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Sustainable Health Evangelism

Vicki Griffin Rodney Bowes Joshua Vazquez
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We have an unprecedented opportunity to let our health message illuminate our world. Come learn how everyone, medical and non-medical, young and old, can keep the cycle of health evangelism going year-round. Listen to amazing stories of how blended message evangelism is impacting lives for eternity. Get the latest information on training and resources your church or ministry can use to follow Jesus’ method of winning souls for the kingdom.




  • August 2, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Heavenly father we are so thankful that you have given us the opportunity to be here at this place we thank you for A.S.I. and we thank you for the vision that you have given to us to be your hands and feet in a world that is dying I pray that you will specifically bless us now in this seminar that truly Jesus Christ will be uplifted to all of us that we can each again whatever it is that you have for us today thank you again for your love and Amazing Grace in Jesus' name amen. Again this is going to be a panel discussion on sustainable health evangelism and we're very excited so their seats up in the there are some more seats those who are coming in and if you need some more seats there are a few more right here at the very front Feel free to comment both sides the front we're just so glad that each of your here again we have a short time so I'm going to get right into the program here the participants that we have I want the each 1 to introduce themselves we have Vicki Griffin Vicki would you introduce yourself Good morning everyone. It's great to have you here having all these bodies helps who are in the room up a little bit so we're very thankful and I'm the director of lifestyle matters and health ministries director for the Michigan conference and it's just a thrill to be here with you today thank you very much for being with us Vickie Joshua. My name is Joshua vast was a worker and wellness coach in Oak Harbor Washington. Just glad to be here this morning we're very excited to hear from both of you we have a lot of experience here at the table with us in health ministry and health evangelism My name is Rodney bows and I serve as the president for Health Expo resources and also a division director for light ministry we do health evangelism training around the world so we're very excited to be with you and we have a lot to share in 75 minutes I'd like to point your attention to the screen and just notice what it says here what is healthy evangelism it is not just health education and it is not just sharing Bible prophecies it is the blend of these like Jesus shows us that. That is the message that we've been given for these times so is this a biblical idea is it a biblical idea to combine these together the health and the spiritual aspect we believe it definitely is because if you see in Matthew Chapter 4 verses $23.24 let's read it together showing and Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of the Zs among the people man what did Jesus do you see it underlined he was teaching he was preaching and he was healing What was he doing the most of. Many of you have read minister a feeling I can tell that's fantastic and then ministry of feeling page 19 it says very clearly there that during his ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick than to preaching. Should we do the same and we followed Jesus example you know there it's a very important to notice that Jesus was a walking hospital but not every place received his healing touch isn't that right so it's important for us to remember that our job is to be like Jesus to bring comfort hope and encouragement to people everywhere now it was not only Jesus who went about doing this healing ministry he gave it to his 12 disciples in Luke Chapter 9 we read that these 12 disciples that Jesus called them together and he gave them power and authority over all the holes and to cure diseases he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. The disciples of Jesus are always supposed to combine healing and teaching and preaching together it's always supposed to be a blended message and ministry that is done by the disciples of Jesus who else the Jesus send up beside the 12. The 70 that's exactly right so you look in Luke Chapter 10 and verse 9 and talking about the 70 Jesus said and heal the sick that are there and Sam to them the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you. That sounds like a message that we have a man to do today it definitely does and then we have another group that Jesus sent out who else did Jesus send out. Us. Called the great commission isn't that right where do you find the Great Commission. Matthew where Matthew 28 and where else. Was the parallel to Matthew $28.00. Marked Chapter 16 so Mark Chapter 16 we're going to look at it here we see the great commission go D. into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is it clear that we are to preach the 3 messages to the world that is why the 7th Day Adventist Church exists to share the 3 angels messages to the world but notice what it also says at the very end after it says how God will be with his people they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover this simply means that there is a ministry of healing they God wants His Church to do so all of God's disciples throughout history have been called to follow Jesus' teaching preaching and healing does that mean that every person is going to be healed. Definitely not we understand that during Jesus' time there were people who were not healed for various reasons and so our specific calling is to simply be the hands and feet of Jesus bringing hope and courage from and comfort in a world that has a lot of questions this why that a man will never know all the answers but our job is to bring that hope and courage I want to share just a few more things and then Vicki has some very encouraging things to share with us in testimonies volume 7 page $62.00 there is a clarion call for each 1 of us let's read this together we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work how many of you are members of the church can I see your hands. Praise the Lord take hold of medical missionary work and today in our Symon are we're going to be looking at how medical professionals and non-medical can all take hold of this work I'm guessing we have a blend here in this room even as we're talking a blend of health professionals and non medical but who are interested in health so we're going to look at that Vicki please thank you all free to take the podium there and thank you good morning everyone it is a blessing to be here what an amazing group in this room praise the Lord some of you have come from a long way and some from a short distance I want to begin this morning by asking you a question probably many of you have been involved in health ministry of some sort of the other and I will ask you this how many of you have met people that get up in the morning and say you know I think I just want to fail everything on my list today. Have you met those people in all the years of ministry that I've been conducting this work I have never met that person and that is why our savior is our example he said he went from house to house bringing hope and strength to all with whom he came in contact how does it feel this morning to be able to work on the sunny side of the cross in times of great perplexity and need and challenge and so I'm so thrilled to be invited here to speak as a part of a brother Rodney's program because my passion is blended message ministry blended evangelism. We have a very special and unique packaging for what what we do and when we separate the truth from the gospel of health we lose on both sides Amen we lose and so do the people who attend our meetings so today a lot of our emphasis is how. To create and sustain blended message ministry and how that can work in the church as well why is it important well let's just take a look at this Rodney This is your computer so I just push this button and it works and I want to share some amazing quotes with you I just love them you've probably seen them yourself as a person who started running away from home when I was 5 years old I was beaten up a lot and by the age of 11 I was a serial runaway and I believe taking drugs smoking and fortunately I hid out libraries so that my grades stayed up so I left all belief in God at a very young age because of the teaching that I was raised with that people like myself would burn for all eternity so the neighborhood wasn't good the house wasn't my home wasn't safe and God was a terror and so for me as a 7th Day Adventist Christian I cannot separate the saving truths of God's character and the truth about him from this message because without that who cares about living a long time who cares. So we've got to learn how to integrate truth with the message of relieving suffering and really evil people who do terrible things and live badly live a long time my aunt ate a Ferrari said it was because there's something in their blood. Now I just don't know if that's true but it sure feels that way sometimes and you can do all the right things and you die so if we don't learn how Jesus method works to relieve suffering add value and meaning to people's lives right here right now then we're going to lose the really sick people who need to be in our presence Amen so it's very very important I want people to come to your meetings who know they're going to die. I want them to want to be around you a man so let's take a look at some of the principles and this is our time because Ellen White says that intemperance lies at the foundation of all the evil in our world all of it and temperance alone is the foundation of all the graces that come from God The foundation of all victories to be gained in the long he's in the business of turning messes into miracles and I'm so thankful for that today and so when I dedicated my life to Christ when I came to him I was about 25 counts then or than I am right now it was believed I had all kind of degrees but I was a hot mess as they say in today's vernacular and my prayer was not oh god i love you you're so amazing I didn't know him I came to him the reason you came to him and that's because of need. Not because of love his love drew me my need drew me to him. And so the prayer that I prayed was God I just want to spend the rest of the My Life pay and the devil back for what he did was for prayer and now he hired me and I'm tell by using the countryside wherever I can to win souls for Jesus Christ and that's your job your job is not to fix everybody your job is to win souls for Jesus Christ. So look at this the gospel of Health is to be firmly linked to the Ministry of the world by his Why what's the called the what what's it called the right hand the right arm of the message by his right hand and his holy arm who have gotten him the victory. It is the Lord's design that the restoring influence of health reform we would call it health revolution today or health advantage we would call it a different word I think of reform school when I think of that word but if you put it in today's vernacular it's a health revolution isn't it it shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message Amen so I just got through with a reaping series how many of you know Pastor movies Razzano from Michigan he's Paul rock stars son he has been our pastor at the Jackson church and we did a reaping series together and Pastor Wright so our OP wanted to do the health piece so I did the other piece the prophecy piece and I was praying about this 1 night and I said Lord this is so still so strange how do I explain to people when they asked me why I'm doing the prophecy part and Pastor Wright song who is an evangelist and a pastor is doing to help peace and you know what the Lord brought to my mind that's the nurturing part of pastoral work that's what it is the health message is not about a list it's about a life hidden in the current in the in the bosom of Christ and when it becomes a list it becomes a weight and we have to help our pastors to understand that having our meetings having a health segment in the in an evangelistic series is not adding more things to do it's about nurturing hurting human beings Amen that's what it's a bellow and it was an amazing opportunity and we had an incredible an incredible time together doing that and there were baptisms as a result. God has shown that health reform is as closely connected with the 3rd angel's message as the hand is with the up body. When the Gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united wow this is amazing there is placed on our church is a real problem and dysfunction is that what it says what does it say. It's not kind of evil it's not 1 of the evils it's no worse to evil I was stunned when my colleague Evelyn Kissinger She's a registered dietitian She's been my colleague for many years and we produced these materials she showed me this quote and I was flabbergasted so I had to ask myself the question how is it the worst evil when these are separated the question that we want to answer in the few minutes that I have is how is it the worst evil on the gospel side and how is it the worst evil on the health education side. On the gospel side we're told by a relation that exists between the mind and the body is what it is very intimate it's impossible for men under the power of sinful health destroying habits to do what to appreciate sacred truths the intellect is clouded the well powers are in feeble and sin does not look sinful. The most ennobling grand and glorious themes of God's word seem but what I don't tailgate Satan can then easily snatch away the good seed that has been sown in the heart for the soul is in no condition to comprehend or understand its true value people above all else we need to understand the link between the brain body condition the connection because the brain is the hardware of the soul and I hope message needs to be the venue for teaching the true state of the soul a man because if you say this to a Baptist or a Hindu or Krishna that the body is a temple Oh that's nice. But what does it mean nothing because the Soul in their mind is what it's a separate immaterial thinking entity that leaves the body that it's trapped in I call it when Plato went to church. And so we must break out these misconceptions or the true value and meaning of that statement can never be fully understood that's what we need to be about as health educators a man. It is the US that selfish health destroying indulgences are doing what counteracting the influence of the message which is to prepare people for the Great Day of God That's what our work is all about. I've discovered to share those it says. The abuses of our stomach right is just 1 of the pieces of wellness and total health the abuses of the stomach by the gratification of appetite are the fruitful source of most church trials oh so share that at the next board meeting see what happens. But how is it the most evil on the health side of things believe me friends I've been in this work for many years now and I see what the evil is on the health side of things when the health team is a separate entity doing their own thing separating it from the testing truths of our time we are to do nothing and promote nothing and to teach nothing that eclipses the 3rd angel's message that eliminates all imbalance it eliminates all weird ideas we're not going to be standing up here telling people not to not to water their plants with microwave we're not going to do it. We're not going to do anything that eclipses the 3rd angel's message you may have some feelings and strong passions about some esoteric things but my plea is when you stand in front representing our church you represent a balanced message that that the poor as well as the rich can do amen. So it says the medical missionary work should be a part of every church in our land disconnected from the church it would soon become a what a strange medley of disorganized ADAMS It consumes instead of producing a nice have surely seen this and it breaks my heart because as you know there's women's department men's apartment there all these different youth department our work is to minister to those other departments that's our work so if someone is having a Financial Peace University program you have budgeting on a dime you know healthy suppers on a dime and you minister to that department Amen create on ramps to those other departments through ministry and those people that demographic will not only appreciate you because you appreciate them but it will it will step it will diminish this silo mentality where people in the church are competing for scarce resources Amen it's about ministry to all health reform wisely treated well proven entering wedge where the truth may follow with what kind of success she says we should not even conjecture as to the success of our efforts God does not want us to consider failure in this work and it doesn't mean huge numbers it means you're going to become smarter and you're going to become better and you're going to become more gentle through the afflictions and trials and obstacles that you have to meet Amen that's what it means so. But to present health reform how unwisely has served to create what. Prejudice That's the opposite of what we want prejudice with unbelievers and by the way have you ever had to do a detour that even your G.P.S. gets confused. It's 1 thing to hinder it it's another thing to a bar it so I want for us to be able to present wellness materials in a way so that if there is an expert sitting in the audience that is his profession in that particular area that you are sharing you will not be offensive they will understand and grasp and appreciate not just what you're sharing that 1 truth but the beautiful framework of truth that we are putting it in that's the power of the Gospel that's the power of the gospel it's the framework that we put these truths in then we don't have to go looking for something sensational to get people to come to our meetings we don't have to do it. We must not give the cation for us to be regarded as extremists here's the crux of what we do as health educators as wellness people to relieve mental physical and spiritual suffering if people see that we are intelligent with regard to health they'll be more ready to believe that we are what. Sound in our doctrines that always has to be our focus can everybody say amen to that it's always our focus to prepare heart for the for that 3rd angels message and it should be a part of our programming and that is my peace that is my plea that's my peace to share with you this morning. Thank you so much of a key I saw that many of you are taking good notices as she was talking and taking pictures as well I just wanted to let you know that the entire presentation will be available to you at the very end that I will have my e-mail address there and so we can email you the entire presentation the talk will be available on audio verse as well and so just soak in the information take notes as you need to but just be aware of that as we look at these things we want to ask a few questions now and we're going to just kind of go through as our panel here talking back and forth with some different things so the 1st thing is what are some practical ways that every member can do this work 1st we want to look at medical professionals how many of you are medical professionals here can I see your hands those directly involved in the medical field excellent So we have special things for you that we want to encourage you with in regard to health evangelism So doctors nurses physical therapist massage therapists dieticians and there's a lot of others in the profession the health care setting can be very intentional in making the bridge between a physical health and spiritual health so let's just talk for a little bit what are some very specific things that we can do before we do that I want for you to notice these quotations there are so very important I must stand up again because the. They are so serious and so important medical ministry page 27 the purpose of our health institutions is not 1st and foremost to be that of hospitals the health institutions connected with the closing work of the Gospel in the earth stand for the great principles of the Gospel in all its fullness Seventh-Day Adventists institutions are not supposed to just be the same as everything else they are to be very this think then different Christ is the 1 to be revealed in all the institutions connected with the closing work but none of them can do it so fully as the health institution where the sick and suffering come for relief and the live runs from both physical and spiritual ailment. Is not clear it is supposed to be together whole person care is what it's known as in many settings today right the whole person physically mentally emotionally and spiritually many of these need like the paralytic of old the forgiveness of sin the 1st thing and they need to learn how to go and sin no more so the hospital the clinic whatever 7th Day Adventist health institution we have should point people to the sin bear and the Savior Jesus Christ Listen to this next quotation review and herald October 29914 if a sanitarium you can put in their hospital clinic whatever it may be a practice of any kind with if a sanitarium connected with this closing message fails to lift up Christ and the principles of the gospel as the vellum in the 3rd angel's message it fails in its most important feature and contradicts the. Very object of its existence that is a serious quotation. Think about that 1 it encourages us so what can we do in this world that is so challenging where there are so many secular ideas and different things going on what can we do to really have this a reality to make these places beacons of light so at this point let's talk about a few things praying with patience. Vicki what do you think about those praying with patients how important is it for medical professionals and those directly involved to pray with their feet Well I think if if if we there are probably some circumstances where that's not available to the practitioner but if but if it is and you don't the patient is going to ask to pray with you so why don't you just be the 1st 1 we Prayer is just so very important and I've heard physicians say well I'm afraid I don't want to I'm hesitant because if something goes wrong. But that's especially the time when prayer is so important that through whatever the situation is but I think probably some of our health professionals have experience here in praying with patients and how valuable it is to open up the heart of that person to the practitioner at a level that that cool separation cannot accomplish you know I was actually reading several articles recently about how many of those who go to the doctor's office would love for their physician to take a spiritual interest and then many who have responded to various survey polls have said yes we would like our physician to care for us and pray for us even if it's not the same denomination even which is a remarkable thing and menu world religions appreciate prayer I mean you know if someone is a Hindu Muslim whatever the case might be many people appreciate prayer Let's go to next 1 having bible studies in the hospital or the clinic Joshua what do you think of this idea I think that's a great idea had the privilege of working at a clinic where. It was blatantly Christian and just 1 address or prayer thing on the on the entry sheet they would have a place where they could check if they wanted prayer today oh it was right there on the front door that's an excellent idea it would or the patient would check it and there would be offered prayer. We have the ability to meet with patients and pray with During but also talk about prophecy and talk about things maybe not so much in a sit down bible study sense right but and conversing with things about current events we also had rooms a room set aside where we could go in there with patients if they decided to. And talk about these things so assigning a room in the clinic I think is a vital part of facilitating this Bible study that's that's fantastic That's excellent Let's go to the next point invite to small groups I believe small group ministry is very powerful and especially if it's coming from a health care provider many people have great trust in those who are delivering their health care so if a doctor is willing to invite a patient into a small group setting at their own home or something like that there could be a tremendous way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ it can really make a profound impact in their view have a comment on just the power of small groups. That's where it all happens I call it making your home a home of hope a home of hope yes Hope and Healing Right right I think any excuse we can make to get someone into a small group is a good idea and if it's someone that's so connect with them as a physician or knows the ins and outs of their life I think that that is just huge to have someone. To be invited to a physicians House I think would be a great footage to some people and they probably never had that So there's definitely an influence that's a physician has or any medical professional That's right they can do that that's right OK combine health and spiritual topics in Symon ours and counseling as much as you possibly can I recognize there are various organisations and institutions that we work and some which may be a little bit more challenging to openly share our faith as 7th Day Adventists Christians but we can always be as wise as service or friends and harmless as that's exactly right so we just need to be prayerful if we will all do. Pray Lord today Bab tines me a fresh with the Holy Spirit so that we might know how to interact and how we can we've the Gospel in into all of our dealings and then media in waiting rooms this is a huge 1 it could be printed media Vicki tell us about them ideas here and of course all this is impinging upon you having the authority to be able to do this in your workplace or if it's your clinic or if you have share a partnership but the Ministry of lifestyle matters through the Michigan conference our whole ministry is to provide resources and materials for this purpose so our new board this year and I want everybody to hear this. We have 26 beautiful professional scripted power points on 26 topics including Who can I trust lessons on Lost and then typical health programs chronic pain there scripted in a short and long version and you can loop these and just shows you can just show them on a screen you can do this in your home there's a short and a long version you can use them in evangelism and we went to 3 A.B.N. and we taped 7 minute presentations and then we also you know if your mouth can't do the talking let the literature do the talking we have balance magazine there $0.10 apiece that deal with felt topics and then the 26 topics these are all the power points having this available in English and Spanish free is revolutionary our conference is dead dedicated to closing this work and Jesus is coming so the literature is there for you it's free for you to share and so you can use this in your practice you can make these materials available at pathways to help health they they gave away something like 35000 of these magazines. Hurried worried very depression chronic pain. 80000000 Americans suffer from chronic pain so you can do this without liability. Because there are more liabilities we we're not setting ourselves up as practitioners when we hold me but a practitioner has an extra layer of liability so you need to operate within your liabilities and. God will make a while for you to be able to share in the context in which you live Ellen White says that strength to resist evil is best obtained by aggressive service it doesn't say aggressive servants it says aggressive service and so the blessings will bounce back to you as you gain traction in your spiritual life by asking God to show you a way to share so you can come to our booth where near amazing facts in the $900.00 area somewhere I'm not sure where but where they're going somewhere easy to find it funny thank you so much Vickie Joshua do you have any comments about the power of media in the waiting rooms Yeah I think you should have you know only steps to Christ or ministry of feeling there in your and your desk or you can pass off the people now the thing is be aware of what's going on in your church if there is a cooking class if there's a depression recovery you know what's going on in the local church and have the literature there so you can give to everyone that comes have it right there at the checkout window if if if it's available to you or just sitting here in your clinic in your office that's excellent thank you thank you very much some of you may recognize a few of the individual series specially if you are from California I am from Loma Linda actually And part of what I do I volunteer as a chaplain in 1 of their satellite clinics but many of you will recognize Dr Hart here the president of Loma Linda and Randy. Roberts from the Loma Linda University Church you'll notice what they have in front of them there the centerpiece is a literature rack and this literature ministry is truly amazing so we would love to see more of these things you see what kind of books are there you see was featured right there on the very beginning desire of ages A.S.I. edition and then to that Amen thank you for that we have the it is written bible study lessons we have signs of the time steps to Christ which you mentioned is right there as well prominently on the 1st 1 so these are some very practical things that can be done here you can also see the Bible study cards now how effective is a ministry like this just wanted to share with you the volunteers that are involved there's 97 volunteers involved in this particular project. They're giving $102.00 Bible studies a week those are generated from health places Loma Linda has lots of campuses all over the area and so each 1 has a literature rack isn't that powerful $102.00 Bible studies 7 baptism so far 10 preparing right now as of yesterday when I got this $17806.00 pieces of literature per month. Can you say that we want you to be inspired and encouraged by that there's 10 of those racks that you saw with that are 5 feet tall $105.00 of the little Bible study racks and then there's a pastoral liaison involved so we want to give you some practical things that you can do now yes I just want to underscore sure thing that Joshua said when you know of an event in your area your church a local church and you can direct people to that event especially healthy people will go you have influence it's it's so 1 day or full to have your handbills ready to give those invitations out and what I say to health educators who are holding meetings. We have in Michigan Bible study offer dot com And if you're doing a health presentation you can make a direct a pale at the end of your presentation your last slide can be vast because people are seeking for spiritual health and mental health and all of those so you make a direct appeal on the 1st night of a supper club I've had 23 people sign up for bible studies just by making an appeal and showing what the church has available for spiritual resources so never separate the 2 never underestimate what you can do with 1 meeting. Thank you so much Yeah good to. I had her at our cooking class it was our last cooking class that we were having and a man came in for the 1st time and he says some lady at the hospital told me I should come here that the evidence for doing stuff on health and he came within 5 minutes he signed up for a wellness coach and we've been meeting with a man so please be aware and people listen to medical professionals definitely there is a respect there let's go to non-medical I saw that there are many medical professionals here so that means I'm assuming that those who did not raise your hand you're not a medical professional but you are interested in health evangelism and so the this is for you listen carefully as we look at these things but few can take a course of training in our medical institutions that's definitely true but all can study our health literature and become intelligent on this important subject that is powerful everyone can become intelligent How can we do this 1st we must recognize that most of the diseases in the world today are lifestyle related Is that true yes yes it is and we all can become intelligent in regard to helping others with these things so here's a list of some things that we feel are important for you to look at Ministry of healing and why I wrote this book contains the wisdom of the Great Physician you can't get any better than that this is the wisdom of Jesus in ministry of healing we need to read it and practice it testimonies for the church especially volume 7 very very practical in regard to health ministry councils on health the call to medical evangelism natural remedies encyclopedia by a doctor Agatha thrashes also excellent and let's talk about medical missionary training courses. Josh way you were involved in 1 of them yeah I was a valley for 5 and a half months went to their health evangelism training program just an absolute blessings I get to use it every day things that I learned there we're seeing people be cured from cancer through hydrotherapy and lifestyle and wellness coaching we're seeing people that are taking chemo. Doing lifestyle changes and having amazing success got a girl with cancer from her tailbone to her heart in a month she was able to have surgery to get it removed it was just in pieces by the time they got to it so going to these places are definitely going to teach you a lot more. My wife and I travel we change train churches and just wellness coach and we all do hydrotherapy and all that stuff as well so if you'd like for us to do that that's available to you and will teach you the principles of wellness coaching everything I learned in Valley and related to that subject and it's just a 2 day program in your church and you can get it on the ground running and it's anyone can do this absolutely anyone if you have a D.V.D. player a computer you can play. Life and Health video we have a plan or that the person you're coaching with gets it gives you step by step of what you need to do and we have a wellness coaching handbook that we've created that is based on my presentations on paper and I'll give you all the resources you need this is a wonderful bridge for the programs that we do help expose depression recovery all those things and if you like knocking on doors I mean if you like knocking on doors. All right that's good or however. We have a survey for those that love doing cold cold calls at the door. The Lord has really uses and it works very well that's wonderful Vickie do you have any comments on these medical missionary training courses now that they're all well most of them are very excellent are very very excellent. So when a church decides to hold a program they have to remember that there are liabilities involved and that if you do something under the shingle of 7th Day Adventists I'm there it's always good to have a health professional who can put the qualifiers in there if you're working with diabetes and natural remedies you know hotfoot that type of thing that's just there's just live deliveries to be very aware of and to be very careful and we must never take the position that we are practitioners so I I work with Evelyn she's a clinician She's a registered dietitian and so she is a license to give certain types of advice I have a master's in human nutrition but I have to phrase what I say differently so there's wisdom in how we operate in today's setting in today's culture that doesn't create an unintended health consequences we don't get involved in making sweeping generalizations or oversimplifications and so our materials that we've produced on health for health principals and health education are very well referenced they're index Medicaid's reference so that health professionals can use them but they are very very simple so that a lay person can share intelligent only. Good principles of balance living without getting themselves into the weeds if all you do is look at the pictures they're going to get they're going to get a pretty good idea thank you you were telling me about this 3 volume set isn't that right books you know we have the living free finding freedom from habits that hurt and it's on addictions it's really. Wonderful is a seminar that goes with it and then food for thought nutrition is linked with mood memory learning and behavior there's a section in there I really like It's called 3 cheers for salad ra ra ra So anyway there are some it's good there's nice pictures beautiful recipes and we show the value of Cook versus Rob that there's value in these things it's always about balance are the name of our magazine is balance and then we have a simple solutions diet and stress is what you're eating eating you and it's a really nice book that talks about stress depression and immune function and lifestyle links to building a better brain because the real battle is really it's not for the bulge it's for the brain it's not about weight control it's about appetite control and that's a brain thing so these brain body connections are very strong in our materials and. The philosophy of health from all of these things undergirds the way we write and our research and it's carefully done so that nobody's going to get into trouble following some of the basic principles that are outlined there so I hope that makes sense what I've just communicated we have to be so careful thank you very much of Vicki and here while you're here they assigned police take time to go through the exhibit hall we have a lot of medical missionary training courses I've been involved at Wildwood for several years so I know them and I'm also part of. Many O.C.I. members are here and they have these health evangelism training courses and also divisional director for light ministry and stopped by our booth in the 4 hundreds and you can learn about online studies and a hands on courses as well that are very very practical so let's talk about the different outreach activities that can be done blending health professionals and medical people together. There's a few things that I think are very important for us to highlight 1 of them is the Health Expo how many of you have been involved in the Health Expo can I see your hands is all right so there's not enough of you yet I didn't see enough hands the Health Expo is a beautiful thing and when I. Try to encourage is that we do these events not on a yearly basis but on a weekly or monthly basis many times we do big programs and there just once a year and the people see. The flurry of activity they see us do our event and then we're gone I think we need to be in the public eye often so how can we do a Health Expo every week is it possible I'd like to give you a thought. I think if there was a team a small team of 8 people that were willing to make a commitment to do something once a month it would be possible the way it could be done is like this 2 people could work together and have a small booth just taking the letter in for nutrition going through a new start many of us are familiar with New START just take the letter in and have a booth on nutrition at a farmers market how many of you have a farmer's market near where you are can I see your hands farmers market in your community yeah there are there are all over the place now so you just have your 2 volunteers do a booth on nutrition the next week you have 2 more volunteers do a booth on exercise and in that way you just keep the cycle going people just commit for 1 time a month. What do you think possible this is an idea of how you can keep it going and then you can continue to do your bigger events Your Health Expo your pathways to hell your Amen Clinic and a box these type of things can come in but I really think we need to be seen a lot more than we are I think it's very very important for us so health Expos are important I wanted to share this 1 with you be creative about where you're going to do your Health Expo. Wal-Mart opened its doors to community health screening I had the opportunity to work with a group of young people in Utah and we got into Wal-Mart we were not in the periphery in the parking lot way out there in the nosebleed section you can say we were inside of Wal-Mart they gave us an aisle they moved the clothes back and said You can set up your Health Expo right here so just ask just ask and the health checks was a powerful thing if you want more information stop by Health Expo resources booth it's on the 400 aisle here in the exhibit hall right next to Voice of prophecy that's how you can find us. Do you also handle the Children's Health Expo Yes we have a whole lot of us are fun we have a whole kid just for children's Expos so you can take them into schools you can take them into the park park is the fun part of the public park wherever there are kids we have a way that you can interact with the kids in a practical way any other thoughts on health expose. They're amazing and the thing that I always feel is so important we always have a past oral booth when you have the large ones we have the right account health counseling booth are well. Counseling mood right and always a handbill for the next thing that's happening that you want the whole church to be involved with the sequence of events and it can't always be about what our passion is or what all the time it has to be connecting the dots to other kinds of events so if there's a Financial Peace University program at your church you can have. Healthy eating on a dime I think if there's a Vacation Bible School for children you can do healthy lunches and minister to these other departments and that way you get the whole church on board instead of it being these different these separate silos. And so weary very important to it to engage the entire church in their evangelism process and work with personal ministry thank you so much for. I think what's important with health expose is that people are there for help that's what they're there for I feel lost oftentimes we will leave that past the world to this which is which is needed needs to be there but we leave that a flaw there and it's kind of a bait and switch type thing you come for the house now it's got a Bible study but I think the wellness coaching does it provides a bridge. To get us there they're there for health why don't we offer them a health coach that will be there with some for the next 1212 weeks and then from there we can bridge because they might not they're not ready for the Gospel Maybe but maybe they're ready for a health coach and so this is an amazing tool that we can use and our health expose to get give people what they want and get into the home that's perfect thank you so much and you know Vickie is you were mentioning earlier I figure was you that was mentioning No I actually was John you were mentioning that you would have a check box at the clinic that people could say with a like prayer right so at the Health Expo you know I think it's important just to leave it open and available because God is working on a lot of people's hearts that's right Evelyn and I did a meeting 1 time and I said these people don't want this they don't want to be here Evelyn said Sure they do they just don't know it yet and so creating opportunities and the health coaching piece is so important because what we are really good at giving people lists of things to do yes but what really needs to happen is it needs to come out of their mouth what what is going to work for them in their context in their culture in their social setting what that next step is and when. And it takes skill to learn how to coach but that's how you get long term success we love to hold programs and then videotape people and then 6 months down the road our relapse rate with people that go through our programs is 9 is the same as smokers it's 98 percent really relapse so the coaching piece learning how to coach and learning how to keep people with you it's like Jackie Gleason said he said the 2nd day of a diet is always the best because by then you're through with it so we have to go realistic look and then the other piece is that's really important is we want people to get better really quick and get on board because we're busy and irritated and we don't want to deal with people OK but the truth is it's people the. When people it's taking time for people being with people hanging out with people that's what's going to do it and so we have to put God in charge asked God to be in charge of our schedules and our attitudes of because if there are no quick fixes we were really happy that God takes a long time with that we have to be able to take a long time with other people and coaching is the avenue to do that. Mention the young lady that had that large tumor and we coached her and now her sister once helped losing weight so her coaching her sister now we have we've met some of their friends in the process of that now we're starting a walking group every day at $530.00 their friends are coming. Now we're thinking about how we can open a Hispanic church because they're all Hispanic there's cement there's just this large community you know people talk and when someone's daughter gets cured from from cancer through conventional and these people that were there with them and we had a church member that made every meal 3 meals a day for a month for her all plant based nobody does that you know so to have this connection in this impact on these people's lives we just had a party for her celebrating her cancer free on Sunday and don't tell me the kindness involved in that didn't have an effect Oh well yeah you know her mom this is a huge place we went to we went to pray for the food and her mom just said wait wait before we pray and she was just in tears she said think you think you so much for for being with us and not leaving us that really stuck with me for being with us and not leaving with me and let's not forget to use this with our fellow church members I decided that I travel so much I don't have a good social network at home so I decided to connect with 4 women in our church to ask them if they would be my telephone prayer partners that once a week we could just get together with prayer and it's amazing how connecting soul with soul and the 1st word out of 1 of them is that she's holding bible studies she's busy the 1st words out of her. When I said What do you know what's on your heart what would you like to print how can we pray she said I've got a 75 pounds she's a tiny woman she's 200 something pounds 5060 pounds and so it's amazing how just in reach to your own body of believers just to pray with them together as prayer partners that is going to open doors of healing and help and connections in the church to hope to hold more outreach that's Next Lou thank you so much we're going to come back to this idea of health coaching in just a few more minutes we have 20 minutes left in the seminar so we're going to go fast I hope you all can stay with us here this would pick up the pace just a little bit we're going to just talk about a few other things that can be done there's Amen Clinic in a box if some of you have not become familiar with this it could be something that your church can do. Pathways to health is a wonderful event it's tremendous and it requires a lot of money energy effort volunteers and so forth this is a little bit smaller a man has organized this for $5000.00 a church can have a full clinic that is done at your church so look at a man's Web site Amen S.D.A. I believe they have a booth here as well here are they a science good organization to connect with the do a clinic at your church that will combine health professionals together with non-medical people it can be very powerful here is the picture that you will see when you go to lifestyle matters Web site Vicki mentioned these already 26 fully scripted ready to go presentations any more word on that you wanted to mention just that Evelyn and I went to train with Louie tourist to learn how to blend the gospel on our test. It intrudes into the health message how to make direct appeals to the heart they're very beautifully produced and they're the images and all there and so they're yours they're free and then they come with these balance living tracks which people will take home and share and every single presentation also has an interactive worksheet based on the coaching questions so that people will say what they are learning what they're doing what their next step is what and this is a really key piece rather than just downloading information into people's heads so these every single of the 26 presentations has that worksheet that you can download for free and use it in your home or in your church as a soul winning tool the other thing that we have is called Revelations overcomers and it's 2 to programs that are available that you can integrate into an evangelistic series or use as a bridge into evangelism So those are all available. It's lifestyle Matters dot com So take note of these There's a lot of good resources that are out there for sure. Joshua please take some time and go through this idea of health coaching with us as we. Continue. So while I was studying wellness coaching Alex the Lord gave me this wonderful equation that's in Romans 12 verse 2 and it says and does not conform to this World Book be transformed how. By the renewing of the mind so where does how does a transformation happen. Through the renewing of the mind so if you want people to be transformed we need to renew their minds and what is the outcome of this that you may prove or deem worthy What is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. So wellness coaching facilitates the simultaneous healing and that's Christ method it's not healing in 1 corner and preaching in the other corner it's the simultaneous healing of preaching when we do wellness coaching the 1st goal is drinking water and then the next week we come in exercise we walk with people every visit so you're walking with people you're talking with people you're building relationships you're making that bond and 99 percent of the time before we even get to trust in divine power we already had spiritual conversations and there's that teaching that's involved so you're doing you're doing exactly Christ and Christ walked with people he talked with people he ministered to their needs he won their confidence and then he bade them follow me so as you walk in as you're coaching that's exactly what you're doing and you're facilitating the transformation of the mind or the renewing of the mind and the transformation in that word prove means to recognise as genuine after examination to approve to deem more of these so once the mind is renewed now they can deem worthy the 3rd in those message now they approve it now they realize it's genuine truth after examination. That's what the witness coaching does Ellen White says it is impossible and Vicky had this quote as well it is impossible now is a serious word that word impossible that means it's not possible right it's impossible for men and women while under the power of sinful health destroying brain unnerving habits to appreciate sacred truth. That serious serious there so wellness coaching makes it possible it's it's it's that link that helps us renew the mind through the 8 laws health simply by drinking water walking with people eating better something that anyone can can share with somebody. Exodus Chapter 5 1st $26.00 this is right when the children of Israel cross the Red Sea They just finished singing the song of Moses and then gone tells them this. And said if that will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God will do that which is right in his sight and will give ear to his commandments and Ellen Weiss says that these commandments include what the laws of health OK if we're not taking care of our health or robbing ourself from life we're we're on a suicide mission basically OK so give your to these commandments and keep all of these statues this word statutes in the health. Context is prescriptions OK so if you follow my laws of health. And keep all my prescriptions I will put none of these diseases upon the which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord to heal if they've done CAT scans on Egypt mummies and they had diabetes they had clogged arteries they had heart attacks they had strokes and all the diseases that we have now so this is a lifestyle issue the children of Israel were addicted to the flesh pots of Egypt they live very bad they have very bad healing. Eating habits and lifestyle habits also I was studying this Laura showed me something amazing and I want to share it with you it's its wellness coaching in the 13 tools message OK And this is this is this is amazing OK so you have this is a very condensed version of it so on and played out in the Bible you have 1st 5 prophets Enoch Noah Abraham Moses Joshua OK They're all repeated in Revelation Chapter 14 in order they were the types we have anti types in Revelation Chapter 14 you know it was translated without seeing death right 144000 Revelation Chapter 1 our relationship to 14 they are translated without seeing death OK Noah preached a message of judgment that was to go to all the world the 1st angels message is a message of judgment as a gospel message get into the ark right it was to go to all the world. Abraham was called out of Babylon the 2nd angels message is a call out of Babylon. Moses prepared God's people to go into the Promised Land The 3rd angel's message is a message to separate us from the world right to prepare us to go into the Promised Land Joshua led the people in the Promised Land he's the type of crisis that leads people to the promised land what did God do after he told them this Moses 13 he's a type. XS Chapter 15 verse 26. So Moses prepares God's people to go into the promised land and God puts them on a wellness program OK as soon as they left Egypt OK they cross the Red Sea God says if you keep my laws of health if you follow my prescriptions I'll put none of these diseases upon your right so I put someone on this program to Mount Sinai what is renewing the mind do it helps us prove what is true right to help it to deem it worthy God gave them his law and the sanctuary message when they got to Sinai so God we're going to do something to help renew their mind because that transformation they could appreciate his law and they can appreciate the sanctuary message. He took them to the wells of Elam he gave them while fresh clean water right then it says he set them on their journey and how do they go on foot so you got water you got exercise he gives them manna OK nutrition and he tells them how much manage to eat that's temperance right the whole time again fresh air they're getting sunshine their trust in God and He gives them his Sabbath all in 8 weeks on the way there is an amazing wellness coaching and the 3rd angels message alone why it says that council on health page 90 paragraph 2 pure air sunlight abstemiousness door temperance rest exercise proper diet the use of water trust in the wind power these are just are the true remedies and wellness coaching this is exactly what we do with people. God gives Moses the 10 commandments and the pattern of the sanctuary which the administration is founded in the sanctuary is it not prison for that. This is also councils on health page 158 paragraph 2 those who place so much food upon the stomach and slow down nature could not appreciate the truth should they hear the wealth upon. They could not arouse the benumbed sensibilities of the brain to realize the value of the Atonement and great sacrifices that sanctuary language absolutely that has been made for Fallen Men It is impossible and if you have the app on your phone you should type in council health it is impossible and serious she says about it and if you don't have the app you need to download it OK It is impossible for such to appreciate the great the precious and the exceedingly rich reward that is in reserve for the faithful overcomers so by renewing the mind we facility that simultaneous transformation and people appreciate the Gospel better we did this at our last 1st we were at. It became the fastest growing church in North Pacific and per capita growing from $40.00 to $90.00 in just 2 years there was 89 percent member involvement. 89 percent memory involvement this is outside of the 7 service and evangelism and 33 percent of our current church is actively working or improving on their health and this is not us forcing them this is them saying we want to change. So it's a very very light approach what's happening so I really really believe and this message here this is cooking classes that we doing urging people into wellness coaching depression recovery 4 out of the 7 people that were attending started wellness coaching this is a lady that's 78 we're doing other fever treatments with her and she's nearly out of the line of cancer so. That's very encouraging so for any of you would like more information specifically on wellness coaching talk to Josh from his e-mail will be here in just a moment so you can e-mail him or talk to him here at A.S.I. as we have 5 minutes left we're going to talk about how to make this sustainable How do you put together a plan for health evangelism that doesn't just do Windell out how can it keep going here's a couple of things that we wanted to talk about Make a plan make any evangelism calendar and stick to it Vicki do you have any comments on the importance of a calendar what we encourage in Michigan a 2 year evangelism plan to your evangelism plan everyone listen carefully and so yes it really is important not to make a calendar and go to the church with the calendar it's really important to to work with the church if there are alligators urge board absolutely there will be people God will you know when we take those steps of faith God will move on hearts and he when he sees that our spirit an attitude are right and that we're not trying to take over with 1 ministry then then we will be able to integrate all the various of vandalism ministries together and pastor will appreciate it that's good OK so make a calendar Joshua any comments on the importance of. Allan during a plant we just did that at our church and it's really amazing we planned out the training we play now it's cooking classes windows are going to star the pressure and every financial piece which is how they're all a Dell and we actually made calendars for the members so that they could pass out to the community and say this is a calendar of what we're doing at our church if there's anything you're interested in just come and they are the times that started what they needed to register all of that stuff there so that's a good resource to make a calendar that the community can so and terminal calendar and the next turn Oh yeah and what I mean 1 point to remember for instance in our in our Sabbath school we have these magazines and tracks all over the place so it's not here's a spiritual program and here's a health program we integrate all of those elements because we're creating opportunities it's not it's in my view it's not bait and switch we're creating opportunities for people at the point in time in their life at every meeting so we're doing an addiction program in January called New Year new you but I'll be doing a health segment every 1 of those meetings that we're going to transition into Bible study offer dot com and then into a rethink series so you integrate all the pieces and elements together it's like having a full meal instead of just this piece of food and then this and this and then this so if the church members and the pastor understand that concept then it's not it doesn't create a rivalry of ministries it's a blended message ministry that sex and that moves us to our 2nd point which is the Vel of a team very important we don't want the just the Lone Ranger mentality and the very important when it's in regard to health ministry so you know you do need people to work with there should be someone who is a leader and some assistance of different kinds we don't have time to really flesh out all of this but if you want to talk with us more where have. To help you in regard to developing a team do you have any comments on this before we move to the last point I would say I would just say it's more effective to ask people in person than just make you know bounce back from the ball so go to them and say hey would you like tell I need you to be part of making what we had and at the Lansing church we had 3 teams of 10 to hold supper club so that everyone would attend but only once a month was a specific team on right and we grew from $30.00 to $90.00 in 3 months yet this is a big thing not to wear out your workers where all of the Say Yes So develop this idea with the team so no 1 feels like I've got to do it every week or I've got to do it every day or whatever it is you know if it's spaced out and there's a number of people then it can be sustainable and you can and you want to tell people that you know when they join a team they're going to make mistakes you're going to make mistakes so that when the mistake is made they have just become more valuable so with that idea then people aren't so afraid to get involved that's right that's excellent and finally the last point is financial How do we make this healthy evangelism financially sustainable it's a really good question and I think 1 of the key is is to blend it together so that the whole church understands it is evangelism it's right because there's a lot of money that is allocated for evangelism I've been to many churches many conferences and I know that that is the case and often Health Ministry doesn't get a lot of anything so if from a concept she will point of view it can be seen as something that's together there's money there and we have to make sure it's together yet when the pastor knows that you are going to have a mindset. That to make an appeal to the heart and to teach other truths over time then he'll show up at your meeting he's more likely to show up. And so and having about having magazines or or health materials at evangelistic me it becomes 1 family programs instead of different departments Yeah that's excellent That's excellent John last comment before we close here. But was it on. On financial financial gain ability. Well for our wellness coaching material it's it's basically free to get started I mean you need you need a video it's $10.00 you know planners are just a few bucks and then the coaching and book we give to the church that comes and says Train show. It's really it's really inexpensive for anyone to to do it and so this this provides a wonderful tool to those that are that want to do it and a man wonderful Well thank you again everyone my time or when off 12 o'clock is here if you would like the present ation that we have shared with you you can even tell me Rodney at Health Expo resources dot com and I'll be happy to share that with you Vickie's email is there a few have questions you can direct them to her Joshua's email is also there in the middle so you can email him about the wellness coaching specifically so as we finish I would like for us to finish with the prayer. I just will say I'll be at the valley booth if anyone wants to talk later and that even Valley bikie is a lifestyle matters and I'm at Health Expo resources so I'd like to invite you to stand with me we'll have a closing prayer and then we will be dismissed Let's pray. Heavenly father we are very thankful that you have given us a desire to be involved in health ministry for we know that Jesus WAS HE IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AND I pray that each 1 of us might understand how to better follow his example that we will not do our own things and speak or own words but that we will simply be vessels for you to use that we can be health and healing in our community that we can be a savior of life on to life please bless each and every person who has come here I pray that whatever it is that they needed they have received during this meeting and that you will continue to have all of us hunger and thirst after righteousness that we might be filled again we thank you and pray for you in Jesus' name amen this media was produced by audio for 40 years on. His name in its services and industry. If you would like to learn more. Or if you like it was. Not a U. verse.


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