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Christian Business- Part 3

Mike Tillay


Mike shares about the importance of listening to God's voice, and following His will.


Mike Tillay

Businessman from Walla Walla



  • March 22, 2018
    2:00 PM
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1 day I was going through the scriptures and in this particular Bible I happen to look in the marginal reference to 1 of my favorite stories the story of Solomon when he got the wisdom so let's turn to the 1st Kings Chapter 3. First Kings Chapter 3 on your device or your Bible whatever you have. Everybody knows the Solomon asked for wisdom God even said that he asked for wisdom so that's you know I takes it take it take it. When God says wisdom I do believe that. But we're going to discuss today the how of the wisdom and there's. You know. I'm not a linguist and I don't know biblical languages but I can read in a marginal reference of the Bible when it says Teacher translation I can read that and this is what it said when when it says give therefore they serve an understanding heart for the word understanding in the understanding heart over at the margin it said literally hearing a hearing heart and of course the heart stands for the mind and so I look the word up and it's the word should law or. Should not ship excuse me it's light at the end I think is like as in hat should match croquet this word in the in Deuteronomy I think it's going to be Chapter 6 there is a prayer and it's called the shy call it the sure Mom hero is real the Lord our God is 1. And of the 3 most popular words in the Hebrew language are number 1 show loam number 2 Shabat or Sabbath and number 3 should not true here is what it means 785 times in the King James Bible it's tramp slated simply to hear OK. So I am magine Solomon with the Queen of Sheba. And I've actually seen some of these fake flowers you know she talks to them we're told this is from outside the Bible with a fake flower you know and I've actually seen some of these and they make them out of a kind of wood that is so soft and then they they dip them in oiled and they sent them and you can pinch off a piece of this colored scented wood and you don't even know that it's what you think it's a flower I mean it's perfect and I picture Solomon and given you know the 2 flowers which 1 is the real flower I just picture him sending up a little flare prayer and this quick response comes back he says he's got the gift of hearing and God just darts the thought of a B. into his mind a B. would know of course so he puts them out of the window sill and you know waits and talks and whatever invention of the B. lands on the right 1 of course and so I wondered what were the conditions that enabled Solomon to hear and 1 of the key points is just a few verses back. And verse 7 1st Kings chapter 3 verse 7. Now all Lord my God you have made your servant king instead of my father David but I am a little child I do not know how to go out or come in and I would ask the question Was that true what Solomon a little child did he not know how to go out or come in. It was basically its faults but really true. Say he didn't know how else to describe it to God But his father normally would live out his life and then after his father died he would become king instead he is king right away. And he's had to do some awful things in taking care of some people that you know his dad so you hands off and whatever and it's horrible and he's KANK and he feels like a little child he really in comparison to being ready to be king he feels like a little child I don't have I don't know beans from buckshot you know we use expressions today and he was not trying to lie to God he was trying to get to God the way he really felt what would you describe that I am but a little child I don't know how to go out or are coming what. Harm or his religion is his 1000000 his need He's humble now in Scripture there's lots of things that we're told to go to God for but God says with regards to to humility he says humble yourselves now that's interesting humble yourselves. I couldn't understand and I thought Man Why would God do that for us you know. We have to recognize our true power is a 0 from which Quincy's us said all power is given to me on heaven and earth that means we have 0. You know Jesus even said even the words I speak are not my own so we have to recognize it ourselves that of ourselves we can do nothing but through Christ we can do all things so. Humility is something that we have to recognise it's kind of like the Clydesdale horse. Clydesdale horse I mean. I don't know maybe you think other horses better whatever that's fine but this thing is so powerful that it doesn't have to prove who it is and has just plain 1 powerful it can be very Make it can be it can step over things it can be very gentle It doesn't have to prove who it is and. We are told that Moses was the make us man in all the earth you know and most was very powerful he had was well educated he had lots of things going for it you know there's a cartoonist called economic and it's kind of a Wimpy person you know and and don't like to read it this is nothing but that's not what humility is all about doesn't make this is all about. Make Nice humility always talking about here is an assurance in God and what he is able to do he's the 1 who is all powerful and so. Solomon at the beginning of his life he had this meekness he had this humility and so God could give him this gift of hearing. I had a friend. And you know what they say about birds of a feather. This Fred was in prison appear at the Washington State Penitentiary he had rob a liquor store and wanted to get drug money and every Sunday I go up and see my friend Tim and I say to him you got to read the Bible with a different heart you just got to say God what are you saying to me and. I kept talking to him and talking to 6 months went by and he still wasn't reading scripture with a with a humble heart God what you say to me Well Tim unbeknownst to me he was using drugs up at the Washington State Penitentiary continued to use drugs and pretty soon the people who he was getting drugs from on credit they said no more and you got to raise some money you've got a culture of friends and you got it sense of money up here because script that there is what they use and so he called me and I said No Tim I can't help you and I talked with the family and I said we've got to cut him off either God can save him. He's going to depend on God or not and so we all agreed we're not going to give him any money I finally got a call from the guy who's going to kill him OK It's getting really serious now and God worked a miracle and delivered. Tim from a certain date of death he like to play rock guitar and he had 1 of those soundproof booths reserved for a certain night and that's when they were going to night him because when he screamed out they couldn't hear. And the night that he was to be killed he was moved to minimum security from for media and so he was saved but because of all the pressure and because they can get you almost anywhere you know they have connections. He was still a little worried and so he said he came walking out because I actually got to see him outside when he was in minimum came walking up to the picnic table and I said to him there's something different about you. Oh am I weird you know I said No you just don't seem as arrogant as informal like you are. He said well something happened to me yesterday he said I was reading the Bible like you've been sane with a hearing heart and he said I started in the book of Ecclesiastes is all that's not what I told the start but God knew just how to speak to his heart and you know it talks about vanity a lot in there and that's that's him he said to him you make yourself overwise this few verses of scripture just jumped out and he heard it and he agreed with God and he just said OK God you're right I make myself overwise and when God speaks and you receive it God has already worked a miracle he's already done something now sometimes it's like a seed that he plants but sometimes it's obvious right away when he came walking out he didn't walk with the same swagger that Tim normally walked with and. Anyway that's what I'm talking about when I'm talking about the gift of hearing so the 1st point is that God has a gift he gave it to Solomon. And that he wants to give it to all of us I mean it's God that has the power Solomon really was why God was wise and he heard it. Has gotten ever appeared to you in a dream by night and and given you the same offer that he's given to solve you know you name it you've got it how many of you have had that experience I haven't either OK but I found another text in the Bible it's Isaiah 3021 you already know this 1 by heart and that I need air or shall hear a word behind these say this is the way walk yet when you turn to the right and turn to the left that is the very same thing that Solomon asked for in Isaiah 3021 God promises to all of us your ears shall hear so 1st point God has a gift the same get that he gave to Solomon he wants to get to all of us 2nd point in order to receive this gift we have to have humility and. Ellen White writes a ministry of healing. Not on aman to give you different I give you 2 texts. Psalm 25 verse 9 he leads the humble and what is right and the humble he teaches his way you might know it in the King James the make will he guide in judgment and the meek will he teaches way humble is another word that's acceptable for that. Psalm 25 verse 90 and I already read the other 1 the 1st kings 37 I am but a little child OK 1st point God gave a gift to Solomon and that gift could be our 2nd point in order to receive the get we must have humility 3rd point. Ministry of healing page 58 says we must individual e hear him speaking to the heart when every other voice is hushed and in quietness we wait before him the silence of the sword makes more distinct the voice of God. I see a lot of people with you know they're running and they've got ear buds and there's always something going on it's quietness that makes more distinct the voice of God to the soul i was dark we all know hot springs in a little ghost town and I took a fellow down there that worked for 3 to have a $1000000000.00 company and I said hey let's go for a hike and so we hiked and hiked and it's in the winter time and it's cold and everything and I said I'm just going to leave you alone up here on this ridge and I'm going to go do a loop or whatever and I'll come back get you he said I felt more alone when I was there sitting up on that ridge than any place I ever had before sometimes we're not comfortable with ourselves and quietness and aloneness but. We need that if we want to learn God still small voice it's quietness that makes it more distinct. Jesus said in John Chan verse 28 My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow. And they follow my sheep they hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. So Christ's sheep know his voice and they follow it OK Well what if the ship don't want to fall. I was waiting for an attorney I just felt prompted I needed to go talk to this attorney I know him and he doesn't know the Lord and. I had an appointment at back down to grab on it 10 o'clock or something and so I'm waiting I'm waiting and we're told the secretary there that I was waiting for for this attorney James Jim and finally at about a quarter to 10 I'm thinking I can't wait here any longer I got to got to go got this appointment to have it. So I got my car started up when our parking lot started heading in the most direct way back to my office at the 1st block that prompting that just that leading thing we call hearing says turn up well I can get to grab on that way that's probably just another way and maybe it's traffic this way so maybe I'll get there faster this way so I turned left not much risk there and. You get to the end of that block turn left again oh no. Get back to that block turn left again I mean I've got to go back in there but Lord I have an appointment attempt what's going to happen if I miss this appointment Well have you ever miss an appointment before in your life you know and my steps to Christ it reads were to lay all of our plans at his feet all of today's planned 5 year plan everything were to lay out his feet to be given up or carried out as he should direct. Oh sure what am I going to say to the secretary I just told her that I had an appointment I have to go to and then I had to leave and I couldn't wait any more how what how and explain that it doesn't matter if you look foolish obeying God's voice it doesn't matter. I just walked and I said you know I changed my mind and waited after in about 5 minutes attorney came out and it was the best virtual connection I've ever had with this guy you know up to that point it was just fabulous and I'm sorry about the guy that showed up and I didn't and whatever but all things work together for good to those who who love him give me another 1 you know says you hear shall hear word behind the saying This is the way walk in it when you turn to the right of the turn the left wheel drive a lot these days so getting ready to go out of my driveway interesting a lot to go see Tim this guy that was in minimum is now work release or he's whatever he's interested he's in so I'm going to see him as he sat with afternoon and I'm driving out with some people in my car the only way I can get to try so it is a certain lap and that still small voice said Turn right well Lord. This is really dumb This is a cul de sac I can't get atrocities if I could if I turn right whatever so I'm going to look down there see if there's anything. And I'm not going to obey right off I'm just going to look down there you know like Jonah and I looked way down and 3 doors down my neighbor was Mona's a lot and so I drove down there and hey jen How's it going he stops is more he comes over he says I've just about had it with life. You know when God prompts you to do something. We need to do it. 1st point God has a gift same gift he gave to Solomon is our 2nd point in order to receive this good we've got to have humility 3rd point. And I jumped ahead of myself that's the 4th point we've got to follow his advice My sheep know my voice and they follow it OK So 3rd point. It's the 1 that talks about quiet nurse making more distinct the voice of God to the soul. There are 2 voices you've noticed that right you've noticed that there are 2 voices it's sad as afternoon you're tired your wife has made a beautiful meal or somebody has made a beautiful meal you push back on the table and you just want to go over there and lay down on the couch and the voice of duty that's God's voice says you know you should just offer to do the dishes for your wife and immediately you think That's Satan's voice. Now that's not what you think you think I'm too tired I'm you know if I just sit here long enough she'll do it I want to have to do it and I'm thinking you know I had a harder we can she did this week. I don't need to do that and that's what we call what Alan Light calls the voice of inclination it's what we're inclined to do and if I do what I mean Klein to do and I go lay down on the couch and I go to sleep at night wake up later I should move around a little bit after my meal and you know gotten the food going or whatever I still terrible but if you do what the voice of duty said US seems like the boring thing ends up your wife puts her arm around us is hardly thank you so much what can I do for you I mean good things happen when you follow and listen to the voice of duty versus the voice of inclination. Right wrote some things down here. 1 time. I mean shut the door here so I thank you for. 1 time. I was I was the weekend of Easter. And I wanted to go see Easter Sabbath sunrise and so I drove up the mountains it's about 4 in the morning and it's dark and everything and I'm but I'm sitting up there beside the road my little Honda Fit and in about 10 or 15 minutes it's still dark this great big beautiful S.U.V. starts coming up the up the road and. I think Man I hope they don't hit me or whatever I better just turn my lights on so I just flashed my life real quick just to let him know that I was there and they were they passed me by in 15 minutes a crate huge like a 1 ton pickup comes up and I did the same thing flashed my light didn't even think anymore about it and after sunrise. I had sat with Maureen so I decided to head down forgot to teach status quo and now. I'm driving down and these 2 vehicles had gone. Ahead of me and quite a long time ago and as I was driving down the mountain I saw them both stopped and it looked like the big S.U.V.s battery was. All that was brand new it looked like they was giving a jump with the with the pickup just looked like somebody was there and I didn't think anything of it and as I'm driving the car down the still small voice says to me with urgency don't go down there. OK so I just stopped and 1 thing I learned about criminals they're not patient I found out later on that this was a place where they do drug deals and the reason they do drug deals. In the mountains is because for 45 minutes they have a chance to see who is ever coming up that particular mountain place and if any cops come up there whatever they can get rid of whatever they need to and and so I have flashed my lights at both of these vehicles and so theoretically I could have had their license plates numbers and all that and. So I just stopped and I didn't know what to do and so the guy he starts walking up towards me and the farther he walked the more I backed and we just kind of kept the same distance you know going back up the hill and I can win this race I can call faster in my fit than he can walk. And so he gives that up really quick and he gets in his 1 time and he whips around I've never seen a pickup whip around so fast in my entire life and he starts coming up the hill and I still I'm a little bit clueless you know I don't know that the drug deal going down or whatever and he just passes me and I wave to him you know and then he whips around again and he's on my tail and he's going to try to nudge the back of my bumper when we're going around the corner down the steep this steep grade or you have to do is just give a little touch and that little Carl is down down down down down and 3 times this guy tried to kill me OK And the 3rd time he was just get ready to ram me when another great big huge 1 ton truck comes driving up from the other way it was right at the point of fight with a used call 5 points now there's only 4 points and this guy comes up and of course you don't want to have any witnesses and all this time but that this guy was trying to kill me with his car I'm on the phone with 911 but I want my wife to know what happened OK And so I'm on with this dispatch and 911 and finally when this other big pickup came along the other the other cars just split they just went down Blue Creek and got out of there as quick as possible. And I've been real calm all through this thing and now I just lost it you know now that I was in the clear. God wants us to know in advance what to do and what not to do. He wants to give us this gift the still small voice. In order to read it in order to have it we must have humility in order to have it we need to be alone with God East today. And in order to continue to have that we must follow. I've had some situations where I haven't wanted to follow. You've had situations to where you think oh I've felt foolish or feel dumb or whatever. I was asked to give a talk to the local Rotary Club here in town and this guy was kind of an antagonist that was in the audience oh Rotary Club it's a service club and they do things like build ball fields and do things and whatever you'll see a little symbol like a gear and it was a rotary and they're 1 of the largest service clubs in the world their motto is service above self OK it's not a bad lot of lives asked to go talk to them and. As soon as I was asked. I thought well you know I'll talk about the business or whatever God spoke to my heart and said you should be more concerned about their spiritual welfare and a whole lot harder I can't give them the Gospel and so I was Jonah all weekend long. Until somebody in our little prayer group said to me Well my Couldn't you illustrate the gospel with something from your business and it was like a light came on oh I could do that so all week long I start to get pretty ready and prepare the talk and as soon as I would start to write the talk out some thought would come along of something that. Somebody that I had wronged that you need to go make things right with so so and. So I go take care of that and something else will come up something else something else now it's Thursday and I have nothing to share nothing I don't know what I'm going to do I try to go out in the park and just get a little bit of you know wisdom and sit down with my Bible and I'm starting to read and I can't even make sense of the Bible I mean I'm so nervous I just I mean these are my peers I'm just petrified. And when I went to the restroom in the end restroom somebody had scratched in Fort wall in the window Jesus loves you. To hate you Jesus so I get up there I'm sitting at the head table I still have a clue what I'm going to say and I took a little devotional book with me from out like a stab and the text for that particular day it was. August 15. Was from Jeremiah 1 verse 7. Say not I'm a little child but 1000 shell gold to all whom I sent the and whatsoever I command the that out felt speak it was a text about speaking and I've completely up to that point my hands I mean if you take a paper and put on my hand it would just stick it was just you know perspiring terrible God spoke his word and it gave me peace. And I did speak that day and the guy that was the antagonist that would always shock people down or whatever that I was so creative he didn't he didn't say anything and it was such a blessing and my secretary who typed it up afterwards from the recording she says you know Mike you're using not that good. But she said all the senses were pretty well connected and she says that came together really good. And another time I'm getting ready to do a trade show in Chicago and that still small voice said You should go talk to Paul Harvey today well Paul Harvey lives in Chicago and my dad knew him and I had had some acquaintance with him Lord 1 of my supposed to say ask him Is there something I'm supposed to pray for today. OK. So I go out there and I get through the 1st secretary and I get to his private secretary and she says he's seen no 1 today he's not dressed for it he's not ready for visitors I'm sorry and I just stand there I should have been praying but I just stand there and thinking what am I going to do now I know I was sent here and it was like somebody put pixie dust on this lady June Westergaard. And she says but I'm going to slip you in just for a minute I couldn't believe it so I asked Paul I said Is there anything I'm supposed to pray for all he says pray that I'll be professionally what I want to be or whatever and I think God didn't send me on an expensive mission just to pray for somebody to be more professional and so I just stood there again. Hit the news hadn't been written yet he was still working on the news and I knew I couldn't stay there long because he had to get the news done because he's on a time deadline. And he said so you're going to stay for the broadcast and I said Oh yeah sure because then I knew I'd have 5 more minutes with him because every time you say page 2 or page 3 that really is time for a station break and they give you another minute you know because the wall of the station is putting their ads on to get a chance to talk with them I found out that his contract was up with A.B.C. that day and he was going to negotiate this new contract and he had a Saturday broadcast and God wanted me to go there to pray for him. 1 more experience that I had with with Paul Harvey and the still small voice. This time I didn't have an appointment and I was impressed you need to go see Paul Harvey. How was I impressed I was down at A.S.I.. I had some work in the Chicago area us and I'm reading in Scripture and these words just jumped out at me your friend and your father's friend do not for sake well he was my father's friend and I knew who God was talking about so I went up just to see him. And I. Spent a full hour with him that day and he told me he said you can go ahead and leave that door open. He said you know if you had called for an appointment 1st I never would have given you 1 he said I'm not able to entertain people the way I used to and he says. By the way it was an answer to prayer you coming here today. I believe that we will still see Paul Harvey in heaven I believe that there are a number of people. That sometimes. We forget what Jesus said other sheep have either not of this fold but Jesus wasn't content there he said to them also I must bring So they'll be 1 flock and 1 shepherd OK so I'm going to take a little break here and I'm going to ask more questions how do you know for example whether it's God prompt you to do something or Satan property in you to do something Has that ever entered your mind I mean how do you know which 1 is which. Well you start with little things and use and you say OK what's the worst thing that can happen to me if I do this. And if it's really not too bad maybe you should just try to do it you know if you feel that this is what God is leading you to do or call in you to do or asking you to do prompted you to do maybe you should just do that. You know like today. I want to go check on something on the Internet and that and her still small voice said No no. It will just take a 2nd. We need to learn to obey and so I let it go I mean it was the worst thing is going to happen if I don't check on something on the Internet nothing nothing bad is going to happen on the other hand when God prompts us to do something. And he wants us to see somebody or go somewhere or do something and we're not there wow missed opportunity so. 1 voice seems like the thing you ought to do the other voice seems like the thing you want to be the voice of inclination from the facts clear any other thoughts or questions at this point yes. Yeah praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Yeah so 1 night it was a Saturday night. I was supposed to meet a fella from the State Department and a lady and her boyfriend and we were supposed to have dinner Actually I wasn't supposed to have dinner with this guy from the State Department he came in unexpectedly it was in Frankfurt Germany. And. They said well can she meet us we're going to a club I don't go to clubs OK rotary club I go to these kind of clubs I don't go to well you know see only time we're going to be able to see you so I just set up a clearer LORD WHAT SHOULD I DO go so I asked some of the people there at Marine her. What is this club anyway oh that's a gay bar and discotheque Oh well what should I wear oh like worth a suit but no tie just collar open and whatever so they wanted to meet me there at midnight he said Well nothing good happens after midnight Well if you're on God's mission you're on God's mission so I'm walking around with this horrible music. And finally I just went over or some piled of dishes or and I just said Lord if I don't find them in the next 2 minutes I'm out of here I cannot stand being in this place any longer and within 2 minutes they found me and we sat down and I was so grateful and this 1 fellow was Islamic and he's smoking and he's drinking and he explains you know why he's all this bad behavior. It was a wonderful time he's a heart surgeon it was a wonder to full time connecting with Feisal I had never met him before never met him a sense I always knew his his wife and. Leaving that place it's 3 30 in the morning and I'm walking in my car and this bomb all covered up says to me something in German and I very politely said I'm sorry I don't speak German I just kept on walking because I think I'm going to die of this I was 330 this morning there's nobody out in the streets I'm going you know my car is way and so I. I keep on walking and that still small voice says go back or. So I go back and I mean speak German but we communicate enough to know that this person needed a ride because all the trains had stopped running and public transportation bus and everything. And so I invited this fellow get my car that he'll kill me but OK maybe that's what this was supposed to be so he shuts the door and this hood comes off of this fellow snarl. It's a lady and there's blood all over her face fresh blood and her husband has beat her terribly and she's just trying to get to a safe place to her girlfriend's house and so we communicate you know sign language and whatever and write down the address or whatever and she tells me luck right you know God to oust and all that and we finally get there and I try to tell her No you need prayer and we. We haven't been talking to words you know but I just decided I'm going to have a prayer and so if I showed her like hands like I'm going to pray. And there was just a look of fear in her eyes and so I just had a short prayer for her safety and and for her little boy and I look over at her and she says who weepy I don't know what you heard but she says cry and so she made it her girlfriend you know we connected and she made it she made it there and then I'm not completely lost I'm in a part of Frankfurt I don't have a map I don't know where I'm at I drive around the city around and around Iraq didn't get any sleep that night had to take up to London the next day you know what when you go on God's errands he gives you the strength he gives you the energy he gives you whatever and he may send you to some places that you don't normally go. You may not want to go but if you follow his still small voice tremendous blessings will will happen when I get to London my niece has shaved her head bald OK and she's experimenting with all kinds of things or whatever and she just thought that story was so cool you know. And so it was a way to connect with with my niece OK so I have a hand out of these 4 points. And. The get that God wants to give to all of us. And the way to keep that gift is to keep spending time alone with God each day and the way to keep that gift is to have a heart to get the gift in the beginning is to have a humble attitude with regards to ourselves you know I want says when any measure of success attends the work selfless ever ready to take the credit and then she says we walk in our own strength it's stead of the strength of our master and to keep the gift when God prompts you to do something do it. Remember what Jesus said to the NO excuse me what Mary said to the helper is there in John to risk lives whatsoever he saith unto you do it. 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