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Literature Evangelism- Part 2

Robert Koorenny


How can you practically get involved in literature evangelism? Robert shares practical tips and ideas for getting involved in literature ministry wherever you are.


Robert Koorenny

Assistant Personal Ministries Director for the Upper Columbia Conference



  • March 23, 2018
    10:30 AM
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Heavenly father we just thank you for. The fact that you've given us an easy way to be involved in sharing light with others through the printed page and we just pray that as we look at some practical methods that we can use literature you would help us to be inspired and encouraged as we do the work of planting those seeds so they can spring up and bear fruit and be harvested. For your glory is our print Jesus name in. The title for the 2nd session that I've had is if there is 1 and there's going to be a quote that will bring that around here in a little bit there was a young young man. His name was Charles and he was very interested in a new type of substance back in the 1800s called rubber they didn't know much about it back then in fact they didn't really have many uses for it at all. In the summertime when it became hot rubber would be kind of kind of melt and be sticky and really you can really use it for anything in the winter it would crack and become brittle and break up and it rubber was just not very useful but Charles thought you know there's something to this I think we can probably use this for a lot of different things if we can figure out a way to take advantage of it and so he was always playing around with rubber trying to figure out how to get it to be more usable he tried different projects and it wouldn't work and he didn't really have very much money so he didn't have a lot of it so the little bit that he did have was very precious to him. And he was playing around with it 1 day is always telling his friends about it likely check out this idea that I had and you know 1 day. He was there with his friends and he was always talking about it and they said he would look at this I have a new idea for how it can be more useful. And they were kind of making fun of him they were really paying attention so he kind of got upset he got mad at them because they were listening to him and you know back in 80 hundreds especially in in the cooler months of the year the way that you heated up your house was with a wood stove and so he was he was sitting there he got upset and he threw the rubber across the room it just so happened to land on the wood stove and of course they were trying to heat their house with it it gets pretty hot and since he didn't have a lot of money he couldn't just go out and buy more rubber to replace it she wanted to keep that piece and he'd been working on so he went over and he took it off but when he took it off the stove he noticed of the around the edges something different that he hadn't seen before it had cured in a certain way that it was a little bit different and so he got this idea maybe maybe heat is the key to doing what I want to do here and so he began to work with a little bit more and a little bit more and before long he found out that he could use fire as a way of curing the rubber so that it wouldn't break and it would be useful and so that before long he had sent it out now if you if any of you are entrepreneurs you want to start a business don't do what he did he sent out examples before he patented it and. And somebody else got ahold of it in Europe and patented it and made a lot of money off of this but he invented the process called Balkanization. Which is named after the Roman I think it's a Roman 1 of the gods of fire that's what it means vulcanization but heat essentially what he discovered was that he can be used as a catalyst to change the word the rubber into something that's useful from something that isn't as useful he invented that process called balkanization and this is this is who it was you probably heard of him his name was Charles Goodyear he never became rich off of his invention even though there's the name you see all over tires some of you may even have Goodyear tires on your car Charles Goodyear what he found was that the rubber needed a catalyst something that could take something that was not very useful and make it more useful you know in many ways literature is a catalyst for the message that we're sharing doesn't mean that it's not useful without it you don't take the example literally but literature can greatly increase the effectiveness of what we're doing we just share we're going to share a few stories with you during the session as we go to Joseph tele Vera was involved in youth rush a couple years ago here in every comic conference he was knocking on doors in. Kennewick or Richland I think it was Richland So Joseph was kamma singin in Richland he was knocking on doors and he met this guy who said No I've never seen the show but he said he looked like somebody from Duck Dynasty. He had this like super long beard like a really. Like gruff looking guy and he met this guy his name was Dan. And. So he met Dan and he was sharing some of the books with them and before too long you know general saying you know I'm not interested he kind of put him off a little bit and. He ended up leaving and just of continued on down the street and after a while he kept on going down he heard something behind him he looks and he sees this guy Dan he's running at him and he's thinking like what in the world that I do like you know I don't think anything mean to this guy like what's what's he doing why is he coming after me and he gets to him and he says hey show me that book that you showed me at my house and he was kind of going through a couple of books to show him and he gets a great Conover Seanie people that he's like yeah that 1 that's what I want to see he said Tell me about the book so I begin to share with them about how it goes over you know people who stood up for their faith you know of some of the reformers. Just explaining the great conversely to him and he said he said you know what I've been looking for this book he said I've been I've been keeping the Sabbath in my house for years by myself and he says I've been watching this T.V. program called 3 A.B.M.. And he's I can 1 day I was watching it and there was this guy up there who's running across the stage name is David Asher Rick and he's like and then at the end of his thing he mentioned this book and then the great controversy and so that he should find it and he says I've been looking for that book for years and now you came to my door with it and he says I want to learn more about about what it has to say and he got a great Conversely a couple other books from him after he realized but imagine. Imagine Joseph you know he thinks maybe like trying to beat me up and then it changes from that this guy's been looking for the book for years and Joseph was there at his door with it. Literature I can finish off with the last session literature 1 of the benefits of literature is that you can use it to go to people instead of people having to come to you people don't have to be interested in it because you can knock on their door and share literature and they realize hey this is something I might be interest in checking out where they would have never looked it up before. Publishing ministry says in page 50 and in a large degree through our publishing houses is to be accomplished the work of that other angel who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens the earth with his glory now that references revelation 18 in verse 1 where it talks about the angel that comes down now we know based on what Ellen White tells us and a closer study of revelation that that angel comes and and gives added straight to the 3 Angel's messages so that Angel revelation 181 that comes down lightens your through this glory on what it says here publishing ministry that a large degree the work of that age was going to be done through publishing houses in other words a lot of the light that's going around the world at the very end of time is going to be doing so because of literature evangelism and what we talked about last time. At the end of last time is is that people many people don't know about the literature that we have if I'm interested if I want to become let's say 100 balloon pilot if you're from Walla Walla you might like hot air balloons because they have the balloon stampede every year right and if you grew up here or been here enough to go into balloon stampede you see OK So they have they have done every year so if I want to become a hot air balloon pilot what's going to be the 1st thing that I do to figure out how to do it I'm going to look it up on Google right how to become a hot air balloon pilot that makes sense right. So what about somebody that doesn't know about our literature they're not going to go and type in 7th Day Adventist literature glow. You know yeah they're not going to look it up because they don't know it's there and so we need to take the literature to them and the literature can stop them wherever they're at and essentially say hey this is something you should check out and that's 1 of the great benefits that's 1 of the reasons why literature is a great catalyst for things to happen with the truth because it can go where you can't go in fact and we hear stories all the time about people leaving glow tracks in bathrooms like a rest stop. And then they say go can go where you can't go I mean obviously you're not going to be waiting there in the bathroom trying to preach a sermon to him. But you can leave a track there right they've got nothing better to do than to read something. It's a great way to share 1 other quote here testimonies for the church volume for it says if there is 1 work more important than another it's that of getting our publications before the public thus leading them to search the scriptures if there is 1 thing more important than anything else do we can do is to get our literature in the hands of people who need it and that's a pretty strong statement isn't it I mean there's a lot of very broad. Pointed statements that Ellen White makes There's not a lot of them but there's a few If there's 1 more important that says a couple of things that says that it's not necessarily more important although I would say that it is more important than some things but it's not necessarily more important than the health work it's not more important than the pastoral ministry but at the same time what is a say it's not less important. If there's 1 work that's more important than another it's getting our publications before the public some other words if we're going to shut down everything in the church except for 1 thing what's that 1 thing B. Well according to this quote It's making sure we get our publications before the public now knows what the word was there if if we were if we were to close down everything now everything works together you know in that cycle that we looked at preparing. Planting growing harvesting different types of ministry play roles in different parts of those things and they're all necessary so she's not saying that we get rid of certain ones but if there is 1 that's more important it's getting our publications she wanted to make sure that we knew that it's important to get our publications out there so that people can read them and they can search the Scriptures why because that's planting the seed that some time in the future when somebody working comes and knocks on their door when someone something moves in the neighborhood and starts talking to their neighbors about about what we believe for some time down the road they can learn something either take bible studies or maybe visit a church or do something where they point back and they say oh yeah I remember way back when I was I was into the bathroom at a rest stop and I I found this piece of literature remember that quote We looked at last time more than a 1000 words to reconvert in 1 day most of whom will trace their 1st convictions to the reading over of publications so let me just make another you know we're talking about very simple but profound statements if we don't distribute the literature nobody is going to be able to read it and trace her 1st convictions back to it right now so in other words the most important process of literature vandalism is distributing it we can print all the literature we want and if it sits on the church shelves it's not going to do any good so the thing that we need to make it effective is to be able to distribute it that's casting your bread upon the waters that we looked at increase yes he's right. As long as we share it then we can leave it in God's hands to do what he wants with it that's that's 1 great thing about literature is you can turn it over to God and let him do what he wants in fact only talks a lot about people will get books or tracks and letters there on the shelves and then when something happens in their life they'll go they'll pick it up and no read it and it'll make an impact on them and they'll make a stand for truth so how can literature be used Let's talk about some practical ways that we can share literature 1 of the most 1 of the easiest ways that we can share the gospel is through literature and 1 of the easiest ways to share literature is by sharing tracts little. Little pieces of literature like in the we're the 1 with their head. Like this you've all probably seen glow tracks before you're familiar with it. 1 thing that's great is just their size you can take them with you wherever you go in fact they fit perfectly in my wallet so I usually keep a few of them right here in my wallet and if you get 1 they're cold and half like this for the guys you can fit 1 in. Without having it folded or bent or anything so I keep it in there whenever I go on a flight or something you know even if you don't want to talk to anybody this is a great thing for somebody like George King who's not going to be preaching in of Angeles and series anytime soon other than the fact that he's dead he was a bad preacher. He was a bad preacher so he but he used literature so you don't have to talk to anybody to be a literature Vangelis that's why they call it literature evangelism right because what the Evangelist the literature so you don't have to be an evangelist I don't have to be an evangelist to share the faith the literature is the evangelist now we're going to go back to elementary math class which is probably the last math class that I ever understood. That's why there's calculators right. So what is this OK that's a rectangle. Or at least a rough idea of a rectangle What's this OK. I mean use chalk in a long time. OK Let me ask I'm going to ask you 2 questions is it is a rectangle a square is a square a rectangle. OK so a square is a rectangle How is a square rectangle but then a rectangle is not a square How can that work. OK a rectangle has to have 2 pairs of sides that are equal and then another 2 pairs of sides and they have right angles right I think that's the symbol for this. So a rectangle but 2 of the sides can be longer than the other 2 on a square they can't be no if you're going to get a ruler up here this isn't a true square but it's an idea so you have that and all these sides are equal I don't know what the symbol is for drawing that but is that it. While that's like that. All the way through it while how lucky is that. Now I failed algebra in high school. So I had to retake it of course and they'd let me graduate somehow. But. Square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square OK Does that make sense to everybody. OK or at least a rough idea it's sort of the same with literature vandalism in other words a rectangle is a more broad category of geometric shape right of which squares are a part squares are part of the rectangle family so to speak but. But all this square family does not include all rectangles and it's the same with literature literature evangelism is like a rectangle it's a big group it includes many different things but a square is not I mean a square is always a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square in other words you can have some forms of literature and enjoy them that are different than others but it's still literature Randall's them why am I telling you this well that's because many times when you go to administrate churches and you say I'm a literature evangelist if you say I am a literature Vangelis What does somebody think that you sell books you go and knock on doors and maybe if you talk to somebody that's old enough they'll think you go into hardcover books for hundreds of dollars and you go door to door and that's that's how you try to make your living and you say I'm a literature Vangelis that's what they think what are they thinking of they're thinking of a square. They're thinking of 1 part of literature vandalism whereas you can be a literature or angels I'm in a lot of different ways there's a lot of different rectangles that aren't squares there's a lot of different literature Vangelis that are not Cole Porter's you don't have to sew a book to be a literature evangelist You don't even have to knock on a door to be a literature. You can be a literature mentalists just taking a tract and putting it in the bathroom or putting it in you know you open the magazine on a plane to get inside of there or if you're at a hotel how many of you are staying in a hotel OK but half of you you can take you can take a tract you know most hotels will have 1 of those given Bibles in the drawer take out that Bible open it up and sick you go track inside and put it back in your literature Vangelis you know there's a lot of different ways you can be a literature evangelist that don't involve knocking on doors that don't involve selling anything that don't involve you in asking for anything. And so 1 of the biggest obstacles that I've seen. They keep people from being a literature Vangelis is the fact that they think you have to knock on doors to be a literature Vangelis you don't have to do that that's 1 of the things that I really like about clothes it makes it so easy to be a literature Vangelis you can do it in a lot of different ways and you can still be effective as a literature of news in fact 1 I remember when I was working in California we had a guy that called in for bible studies or I think he wrote in online and he had found a tract inside of a barbecue grill that he bought from the store he bought this girl took it home opened it up and there was a tract in there on what happens when you die. I'm. Now I'm not sure. If there's a connection with that or not. But he caught any road and he was signed up for bible studies who said thank you to whoever put that out there I mean did that person ever see the person they got that tracked no or at least if you did he didn't know it was the person who got it but yet they he signed up for bible studies because he found that piece of literature in a group we've we've had we've had people that find a tract on a park bench and they call in and they sign up for bible studies because they find a track there you can you can be a literature evangelist without talking to anybody without ever even meeting the person. That gets the literature that you left and so is Cole Porter in literature vandalism Yes but is literature evangelism just being a Cole Porter you know so you can be a literature evangelist if you're a doctor you can be a literature mentalist if you're a lawyer you can be a literature evangelist if. You're a. So somebody the SOS pets what do they call them seamstress There you go I was never done that. You don't have to be a cop or to be a literature evangelist in fact. There's. A lot of really cool stories that have come from Glow In fact let me just share. A couple of them with you here what's weird about the stand as a lowers but it doesn't raise up without 1 tightening it the person listening to this recording is going to think what in the world is this kind of talking about OK. We had last year. Ending on the exact 500 year anniversary of the $95.00 piece has been nailed October 31st we were we did in this conference we did a glow mission trip our goal was to distribute a 1000000 glow tracks in 10 days well we didn't quite recently go we distributed 900000 in 10 days and churches a bunch of churches were involved a bunch of people were involved just in going out with us wherever we were distributing and a lot of really cool stories that came from that 1 of them came from a guy his name was Knighton and he's he's somebody that's been a Cole Porter so he knows about you know knocking on doors and sharing and things like that and he's used to having you know divine appointments were God So it's things up and he had the right person at the right time but the way that we're disturbing trucks is just leaving them mostly on car doors because you can hit a lot of car doors in the parking lot if you go down a Wal-Mart or some of these stores there's tons of cars there and you can distribute you know 1 right after the other just put it in the car door you know hit 1 right after the other and you can distribute a lot of literature faster than if you're going to doors especially if you're knocking on doors and talking to people that can really slow you down if you're trying to reach a 1000000 you've got to go pretty quick so he was he was distributing tracks and putting him them on car doors at. At a store in a parking lot and he was just going and that morning he thought you know what what kind of divine appointments I wonder can I have just doing this handing out glow tracts. To people on their cars. And he was passing out trucks that day and he had he had been in a parking lot and he's going putting putting them on and then this lady came up and and Sir did you put these on my door and he said yes she said you know I have I grew up going to the Mormon Church and I just recently left she said I couldn't wait to leave and she said I've been thinking about going to a Christian church and I think God sent you to put these on my door she said What church do you go to and here it was he didn't do anything fancy he didn't go to her she asked him all he did was put these tracks on her door and she said I want to get the information so what other tracks you have he ruffled through found you know some different tracks that they had and gave her some other ones and she got the information to visit the local oddness church in Spokane all because he was just going and putting tracks on car doors very simple but yet still effective. Glow started just over 10 years ago in California and obviously it spread around the world since of started more than 89000000 glow tracks have been printed in the last 10 years that's in a bunch of different languages around the world I don't know how many languages I think we're up to like 40 or 45 or something like that now. Around the world the exact number as of last night. That I got was 89000000 840600 tracts so a lot of literature has been able to be distributed a lot of really cool stories have come from that now what are different ways that you can share literature there's there's 2 categories of ways you can share tracks 22 categories of non Cole Porter literature or angels you know the words you don't have to sell anything this is giving out literature for free so 1 of them is by going door to door now this is probably the most common type of outreach on an in an afternoon on Sabbath or something that a church might do is go door to door and maybe you're asking for bible studies maybe you're asking for per question just praying for people but if you're going to the door and you're doing that you might as well just hand them literature as well something they can leave with them and somebody else can find it you know we don't know how many times people have signed up for bible studies or even been baptized because they read a piece of literature there was left by someone else and they don't even know how they got it in fact last year we were having a bunch of trees cut down at our house. And the guy that was cutting him down he's not address but he's Christian he was talking to me and he asked what I did so you know I work with literature programs I gave him a couple of tracks he said you know what I became a Christian because I went into a bathroom in Japan and I found a a tract on salvation there I read it and I became a Christian it wasn't added a strict This was he said like 30 years ago but he became a Christian because he read a tract in a bathroom in Japan and if you knew this guy he he's kind of a redneck type of guy you know he's not somebody that you would imagine who'd be traveling to Japan. I think maybe he was living there at the time or something but just really interesting to know that that's how he became a Christian so you can you can share literature going door to door and just handing out literature if you're already going to the doors you might as well be doing that. Another thing that you can do is just not even knock on the door but put them on the door. There are we do that a lot. You know if somebody says I'm afraid to knock on the door well then don't knock on it just very easy in fact let me just share another thing that the people listening to this recording are not really going to understand very well because they have to see it now how do you do that let me just give you a couple practical tips there's a couple different ways you can do it and I'm going to shut the store just to give you an idea so when you go to somebody who's door and you want to put a tract on it. Sometimes they have a little screen thing where there's metal you can kind of stick it in between so let's say this is the metal like great or something you can you can stick it in between and hold it there or let's say that is just a door like this sometimes there's a little rubber seal the goes around it and you can slide it. Here now. If you just hand it to somebody and they're ready to take it. So. There's usually a rubber seal now if if they open before you came sometimes they do but it's very rare. You know there's a little rubber seal that's right on the edge and you can just stick it in a little hold it there for you that's an easy way to do it or if there's a handle similar or similar to this usually it's not that big on a door but you can fold the truck like this and stick it in there and it will stay like something like that so that's and is similar type of thing if you're putting him on car doors and there's like a little lodge like this you can roll it like that and then it'll stick right in there. So you can just kind of called a roll them or if it doesn't even have that you can even just for that like this and stick it in there so a few different ways you can put trucks on doors you don't even have to knock on the door. 1 of the other things I really like about glow is that it's not intimidating it's people very rarely reject you. If you're just walking it depends on how you're passing it out but if you're just walking going door to door putting them on doors and somebody standing outside you just go up and say here's something for you and 90 percent of the time in my experience they've taken it. Now 1 of the keys in doing that and I'm just going to try to give you as many practical ideas and tips and things like that as we can and as was a few more stories 1 of the keys to being able to get people to read it and to take it more efficiently is by saying less let me just give you an example if I'm going to tell you. Let's say I have a flyer about an event let's say we're a G Y C northwest right now so let's say I have a flyer let's say this is 2 weeks ago and I'm trying to talk to 1 of my friends about the event I come up and I say Yeah you know here's a flyer about an event that's coming up it's really cool you should check it out it's going to have all these speakers and I go through and I spend 10 minutes talking about it and it lists all the speakers and I talk about that I tell all the some in ours that there's going to be and you just where the person how with how much you're sharing how likely is it that they're going to look inside not really wide because they think they already told me everything there is to know about it so if you stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes about how great the tract is the chances on them of them reading it goes down by the minute but if you just go up and say Hey here's something for you to read or here's something for you usually what I've seen is the less that you say the more likely it is for them to read it up. Yeah there's the other gift for you tracked you can just say that we get for you you know even if you're going through a drive through We've had people call in their work at the drive thru at Taco Bell because somebody handed them a tract they read it they called in for bible studies so saying less about something just in general even if you're talking about even after passing out flyers for an evangelist experience the less you say usually the more likely they are to read it and to look more into it so usually I like to say less about something and you know the other benefit it's a lot easier to say less isn't it you don't have to think of the right thing to say you don't have to remember all the verses that you need to know about the 2300 days you know because everything that they need to know is in the literature already we're going back to this point that's why they call literature angels and because the literature is evangelists it does all the hard work for you so that's 1 of the things that I really like 1 of the things that's going to help you to be a more effective literature Mentalist is to make sure you always have the literature with you if you don't have a with you you're not going to be able to pass it out 1 of the great things about having literature with you all the time is it opens your eyes to opportunities that you have surely to share the literature that you have because if you never carry literature you're never thinking about where can I share this literature maybe even want to do it 1 time if you're going on a walk instead of just carrying it in your pocket or in your wallet put it in your hand think about where can I pass this out and now all of us in your eyes are open to different opportunities Maybe God wants you to pass it out to this person who's walking their dog maybe wants to use you to pass it out to somebody. You know who you're never going to see but you just leave it on their door you know your eyes can be open to a lot of different opportunities just because you have it with you in your hand. You know if you're in your car you go through a toll booth or something you know if you're paying for parking which you probably are going to be doing if you're a wall but so they're going to be live here anyway you know so you can go through a talk with him give it to somebody there there's so many different opportunities all around you every day that you have to pass out literature if you just take advantage of them in fact 1 of my great aunt. She. Had a favorite way of passing out literature and kind of adopted it and especially as you get older. You will start getting a lot of junk mail. And inside of that the thing that you're probably going to get is 1st once you turn 1821 if you if you haven't yet you're going to be getting a lot of credit card offers now inside of those credit card offers there's a something that's very handy it's called a return envelope OK So here's what I do. You open that envelope with a credit card offer you find the return envelope you throw everything else in the recycle bin and then you put 3 or 4 tracks in the return of a local and you put it in the mail because it has postage already paid you don't have to put a stamp on it and now you shared thing and you don't even have to leave your house and your literature of endless right so and well my great aunt she always said she said either they're going to stop sending me this mail or somebody is going to read this eventually. So either way it's a win win right. So I mean there's there's ways all around you so 1 of the 1 of the biggest hurdles that you have is remembering to have the remembering to get the literature to carry with you maybe it's you know ladies putting it in your purse or guys putting it in your wallet or putting it in your pocket or putting some in your car when you run out so 1 of the best things you can do is why not use technology if you have a smartphone present a reminder you can send a reminder for. You know even location based things you can say. Hey Siri remind me to put tracks in my wallet when I get home. So now when I get home there's going to be a notification that pops up and says put tracks in my wallet now you remember to do it so now when you get home you go in you and you find the tracks and you put them in your wallet right so even even very simple things you can do to remind you to get tracks and to put them in your wallet put them in your purse put them wherever you want or 1 another thing that you can do what I've done before is put up a little little holder for literature right by the door so you see it right when you're leaving and you can take you know if you send a reminder when you're leaving it's not going to tell you till you pulled out of the driveway so it's a little bit too late so that's why I say getting home but you can put a little literature out there. In fact if you want to write this down or take a note we have these things called Paper pockets these are they're really cool you can go to the our Web site if you go to glow Northwest dot org slash paper pocket or you can just find a link there it's basically a paper literature rack you just take a regular piece of paper you can download these for free printed out on any paper the you want and then you just cut it and hold it and it makes a rack out of paper that fit these just perfectly so you can take that and you can even take that and tape it up around town you can put 1 on a telephone post you can take 1 to the you know if you're on the gas pump you can even tape 1 right there and put in you know 3 or 4 tracks on it and even if they take it down it's not like you lost anything it's just a piece of paper right and the trucks are there so you can take 1 of those and put that right by your door as a reminder that when you leave you know grab some trucks and take them with you wherever you go so a lot of a lot of the things that help you to be more effective in sharing literature is just having them with you and if you can get them with you and think about how can I pass these out how can you make sure that you keep restocking yourself with them that's going to help you to be able to share more effectively. And 1 of the other tips of share with you after this next story. There was a girl that was helping with her mission trip a name is Emily and she was passing out glow tracks in Yakima and it was the 7th afternoon they were passing out tracks there and she was going down the street there was a younger woman that had tattoos all across her arms all across her face. Came up to her and she was holding the tracks you know 1 thing that we do at the mission trip is we pass out several tracks at a time we'll come back to the thought but so there were several tracks and she came up holding the tracks as she said Are these yours and she said yeah they are we're passed and she said you know there was a guy that came by and let these on my fence that's another thing that you can do to save time if they have a fence you can put it right on the fence instead of walking all the way up to the door you know you can just take it hold it like this put it right in inside the fence if it's a chain link fence you know it helps you to go even faster down the street so she said Yeah I found these are my friends and I was curious what they were and so she said that she read them and fact the 1 that she read 1st was the 1 called Unity greater than truth has a question mark essentially asking is unity greater than truth it's on the Reformation she said I read that track unity greater than truth and I loved it and she said. This she loves God and she began to read more of the tracks she liked all of them and then she says she asked a similar question to 1 of the other stories she said What church do you go to and she said she told her that she's a some of the ugliness and she said What do you guys believe. And so she began to share with her about what she believes she says she broke down the man believed she talked about the Sabbath and she said you know I've been studying the Bible and I came across and I've been seeing that Sabbath is Saturday but I can't find anybody who believes that you know here's Emily with trucks and sharing with her about the Sabbath and she said she affirmed her that she wasn't crazy because of what she was believing and she talked about the state of the dead and she believed the same on what the Bible says about the state of the dead and she said you know I haven't been going to church anymore because nobody believes what I've been finding in the Bible and she said Can I get your churches information I want to visit your church and she didn't even pass up those tracks she was just going in the person that got the trucks came and found her and said I want to visit your church 1 of the things that is great about tracks. You can do as well is you can pass out more than 1 this is a great idea not every time you're passing out literature instead of passing out 1 tract try passing out to In fact he or you can do 3 but if you're doing 3 a great way to do it is you can put 1 inside of the other and that way it holds together just like 1 track so it's easy to just grab so you can put those together a home or something and then when you're trying to cast it out if you have a bunch of them you can just grab 1 and you know there's 2 in there so you can do that. And it even makes it a little bit more stiff for putting it indoors and stuff like that but I did the wrong way there so anyway passing out 2 at a time is really great why because everybody doesn't need the same thing remember the quote that we looked at last time she said the inner unwise judgment we may think or in our erring judgment we may think it's unwise to give literature to the very ones who accept the truth most readily In other words the people we think we will get a person we say that person needs this that might not be what they actually need right and so a lot of times a lot of times what we've seen with glow tracks I've been to sometimes can be scared to pass out certain tracks on certain topics why because maybe you're afraid that they're going to get upset with you or maybe you think it's not what the people need or maybe that you don't want them to judge or whatever so if you pass out 2 tracks at a time you can put something like the city of the dead with something like does God care that I'm hurting you know you can put those together and then Either way you know you would never end of the spectrum there are in the middle or anywhere and you're going to be able to share something that can reach them so you can maybe put 1 put 1 of the tracks on health and then 1 that's a more doctrinal type of topic put those together and you passed those out so now you're hitting a broader range of people when you're passing out literature in fact if you read through Cole Porter ministry read through publishing ministry there are many times where she says that yes there's going to be some people to get the literature and they're going to throw it away I've heard sometimes people say well I don't know if I want to pass a literature because it might be throwing it away and that's wasteful Well she says don't let that stop you from passing it up she said if you don't give literature to people because they might throw it away then you're missing people who wouldn't throw it away who would accept the truth. Sources don't let that be a reason for stopping to share the literature just because they might throw it away so putting 2 together decreases the chance of them throwing it away because there's more of a chance there's going to hit what they need and when they read 1 track that they like the chances go up that they're going to read another tract and there's 1 right there and then go on line they can find more you can actually find all the tracks content all online so what somebody gets 1 of them that's were you know digital stuff is fine once they know about it you know they can go there read all the tracks and there's even videos they go along with some of the topics of the truck so you can find the hope Channel produced for us and you can find those there so a lot of different ways and things you can do to be more effective as you share literature. A couple practical things that are in order to talk about let's say that you're back at church and maybe you want to get involved with helping to lead an outreach on a Sabbath afternoon or lead an outreach maybe for a Pathfinder club or for anything else there's a couple different things you can do. To increase the participation. A 1 of the biggest things is kind of what we're talking about in this session helping people to see like we did with the rectangle in the square that you don't have to knock on doors a lot of times people have a very narrow view of what they think they're going to have to do to be able to share something so give different options instead of just saying we're going on an outreach and we're going to go door to door you know don't narrow it down to that but say you know we're going to have a couple different options for what you can do if you want to go door to door you can do that you know or we can ask for per quests or if you're going with planners maybe you're collecting cans or something you can share tracks that way but give people different options and say you know you can go door to door and knock on their doors ask for per question pass out tracks or do a Bible study survey or you can knock on the door and just have them tracks or you cannot knock on the door so those are all fit within the going door to door section but then you can say you don't have to go door to door you can just go to a place now everybody is a little bit different there's some people that like to go into crowds and just pass out trucks to people and they do that they like to do that better because they're not knocking on any doors and they're just more comfortable with that for me on the office and I'd rather not come their door. Because once you knock on their door they come an answer and now you have a reason you have to say something because they just open their door so it's like that's the hard part already taken care of but if somebody just walking down the street. I mean it's fine a lot of people have success with it and you can get a lot of tracks that way in fact we did our Helloween glow outreach we called Glow In The Dark. I mean we've gone we went to Santa Monica on the Santa Monica Boulevard and all those areas where there's thousands of people on Halloween we just had people passing out trucks we passed out $10.00 to $15000.00 tracks and just an hour or 2 right there and not not even knocking on 1 door the next year we went down and we went to Universal Studios in the city walk area there we passed out trucks Universal Studios we went 1 year to Disneyland area and we passed out sharks are just because there's tons of people out on Halloween night so you can go to a place where are people going to be on Sabbath afternoon if you're doing so without you know reach Well maybe you don't know this because you're probably going to church and going home and keeping the Sabbath but 1 thing that I discovered is a lot of people go to the mall on Saturday. I couldn't believe it when I was in Southern California and you know you can see I like Max and have an open computer have an i Phone I like Apple stuff and there was an Apple Store at this mall in in Southern California that I would go to and you'd pull in and there's like these huge parking complexes and it's like 5 percent of the way filled with 1 of the points they build such big parking things you know when nobody ever uses them and then 1 day we were doing an hour each passing hour go trucks and they were like We're going to go to the mall the past or glow tracks we pulled in there you couldn't find a parking spot it's like the whole mall was full on Sabbath afternoon and so tons of people we passed out a lot of trucks now you know if you want to go in the mall pass it out to people you can if you I mean Black Friday. Thousands of people out there are great opportunity to share you can you can put a mark car doors or you can go inside to pass them out to people there especially on Black Friday we found we did that at that same mall in southern California you know there's a lot of people a lot of the guys are just sitting around waiting for their wife or their girlfriend to shop you know kind of a track hey you know give them something to do so a lot of different ways you can you can do something but on a cell with after you know reach if you're living in our reach you can have an option to go to doors you can have an option not to go to doors just to go to work people are you can say you can pass these out to people or you can go and find different places to put them or 1 time I was in New York City and I said my goal is to pass out 100 tracks in 1 day and not talk to anybody passing out the tracks anyway so and I found it I mean you're on the subway you can put 1 on the seat you know you find you know a phone booth or something you put 1 there if you're you know you go out to eat you can leave 1 with your tip at the restaurant I mean there are so many opportunities where you can pass out tracks that if you just have your eyes open you can find them so sure going door to door is a great way to do it but also just with whatever you're doing wherever you're going to go passing it out to people or on cars any of those are options for what you can do so having a variety of ways that people can get involved it will be able to find a fit for anybody who wants to be able to purchase paper maybe doesn't know how and another thing to keep in mind if you're helping to lead sharing or our reach or something like that keep in mind that. The majority of literature that shared is not shared during an outreach time the majority of go trucks that are shared are shared just day to day people doing what they do and passing them out so you don't just because somebody doesn't come to our reach doesn't mean you should exclude them say hey if you can't come take some of these trucks with you and pass them out wherever you go in fact a lot of times when I visited urchins all during the sermon time will make those paper pockets I passed out copies of those things I passed out scissors and tape during the church service and we make those things and there's a whole 20 trucks when they leave the church service everybody gets a packet of trucks that goes in there and say your SIMON This week has to find somewhere in town that you can put this up and people can come in take the trucks super easy we don't do an outreach we don't go out we don't pull people teeth out trying to get him to come to do that our reach it's super easy because they can be involved whatever they're doing so just the whole mindset of being able to be equipped to do whatever you're doing it just passing out literature while you're doing that is really what glow is about. And we just share. Another story with you and then we'll look at a quote and then kind of wrap it up and then if anybody has any questions we can go from there. Just after the mission trip I was telling you about we just reviewed 900000 tracks just after that mission trip there was a guy named Jacob Jacob called our office with a question about a glow truck that he got in Colleville Washington. He got a tract titled War in Heaven he was reading that tract and he said he was he was shocked by what he was reading as he went through the tract he said he gave information about about stuff that he said seems like it's been forgotten for a long time in our culture in our world and he said inside the track he said it said to 1 of the things that are said was to read Exodus 20 and see what Commandment has been removed today. So he said OK I'll do that so he went to his bible went to Exodus Chapter 20 he read through it and he says I think I know which 1 it is do you do you know what it is and I wasn't the 1 on the phone but the 1 who was talking she said yes and he said I believe it's a commandment about keeping the Sabbath is that correct she said yes South begins on Friday at sundown and Senate sundown sab Saturday is a Sabbath and not Sunday actually this is what the guy said she said yes you're absolutely correct and then he asked another question he said how did this all get changed from Saturday to Sunday. Was pretty big question right she said well there's a long answer to that question and she just kind of summarize it for I'm sure a little bit about that and what she says she or her words are I could practically hear him smile on the phone he'd been studying for a while about the Sabbath and now and he'd actually even read the great controversy he liked Ellen White's writings and he asked if there was any more that he had read so she said you know there is just have you read the desire of ages he said no so she said OK we'll work on getting you deserve ages. And so he he got the desire of ages he got the information for the for the administration it was the closest and he wanted more materials that could help him grow in his relationship with God. That. Is a powerful thing I make you magic getting that phone call from somebody who got it tracked I mean that's that's literature of vandalism at its finest right the literature is the Evangelists the literature told that guy go read Exodus 20 and figure out what was taken away he goes there boom he says 7 is on Saturdays on Sunday how did this thing to change that opens up a whole conversation where he can get more involved in his relationship with God in growing in the knowledge that he has of the Bible that's that that's the power of literature vandalism it gives you the tools to share with somebody even if you don't know what to say yourself in the great controversy. Did I disconnect. As you come back a great controversy Page $612.00 I want to look at a quote here and then we will be done if that's going to. Do I am playing on my side or there it is OK This is what it says in the great controversy talking about at the very end of time this is page 612 that says by thousands of voices all over the earth the warning will be given miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed and signs and wonders will fall the believers Satan also works with lying wonders even bringing down fire from heaven in the side of man thus the inhabitants of the earth will be brought to take their stand now what is ascribing. Is talking about a time in history. While it's some point it will be history it's talking about a time in the future where there's going to be thousands of people and thousands of voices competing for people the people start and allegiances there's going to be miracles are going to be science and brings out a fire out of heaven all the stuff that's happening in the world it's causing people to take a stand on 1 side or another that's what it's saying at that time people are going to be forced to make a decision continuing on the same page says the message will be carried not so much by argument as by deep conviction of the Spirit of God The arguments have been presented the seed has been what has been so we've talked to we talked last time about the cycle of Angeles and were way down here people are taking their stand on 1 side or another she says the seed has been sown the work has already been done the literature well we'll get to that here in a 2nd the seed has been sown and now it was spring up and bear fruit the publications distributed by missionary workers have exerted their influence in other words the literature is already out there people have been reading and people are reading it yet many whose minds were impressed have been prevented from fully comprehending the truth or from yielding obedience now the rays of light penetrate everywhere the truth is seen in its clearness and a large number take their stand on the Lord's side. So the end of time there is going to be events that cause people to make a decision what are you going to follow what are you going to believe and because of the literature that you are able to distribute because of the literature that you and I can pass out today tomorrow next week next year. Until that time comes the literature that we can plant as seeds in people homes on their cars were ever we go that literature can have an influence and even if it knows what it says there it says many people whose minds were impressed have been prevented from fully comprehending the truth or from healing obedience what does that mean that means when you met them maybe they didn't seem that interested when they read the tract they understood but they didn't really fully understand what everything meant and how it was connected or maybe they understood it but they haven't been able to actually act on it yet using obedience do so with it she says it many people are in that situation where they're ready to make a decision or they have the foundation that they need to make a decision because of a literally just riveted because of the the things that they've heard maybe you know through other media or for whatever it is they have that foundation but they haven't been able to take a stand yet but it when it comes down to the end of time and they see those things happening only large number it says will take their stand on the Lord's side because of the literature and the work that has been done planting seeds before that tells me a couple things number 1 don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away you don't expect to plant seeds and come back the next day and get fruit you know expect to plant so I mean I can hardly plant seeds and then 3 months later get anything out of it but that's another story. You know you don't expect to see something right away so just because you don't see anything directly from from your work passing out literature that you would term a success doesn't mean that you're not being effective and that's a key point don't ever forget that just because you don't see success with your own eyes doesn't mean the literature that you're sharing isn't having an impact because some time some day somebody is going to take their stand on the Lord's side because of the literature that you distributed. And you can be involved in having an impact in their life because of what you've done. Our time is finished but. If anybody has any questions on anything that we've covered or just about literature showing literature in general we can take this. I really just. Thought. About. Yeah that's a good idea so the question for the recording here is what what about the idea of mailing some sort of prophecy books to a former neighbor and doing it that way. But what kind of books really it depends this is related to another question that we get asked all the time with Glo and that is the question they say which 1 is the best to share with people well. There is really no good answer for that question except for all of them. Because I mean unless there's heresy in what you're giving them I mean you never know what that person is experiencing and you never know what they're right or what the best track is for that person so it's hard to say so you. So yeah there's there are certain things if you read publishing ministry called Foreign Ministry there's a couple of principles that it says there's a few books that she would like to be in every home 1 of them is desire of ages 1 of them is a great controversy 1 of them is pitcher X. and prophets. It's very interesting to see some of what she says about that so you can find some of that in what she writes so some of those main books conflict of the ages are very very good for people just learning in general about the Bible and different topics like that but you know 1 answer that will blanket every situation doesn't exist and so you know just that's why we say with a glow trucks if you can share too at a time that's going to help the effectiveness so maybe you send him a couple different books depends on how well you know them if you know them fairly well you might be able to hone in on you know maybe something from a conversation you had that you know it depends on if you're going to send a monogamously or if you're going to identify yourself you know that can also play a role in deciding what you're going to do so but you know there's not 1 answer the works for even most situations it's just the most the time is just you pray that what they end up with is what I mean there's there's countless stories of people sharing about you know they have the perfect opportunity to share a track they've had a perfect meeting with somebody and they reach into their wall and the only track they have is like. Stan the dead are like something crazy and they're like man this is not going to be a good try to give them any give a trauma and they're like This is just what I needed so you never know but there's there are certain principles and certain books that she said she'd like to see in every home and you. Ranked actually Jewish bring it. Up. Let me. Read it. For you and you know. We do have 2 tracks that are specifically for Jewish the Jewish mind set 1 of them is called Healthy is kosher it's on health and then there's another 1 called it's on the Sabbath so those are written specifically for Jews or the Jewish mindset. So you can find those if you go to the Web site you can you can find those but those are relatively new within the last year we've had those. We do have tracks for Buddhists. There are I think 3 or 4 of them and you can also find those on the website although I'm not sure that they're identified as that because a website is designed for non advice so they're not going to say you know here's how to reach a Buddhist and if a Buddhist gets on there they're like oh. So there's 1 called I think Jesus can help. There's a few I can look at the website and we can connect them up or if if you call any of the number on the back of the Glow tracks you can get in touch and they can direct you to the right ones. So any other questions. Maybe we can just close of the word of her and if you have any other things and you can ask individual family father we just thank you for the opportunity we have to share the truth with others and the fact that we can do that through literature and we just pray that you'd be with us as we prepare for Sabbath and. As as we go on our reach to share with others as well the suffering previous to this this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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