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1. Snapchat, Selfies, and Salvation

Dee Casper


Dee shares how a Biblical approach to social media can supercharge our evangelism efforts, and lead many souls to Christ.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • March 22, 2018
    9:15 AM
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OK So this 1st session at 3 is called Snap Chat selfies in cell vision and we're basically dealing with the topic of social media and. I'm excited about it I hope you're excited about it I think it's relevant it's helpful and we're just going to be covering basic moral principle and overall principles of social media the 2nd session will deal with people who are doing it well principles for you to be able to do social media will of angels tickly and then the 3rd session is going to be kind of a. Exclusive opportunity I'm going to show a program that hasn't released yet through air T.V. platform called. Animal encounter season 2 some episodes that have been released yet half segment because there are 3rd 2 there's basically 2 episodes per half hour so really 1 of those some of our other programming is just kind of explain what's coming in the future of digital media for the avenues church so let's begin with a word of prayer and then we'll start or time together God thank you for the privilege to have this time together thank you for such a beautiful message I think you are the special music before the message that touched my heart but I also want to thank you for Chad's message and is pretty good bless us now with your presence to help us to manage your time wisely and that what is shared would be helpful in relevant to those present and I ask this now in Jesus' name amen snap chat selfies and salvation so did you know that in action 19 the Apostle Paul actually got the gospel to go viral in the 1st century did you know that turns me to accept a 1000 going to give kind of a Biblical framework for why I think social media is important and then we'll come back. Acceptor 19 how many people have heard of a place called ethicists ever and ever since the book of fusions was written to the church at Ephesus John died as the pastor of emphasis in that area once he was released from Patmos Timothy was the pastor deficit for a while on poles right into his 2nd Timothy I believe and and accepted 19 my little sub heading for the top of the chapter says Paul at ethicists So he went to the synagogue in verse 8 and spoke boldly for how long for 3 months reasoning and persuading concerning the things of the Kingdom of God But when some were hard in and did not believe but spoke evil of the way before the multitude he departed from them and withdrew the disciples reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannosaurus and this continued for how long 2 years so that all who dwell where in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews in Greek so you know why is this interesting and relevant and so forth well Paul this is kind of an artist of the picture. There this is kind of an artist depiction of the school Tyrannosaur it looks like a college lecture hall of the chalkboard I don't think Paul used 1 of those and I know we certainly didn't have a ceiling fan but you get the basic idea that if he's if he's preaching in the school for 2 years and doesn't leave the school for 2 years how is it that the entire Roman province of Asia hears the gospel. Ever wonder like how is it if he stays in 1 place the entire Roman province of Asia hears the gospel will Jews and Greeks Well how did that happen well some people came they heard Paul preach that matter amazing and they go home and they share with the people they know then other people come they hear the gospel and they go home and share with people that they know it's the equivalent of someone who says hey I like that and they get like and share on their profile right and got it he literally gets the gospel to go viral in the span of 2 years while never leaving the location where he was socially the act has very similar capabilities that you can be in 1 physical geographical location and impact people all over the world without leaving where you are now how this is the way the school tyrannous was designed the school trance is basically this place that it was basically for the intelligentsia of his day that they were using this place as a lecture hall in the morning but it wasn't used after that so from mid to late morning to the heat of the day it was too hot for people to be working in the fields so they would come to the school tyrannous and they were looking to hear new ideas and they were killing time they had nothing else to do it was the place where people with it to kill time and to hear new ideas where you think I'm going with this. So I believe that social media is the new school tyrannous is the place where people are killing time and looking for new ideas after school and after work but let's just be honest many people are doing this during school and during work aren't they some of us need to repent to our professors. Some staggering statistics the current according to Mr Google the world population right now is 7600000000 people OK 3800000000 half of that figure are on the Internet. Literally half of the world is on the Internet right now so this is where I I'm going to go into this immediately this is where I have a beef with people saying that you know there's all these bad things on the Internet the problem is there's bad things in the mission field does that mean that we're not going to go did does that mean that no one's going to reach the people in these hostile places like you know Somalia another place how are these people going to hear the gospel just because bad stuff happens there does not mean that these people are not valued by jesus Someone has to tell them about Jesus now are you responsible enough and strong enough to be able to handle being in that environment maybe not and you shouldn't be there but there are people who will need to be there so that this cast off an entire mission field because bad stuff happens to be in the area if that's the position that Jan Andrews took we would not be a global movement are you with me so we need to think through our statements this is where we fall into this Jew day in this 1st century Jewish mindset that we just hate everything that isn't like us right and if bad things are happening that means all the people there are bad and aren't worthy of being saved that's what we're projecting we don't realize that that's what we're saying stay away from those people because they do bad things the problem is there's still people that Jesus died for that are made in the image of God and need to be reminded of the fact that they're made in the image of God and we have to break this prejudice mentality that those people there are people all of them in Paul says that I'm a debtor both to Jews and to Greeks. David Platt in his book Radical taking back your feet from the American dream says that we owe Christ to the world. We owe that to the world to someone has to tell them that's my point so we need to break that prejudiced bigoted mindset that is easy to get in and reform based movements and our reforms are a huge blessing by the way you don't need to run for the reforms we just need to be a white Jesus we believe in the reforms and we need to be missional right in the way that we approach things 2800000000 people are active on social media a lot of them 1000000000 people are active on Facebook it's a little like the largest country in the world if it were to be a country Facebook is 100000000 people use Instagram every month 91 percent of retail brands used to or more social media accounts by the way. I'm willing to give these slides to you I see the earth was you guys get is having it from them so you had to worry about taking pictures or taken a crazy knows to sit back and enjoy the ride or the audio to ensure that as well Internet users have an average of 5.5 for social media channels I want to ask you if you have that many but you've got to get you to be got Does anyone here actually use Google plus OK I did I just didn't know that was that so I don't see anything more I just don't know if people actually use it so you 4 percent of Facebook users and 50 percent of Instagram users visit those sites daily social media use increased by 482000000 since January 2 161 1000000 new active mobile social users are added how frequently every day that's 12 a 2nd. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60000000000 messages a day 60000000000 messages are sent daily through whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. On any given day snap chat reaches 41 percent of the demographic that we lose as 7th Day Adventists by the bucket loads 18 to 34 year olds on any given day they reach 41 percent of them that was before 1 of the general girls started trashing on them sort of that number is going down or not 50 percent of 18 to 24 year olds go on Facebook when they wake up I used to own a Bible here's how many of them are picking up 1 of these when they 1st wake up in the morning yeah but they could encounter the living Christ based upon what you're posting possible average daily time use on social media and 2016 was 118 minutes now I'm not going to go crazy biblical in you right now but that's nearly a tithe of their day. How many of you are spending a 118 minutes doing spiritual things in your day right how many of us fall in that category with the spin 180 minutes on social media this is kind of a regional overview of Internet users in millions OK So East Asia is killing you know $923000000.00 South Asia $585000000.00 so you put those 2 together like that's well over a 1000000000 and a half people basically just in Asia then Africa and West Europe are basically around the same 13633353 then have Southeast Asia as has even more the North America 320000000 and so forth but these are the people who have access which I don't know what the population is in the United States but I'm sure 320000000 is pretty close. All right profiles for social media networks 1900000000 users on Facebook You Tube 1000000000 Instagram 600000000 Twitter 370000000 snapchat 300000000 Here's while this matters the Apostle Paul is mouth would be watering if he could access this many people this easily. Now is he to be taking those crooked neck selfies everyone takes no but would he even understand that was looks uncomfortable to me but I guarantee you that the 1st century church if they had access to this this is the new publishing work or our pioneers took the publishing work very seriously they were innovators for us like that their books books are old right but whenever they did it was revolutionary right we were some of the 1st ministries involved in radio and television but for digital media for ever reasons we've really drug our feet we've been more afraid to enter this mission field and the Mormons are killing us right now and I don't mean this is an us versus them but they're blowing it up right now they're finding ways to create relevant content to engage people that doesn't you know advertise the strange aspects of their faith they don't throw out those things I must mention some of them but there was a guard of the tongue that stopped it on its way out praise the lord amen pray for me. And some of you may be asking the question this bears asking they'll be yeah isn't there bad stuff on social media like you know should we really be there I mean there's terrorist propaganda right ISIS got a whole lot of followers on Twitter I don't mean in a twitter sense right they get all the ideological followers there's violence on social media there's cyberbullying will close with that thought pornography it's a status picture I could use or they're getting kicked out here I still have some messages to share Facebook why this is about a year ago where. Facebook Live isn't the problem the problem is there is on the filtered content being created live by users who just want to tension and people like Logan Paul another face or You Tubers who just do radical even harmful things to other people praying hurting people or whatever when you do things like this it you realize weak people get lots of attention when I do mean cruel things I should do that and there was a group of young people in Chicago who literally kidnapped a mentally disabled person and torture them live on Facebook now if you're smart. When you broadcast something on Facebook Live you're broadcasting something from your profile that people can see and know so they found them very easily after this happened because it was their so doing strange things their spiritual ism and I don't just mean beyond say videos I mean other stuff too and addiction and how social media shapes the brain this is where I want to go next there yes there or bad things there were the question is how do we navigate that and has God called me to that mission field because we don't want to take the position of God calls people to do you know work in secular environments that's true but did God Kohl you to that environment. Just because God calls people there does not mean that God calls you there and if you can't control yourself and you don't have the ability to navigate those well that's probably not we're God is calling you right now. So we need to ask the question is God calling me there and how do I do it responsibly that's kind of where we're going next so addiction and how social media shapes the brain this is a commercial that 18 T. released on the Face Book. Ever been there this is tearing me up inside you know but what if they sent me in a mode you know what do I say. How many people are watching Asap SCIENCE videos OK Don't tell them I'm using this. So this is a way where they're communicating some of the science behind how social media is changing our brain. With social media sites being used by 1 3rd world clearly had a major influence on society but what about our part your final crazy ways that social media and the Internet are affecting your brain right national can't log on surprisingly 5 to 10 percent of Internet users are actually only able to control an assigned is going online with a psychological addiction as opposed to it's not since addiction brain scans of these people actually show a similar program in a region that goes with drug and into not specific because it clear degradation of white matter in the regions that role emotional processing attention and decision making because national media provides an immediate reward with very little effort required your brain begins to requires out making you desire these did elations and you be integrated more of this neurological excitement after each interaction sounds a little let it dry right we also see a ship when looking at multitasking you might think that those you thought in media or constantly switch between working when things are better multitasking bloodstains abound that 1 computing the media users to others in are more much worse during task switching tasks increase multitasking online it reduces your brain's ability to filter out interference in thank you even in your heart of your brain to commit information to memory when when you're from others in the middle of a productive work or when did it even by has been to buy brains and dream is a relatively new psychological phenomenon when you think you've got your front door locked but if you didn't in 1 study the neighbors and it has others that they experience this at least once every 2 weeks it would seem better brains that receive an image of the natural vibration from are gone as crazy as it seems technology has begun to rewire our nervous system and our brains are being triggered in a way they never have before in history social media also triggers a release of dope me in the field in chemical using M.R.I. scans scientists found that the rewards and reason people's brains are much more active when they're talking about their own views as opposed to listening to others not so surprising we all are talking about ourselves right but it turns out that while 30 to 40 percent of face to face conversations involve communicating our own experiences around 80 percent. Oh. Really orgasms of the nation and world are stimulated by your search for meaning and even more so when you knew you. Were gone it's been theologically rewarding you were talking about yourself. Did you get that last line our bodies are physiologically rewarding ourselves for talking about ourselves online it's not that big a deal the problem is we as human beings are selfish and stuff by default this is actually making even worse not helping. And also notice that the very areas of our brain that have to do with intimacy and relationships are activated when we get notifications online this is 1 of the big reasons why depression and loneliness is commonly experienced alongside heavy online usage because it doesn't deliver like relationships do doesn't offer the same fulfillment and so your brain is going there to get the feeling that the feeling isn't as deep and lasting as the real deal and so you start plunging into depression and this is why loneliness and depression are on the rise particular people have heavy on line usage some connections there. So if you probably recognize this guy he is a straight up in the New Age kooky stuff but his video on this is very very good we have another really good 1 on coconut oil but. Yeah it is yeah so he's what he does is he uses satire to deal with real issues and in ways that are actually quite quite helpful so this is names G.P. series but this is a thing he does on the topic of our phones. It is sure that people share their phones 150 times per day this is horrible and I think we can do better I know you vision or work you will have enough interests energy that very driven a tractor comes at least $600.00 times per day. To be more addicted to I wish in this life is to make sure that every man woman and child has their way through the recession and always have been in their lives and always been on my phone. And included There's even while I'm actually wasting my time you need to be hyper vigilant about what's going on in your field if there is something happening that you don't know about then other people know something useless but you don't know that only a few of us significant person that President can see me. That I'm missing out and that something is there anything out that I refuse to miss that you need to have all well educated understanding of how bad things will get if you're not on 1 side and when an hour without looking at my arm what happens my family has signed me on that receipt and again. Alan Baker and I think about it because I get a killer dog we're going to need your hands on seconds each time it took me. And then I feel anxious again and inevitably Milde is the thoughts and feelings that you don't want to experience every year so you'll want to position your phone in 1 of you know the securities or when it is your phone and that keeps your attention here which means you're not in an engine what's going on here which is a deal and I'm sorry to get graphic but look what would happen if you don't have your phone. Your attention with searching the office you. Remember when you mindlessly scrolling you're not looking for something you care about looking is what you care about when it helps comes and understand that if you don't get it right over. When you become irrelevant to the person and something you simply won't matter to them at this point in your anxiety levels should be at least and I know this one's fired you to appropriately disrupt what you're doing check your tags and avoid getting lost in the sea of the real. Go ahead. When you're encountering something wonderful it can bring you joy unless you hold your phone between an experiencer it uses from 1 of those under social media you can see other people seen you see something wonderful and that are very real joy you know you're in the great crack when other people pick up your phone and then you reflexively take out yours even though you have no idea what you want to look at and it doesn't matter just. How people live without being under devices constantly according to history if you look at crimes where people existed without mobile devices you'll see that they're all dead now. But recombinant of those kinds of things are the studies show that if they're not posting useless stuff that not now are honest they're out of it as a way of making people notice me people forget about me and all these 2 things that I don't get that is that for safety reasons you always want to have a backup battery charger with you we're going to outer space without backup oxygen you know they will not be presented on so what would happen to you if your phone ran out of power or something worse you'd experience yourself because I'm going from this innocent of all the. Trouble. I'm going through the system there's a whole world inside your phone door. So there's a lot of truth to what he's saying and again the Babylonians are lapping us when it comes to addressing some of these things but he's getting like millions of views but addressing real issues that we would address and what would happen if your phone died you'd have to experience yourself. Which seems to be implying that 1 of the reasons why we're losing ourselves in these devices is because we don't want to deal with what's going on on the inside and that's where we're going next but the reason why there's a reason we get all these notifications about what other people are doing right I don't know if you have the same obsessive compulsive I have it that I do but whenever I open my i Phone and there are these red circles with numbers in them they must die. Like I cannot believe that people have like 4000 on radio e-mails I can't I can't handle that. Ricky. Early on that your dad needs help. So yeah it's 1 of those things I just can't do it so I had to check them but the problem is some of them are not even notifications about what people looked at from my post it's like hey someone so put something in their story and but they do this because they're trying to hook you back again Twitter is 1 of the worst about this and so they're trying to pull you back in but here's the thing you don't have to chase the notifications you can check them on your terms and not theirs they literally have all kinds of scientists who are doing studies to figure out what are the best colors to use 1 of the best sounds to use 1 of the best methods to use to get you back in their entire job is to bring you into the ecosystem because once they get in you see their advertisers they can control your emotions and how you think and how you feel and get you to go from 1 of motional state to another 1 intentionally how they organize the post in your feed is intentional So these are things you have to be aware of so important thoughts 1 all addictive behavior is us attempting to numb pain that we're feeling in our life that's true. So the follow up question then would be what thoughts of my trying to avoid right now when you find yourself compulsively reaching for the phone what thoughts are you looking for. What things you're trying to avoid and 3 have I brought my brokenness to Jesus or my looking to the attention of others to fill that void right is human sympathy and attention and response what I'm doing as a counterfeit right is some means of compensation for brokenness and would in this that I have in my experience it had was introspective thoughts is the cause that I'm posting about my way of escaping my real brokenness is my obsession with women's ordination environmental ism with politics with Donald Trump with gun stuff is my abs the Trinity or lack thereof is my compulsion to post and talk and rail on people about these things my means of medicating myself and my self-worth. Is running down other people my way of feeling better about myself is my addiction to theological controversy my means of masking my brokenness and insecurity and that's actually more of an older person issue not a younger person issue they're not the ones killing each other and being cannibals over that it's the other issues that they're doing that on so does running so and so Dell numb the pain in the insecurity that I feel right real questions to be asking ourselves. So helpful steps you choose when you reply and look now somebody else right so you reply on your terms on your conditions ask yourself a question why am I here I'm not going to ask you to raise your hands but I'm willing to bet that you all would raise your hands how many people have found themselves in the hands in your head how many people found yourselves on social media and like an hour goes by and then you forget why I even went there you would for a specific purpose for old people as happens with like everything they do and they get up and leave the room like and and then they just forget like why they are in the room and so they just go back together I'm hoping that thought comes back but for us we do it here right and just going right you justify we justify interest because we already know we shouldn't be there you know I'm just going to go for this there's no guard right there's no warden you're reporting to it your conscience already tell you you don't need to be there no I'm just going to go for X. and like an hour's worth of cat videos later you're asking yourself Why am I here and like I'm late for school I didn't feed my children I don't know whatever it may be like why am I even here and we don't even know we forget why we came in the 1st place so ask yourself or even get on social media why am I going what are my intentions right if you need to have a little white board next to your cellphone to give you like a check off list and do it you've got to do right I encourage people to treat it like the post office right when you go to the post office you drop off mail and you pick up mail but you don't live there how creepy with that being right of people to set up a couch in the middle the post office just hang out all day people don't do that right so I do I'm striving to treat it like the post office where I have a specific purpose I'm sitting things out and taking things in and I'll be back tomorrow right that's an ideal situation I mean purple heard the phrase Don't shop when you're hungry. Yeah this this is not the time to be going to social media whenever you're lonely when you're longing for something that's not the time to go because you just keep going and going and going and going hoping for something to fill that hole and if you've ever been really bad about it I used to be that way with the news too like there's nothing to do but like they're just running the same stories they ran last night when it's in the morning and so like the only real option to be fed is to stay away but what do I do with myself in between now and later and it's not really stimulating us but we're just hoping for some poster something that will kind of help us that's not what we're looking for am I looking for affirmation and attention is that why I'm posting right now I would strongly encourage you to take an hour when you wake up an hour before you go to bed device free they actually make Bibles in print now I don't know if you're aware of this but you can actually buy 1 of these at your local A.B.C. I bet you got like 50 of them in your house anyway. Bless the poor children in Africa who don't sew or Asia or wherever it may be so read a real Bible I'm not opposed to digital I can't do digital books I'm just horrible at it but he went in the morning in the evening when you're communing with God used books they make him mills in book form if you sing. The Spirit of Prophecy the entire spirit of prophecy collection they will for I know they started with the app but they started releasing now book versions and like everything this lady has ever written you can find in book form right except the materials they stop that but anyway and other things but my point is spend your 1st hour on your last hour every day devise free get away from them right just take some time to this unwind to not let that stuff get you going be honest with yourself if you need to take time away do it but deal with the root issues of why you're addicted Otherwise you just may jump back in maybe you've done 1 of those pious Facebook fast before. And you make this magnanimous pose to all your friends you know after a long thoughts of prayer and reflection I realize that I'm just spending too much time on Facebook and I'm leaving Facebook because it's taking too much of my time and it's hindering my relationship with God Man that sounds good and and I'm not saying it's not sincere at the time but the problem is many times whenever that month goes by We'd just been right just just absolutely go ahead along and what was the point of leaving if you didn't deal with the root issues or why you left so makes sense so it would be good for us to take that introspection according to the slide selfie is a picture taken of a person by that person but actually I've developed a phrase and don't steal this for me I call it selfie ish ness it's basically that social media again has reprogram the way that our brains operate to make us even more selfish than we used to be right and Anyway just some things that we need to be thinking about we need to think about what we're thinking about now a lesson from the life of what So in Genesis Chapter 19 I'm going to review for time's sake but I will have a couple verses on the screen but in Genesis Chapter 19 Saddam is going down in T. minus 8 hours or whatever. And the end is go into the city they want to stay in the courtyard lot says no you're coming to my place now will be fine if you come into my place some stuff happens we know about that moving on now but the text says an X. is Genesis Chapter 19 should be. No this is 1 what 1st went there it says Genesis Chapter 13 of verse 13 that the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord they have a question for you does this sound like a place you want to be raising your kids does it sound like they're filming Sesame Street here. No right the men of Sodom were exceedingly sinful and we get we get in sinful against the Lord and yet for whatever reason this is the place that last decides to live right Abraham says you go if you go right I'll go left if you go left I'll go right and lot chooses Vegas right they've got a whole foods they've got libraries they've got Trader Joe's and earth fair I'm going there I'm in they've got an Apple store and so this is where he ends up moving and he moves his entire life into this place right he 1st gets a woman when he gets to the city because the other people are rebelling he's the kings over this area and they get taken captive Abraham hears about it beats the bad guys brings them back and what Lot does not know when he's taking captive is that someone's coming to save him and lots of mind he's a dead duck right like he's in a lot of trouble and he knows he shouldn't be there but the interesting thing is when you get to Genesis chapter in 1000 after all this has happened what is what living in the city the same in outpost the same a center of influence his whole life is wrapped up in a place to be never should have been but the dissonance the tension of the story is that Lott is referred to as a righteous man you have a rightist man who is comfortable in the midst of foolishness and it causes difficulty not just for him but for his children. Now when the angels tell them you need to get out here is initial response is you know you're right you're right you know on the call you hold a moral on a schedule truck for next week we're going to yardsale right maybe get us out to Goodwill Yeah he doesn't understand the seriousness in the imminence of the situation he said I don't think you get it then you need to leave need to leave now go tell your family and get out so when he goes to speak to his sons in law he's got 2 daughters and he's got 2 daughters that are married apparently according to the narrative who are in the city because it sounds a lot into virgin daughters and then he has his wife so when he goes to tell the sons in law you guys have to get out of here this place is so wicked it's so bad God is going to destroy this place it's 1 thing in the face of God it's all going to burn the text literally says that to his sons in law he seemed to be joking you ever wondered why just imagine being the sons in law you know you didn't seem to be this worried but we could go in this place really is all that bad why do you live here no 1 would take him seriously and many of us are so comfortable around the world the things that I say many of us I mean just as a movement I'm not going to corner any of you I don't know your stories but we're so comfortable around worldly things that we really think much about it anymore right we're very comfortable around them and we just assume that somehow some day once we see a Sunday law passed then we're going to get serious about Jesus then we're going to get our act together and then whenever we tell people who are under severe of influence that we do worldly things with or at least are comfortable around when we tell them to get out we're going to leave 1st of all that we actually think that we're going to want to leave at that point in time and 2 we think we're going to pull them out Genesis 1000 doesn't read that way that's the problem and Jesus says as it was in the days of Lot So it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man what was going on. Right yes and the count of foolishness right comfortable in the midst of foolishness so what's concession and his comfort killed his witnessing potential and when the day of judgment came his ability to see people and pull out of the environment was severely hampered don't kid yourself if we're that comfortable around the world leave foolishness and we think that we're going to want to leave which lot who've been claw the whole time L. White says specifically that Lot's wife die because he tarried the right this guy who had a devotional life right had his kids watch Veggie Tales whatever right he the righteous guy was comfortable in placing his kids in a caustic worldly environment while trying to live a writer's life and it didn't work and if someone was to look at your Facebook feed your Twitter feed your snap chat even the ones that disappeared which I guarantee you they don't disappear there somewhere. The N.S.A. Thank you. What would people think right just as comfortable around solutionis foolishness righteous what would they see introspective time right what is referred to as a righteous man but his righteousness didn't save his family once he presumptuously moved his whole life in to Sodom and we need to think about that right. Because the they didn't fare out well now the new Alpo center how many people even heard of an outpost in her 1st of all I mean people who heard the phrase I'm going to ask if you know what it means how many people heard the phrase outputs in her hands high like you're unashamed All right the redundant. So what is now posted or if the missionary community outside of a city that prides education restoration and preparation for a work this to be done in the city notice we're not hiding from the boogie men storing ammunition and M.R.E. is that or villian to save our own skins God never intended for outpost sinners to be about seeding me outpost sinners were for the means of saving souls and you have the privilege of being involved so what is holding up to save ourselves we've missed the entire point and there's more of us than we would like to admit and the means rumors mean in a general sense but not only do they have a place outside of the city the intention is that they have stablished a center of influence inside of the city to win the trust and friendship of the people and they have a great example here in a moment all with the goal of making intentional efforts to win their souls a center of influence last week I was doing a week of prayer at a school in church school in south Georgia Columbus 1st beautiful people it's right next to you G. pines I didn't know it until I got there you chew Pines has a restaurant slash health food store called Country life and this place is killin it y'all I went in there on a Thursday and they were packed with people who are not 7th Day Adventist who are not vegetarians lining up to eat delicious healthy food cooked with love by 7th Day Adventists who live in the country but serving in the urban center. And they're killing it right now their sales are better than they've ever been and you'll never believe it that's an industry for you cheap pines which is helping you cheap Heinz financially do well I don't know what their whole state is over there in the Reckon it rate in the black where I do know is this business is profiting more than it ever has and that's positive for the Alpo Center which by the way is also serving people that are hiding off to themselves and they're getting like 15 people per term whenever they do their treatments and the majority these people again are not Adventists and non christians being served in love with the right arm of the gospel I think that's amazing that's what our post centers were meant to be why do I say that God has not called us to live in social media but he has called us to influence people in and with social media you know stand a difference you don't live in the city that's not where you sleep at night that's not what your whole world is surrounded with but it is your mission field you live outside of the city there's a place where you live there isn't infected by that foolishness right where you can get away from it where you can come aside and rest awhile I believe this is the way they got it have is to engage in social media ministry if that's the call that God has given you this is what we're told I think this is a message to young people regarding the situation with what and again that reference will be here in a 2nd we should choose the society most favorable toward spiritual advancement and avail ourselves of every help within our reach for seeds and will oppose many hundreds is to make our progress towards heaven as difficult as possible in short Satan does not want you to succeed in the Christian life case you weren't aware he doesn't like you and misery loves company but. We may be placed in trying position for many cannot have their surroundings what they would but we should not voluntarily expose ourselves to influences that are and favorable to the formation of Christian character right this is where it falls in the category of God calls people to live in hostile places that's true has God called you there ask that question how much of my time involvement should be invested here notice I'm striking a very balanced position here has huge potential for the Gospel but it's not for everyone if you have 0 self control and it's pulling you away from God right is seeing suggestive images lead you from Facebook to some other website is this a place that God would have me right if I can't get my mind out of what's going on in entertainment I can't get my mind as it is being heavily addicted to sports or politics Lord Jesus have mercy of the neighbor that's not the place for me and that's OK you're not a bad person for that that's not where God would have you to be that's OK There's other mission fields for you right the harvest is plenty when duty calls us to this when we are called to those places we should be doubly watchful and prayerful why so that through the grace of Christ we may stand uncorrected notice people do get called there but don't just assume that because God calls people there will be fine no we need to be doubly watch 1 prayerful we should be self distrustful in environments like that some counsel and things to avoid Can I go and are right there are people in the 7th Day Adventist Church who are drinking the Kool-Aid from the Liberals and the conservatives and it's literally clouding the way that they view Scripture like it or don't it's true and it's tainting the way that we view the people around us. And we start living our life in binary code you're a 1 or you're is 0 you're with us or you're against us and that same poisonous vitriol that exists in the political sphere is infecting advantage them are you for women's ordination or against women's ordination are you for contemporary music are you against contemporary music I don't know if you're aware of this but liberal 7th Day Adventists and conservative 7th Day Adventists are 7th Day Adventists were brethren were on the same team right our goal is still moving in the same direction it ought to be now there are varying views of how they should operate and I like giving my opinion on any of these matters that's not the point my opinion really isn't all that valuable to be honest with you let's just stick to what the inspired writing say My point is that poison is happening out there is just as prevalent here and I see it in my Facebook feed things being written by 7th Day Adventists who should be ashamed of themselves and they look like cannibals and if you're aware of this people are not in the category of what's allowed to be eaten the Leviticus 11 we don't eat people right but if you go on some of the websites that our church members are setting up and I get it they're going to have their agendas right the conservatives have theirs they've got their websites with their articles of people posed in the liberals have their is where people post their articles and hate free press I get it for 1 those articles better be gracious. And not filled with vitriol and to what concerns me even more than the articles is the comment sections and what's happening in these comments sections is sinful and the administrators of these websites have to do something about this. We are empowering our brother in to stumble to violation of Romans 13 and causing my brothers to stumble because of this it's shameful guys Jesus has nothing to do with that it's not good if you can't have civil discourse with someone who doesn't think as you think are you actually a Christian do you check your Christianity a door never someone starts talking about Trump do you check your Christian if the door is almost worth talking about Dan Jackson or Ted Wilson do you cease being a civil human being was almost always talking about guns or race rights or something else we don't think that's us we think it's everyone else that has that problem I know what I'm talking about I'm smarter then they're wrong and I must tell them that they're not right. Really we got to be careful with this stuff guys what I want you to do is a really big favor for me I'm not asking for much of the similar but I am asking this 1 be Christians I am asking that that should be clear but 2 I'm about to post a quote and if any of you have social media accounts I'm asking all of you to post this quote serious as a heart attack this is from the 88 Materials nothing frightens me more this is written in the. Eighty's or ninety's late eighty's probably early ninety's I think nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance manifested by our brethren not Babylonians not politicians our brother we are on dangerous ground we cannot meet together like Christians and courteously examine the controverted points it continues. I feel like leaving the place Ellen White saying this I feel like fleeing the place was I should receive the mold of those who cannot candidly investigate the doctrines of the Bible then listen to what she closes with those who cannot impartially examine the evidence is of a position that differs from theirs are not fit to teach in any department of God's Cause how many pastors and professors do you see posting things on social media where they're being critical and unchristian in their dealings with people who see things differently than they do I won't go so far as to say that she says revoke their credentials but that spirit has no place in our churches in our conferences or in our schools Amen let alone in our hearts believers are held to an even a higher standard in the eyes of God and you should know better than that 88 Materials 534.3 Yeah they're all 534.3 please do me the favor of posting this and more people can understand that this is not the way that we do business with 70 others Christians. Yeah 888534 point 3 What they'll do is do quickly. The other 1 has written and I don't know if it is visible but you can look it up. Right your head that you get so upset with what you see in your feed is 1 of 3 computer in the bath tub. That's how she felt and you know where people were having these knockdown drag out. In the review in the signs of the times we were using our publications to refute and to denigrate our own brethren. She said Shame on you should know better than that this is why Paul tells the Roman Church the church in Rome I should say and Rome is to verse 24 the name of God is blasting among the Gentiles because of you. Speaking to the church this isn't acceptable guys we can't do that but on the topic of bullying I wanted to share something here L.-Y. can actually understand people who have been bullied and dealt with she was hit in the face with a rock by a girl who is bullying her and this is what she says she says I as I became able to join in play with my young friends I was forced to learn the bitter lesson that our appearance often makes a difference in the treatment we receive from our companions Unfortunately the way that I look in the perfecting how people treat me she says it was the hardest struggle of my young life to yield to my feebleness and to decide that I must leave my studies and give up the hope of gaining an education she maxed out at the 3rd grade education because she was bullied and was physically incapable of going through schooling there's no benefit from this and you may be thinking why talk about pulling it out you're talking about people get on each other about theology Yeah that's bullying. No different just because you're quoting the Bible doesn't mean you're not bullying somebody making them feel like an idiot for having views different than you even if you are theologically on the right side of that discussion your heart is not you're wrong well being right and 2 wrongs don't make a right now I'm the cause of the story of a girl her name is Amanda Todd this girl was a teenager she this is what some people ask me like what's the 1st age that people should have access to social media and stuff I say the late teens mid to late teens and explain why their next session remind me about that because some of you may be really upset already blogs plain why this girl's story is a good example for what we did 1015 right. OK so this girl's story is a good example of this she was doing Web chats with people she didn't know so much she means people in some forum and they start doing Web chats back and forth with strangers she's like 14 maybe 1314 and this guy he keeps pressing her to reveal her upper regions to the webcam and she gives in and she does it what she doesn't know is that this person somehow took a picture when that happened and about a year goes by and a message or on social media and say hey if you don't give me another show I'm actually going to show this picture to everybody she's like No I'm not going to do that she tries to ignore him or her Christmas break the police show up to her house at 2 in the morning and it turns out that this picture has been sent to everyone the guy actually message her before this and said these are your parents' names these are your friends' names this is where you go to school they knew everything about this girl and I'm going to show all these people if you don't do this for me she didn't listen and it to get shared not just to her school so like for other schools in the area and this is what she says she says I can never get that photo back and it's out there forever there are young people in our movement who in moments of thought was nervous have sent pictures of themselves that they would never send to anybody but this person talked them into it and they told them on never show anybody that's never true it's never true and once something is out there digitally it's out there and she's like you never get it back people commit suicide over things like this and she is of leaving that school because she has made fun of by everybody the caller an idiot that she's stupid and there's giving her a terrible time so she moves to a different school and the guy does it again. I guess he starts a social media press profile and he uses that picture as the profile picture and shares that all around again and devastates or she gets a call so she's she's depressed right she's just feeling a horrible she's falling in a substance abuse now because all she's gone into just to kind of numb the pain that she's dealing with from all this bullying and nonsense from people in school and she gets a call from a guy who's a friend of hers and says hey you know my girlfriend's out of town I think you know where this is going and it happens she makes a mistake and the girlfriend finds out about it calls her out at school and at taunting her this group of like 15 people she gets a text actually like a week later and saying Get out your school get out of your school right now and she doesn't but 15 people surround her and this this girl friend of business someone says What are you waiting on just hitter and they do and she beats her up and for everybody and then this girl Amanda just goes and lays down in a ditch somewhere I think this is outside and her dad eventually comes in picture every parent comes and picks her up and what begins to ensue on social media is people taunting her because what she ends up doing she goes home and she drinks bleach she wants to end her life she doesn't want to do this anymore she can't take it anymore and when they end up posting it saying that she should try a different bleach I hope this time she isn't so stupid this is what young people are saying to other young people this is what's happening and what ends up happening to her she lives she doesn't die they keep posting all these things and she posted this video and it's on you it's on You Tube even now you just type Amanda Todd words her just going through these no cards telling her story and it's devastating she's crying out for help she's looking for somebody. And she closes her video this videos posted a few months before she actually is it taking her life all the warning signs were there no 1 acted but this is what she closes with I have no body and I need someone. How you must have felt that way why she gave herself away is why she made that bad mistake that's why she was chatting with strangers there was a hole in the side as Chad was talking about this morning what she didn't know that she wasn't alone. And she does have someone this name is Jesus. Someone's got to tell or there Amanda Todd's in your life right now in your sphere of influence right now and someone has to tell them that they're not alone that they have someone and if you are made to Todd right now you're not alone you have someone Jesus can actually relate to this girl's experience there's a chapter 53 averse to he was viewed as unattractive as if it is 3 in verse 3 he was rejected she dealt with rejection as if it is 3 in verse 3 and 52 in verse 3 you felt alone and actually think it should be 53 in verse 3 he thought alone in his grief he was physically wounded in Isaiah 53 in verse 5 just like she was and that he was quiet about the abuse were told as a 53 in verse 7 just like her she had a Savior that completely understood her pain he was ridiculed and mocked in Psalm 2268 just like her he was stripped and cried out to God for help in Psalm 2218 to 21 he was not violated but he was in a situation very similar to this if anyone's going through this situation Jesus can really he understands he was tempted to harm himself in Matthew Chapter 4 verses 5 and 6 to throw himself down from the temple just like her when she drank bleach just like her when she did taking her own life just like some of us were cutting. When we're burning we're making other self destructive decisions trying to feel like we have some form of control in our life because we feel powerless he was betrayed by someone who trusted in Matthew 26 verses 4849 he was tempted in his pain by drinking wine she was in alcohol and drugs to try to get rid of the pain Jesus attempt in the same way that wine vinegar mix on the cross was meant to numb the pain that he was to feel and he himself was publicly exposed and shamed in Matthew Chapter 27 verse 35 if you've been in a situation where there's pictures of you that are out there that you wish never happened Jesus understands publicly shame and from the entire city so if you've been bullied in abuse know that Christ with through this to be able to come for you in ways that nobody else can will cause of these 2 texts Hebrews Chapter 21718. He was Chapter 21718. Therefore in all things Jesus had to be made like his brethren why so that he might be a merciful in the faithful High Priest some things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in that he himself has suffered being tempted he is able to aid those who are tempted Why did Jesus have to suffer because you suffer and he did it to the he can help you while you suffer and he was Chapter 4 which is 14 to 16 knowing all what Jesus went through Paul says that seeing that we have such a great high priest has passed through the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our confession this is not the time to be letting go of Jesus for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with her weakness but was an all points tempted as we are yet without sin you know he says next. Because of this weather is therefore come boldly to the throne of Greece that we have taken mercy and find grace to help in time of need this is why Jesus had to several like you so that you would know that you could come boldly not be ashamed anymore Amanda Todd didn't know that the hopefully now you do. And whenever you find people dislike her you don't to tell them we have a Savior who understands So if you've been bullied or if you've seen people bullied do something about it what are you waiting on these signs were there for her it's not OK I would rather get in trouble for standing for the oppressed than to not be there when someone is hurting. Jesus says that in the AS MUCH AS YOU DID IT for the least of these my brother and you did it to me he's talking about people just like this precious girl we're more willing to share discussed over political religious things then we are to stand for people who are being oppressed and that's not OK watch things like this happen and we say nothing that's not OK So social media sin it depends are you using it or is it using you yeah that's the question groups it's an old slide but. To great ministry they're all right so I mean a call to the word of prayer and then I'm actually in a set aside time for questions at the end of the next 1 so we have questions write them down and then let's pray Father I think you that we're not alone. There we have someone and God I just pray that you would forgive us for the ways that we've not handled digital communication as we ought to pray that you come in abiding us that you would teach us to use this in a way that's pleasing to you in the ring author of glory to you forgive our sins today cover them with the blood of Jesus I pray and I ask this now in Jesus name. You know. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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