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2. How to Start a Viral Infection

Dee Casper


Dee shares how to use social media in ways that glorify God and lead people to truth.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • March 22, 2018
    10:30 AM
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God in heaven I think you that your love indeed knows no bounds that you have afforded us a tool to bring the Gospel to the world in a powerful way and I just ask that your guidance on how to do it well and that you show us what lessons we need to learn and I ask this now in Jesus' name amen All right so this is the 2nd of 3 who were good actually keep this cracked it's actually locked just so no 1 in that feeling they've encountered the closed door for any of those having to SR Ians out there hello all right and you can actually leave it yet it's like that came so 1 question that we get is when do I get my kids involved like when is it time for them to have access to these things so remind me of that at the end and I'll come back to that I don't know why not put that slide at the end that is probably the smart thing but anyway put that seed in your brain so the question is how do we engage in social media in a safe and responsible evangelistic way into what do I post so what we should be doing is seeking to grow relationships in friendships by connecting with people but not growing a love and tolerance for the things that ensnare them going to see the difference so we want to find it as many common bridges as we can but we also don't want to door so they're doing I had someone who messes me on Facebook this week oh man I had a powerful testimony shared my sermon last night and I forgot who will. Someone sent me a message on Facebook a few days ago asking me a question in the harmony with this very thing so they said. How do you respond to an old friend of the church wants my opinion on the music that they're making right at secular techno dubstep and I don't want to be rude but it doesn't sound good even from a worldly stance How do I encourage this person without encouraging the production of this type of music and my response to most of that's a tough 1 there really is no easy answer for it if I did stop there existed right that's a tough question how it works out. But I told you that what you can do is show love and encouragement to someone without endorsing what they do and you can just tell them that you're probably not the best judge of it right find easy ways it's you know I'm not a musician that probably isn't the best thing for me I'm not the best. Person. But. I have a similar relationship with my brother and I kind of explain that to some degree but what I recommend is that we. Just Christians in general but the more reforms we have built into a movement the more prone we are to identify people with what they do so it's hard for us to distinguish the difference between someone doing something and that being who they are and that's a problem it's a really big problem because that's not the way that God deals with these people and basically falls into 2 categories are something called guilt and there's something called shame guilt is that since and they feel very similar on the inside guilt is that I've done something wrong in the purpose of guilt is a Godly redemptive 1 because it's to open your eyes of the fact that I've done wrong and that I need Jesus and Jesus is the very 1 who died to save me from my wrongdoing guilt is a good thing it's positive it leads us to Jesus shame on the other hand is that I am something wrong so guilty that I did something wrong shame is that I am the something wrong. I'm with thief I'm a liar right I'm an alcoholic I'm an addict I'm a homosexual I'm a whatever and what it does is it identifies you with the very thing that you do the problem is that's not the way that God intends to operate God does not define us based upon what we do he does not treat is it that's all will ever be or all that we are God doesn't operate that way and I'm very glad for that by the way but shame gets used not only you identify yourself with what you've done but you also feel so filled with self-hatred and unworthiness that you feel like you can't come to Christ so God uses 1 and Satan uses the other so it's easy for people who have more conservative principles and 1 of those by the way don't freak out. It's easy for us when we see people doing things that we don't like you know like the abominable swines flesh the watch bad movies they listen to rock music they listen to see see him right like they're there any way. They do this they do that and we just feel as though these people are lepers and I had to stay as far away from them as possible because X. is bad right this is bad and if so and so does this very very bad that's not the Gospel that's not the way that God views them but that is the way that many times people of principle treat folks who struggle with X. very bad they're the ones with the cooties they're the ones we have to stay away from that isn't the way that God operates what Chad share this morning was beautiful God is pursuing these people and God intends to use human instrumentalities to awaken these folks of the fact that God loves them. And the very people who are generally more prone to want to believe the Bible and the spirit of prophecy right could be some of the best candidates to bring these people to Jesus will go nowhere near them because they've got cooties because they do stuff that's bad and so in our minds we just lump person doing bad with being bad and that's not the way that God views him or you with me so when we're having these interactions we're seeking to grow relationships with people but we have to have boundaries we have to have barriers in the sense that there's things I just won't do right there's lines I just won't cross those places I'm just going to go but I'm going to invest in them are you with me this is the way that our relationship should be working and you can do that on social media find the ways that you can build bridges and you know don't do any form of endorsement of things that you're not in harmony with that you don't feel are the right thing the understanding and I think we're so afraid of bad things and doing the wrong thing and making wrong decisions that isn't causing us to have this analysis paralysis like we end up doing nothing and even running from people that aren't like us and that's exactly what the Jews do and that's why God couldn't use them to win the World we're repeating our history if we don't understand it so anyway I would encourage us to kind of do some self reflection Who are those people in my life that I saw Providence and how they were born and I see your influence but because they did stuff that I just and I kind of just defined them by what they did I missed a blessing they missed a blessing what if God ordained that I be in this person's life and be a light in their experience and I've run from them like the plague because I just they got issues they got this they got that it was some stuff for us to be thinking about so knows this is the principles I've been sharing with you the 1st 1 in the 2nd 1 these are only digital media principles or that you can apply this anythings how relationships work we should be a winsome people we should be intelligent right and how would your stuff to do your homework. Who was it that you're wanting to reach and then what is it the gets the gears turning and how can I find a common bond with them right fair questions easy stuff when you're posting think about what you're saying and how people who follow you or are friends with you would respond the non Adventists the non Christians the opposite end of the political spectrum of life face movement now we don't want to get analysis paralysis or get in this situation just be too afraid to do anything but just think stop for a moment when you're all jazzed up about what happened at annual Council stop when you're all jazzed up about what happened at the General Conference stop when you're all jazzed up after watching a 2 hour long sermon on you to really know the dirt of the church was half of it is even true stop watching it 1st of all it's heresy it's sinful and to stop and think before you post right there's basic principles is what I'm about to write in my frustration really going to be help in the kingdom of heaven right now or not if it's not you just don't post it or you find your of you need to know it's no problem there's no video camera here you can go this way. There's cables there. Yet just just be Weiss right we should be wise as serpents and harmless as Doug's. Doves are not the predatory birds if you're not aware. The defend their territory right so anyway just stuff to see so who should be able to see the posts 1 thing I strongly recommend that you do is take inventory if you want to post what I post a lot over in just inspirational thoughts from what I'm reading desire beaches or something else I'll post videos or do other things but like I travel do evangelism for a living right my my my social media account is need doing ministry just because that's my lifestyle right it's not a different persona for me if I need to just be religious because that's what I like I would not be doing what I'm doing if it didn't matter to me it was no part of my life I don't I don't have the ability to just live a lie in that sense I got problems I'm a hot mess you know don't get me wrong but I just mean in a general sense that I am not somebody who does this for any of the reason the fact that these things are ministering to me and I want to share them so my account may look different than yours you could be a college student be doing something else for a living and you're on a lot of secular people your post may look different than mine and that's OK That's no problem I'm no better no worse you're no better I'm no worse my point is Who is it that seeing what it is that you're posting and if you recognize you're not going to stay on the right posts only from the speed of prophecy or whatever there's ways you could actually keep people from seeing those posts while seeing the others OK and I would just kind of do an inventory of your Facebook list I can't because it's just I just say yes if I find out that their religious Adventist and not spam are nonsense I just say Yes I just don't stop anybody but. In your situation maybe a more selective or whatever that's fine but do an inventory just find out who is it that seeing what I'm posting where are these people where are they in life what are their needs in life what's the common ground that I could be posting about that could kind of get their wheels turning and make them inquisitive right. And you know you're like a long term we're not looking for quick fixes right of just these gotcha opposed to rope and no you want to build genuine relationships you're gardening you have to tell the story well you got to feed the soil right then you put in the sea but you still going to water it you've got to nurture it you've got to cultivate it then comes the harvest right this is this in the take time so winning is not T.V. dinner evangelism it doesn't work that way and if you want people to respond quickly you're in the wrong line of business because there's people involved and everyone's on a different journey moving at a different speed. Your determination your objective is to be in it for the long haul and it takes as long as it takes right maybe very slow maybe very fast whatever but take that inventory and there is this awesome setting on Facebook where we see this little globe thing you have already pre-determined what this is now he said if you're account right in your settings but if you're going to post this. Saying Ella white the the in time prophet of God says and then you put the above you can go to public and then you can go to the public can see this post to anybody even if they're not your friends so whenever they find you and they just go to see what you're about without even being your friend yet that's this friends is just what you think it is the people you've accepted friendships with who actually may not even actually be your friends and that funny and then you can say friends except don't show this to some friends and this playlist of sorts you can personalize it so I have 1 for all of my not having this family. Which is well my whole family but with the exception of almost my dad. So when there are certain things I need to deal with or an address I feel like they're not going to stand this they may take it the wrong way that I do friends except and then you can pick you know you're feeling activity I'm feeling groovy I'm feeling like Jesus is awesome I'm feeling whatever and then you can put your things out there and then you go that's fight their way this is a way that you can actually filter who sees what you do right so you can be a little more winsome in wise in who sees what you're doing to make sense that's 1 way now content is king right Charlie bit my finger is 1 of the greatest success stories of social media and what a travesty or hate Christians didn't win the day it was some British down in kid in a dog in a cell phone video but content is king right most of the most viral content that we see on the Internet is stuff that isn't made by Hollywood right that is it made of exceptional visual quality editing graphics after effects and all of that so nothing we as Christians should strive for excellence and unfortunately we as a movement have been cheap many times Adventists are known for being cheapskates but our education is really really really expensive I never really understood that bij occasion is an investment worth making but we're known as being cheapskates were the ones I asked for an advantageous discount were the ones I asked the mechanic in our church to fix our car we will pay them right we're the people who asked Adventists filmmakers to work for less than what people make it Burger King. And I say this in jest to some degree but it's true we've not been known as a people who invest in quality based on what people see this is why you'll see like Bible study designs are still 30 years old it looks like something from the eighty's right the problem is people are drawn particularly this generation we're talking about young people. There is statically driven if what you're making isn't visually appealing you're probably not going to get their attention so we should invest intentionally in things that would be helpful right that's never worth making when God had to make the same sure he didn't just say go to the junkyard he said take the finest things you can find right and when people saw the vision that God had given them and they did it according to the blueprint that God gave them not only did people give they gave more that was needed this is a model for us in our in our missional methods we should do it according to the blueprint which would let people see that God is at work and people should be giving and people gave more than enough many times and the end product was excellent God provided the excellent craftsman but if people don't give the project can't be done right we need to be intentional about this but my whole point is not everything is going to be stellar That is it being viral but we should be intentionally making stuff excellent Are you with me excellence doesn't matter we should be the head and not the tail Hollywood is lapping us in this regard right they don't have mistakes and what they make they have all the harmful foolishness but it comes the visual side they don't they invest in quality we as Adventists should be even more diligent use what gear you have my buddy Jasper refers to a term in filmmaking is called Gas gear acquisition syndrome I can make anything until I have X. piece of equipment that's not true you actually can make something right now. And what I would strongly encourage you to I'll talk about him in a moment so I'll come back to that but Jasper and I and another friend of mine who also talk about here in a 2nd we did a similar in G. Y.C. on these very topics and Jasper's to video to seminars they did a video of his so you can see all of it he edited his videos from a slide into the video and I would stronger making the recommend you guys watch as if you're creative I was stronger meant recommend you watch it even if you aren't I still think you find a bit of it because this can appoint other areas that we think all of them like if I just had X. that I could really do something for God Well if the pioneers took that position we never would still be in the Northeast right now. It's called stealing Lucifer's playground the same time as what I'm sharing this and it's on audio verse and. Yeah and his name will give you that the moment it seems Jasper Ivan the tree again Casey Neistat who's kind of the golden boy of youtube right now he he says some of the best advice that he ever got from someone who was Roman Atwood another golden boy from Youtube and the best advice he got was to just keep uploading just keep posting just keep uploading don't let your thoughts it has to be perfect before I do anything perfectionism is not the way that God operates many times it's detrimental to the Christian experience into life in general if something isn't you know of what are what I think it is to be I don't do anything the problem is you're not doing anything you're with me and so it's best to take that step forward and do what you can with what you've got and you may find the biblical principle come to pass that those who are faithful in little will also be faithful in much be faithful what you do have many people in David actually had a sermon a Jew I see a few years ago and in that message I think is called Stern which it got so amazing like 2003 as I see a few years ago when you probably were born yet. And that's scary Were you born yet in 2003. 2 Dozen 2 all right just made it. So anyway he had this sermon called store which you got it absolutely amazing if you can find it online but he has this line Reese is that the enemy of current action is his future ambition the enemy of current action is future ambition some day I want to do something for the Lord some day I want to be a missionary and for many of us Sunday never comes because we did nothing with what we had Use what you do have stirrer what she got right that's the point so just keep uploading and you'll find that by doing you learn more than just hoping to create the perfect masterpiece postings that are relevant to young people what they wrestle with Man I don't know if I have time to get into this. I don't think I do but I do get better all right so I am in the talks right now with my best friend Mark Payton who's a filmmaker with 3 B.N. we're designing a program for them at their request for young people and some of you may be thinking young people don't watch the review and you're right they don't but many of them don't we've gotten this Brinda and then we have. People middle age of retirement but there's a huge gap in the middle they recognize that that's why they asked us to help so 1 of the things they asked us to do is were to make 15 minute link episodes a program called Rock question that the title is in dispute the patent office rejected a request so we have to nail this down but something along the lines of raw questions on this answers raw questions relevant answers we really wish you could have been wrong questions really answers but they get rejected so we're settling so it's not our fault the patent office is full. Anyway it's a it's a Q. and A program where young people can swing for the fences and ask the hard heart issue questions if you want if you've got questions about the 7 trumpets go talk to John McCain what we're dealing with is stuff that's crippling our young people that no 1 wants to talk about and we're giving them a safe place to anonymously bring these questions forward and Mark and I do in these communities at schools and other places not seen God really really bless So I have in my hand here are questions that are coming from predominantly conservative young adults in our church are you ready to hear the questions are asking OK I know we only have to say I will then God will do his work in us but how how do I have assurance how do I know that I'm in the right path. How can I overcome pride everyone has different views on what's worldly so seriously what's the correct view if you don't know God had never heard about him then you will go to hell right so why are we going around the world telling everyone about him and yeah before Jesus comes ever only hear about them but what about the people who die before he comes and it wasn't their choice to hear about on well they go to hell simply for hearing about something having the info but not applying it how do you overcome commitment issues how can you be satisfied with only god. How can I experience God's love for me personally do I really have to give up pop music except to get into heaven as long as it isn't cussing or saying bad things I've even hit the heavy stuff you can there be a good successful and Christian like courting indeed your relationships under God well being in a high school I have a friend she's lost faith in God So she's in the crowd oh yeah not here and I would just appreciate if you would talk about these questions she has asked and had no idea how to answer them how do you know God exists or is real why does he never answer me or answer my prayers How is the Bible accurate and where did it come from. I haven't sorted these before him so forgive me for this pause when I got baptized I kind of felt God you know but I don't have that all the time anymore am I supposed to feel God I had this friend and they always make me feel bad like I don't think they even mean it but I've known them for many years and we're really close I guess but they drifted and they treat people different kind you know like they have I've only known them for less even though they've only known them for less I don't know if they hate me but I need to know how to handle it this is what God wants for me to do I want to know how God has helped me with this problem man where's the heavy stuff give me a 2nd here because this is the only questions are about salvation like every 2 how do you have a connection with Jesus like people say that's the only way to have salvation but nobody ever explains how I need help I just don't get it this is 1 of the things that can happen whenever you have a movement that focuses a lot on the reforms and we bring a lot to the table is we do a very good job we specialize in telling all the people what God expects that they didn't know about but we've not spin an equivalent amount of time communicating how God promises to enable us to do what he expects and so the response we get from our young people many times is 1 of the other. I'm a loser and I'm not going to be good enough and wise will quit or to God isn't reasonable and isn't worthy of being followed because why would he ask me to do something if if I can't do it if he knows I can't do it we're not communicating that side as much as we are and that's a problem. How do I know that I'm possessed there were times I thought I was but then it slows down they say not to judge Christianity by the Christians but if Christ was so powerful life changing how come I've never seen a quote unquote Christian that made me believe that there's a loving God The only reason I even remotely want to go to heaven is because I don't want my family and friends to see and know all the horrible things I've done behind my Christian that ask they would be so disappointed in me how was heaven a place that I could enjoy if I'm just going there so they don't know what I did for eternity would feel like Kill not heaven if that's the only reason I want to go why should I keep trying something that does not work the very definition of an idiot is someone who tries the same thing over and over expecting a different result it seems hopeless is not coming from flaming liberal institutions why do staff and parents shelter teenagers so much from the world when they know that they're going to go out after high school experience all the things of the world wouldn't God rather have us experience those things while our parents have control resident can help us through it or when we're out on a roll that's called self governance by the way which all white highly advocates we've never been exposed to it we don't know how what to do and we have no 1 protecting us once we're out there in telling us what we should do doesn't he realize that when it all hits as it once it's going to hurt us more than ever why would he let these people do that to us because that's obviously what happens in all Christian homes and schools kids parents tend to be straight go wild when they're on their own example preachers daughters and sons I know God doesn't want that so why does he let those things happen. Interesting we were given held on self governance but we don't like to practice it and that's governance is not just learning what you go book while the point is that you're teaching them to think through the decisions that they're making Why am I making this decision and how as opposed to just what we think is protecting them is actually preparing these kids to fall most on the locker he says if you're not aware of this let me just do this because this is relevant and I was going to do a message on this and you get a chance you get it here many of our young people are leaving this movement because they were never given an opportunity to make their own decisions and the parents think that they're protecting the kids when they don't seem to understand is that you're not protecting them if you never teach them to think for themselves they're a mirror reflector of your thoughts so when you're not there with them when they go to 1 of ravin the schools it isn't a safe is your home school environment was or something else they don't know what to do they become a reflector of the people's thoughts around them 1 of the people they hang out with are like Mom they're going to be like them and the parents I hear this time and time again we raised them so much better than that they knew what right from wrong was no they knew what made you happy and what didn't they know what you said is right what's wrong but they did not themselves make it their own right they can't borrow your oil they need their own they have to learn how to hear from God for themselves how to actually process through a situation to know if this is right and this is wrong or what I should do but we think in our means of protecting them that's actually helping it's not protecting them to actually fattening them for slaughter because what do you do whenever the federal government and the military speak louder than present truth preachers in your parents are going to do it you've always done obey to stay out of trouble they've been taught don't do bad things you're going to get in trouble well that mentality is exactly what the work of these crisis is about you can receive the mark in your hand and your forehead you can have people who believe that Saturday's the Sabbath and still get the mark of the beast because they're going to take action to save their life or your knee. This is why Ellen White stresses self governance they should be empowered to make decisions in your home on their own just like this kid asked this is profound from a young person she's a pastor's daughter they should be given this opportunity so that when they do err in the decisions they make you can sit them down and not condemn them and step through OK what was what was thinking what were you thinking about when you got in this situation what were you thinking but like let's just talk about it let's reason through why this sounded like a good idea to you at the time and here's why it isn't but we're reactionary and we take over steps at times that we think are protecting they're actually harming and our young people are leaving and parents can't believe it because all they had was a home school environment they told them about Jesus they thought for sure that they would thrive in those environments because I protected them but you didn't prepare them you didn't protect them B. didn't prepare them and there's a big difference and some of our institutions are run in the same way we don't let them make their own decisions and it hurts them how can I serve a God that allows hurt and pain to happen to innocent children if I can't enjoy Christianity here on earth where I should eat of the most how to live in heaven for eternity and makes me just want to have as much fun as possible till I die and then burn it off in the hill Christianity is just a set of do's and don'ts I want to go to heaven but I feel like I'll never be good enough or able to follow all the Christian standards and I don't even know if I want to I'm tired of people trying to force me and tell me what I can or can't listen to dress like except her and I'm tired of not having any control of things now I'm not indorsing with these kids are saying or you are standing there but they're asking rock questions and it gives you insight into what's going through their minds so you know how to address the issues which is why a majority of my preaching ministry has been dealing with heart issues because a lot of these things are what I'm hearing from people and we've got to do it. And I'm tired of not having any control the things I want to do I feel like gods too controlling evil I realize it might just be the people making out to be that way but then I think well they're definitely spiritual So maybe they're right but then I realize I'm never going to be able to give up those things or even want them I'm afraid to read the Bible because I'm scared of what it will tell me at least they're honest and I can't be myself and do those things I don't want to give those things up and I don't want God to change me that's the real issue I know I'm going to Hell I'm starting to accept that and not care anymore even though I know God is a loving God If they did they would think that way it's lip service right he only wants what's best for me so what should I do I don't feel like I'm ready to follow God's laws rules I just want to live while I'm young. These are from 7th Day Adventist young people from conservative homes Well it's. Yeah there's dissonance for sure as far as their view of how operates but the point is that we are going to have to pay the price for what we do it is real I feel so alone God the faceless being seems to have favorites who for sure doesn't like me he's always shown himself in many ways to other people not to me does God care and anyway the list can go on and on and on the road to heaven is a fiery hell was 1 of the statements from a pastor's daughter so and a pastor who's not a neoconservative either so here's my point guys were lying to ourselves if we assume that we don't have problems that are kids don't have problems but our pulpits are not addressing these problems many times and so these kids feel isolated they don't feel like they have a safe place to ask the questions without being judged as why we're developing this program and 2 we're not creating resources to acknowledge the elephant in the room were messed up here's where it gets worse. 3 B.N. pastor or department is getting an alarming amount of phone calls from a 7th Day Adventist adults and pastors who have 0 assurance of salvation and we wonder where kids are wrestling these are the parents or grandparents of our children somewhere along the way we've lost sight of where we came from We've lost sight of what it is that God was trying to do to have Christ be the central pillar to which everything else found its power and its influence and our young people are finding it and the older generation isn't finding it and yet God in His great mercy sent a most precious message I believe that's where answer is found in the message of Christ Our Righteousness I fully believe that with all of my heart soul mind and strength and there's a phenomenal resource that exists in our movement that explains how these things came about what God is wanting to do called return the letter in volume 1 the author happens to be a local yokel and a nice guy so anyway I would strongly recommend that you recognize what was happening because you know what happened when these adults were preaching the message of Christ Our Righteousness and dealing with relevant real issues you'll never believe it when they did a week a person selling Castor the latter rain fell upon the school and every student was converted all of them they shut down the school and they came and attended the week of prayer there were revivals that happened in Battle Creek college which is basically the academy the revivals are happening in other places and 1 of the Mean main emphasis is that that brought about the revival at the Battle Creek college was the topic of self governance choosing not to shame the kids when they were they did something they should have done but in turn pursuing their souls to win them and point them to Jesus in the you know what happened the kids themselves went up in front of the school and confessed or since. And then other kids confess their sins and then other kids confess their sins in this huge revival broke out because of self governance and they believed in of the cross God provided answers for what's happening to our young people today 140 years ago we could respond we could act in kind so anyway if you're posting stuff what about deal with some of those issues just a thought right the stuff that's killing them and that social media fuels and needs to be addressed show examples I just did all right don't weary your audience I have a conversation a difficult conversation with a well known Adventist individual because they were just blowing up social media on topics that were very important to them and they were wearing the saints the problem is they're a valuable resource in that particular area and I had many people tell me they unfollowed this individual because they're just wearying the Saints and the thing is with Facebook when you involve people they don't know it you don't know the people involved you so you assume that your influence is bigger than it actually is and the problem was you not the cause because you weary them yeah so choose the best articles you have to post everything that you see by the way for those of you who are over the age of 40 in this room social media is not a police it's OK that is no no no one's telling them this is not a place where you just post everything that you like it clutters up people's feeds please don't tag people with everything that you see that you like or that is cute young people are in following you right they don't know what to do and it's difficult for the know how to handle it just speaking from their side of the aisle and heard a lot of and had to deal with it's best that not be the case if it is being done to you by the way young people and you're just getting spammed by like your grandparents or something else there is a way in which you can change the settings on Facebook so that nothing gets put on your wall until you approve it. That's a way to go around without having had the face to face conversation with grandma about tagging you and all the things that they think are cute. All right resources Jasper I've been to Riga he's a Filipino guy fantastic dude he's an itinerant filmmaker he was just in North Korea last week and he did like the day tour from China so he did it really he was like brother Andrew but he's everywhere all the time he's like the omnipresent filmmaker preacher missionary Anyway he makes phenomenal videos how many people have seen some of Taj pocalypse devotional videos he's released my friend Mark pagan film The most recent 1 my best friend is doing the Q. and A program with 3 being with me the 1 that Thais did about his house being burned that that was filmed by my best friend Mark Peyton but Jasper has filmed all the other ones that Todd has done great videos great opportunity to check those out but you wait if you follow Jasper on Facebook he doesn't have room for friends anymore. But you can still get his pages public he posts videos there he has a youtube channel called Tell Them ministry I would check out his videos this guy has millions of views Adventists don't get millions of views unfortunately Jasper does Jasper was offered a to do the aerial video for the Miss Universe pageant December they haven't as minister but people saw his videos and they saw they were so good that it would you do the aerials for this he says no I'm going to the event of the universe G Y C and he didn't do it. Philippines Airlines saw a video that he made and repose of it and they said hey we want you to make videos for us we'll pay you make videos for us a colorist from Marvel Studios so he does color greeting for videos from Marvel Studios got a hold his and your stuff is really good I want to give you free colored reading lessons. Every week just because I see you have gifts and talents he has people message him and say hey can I have Bible studies if you're talking about God This year these are amazing stories can i would you study the Bible with me he's never had to get hotels these days in people's houses couches wherever anyway amazing stories making great content he's the person you need to look up on audio verse OK Look Jasper up Jasper I've been a cheery ago and it's still the listener's playground Part 1 and Part 2 would strongly recommend those videos all right I'm going to make a here because I choose to butcher rabbits. But I think it was worth it what I was going to cover last night on where you're leaving we've dealt with that now to some degree OK And when I say our I mean even more on the side of the people principle having to address liberalism that's a whole other situation right but just from our side of the camp what I'm seeing that's that's some of the issues this is a great resource social media Big Data Services this is done by the North American division tither comments police are a digital Angeles them is their program that they have Sta data dot org is the website they are creating phenomenal resources guys for digital media all kinds of stuff how to use Hoots we had to use social media the right way principals you don't think that doing Jamie Jean Dom is the girl who's kind of doing a lot of the boots on the ground stuff for them she's using the book there's a book called counsels to editors and something I've forgotten what it. Counsels the editors or writers what she does is she makes application to social media with these things because this is the new publishing work digital media is the new pope seaward does that mean that we stop publishing books no but this is a new wing of it are you with me and this is why the atmosphere of you felt so passionately passionately about starting our T.V. is we're continuing it and sticking to our roots but we're moving in a pioneering new Arius OK So the way they're creating phenomenal free resources even Adventists can afford that right free resources and it's great really really helpful stuff there's a guy's name is Justin COO he of view tubers he's getting the most traction I've seen of most and haven't isms called that Christian blogger. Lineage journey how many people seen any of those videos it's run by all of my friends some kind of are phenomenal content Season 2 is actually going to be on Adventist Church history and should be releasing the next couple months so when his journey if you're not aware yes. They have yet they have $15000.00 views per video on Facebook around that that range so which is it for Adventism that's good but we need more people sharing it's an organic thing Facebook has it that's a whole other story that Facebook is against what we're trying to do in different ways do not share youtube links on Facebook if you're creating something You Tube is a competitor to Facebook so if you create a video yourself is what I mean if you're creating a video yourself upload that video natively to Facebook and of load it to youtube you can use youtube links on Twitter you can put it in your profile link on your Instagram and reference it there but Facebook their algorithms intentionally hide posts that are youtube links because it's a competitor. So you get more views and Jamie actually walks through a lot of the stuff in her stuff on S.T.D. adored So Lynn is journey's doing that Linnaeus journey also has their own app now on i O S an Apple T.V.. ERA T.V. has licensed their content so if you want to see Ellen is journey you can go to air T.V. and see it you can go here and see it you go to Youtube all of that but not only so they basically filmed the entire Big sections of the Reformation on location it cinematically done their shortened shareable their very well done at a random does a fantastic job they did nicknamed in 1 take random he's killed he did a great great job. Another ministry that I don't have here they're used to work for and run and still think the world of and help to make resources to almost all board member is unseen media group you in as C.E.O. in the media group they've been releasing weekly devotionals Now I did 3 cinematic ones for them in the fall and then they just produce another like 5 I think in the last 5 weeks good stuff cinematic devotionals again dealing with heart issues relevant stuff to young people discouraged Christians and see Media Group U N S C E N The Media Group check them out follow them on You Tube and on Facebook and but lineage journey with things they did is they have behind the scenes videos of the Reformation sites they did 360 videos so you can see an interactive view inside of like the cathedral where Martin Luther was preaching or where this happened or that happened all kinds of great resources and whole channel Australia designed Bible studies to accompany the videos just amazing blue eyed studios having people for Light Studios they're not just making Hollywood documentaries they started making Bible study resources and they had a talk program I mean people saw in their talk program called Small Talk about it watching those you were in a real life studio shirt. So I work out of the office I'm part of the board too I work for air T.V. but my office space I just you know go over to Scott his house and do it there but they're creating more resources I've actually got cards over here about that and another great asset in a church they're doing 5 minute Bible study videos on our doctrines of practical Christianity they've done 11 in the 1st season the next season is coming I can't wait to the 1 and hell releases I did that 1 I'm so stoked for it but it's still being as is it. If you are a filmmaker or a photographer little white Studios has designed a video stock site and an image stock site for Christian stuff and they're doing it at a reasonable rate that's far more competitive than anyone else you can actually make money by submitting your content you get 60 percent of the site gets 40 percent to just keep creating stuff it's a kiddie for creators basically So it's called. Video mission stock footage and video mission stock footage if you go on Facebook and friend and now this is what I recommend that you do if you get your phones from these people now because you're most likely forget. And then or like them or whatever to get some idea of these things but video mission. Air T.V. will tell you more of that the next session because that's who I work with but creating great resources I can't wait to show you free kids how many people seen a kid's the show with the blue guy and then come back next session I believe Bible this is being done by the at the Adventist Learning Center and they're working hand in hand with Jamie Schneider and they're getting feedback they're trying to deal with issues that are relevant to young people I'm just talking about advantageous they're doing social media well that's kind of 1 of the share with you right now of. It's called I believe Bible at I believe Bible. And they've had some resources there that I thought were valuable Here's a great success story that hardly anyone knows about because it's mainly not have insisted or frequenting it it's called Bible ask so I think I have appear on the top I've got a little light and bible ask have it cover the others will karate averseness they can. They have 81000 followers on Facebook and hardly any of those are 7th Day Adventist and it's a question and answer website people can ask whatever they want about the Bible and they're giving them 7th Day Adventist answers and then. It's a great asset so I would point people if you have people you work with whatever like hey you are 1 with the Bible says about whatever I was looking at this website and it doesn't say a ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church like it is just a website 70000 so here's an example like where the Jews curse for crucifying Jesus here is a question and whatever else OK great resource there on Twitter to the base of devotion of videos I did a couple for them in fact I did want to shame and guilt that we talked about the last session it's on their side as well and. My buddy Jared at the atmos review he his wife has an amazing as to game channel I love it it's at sea it's hip they have a farm where they have. To miniature donkeys now to Cat 17 chickens and 7 alpacas it's just kind of documents the farm life but it's done in this Etsy hip really nice way people are sending her free stuff to this feature she takes great pictures so if you want to kind of get an idea of how to do creative things just live in the home she's like an I.C.U. nurse to Anyway her stuff is great I love it she has a blog that looks really nice she has to be like a wedding dress designer she's a bloomin vegan cook I don't know what this lady doesn't do. You a great resources there. Evan Bambrick is a photographer and graphic designer 1 of the best we have in the church actually he and his wife take all these really cool pictures are both photographers they've been waiting for people in Step 2 I think this is the devil's wedding But anyway great people. I don't know how to pronounce this but these are people in Indonesia who are posting scripture in Indonesian language and they have sixty's nearly 66000 followers in Indonesia if you're not aware Adventism well on Christianity or the minority in Indonesia they have nearly 70000 followers OK. How many people have heard how many people are pathways to health in Phoenix how many people heard Neville Neville Ling share about what's happening in South Africa with what's app so it's pretty phenomenal he's actually now working with. 8 of you are Carl Allen's coming here this weekend from your novels helping them he's begun doing this amazing thing they're doing evangelism through whatsapp they're literally doing a full length of Angela's experience through whatsapp And they doing small group Bible studies and they're planting churches through whatsapp. Just amazing but not only he used to be like a radio engineer he has this really diverse background that God really blessed him with and he came across people in Asia who were doing something similar he made it even better and they have it now in English they've started it off for Collins but the way that he's designed it is that every 60 seconds of the $45.00 minute sermon has within it so it's basically 45 it's a $45.00 minute sermon but it's broken down into 62nd chunks at a time but it's all edited together but each 60 seconds has a beginning a a body and a close to keep people's attention that's meticulous. Is pretty phenomenal the results of their seeing look him up on Facebook and reach out to him if you want to know more about what he's doing through what's happened Angelas I'm really a great resource there's also amazing ways in which people are being blessed by doing crowdsourcing but don't raise money for things that aren't really that you can just make it appear as your local church we want to we're the Saints right but like doing a limb and he needed emergency heart surgery and not because he wasn't healthy for we had a heart defect so sometimes people get chippy about stuff like that like Danny Vieira died this year of cancer Moses Mason died of a heart attack when a woman had heart surgery and the immediate question people were asking their tactlessness is where the vegan like do you even know these guys 1st of all they're militant like these are militant health reformers life happens stuff happens there's genetics there's other things to do in women apparently has preached on this recently where I think you told people like it was. To co-write Hartland or someplace not too long ago where you say can I just have some extra time to share with you something is super important to burn in my heart and they stayed to like 10 pm but he was talking about the fact that we're talking about what to eat what Dottie eat all of that but what a lot of these people are falling short in his rest workaholism is killing our ministers. Even some of our reformers right so most people who are big in the reform movements within our church they're workaholics and Wayne said I've got to I'm going to slow down and so anyway we cement in our is from you I see shed having a surgery though the Masons mom getting cancer treatment people raise all this money I don't have time to say the miracle card payment story not your 1st but. From the audio verse to a audio verse making a huge difference I had no idea how much of a difference audio verse was making until I was on there I get messages from people all around the world this is changing my life like just powerful testament because it's not me I don't know what I'm doing I'm just sharing what God shared with me but the point is the audio verses having a global impact way larger than I ever would have imagined and is a great great blessing they just started a new website called Journeys unscripted I think it was called their journeys Yeah I think it's unscripted go to audio version it'll have a link for Excite for get journey interrupted is the thing to my friends it coming up ministries is not that I think is journey's unscripted Anyway it's just a website full of testimonies from our universe just people's testimonies as a form of outreach great great resources love I get private messages from people in social media a lot that I just hate it has changed my life has been a blessing that God is asking advice and have investments brother happens all the time and this is 1 of the reasons why I stayed on social media was because it gives people access to they would have had before they can ask questions and I had someone to me a message from Asia he live I started I run a used to run a why is it my church I help started U.I.C. chapter my area was on fire for God then like stuff happened I got sick I had to work to to have insurance and to work on Sabbath I'm not where I used to be I don't know what to do how Sir help me how can I be saved. They heard some messages are you a verse and just and the answers that were given real to help them come back to God like it's amazing what social media can do for people so if you're posting things that are inspirational and helpful regularly people going to realize a bit of that person cares and the Holy Spirit will prick them and say ask them reach out to them because they see that you're a store front work from where blessings can come your posts have been a blessing so keep throwing stuff at the wall until it sticks just keep uploading focus on building relationships be consistent Don't be like what right don't have this dual citizenship be a Christian or don't be a Christian right but I would encourage that you be a Christian the benefits are out of this world you have and God can do something with something but he can't do anything with nothing and this is where the a perfectionist crosses the natural inclination of the Gospel right I can't do anything until I have it perfect will I hope you don't plan on going to heaven because you can't do anything without Jesus Amen whose promise to will and to do according to HIS good pleasure to make you into who you need to be but if you're trying to fix everything and get it right on your own before you do something you kind of missing the point right now to clean ourselves up or to come boldly and to trust that he who began a good work will indeed finish it aright questions. I have a question what about that thing you said of begin your presentation about when we should start our kids on social media yeah mid to late teens the same idea when it comes to self governance they need to have some time under your roof where they know how to manage and govern this but you need access and kids not being invasive it's reasonable there are sharks out there that you know nothing about and if you heard the stories of what happens there are people reach out they seem like a nice person they go and say they're going to their friend's house or actually meet this person in public and stuff happens people get kidnapped they get violated this world is an ugly dark place that you don't know about and your parents have wisdom that you may not be aware of and they don't know how to use the device to save their lives right they couldn't fight their way to what paperbag digitally but God has put them in your life for a reason is given the wisdom regarding your protection right so around that age no younger than that no way there's no need for you to have a smartphone there's none I had friends tell me that they helped run a school for kids younger kids and the kids after hearing some of the principals biblically said Mom I don't want this phone anymore and I don't want this no I don't trust myself the parents said no no I think you can handle it I think you'll be fine the kid was convicted I had 2 kids or do I see what I asked open up for questions who literally said My parents are addicted to their phone and I'm concerned for them teenagers good audio verse it's documented is there they literally said my dad he's addicted to his phone and like he wanted it he says he's not he says he can handle it if you're approached by somebody your spot should not be to justify yourself the immediate question you should ask yourself is there is are something to this search your own heart your children are far more important to whatever's happening here and that includes your work 1 of the reasons why young people are leaving our movement is because mom and dad are too busy for them sometimes through too busy doing the lord's work. Their kids were sacrificed on the altar of their ministry so it's not just kids they have that addiction problem aren't questions. For 1 there's filters that they need to have on their phone and there's things you can access when things I use because I don't want to go back to my old life styles covered in eyes it's a web browser that since reports detailed reports to accountability partners of mine I don't even have the code to unlock my phone I don't have it so I can't download or you know even update apps so I had to have my best friend Mark's in the code to whoever's near me for them to unlock my phone to update my apps and then for them to lock it back so there's there are safeguards you can take where you can actually get reports it's called Covenant eyes it's 10 bucks a month but it covers every device that you have so your computer your i Phone your Android anything it covers those why I say anything but like your i Pad your other stuff that's 1 option I would do research on what the best consumer ratings are for resources like this accountability protecting your children in their innocence things like that they also have filters built into the devices too I would do both I would do filtering and monitoring and even of the filters is usually they're not perfect right so the filters like I had a filter block a vegan women ate like at like a limited recipe so what is this but I'd rather have that problem than have the other problem and it's not that important for your kids anyway you can actually disable the browser altogether if you have to so there's ways to go about that that would be 1 thing and to having on this and forthright concern conversations with your kids your kids should feel safe in being vulnerable with you and if your kids don't want to talk to you about anything we need to be praying. God how do we reopen these lines of communication because trust is everything and the pair if the kid feels that they're going to be judged or condemned and said have heard and pitied they don't want to talk to you there could be a bunch of other variables it could just be sin and selfishness it's not all on you and I don't want you to be over filled with shame either but it needs to be a safe place 1 of the most powerful things you can do as a parent is own it another big reason young people are leaving is because their parents don't take responsibility for their own sense but they hold their kids accountable for theirs and we're afraid because we think if I'm vulnerable with my kids they're not going to respect me the exact opposite is true 1 of the most powerful and manly things someone can do is own it and take responsibility Saul lost the kingdom because he would take responsibility he was not a worse sinner than David was David's life is a dumpster fire compared to souls and yet David is saved in soul isn't why David owned it so wouldn't so I would really encourage you to take responsibility to end so if you realize that there's things I've done with my children that I shouldn't have done and the instinct in the instinct was I'm just going to do better going forward but I'm not going to knowledge where I messed up that's not going over those lines of communication here to go back and own what happened apologize and tell them I'm sorry when my dad did that for me as well as powerful experiences of my life and I gained so much respect for that man when he sat me down in tears confessed to me that he'd failed he's a father spiritually so I'm sorry and we're thinking myself why is my dad crying he's the best dad ever could have hoped for but he realizes accountability to God even though he couldn't give what he didn't receive but pride keeps many of us from taking responsibility for how we hurt people our spouses and our children. In this because we will not receive the Laodicean message that we're not who we think we are and we need to confess we've got to own it and there's a resource I can give you on that if you'd like. You can yeah I mean you would have to have those barriers with your own family because it may be difficult for others but I think having unsupervised access to the Internet is incredibly unwise for young impressionable and curious minds and the thing is they may not even be the problem it could be that they're friends with a problem and that sparks a curiosity as well most of it starts some kid has unrestricted access and they bring it over say hey look what I found because you have to look for the more it comes looking for you so it would take far more time than watching going to but I know that the resources have to be existing in this have just started Googling your guts out what are what are practical ways to protect my kids from this from this from this from this but I would install software that not only is accountability software that tracks what they're doing but also filters 100 percent. Yes. Yeah. Yeah by. The. Way. I. Think. It's heartbreaking you get 10 likes for a deeply spiritual quote and you get 150 when you get a boyfriend. He had a 150 when you talk about Trump he had 3000 right when you talk about women's ordination or something else that's a shame and it could be that you're doing nothing wrong. It's a it's a human heart problem this is why I don't even go into politics online 1st of all I abstain from all of it I'm sick of both of them I drink the red Kool-Aid for a while in the blue Now I just have a stomach ache and I'm done with all of them. But I just it's not doing us any good and we're told not to pander it but I guess my point is that. If you're posting the things that God is laying on your heart that's fine I would say that your quote should not be long and I'm saying yours are if they have to hit the sea war button is probably too long now done at times but that's the other thing we need it with just because something is also doesn't mean that you need to drop a cookbook in Facebook and think that people will read it and then be upset that no 1 read it and I'm saying that you would all have had people say like will do your thing was 5 pages long like we get chippy for like maybe should've made it shorter made a video you know like do a video instead what you could do maybe is due to simple selfie video and say hey you know like I was reading this is our vision it says this and this really bless mean here's why so instead of having it just be text you're doing a picture you're doing a video you're doing something else that's another way to make an applicable because people actually respond to like a like a nature picture and a longer story like Instagram people actually respond to that because there's something to it there's story there's narrative Yeah. Welcome. Yeah. You can reach out to them and tell them hey I'm thinking about you hope you're well like I have seen you with your kids your kids look great like they're still ways that your friendship exists right to because you don't do what they do in all facets doesn't mean you stop caring about them so I would find ways for those personal connections and if they're in a cookie like hey I got this recipe it's amazing like I thought you'd like it so there's other ways to even think just outside of solely just spiritual approach 1st right. Fairways other question What time does this thing I think it's done technically but when is when is it like DONE DONE FOR LUNCH OK choir practice about to start and lunches at 1230 if anyone would like to stay and ask me more questions I'm more than happy to stay for a few extra minutes but if you need to go don't feel bad but if you do have questions feel free to ask yes. There will never will never let me go back to that never will never be you know what your feet there oh do you. Think Are you that prays can. You never will NEVER LEAVING I don't. Seize on this doing whatsapp and then looking at other strategic ways to do stuff they're using social media platforms actually to bring people into these bible studies so when they're doing these whatsapp evangelists 6 series and smaller Bible studies and planting churches they literally are having an entire church service through whatsapp someone does a scripture reading someone else preaches someone else does this or that but because they're so spaced out and where they are in South Africa it's hard to have church they do it this way and it's a way to get things started at least 2. I would get a hold of him personally to say hey what resources do you have and he can tell you. You my slides in audio. I will get those 2. What's the best way to distribute that to people who are attending OK. OK To see if it can be put on the G. Y.C. Northwest website or something like that. The other thing you can do is you can email me it's D. at D E at. Now dot com So if you did D E is like up here D. e at a or T.V. Now dot com. Yeah. Yeah so you can as email me directly we can cut out the middleman if you want the audio from today and the slides. D.-E. at a our T.V. Now dot com. Hey let's close a prayer than it there any other questions Father in heaven I think you that you care that you have answers to the devious needs of our young people of our adults and to all human beings on this planet I just pray that you would show us how to use digital media responsibility and evangelistic Lee as 1 of the ways through which you. Allow the loud cry to be known to this planet in distress we ask this now in Jesus' day in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your purse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot. Org.


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