was a prophet and many pastors don't even using the pulpit anymore sad if I found out something on the line of this I never form an opinion of a person or a church on the basis of what enemies say or what its friends they because the enemies will make it worse than it is in the friends will make it better than it is discovered long ago that have to go to the sources but enough of myself so instead of going to the Internet sites read the books will be much for not more productive under Doctor Ellen White was not perfect alibi even after eighteen sixty three when she had her health reform vision pumps she still struggles with me for over twenty years Alan White occasionally Amy at least sulci says Doctor Kellogg was simply seems I will correct because he said in a sparsely independent shared with the life of the property is not perfect what use was run like many parents do as I say but don't do is not what you know a lot of people think OU not what's wrong with going to the movie theater my parents bring the movies all site are trying to justify one say with a solution edition booklet here and you should bring out because of not going out and apply the fact is that God has raised up and will like to prepare God 's people for the second coming as John was to prepare people for the first of November the a few people as few people once before the second coming of the first we don't have time to get into great dollars I'll just say this the best commentary on the book of Revelation is the book the great powers in fact the book the great controversy is a deep call it book of Revelation Elimite in matter-of-fact language interprets all revelations of churches the seals that trumpet the last half of the year look at the order of events in great controversy FAQ from the times of the apostles the millennium that the same timeframe of the book of Revelation she interprets the symbols she does a matter-of-fact language it's amazing and finally the literary structure women dwell on this a little bit more tonight and talk about the millennium will be much more complex that even as we talk about the millennium what annoys that the Ellen White everything she says in the last chapter of great controversy given the controversy and everything she says has a foundation in Scripture together right to the mine was the okay now we have like five minutes any questions back there well God may at times that things knowing that I was not be necessary to do the question has no if I said that young the bedbug when the pathways of John the Baptist if the people I believe Scripture but not at all be prophesied that he was innocent his messenger soul but but my point is that God many times foreseeing things gives the processes known to take place but it was not his planning I think this hot I buy many quotation watches as don't quote my my writings from the pulpit when she does say is don't quote my writings and last year living in harmony within United values I could tell you a story about that no one might can I tell you know him question some entire story when we do what do we do about the question okay think about how many want me to tell the story and we want to questions and Democratic starting with what my dad was a cop is present in medicine I grew up there there was by Dylan was fourteen and is and why that was the company is and he sometimes had to go way way out into the movies involved in many places of medicine at that time were very primitive and so he would travel with the departmental directors with the education director and with the audio welfare ministries director and insulin two different places so they went to this home weather was never the school and most of the church members were not sending their kids to be having the school and solve the purpose of the trip was to drum up some interest in the charts of the parents would send their kids to abandon the school and so on Sabbath morning the education director you lost it up and gave a sermon and eighty one quotation after another from the writings of old white about sending our kids to have the schools and he and he will only reveal them I mean he he just really gave it I mean in a very unchristian way of presenting and after it was finished I know most of the people in the congregation were infuriated they were angry and there was one elder in the church that was just looking for an opportunity for vengeance even realize that the Bible says vengeance is mine saith the Lord saw the next morning my dad and SPR mount writer worked on eating in the restaurant of the hotel and this church never had a thought something over my density comes to the reception desk and says you know I need to talk faster bonds again and that's all I guess I'm going to the into the restaurant some just wanted to legalization and not behold this departmental deck director had a plate with they are an faster memory now the other is my opportunity and my dad says that he pointed the finger at his people this education is you can't talk right yesterday you said that the banks on the head because you said that we don't send our kids to the school what elements are not meeting me my gut says that that this guy for all colors of the rainbow inhibits I actually like in this body and I'm sure that he was relieved of his desire quoted to get vengeance you know he left after left my dance at the department director says make sure before you use the spirit that you are living in harmony 's products people who live in glass houses don't so what's different is a spare prompt them to use it in context we never use it to take place of Scripture and we set one were living in harmony with the Council that God gives in the spirit of getting a strong brand is okay this right don't make a I'm not saying that at the same I'm saying is that it's very interesting that both were asked a question having to do with one advantage of the prompts are not miss on the other parallels between Ellen White and John the Baptist that make that specific difference is not that significant because I'm many many other you know more than a prophet they didn't perform miracles as a whole since they're both lesser lights and we look at the whole picture is the biggest okay only this update of my personal opinions yes it typically are fixed by another profit hotel you want when I believe in on the baseline state God is not going to raise up another profit to the scale of Illinois the property was going to minister for seventy years and she's got to talk about every single issue that needs to be reckless before the second coming help education and do hospital system you know devotional life she covers all of the areas of life in the rights but thought he is going to raise up individuals for specific situations where God needs to get divine enlightenment for certain circumstance and I believe that that's what Joel is referring to when it says not young maidens and so on prophesy I believe that a bit that is what happened before and have dreams and visions to resolve specific circumstances that need to be resolved at that particular moment but to the scale of Ellen White seventy years and where she is the person writes a hundred thousand pages I don't think so because the remnant church is already been formed the purpose was the purpose for raising up Ellen White and I could do a parallel coming back to the question that was asked I could do a parallel between Moses and the one some day you might be back how do the same thing with most like will talk about the sanctuary will result in the logon both of them experience the great disappointment both of them draw water out of Iraq Baltimore vision we go on and on there is striking and by the way I haven't made a parallel between John the apostle and his book of Revelation and Ellen White and her book the breakout they both went through this experience you know John is almost taken away Mister Bush is transported to the new Jerusalem and now once at my angel to me I is new Jerusalem to be bought by policy why should be why should it be John was taken with the spirit ballclub and draw on the charts both of them were ordered to write while they were Indonesian developed by both of them before they will ever convince much more than meets the eye with the spirit is not the same old same that this new approaches of looking at this very approximate which are invigorating illness really strengthens my faith was this you have to be careful about that but you have to see the further development of light say between early writings and the great counters for example she has in early writings that the training vision remember the growth of spiritualism that was going on gold at the speed of lightning and the devil you know he was need the train and so on no that short description in early writings page eighty eight is an fight in five chapters in great colors it's not that she was wrong it seems like it was called when she was a teenager and Solana recently spoke to her in word pictures he spoke to him in any training you know and platform that has three steps leading up to the platform in a you got paperwork pictures a path that needs to happen in on the retina on the path layer on her writings very seldom do you find that kind of description because now Illinois has developed inner capacity of expressing abstract thought no I'm not saying that she contradicts what to gain early but she complements amplified significantly to but thanks because that's important clarification that needs to be made well in all its suppertime this Revelation twelve seventeen says that the remnant church would have the testimony of Jesus Christ and God raised up Ellen White shortly after seventeen ninety eight so there is a specific prophecy and revelation that says that bus rabbit people by the way if you look at the context that Revelation twelve seventeen with others it tells you where the gift of prophecy was going to arise when it was going to arise and what the people were going to be characterized by because first of all it says on ten minutes hallelujah literal or prophetic at what was I and I wasn't happen when I lost my turnabout to get back on track okay reservoir things looking Revelation twelve seventy as I mentioned comes after the twelve hundred sixty years after the church most of the wilderness or time times and half those ended seventy ninety minutes this is the Dragon was enraged with the woman happens after seventy ninety second it happens on the earth because it says the earth helped the woman and swallow up the waters that was beyond the welcome home of the Dragon saw the woman moves from Europe where to the United States so the difficulty his wife after seventy ninety it's going to arise when the remnant fled to the artist there are people who Jesus is supposed to keep all the commandments including the fourth and about half a property limits there's only one church in the world that meets those four specifications and that's sent to Mister the prophecy clearly shows when where and what characteristics once people saw was prophesying script that over here well when it says that the word was God the word is room Jesus in person are you reading Verizon one it says that Jesus is the light that lightens every man who comes into the world so he is not greater like he's the diesel and other lessened the word of God needs to be understood in consensus be like Jesus and is in two places now he's personally in heaven and on earth season sixty six books we are personally on earth and in heaven we are in books selling two places at the same time one in written form and the other in person let me ask you is a wreck to record anything near the person is a written description in the table gives us underestimate it from point a to point B by Jesus is so much greater these the ground he's the wildlife in as well I'm not at all I have read some lesson once greater the ten Commandments are Jesus yet the Internet without regard to the written description of what the character of Jesus is so so much later that week much of the reality on the other side of the point when we listen to me okay that doesn't help okay over here the other is for them to what is inspiring but not in spite of an Illinois says that I was the devil was trying to find within the time was not to destroy but to make amount of money that the testimony of the Spirit got it all the reason why the many theologians don't try to reinterpret her is because when she doesn't agree with them they corrector when she does agree with them they use the book is often and I don't have time to prove this time and again time and again I have gone through the writings of Ellen White as I've studied Scripture am amazed at the harmony exists between her and the Bible theological Ellen White was not a theologian but the Holy Spirit was right to ask if she was inspired by the Holy Spirit man her writings are theologically correct this in the Bible I find no distinction between a more inspired prophet in a less inspired prophet simple creation


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