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The Whole Secret of Prayer

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • August 21, 2009
    7:00 AM
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I know I will and him and him when this is what did the wolves in the rare and as their click here I just want to say that I hope I don't come across like I know every help her and the students in the school by learning about her and to share some things that I come across that has been a tremendous blessing I would like to start with I hear God years old or his quickness and victory in the Majesty it will make you some wellness to come together if you want to get a printable output on the windshield what do you think you are the racist agencies I wanted a home anybody wanting a home in a couple months ago FSC asked two-time conference that took place at the campus of any university seminary they had health rep Paul Rudd Sarah the evening was over torrent thoughts are I is the president of the Southern African Indian Ocean division the fastest-growing division in the world if you're at the Kilkenny Leinster spoke a couple of times anyway they were definitely meeting and the first evening he says while the home yet why was the leader is found God is not because of his inability to work the problem is not with the nest is because we had a good message was the problem the problem is with the messenger and he lost into a spirited enough to adopt important in the men and women of faith and prayer do the work of being down on this book for the thoughts called upper because I can divine ability but because of lack of prayer ability in math God 's great plan convention of mankind and that much unfair now and it did when the other person the plan prayer makes the plan of the phosphor and eight four God gives an imperative universal and eternal is in the interest of keeping a statement that you have been ended by the similarly on this and songs on these people will pray for Jesus that this or he was visiting each other because that was the last time is believed that count in John thirteen to seventeen and a few things were very important to Jesus systemic command to pray the disciples had to understand and I think they got it because averages less and it would call to wait for the promise of the father it paper conveys the great work and if they go out and preach for ten minutes and thousands are converted and somehow we've got it the other way around a phrase like connect Google priest ten three end up with a handful of baptisms visibly all equipment and is part of God repent granite in answer to the purpose that which she would not go to be not the same I understand everything in a great of course I was there something by not due on that we pray how personnel and able guy to do things she could not otherwise we need to pray if one of the homes but maybe another reason why we need to learn to pray and pray well when you learn to Great Wall of God in John fourteen restrictions of and whatever you ask in my name that I wrote you that the father may be glorified in that we may glorify God we need to learn to pray while and what I mean by praying well we need allergic that got the feeling that God is glorified in effect prior to the feelings and dumped back we need Fred Bellville thirty seven I like the work of Andrew Murray in his and the print method with Christ in the school of prayer is that when there is a little program can be answer the father it is the duty for the glory of God to live and pray so that our prayers can be answered for the sake of God 's glory let us learn to pray while human the whole secret prayer because of the limited amount of time I have each morning and go to the eighties of prayer rather look at the majority of Texas is about prayer but after this began after you learn the tools of the state level I would encourage you to do a study on the subject of prayer also encourage you to stop by your local Christian bookstore and pick up some good books on prayer the prayer classics the books that have been with over twenty years ago that still stick on the shelves today just amazing I'm stuck with them but people who had a connection with God praying men women to encourage you to do that on some good book Christian written by an unknown author will know the authors me an individual who is more concerned I got worried about getting his name out there on active Murray's book with my fiscal appurtenant down to the prolific author has written volumes on the subject of her Irishmen all his books and of course books written by Ellen White compilations of such a prayer are great praying Hyde an individual who spent much time and what about revival amazing individual but I've is the excellent this technically contains much junk exhibit seven hundred forty two by Denis and I would divide and you do ask it is actually would you like to see the force of building your life how often have you thought you know that doesn't really mean what he says because I hadn't seen this done in my life I certainly have not gotten the desires of my heart and their two conditions condition number one if you abide in me was the need to apply and cry while to help us understand in verses four and five fifteen quite extend up to find the branch because numbers for a biting me and I knew at the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the buying neither can you unless you like me apart from the vine there will be no blood no plot no leave no fruit on the branch to branch needs verify that I am the vine you are the branch of single bite me in nine bears much fruit without me you can do nothing now you have to be a theologian or a botanist to understand what I think you a life abiding in Christ 's number one is I basically surrendered from the branch had a life of its own no it is simply the light in the line that goes into the branch was price requirement when he was on the circuit legal soul forsake God wants us to be fully surrendered vacantly alike the dividing the life of complete dependence on Christ and the branch depends on the line for everything it is difficult for the self-sufficient person to experience and abiding relationship with Christ thoroughly it is a lie a great way friend we can't where the vine today the vines in heaven Jesus is only by faith by much by faith and much prayer that we maintain this union with Christ so that his wife can login and do in John fifteen percent give them if you can recommend he will abide in my love this is kept my father 's commandments and abide in his measure Christ thing I want you to abide in me as I abided in the father now in the Gospel of John we are given a glimpse into the inner life of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ when he spoke about his relationship to the father he unthinkingly use the words not Arkansas relativity the son can do nothing of himself I can I thought in my judgment is righteous because I do not think my own will I do not receive honor from Bryant come down from heaven not to do my own will my doctrine is not my iPod myself I have nothing of myself nor have I come of myself but he's I do not seek my own glory the word that I speak to you I do not speak on my own authority I know I it was a light of our dependence on the father it was a light of entire submission that Jesus Christ was nothing that God might be everything and are you willing to be of France at the news being filled with the spirit being filled with the fullness of God why not been surrendered at the beautiful thing the word which here is not my RA Torrey in his book how to print out RA Torrey was a different and an associate of the great evangelist DL Moody was used mightily by God and I like the way he describes what the abiding I looks like event providing crisis to pronounce any independent life her own we must give up trying to figure own five are on resolution or cultivate our own feelings we must simply and constantly look to Christ to the fifth spot in to form his purposes they must get built-in emotions in us and unless you were the last words were adaptation and if for now all life independent of price and conflict look to him for the info on the flight and twelve and outworking of his life through us when we go to our car will octane what we see from this beautiful but when we are in and abiding relationship with Christ will seek first the answer and then the light of Christ becomes hourly and his desires become our desires and our prayers will no longer be our first but Christ praying in a in such personal always in harmony with Gospel and God like to answer them the makes us that our prayers have failed it is because they are indeed hour when you abide in Christ most of the difficulties concerned with prayer they disappear into the dividing and the words abide in you ask what to do that and it shall be done for you what upon this I mean ever abiding in Christ and godly given design hearts know what was Jeremiah seventeen but I think the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it how could a wise and loving father in heaven give us the desires of our hearts having heard about the girl who ask for a pink elephant the logo praying beside her bed and an as her father walked by prevention bugler to pray and he got a little concerned and the prayer went like this the little girl said Lord I want elephant I may be so fun Daniel and I give my thoughts that I can hang on its trunk and my friends are just against local in a book I saw it more than I want I want it painted on the bottom of the sex you want his goal to grow up within the right understanding of what currently is on so you approach a little girl sits on the bed and said sweetly we live in a little apartment in the city will develop the country that your elephant Arctic animals while enriching the elephant if the guy gave us one as suspiciousness of the UN to develop an intervention you have a large master bedroom the other elegant and said we opens up a the one who how in the logo goes within the Java top that you make money if you provide the fifth elephant president of unlike and said okay sweetie kitty they have little to do elephant they have bigger duty whatever you do she says yes someone a closet bigot which is that you can put to good use you can take care of the dirty that God gave this little girl it can go know why you guys to why they met all right heavy aircraft breaking up none you never called it a pink elephant Beyoncé have asked Doctor pedal then I got thinking elements and I look back at the bank you are not getting in his condolences to those people that could wreck my life is getting I thought often what he should give you the desires of your heart with recognition of this and my words abide in you was using inverse or do you abide in me and I doesn't do the same again and I in you must use the part has liked what it is through his words were taught in John six fifty three the worth that into you are spirit and they are not innocent of his work I like to bless friends we must study the word of God and his words sink deep into our minds and into our hearts we were George Miller might in effort to begin to pray by reading and meditating on the word of God until all current performance saw in his heart that God was the real author of an dongle inspired effort would answer the prayer I love what I want to owe ordinary the back thinking that once more okay four twenty Dubai to meet my words abide in you two conditions you you asked which did actually been pretty good it possible that we fail to develop the first condition and only the pill the second is that possible to know people who know the Bible and that amount being all the protective amendment you would think their Bible scholar but you get into the debates and in and in some individuals there's a very mean another funnel so well but this open meeting is it possible that you could miss out on a relationship with Christ although you know the Bible 's well is very important that we fulfill the conditions if you abide in me and my words abide in you the Santa Fe friend how much we know that there's nothing if we don't have that relationship with Christ I like what the unknown author wrote in the class of the new encryption known to have very real and deep communion with God who does not know how to pray for us to get answers to prayer in light of the text we been looking at gender stand with the author say and if you got a connection with God you will see answers to prayers and George Miller live in advantage where no one pray where no one looked to God bring a unusual enjoys the people of his day to know that God heard and answered prayers to get married it related in his life Mary decide that if they had any financial need that anyone about it just pick the Lord in prayer during his ministry in Bristol Mister Miller started the Scripture knowledge of students to the Bible to give religious instruction he also began or which the educated and set up the walk one hundred twenty three one hundred twenty two thousand people they funded the annual salary of a hundred boxes they supported one hundred eighty nine missionaries and commissioners and he supported they bought uncirculated twenty five thousand Bibles in different languages and distributed one five million new Testaments over ten thousand children have been provided for or or and how the God that Mister Mueller over it you got supplied him with seven five million to fund these projects and more but the we've added my name is will be pushed revalue an hundred this man went out in style and then you know how much that five million deal with the equivalent of that is in today's dollar one eight one hundred eighty million dollars in answer to prayer these little secret of his success was never fulfilled that they might die utterly die and as he spoke he been lower and lower until you must touch the diapers in the opinion preferences page and will die to the world its approval I ensure I get approval or playing even of my brother and friends and since then has a point shall approve to come to understand why God was able to use this man still mighty way English is so empty so it got too soft and the life in the behind digital flow into that branch and bear much fruit for his glory business your desire to experience such I've appreciate the writings of Hanover the niches within this book called the Christian the Christian bigwig to a happy life I highly recommend it just that just as you may have left much to follow Christ we may have believed on him and what were they love them and yet may not be like allegiance genome and confidence you know but not yet the there are two will too interested to life you have not yet bought it online they demanded only once it would I not cry then is what I am trying grass now it even but hasn't come yet to be correct only and not I then visited your desire and I think it's only going to Miller an activist for in the design stages worked on like that there's no limit to the usefulness of want like putting some type makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon us and there's a lot fully consecrated no limit is my friend in Oswego but sit to either a limit God Christian or your nose in the Christian what he wanted to be friends imagine what Doctor do with three hundred grain men women living life holy consecrate benefits really have a golf appellant and hymn writer at the age of twelve surrendered her like the guy and got to sleep us truly and she's written many beautiful hands that think about surrendering consecration and at this time Arkansas is interesting the first defendant of the so-called live out your life within the I think the prayer of one who wants to have this abiding dancing is the song advantages to me that was on the screen to make it your and to her as a man soon learn him now that he has a good day as I lean on him and him and a nice and as time I read for anyone if you are not what a you want to write it all and in all that anyone acting on will get you a bill no longer you what you don't mean that you and nothing like negative is there something we didn't do well guideline even I'm not a lawyer I am willing to be made in the north to the working time is interested into them when I reflect on what you want to take us deeper into him and that God would bless us with prayer life nobody longingly at this time in front


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