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How is Science Confirming the Biblical View of Our Common Ancestor?

Rivelino Montenegro
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Recent scientific findings have brought scientists to agree with the biblical conclusion that we all have a common ancestor. How long ago has the most recent “great-grandfather” of humans lived? This presentation will help us to see that science is confirming the Bible instead of rejecting it. This presentation shows how exciting and important this field of study is. 


Rivelino Montenegro

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Monarch Bio Implants




  • August 2, 2018
    10:45 AM


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Heavenly Father thank You for the beautiful paternity to be here and to discover more of how beautiful your love is and your wisdom help us to humble ourselves every day more that you we were exalt us help us to learn to understand and to put in practices what you have taught us in the name of Jesus Amen so I was starting to do so myself since most of you don't know my name is really no Montenegro and you are discovering few minutes where I come originally from. I I live in Germany but I'm not German as you have noticed so. And if I walk in the medical field although I'm not a medical doctor I have a Ph D. in chemistry and I develop medical devices have been doing that for many years and have worked in a few countries right now my company is actually a whistle and I live in Germany about the immuno Europe's quite small you can go from 1 place to be at a very quickly so there is a made this presentation I would tell you now and I have actually presented this few years ago in Sweden there was a used Congress and they have even film they have in an Internet there's you probably can see the same presentation in that I'm going to do now but there is a special reason why I decided to do this presentation again. And this you will discover in the end of my presentation so the reason why I made this presentation the 1st place was 1 day I was walking through the streets of the city of mines How many of you have heard about mines mines is a very important city mines was 1 of the capitals of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations so the Bishop of mines was the 1st God and Martin Luther challenge with his 95 thesis because that was the man was given the orders to sell the and. So I lived there it's a beautiful city lot of history behind it I was walking through the cities and I saw this do ladies selling orange juice so I wanted to buy an oranges and I know they were talking a language that I could not understand so I asked them where you were from and then they told me and then they asked me what about you where do you come from and I made a mistake I asked them what's your gas where do you think I come from and they started oh India and I said no I'm not from India Pakistan no and then they went all the way North Africa after cross in the Middle East and India and they said we give up I have no clue where you're from and I told them I am Brazilian and this lady looks at me and she says you are not Brazilian. But you are so serious about that that I thought of a Swedish at that moment so she was so sure I was not Brazilian that I was like Hold on how do you know I'm not Brazilian and she said something that made me create this presentation she is sad I thought all Brazilians were good looking. That is there is is. That. That is very kind so I decided I decided that time to run a D.N.A. test so well and for my surprise she was right I'm not Brazilian Now I understand why I can't play football why can't play soccer was never in my genes so as a matter of fact I am a matter of fact I'm only 5.9 percent from the American continent and I'm actually way more African than I'm brazilian I have a 42 percent Canyon genes and Nigerians now I understand why when I tried to run the marathon I was only 2 percent of those guys because I and I have only did 2 percent so I am actually now I understand why my name Montenegro is I have actually some percentage of the Balkan regions in the former Yugoslavia so when I was like Man The lady was of rye. Brazilian and this is a very interesting point how we all are connected today and that's where we're going to talk about this OK we're going to talk about how close connected we are I this this is a 2 there exists out there you can order the kid to make the D.N.A. There's a very interesting thing and over there more people die as they experiment of course the more updated and more precise the results will be but the reason I'm making this presentation is because if we look today of the population and let's imagine I mean I would start state in the following they are no different races there is only 1 race is called human race OK there are different shades of color of the skin we have different shapes of the nose and eyes but they all belong to the same. Race But let's but of course some people are more related to others for example is much more likely than an American marries an American than an American marries an Australian right probably Stickley speaking I mean I know you married a Brazilian and I married the Lithuanian any measure how far apart it is but we accept chins most people will marry to someone nearby so that means some people more close related than others if you look at the gene pool if we go back in time and that's what I want and imagine for a 2nd that these here represents all the human population All right some people more closely related to layout then others we go back in time we are getting closer and closer to each other as the population decreases and we are going back in time all right until we come to someone that we call a common ancestor someone that connects everyone in this room no matter if you come from the US from Africa from China from Russia it doesn't matter no matter where you come from we all connect to 1 person and this is believed not only by ass Christians but by the scientific community the question actually is. How many years did it take between this call man asked Sister and we today how long how long how many years were needed for this man that connects everyone and we today with all the different shades and shapes that we have today how long did it take and who and when did these men live and this has a major impact on our faith OK it has a major impact and you see why. So the question actually is when did our great great grandfather live the man who connects everyone today and this is the most recent 1 OK if you go back in time you find other people but I want to know who is the 1 the last 1 that connects everyone today so in 1907 there was a paper published back can and he made some calculations and some tests and he came up with this number he came up with a number of 100-002-2000 extension 00 years ago the common ancestor leave the man who connects everyone today that's the time he was living that was the need for a position in 1907 of course if you look at this number and if you look at chronology they don't match so there is a problem here so who is right and as a scientist and as a Christian I come across this very often when I'm trying to preach the gospel and some people tell me I only believe in science have ever heard this before and I usually ask them the following question which science they won from yesterday today or you're waiting for tomorrow as a result because in 1905 another sort of examination and past and research was done and came up with a different result instead of 100000 between now 27270000 so apparently expanded but at the same time there was a reduction in these minimum in 2001 a new paper came up showing actually our most recent. Common ancestor lived between 35089000 years so what do you see here what is what's happening. It's getting shorter and shorter the time between when we today and our common ancestor our great grandfather so it's come short so that's why it's always good to ask the question so which science you believe is the 1 from yesterday from 1987 or the 1 from 2001 so it's a very good question because science is developing you know I mean there are a lot of things that we have to study and and this is in every area of science every single area and if you go to an area like this it's even more complicated but this isn't chemistry this is in physics so imagine Isaac Newton when he came up with his Newtonian physics that was the answer but then when research developed we saw well it didn't answer everything so and then came and many others with new findings that find. What Newton had made so that's why science is developing constantly OK so more recently in 2004 came a paper in the very prestigious scientific journal called Nature's a super popular Giorno and 1 of the top 3 scientific giong and they came with a modeling of the recent common ancestor of all living humans and I love that this guy made a beautiful word using statistics and Monte Carlo simulation was a beautiful work and he came up with a very interesting number he found out that between 2005000 years lived our common ancestor and I was looking at these guys and they didn't have to spend so much money I know another paper written by a scientist called Moses. And he gives a very similar number to this 1 right so it's a beautiful thing when we look about how science is developing and coming close to wat the Bible has told years I mean we could we could talk today about many aspects and how science and you know and how science has is proving the Biblical truth and believe me when I became a Christian so I was 17 years old when I came to Christ actually the 1st time I heard the war 7th Day Adventist I understood dentists and I thought What is that is the church only for dentists and. So I was really shocked I was born and grew up in Brazil it's everyone everyone was Catholic around me and never heard about this and then I started reading the Bible and every time I would come across some things in the Bible that would make me feel so bad for example the agents of the pottery are. Oh in these men leave 100 years and there's been a 150 years how many of you had problems with that I am I the only scene there here who had a problem I had serious trouble with this and I told my grandmother was my grandma I cannot believe in the Bible and she told me no worries at that time the year had only 6 months and I was like even if you do this is still 400 years it doesn't work. So you know I was having serious trouble to believe in the Bible but beautiful the beautiful thing is. Develops. You know I'm so glad that God allowed the crazy things to be written there I'm very happy that God allowed the crazy numbers and they and events to be written in the Bible because they were in the beginning stumbling blocks for my faith now the pillars because if God allowed those things to be there and if the crazy things are true imagine the outer ones so what I want to take you to now is the following where did this family come from and where did this guy come from so we all know who is the most recent common ancestor write the Bible says that no the god bless no wine he and his children repopulate the earth so from does man from these men know us all and know I lived roughly at that time that was indicated in that scientific paper and oh and there are other studies you can go and look for the studies and you will find all type of numbers about do you see them coming closer and closer and I will at the end of my presentation I will show few other things because this is a very important point here that we all come from 1 family and I will tell you I may in my presentation be a little bit like controversial here some of the things that I was speak but it is very important for us ascription to ask ourselves if we really see the way the Bible express if we are allowing culture to be more important than the Word of God So this tax of acts should serve to help us to create the 11th commandment thou shall not be a racist and I would tell you why it's a very important thing believe me these are so important in the Nazi Germany. They had not only the normal pass for they had to pass for you had to have a document that showed that your forefathers were also German otherwise you would have problems and you know this right so you have to go back $34.00 generations proving that there was only German blood in your family but a wise you would have problems so and you have to understand you know you know all about the Nazi Germany and all the crazy things that happened there so but don't think that the population of Germany was just like evil No there was a whole propaganda there was a whole problem that was created laws were created things were preachers on the radio and it became part of the culture it was just part of the culture to be to think like that and we are all so except a bit of this anyone here can fall in the same mistake that the German population felt we all we all can follow and I was showed to you more about this so if you think for a moment and I was for example my neighbor she was and she lived during the time of World War 2 She is pretty old now but I always had the opportunity to have conversations with her and she told me she was a secretary in a company in the city of money time and Germans a very industrial city and she was living there and working and 1 day after the Narcisse took the power to S. as officials enter and had company and that's where your boss and she then shows and to the other room where the boss was so they opened the door and this S.S. not soldiers told to her boss we know that you are married to a Jewish woman you have 2 options you need a divorce or you go to jail I mean if you don't love your wife it would be crazy. This man and his neighbor told me this man has stood up and said I don't have 2 options I just have 1 take me to jail I will not divorce my wife and she sold these and she saw her friends being taken to the concentration camps and other things happened in front of her eyes but there was a whole propaganda about this and you have to understand laws that created the Raiders are speaking about that and 1 of the things was the so called L.G. makes it was a very strong movement back then is was a time to fix theory and people believed in the idea that some races are more developed than others you know it was very popular among scientists to believe that some races developed. Faster than others and they. Sort of science that today everyone calls the science it was just all fake but back then that's what people believe and there were books about this many books back to books in the schools and for you also not only in Germany so that's what I wanted to show you today and how if we allow That's what I like to tell the biggest challenge of Christianity is to make the Word of God stronger than the culture because culture is so strong I had to have 2 friends a game to visit me in Germany I took them to the Cathedral of Cologne because. It's a Catholic at the 2 it's a huge it's and the normal building to take a picture of the building you have to go like 2 kilometers away because the thing is just too big it was a Sunday morning we came side the building and 1 of my friends had a cap like a baseball cap when we entered the building the. The Catholic priest looked at us and he shouted in German and my friend spoke no German but he understood. So the priests that have respect for the house of God remove your cap my friend did not speak any German he understood. The next week I went to a synagogue to watch a concert was a Sunday evening it was a concert in the synagogue in Frankfurt I was entering the synagogue all of a sudden this man stopped me and asked me where is your cab keep up what do you mean yeah you know you need a cap in order to enter here and I don't have 1 so you cannot enter when I look to this side I will this people taking newspaper and making heads. So then someone gave me 1 and I entered there with and I was asking myself last week we had to remove the cap now we have to put up so which 1 God likes as we know without. Do you understand how culture influences it is very important that we understand the decisions I'm taking this thinking what I believe is it based on the Bible was it based on culture and the people in Germany was influenced by the movement and they really believe they were doing the right thing was part of the culture they were actually doing forced sterilization of you know about to start right there would sterilize some people and then there was a conference the 1st the 1st international congress that took place on the 24th of July 1912 in London among the people who took part in the Congress we have we structure we have August for L. the famous we spent all of that we had the Lex underground Bell many famous people some of them known like to be heroes today they all believed them. Because that was what people preaching back then and this influence so strongly even the Christianity when the Germany made the law to sterilize people do you understand there was only 1 church that was against it you know which church was against the sterilization law in Germany the Catholic Church and the you know why because the Catholic Church is against any process of avoiding children not because of races races cultures so. Strong that in the not Germany time and time in Germany it was written then trance of the churches including our church for be than for Jews can imagine you spend the whole week hating Jews but on Saturday you come to Washington 1 that paradox of entering this is just cannot enter Jesus would have to stay outside because after all he was a Jew so they understand how crazy our thinking can be and can go if we let culture overcome or go over what the Bible says 1 blood we all come from the same family to understand this and I'm asking myself and letting this sort of cultural thinking dominate my faith a few years ago the German church in the Adventist Church in Germany and Austria of apologized for not raising their voice against the ultra cities that were done again against the Jews and this was a beautiful movement I mean the church has to recognize we have to admit that we made mistakes we are have to admit we Whole have to change and I'm very proud of the German church to take this a step and say yes we made a big mistake. We were thinking that it was normal and we have to ask ourselves all that OK let's go back here to this is Francis Galton he was the man who created who coined the name he was a half dozen of Charles Darwin and we all know Charles Darwin was super races and he said many times that white people are more developed than black people and all things so he comes from the fact from a family the son of of Charles Darwin Well now diving was the president of the Congress there or movement in England so the. Platform of thinking was influencing so strongly human kinds of that time that they were pushing laws and this was in Virginia there was a vigil here in the U.S. in the U.S. They created a law to preserve racial and treaty so in the U.S. They're also doing this they wear sterilizing people as a matter of fact. So from this document many last game in the U.S. for beating the marriage interracial marriage. And among the advocates of those in the U.S. Joseph. Who was director of a big hospital wing in the U.S. he was pushing so hard for Gene expressed a realization of the fitted for son of people who are mentally disabled for anything in the old saying if we get rid of those people the next generations will be better this sort of thinking influenced Germany hateful or thought he was doing a favor to humankind you understand how crazy. This guy Joseph he would even write Paul when you look at this this is a part of 1 of his poems said this is the law of man the end of the he may get blamed big that the fact is will be defective and then saying breeding say or why do we allow this to breed back to the monkey is nasty to increase our country's burdens when we should only breed the best he would reap such poems in events and call people to push laws to sterilize Manny and you know what happened to us to sterilize the 4000 people and when he looked what Germany was doing in 5 years Germany sterilise 400000 he became jealous and he declared the Germans are beating us at our own game this is incredible. To see how crazy humankind can be well how racist and basing their race is on science like a science a fake a wrong science but that was the bait that they had and they would create and go along with all the studies and there were there were textbooks race isn't going to promote in any way for example in Germany in order to promote sterilization of. The less. That also included for example people who were descendents of Africans in order to promote their where text books of mathematics in Germany at that time that. If you need $1000000.00 to build up a hospital for insane people how many houses could you build up for the population with the same money if each house cost $15.00 with this type of eggs or size people start thinking man is a waste of money building up hospitals with those people lead to sterilize them. I just come back I just came back from Rwanda and Europe you all know about the genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1904 when the Hutus killed the Tutsis and do you understand that there would Hutu I was there and I learned as I didn't know about this we all always had in mind the idea of different races. There were Hutu and Tutsi have to do with the social class originally not with their race Hutus were poor people. We're rich rich meant to have 2 cows or to go. If you have more to eat you are obviously stronger when the Belgians came with the idea of gin if they look at that they had more to eat us strong and they said you see this race is better than the other race and they started creating theories measuring the shape of the nose the the diameter of the skull and they created all type of theories and created the division there's been a country that ended up into a genocide in 1904 it was an ugly part of of our His or modern history and I can tell you it can always happen it can always happen if we let culture be stronger than our Christianity we have to be very careful with this when I was then met this guy who is director of the school that I'm 1 of the sponsor and he he was Tutsi he fled the country when he came back he met the man who killed his own mother and his little daughter or sorry his little sister and he told me that he met the guy and he forgave the guy when he told me this I started to cry because in my culture my cultural background would not let me do it. To meet the man who killed my mother and forgive him but my Christianity tells me to do so and this man was able to do it so when I was in Rwanda I learned from the worst of humankind and the best when I saw this mentality that he forgave I was like Jesus help me I'm too far from this I need this I need this transformation and I don't know if you need that anyway and you think it's over this thing this sort of scientific racist thinking is over no it's not. Then only stop the sterilizing people in $1007.00 to $6.00 in talking about realization so you have to be sterilised it was only $176.00 Sweden was the country that sterilized the most after Germany Germany 1st and Sweden and then the US was the 3rd I'm not wrong and just for you to have an idea how this sort of thinking is a still in the minds of many famous scientists you probably heard about James Watson the man who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the shape of the D.N.A. very famous scientist super racist she don't know about that in 2007 he said all social policies are based on the fact that they are Africans intelligence is the same as ours where whereas all the testing says not really. He was the director of the famous institute here this spring the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory very famous institute when he said this isn't an interview they asked him to step down they say men please don't say this is stupid so this is not good for institutions specially because it was at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that between 19001939. Experiments were done in the U.S. a lot and you can even read the historical documents you can go online to their website and you can download documents that talk about all the studies that were done in the U.S. about the practices of the use of eugenics policies so this type of thinking is still in many minds and it takes a long time to change I had had the privilege to start at the Max Planck Institute in Germany and Max Planck who was a very famous physicist he said a beautiful thing he said Unfortunately science develops from field they're all to funeral so you have to wait a whole generation of scientists to die that the new generation comes and Charland the old thinking so it takes time unfortunately in medical area it's even worse what's the name of that disease the navigators used to have and the 4 things 15th century living navigating in the score was scurvy thank you this disease. They discovered the vitamin C. was the solution the medical community took 200 years to accept 200 years it took for the medical community to admit that it was the solution. And this happens in every field in the field of a genetics there was a guy in the England that he was not only promoting or saying the different races but he was also talking about the different classes royal families are more developed than the lower classes and 1 day he took children's children he took children from the lower class and then learned and from the high class and he applied an I.Q. test so I don't know what happened there poor children got better marks and you know what he said their results are wrong the theories right so and it's it can come to this point if you really influenced by your own wrong thinking then you are not able to admit your mistakes so let's go into how different are we in the How different are we in fact like because someone has a black skin and that it like 1 has more melanin in the skin than 1 last how different are we and I want to show you a few pictures here OK I will not get very in a lot of details but I will show serves a few pictures this is an American couple they had twins and as you know doings have the same D.N.A. if you calls or if you committed a crime and your D.N.A. is left there but you have a twin brother you can blame him because it would not be possible to say who was what happened with the twins 1 is black that I want is white the same happened in Germany a few years ago this lady from Nigeria married to a German guy got twins 1 white in that 1 black but the best of all came from a couple in London a Nigerian call black they had a white child and I can tell you the following because I imagine how surprised the father was and I want to D.N.A. test so they did all type of tests. The child does not I'll be known and he's the father and she's the mother do you understand that if you get your chromosome and you wonder why in this it has almost 2 metres long and in this huge thing that you can just wind together and putting side your cell and you can no longer see so tiny it is in this 1000000000000000 the actual a 1000000000 parts and points of information you just have to 1 click 1 you can change the color of the skin it's incredible to change a little bit but for the front skin at that time they brought Brian Sykes the most famous geneticist and then. And this is I mean I love this type of things Brian. Came when he saw that all that that and ransack said well the rules of genetics are complex and we still don't understand what happens in many cases but this is the same guy that if you read his papers he would tell you what happened 200000 years ago and what will happen in 100000 years from now but he cannot explain what's happening from him so a lot as when you agreed to be a little bit more humble and just say you don't know so that is need a Jew nor Greek slave no free may in the female for you are all 1 in Christ so what I love this about this tax and that's the reason why I made this presentation again Minister is a few years ago I don't like much to repeat the presentations but I had to repeat this presentation today and the reason was a few weeks ago in my church so as I said I live in mines but I go to church in the home start which is a seat in the about so I had the privilege to help to start. A Portuguese speaking church Portuguese in case you don't know you have to learn in haven't because it's the angel's language so it's a beautiful language so the Portuguese language is a beautiful it's a very beautiful language so and what happened is I was there met this people so we started Portuguese speaking church that you know Brazilians in Africa they have like this service very alive and all of a sudden some Germans have stopped coming to the service and they spoke no we called them ours Lenda so far in US we call all the foreigners are coming to our service now so we started translating all our services to German Now if you come to our church today the service sermon will be there in Portuguese or Spanish and there will be a translation into German sometimes someone can preach in German and we translate Anyways there's always this exchange we have a sub a school class only in German for that and I had the privilege to preach to different people like many many many different had I had the privilege to preach the gospel and prisons in Brazil I had the privilege to preach in Rwanda and cape there and in Africa I had the privilege to preach very very strange people very poor very rich in mansions and in brazen but then few weeks ago and just this man in our church is German guy and you could see by the thought to. Which group he used to belong to you see the number 88 you know what the number 88 is stands for you know that it's the 8th letter of the alphabet which what is the 8th letter of the alphabet if you have H H stands for High the Don't Say but you got it right is that that guy with a little more starch. So the nail not Zs they use the $88.00 as a symbol to communicate to each other to recognize it time data a few others there are few other symbols that are pretty much used there's many entries in our church and I was look at him and I see a narrow nasy coming to a church of immigrants. He's really like dark skin and you have to understand that the color of your skin and I'll give an example when I went to Rwanda now my nickname was white man. I was I was called white man. The 1st time I went to Lithuania and former Soviet Union and then this lady looks at me and she says I never saw so much so black in my whole life. So it depends a lot what you are used to see it right I have this friend also Brazilian his skin is still darker than mine he went to some big for 3 months to work he came there his nickname was the German because he was still white so anyways and then the church and then comes the new not male Now my church. Like praising Nazis and I see these men and I'm preaching to him I was like Man I just can't do it we are not I mean some of us of they ship a variance and whether we are not a variance like what is he doing here so they guys there sitting watching to the sermon and at the end of my sermon I had the opportunity to talk to him so we became friends and he told me his story and that's the reason I made this presentation. He grew up in a Christian he was born in a Christian family in Germany and you know being born in a Christian family is not a passport for happiness Unfortunately it happens quite often that I have my parents that are very very Christian so anyway so he said that his parents. Had this traditional vill of Christianity you know that you go to church like twice a year or maybe only 3 times in the whole life when you were baptized when you marry and when you're buried you know there's people so anyway he said that it was a very lukewarm cry but of Christianity and his mother used to build him up and he said that he didn't want that life and he said in 1 day he prayed to God as I got set me free from this and nothing happened so he was still being abused and he left home he stopped believing in God or that moment since God in a reply to his The answer his his prayer he went out he went to the wilderness so to say start meeting crazy guys and he entered in the. Scene you know you are losing everything you have you have to find a scapegoat someone has to be blamed for your fate for your failure so there was here inside in the end he became a leader of neo Nazis in Germany and he's telling me this and I will then he got into a fight and he wanted a police officer so he had to skate from Germany and I was he would be arrested after some negotiation the legal system in German allowed him to come back and said we will not arrest you and there will be a judgment we have time so he came back he found a job and started working and in his job he met a 7th Day Adventist. And the 7th Day Adventist invited him to come to church and then there was he said I will go if you come to a meeting of my people would you go. I mean I would not go. And they you wouldn't want me there so anyways the Seventh-Day Adventists told him yes I would there's no problem. They guy OK let me go 1st to your church there so that he came to the Adventist church and he told me and I want you to listen to this he told me if you went on the church and he saw all those nice friendly vegetarian be able and he was like what's going on what type of days these people live are those people living they don't understand the reality in the hand he had an idea you know what in my judgment I would tell the judge that I must have a. So the judge will reduce. My sentence. He started coming to church every Saturday Have you saw the earth He even brought us some of our school lesson that many Adventists don't have 1 so this guy was reading the Sabbath school lesson coming to the church every Sabbath happy Sabbath brothers and judgment day came he enters in the courtroom and half of the church was there. With church came together and when he stands in front of the judge is says it's Judge I changed my life. And. It's a bold statement specially because nobody knows whether some of the other and this is in Germany. We only have 30007 the Adventists and then it's already I mean here you guys have a challenge to preach that we have had Charles are at the make people know who we are it's a big brother and for his surprise the judge looked at him and said because of your decision I will set you free from all charges and at that moment his shoulders went down he looked at the judge and he converted when the judge do you understand how beautiful it is when the judge set him free he converted to. I was like man you have no idea how beautiful this fictious and he'll was a man who used to be a racist and the church with his new brothers and sisters and cries from all callers all shapes if the judge set seal free man you are free to every racist think. Made a lot of lesser guys and don't forget we are all from 1. This media was produced by audio for the. Avenues Lehmann's services and industry. 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