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Adventist History- Part 2

Fred Bischoff


Fred reviews the rise and progress of the Adventist church from 1844 through 1890.


Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library



  • March 22, 2018
    10:30 AM
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But again thank you for the opportunity to come together to review these details of history help us to know how to hit the highlights in a way that makes sense pulls the threads together and actually leads us to study more in depth more about the story more about how you have been leading your teachings in what your intent is and help us to enter your more into an understanding of why we're still here as we pray in Christ's name you know. We're back in 844 still and the thirty's message has began to sound right after the disappointment we have another event that we highlight here and that is Ellen Harmon at this point she's 17 years old and she has her 1st public vision OK and I like to tie that together with the midnight cry cause we already mentioned in that vision she saw a bright light at the beginning of the path it's that journey metaphor. That the word way marks coming from which is another so the name for the landmarks and she has given that vision to encourage the advent people that they're on a journey to heaven right to the to the city. They thought they were going to get there because they thought Jesus was going to come and they were at the end of the journey. But it's like there's a journey ahead still and Jesus is guiding you and what enables them to see Jesus that was that light behind. And when they denied the light that was behind them what happened for then the light went out and then they couldn't see the path they couldn't see Jesus and what do do they. They fell off the path into the world well another metaphor just a symbolic way of saying if you do acknowledge the light God has given in the past how are you going to walk into the future with more and more more life right you can lose sight of that and you're going to you're going to lose the the journey at some point I mean people know people that have lost that journey right are no longer with us they they didn't appreciate the past they didn't walk in that light and look for more light that's coming so that's 1 thing I would highlight from that vision the thing would be a still forget we're dealing with these 2 principles in this 1 these are not impersonal things don't depersonalise God's teachings it's is intensely personal not just you and I are persons but the 1 who is originated it is a personal God he's just not an idea and unless you can learn that and walk with him have a relationship with him. The devil is excellent depersonalizing things into the truth is actually embodied in a person it's all about him right that's way says I am the truth so this vision that Ellen Harmon gets is a teenage girl is is something that she's conjuring up in her own mind she under the influence of you know as people tend to say some neurological disorder or worse than that some supernatural evil powers if not where is it coming from. What does the Bible call the Spirit of Prophecy. Yes. It is the testimony of Jesus when Jesus came to his disciples in Luke $24.00 we talked about this to begin with what turned these men around the survivors from being confused in hiding to becoming deeply much more deeply converted unified and bold It was a testimony of Jesus united with scripture don't forget that that's what he did give him a Bible study he just didn't say Here I am I'm alive believe in me he took them back to all the Spirit of Prophecy teachings from the Old Testament he showed the consistency of what he had been giving the prophets in the Old testament to that spirit of prophecy and he has basically said it's been fulfilled but it's all about me it's concerning me and so when Ellen Harmon is getting messages is that Ellen Harmon or is the testimony of Jesus is he is he coming not in person but through a messenger and is he helping us to understand scripture how then in everything it's it's concerning Jesus and so I would hope I would submit to you that as we look through this history you're going to find that a lot of that our history details is built on things that she wrote not because she's only 1 that lived then or wrote about it but because what she wrote is a unique perspective on our history and it's something that she herself as a human being could not have been able to do look at the testimony of those who were there alive when she was alive who examined her not just her physical demonstration in having visions but. Tested her in terms of Biblical accuracy the fruits of that and all of that and you'll see I think of in the 1 addressed them steps the money he saw something he said that was humanly impossible he said this is a gift from God and we neglect God's gifts at our own peril and so we're going to we're going to lean a lot on what Jesus had to say about our history because he's speaking to a messenger. And God help us to be willing to grasp the significance of that when we call quote Paul we're not really quoting Paul were quoting the the spirit that was speaking to Paul Paul was the was the 10 minute right he was putting it into his own words but God was giving him the ideas and Ellen White doing the same thing she's not a canonical messenger her her writings do not become part of Scripture but there's a lot of other non-canonical prophets in the Old Testament the New Testament there their works were not in the Bible but yet they were messengers of God So let's not not miss an understanding of that. So what happened there in in the I put it in 44 but actually it the next 5 years basically very rapidly out of the understanding of the 13 jewels message there were a whole series of landmarks that became clear to these people as they studied we and this is based on a statements I've given you. Hopefully the reference the reference actually to this is back. Latest on page 3. The landmarks Ursus think Lee outlined in the Elegy Whiteman interest page 518 that's a paragraph on page 3 to be actually want to know where these things came from 2nd coming the cleansing of the sanctuary in other words this prophecy in Daniel 8. When he said the sanctuary would be cleanse What is that really all about the BEGIN to understand the sanctuary services in the symbolism of that what the cleansing was all about she said transpiring in heaven but having decided relation to God's people on earth they thought it was just on earth and no they realize is taking place in heaven but I haven't decided relation to God's people on Earth with this all 3 messages together is considered she's listed them as a. Landmark for angels messages. By the way the messages are not simply in historical sequence that we see is the order in which they came but they are cumulative. Well they start as a solo then there's a duet and there's a trio and there's a quartet numbers enjoying each other and they can see the sound 1st ones continue to sound as they continue. The 3rd angel's message highlights 2 specific things that became very important are and are still very important last verse of the 3rd angel's message those that endure the implication is they endure the fall of Babylon they keep to things what. Commandments of God and Savior Jesus so they begin to and look at that but. Of these 2 which 1 did they seem to emphasize. OK so this 1 I put in here they neglected this 1 not that they denied it or totally ignored it but there was a there was neglect and that will come out a little bit later in the history. There was 1 of these commandments and particulars they say they became aware of the portions of which was the 4th Commandment OK and that obviously that ties back to 1st angel's message worship Him who made to be in to realize the importance of that. And then 1 more. Noname mortality of the wicked we mention George stores. In his writings. And this is the way she described it because it is basically he says the wicked are going to live forever God is not going to perpetuate sin immortalize sin so they. Begin to engines now because of that and that's not insignificant because at the same time they haven't movement is rising up there are several other parallel movements I don't highlight them here although they're a little too later on and you know the doctrine another historical point. I can think of 3 major movements that began maybe 4. In the world parallel to the advent movement Darwinism. Rising in the $840.00 S. Now look at history it's amazing parallels Mormonism a few miles from where her medicine was living was where Joseph Smith supposedly found the gold plates. Spiritual isn't another few miles away the other direction the fox sisters really live living in the plaque there says the birthplace of modern spiritual than and Christian Science and. Those are at least 4 that come to mind is probably more this is very very significant and that is understanding how God has created us and the nature of man as we say. So. Christian Scientists and. Mary Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science. So those are the landmarks each of them we could spend hours on them but 6 individuals that don't continue in this process and $840.00 S. of moving and this understanding I hide I highlight their names William Miller just I allege Joshua Haim same you'll snow George stories in oil oral Crozier. Again. We mentioned earlier guy can use people and later on can't use them anymore because of their unbelief their limitations. So don't don't think that the only people God is uses those are things that were successful all the way to the end. There's books in the Bible about people who made miserable failures I don't. Think the fact that they're in the Bible means they recovered and. But again holding that against them we would take some books out of the Bible perhaps Jane Andrews a couple of his books we've published critically on the south. Truthy highlight some of those I mentioned in the outline Miller in 47 had a very important dream. I mean I wonder if sort of in the back of 1 line for years why did Ellen White put put in the book early writings a dream that someone else dreamed. So I think the book the other early writings that she didn't write or it was it was Miller's dream and it is when I began to understand it I realized I understood the 840 S. much better than I had. And there are some things on my personal website I give you a link to that James White Miller died 2 years later and 49 in the year after that James White published Miller's dream and gave the interpretation of the dream and that's what really jumped out at me what was taking place and that is there was a lot of this going on in the $840.00 S. even after the disappointment a lot of that going on but those that were discovering these landmark trues the publications eventually blacklisted them they would no longer publish any letters or articles from these people. And that's tied up with the end of William Miller's life God gave in the dream by the way to encourage Miller you've not your life has not been a disaster and I'm state you did what I wanted you to do and I'm going to have to take over now and finish it in the game Miller courage me at the end of his life but James White comments in interpreting the dream these publications had blacklisted the Sabbath keeping Adventist writings and the visions of Ellen Harmon and so Ellen White had a had a vision from page top of age 5 now she had a vision James start your own publication. So that begins the public publishing work of the Sabbath keeping Adventist they begin their work in the next year OK A lot of Bible conferences were hammering out these trees during those years we highlighted those James White's 1st publication in 49 the present truth that speaking particularly. Their dangerous message that's the present truth and. Miller dies that you mention that well if you're starting your own publishing work who do you need to help 851 guys in the newspaper publisher joins the 3rd angel's message J H Wagoneer he was a publisher author he knew how to write. Read some of the things that he's written very excellent writer. Another young man at the time 18. 851 cultural R.F. cultural They were sent a Baptist they were not accepting the right message because there are no Sabbath keepers tied to it but now in the aftermath of the disappointment there are 7 keeping Adventist and they join the movement in 51 he becomes a writer for James White's review James White began in 850 a 2nd periodical called the advent review that's revealing what did was God in this movement or not as people begin to question the whole thing there are 3 basic responses to the disappointment number 1 let's start picking new dates. Number 2 the date was right let's figure out what actually happened they're the ones that looked at this number 3 this was all a deception we're out of here and James White's wanting them to review that evidence is that God had been leading in the middle right movement and that review that he puts them together because of the Advent review and Sabbath Harold because they tied this landmark truth particularly with the thirty's message present truth. The Sabbath in the sanctuary these the 2 things that really define the the group of Adventist that were moving in this direction publishing and beginning to spread that 850 to 5 min. Stephen Pearce he had been hammering out some of those early things with him as well you're right a Smith a young man he was very very talented a poet an engraver an inventor he has patents you can see what he invented. And author joins the publishing work. With with it to the end of his life basically we have this book Daniel revelation the last 1 he published before he died. By the way these men often edited their work before they died so he usually took the last edition that they edited before they died in that speech in $9071.00 and then the revelation Byington whether this month Leslie Methodist he becomes. It joins with the 3rd Angelus message he ends up becoming actually our 1st General Conference president with about 13 years later I mean 11 years later. Him A Cornell fairly young man. You can see there he's about 25. He sets message even evangelists he's working with the list this ministry here holding meetings and then Jan Andrews he'd actually been I mean the Jan left girl he loved Pearl. Was 12 years old the passing the time at age 16 you began to preach was impressed go out get a horse and go out preaching he was a 1st day Aves and he preached for 4 years and then he goes to a meeting that another young fellow 3 years older than he was 23 years old Jan Andrews was giving a lecture on the sanctuary in Sabbath and love for except at age 20 and he becomes sort of the he becomes the longest lived of all the pioneers and within 30 minutes of meeting James Nolan white he sees Ellen White taken off into vision and he was he sees her having a vision 40 or 50 times in his life travels a lot with James Millan and later on he's told by Alan Light your experience is a value so that's why we have the great Satan have it movement by him. That same year Ellen White addresses. The need in the Advent movement because again these are these are the Sabbath keeping evidence are beginning to build their own identity but they have no organization yet and they still are reaching out to what what they would sometimes call the nominal admin is they are still people who claim to be added in a spot they they were not walking in the path of this advancing light and she began to write about the the next message in that is the message to Laodicea OK that's the 1st year that she actually begins to dress that. Whereas this 1 found. Alicia and 3 of the 14 to. 22 so like that. Again these are when you think of the 3 angels in Revelation 14 These are angels that are pictured just before John sees a man sitting on a cloud with a single moms hand What's that a symbol of. The harvest of the earth so these messages right before the 2nd coming pictured this message here is all about. Math Matthew $24.25 are all about the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world so these are this is an in time parable about the bridegroom going to a wedding in type that was Luke 12 re says. Luke 12 in Luke 1008 both Salk about going to a far country to receive a kingdom and coming back and the like be like man with your waistcoat in your blam spurting so that when this when the men when the sun man returns from the wedding you'll be ready See that's a lot of imagery ties in with that so this is within time picture how is this an in time picture it's the last church in all the series of 7 in Revelation the churches the seals in the trumpets all the into the most over the place watch that pattern and so whereas the 7 Tours leading us right into the most holy place. Again the door to most holy place is open but our hearts door is. He's not he's knocking right don't miss that door picture of what the Bible is telling us about it our problem the problem is not with him his problem is with us right now but he has the solution to all problems if we let him in again the bridegroom doesn't knock the door down right. You would want to brag I'm like that. Going back to the marriage metaphor right OK That was 185-2853 George Amidon you never heard of him he spent all his life in the publishing house running the presses right do we need people that run machines Yeah people have to do that not on the front lines pre-teen and sitting in the office administering their writing process so let's don't forget the people that devote their lives in that way Haskell same same year 853 interesting life story with him. INS up becoming an author administrator Evangelist the cross and shadow we've got that 1 published his book on the sanctuary serves this really an unraveling the connection of the sanctuary with with Jesus with with the gospel that the cross reveals to us the Cross of course is the courtyard picture but the blood doesn't stay in the courtyard it goes all the way through the sanctuary right to Jesus the the power of Jesus life that has been poured out for us that poured out life the blood goes all the way through in even the most holy place powerful exponent of that 856 George Butler grandfather was governor of Vermont. Was a sort of a sort of a been raised by as it is evidenced parents but was a rebel. By The gives his heart to the Lord you can see there he was in his. That actually what 2022 in his early twenty's doesn't give heart Lord laughters 20. Becomes Administrator James White that year writes about the latest in message and applies it specifically to the Sabbath keeping evidence give me the reference for that. Again. Let me just touch briefly on this this message here is not a message for the world a message for the Angel of the church. In a very similar way this is a parable about 10 virgins it's not a message for the prostitutes it's about the virgins you can be foolish and be left out of the way so again when you think about it there are messages for the world but there's also a message for the messengers and that's how I like to highlight this 1 if you don't realize that in yourself you are wretched and miserable in pool or in blind and naked. You won't be able to take these messages to the world in the way God wants you to by the way the only thing we receive from the 1st Adam is what Jesus describes our condition here right we need the 2nd Adam. And those of those who have kids make sure your kids learn that the only thing you can give them through the human lineage Ellen was very clear on this letter to a man who had kids inheritance of children is that of sin we receive from the 1st out of nothing but guilt in the in the condemnation of death so we need to 2nd but do kids did babies and children have a savior. Yes they have a savior. They may not mean they may not even know about it yet but they have a savior and so that's the that's the import of the message are you know you were born of the flesh but you must be born again born of spirits in the flesh profits nothing we don't come to grips with that as we are if we if we learn that as we ought we would put no confidence in the flesh. You know it's it's like this is the message and unless we understand that we're going to come across at some level as better than the people we're trying to give these other messages to and you're no better than they are if you if you have anything that they don't have it's because you've been given and you're a steward of it lessons are out stewardship now in 7 schools and you just have to pass it on your 1 beggar telling another beggar the bread is right. And that way you're you're preaching of the message will will will come across in a way that people feel you identify with and you have something that is this there otherwise it's it's really and that's the reason why this message they understood was the prerequisite for the outpouring the Holy Spirit if you don't receive this you're not prepared for that outpouring of the Holy Spirit which is going to be referred to a bit later here OK 858 and 1 has a vision about the great controversy theme we've seen like we should know about this but it's not till 58 that she has that that picture of the entire overview of the story from beginning to end begins to see it sort of like that education $190.00 paragraph on page page 1. But on page 1 there is a yellow page 1. You need to understand the Bible as a whole. In understand the relation of the parts that means you can zoom out in see the whole thing and that's to meet a great conversely picture and you can zoom in even say oh sort of like Google Earth you know you can zoom out and see the whole thing and zoom in and see where things are related to each other spatially geographically that's the picture that we have and she's beginning the big picture here. In this year I found her 1st reference of looking back and saying don't move a block or stirrup in I think the angel is actually telling this in early writings and at the same time she's looking forward there's another message coming there's another message coming in what is that going to do the earth will be lightened with Flora because in Revelation there's 1 more right 14 doesn't end by the way Revelation all these repeat things Revelation 14 the messages that prepare for the coming and then you see a picture of the coming but revelation 15 is actually before the coming because you're back in now the time of the plagues where the the judgment is being closed in the sense of probation for the earth and there's beginning of executive judgment but there's that that's not the individual process it's just the beginning of the executive part of it in the 7th plague appears to be the 2nd coming again so you have these repeats and repeats you've got to know how to line them up in a way that makes sense in Revelation 18 is the final picture of a message going to all the world and there's still a chance to come out of what some out of Babylon because it's going down but that temporary principle based on lie is going to really crash and burn finally. Page 6. These people believing this. Had been united by meetings in publishing publishing and really gone all over and really they begin to get develop an identity and they finally realize the importance of organisation they adopt the name Advent review publishing Association who's going to own the building who's going to own the printing press shouldn't be just in 1 person's name and they adopt the name some Devon's 61 they can associate themselves together as a church and take the names and the evidence and the Church is organized into a conference Michigan to start with. 63 the general conferences form combine to was elected president the very very year that Ellen White has her 1st vision on health. And so we've got 2 more ministries that are coming in here 1 is organization and that refers back to what I said earlier on the background for that letter letter 32892 we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget it was all about the importance of this that she was really giving and then the health as well I understand at 1 time they were all sick none of the workers could work in their health was so poor you know and so God in His mercy began to help them understand that. The next thing in the timeline that I highlighted was a general conference session 3 years later and they adopt a resolution saying we except health reform through the vision was given 3 years earlier but there was a group response and corporate response that they said as a as a group we want to go on record we adopt this as it is a principle and Jesus by the way was a medical missionary. So they're finally catching up with what Jesus himself was doing that same year they adopt that resolution what do they do they open the Western Health Reform Institute So they're actually beginning institutions based on this again if you know how to do health at home and especially if you raise kids that it's 2nd nature to them to know what to eat and how to eat and all that I mean a lot have to learn that they're not born with that information and probably eat whatever you put in their mouth but as they learn that kids the growth in that environment are the best ones to go out and start institutions that are based on that because they they take the whole model and put it into an institution and God God's system is not institutional it's family the family is the institution so we have a danger when we get so big that we lose that. And all institutions should reproduce family as much as possible. In the family should never be replaced obviously but that's that's the picture that I see there and there's an interesting statement in the reference section by J H Well again about the importance of that of that health reform. Really you can see how beautifully he writes in The Importance of that. 67 this woman who had given the Sabbath truth to these believers in Washington New Hampshire back in the forty's Rachel Preston someday Baptist she finally accepts that range of message. But her roots with the Sabbath go way back before the Cottrell's even joined the movement so that if you trace the Sabbath through that little group in Washington Hampshire it goes over to Joe's abates he grabs it and he runs and he's all over the place sharing the savage truth and they go and have a meeting at her medicines place and date shares the Sabbath with Edson and as I'm sure is a sanctuary with mates and you can just begin to see how these truths are just coming together in those early years. The next year she dies which is interesting if you're 4 she die she joins the group. Also the next year 68 is the earliest they've been I've been able to find about a factor that we're going to track now June the 12th so many would be found on ready is that is the reason for this a long delay if the if by 868 Ellen White is talking about so long a delay then the evidence in my mind is that we said this started when fifty's early fifty's 52 she was writing about it in general way that James applied at Sabatini us 56 if indeed this had been grasped and the way was open for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit then that last message that's when the light in the earth could have happened and if you look at the 850 S. there is some good evidence that Christ could have come before the Civil War. And the slaves of been freed in the same coming. And there were movements in the world in general there were revivals that no 1 can explain what was taking place but it sounded like Al doesn't sound like L.O.L. actually records the angels went everywhere preparing people for this final message but again if the messengers are not receiving the message they need then God cannot turn up that volume because there is no way there is going to be light and with anything that we as human beings can do we will be involved with it but it has to be empowered by the by the outpouring the Holy Spirit it is humanly possible. To do it otherwise so this is the earliest and you'll see in the margins I begin to put these letters D. when there's references and to delay and that they just continue the next item 72 Joseph Bates dies game. Sea captain. Advocate of the Sabbath that very same year we open our 1st school of think about this the early Adventists that began to accept the landmark trues that defined 77 as we mentioned that in the early It happened in the early 850 S. if you look back that was when there's a lot of these people that were joining. There was a cluster we had around $44.00 then we had another cluster in the early basically all page $5850.00 S. and love these were young people in their twenty's. Getting married having kids how many years have gone by now. 20 years has gone by the kids are grown in Christ hasn't come what are we going to do with him. We need to be training them to become workers and so they were led to do schools 872 for this is 1 more ministry that we had in here education. Doesn't mean they were on a jihad before then they were educated homelier educated public schools which are usually small schools you know here and there and but we needed to have our own schools in that was when they begin then start with elementary and start with college training the the grown young people how to become workers. And Elementary was not imprecise till the $890.00 S. Look at the story of Al McKibben and read her autobiographical sketch you'll begin to understand. What it takes took to get elementary schools going. OK That was 7274. And is goes to Europe as a 1st missionary he makes a mistake his wife had died 2 children were early teens. Most people don't know this part of the story Ellen White told them you need to take a wife with you to your home he did and. He ends up his daughter into getting tuberculosis and dying he picks up tuberculosis from her and he dies. In L. White said to him before he died if you take a wife you've been 10 times more effective. Maybe he had had some money cooking good food from the immune systems have been stronger they would have gotten T.V. or they didn't they would have survived it or whatever I don't know the whole story but again the councils are intensely practical and she said to him that you are not a domestic man he was a scholar ease into his books and sometimes those God still has our whole life in mind not just our strengths he wants us to realise the whole person and if we don't I'm not saying everyone needs to be married don't there's clear cases where that's not appropriate. But that though that's the practical counsel that we have from God and we have to follow it individually be in touch with what the Holy Spirit impressing us with. Ginger's because again 2 years later we're going to find he's he's a he's not there even 10 years 76. Will have time to get into this but I will refer I referred you to a paper I've just recently posted an 876 was the centennial of United States 100 years we have been a nation Declaration of Independence. The sequence of events that I stumbled onto in 76 were very significant what God was putting together with the with the 13 jewels message center now by the way where geographically where was the headquarters Battle Creek Michigan. Where these ministries were all all centered or well I call the heart if the heart is healthy the body is healthy. Where is the devil putting his big guns at. Balloch creek. Read what happened in 76 clustered around Battle Creek. It involved spiritual ism and Jade's Wagner's book on spiritual isn't 18 seventies was the 1st woman candidate for U.S. president Victoria Woodhall women cannot even vote the men would have to elect her she was of spirituous an advocate of free love she wanted to abolish marriage as a form of bondage $876.00. Nothing these days pioneers understood the the trends that we are now living with 100 plus years later in these mature generation of generation they understood it and they were writing about it Johns Hopkins University is being established in Baltimore a university where they would study science without God in the picture. Were science gone in the last 100 plus years is the Creator at the center of it now Battle Creek was going to have a version of science with The Creator at this in. Particular the Life Sciences which is medicine OK this is these are the things that were coming together they're meeting 876 in I'm saying track over the next 25 years and see what happens about 3 see what happens to these ministries and battlecry And these themes that God's warning to to to bring before the world because again these are the she says there's these are the final messages there's no message is more important than this and what was the devil doing counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit and those who are running with this attack them attack them attack them and how do you see taxes through our weak points right through that fallen human nature that we all have and he's warning us too. Start fighting among ourselves right Jan last borough 78 his experience is a value I mention that came 3 years later James White dies mazing story as to the last years last days of his life and what he was syncing was missing. The way I would summarize it although he doesn't put it in these terms I would say he was beginning to realize the neglect of this and say the Jesus he called it the glorious subject of redemption. It's particularly this L. white when she describes these 2 she says the law and the Gospel the law and the Gospel going hand in hand and they're realizing that they had emphasized this till they were as dry as the hills of the Obama which is we're going to find look at later in the late 8880 S. her medicine dies in 82 gene and who dies in 83 Stephen Pierce dies another 1 of the early men who helped them hammer out these these landmarks and this is the year when you think of it it's the 40th anniversary of the beginning of that year that Miller was pointing to 4344 and she writes this that the Miller writes it except the message of the 13 jewel and in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaimed it now she's saying if they did if it accepted this message this is what Miller and the others did not except the 00s that believe the evant message under Miller that except this. The power of the Holy Spirit means you have accepted this. And now you're you're ready to be here like the disciples after the resurrection they had their own way to see a message to accept right as many as I love or rebuke unchastened with the rebuke of his disciples and chasing them for being full of unbelief. Look at Liam upbraid and he says because of their unbelief. But he is because of his love and they repented and then Pentecost can happen. So that's the background for saying this in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaim to the world Christ would have come ere this unbelief murmuring in rebellion whirling doesn't consecration strife have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow so many years 883 less than 40 years after $44.00 but but basically the 40th anniversary is that she references that in the Israelites 40 years in the wilderness she actually says those were paralleling that history. 886 this is the earliest reference I can find to this last message. And Ellen White is in Europe she went there in 85. This is Revelation 18 and. You can focus maybe on the 1st 4 verses or whatever the whole thing is about the fall of Babylon but. The picture of the angel there. She's in Europe she's taken to the general conference session in Battle Creek in $86.00 and they were already discussing. The relation had to ship between the law in the Gospel particularly as it relates to the book of Galatians in which law and all of that type of thing because ablations is all about how do you put them on the Gospel together and not end up becoming faires verses like Paul was right. Like the glaciers were getting pulled into how do you relate those 2 in there begin to discuss that she's taken invasion to Battle Creek and she says there is not perfection on either side of the discussion but the angel tells her and she quotes it in quote quote marks the words of her guide this message of the right distance of Christ. Combined with the law understood correctly imprisoned in the power of the Spirit is the light that's going to lighten your throat glory. So it's the 1st glimmerings of this coming to the surface they're just the need to discuss it they were not very effective at discussing it how good are we at processing the light on some people see it is dangerous some people you know focus totally on it and forget everything else and Anyway God help us. John Byington dies in 1907 in these men are passing off the scenes coming down to 888 Nelson was back from a from Europe she isn't present at the 80 general conference session. If you want to find out about the significance of this read the Elegy 180 materials she continues writing about this for years and years and years as 800 pages of documents there who she's detailing again how Jesus thought about Minneapolis and what took place then and there are. There's a there's actually a collection manuscript A memories of Minneapolis it's in the Avenues pioneer library section in that published by the white estate but it's out of print but we did a ties didn't sunder the A.P.L. section of her writings and these are letters and writings by other people connected with Minneapolis if you're interested in other correspondence and that have a thing but obviously her writings about it are the primary sources of finding out how how Christ look at it justification by faith and the imputed rightness of Christ and I like to say it's finally joining these 2 she actually says it's in that context that she talks about how we've neglected this 1 she actually says. That if we give the 3rd angel's message. And we don't give equal emphasis to these to the message is marred in our hands. So how how can we give this in its fullness by over into sizing 1 of these it could be either 1 but historically we have been neglecting this 1 so. That's been an area of particular interest to me is to try to probe this what is this faith of Jesus and understanding you know and what you find in her writings about that is just amazing because it becomes intensely practical and. Really she says it will promote putting these together will promote true heart piety like nothing else can so you want to give heart piety to church members to your children learn how to rap these together look for the stories in the Bible that do that critically John 8 jumps out at me when Jesus talks to the woman what he says in his words present to her a gift of 2 things along the Gospel and it reclaims her from despair in and set your feet on the right direction. Unfortunately other men who also needed it had left right. But he in order to help or that point he had to get rid of the other men who were just accusers at that point. McHugh's ing work is not the work of Christ right so that's the picture there and these 3 men particularly highlight because they seem to run with that message they were involved with getting it she specifies them as involved with it and. You'll find some books by these men that we are we've been publishing to to try to highlight what they see with their perspectives were on it but I think of Ellen White statement we will find perfection in no man's investigations of the truth. So don't read any of these people expecting to find a perfect explanation of it. But then she says that I know churches are dying for the want of understanding justification by faith and kindred Trias So don't be afraid to study it that you do study it and but always go back to the Bible and to spur prophecy in your final understanding Zammit. Jones is involved with fighting a national Sunday law. That same year 888 by the way I want to highlight 2 before I leave 88 that's on pages 22 and 23. I attempted to highlight an overview of the HAVEN'T movement based on these messages in 1 of them in particular talks about it in light of the 888 message so you might want to just look over those tables at some point there 88 was when Farnsworth died 89 J H Y Your dies 890 left Boro was needed to build faith in the rising progress of the Evan message and unsubtle state of unbelief in the light the God given as Ellen White took her stand with the messengers of Minneapolis there were others of these pioneers that begin to question her in her very ministry and that's what she means unbelief in the light that God has given just about the light given through her ministry and she's she's realizing love borough has never wavered in understanding the role of her ministry and he needed to be free to tell his experience of the rice progress in that begins to build the validity of his witnesses we're going to see. November of 90. Statement as to what makes us what we are said the evidence and I find this a recurring theme over and over and over again the things that make us what we are and I collected those you'll find them on my website 20 years span of statements on some evidence identity all the things that she's describing which is just her ways of describing what we're summarizing here in our overview the December of that year. An article be zealous and repent where does that phrase come from the latest in message in that she says 1 interest will prevail 1 subject will swallow up every other. Christ or Russianness. There's the same game and when you swallow up something what happens to it. Is a gun. You digested in the essential elements become part of you. What is not essential you get rid of so if you're struggling with an issue in your church or your family let Christ our rights to swallow it up and then you'll be able to understand how to handle it you'll know what's essential in it and what's not is and I'm convinced everything we're struggling with we need to come to the practicality of what this is actually talking about. $8091.00 there's a resolution to invite Ellen White to visit Australia. At 8091 G c sections and how long does she stay there she doesn't visit Australia she moves there she's there till 1900. She thought she was going to die there in think she'd ever come back to the states and she wrote during that visit quote why she was invited to go there but again this is the unbelief that we are seeing building in 191890 them going to submit to you is the decade of the best and the worst in evidence and the opportunities that were there are UN imaginable can we can imagine what this is going to be like what's going to happen when this really is unable to to be proclaimed But we can't imagine what the consequences of is of not experiencing this although we don't know the history about because we are from the ninety's we do know the history of the world the last 100 years and I would submit the history of the world the last 100 years plus is not disconnected from what happened in down pretty ninety's because of Christ could have come what would have happened last 100 years would have happened World War after World War Holocaust after Holocaust. If we see things the way God sees them what war history review did of us it will lead us to deep deep repentance. We will say Lord I wasn't there know you would say. What Daniel say in his prayer Daniel 94 times we have sinned he's confessing that the complicity of his people in what where they were in Babylon right. 92 possible Jones Wagner may be overthrown by the temptations of the enemy but if they should be this would not prove that they had no message from God or that the work they had done was all a mistake but should this happen how many would take this position enter into a fatal delusion because they're not under the control of the Spirit of God There's a letter to your eyes now I would submit you many many people are rejecting Jones why you are even today because they lost their way. I've heard stories of saying don't study them they're dangerous look where they ended up read this in and don't enter into that fatal delusion. Next month she writes to Kellogg Christianity is intensely practical again these are not ideas we're dealing with I mean they are ideas but they're intensely practical it changes how you do everything right so don't forget that. Don't keep it as she says in the outer court the truth. Are you that phrase how she is that if you want to look at that to the next month November the loud cry the through an angel has already begun in the revelation of the rights of Christ how much clearer can you be no sin parting savior this is the beginning of the light not the end of it but it's the beginning of it right it's going to build if it is allowed to if you continue to embrace the latest the message and learn what you need You need of Jesus the next day after that article was published I'm a letter the truth this is 1 of the G.C. present the truth and that's the precious goal and links of truth with Christ is the Living Center I noticed at the bottom there truth the past few years of the mince and its importance reaching into heaven encompassing eternity Satan has made every effort to do what cover up confuse minds to make known effect this truth this is the battle of the 890 S. me talk about these 2 principles battling it out in its own Synod there and outreach even though I was having to write from way over there in Australia these letters to bout 3 December this is that letter that I talked about we have nothing to fear for the future how they were led to adopt the importance of organization. And I give you a background for that on a documentary 1 look at that 8092 also cultural dies and lost world's 1st book is published the rise in progress of someday have. When we republished his latest edition in 1902 we did not realize it was some timing of this edition we could have made something of that if it had we realized that but now it's there 93. I'm not going to read that 1st paragraph or 2 but basically here's what she says if you are suspicious of your brother and. The things you think they might be wrong in you may contribute to their being wrong and that by your suspicion. Be careful how you distrust your brothers and where does faith lead you know faith actually helps people to avoid going the wrong direction if you distrust them thing they're going to head that direction you may have to push them down that road because they NEED YOUR they need your trust to hold them in the straight and narrow so we need faith on that horizontal level as well as the vertical right Cornell dies that year Dr Kellogg gives a series of lectures on medical missionary work at the 93 G C session the G 1 her decision is an amazing session and she is me it is. Something that we really need to nuance. He talks about how Isaiah $58.00 till our Does outlines our mission and how the loud cry would look impractical expression but he's confused as to what begins a loud cry. He says the loud cry will not begin until we do medical missionary work but what it all white published the previous November. The loud cry it already begun in the message of Christ or I said that doesn't begin with what we do it begins with what he's done. It begins with the story of the great medical missionary who died 2000 years ago and gave us a model. It will not go the loud cry will not go until we embrace and run with it but if you say it doesn't begin until we do something that's turning the Gospel and head in I believe that was his fatal flaw. You see what happens to him in the 290 S.. What he does with medical mission work. We'll find that later in the outline Well the moon scuse me we should be the in the chap at page 10 but we're not there but our time's up for. Less and less a member section and we're too so we're going to have to really fast our big seatbelt this afternoon to finish what we want to and maybe not touch on all the things like we're doing but are you tracking with me. Do you want to save some time at the end for questions and answers or if you want to cover as much as we can. Think about it between now and this afternoon let's close with prayer Father thank You for the chance to continue to read your history. Maybe since indeed it is your for your footprints in our history your fingerprints on you were there and in spite of the problems and failures and the fact that we're still here it seems clear. That you still value that history and to learn the lessons from it that we need guide us as we continue to grow in our understanding of the details particularly the practical aspects as to help it lies to us. May we be led to repentance. That Jesus speaks about in the latest message. We want to be zealous and repent. Of our ancestors. And to turn from. Those Iranians errors of your own ways of dealing with the message with you and with 1 another. To learn. Not repeat the. Spirit. Without him. Christ. A website dedicated to spreading the word. If you would like.


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