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Leaders from GYC, GYC Northwest, the Upper Columbia Conference, ASI Northwest, and the Village Adventist Church share powerful stories from the field and exciting opportunities for youth to get involved in the work of the church.



  • March 24, 2018
    2:30 PM


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I was really weak happy Sabbath happy Sabbath My name is President G Y U C and I'm here today to tell you about G U Y C Beyond how many of you have heard of G Y C Beyond a few of you let me tell you why I see beyond is something that you want to know about you know G. Y.C. beyond came from an idea and a vision that we wanted to experience mission 365 days in a year where you remember when we go some of you have been to do I see when you go to you I see it is a blessing you have also speakers you have great so I mean ours you have great friends that believe just like you are different things like that but once I see ends so to speak the event and you maybe go back to your local church where you might be 1 of the few young people you might go to your university or your public campus where you're 1 of the few 7th Day Adventist where you might go back to your workplace and where most of the people that you're working with don't believe the same as you do it can be hard to keep that fire going so we said why don't we create G Y C beyond where we bring some of the best talents people who are actually doing mission all year long in all of those circles of influence and record things have podcasts have seminars training young people how to share their faith all year long so we decided to do G Y C Beyond But something else that U.I.C. be on as well focuses on is that it focuses not only on training but inspiring helping young people not lose that fire that they catch at revival events and different things like that and have the tools to reach other people around them. You know Jesus gave us a great commission not a great option and if we want to be about our father's business then we have to be rightly trait and I want to encourage you to. Be on you're going to hear many talks about different things that we can do to be involved in the 7th Day Adventists in the church and to do several things that we can do in our areas of influence to win souls now as you hear about you I see beyond I don't want you to think about this is just another program because I see beyond is you God has called you to be the salt of the earth and I want to tell you a quote here that something that we need today we need a revelation of the love of God when this love feels our heart our infatuation with sin it will be broken our doubts in our fears will be swept away our world maybe field with the shadow of sin but then the light of the cross we see that no matter how far we have fallen God's grace reaches a deeper steal this love is what compels us drives us and moves us and this is why I G Y C B long beyond exist so that you and I can finish the work in this generation. On March 17th of this year 7th Day Adventist young people from across the North Pacific Union participated with us on live in the womb in global use Day this year G Y C Northwest work to organize 11 groups across the northwest. In Washington Spokane Well no 1. Moses Lake and Goldendale in Oregon Salem Eugene. Dallas and globe in Idaho Lewis student and Nampa. And wouldn't a goodish to them in over 150 young people participated in various forms of. Collecting food for the 100. Distributing food in care packets to the homeless. Us you know good and all the literature. Framed with people. And singing and sharing with the sick and elderly. With friends and energy and sunshine and rain these young people set out to go beyond for Christ in their local communities seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need and following the admonition to be the son. Of a minute ago was a small glimpse of what happened across the northwest last Sabbath we had 150 young people participated in global use day and up here I have a small remnant of those 150 they were able to be here. And we're just going to have them share a little bit of what happened in their region and we do I see Northwest organized 11 groups across the northwest and I have most of my leaders here and they're going to share what area they work in and what God did last Sabbath. We work my group worked in Lewiston and we did a food drive and we had about 20 participants and. For a food drive effort we brought and $560.00 pounds of food and $15.00 which equals $614.00 meals for hungry people and every door practically every door we. Glow tracks. The Walla Walla area we had. 40 young people participating we had 2 different outreach outreach is we did a food drive and then we did a Vespers for the people at the local Christian aid center that we gathered the food for and we collected $658.00 items of food and distributed $1000.00 glow in the Willamette Valley ranging down from Salem Oregon to Eugene Knight a total of 5 events going on today and we've got the Academy involving 20 students came out from that we put together about $75.00 toiletry kits for the homeless. Organs capital in the Dallas church actually got together as a church $75.00 loaves of fresh bread and took that out to the neighbors around their church and gave each. Just well in Spokane and we were able to do 2 to events from organizing it with churches the 1st event was visiting a nursing home with. The older people there and we also got to see different games with them or each Scripture too and just get them interacting and just. Trying to understand them and bond with them make them spend a lot time and worship with them and then our 2nd group that the 2nd activity that we did was really interesting we did a food drive but after the food drive we got in touch with the. Hand and they knew of 5 families that needed local that needed food right then and so we brought we gather the food and sorted it and then brought it directly to those families and some of the families had 5 kids you know really poor people and some of the families were in tears when we brought it it was just really really impactful for the young people that were able to serve and you know the people that receive the blessings to so the day before global youth day some of my friends decided to have a picnic and invited me and I said wait. So. We had to redirect their plan for a picnic and they had invited somebody who is not 7th Day Adventist felt a little uncomfortable inviting her and I was just like Romans 828 all things work together for good and this is just we're just handing out health magazines putting them on people's doors it's not a lot of pressure and as I just ask her you know pushing outside of that comfort zone like we learned today and we actually did go out with her and she we handed out about 55 life and peace about the storm and also about 150 glowed and signs and vibrant life track for global youth. We went door to door the book The Prince of Peace a vegetarian cookbooks for free and also offered. Cooking class will be doing in April. We only had 8 participants but God bless and over just over an hour we got 14 people signed up for charge we also got a divine appointment in that 1 person said that. Something they had been looking for for years was really a blessing Amen so this was just a little glimpse of what can be done when young people gather together in their local area and seek to go beyond for Christ if you want to learn a little bit about how to do that in your local area remember small groups happens immediately after this meeting where you can network with young people from your local area to find out how you can organize and reach the communities and the people you live with thank you. Both I'm going to share a little bit with you about literature evangelism and I have the privilege of working in literature ministries here in upper Columbia Conference and I've been involved with literature for some time now and I have been able to see powerful experiences come from people stepping out to share their faith with others maybe you've had that experience maybe you haven't but we're going to talk about a little bit about how you can get involved in sharing your faith through literature and there's 2 main programs that we do in upper Columbia Conference for literature vandalism the 1st 1 is called you thrush we talked a little bit about it last night and the 2nd 1 is glow so we're going to share a little about each of those with you here this afternoon and we're going to start off just by sharing a story or 2 that came that have come from you throughout your in this conference. It was the last day of the summer and student her name was Emily was going door to door and she was praying that God would use her to give her an experience that she hadn't had before a fresh type of experience and as she was going door to door she knocked on a lady's door and she came out and showed her a couple books and when she showed her the book called Lessons of Love which is Christ object lessons the lady opened it up and saw that it said Ellen White and she said Oh I love Ellen how do you know Ellen and she said you know you know I mean that's not usually the typical response you get from somebody you know that you're knocking on their door and she said you know once it finally clicked she said Oh yeah I love reading Ellen White's books too and the story unfolded a little bit and it turns out that this lady had some relatives I think her grandma was an Adventist and had given her some books by L. and white she said that whenever she was having a rough time she would always go and read books that she had written and that would really encourage her in a Christian walk and as they began to talk a little bit more she shared some more books and more of her story began to come out it turns out that she had just moved within the last week to try cities which is about an hour from here she had moved from Oregon and she had a couple kids but the reason that they moved was because her son had just committed suicide about a month before and they were trying to get away from all the members that were there in Oregon and so she moved up to try cities and. As in the course of their discussion she realized it was a divine appointment and said You know I think God sent you here just at this time and you know I don't know why I hadn't thought of going back to read some of those books and she began to really just open up and explain how God sent Emily to meet her that day and. It was really a. Perspective change for Emily as well because she got to have that experience that she was praying for she signed up for bible studies and they exchanged numbers so they can keep in contact with each other that's 1 of the things that I really like about you thrushes you get to have awesome experiences divine appointments meeting people and I was at a church 1 time and. There was a church member that had people come over for a potluck and they were saying you know these stories that you get you know you just you just don't hear them every day you know it's like when when you're a missionary you get to hear all these stories and I was just thinking you know the reason why you don't hear them every day is because we're not out doing stuff every day I say we do hear him every day when we're you thrush you know when we're out working for God and allowing him to use us he will give us experiences that we can praise him for him and. Another story I'll just share 1 more from you through. This came from last summer and there was a young man named Christian who's actually from all the while here he was knocking on doors in Spokane and they have in this community there's a little online forum group that people can post comments about things that are happening so you know if somebody steals something out of somebody's car they can post on their watch out for you know this type of person or you know this vehicle look suspicious or whatever and they can just share different things so somebody got on and and mentioned something about the student Cole Porter's that were knocking on doors in their community and there was a bunch of different things that were posted on there but there was 1 lady that shared her experience she said you know I had a young man come to my door who was very pleasant and he ended up leaving the book steps across with me it's called happiness for life she said I got this little book called happiness for life and I went inside and I started reading it right away she said that book was exactly what I needed she said I've been going through a really hard time I've been trying to figure out you know if God cares about me and she said you know I started reading that she said I couldn't put it down until I went to sleep and she said that was exactly what I needed so there was actually an advantage that lives in that community who responded to her and said to his Can I share your story with some of the people to do this just so that they know that it's having an impact and she responded she said Yes you know I'd love if you could share it with them she said you know that book has changed my life she said I've always thought of myself as a Christian but last night was different I woke up with a new and renewed life please thank him for me. Not only can you get experiences like that when you work as a Cole Porter going door to door you can also have awesome experiences just by sharing little pieces of literature by sharing Glo tracts were you go that's 1 thing that I love about literature evangelism and as we talked about yesterday in literature vandalism seminar that the reason why they call literature evangelism is because literature is the evangelist you don't have to you know be a preacher you don't have to you know know all the verses on various Bible doctrines you can just share a tract and it knows everything and shares it in the right way and it doesn't forget anything so that's a great tool to be able to share and this last year we had a mission trip to distribute our goal was to distribute a 1000000 glow tracks in 10 days here a number called me a conference and we didn't quite reach our goal but we were able to distribute about 900000 in those 10 days with the help of churches and schools and Pathfinder clubs and full time missionaries that were distributing trucks with us as well and some really great stories came out of that mission trip just want to share a couple of them with you 1 of them came just because of the type of literature distribution that we're doing since we're trying to get out a 1000000 tracks in 10 days your eyes are opened for specific types of things you're looking for every opportunity that you can to share tracks I mean of course we're you know going putting trucks on doors were in parking lots putting trucks on car doors as you can hit a lot at the same time but you look for whatever you can to find an opportunity to share tracks and 1 day there was a girl who was part of our mission trip group who was distributing trucks and she heard some kind of noise behind a dumpster. And so she went around there and investigated a little bit and there was a lady back there who you could tell wasn't in a good situation and she began to talk with her and in the course of discussion she said you know I've I've never really had anybody that has ever shown that they care about me and so she began to talk and she shared God's love for her and just really encouraged her in that way and she said when they finished she said you know what I've never had anybody show me Jesus before in my life you're the 1st 1 that's ever done that for me and and the only reason she had that experience is because 1 she was out there distributing literature and and she was looking for ways that she could do it it wasn't anything you know extraordinary in what she was doing but God gave her that experience there was another girl in our group Her name is her C.V.A.. And she was just serving tracks in a parking lot and she left some tracks on a car door and as she was going putting them on the on the cars there was she came back around and came to a car that she'd already gone to and there wasn't trucks on the door and so that's why she thought she had done it so she was putting trucks there and she realized that there was a lady inside and so she had opened up the door and said wait and she was on the phone and and she was speaking in another language now in Spokane and you know in most of the country that's the 2nd most prominent language is Spanish but in Spokane it's actually Russian So we actually had some Russian tracks that we were distributing during this mission trip and as to see they was waiting there for her it sounds like she was speaking in Russian and so she she motioned for her to wait and you know she got done with her phone call and she tried in the best English that she could to really share and she said thank you for these tracks you know she was saying that she really appreciated it really appreciated them and she stopped and she pulled out like $5.00 and gave it to her as a thank you for the literature even though they can really communicate very much she was very appreciative of what she was able to read in those trucks. So how can you be involved in literature evangelism really it's not very difficult it doesn't take much training if any at all for you to be a literature Vangelis because you can just share tracks wherever you go in fact as I was sharing with with some others yesterday my great aunt 1 of her favorite methods to share tracks was how many of you get junk mail OK most of you those who didn't raise your hands are probably under the age of 18. Her favorite method was she would take credit card offers open it up take the return envelope throw away the rest of it and then use that return envelope put a few tracks in it and mail it back and she said you know they're either going to stop sending me this junk mail or somebody is going to read these tracks so you can be a literature evangelist without ever leaving home just by using using thinking and sharing in ways that are not conventional So we've had a lot of people you know request Bible studies because they found literature just in various places even in the bathroom and rest stops different things like that people have called and so really it for you to be involved in sharing your faith you can have awesome experiences now that the downside of of using a less personal approach is you may have less of the divine appointments because you know if you're just leaving in a place as a nobody knows that it was you you may not but. It's super easy that's 1 reason I love literature vandalism is they're so easy to share your faith because you can do it no matter what your occupation is you don't have to go door to door you don't have to talk to anybody if you don't want to and it's just super easy to share faith and in a variety of different bible topics let me just share 1 more story with you before we finish there was during our mission trip this last year there was a girl who was going door to door leaving tracks on doors and a lady came up and said Are these trucks yours. And she said yeah they are she said there was a guy that came and put these on the fence of my house and I and I came out I wondered what they were and I read it I pulled it off the fence and I read the 1st 1 and it was called Unity greater than truth and that's the track that we have on the Reformation she said I was reading through that and I was amazed at what it was saying and so I was more interested in reading what what else these tracks had to say I read through all of them that you had there and I wanted to see if I could get more and so she came and she started talking a little bit more and said you know what do you believe what church do you go to and she said Well I'm I'm a something I've missed you said what do you believe and so she began to share with her what the Sabbath is and she said you know what I've been studying in the Bible and I came across the Sabbath and I've been trying to figure out why people why everybody goes to church on Sunday instead of on Saturday that's what the Bible says and she said What else do you believe and she began to show different bible topics and she showed a little bit about the state of the dead in the lady said You know I've been trying to find somebody that believes that everything that I've been finding in the Bible I've been trying to find people to believe and I stopped going to church because I didn't know anybody out there believe those things she said what's the information for your church I want to visit your church. Now that that girl wasn't doing anything special just going walking door to door putting tracks not even talking to anybody just putting tracks on people's doors and she was able to have that experience just because she was there and available for God to send somebody and use her to reach them with the hope of Bible truth and so I just wanted courage you as you have opportunity take trucks with you wherever you go look for opportunities and ways that God can use you to reach people both him personally and personally with the message of the Gospel and hope you all are still awake. It's the curse of speaking to people after lunch but it's a blessing to feel to look at the word of gone together on encourage you to open your Bibles to a passage that you looked at earlier this morning in Romans chapter 1 dust your Bibles off wake yourselves up in your neighbor's Romans Chapter 1 Verse 14 is where we're going to be starting and this is a passage that's very familiar to many of us Paul here is talking about the famous verses in verse 16 where it says for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ you're familiar with that passage right but notice back up to verse 14 very briefly Romans chapter 1 beginning in verse 14 notice what Paul is saying he says I am a debtor both to the Greeks and to the barbarian both to the wise and to the young while now let me ask you a question as we pause really quickly what does it mean that Paul was a debtor to the Greeks and to the barbarians was he financially obligated did he borrow some money from then that he needed to repay Is that what he's talking about here why is he in debt to these people notice how he continues in verse 15 so much as it is in me I am ready to preach the gospel to you who are enrolled also and here's the verse that we're familiar with verse 16 for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the 1 for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew 1st and also to the gree Now let's unpack what Paul saying really quick Paul saying as a minister I am indebted modern life must be devoted to God and serving others and helping them find the joy of salvation 1. Why does he feel indebted to people he says in verse 16 it's because he's experienced the power of God in his life already as well you know many people ask how is it that we can find motivation for evangelism and I want to tell you that motivation for evangelism doesn't come through some new method of sharing your faith that you've never heard of before and now you'll become a law of to doing the Lord's will but what we need is a greater revelation of the love of golf when this love so fills our heart our infatuation with sin will be broken and our doubts and fears will be swept away our world may be filled with the shadows of sin but in the light of the cross we will see that no matter how far we have fallen that God's grace is still deeper and that this love is what compels us drives us and moves on I remember as I started to understand what God had done for me at the age of 16 as I was surrendering my life to the Lord and thinking of all of the ways in which the Lord had forgiven me for the errors that I had made and as I surrendered my life to God there was a burden that was burning in my heart how can I share my faith with those around me and as you go through this experience no 1 has to send you to a training school to show you how to share your faith even though those things are beneficial but there is this natural burning in your bones as we heard about in the sermon this morning that you want to share the blessing that you found in Jesus. But many times the question is how can we work for the Lord in the most effective way possible to have the greatest impact how many of you think that's a useful question how many of you like to do things that waste your time anyone here do like to spin your wheels and get nowhere if you like to spend a lot of money and energy and get absolutely no results for it I don't think anyone in their right mind does so as we're thinking how can I do the most effective work for the whole or the book desired by just tells us that no sooner is 1 converted than that is born within him a designer share what a precious friend is found in Jesus so each 1 of us have to be thinking man what can I do for my friends my neighbors my coworkers how can I win them to the low What's the most effective means that I can use I want encourage you to look at the words of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 9 if there's 1 soul winner greater than another it would be that Jesus of Nazareth who was the most effective in reaching the hearts of men and women Matthew Chapter 9 I've been taking some time to read back through the Gospel of Matthew in this comment attention even though it's a familiar passage that many of you have read before Matthew Chapter 9 beginning in verse 30 fon it says Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom healing every sickness and every disease among the people notice verse 36 but when he saw all the multitudes he was well moved with compassion for them when I ask you a question when you see your neighbors your family members are you moved with compassion having a burden to do whatever it takes to make sure that they can come into the light of truth and as Jesus is looking at them in this way it says he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherds. Verse 35 then he said to His disciples the harvest truly is 1 the harvest truly is what plentiful good morning the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few therefore work harder so what it says therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his vineyard how many of you truly believe that the harvest is plentiful how many of you have ever begun to doubt that maybe it isn't so plentiful can we have any honest individuals how many of you look at society today and think Man they're just ripe for the harvest of the gospel is that the 1st thing that comes to mind when you flip on the news or read about current events I was just reminded yesterday as I was flying in and I was sitting next to a gentleman about 43 years old he told me he lives in a $7500.00 square foot home makes a quarter of a $1000000.00 a year has a very successful job but he's tired of materialism and wants something better for his line and the course of the conversation I was telling about the great controversy literature of vandalism I was very terrible I didn't have a great conversation with me but luckily the plane had wife Ali So he gets on Amazon buys a great conversely immediately on the flight going to read it when he gets home we start sharing tracks savate Sunday is for football Saturday is for. Church I hope you know that but we share these tracks with him and as he's going through this this man 43 years old who you're he's telling me my wife's debating on going on this vacation for the next couple weeks is going to cost $15000.00 and that's more than Michael or you know I mean it's just a totally different world and as I'm talking to him the words of Jesus start ringing in my mind the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few at the end of that conversation he flipped over the back of the Glow track he said What should I read 1st I said with a great controversy well what should I do next we'll make sure to go through the bottles that is that glow online offers Well then what do I do next can we get in contact Yeah here's my phone number my email do you have Skype yet can we have Skype conversations to continue this my kid you're 43 with 5 kids and making like way more money than I ever will but those things in all reality mean nothing without Jesus and my friends as we're looking at the world today Jesus says the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few My friends the problem is with the laborers not with the harvest and the reason why we don't see the groves of people coming in like Pentecost today is not because the people are willing but it's because of the unwillingness of the laborers not getting back on track sorry for the rain I'm a pastor I have to remind you that it's our duty to reach souls notice what Jesus when He says the harvest truly is plentiful and you think of Jesus standing there but the laborers are few just a few verses he had said he was moved with compassion as he was looking at these individuals and thinking how can he reach them and the thing that strikes me is when Jesus sees the great need of the world he realizes that he can't reach them all by himself. If you ever stop to think about that I mean is Jesus the same Jesus can take a lunch basket and feed 5000 people the same Jesus can raise people from the dead but when Jesus comes to the point of how do I reach the world he says the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few Well then what do we do Jesus Jesus you'd better get a different program start a new initiative from the conference you know do something that makes this happen and he says now we need to pray to the Lord of the harvest that will send forth laborers my friends there's many of you who have a similar desire as Jesus you want to do something for the Lord I believe that's probably why you're sitting here this afternoon is that correct and my understanding that you have a desire to say how can I serve God with my heart and my lungs often times when we have a burden to serve others we can think that we can do it on our own but Jesus brings home the point that it takes multiple people to win souls you're not an island and we can't do it by ourselves Now why does this matter in the context of how can we do evangelism the most effectively we're living in a time where God has blessed us with a church that's been raised up with a mission to take a prophetic message to the world do you believe that as a 7th Day Adventist movement God has intrusted to us the job to save souls and notice what this passage says acts of the Apostles page non paragraph 1 this is the very 1st opening sentence of acts of the Apostles it says the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men it was organized for what do you think it is for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the law. Well my friends as Jesus is looking down on this earth and he's moved with compassion just as much or more as when he was on this Earth physically and he says the need of men and women who says Lord what can I how do I reach these people Jesus says I've raised up a church that they have 1 drawn the church was organized for what service and its mission is to take the Gospel to the were my friends I get very nervous when I hear people talking about their irritated at their church how many of you have wrote realize that the church is not perfect anyone here I'm a local church pastor in Michigan my church members would tell you the same thing they would tell you the same thing about their pastor that the church has issues but as we're looking at the Salvation of Souls this is not the time to start separating ourselves from God's movement but as we see the need of souls around us we should be burdened with the same burden that Jesus had and it's the harvest is plentiful and I can't do it on my own I need a group of believers that can help take the Gospel to the world do you agree with them my friends I would encourage you to be locally active in your local church if you think your local church is dead guess who's obligation it is the revival if you think that prayer meeting is boring 1 or 2 start attending and try to help make it exciting if you think that Sabbath school has a terrible teacher but wanted to at least comment a couple things that will make it exciting you know as we see the need in our local church why don't we help and as we see the need in our community why don't we take those from our church and help to minister and reach the people with the gospel do you think this is a good idea. My friends I think this is God's plan for evangelism I don't have the quote here but we're told in Spirit of Prophecy that until the laity and the clergy unite the work of God on earth will never be finished I don't know about you but I don't want to stay here for another 100 years I would like my daughter to not be raised here but in the New Jerusalem we would like to see Jesus come but it's not going to happen until you and I have the same burden that Jesus had the same burden that was within Paul and have the same ability to finish the work like Jesus did by grouping together with his church now just in closing this segment I want to share 3 reasons why working with the church is important have any of you ever found frustration in working with another human being just take it outside of the church context and if you ever had a job and if you just have a family I mean you just you go on how minute leave you want to zoom in real quick and whenever find frustration in working with an individual is it best to just be so frustrated and live or work through the issues can you imagine what Jesus went through those 12 cycles I mean I just read through the Gospel when Jesus is like the kingdom of heaven is like and then the they're like hey you know I'm better than you and you're going to me and you know it's like what in the world do you know to get this and to the says you know the Son of man is going to be delivered into the hands of men to be lifted up and then Luke Chapter 9 that begins the dispute among some of who is greater in Jesus asked them what are you talking about oh nothing you know how is God going to work Jesus was frustrated with his church as well but 3 reasons why the church matters and is important and this is just 3 of many we could pick. Number 1 we need encourage mint and aren't missionary efforts have any of you ever tried to reach out to a friend a coworker a neighbor or a stranger and ever been rejected as you are trying to share the gospel with them anyone ever had that experience or even just afraid of it so that's why you don't do it you know when we have this fear of rejection and fear of failure do you think the New Testament church understood that was like was just rereading through Acts chapter 4 in Acts Chapter 4 the early Christian believers are commanded to not preach the gospel anymore so what do they do well they don't just run away they don't go back to their own homes and sob and cry but no what do they do as a church they come together to encourage 1 another in the faith if you want to read this passages Acts Chapter 4 verse 29 and you can read through the experience of the believers when they're discouraged in their efforts to reaching souls they come together as a church and plead that the Lord will give them bulled This my friends do we need the church yes. If we don't have the church I don't know about you there's been so many tons I've been discouraged and have no desire to ever share my faith again but it's when someone comes and shares a passage of scripture with me or a quote of their own experience and I feel renewed to go back out and you realize that this is why God has given us the church to encourage 1 another as Hebrews Chapter 10 talks about number 2 why do we need the church in connection with evangelism how many of you have ever had the challenge of meeting someone that you're not going to see again and you want to encourage them in their faith for example the guy that I met on the plane yesterday I meet this gentleman I want him to continue to walk with the Lord but the blessing of the 7th Day Adventist Church is that even when you're absent there's other brothers and sisters in that location who can help minister to those people do agree with that the blessing of the church is that we all work together as a collective whole for the work of go that was a free 1 point number 2 in all reality now is that when we work for souls we realize that a soul when it's led to God Acts chapter 2 when the people are convicted in their hearts that they must be saved what does Peter tell them to do repent and be well back to OK repent and be baptized now what was the process after baptism where did those people go according to acts tempered to verse $42.00 says that those who were baptized were 1 added to them who is that then. The early New Testament my friends if we want to be alone Island number 1 rejecting the counsel of Jesus and number 2 we're working in the least effective manner possible but if we want to accept Jesus His method of uniting with our church in the local area it encourages us in our own personal mission It also helps us to lead people to church once they've made a decision for the Lord and number 3 as we see in Acts chapter 2 it provides discipleship for those new members to walk closely with their Savior my friends my burden for our church today is that we wouldn't be come so frustrated with little details of carpet colors and paint colors and you might laugh and think that's just a joke I've literally seen it in our own local churches or we become so frustrated over differences that we forget the mission that God has entrusted to us but my burden is that we will have the same burden that was in Jesus's heart when he looks at the people and says the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few Lord help me be a laborer and I pray that there will be more raise the Paroo me in closing notice what Jesus says Acts chapter this is acts the Apostles page 20 talking about the disciples it says in these 1st disciples was presented Mark diversity they were to be the world's teachers and they represented widely varied type of character in order successfully to carry forward the work which they had been called these men differing and natural characteristics in habit of life needed to come into a unity of feeling thought and action this unity was Christ object to secured and to this end he sought to bring them into unity with him so. My friends as we're seeing the times that we're living in this is not the time to become fracturing our church and to divide but it's time for us to take action in our local church and see what God can do as we partner together with him in the work of saving souls thank you for that challenge for Taylor that was a blessing I'm Ted advert I'm the camp director a young disciple youth Bible camp and it's been such a blessing to me to be here today because I feel like I can't turn in any direction without seeing somebody I know and it's been like a big reunion and thank you for making me feel welcome as I came to fellowship here today I see has has been an amazing blessing I wanted to be here the whole convention but because of the situation I couldn't change I wasn't able to be here the whole time and just to remind you of how Satan works sometimes. I know that he doesn't want any of us to be here today and I can tell you for sure that he didn't want us here today we didn't almost die on the way down but it was amazing we. I decided to come this morning as early as possible because I knew I needed to be here right now for this time and so this morning at 615 am I packed my car full of my kids and nieces and nephews and we headed out because we live 4 hours away and so as we were put loading up the cars snow was coming down there was snow everywhere and with well we thought it was spring. We were done with the snow I took my winter tires off already. But no there was the beautiful snow and we were thankful for it a but. As we headed over to get the ferry which is the fastest way they intially in free ferry to get here that's the fastest way we've got to the ferry landing to launch the ramp there if any of you have been up to intially him you know about that and it was closed and we made it just on time and somebody came up and said Oh there was an accident somebody breaks went out and they ran into the ferry a ramp and damaged the ferry the ferries going to be closed for hours while we repairing and I was sorely tempted to just go back home. But I didn't and we went a long way in a 4 hour trip became a 5 and a half to our trip and instead of being here for Sabbath school we got the appeal for church but praise God it was a wonderful appeal and so no I know the devil doesn't want us to be here but there are blessings and I'm so glad that we persevered and were able to be here and be part of this I'm actually here today to tell you a little bit about perhaps a next step for G A Y C For the young people here I'm talking to you because I'm also involved with an organization called a side in science Adventist Lehmann's services in industries and A.S.I. is kind of like a next step I kind of see like young disciple camp and then G Y C and then A.S.I. because. I loves G Y C I don't know if you even know who he is but has always supported morally and financially G Y C. A.S.I. is a very unique organization that has changed a little bit over the years it started out years ago and I just want to give you a slight bit of history here. It's rooted in Madison college how many of you heard have heard of Madison college isn't books on it there's stories there's quite a rich heritage there well as I started it at Madison college basically in 1904 where Sutherland and began working and it expanded as satellite institutions began popping up all over the country and they felt a need to be able to get together to share ideas what how can we work together to support each other to learn from other mistakes and from the things that have worked well with other institutions and so they got together and they formed a saw eye which at the time it Association for 7th Day Adventists self-supporting institutions however over the years A.S.I. broadened its scope and began to include businesses and entrepreneurs and professionals and so that's when the name changed to layman services admin it's lame in services and industries which is what is called today is eyes philosophy is to promote a crisis entered lifestyle manifested by commitment to be in daily partnership with God is I member seek to experience God's love in their own lives and to share that love with the people they encounter in their everyday work and activities whether it's a ministry whether it's a business whether it's as a student and that's a size motto actually is sharing Christ in the marketplace it's I is committed to supporting Seventh-Day Adventist Church and various outreach programs such as health education of Angeles and Community Services family concern special projects and this unique and diverse group of members ranges from business owners to individual professionals to supporting ministries. It's I members are Adventists from every walk of life and I just wanted you to know what a sie is so that I can then invite you to be a part of it because there's kind of this and I'm past that unfortunate this is kind of cut off for G Y C Right you start paying higher fees and I don't know about the local 1 but especially for the national and we kind of launch from 1 point to the next what do you do when you're a student and then maybe a professional or working in ministry where can you still get the kind of blessings and benefits that you're receiving here today while I have a lot of opportunities for that and I've been asked to share those with you in. Just real briefly what are those mentorship I have been really tremendously blessed by the friends that I have made I have been able to rub shoulders with church leaders with ministry leaders with business people at A.S.I. who have become lifelong friends people that I can just call up and say What do you do when this happens or have you ever thought about this and we have that dynamic relationship back and forth. And I has opportunities for learning about ministry whether you're doing ministry through a business or through an actual nonprofit organization and if you're interested in health ministry you're going to find somebody who is doing that and has some wisdom they can share maybe have a suggestion for some amazing new witnessing plan at A.S.I. you'll find someone you can share that with and maybe you can work together to accomplish that and. I just have to say there's no end of blessings that I have received as a result and if you ever if you get the opportunity please check out and find out how it can help you find your best way of reaching others for Christ whether it's here at home whether it's somewhere else in the United States or overseas. Is going to be having a regional cunt conference very much like this is a regional G Y C conference this year this summer I'm sorry this spring rather in April April 19th of the weekend of April 20 it's going to be in Everett Washington and associated with it is going to be an Amen Clinic so it's going to be a man clinic and as I convention together in Everett if you are a medical professional maybe you're especially they're looking for especially looking for dentists and a high geneticists to volunteer for the Amen Clinic or if you just have an interest in ministry and would like to be part of 1 of these if you've heard about the clinics the free clinics that have gone gone on you looking for an opportunity to share in that capacity as a medical professional or as another type of volunteer that's an opportunity for you to be able to share and you can go to Ministries dot org click on the northwest section to find out more about that or go to EVER. Amen Everitt dot org and hope to see some of you there thank you. Good morning or at least according to Taylor. Good afternoon I'm Jason war and I was really encouraged by these stories have even the stories of. Global Youth Day so much fun to see that this is not the only church in the Northwest Sometimes you just kind of have your own experience and you don't see all the things that are going on and so thank you for sharing those stories thank you for the stories of literature evangelism it's amazing to see God working through young people angels going with them to accomplish God's work and those seeds of truth those little evangelists that we leave everywhere it's exciting to hear so thank you for that and your story tailor the guy on the airplane. I know those don't come every time we fly but it's so exciting when God puts us right beside that person that he's intended for us to talk to so I'm Jason I'm a pastor here at the village church and I have. Well I should just tell you as a teenager I started to become more interested in in God I I went to an evangelistic series and they started helping with evangelistic series and then I went to be a literature evangelist 1 summer and I got hooked and couldn't stop for 20 years. I was a I went to a Bible school Bible college up in Maryland and afterwards I was a Bible worker in New York City that was fun my partner and I got stopped by a Hispanic gang there wondering what we're doing in there Hood we worked in East Harlem and I was a lot of fun. I honestly the personal 1 on 1 of vandalism it's in my blood it's what I I live for it's exciting to me and and I closely identify with my teenage self who heard the voice of God saying Will you go for me. Sometimes I listen to as people talk about young people and you know anybody. I mean I still feel like I'm a young person but I was recently in a meeting with a bunch of young adults and we were talking about different things and every time I'd talk and it would be appropriate I would I would use that personal pronoun we you know that inclusive we like like you know this group of us and they and 1 of them finally turned to me and said Jason why do you keep saying we you are not a young adult and I was a little bit hurt and and then a little bit ashamed. And then I thought well yeah technically I guess the young adult is like no kids in under 30 and I have kids and I'm well over 30 so that's a new that was a new thought to me anyway but I hear people talking about young people and they have different thoughts you know some of them the moan the the fact that young people are leaving the church and some of them a wag their heads at those newfangled ideas and strange social norms and a new technology and all those things that they see and then there's. That they say things like this they're very positive they look at young people and they say look there's the future leaders and ministers and missionaries of our church now. Not being a young adult anymore. I'm recognizing that things are different now I am not the same as some of you some of the social norms you're used to I don't connect with and I kind of wag my head sometimes and I kind of bemoan the fact that people young people are losing their faith and leaving God leaving the church and that's disturbing and frustrating for me and as specially as a pastor I really care about young people staying connected with God and their spiritual experience but but it's really the last 1 the 1 that says that you're the future of our church that I just can't agree with it all period 1st of all for 1 reason I can't agree with it because well it suggests that in order to be I guess fit for God's service you've got to be older at some time in the future I don't think that's a good idea. You look to the future and you'll forget about the present and you know you never accomplish anything that's that's not where God wants us to be but the other reason is because it it puts a special emphasis on professional ministries it's the pastor the minister right it's the professional paid missionary it's the leader the president the secretary the Treasurer whatever the teacher and it totally discounts the non-paid nonprofessional gospel work that God is asking all of us to participate in and I don't think that's a healthy way of looking at at life in general God is asking you and he has a place for you to play a part in his work right now he wants us to take the Gospel to the world but he doesn't want us to wait until we have the capabilities or the training or the experience or or the age to be able to do it in those maybe formal ways that people recognise as ministry roles. I think 2018 to 20 Jesus tells a group of disciples people that are closely connected with him have been hanging out with him for a while he says I have been given all the story in heaven and on earth therefore go make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you and be sure of this I am with you always even to the end of the age this is Jesus' command in among those that were hanging out in a small little group I don't know 100 or so people were there so maybe not all that small bit but all those that were hanging out in the group as he said This command was a teenager a guy named John and maybe you think of him as a and old patriarch who on the Isle of Patmos wrote the book of Revelation and certainly he did become that maybe you think of him as the pastor that that hung out in F.S.S. and certainly he did that but. Now right at this moment he's a young man maybe 18192021 he's not. He's not a mature experienced you know older person and God tells John to go to the all the world and take the Gospel and preach and teach and baptize. In the book of education Ellen White has this beautiful paragraph she's talking to young people as they're making critical decisions and I just want to say it sometimes doesn't make sense to me that God placed so much responsibility on young people to make decisions that in fact their future so dramatically and yet he hasn't developed our minds completely to make some of those critical decisions until we're in our mid twenty's by then we've made them the decisions right it's really good to have a good group of older people around to bounce ideas off of and and to really to say in my going the right direction I'm saying this because your parents and elders are sitting in with you right. As opposed to include them and make them feel like they're part of your life but it's this is a statement she's making Ellen whites talking to these these young people and she says when you're thinking about the life work what God wants you to do where he wants you to go with your life think about this it's the book Education Page 271 the great day of the Lord is near swiftly it comes she used the authorized version that was the New Living Translation I just want you to get the idea it's happening now this is not some time way in the future today is the important part swiftly it comes and at Ellen White adds and the world is to be warned there is a work to do there is something God has put in front of us with such preparation as they can gain thousands upon thousands of our the youth and those older in years should be giving themselves to this work and there is no line of work in which it is possible for the youth to receive greater benefit all who engage in ministry are God's helping hand with such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world how soon might the end come the end of suffering and sorrow and sin. I thought it might be inspiring to mention some young people who is who rose to greatness young people in the Bible that made it a huge impact on the world I mean think of 17 year old Joseph he remained faithful to God in spite of the abuse from his brothers being sold as a slave he continued to serve God in a Pagan country mixed mixed in amidst an ungodly culture and any went on to become the prime minister of Egypt this is a young man who became great did amazing things for God's Kingdom maybe you might remember the preteen Samuel as he lay there in the temple diligently doing the work that he had been given but but now asleep and he literally hears the audible voice of God saying Samuel Samuel and as he finally recognized because some of us haven't yet recognized the voice of God and when he finally recognized that God was speaking to him he said Speak Lord your servant is listening and God told him things that he needed to share with the rest of Israel he became a prophet and 1 of the most significant spiritual leaders since the time of Moses if you don't know already Samuel he established an educational system in Israel that develops spiritual leaders he started a Bible school actually a network of Bible schools. So I kind of feel an affinity for Samuel because of my experience in the Bible College. You might remember a young teenager named Daniel Daniel David. Daniels another 1 but next to David he was a young man and he took a sling and his little pouch and some. Some stones which from what I understand were maybe a couple pounds they were small things they find them all over the place in that area of the country apparently they were a really effective tool because you didn't have to stand really close and they did a fair amount of damage so he took what he knew as a shepherd and he used it for God and great bravery he won that battle and he went on to become the king and he wrote stuff and he was a prophet as well and David made a big impact on God's Kingdom there's another teenager named Daniel and you know him as the Lion's Den guy but he's also the young man who was abducted and made a prisoner of war and forced to serve as a slave made into it a unique terrible things happen to this guy but he stayed faithful to God and as a result he becomes prime minister of all of Babylon and he also he outlast several kings which is kind of unusual and he also becomes a prophet and God tells him visions of the future. These guys are inspiring are they when you look at them you're like I'd like to be a David I'd like to be a Daniel make me a Samuel lord couldn't I just be a Joseph right we have those those thoughts. I could also mention Ruth and others in this list of inspiring people they humbly gave themselves to God They gave the best of their youth to God and God did something great with it and I think that's a model that we can all look at the formula I see kind of the winning formula is pretty simple Give God well surrender your life to God and be diligent with the things he's given you already Give God your best and then don't stress about the future like God worry about the future you know Joseph he's in a prison he's not stressing he's just doing diligently what he has to do and God makes him a prime minister Joseph was not angling for the job he was not in the political arena he wasn't there trying to you know lobby his way in that that wasn't just his responsibility that was God's right then you know he did faithfully what he had what he had to do and God said I'd like you to be prime minister all of make things work out right David he was given the opportunity to cut off the head of the guy who was standing in his way of becoming king and he knew that people would have made him king but he didn't he said No Far be it for me to harm the Lord's anointed I'll let God be responsible for my future Daniel same. Saniel same thing he wasn't trying to be the head of the nation he was just being a simple guy serving God in the sanctuary so don't stress about your future diligently we're God's put in front of you I think that's a good formula but at the same time I look at these guys and I say there's something I don't know on something difficult to wrap my mind around because maybe maybe you're not like me at all but I feel like I'm a little bit half baked. You know not quite prepared not not all that maybe I I should be I'm under-qualified I'm just an ordinary guy to be honest I don't know if you feel similar maybe you feel like you've got it all together and you're ready to go and you're just in line to be the next prophet of the church right maybe if that's you if so another sermon might be appropriate for you but for the rest of you you're maybe with me and you're saying that these guys that we put on a pedestal that the guys that have complex great things I'm not going to be a king and I'm probably not going to get visions of the future and so can God use me can God Call me can I be effective maybe maybe you look at the Taj. And and you put him on a pedestal a little bit he's a great speaker look what he's done I wasn't there giving Bible studies every day and 6 people get baptized in my high school you know that that just Or maybe I try it in nobody go about guys you know if it is not working for me like it seems like it's working for David Asher Iker for you know these these shining lights in the in the church community these leaders and so is God calling me can he use me well I'd like to share a couple stories with you brief ones that you are very familiar with people that didn't even have a name in the Bible ordinary people and in fact we don't honestly know the impact of the gift that they gave God the 1st story is the story of a simple servant girl the girl who was taken into captivity and she worked for a pagan couple name and that was her master and when he got sick with the. Percy she said you should go to Eliza and I can heal you and that simple suggestion caused him to go to be healed you know he dipped him self 7 times in the Jordan he ends up coming back to his country and really that's all we know the story takes a left turn and talks about a life of service and never comes back to name and we don't know anything more about the servant girl we don't know what might have happened and we can't really dig into those stories to find out more we really won't know the impact that little girl made until heaven and yet somehow God saw it significant enough to put it in the Bible maybe he was talking to you in and me the ordinary people maybe he was saying you might not be a Daniel but I still want you there was a young man all the ad was you know some fish some bread it was his lunch pail and he brought it and he was hanging out with Jesus and around his disciples and somehow it happened that it was found out that he had this lunch pail and Andrew brings him said to Jesus and Jesus you know he takes his lunch the kid gives him his lunch I don't know how old this young boy was we don't know anything about him all we know is that he gave Jesus his lunch. And as a result Jesus took that lunch and fed 5000 people was the young man the 1 that made the big impact you know the young man did a simple thing and yet God took that and multiplied and I think that's the message that you and I should resonate with we should take that in and clean to that idea that we can give God the simple things that we have and that we are our unbaked unprepared underqualified ordinary selves can make a huge impact for our kingdom for God's kingdom because it's not our work and it's not our effort that makes the difference it's God's power God is the 1 that's working and he can take me and use me with as much power as he could have used Daniel. Because it's his power it's not me I can be ordinary I kind of think Daniel was Joseph probably ordinary just diligent normal people but God took them and made a huge impact in his time in his way and whether you know this message of beyond and the idea that A.S.I. North West is trying to communicate is that God can use you right here right now with all of your unfinished innocent unpreparedness you should get some training there's nothing in significant about that the message that Ellen White had about the the army of young people it had this qualification in there that little phrase rightly trained there's a statement she makes another place that says the 1 who goes out trained and prepared and surrendered for the work will accomplish more than 10 who go out deficient in knowledge and weaken the faith so it's important to be trained I don't want to undermine that at all but don't fall into the limited kid box that some people want to put you in that's always looking to the future Sunday you'll be useful Sunday you'll be prepared some day never comes in 1st Timothy 411 and 12 Paul tells Timothy Don't let anybody despise your youth Timothy is a pastor he's in that spot but he's a young person and he says don't let anybody despise your youth don't let anybody walk on you and say. You're the future of the church you can confidently politely and humbly say thank you so much for that encouragement I'm also the president of the church I'm here right now just like you are. TO DAY TO DAY TO DAY is the day that God is calling you not just the metaphorical today of you know the present but the Right now of here and sitting in this Pew today God is calling you he's calling you to do the simplest things Joseph was what sweeping the jail cells how great of a spiritual leadership role was that Saniel maybe he's polishing the silver or the gold where in the in the temple I don't know what what Samuel's job was but but it wasn't anything great it's menial tasks that a young kid's going to do in that and the sanctuary at that time give God the simplest things be diligent in the obvious things that God has put right in front of you he's calling you to give him the biggest parts of you your whole self your future all your dreams. He's calling you to dream big for his kingdom too and I'm talking about the the big dreams that God has the ones that people kind of say I don't know if it'll ever work out or you know the church isn't ready for that or you know all those kinds of things those are probably the ones that God is asking you to dream he's asking you to break through the barriers that all of the older folks have been beating their heads against and he's asking you to be the 1 that takes his message to the world so he's asking you to do the simplest things 1st but he maybe you know like like Taj said there's a there's a Spain out there someplace that God is asking you to dream big about and whether you become 1 of those great heroes that gets written up in the book of I don't know what the review in Harold or something like that that everybody knows your name and everybody thinks that you're some fantastic smart spiritual leader or maybe you just become a no name participant in the gospel work in this great plan of salvation at that just doesn't matter it really doesn't matter what your reputation becomes what matters is that God is asking you to draw close to him and and to live your life entirely for his glory What matters is that Jesus needs a lunch and you've got 1 to share and the metaphorical lunch whatever that might be of Jesus needs it then you've got something for him and you can give that lunch to him What matters is that when somebody defies the living God you can be his advocate what matters is that when God whispers into your ear you'll be listening and you'll say here I speak Lord your servant is listening and what matters is that when you face unbeatable odds when you're down and outs you still refuse to dishonor God. Those those character things you can be that no matter your age you can have those that diligence and strength of character I'm not saying that you shouldn't look forward to the future your future is going to be fantastic it's going to be filled with joy and possibility and hope and wonderful things and you're going to be pastors and ministers and teachers and missionaries and leaders and all of those things I'm sure that those things are going to happen in many of your lives but don't spend your days ignoring the presence with some suggested a hope of the future recognize that God has called you now don't wait for somebody else to call you when God has called you that's sufficient begin to do what God has put in front of you others will see it eventually don't worry about that it's not really important it's important that God calls you in that you say yes let him worry about whether or not your future will be written in the history of Christianity and celebrated by men or simply recorded in heaven and praised by God like God worry about that let God worry about your reputation your income your upward mobility start today with surrender give God all that you have listen to his voice and be willing to take the simple next step maybe for you that's saying I need to talk to that Robert or any guy because I think that and good next step is going to be for me to be a a literature Vangelis or maybe that's it to talk to Ted Everett and say I'd really like to connect with you know something that will help me to step out in ministry CAN I BE PART OF A S I I don't know what the next step for you is maybe it's just to take a simple thought that you had from God this morning and share it with the person sitting next to you and not not keep it to yourself. God asks us to do simple things and whatever that simple thing in front of us give it to God and say I'm here I'll do that and then he'll take you to the next step and to the next and to the next Joshua he's an 80 year old man and he is standing in front of people having lots of experience and he was a young man at 1 point but he's developed now he says now therefore fear the Lord and serve Him insincerity and faithfulness and if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord choose you this day whom else you will serve but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord and I hope that when you get to be that old woman or old man you'll be standing in heaven. That's my hope but but I hope that you'll be able to look back and look around and say you know what whatever anybody else sense I've got history with this God and I'm going to serve him. Choose today who will be using. 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