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3. Digital Media Success Stories

Dee Casper


Dee shares examples of successful media evangelism from ARTV's recent projects.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • March 22, 2018
    2:00 PM
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All right so what I'm going to do is give you guys an opportunity to see something to the best of my understanding has not been released on hope channel yet. We have supplied we created a program called animal encounters and. It's something that we have shot the 1st season was in Africa they have like lions and all kinds other stuff this 2nd season is in coastal Rica so they got like tropical animals they got to Cannes and butterflies and colorful frogs and all kinds of stuff so I want to do is show you. An example of 1 of the programs we've made and then a couple of episodes of the kids just going to give a feel for what we're looking to do error T.V. is looking to create content that's missional that outward facing that isn't just entertainment for the Saints right something that would kind of get people's attention meeting them where they are right even in take entertaining other worldviews but injecting our worldview into theirs right in a kind of drawing them in sharing the health messages or bridge using nature programming as a bridge and pulling them into an ecosystem a state a platform that has missional content on it right devotionals and other things so it's going to give you some examples of content that we've made and seen Media Group and also for air T.V. just to get a feel for it. Of resources that exist in your own movement right so we're going to watch the 1st half of this of episode 3 of animal encounter season to. Show you this will be like 15 minutes and we're going to some other stuff God in Heaven think you begin for a delicious meal for the fellowship for how you're working providentially in all of our lives and I just pray Lord by what we steal learned here today that we would better be acquainted with the resources of the Agnes churches creating the Adventists ministries are creating and finishing this work because even if we are ones that can create this content we can share it and so does help us in understanding these things now in Jesus' name and then. All right I think my speakers are working yes. You can't see anything can you you know. How do I I think I do this. All right. So here's what are you doing here. You know we go. Forward with use 20 percent of the oxygen we breathe on health plan and 80 percent of. Came from rainfall. Instead of realizing the need. For 1 of the greatest resources disappears. In the whole. Long. Because. On the weekend even if it was into Bloomberg Television's Orton's all those years. Later they get remaining true for years and come face to face with you and will cost of the ones who. Is fighting so quick. It's finished he is in the trailer together there is still so much yet to be discontinued. Unique means can be fooled towards so many animals. You have the opportunity to share. Their stories and watch them as you can even listen to the wonder of them beginning to. Get inspired and animals with more care and was. With. With the for. The for. The for the with the oh dear. Sound like totally dependent upon the Internet for this. Kind of flaw in my plan. I can do 1 from my computer or from my phone I should say. That's true but not everyone is using these i Phone. All right come back with. Unlimited data. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be 1 of the problems you have that comes from all the evil example of you know move on you or. That's exactly what he needs what about when Lucas will get to do that there really is no way to describe yourself to be able to put in the right the animal kingdom reason is that the money. That's going for a commission will drive some people to caption Putin's idea is that too often it leads to animal abuse and the threat of extinction. So how come you. Forgot to offer business is 1 possible solution. To. Your business is can. Leave in feet. That's exactly what nothing is going to be covering has come to today. With this computer for Black Monday when you can brag money more than argue for free if you. Live. In the. World War. 2 incomes to reduce home to 6 and. He's coming to 1 to write. Columns. As launching today which I'm sure you very likely to fool with and part. With it gets very hard to kind of the. Truth be told to commute on. That 1 when the. Minds. On that little 1 thinking might. Yeah right I was thinking right. Here. They are. Challenging. Punch 1 or 2 frog. Little worms or something like that. Yeah. You know they have a lot of talent they have a long boat you like a feather like a various area being further. Because of the waving eat 2 kinds of 1 of the green sea discourses of the rain forest these goods each 1000 feet up in the intention to be it's a misleading and funny process because to Helen's doing all this can actually throw their losses and less into the forest as they've gone through containing the seeds and really were. When 2 games do catch this you can shoot in the back of his throat and then. This means that this 1 too many seats whole including the largest seats for the most come the few good stuff just to get the seeds come on hope and ready to grow. Smithsonian scientists studying the movements of 2 kinds using G.P.S. trackers to find them just how far the seeds go they discover that since 2 pairs of such and regions because they can grow to seeds up to 200 metres from the host tree. And I only. See a smaller 1 the smaller ones for the green will be right in your soul you need a green 1 of the color of 1 of the little ones thoughts are unaccounted for are all the other species can. Be but it may not remember it but I might like to see. Far away just getting. By here you didn't catch them from the wild right nor the other was here all the animals in this garden are aided by the Costa Rican government when the animals if. The animals for the rest of the. 1 of them run wild. All their wives die if we try to really theatrical You know mostly out of here are. Well probably nothing out of the house and won't on. The plate try to fail as many as a new species because they are often more colorful or in the case of 2 kinds or vocal of course these sounds and others only beautiful if you enjoy to transend many other animals you seldom come to want to show you danger and to try to move. To Kansas going to fucking move to find success and building these 2 treatments not by. And see this movie stood to them too soon for this film so that you can school for the company Long Branch to grow. And is yours all right and think of the Internet as here so you are very old or was our. City. And your 3rd right right around you not. Just yeah just about. Oh yeah. Change the last. Thing little boy yes very very well I was wrong on the law on you guys like the ones you. Want. I have mixed feelings about this was done research so we know these 2 hands have been rescued from the pantry and cannot be released back into my house because of the contact with humans so it is nice that we have a chance to get so close and see that you can personality. And yelling and I wouldn't want someone to see holding you to think that they made a great catch their youthful but also messy and loud and then a lot of space to run. For the half year that passed would be impossible in someone's backyard. So I never had a good chance here to watch them so close how nice it must be in the Garden of Eden and humans interact 2 kinds I would imagine. So why do they live like that. Is kind of like the zigzag in their own time they call the. Big When the brain just and they move back and forth like this because they need to try again or you'll be troubling your window with a great years. And I actually thought your good very good. I mean I'm. Always in you know only you know that when you are out in years if Team 1 of them. So your life should be so. That you live. As a living legs I think that was you know I've ever seen their. House search especially home and I wouldn't have expected. I think was it was really got me so beautiful and the president. Just right in my heart you know your wife. And I just think. How much. Oh it must have you know every good that's something you do pretty well. And it's. Very inspiring. When I was coming through here or I was the most excited and. Just see it through. Growing up I never saw it in too close maybe very tree then you look in the city. And. Then it's gone. So I saw the pictures that we could just see where it was. Then I mean it's just you. And it was fictional in that moment. I mean I told myself I could even go home. All right so this is kind of a preview of some of the programming it's produced in a way this professional you would think you're watching you know and some other like Discovery Channel or something else but they have this pleasant Christian. Intermingling within it is not oppressive right is not in your phrase religious but there is this kind of pleasant. Spiritual. Lessons that are always throughout it it's kind of intentional in that sense. So with episodes are about 25 minutes long so there's a program that they had made how many people ever seen a program by Rico Hill and Thurman called from sickness to health and 3 B.N. on the dream network it's got the blue guy in it so they made that program 1st and Jared is all painted and blue I know that they did a chat training in this area a couple years ago they were in the ministry called the beehives the health ministry so in that program from Sigma stealth which we also have license on air T.V. It's more like a top program they bring in Dr Thomas Jackson and other physicians and stuff to talk about health issues but Jared is painted blue is kind of personifying sickness and what he does is basically give the exact opposite of good counsel for health eating healthy It sounds boring right that sounds disgusting and so what they did for air T.V. is we designed a program called Kids That's for children the INS that Jared is basically taking over a charter school in elementary school he runs the blue corporation and the blue corporation is giving a large donations to the school but in turn he says I want to change the school lunch program I want to change the P.E. program and I want to teach the health classes or whatever and what he ends up doing is teaching a whole bunch of wrong health principles to the kids and the kids respond by giving the health message just kind of this. Light hearted way in kind of a you know a comedic way of getting genuine health products in Erie health principles into the hands of people and it's done a really really really well people really liked it so let me see here which ones will do. Will do this 1. Yes. That's right yes where your kids or. Just you're right. They didn't think they were going to come down not oh they're they're in pretty good ones the with the the heat the the fact that kids like candy and it's my favorite I'm getting there for. The paid little girl would you mind so you can eat your board play reviewing all of the monosodium glutamate ball here I think there are beautiful color in like red green and blue dye number 42. Exactly. The the we're going to do you're going to. Meet. These you know like the South. And. The. The. 3. They have no 1. Who are. More you. What. Most can see. Right. Now. Is through. The internet to news. From. Wherever you want and you know your mission from the Internet things and more. How does a person. Know how you are how little fruits know your facts or big words I'm trying to impress the kids oh. Yeah North is doing the horrors. Live. Do you believe that you can you believe that. We're just still might eat. Right. So they're short sharable videos. Getting health principles but also kind of providing some form of entertainment value. They're all good I'm just tempted to have us watch all of them. Will do this 1. The way Eric T.V. Now dot com is where you can see all this we're having i OS apps should be coming up before too long there is 1 now but we're working on updating all of that it should be done here rather soon. You know to do it at the corner it's another opportunity to. Eat. On the stool maybe to. Tickle me when you hear. Sometimes which. Song Mr V.V.. Readable numeration is very chivalrous and we're all we're looking forward to. A few That's interesting I don't like fruits and veggies in the school lunch program so how can we use 1 of those up groups and write it off cold calling all crosswords because your little blue Christmas. Yeah came here as soon as possible. That. We could. Talk a good thing we're going to talk about the horrors. Of roofs and such. And such are very very harmful to your tongue and taste buds yuk yuk eat. The stuff like. Cut off both. Feet. Great. Not that. It's going to eat. I want to take a break on your and your resume and answer some. Baseball. Yes when you go to a baseball game you want to know what kind of job you're all if you need to call your hot dog. On the trail it. Was almost silly right. Now isn't. There something you treat and. This time I was. Going to come easily but they taste good. And this. Morning. With Jack. Thomas the relationship. Seat. Me with this is America we like. Me. It's a while. When you get on the show the video. We're just bringing our reason. To. Think not. In your interest in real. Life. Will help you when it looked like you're going. Great lease. Great. To meet you. And. I see you got a video tonight gave me. A real. Release. So they got like 10 episodes of that so feel free to indoctrinate your neighbors with whole areas health principal Phil programming. Give me 1 moment here. Who knows what the internet's up to these days. So these are some of devotionals that we've made I don't see Media Group this is what released last week another was released yesterday I thought it had I known about this video yesterday would have been the last night of message but I didn't but this is 1 they made a week ago called piles of dirt just to get some ideas I'll give you a couple more here in the wall. Also next time for some question. We often. Hear. Things from are. Things we don't want other people or. Things that are if. There are so many different kinds. We're very careful not to let our virtual rule to others. But what happens when somebody finds. That even though we look OK. We're actually we. Know how to lose and when we see that there are people. In the Bible there's a story of a woman who with caught in the act of sexual. Enjoyment a group of people hate her and dragged all over the place where you the music and the rope. Game over her dearest effects. You just a rolling ball and you were merely. And she's about to receive the consequences of our. Lives. When they arrest you for asking what did you mistakenly do. More. Instead of responding he stoops down and begins with writing with his finger in the. What was he right. We don't know exactly but we do know that with her wrists are they suddenly lost because of the rhythm of. 1 of the I want if you just use the goods to amuse me and then the dirt that they had in their own life and you didn't do it in that here in the play or and ever since he signed the making of it. And then. In this simple statement. He who is without sin cast the 1st. And believe me. Instead of reading it right get down and rightness or where we grant you this and let you know. What we can often be like you and not be a right. Even when you know. We sent a guy who already knows the very rich and yet he still loves. Me for a guy who doesn't personally by just because we're getting there. But he actually brings the growth of. His mom with him we are not the 1 for her and we are snow and and cover our. God will always. Heat movie. Trailers or other resources that we create is for cinematic devotionals. This. Is. Taj is. You Tube channel and this is the 1 they just released that my I was MacI might this from Arcade released there are good resources being created by 7th Day Adventists I hope you're starting to recognize this that it's not the woman's are laughing at us in infrastructure and so forth but there are good resources being created but some are just don't know so unseen Media Group is 1 area T.V. is 1 little light studios is another with 30 resources in the entire. This is an amazing video if you haven't seen this powerful story to. Grab 1 of the hardest commands ever imposed on moral man is the international crisis you said Love your enemies list in a curse to do good to them they hate you and pretty foolish in this way we use your persecution that this doesn't come natural to the search for actually our hearts are bent toward self-love itself preservation national hatred vengeance is our 1st reaction to those who mistreat us and those who seek to do with. Love and Forgiveness is using our 1st response so how can we look to this high standard of unconditional love that is said to force where exactly do we find the strength to love like this and where as its source. It was about a month ago when I 1st met our new neighbor John it is a homeless man a major mental issues they decided to squat in this abandoned house next to. My 1st encounter with here 2 o'clock in the morning and. Yes From Crazy got smashed the back of my home which was a travesty and he only wanted to destroy the cops came to arrest him took him to the mental hospital what a terrible to me Can you imagine we'd be awake in the middle of the. Then having to spend the next 2 hours cleaning my car of all the shattered glass before I was able to go back to school then I have to pay $419.00 out of Hungary here because I was just under the $500.00 sure isn't enough to vote then waiting 4 hours for the repair terrible customer service at Oyster room and the list goes on but that's not the end of my next encounter with John that happened several months later when he decided to burn down this of the head of the house that he was white and thankfully a fireman Cavan put up the fire and the cops came to rest and again but it didn't stop there about a month ago a job that was successful in burning down this abandoned car street he's been arrested over and over again but each time he is let go because of his mental instability and I don't think that the authorities can do better and keep their community safe from a known Parsons was a violent past especially when there are so many children that live on our streets somebody dropped the ball big time with this 1 but that's another discussion for another time but here's my struggle and maybe you can relate. How do I love the name of this seeks to harm me how do I bless some of the 6 to hurt me where does this unconditional love come from and how do I experience it practically my day to day like. The last time I saw John that there was just a few days ago of the use arrested for starting another fire in the early hours of the morning this time the part only burned on the house that was squatting in the flames also spread to our old home causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage and a bunch of wasted time now thankfully we all got out and no 1 was seriously injured but now our family has to completely move out of our home where to find a rather pleased to live for the next 6 to 12 months and now we have to spend time that we don't have to rebuild our damaged home to say that this was another terrible inconvenience is a gross understatement for more was at stake than our physical possessions for if we had split just 5 minutes long we could have very well have lost our lockers and worst of all of this tragedy was complete. Preventable if our leaders and representatives would have done something soon. So when we did a. Why not just self was alluded to with anger and frustration especially when I see the damage done to my home and the hurt it's caused to my family my dad just so wants to complain and be upset not only with Jonathan Moore the city the state the bank that all of this is about the whole the hospital officials all those who seem to do absolutely nothing to prevent his dangerous actions but then I think of the words of Jesus love your the blues the curse you do good to them that hate me and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute. Here is the command of crux of the next part is the promise of power to fulfill the command because Jesus continued to say that you may be children of your Father in heaven for him exist sun to rise on the evil and the good and he sends his rain on the just and the engine. Is developing. The power to look good neighbor as well as your enemy is not remembering that this is exactly how God has treated us the sense of sunshine in his rainbow on the righteous and the wind he loves all of us the same for his love is unconditional and his love is it. Friends we can only love the US because Jesus his 1st love that. I begin to realize that when Jonathan has done to us I have done the same to Jesus but my foolish choices and actions have caused God so much pain. As my sins that nailed him to the cross it was my bullishness that brought him agonizing pain and embarrassing shame I was the cause of his stuff. I was the cause of his pain and yet this same Crites was still able to look upon me with cries of infinite love when I was yet living in my disobedience crucified. Afresh by my students he was able to look upon me in compassion and could even want to hold the hammer in my hands getting ready to nail him to the cross Jesus looked up on me a lot when he prayed for me he said Father forgive he doesn't know what he's doing. By the power of Islam Jesus expected mercy to me he loved being evil what I hate is you can give to me and not what I deserved which was that he gave me that which I didn't even know it was Amazing Grace marvelous worse and in turn I like. To look. When I think a moment is going for me how could I do anything less for others how can rather call from doing this from some of those wrongly when Jesus is forgive me so freely yet I'm done for worse again. As it's 1 of the broken glass on the ground months ago another stream of the charge of the top of the ashes of my home to a god is also soon going to be anger and frustration from our By focusing on the cross and finding supernatural stricken power to go off and water precious us in God or to teaching. But it's the same message he's teaching all of us today. My friend is there somebody needs your forgiveness some hurt you means you're GREAT THIS 1 GOD is the brilliant you can do for others just open your heart and then come aboard his love in you if you allow him to be your child of healing love this some of them and remember that when your life is shallow glass and your hopes are reduced our God is always there to clean up the mess and to remove all of the stress that we don't even trust presidents and politicians and the police leader because just to fix our problems there is a guy that we can trust to give a shit got lost trying and difficult. As someone from here to the heavens masses what always outweigh the let's get good because you are in get your glass more than we deserve and we're sure you bless you over there are so inattentive you disparage and compare the money should. 1st calculus I recognize that it could be worse and thank God there are blessings. And there's a more simple humanity. Can get this through. It's not going to go. That Maisie. So if you get a revelation of hope ministries on You Tube you can find that there and actually 1 last 1 from Jasper here. To Jasper was filming in the home we're told the area of popcorn which is on the Indonesian side of popular Guinea I guess and. Anyway he then went to go film this jungle schools where they're giving these children and education of what these kids go through just to get to school and it's pretty amazing and. Kind of logs his experience and tells their story. That's a. Good 1 we didn't. Really get. To in the States you're coming skits your work on the walk you. Will not wait for this to get. The plane is going to your turn Certainly we're really 40 minutes or so from my spot nearly completely wrong case that right now. It's crossed we're going to wait because. It's not killing. This issue that we're to get through to start walking pictures that we've got. Is a field we're getting very very You should be able to pull that a bit stuck into the right course not your every step was a 2nd. Read anything to us and. You go for it on our part you go for education. Or you go out for the crew. In the unit and that's not what. We do have that much we do have some chocolates with us decided to give them some truckloads. And some of them it's their 1st time to teach them and their reactions just crisis. School is not all fun and games here if you're just part of your kitchen these children tend to be regarded as we do it with your hands you want to go around. This is all by all interested your privilege it is good it was working for it you. Know it was completely everyone concentrated that past. The hour for me to get more into the shower. Is where the shower is the reverse. School showers are special if you're a couple. But there's no shower or just people up instead the children wash up their dirt if you will scream all the water off. The ones that pay the water bill what it turned out to have missionaries stopped short of the shower and it shouldn't need to shower. You each of them as well the 1 change of school you or. The uses easy going to already gave you no risk of its you know it needs to be keeping it for safe enough to wear. You know Togo national British class for those you already have grasped worse over. The furniture is not according to script prophecy says that character is spirit that is of course. I could see that through the groups that were in greatest thing that was what made. It the setting it made it possible that you are ish your commission rational and good by this that they are going. To Jordan his children using the fridge to the floor of the nest and you can shit working out. Soon order R.C. because Mark kept him Gary every late. 40 minutes away into an even minutes 90 minutes or so hour an hour or so to capture him exploit it. We're going to head to another village Day 2 has been really charming so far when I really. Saw you please just landed here and move on all the way down going up to 30 minutes worth where your. Prime Minister will. OK. So we don't have time to do hundreds of you but this is the master tomorrow his wife was here before and you're doing this for your wife some fruit she and how we had allergic reaction to it she eventually died part of will be her 1st anniversary is here visiting 3 months of mission work you know what's on that because he doesn't want to because of what the work of his wife and you know it's very scary when you're trying to say might do it for you it's always hard to figure. And he. Has a really good Michael's children I realize I have so much in your hands in the. East it's not me about the rest. That is doing Joyce What mature What are conditions in the city. Is America down in the swamp I was foolish in your suit. Your suit be grateful for an opportunity to learn. Friends where does your career come from is a dependent your circumstances are based willful disregard for each gift he offers if you're inspired by his video you're willing to help build more drama schools would become a missionary teacher want to go to your nice contact with me all the fuel I miss you because you are an absolute true. So I met Andra kid the white boys with them last weekend. Yeah so anyway there's there's good stuff out there that's inspirational that it's excellently filmed and more exist than I was able to show you today but as want you to be encouraged that 3rd a large It's like a new 1040 window for having to zoom right in and reached people group of sorts it's called the Internet and people are doing what they can with what they have and there's even more that could be done and if you feel that God is calling you to be a missionary and to document what's happening overseas do it go yesterday don't think twice and if God's calling you into media ministry it's powerful it's valuable and people made understand why you're doing this people may not see in the value in it they're going to ask you you're not going to make any money having to make anything of your life if this is where God is calling you then this is where God is calling you go forward knowing that these people support you and that it's a work that won't be in vain so again if you are in that creative category of people. I'd love to talk to you and get to hear more of your burdens but then you the questions about the topic of digital media has this been helpful just to kind of see content being made viral brother right now to other denominations but they haven't hysterectomies getting something done we're trying to license a fair amount of this content at air T.V. to be another place that it's housed in 1 place but every T.V. has its own standalone platform it isn't You Tube It isn't something else it's like Netflix in the sense of there's exclusivity it's only found in 1 place but you can access that we call platform agnostic it's excessive all from anything your smartphones with a B. Android or apple if you have Apple T.V. if you've got a Kindle Fire if you've got. Roku smart T.V.'s tablets even X. Box we have apps that we're designing for every 1 of those platforms and you can access it just from your web browser so and it's free it doesn't cost anything so it's pretty awesome opportunity 1 of the best ways for a non advantageous to find out that this exists is for 7th Day Adventists like you to watch a program on air T.V. and share it with them and say hey I watched this it was really great they did this nature program in Costa Rica did you know that 2 cans have a tongue that looks like a feather right or whatever it may be and you can share these materials with them and it brings them into an ecosystem where there's missional content to make sense so we had our T.V. needs you in that regard we need you 1st would love to get your feedback on the program that you see but to if you think it's valuable then the people in your sphere of influence those are the ones that we designed this for this wasn't for you air T.V. was not designed to be another platform that just entertains Adventists we wanted to be sold in that Winds people outside of Adventism wall inspiring those within that makes sense so we need you in that sense a fair T.V. is going to be successful it's going to require people just like you who get the word out. As you can tell I'm somewhat passionate about this been a medium industry for a while now and I just I believe it's the new publishing work I believe it's valuable. Or any other questions about digital media why you have a chance OK So someone asked a question you asked a question earlier when it comes to. What things do users so forth as far as how to kind of keep your children from accessing things that aren't good. All of that is helpful to a fair degree but what's most important is the relationship that you have with your kids and I'm saying you don't have a good 1 but whenever we go to the process of taking things away or saying don't or you can't it insert a potentially causing the wrong type of reaction than what we intended and it takes a when some tactful approach in implementing these and explaining here's why and it's for your protection for your good having an open door of communication our our our objective is not to shut everything down and to control or to separate our goal was to educate to make right decisions regardless of what they encounter that makes sense and then of this is an assumption about you it's just that this was this was 1 of the after the fact that I could've said even more in that regard and so I just wanted to make sure that was clear there was analogy or. Oh it's in the book education I believe about the topic or maybe it's councils to teachers but anyway there's a situation where Ella white is talking about how we should handle discipline students and she says we 1st need to get them to understand that what has happened is unacceptable and wrong and then she says to that we need to enlist very will in this correction and that's so important because then they understand and they have by and it's not just something is being legislated to them they understand that they have a say in this too what do you feel will be the best way for you to be protected and have accountability that makes sense so enlisting their will is that of great great benefit to the topic of self governance in a listing there will in this form of discipline is something that we just for whatever reason we're trying to enforce the principles while neglecting other spirit of prophecy principles and the kids leaving we think our father was following counsel Well there's more counsel and I remember when I 1st read counsels on diets and foods I got a phone call from a church and said hey you're a priest of health before and said no we want you to preach at our churches help we can would you do it sure. And I start reading and I just I'm still new avenues I was baptized in December of 2010 so I just as soon that everything I was told it in I'm going to explain myself yours and no 1 leave yet let me finish my statement before you make any assumptions I always assume that what I was told all white said is what she said. Regarding health principles and so based upon what was implied by the people around me I thought for sure she thought that the eggs and cheese and milk were like the worst things you could ever put your body ever and it would be sin to even consider eating them now I knew her personally wanted to know that she would talk like that that was what is implied to me but then what I read was something quite different now I once I read what I read I was upset 1st of all because I felt like someone had sold me a bad deal of goods and it wasn't because I wanted to go back to eating animal products I have no desire to. The point was what she explains is that those think the time is not now to remove these things but a time will come whenever because the increasing simple this of man there's going to be an increase of disease in animals Monsanto anyone right the amount of genetically modified organisms that are being created a little on the fact that the amount of glaive Fasi least if I have the snow here a quick 1 second I have a statistic for you that will blow your mind. Are you ready how many pounds of Roundup do you think we use in 1987 in the United States just guess you know what I don't how much is a ton sorry I'm OK almost 5000 I didn't go to college and I've been in school for like 12 years 13. I'm 32 how long ago that was. So 5000 pounds of Roundup were used in the United States in 1987 in 2010 you know how much of life force it was used. 185000000 pounds. And it's not been long enough for them to be able to get all of this information together to do case studies on the effects of global phosphate on the human body is a whole nother discourse of what you need to do you need to search this Dr Timothy how healthy soil healthy people. Dr Timothy how in the sermon is called healthy soil healthy people it's on audio verse I think do that version of it the 1 is an audio verse all his stuff is super good so whatever you listen to you Will you won't regret it he's an indie and met this guy well anyway there's another sermon called What are you spending your life on and he basically he asked 1 Melinda university students and doctors are you medical mercenaries or medical missionaries who preach in there next week but I can't see that he's a doctor with a legit ministry anyway but he has a message called healthy soil healthy people and he deals with a lot of these aspects really really well done why am I even talking about this I hope track of the whole reason why did this. So it help the why did I get on this. Business health message yes so anyway and she says The time will come we need to discard those things from our diet I think that time is now the point was the way that was communicated to me what she actually said were not the same and most people that I had met who were like Die Hard died in the wall you better get on it or you're toast health reformers what I came to find when I read the end of that book the last section of councils on diets and food is how to share the health message and I wanted to flip tables. Because the very people who are bagging on the church for not following the spirit of prophecy. Are equally guilty as far as in keeping the health message are equally guilty of not following the spirit prophecy and how they share the health message you should read what she says it's scandalous some of the stuff that she did. In an amazing way I'm not downplaying the health messages all please don't kick me out these are terrible I'm a flaming liberal whatever like no it's just read what she says there was a guy that was her neighbor that was sick and they brought him healthy food he would need it so she told Sarah her assistant go kill a chicken make chicken broth for this guy and bring it to him she did she didn't go blast the guy in the principles of health reform she gave him what she felt that he needed and you know what happened he got better and you know what happened after that she gave him bible studies and you know what happened after that she offered him a job to come work on her property to provide him a way to provide for his household but he died before he was able to do that but he died a commandment keeper she says without have happened if she took him to tell me what he was eating at that stage now but did she leave them where she found him now you don't have to downplay principle to uplift the cross that's my point and so anyway I still even don't understand why I got to that point but self governance the way that people can sometimes uses greater prophecy to really stress and push people we sometimes neglect these principles to try to uplift these principles what she says about how we share is just as important as to what we share and that that whole picture really helps particularly with Child Guidance with doing discipline and so forth so for what it's worth there is a free discourse that was totally unplanned in a random synapse fired and you got it with you wanted it or not. And you ask questions about digital media its importance has been helpful Yeah OK The audio is nearly useless I hope they actually keep it at least for the last part but these videos if you just search revelation of hope ministries on You Tube unseen Media Group us in the media group Little Light Studios. Air T.V. Now dot com is the easiest way to access our platform and there's many other success stories as just a few of them if you have more questions you can email me all right my e-mail address here. Charge is still painful how much. All right D.-E. at Area T.V. Now dot com That's where you can find more information on those not just getting as my e-mail address. Sorry muscle memory on web site links. T.V. now to comes you have questions about digital media stuff you have program ideas you have feedback on programs that you watched if you want to know about more resources of people who are doing things well in media in Adventism be happy to share. Yes season 2 of lineage journeys coming out hopefully the next couple months and it's advantageous church history all be filmed in the northeast and Michigan and Australia New Zealand in Europe and I'm excited for it really really awesome project there are 2 more questions will pray for such a loose so you can grab your parkas to run in the rain let's pray. Father in heaven I pray if it could be in your will that the rain would cease for exercise to take place but above all I just thank you for Jesus I think you for people in advantage of that are taking hold of digital media who value it and are going forward full steam I pray those people in this room that you're calling to be digital missionaries that you would give them the wisdom the resources and the help they need to pray for the parents that are wrestling with how to had a parent their children in a digital world that is just. A mess guide them Lord and give them the tax necessary to do it in a way that we didn't even win some and allow their children to recognize the need to be careful and above all I pray that Jesus would come soon to this world can be warned and welcomed to join in the soon coming sea and I ask this now in Jesus' name. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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