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Christian Business- Part 1

Mike Tillay


What should you do before you start a business, and what steps should to take to start one? Mike answers common questions and shares how business can be used for ministry.


Mike Tillay

Businessman from Walla Walla



  • March 22, 2018
    9:15 AM
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When I was 17 years old I started a business and I didn't do it the way I'm going to tell you to start a startup I didn't know these principles I didn't know that Ellen White says religion and business are not 2 different things they are 1 Bible religion should be woven into all we do and say. In Proverbs God says the weights in the bag are God's and what that refers to the big thing of Commerce was a scale you know if they were bargain over a fish they had to know how much it weighed and so the weights that were on the other side of the the balance scale were God's God is involved in business and he wants to use business as an avenue to reach souls for the kingdom and that's part 2 of the seminar we'll be talking about 43 years in business and what I've learned in reaching others for Christ so when you're thinking about a start up. Ellen White has some counsel for us. From Bible Akko April 6th 1903 the birth step in the path of obedience of course if you want to obey God whether it's a business or anything else you need to obey the 1st step in the path of obedience is to surrender to the will of God George Miller you know as the great missionary and. Was just very devout and. He said 9 tenths of all the problem in knowing God's will is in this 1 item and that's to have no will of my own. And we seek Bible study through prayer and Bible study for fellowship so that we can become acquainted with God and we can fold into his plan and his plan is supreme We are his servants and and we might have some idea of something that we really want to do really bad but we've got to lay our plans at God's feet all of them that's the 1st step is getting my well in harmony with God's will and for those of you who are interested George Miller has quite a bit to say on knowing God's will and have a hand out on that when you leave you can have that also have a hand out on the major principles here. For the of course start up and the 1st principle then is not my will but thine be done. And if we can just get our. You know Jesus we're told was desired ages seem to do little of the work that he came to do and there were a lot of side tracks and a lot of distractions if you'd asked Joseph you know I was a go on most of the time and say well you know I know God had some dreams of grandeur early on but I haven't seen much better but it's been pretty discouraging really and then when the 2 fellows came up to Joseph and told him hey we've we've had a dream we're that you can interpret dreams you know you and I might have said you can forget dreams we had a dream back when we were young and it didn't work out but Joseph still believe in God he still trust and that all things work together for good. And so having no will of my own bringing my will into harmony with God is the 1st step in a start up. In the desire of ages page 678 now in life since Jesus had opened before his disciples a vast tract of truth but it was most difficult for them to keep his lessons distinct from the traditions and maxims of the fairer seas earthly ideas temporal things had a large place in their thoughts you know. There was a feasibility study that was done in the Bible remember they sent out the spies to spy out the land you know was the 12 spies Yeah and the feasibility study came back negative we can't do it only to say that we're well able and so mixed scene worldly feasibility studies and God's plan may not work I'm not saying that you shouldn't you know assess the market do market surveys do you know focus groups do those kinds of things but in the end you need to do a God want you to do not what the world says you ought to do I had a business teacher's name was Jim Weston and Jim Weston his grandfather was the 1st person to bring private health insurance to America and. His grandfather and J.C. Penny and Conrad Hilton all lunch together they would brown bag it and they started an organization together called the laymen's foundation anyway G.M. would always say to me Mike remember priorities keep your priorities straight and 1 day. 1 of the workers I had working had completed a piece ability study and he brought it in and to me and I gave to Jim. Had Jim looked at me and he was so disappointed. He said Mike that is not a piece ability study that is a feasibility study and he held his hand you know with about 2 inches apart you know the world House has a plan and as it has a way and even Coke you know when they came out with new Coke they got it wrong even with their big thick visibility steady so the main idea is whatsoever he set them to you do it you know that didn't seem like a very smart thing for all these guys to fill up all these big jars with water you know but Mary still had because she knew Jesus wants whoever he said thing to you do it even if it seems impossible a lot of times God asks us to do the same mainly impossible to test our faith you know told Moses stand still and for a man of action that was the hardest thing he could have possibly told Moses stand still and see the salvation the Lord Many told him to go through the Red Sea another impossible thing but with God all things are possible so the 1st principle is no will of my own not even your business school and your business training and all that kind of stuff. You know people that go through business school at the University. Or any any university versus people that. Go through a business incubation program you're 7 times 5 to 7 times more likely to succeed just going through a business incubator rather than doing what the world says that the world says you've got to have a business plan you've got to you know have a detailed business plan you've got to show it to a bank you've got to do all this stuff. And the best business incubator find that it's the people that are more important than the plan the plan is going to change 5 times but if the people are quality and they stick to it you know they've got determination and that's 1 of the key elements. Some of the have your devices or bibles Let's turn to Luke 14 versus 28 through 30 Luke 14 versus 28 through print through 30 and there are some principles that Jesus outlines on plans and starting to look for team vs 28 through 30. Which of you intended to build a tower does not sit down 1st and count the cost of ever thought about what that might mean sitting down if if you have a plan of something that you believe God wants you to do Jesus says 1st sit down Ellen White used the phrase over and over again she said Make haste slowly in the you know the 1 make haste slowly What does that mean. That means you sit down for SED you think it through and then. Whatever God says to do do you do it and you do you do it with dispatch when God tells you what to do. You had 7 testimony each money's page 284 you don't need to write these quotations down I've got them in a hand out here that you can have later on God is not the author of confusion but of order and progress let those who desire to advance his kingdom maced make haste slowly and build intelligently think it through make sure that it's logical another phrase she uses do not rush this will hinder the work and a balancing statement to Do not rush is caution is needed but while some of the workers and this comes from evangelism to 98 caution is needed but while some of the workers are guarded and make haste slowly and she's not saying that's bad some are guarded if there are not those united with them in the work who see the necessity of been aggressive very much will be lost opportunities will pass and the opening of Providence will not be discerned So she's saying you've got to have balance here when God opens a door you've got to go in it's good to have those who are cautious and those who are aggressive part of the same team. From manuscript 144902 God is not glorified by those who attempt to go faster then he leads perplexity embarrassment and distress are resolved you could also say God is not place for those who are going slower than he designs and from 17 manuscript releases 358 the bad must develop gradually into the flow Goldblum flower. When Jesus said there in Luke that we must sit down 1st and council and count the cost. There are some. We have I call it the inspired commentary on that verse evangelism page $85.00 Christ has laid before us the plan upon which his work is to be connected or conduct excuse me those who desired to build 1st must sit down and count the cost to see where they were able to build to bring the building to completion before they began to carry out their plans they must advise with wise counsellors so apparently part of sitting down and counting the cost is to seek godly counsellors to seek their wisdom What do you think you know. Your parents they know you pretty good and you might talk about your idea with your parents and those of us who are parents there are godly people that we need to talk talk to. Dr Swain and I were thinking over of a new project and so we've been trying attempting to talk with godly people in that field who have knowledge. And. A balance beam statement comes from the desire of a just pay $668.00 and you say well this this sounds like a contradiction it's not it says simply we cannot depend for counsel upon humanity. Other people can give us advice and we need to seek that advice but our dependence needs to be on God alone the cool part here is those who go to God for advice they will receive not only wisdom but strength power for obedience for service will be imparted to them as Christ has promised the cool thing about having God tell you what to do is all God's biddings are enabling and when God tells you what to do he's also giving you the power to do it here in this church our Bible Bible worker was named Anna Marie Farnsworth and she brought over 700 people into the church not just this church but all the churches that she worked out as a bible worker and Colleen and I had already set the date and we were planning on getting married and. She said to us don't get married until God instruct you to do so well how will we know well she said May I share story of how God let me know she said I always wanted to be a foreign missionary now it was just my goal I just wanted to be and she said of fellow from the seminary who was just graduating asked me to be his wife and he was he was a good looking fellow and he was heading over overseas in foreign service it was such a delight and she wanted to marry him and she had feelings for this guy but she didn't feel that she had been instructed by God And so she kept putting him off and putting them up putting up finally the day came for his ordination. And she said I still have feelings for him he was going to be leaving the next week for a overseas mission and during the ordination prayer she's down on her knees and she's just wrestling with God and she says God It exists and if it is not your will that I marry this man then take these feelings that I have away from me that I have and she says after the ordination prayer was dive she stood up she had not 1 feeling for that man she took a break she had been a bible worker in New York and she took a break and she went back home and she says I just bawled my eyes out because that was the very thing I wanted to do and she said while I was there at home the kid from down the street who will add going to skid who had kind of grown up together he knocked at the door and he asked her parents if he could call on Annamarie her and his name was Harold and she didn't really care for Harold and she said God I've kept another fellow on the string for 2 years now and I can't keep another guy on the string I have to know where they're at the date this guy or not she was dead serious about knowing and she said My parents didn't know this but she says I would come down from my room I would take my meals and then I would go back and pray and she prayed all through the 1st night all through the 2nd night all through the 3rd night all through force night if she told me if you if you had told me that a person could stay up without any sleep this long I would have told you you were crazy and on the 5th night God spoke to her audibly. And said Mary Harold and she was she told me she says. Because the thought was so foreign to her but as they became acquainted Harold had such a gentle spirit he had such a kind spirit and because she was a Bible worker she would go out she would have appointments in the evening Carol would say Oh I'll take her the dishes all about your time's too important for that you go I'll take care I'll take care of the back you mean and after Anna Marie died and I went to talk with Harold and he says you know I felt that I had a share in all those baptisms and and he did you know in the Bible the person the people that were left with the baggage got just as much reward as the people who went out and bought God gives different talents you know different different gifts to each 1 so. We asked an Ameri. So how will God tell us if we're to get married or not if we're not supposed to get married and tell and were instructed to do so how will he tell us well she says I'm not God I can't tell you how he's going to speak to to your hearts how what he's going to say but don't get married until God instruct you to do so that put us into a tizzy Colleen was a day didn't we already had the dates that you know she was dean and I said well can you get away for a few hours on Friday she says yeah let's study everything we can find in the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and maybe God will speak to our hearts and we had a wonderful study it was just you know great information but have you ever heard this expression when a person seeks information they get nothing but when they seek God they get information. And so after exhausting all of our research what I said you know we but it's close to sundown we'd better have some doubt worship and so I said I've been studying in easy kill let's let's straight a passage for musical so I started reading I thought I was in the right chapter and I wasn't I was in the completely wrong chapter and I'm reading about all this stuff and I you know fighting and all those different things and whatever and I don't I'm just going hot and cold because it's a really terrible worship that's from tell you this right now. And then as I'm reading I came to these words and you know. Ellen White says there is no help for man woman or child I'll think who does that leave out nobody who will not hear and obey the voice of duty for the voice of duties a voice of God and Ellen White also says God will take words and sentences and make them bright and appropriate for the occasion as the voice of God to the soul and when something jumps out at you you're reading God's were some jumps out of you that's God speaking to you and these are the words that I read to Colleen and then you shall know that the Lord has sent me to you and we both heard God speaking to our heart and you know I'm not the easiest guy to live with but I asked Colleen after about 6 or 7 years of marriage I said Has it ever run through your mind that maybe it wasn't right she says that thought has never crossed my mind when God instructs you to do something then do it he'll give you the power to do it power for obedience for service will be imparted as Christ has promise so the 1st step in a start up not my will but fight and die and be done. Number 2 make haste slowly in other words get good advice all the stops right down on the on the the hand out you know get good advice sit down is it logical does does it meet you know is it. The 1 with God If you've met with Godly advice do you know do they do they see light in it. You know the next principle. Maybe you've read in Mark for 28 I'm sure you have without any help the ground produces grain 1st the plant grows then the head then all the grain in the head. There's a logical progression to God's plan and usually it's start small you know we don't want to start small the world says Go big or go home you know got to start big you got to make a big splash fake it till you make it you know that's what the world says Got says Start small Now there's a balancing statement in the Spirit of Prophecy to win Sutherland and again we're down looking at that huge farm down there which became Madison they don't want to big farm they want to start with a small farm they thought it was way too big an Alawite said to him You folks have a lot of experience trust God get the big farm. And they did trust God and they did get the big farm it was a tremendous blessing but under normal circumstances see Mark start small Remember when the work started there was no publishing work at all going and out of Alan Light was given a vision that they needed to start a paper. And that this would be like a like that would go around the world you know the publishing work. And they just didn't have any money I mean it was it was just really top slatting and. She said to her husband quote I have a message for you would be pretty rough to have your wife be a prophet and have your wife been telling you I have a message for you you know but that's OK God can speak however he speaks we should trace her as a light you must begin to print a little paper and send it out to the people let it be smart small at 1st but as the people read they will stand to you means with which to print and it will become a success right from the 1st from this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that went clear around the world and certainly we've seen we have seen the results of that So remember they didn't have any money and so they went to the printer and they said. Can we make payments on this can you trust us with this and he says yeah I don't have much printing you know going on right now so what we're going to start that way and so they gave him the stuff to print and he printed up a little bundle of papers and he got impressed somebody to send money for that and they were able to pay the printer right away. But when they started they took that little bundle of papers put it down on the floor knelt around that bundle of papers and prayed and that was the beginning this small beginning of this wonderful work then they made you know they took they had to trim their own papers with a pen knife you know and they had to fold up you know get ready and then what they did is they took them down to the. Post Office and the guy let him do this put them in all the different post boxes of all the people that they thought might be interested in it and those people were interested and they sent more than enough to print the next 1. So you know a lot of times we're tempted to go into debt to build up God's work and dat robs god of this supernatural thing that he wants to do off and you know world will will we're going to do that and God wanted to do something much more wonderful when our son was. Going to school we said no debt no debt. They had coming to get through and whatever I says you know if you have to stay out a year and work you know that all of that will turn to be a blessing or whatever and we made it through the 1st couple years and then it looked like you know me whose parents couldn't help anymore and somebody anonymously paid for John's entire year down a Souther that God worked miraculously and just God. Enabled job to graduate debt free so purpose that you're going to follow God not the world's way when you start when God says go. He will work things out you know what we can know God's will we can discern God's will we can be in his will we can. Have gotten Godly advice we can start small but unless we start you know when God says go forward it means to move when it says Make haste Jesus is coming soon and we've got to put the plan to action sometimes we get God's Will mixed up sometimes we. Were wanting to do to do God's will but somehow or off the track a little bit if we invite God to stop us if we have the wrong plan if we're really seeking to do God's will then he'll stop us he'll change the plan he'll correct the plan top the timing is up to God but we need to act. You know in in ministry of healing page $143.00 we have the steps about you know with Christ method alone we will achieve true success you know reaching the people and the last step is to invite you know after sympathizing and all those things you know giving their felt need we've got to you know says that he bade them follow me and I was doing a trade show. And now. I was giving away a lot of literature and the guy that I was sharing a booth with of was in Milan Italy he said well he says have you cut blood. He said What's that well he says ever sold any I said well you know I'm I'm just kind of like plant seeds I'm getting our brochures out there and whatever and a lot of a lot of people have taken literature he says people will take a litter just to be polite he says they'll go around the corner and they'll just throw it in the trash bassists you need the right orders that's how you know if you've done any good so the next show I decided I was going to ask for orders and I wrote over 100 orders I would simply ask them Would you like to try a bucket you know we had these little cushiony phone pen and pencil grips and you know it was 144 and it was a school supply show or all the teachers and the people that ran the school stores came and just about everybody I asked they said sure you know it wasn't a big deal and so with God you need there's an action step that's often missing you know. With. Dr suite and I and all the talk that we've been doing about this new ministry and and we've tried a lot of different approaches we've talked to a lot of different people. I got an idea the other day I know somebody who's diabetic I know somebody who's diabetic and this guy has a fairly wealthy influential individual here in town and I know Dr Sweeney. Knows how to help diabetics. Why don't I just put these 22 together see what happens you know. That's starting small it's doing something it's you know it can grow doesn't have to be a wonderful plan that you employ madness you start real big you know you could you could start small and see what God does remember the Western Health Reform Institute they were just fixing up this old building and people started coming in and they weren't even ready for people and yet they had customers right away so 1 of the principles is to cooperate with God when when you see the doors open when you see God's providential up. On hand we need to step in. And always says that this is very much will be lost opportunities will pass and the opening of providence of God will not be discerned now. On this callous soul that Ellen like gives about knowing God's will she talks about open doors and shut doors and that's a that's a subject that we need to delve into just a little bit because often we'll just see an open door and we'll go through and it's like the bottom drops out it doesn't work out or whatever and we wonder why in writing to her son see set as a path opens before you but whether you were to go in or not none is wise enough to discern and then she says a way hedges up before you that sounds like a closed door to me but whether it is to stop you or to test your 1st step past patients none is wise enough to discern. I think this is found on the book this day with God page 284 it's called guidance in perplexity So what he's supposed to do well in Scripture we have a scriptural principle about knowing God's will do you remember Joseph had to dreams and then Pharaoh had to dreams and Joseph explains to Ferrol why he had to separate dreams to tell of the same event Joseph says the reason that the dream was doubled into the O'Farrell is because the thing is certain in the New Testament we have the principle in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let the thing be established so I call this principle the principle of the 2nd witness off and. On small things I may not wait for the 2nd witness when God prompts me I'm going to do it but on big things like started something new like a start up a new ministry a new business or something like that I think you need at least 2 witnesses. Not to Fred Harding. He found out how adamant I could be on that I had called him to be the director of total health lifestyle center we had board approval and I was convicted Fred is the guy you need to to invite and how Call him up and he'd say No I'm happy I'm a pastor I'm very happy in the work I'm in or again I'm Everything's going good I don't really want to do that well I was convects convinced that Jesus wanted me to to get him to be the director of total health lifestyle center so I was persistent I wouldn't give up. And everytime the phone to ring the kids in the House would say that it will just be Mike you just better go and get it it will be for you and sure enough it was me it took 50 hours of phony before he finally said yes I will come 50 hours and when he said yes they seem to be a little bit of uncertainty and his voice and I said Fred I said you don't really sound convinced I said Do you have to evidences from God that you're supposed to go to temple health well he didn't have anything right off the top of his his head I said well I'm going to wait a little longer and I know you've given me a yes but I've but I walk a yes with certainty so I waited 2 weeks and I called him and he says yes I have 2 things in fact I says I have 3 he says 1st of all when I knelt down in prayer the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said Come over to Macedonia and help us he says and then I was reading and I believe ministry of healing and these were just jumped out at me and he told me what it was I don't recall what it was at the time and then he says The 3rd thing was from scripture when God speaks then you can act well read came to total health and the very 1st day he was there he took 1 look at the books and how how we were doing financially and he said I almost went home that 1st day if God hadn't have spoken to him 3 separate ways he never would have stayed. So remember that principle and in starting something major Remember the principle of the 2nd witness you know if I were to just. Put a dot somewhere you know it's X. marks the spot you know and if you have an X. axis and a Y. axis and a Z. axis it's even more certain OK so I don't know if you're comfortable doing this or not but I'll try it see if there see if it works or not. Some of you obviously are in this for some business reason you have an idea you have a thought you have it. I have something you want to do and you may have some questions and I am happy to go on rambling or I'm happy to answer questions but I did want to take take some time and see if there were any questions that you might have. You say Well man you don't even talk about the the the steps in a start up you just talked about the steps before a start up. But I think those are steps that the world won't give you you know down in the business incubation place they can give you the steps of the start up. You know doing focus groups those kinds of things defining your market. Coming up with a plan but I just thought I'd turn it all over to you for questions to see if you have any questions or there was anything I could elaborate on or Mike you didn't make that clear. So maybe you have some ideas maybe that you're working on yeah. How Kate the 1st business I started I started this in 1973. And it was called grab on grips and if you've ever seen these little palm cushiony grips on an ice scraper or a baby stroller or a pen or a pencil or something like that it started off with bicycles and it was a really terrible name was called Comfort riders handlebar padding OK. And I was going back to do a trade show in New York and the guy sitting next to me was a very famous movie director he couldn't get into 1st class that day and he had to sit back with the rest of us and he asked me what are you doing and I said I'm going back to New York I'm showed in this package comfort riders handlebar Paddy now and he didn't put his hand on my name but he said in this in this tone of voice son I think you need a new name. And he said why don't you call it gravel HUNT Well being cocky young entrepreneur I. Knew he was a famous movie director had heard of the movies you know that he done at least 1 of them was a current Hollywood movie and but what I thought what does he know about name me so I asked him Have you ever helped anybody name something he says Yes I said like what well he's a friend of mine came up with a round thing you put around your waist and he says I called it hula hoop. And he's the guy that named the hula hoop and I checked and the guy that did invent the hula hoop lived in his same town and so I thought that or write that down gravel on. Anyway it was a punk grip company and it went worldwide and so. OK So working out a new start up L M Y Invision the only 2 works going at the very in the very last and it's the publishing work and the medical missionary work and. The publishing work that she envisioned I'm sure she she never could have dropped at the at the ways you can publish today but those are the 2 businesses or works that are referred to in his E.Q. 47 were she talks about the stream the river that goes down you know and everywhere it goes or brings healing and the only 2 works that she like it's up to the medical missionary work and the publishing work and 1 famous quotation that I'm sure you're quoting it with Ellen White says I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministry aligns think about it what what has to happen for there to be no work and ministry alike but medical missionary work another famous quotation that she should guess see says when connected with other lines of gospel work the medical missionary work is a most effective tool to prepare the soil for reception of the seed Now think about it in the parable of the soils if you could have made it all good ground if you could have killed up the rocky ground of the weedy ground or whatever you would have gotten a great harvest she says it's a most effective tool to prepare the ground for reception of the seed and the entertainment by which the harvest is to be reaped so. The next thing I want to do is the start up in the area of medical missionary work and years ago God already gave us a ghost town and a hot springs and so eventual be able to use that as a tertiary referral center you know. The people that you cannot help in the city that need to get away from it all. Also the workers need to get away from it all as well and to get out of the country for peace of mind is set or is a wonderful plus in any way so that's what I'm working on a something in the medical missionary work any other questions or comments or thoughts you've thinking of some idea and now. You know. Dr Sweden I've been talking with a couple of other the other doctors. L M Y says the work which is not done during a time of prosperity will have to be done during the time of adversity and it seems like the adversity is now and it's regulations that the regulations concerning health care are really tough and it's hard to profit from health care unless you mean on the back end let's let's look at the current delivery system for health care in most cases if I go to the doctor he's only making money when I'm sick but if he's really good at prevention and helps prevent all these illnesses then ink you can make a money. And so the only people that profit are the health insurance companies and so these 2 doctors in Moscow pulmonary and they want to start their own health insurance company and so we would love to work together with whoever wants to be part of this plan and that you know it's God's plan and he'll bring it together in the right time in the right way. Any other thoughts questions comments people are getting too busy they're just so busy there is kind of a really focus going to be something they're really interested in for them to come you know. People are more interested in a change in their weight than a change in the South you know as administers we see a lot of the principles found in the writings of spirit prophecy that the world is beginning to adopt the world is ahead of us in certain ways. But we still have something that's unique OK. We're told that the Gospel and the medical are never to be separated OK Why is that. We're told that when the 2 are not united there is placed upon our church the worst evil that can be placed there that's a pretty big statement you know the Gospel in the medical the doctor in the minister and I think I am beginning to sense why. 1 represents the power to do it. And the gospel for it is the power of God right and. The medical missionary work we're told is the gospel in practice and the teaching and healing I was recently and I guess it's been a while now. At a very important business probably the single richest business in Eastern Washington OK they have more disposable income they self insure so if 1 of their employees is hurting. And House a heart attack or whatever it's going to cost them a quarter $1000000.00 you know cost him a lot of money to have unhelpful employees and I was meeting with the director of wellness of this company and I was representing the 7th Day Adventist Church and I asked him I said Is there anything we the administrators can do to help you to work with your company he says no he said our sensors if they saw anything spiritual in your Power Point presentation they would let you in he says even if there was a motive of spiritual connection they would let you in but this is the head of wellness and we're getting nowhere fast and I've got to try something really risky so I said to the head of wellness I said Would it surprise you if I would tell you that wellness doesn't work I just bred the largest study that ever been done on wellness millions of covered lives and for every dollar that corporations invested in wellness they only got pennies back so I said up to this guy and he kind of lost his game face and he hung his head ashamed and he says I know it doesn't work he's all we're trying to do is just kind of hold our own I said Would you like to know why it doesn't work he said yeah you know and others give it a try I'm I'm I'm all ears I said Well can I use the Bible. Yeah go ahead you know this is at a very high level he can't he can't have it go to his employees but he can he can hear it himself. I said you know it says in Scripture that a leopard can't change his spots nor an Ethiopian his skin and I was a little nervous about saying that because there were 2 will say Ethiopians in the in the room OK. OK And it says neither can you who are accustomed to doing evil than do good I say can we go the New Testament for a minute he says yeah go ahead he said. I told him I said there's a lot of people who have an opinion as to what the gospel of us I've heard lots of sermons on it but I said this is what Scripture has to say it is the power of God and I said that's what's missing in Wellness the power of God I said if we had a place occupants that wasn't here at your company could you send people to work if I had asked this question 5 minutes before he never would have given me this answer but with determination this guy says Yes he says I Would fact I would send somebody today he says I've got a guy that weighs over 400 pounds 1 of my employees and I know he's just ripe for heart attack he will realize that traditional wellness wasn't working now works for a while Ellen White says it this way we may leave off a bad habit for a time but without the grace of Christ abiding in the heart there can be no lasting change and lasting change is the only changes worth pain for. And. Weary as admin is how the secret of how to make medical missionary work its lasting change it's the grace of Christ abiding in the heart yes. Absolutely. Well you've already mentioned a key and that is what am I doing you know and when we think the church is off track or the church is doing this or the church assume that I'm in the church what am I doing and we can start with the 1 and then like Christ you know he didn't try to change the whole crowd but he looked for open hearts he looked for receptive hearts and I can just tell you that I've got a member of my Psalms whole class and she's on fire for Christ you know the ones that are on fire for Christ and we need to work with a few who. Are holding back nothing you know they just they just want to please God. Moody used to talk about happen half Christians and we're told that to be almost but not holy say is to be holy last and that we need to be all his all in and to find people who are all in and work with those I don't have any other answer yes. And then. Any other thoughts. Like OK. If you. Could work. And get in. There. OK So let me give you 1 of the saddest quotations in the Spirit of Prophecy time to me 1 of the saddest. Ellen White talks about the medical missionary work and she talks about sending scores of workers into the cities but she says the perplexing question yet remains unanswered how should the workers be sustained and I haven't seen a model yet that's financially prosperous. She said to our managers of our sanitariums that they should be able to manage quote without running behind so it's not God's plan it's not pleasing program for us to go into debt to go to to run behind he wants it to be financially secure at least maybe it doesn't have to be super prosperous but it needs to be secure financially and I don't know what the what the answer is there. I don't have a right off the top of my head but I can get it to you Johnny Yeah thanks for asking Yeah I've been to Asia I've been to a lot of places I've visited so many places and I've never seen a plan I mean we talk about self-supporting the situations institutions should support themselves. Hear him. Schooling is our. Human history it's incredible. Living Malaysian. Mr. Well praise the Lord you. Were. Yeah. Amy. Well we're almost out of time here. The next seminar we're going to be talking about. 3 of the most important principles for outreach and this is within a business or with out of out of a business and experiences on that and then the South or noon my favorite want to say the best to last it's called the secret of Solomon how Solomon received wisdom from God And so that's 2 o'clock this afternoon thanks for being here and can I ask the Lord to bless you sore heads loving father. There are people here with ideas. Lord we laid all of our plans at your feet to be given up or carried out as usual direct the Lord direct and then give us the the word to to go and then give us the energy the power and the stick to it as we pray and St you for each individual you fill each 1 with your spirit we pray in Christ's name in. 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