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The Methuselah Factor: Reaching Our Communities with an Extraordinary Message for Living Longer and Better

David DeRose
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In this seminar, Dr. DeRose provides attendees with tools to improve their own health and the health of their communities. This new approach to health evangelism: 


  • Explores connections between hemorheology (blood fluidity) and outcomes as diverse as quality of life, physical performance, cognitive ability, body weight, strokes, heart attacks, diabetic complications, arthritis, and cancer. 
  • Presents practical lifestyle strategies that improve blood fluidity without costly medications. 
  • Provides strategies to transition health interests to spiritual interests. 


David DeRose

President of CompassHealth Consulting




  • August 2, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for the privilege you give us of coming together. Thank you so much that you've allowed light to shine in our paths. Pointing us to you to your principles to your Grace to your love Father your longing to reach not only with a clear understanding of who you are and how you want to cooperate with you but you're trying to reach the world and even trusted us with a comprehensive message to do that please help us to better grasp it today please help us learn things that encourage us on our own journey as well for we ask it in cheeses name a man. Well we've all got these don't weigh whether they're watching his or cell phones we have different ways of keeping time and so the question is are these timekeeping devices our friends or are they our enemies never thought about it when you say if we didn't have them we wouldn't be here right now and in fact maybe some people aren't here right now because they don't have 1 but we get to a certain point in our lives where it seems that most of us are more concerned not about. Well reaching certain milestones as far as having a nother event on the calendar but we're more interested in turning back the clock because some of you relate to this I see some of you looking bewildered that's good that's a testimony to your youthful attitude. Turning back the clock can we do it to actually turn back the clock some of you are shaking your heads No but I would like to suggest to you that medical science is suggesting that there are at least some things we can do to at least forestall maybe even turn back some of the effects of aging and it relates to a science called hemo Ryall A-G. hemo Ryall A-G. No No doubt some are not here today because they heard we received would be we would be speaking about hemo reality and they said well we know all about that actually I find that most even professionals have not even heard the term hemo reality just what is it and why is it important well literally it comes from a couple of roots hemo that refers to blood and Ryall A-G. that refers to the science dealing with the flow properties of complex materials so civil engineers tell me that they've taken classes on Ryall A-G. the flow properties of fluids if they're dealing with the waste in a community they have to know about Ryall a G. because sewage is a complex fluid as you might have gathered but if you were to look at a medical dictionary you'd find some definitions for hemo Ryall A-G. and here are a couple of them the 1st 1 is the science of the physical properties of blood. Blood flow in the circulatory system and then the science of the relation of pressures flows volume's and resistances in blood vessels Oh you say Boy that sounds very scholarly but what does it mean practically well really hemo reality is the science of the red blood cell a couple of months ago I was in Europe. A number of us were there many A.S.I. members we were having a international conference dealing especially with lifestyle medicine now on that particular trip I did not rent a car maybe some of you have had the experience of running a car in Europe I can remember once driving a car on 1 of those European streets and it seemed that well the further and further I went the narrower and narrower the street became and the buildings became closer and closer together and finally it seemed I only had 2 choices I could either back out or I could try to squeeze between the 2 buildings how many of you would like to guess what I did I backed out why did I not keep going forward yes it would have damaged the car right the car doesn't have any give it doesn't have any ability to squeeze through passage ways that are more narrow than its diameter Now the question is What about your red blood cell or your red blood cells more precisely can they squeeze through passageway is that are smaller than the diameter of the Red Cell. Well I see those of you that have some medical background you're not in your head C.S. and that's correct because you're capillaries are actually smaller in diameter than your red blood cells the Creator has designed that the red blood cells actually have to squeeze through the capillaries and this maximizes contact between the red blood cell and the blood vessel wall which maximizes the ability for exchange which is what the red blood cells are all about so what your rental car can't do in Europe your red blood cells can do in your body provided provided you have good hemo Ryall A-G. which allows those red blood cells to flow smoothly through the passageways in your body so he more reality in a nutshell is simply this science that describes how effectively blood through flows through your vessels nourishing your tissues taking away wastes simple enough right hemo reality well how important really is that well years ago. Someone actually far wiser than me and I would suggest far wiser than any of us in the room inspired. Someone to write these words perfect health depends upon perfect circulation I believe it was the creator himself who inspired this statement I'm sure many people have read this over the years and they've said well this is just wonderful poetry isn't it perfect health depends on perfect circulation I mean surely a metaphor for how important it is to have a healthy circulation but I would suggest to you that this is cutting edge medical science today because what the research is showing us is if we improve our blood fluidity we can decrease our risk of a host of conditions stroke coronary artery disease blindness cancer cognitive decline high blood pressure or hypertension diabetes cholesterol problems weight gain bone and joint problems physical aging and sub optimal physical performance how many of you are interested in this topic. Now you say come on I mean surely is this really very important and we haven't heard much about it is he more reality that important Well we can't look comprehensively today but I want to spend the 1st portion of our time I've roughly divided this presentation into thirds the 1st 3rd I want to go over with you why hemo reality is important because after all no matter how much we talked about it if you didn't think it was important you would say well why did he tell us all these things that we could do to improve our blood fluidity if it doesn't really matter OK So we want to spend a little bit of time with that the next 3rd of the presentation I want to tell you how you can use this material in your efforts to help your community really we're talking about health of vandalism how you can use the science of blood fluidity as a effective entering wedge and then last we'll talk about some specific things that you can do and some specific things that the media and even the medical community by and large is getting wrong and I want to spend some special time dealing with caffeine and alcohol and their impact on optimal hemo reality and optimal health because a lot of confusion out there not only in the world but dare I say it even among 7th Day Adventists have you noticed Well those of you that are looking but will that I'm glad you have such a fine community that you're surrounded by. Well actually some of you may have seen a D.V.D. series that we've already produced on the topic it's called longevity plus and we're in the process of releasing a new book called the Methuselah factor should be out in the next few months with God's blessing and you say well Dr De Rose I can just I don't need any of these resources I can just Google it I can learn everything I would possibly want about him or reality Well the problem is most studies don't comprehensive we look at blood fluidity you've got to know what things to look for and well further more when even a study looks at something that impacts blood fluidity they may never use the term hemo Ryall A-G. so I'm going to try to walk you through the literature give you some high points things to look for and let's take some examples from this list that I showed you earlier stroke and blood fluidity this is a study published some years ago a fascinating study looking at nearly 300 individuals who had signs of severely impaired blood flow to the brain they had either had a stroke or what we call a T.I.A. a transit scheme attack some of you realise that looks just like a stroke but it reverses usually within a matter of minutes but by definition within $24.00 hours so $297.00 people they've all got signs of disease disease blood flow to their brains and they're comparing them to healthy individuals what did they find they found that if their blood fluidity was worse they had a greater risk of T.I.A. or stroke and here are some of the things that you'd be looking for if you were doing a medical research literature review blood fluidity you would want to look at him at a crit who would like to give us a definition of him at a critter and if you know what that is. OK yes the percentage of your blood that is made up of red blood cells OK So if you're him at a critic is 50 what percentage of your blood is made up of red blood cells 50 percent or half right OK so is a high him adequate good or is it bad wow this guy he's not even set in my college classroom diet my favorite questions to ask students is it depends and he's exactly right to lower him adequate you're anemic and you have trouble carrying oxygen to your brain it's your other organs This is not good but is a high him adequate good well in excessively high him adequate is actually bad well to an extent as some of you realize that there's a competitive sport in the world that for many years has been preoccupied with artificially boosting their him adequate their elite cyclists This is been going on for decades in the old days before we had medications that could be given that would boost he mad a crit they would actually give themselves autologous transfusions That's right blood would be drawn from them over the course of maybe a couple months they end up with a couple of units of blood in the refrigerator they're friendly complicit doctor of course and then just before the race they get an infusion of their own blood a couple of units now they're He mad to criticize higher How would that help them well they can carry more oxygen so this is beneficial. But the price that they pay is that impairs their hemo Ryall A-G. and there is fairly well documented evidence of literally dozens of elite cyclists at least a couple dozen in that ballpark dying because of blood doping Their him adequate was too high and then presumably when they got somewhat de hydrated in the course of the race or immediately thereafter they actually died. High him add a crit when it comes to blood fluidity is deleterious the higher the him adequate in this research the greater the risk of stroke and. They also found that plasma viscosity was a risk factor for stroke this is another indicator of blood fluidity now I have a prop here with me it's not an unusual prop but I want you to watch very carefully what happens here OK did that go down pretty quickly is water a viscous fluid or a fluid with low viscosity Yes So if it's like water it's low viscosity Now how many of you think I could have done that if it was honey you know not only would have made me sick but it wouldn't poured down so quickly. So viscosity the higher the risk US city the worse as far as your risk of stroke or T.I.A. in this study what's the next on our list fibrinogen fibrinogen is a clotting protein the higher your level of fibrinogen the greater your risk of stroke the poorer your blood fluidity the worse your hemo Ryall A-G. And then last red blood cell aggregation the tendency of red blood cells to stick together more tendency they have to clump the more your blood flows going to suffer it sounds simple enough now we've been talking a lot about a single medical concept it's called what hemo Ryall a Jesse some of you already struggling now there's going to be embarrassing if you sit here for an hour and 15 minutes you leave and you say well where did you go for the seminar you said I went to your doctor drove What do you speak about well he spoke about. How low humor be it be embarrassing Right OK So there is another name that I like to use to refer to him all reality and I like to call it the Methuselah effect here now why do you think I call it that. It's easier to remember but Methuselah right he was the longest lived person on this planet do I have a correct Now there's some other people that have lived longer that were on this planet. But there are some others you could come up with but Methuselah live the longest on this planet so I am I am I am confident that Methuselah had good hemo reality do you think that's a leap. You're saying Dr De Rose you're taking some liberty with the Scriptures but I think this is you know I think I could defend it so we're calling it the Methuselah factor because it helps us give us longer life and better quality of life they say we all you talked about with stroke so far when we could just as well have talked about coronary artery disease let me just show you 1 of many studies we could have looked at and this is 1 from Europe they looked at the risk of having a serious heart of bent like a heart attack and what they did is they divided the population into quarters they were looking at a single marker of hemo reality plasma viscosity remember is lower good or is it bad lower viscosities good more life water lower viscosity good look at those with the lowest viscosity and compare them with the quarter of the population with the highest there is over triple the risk of having a serious heart a vent is this good news or bad news was bad news if you've got bad blood fluidity good news if your blood fluid is good right I mean this is more powerful than many of the risk factors that we get all worried about. Hemo reality very important what about blindness is it related to blood fluidity you may have issues with glaucoma or macular degeneration the research shows if you look at the research it's basically hemo reality that again comes into the picture plasma viscosity fibrinogen another factor that influences blood fluidity called the vanilla brand factor the worst these are in this particular study greater risk of macular degeneration What about glaucoma that condition of elevated eye pressure again I mean this looks like they're just in fact if you were students in a classroom and 1 of you your name was stroke the other was coronary artery disease the other was macular degeneration The teacher looked at your test they would say you putting all the same answers down maybe you don't like the analogy I put my point is it looks like the same list all the things that affect blood fluidity affect our risk of vision health over time now you say now cancer and Dr De Rose this all made sense stroke heart attack yes this is related to blood fluidity it makes sense to me you know if your eyes aren't getting good circulation then you could be at higher risk of eye problems but cancer I mean that just does not make sense how could cancer have anything to do with blood fluidity Well it does. This is a study looking at some of these factors that have that blood fluid eat platelets are the clotting cells in your body or clotting cell fragments if you want to be more precise are among those factors fibrinogen and thrombin this is looking at your risk of developing cancer in the 1st place primary cancer and that a static cancer with this particular review was looking at it was showing how hemo reality was related to a risk of cancer developing in the 1st place and if you've got cancer your risk of surviving now we can't fathom this whole topic of course today remember in this 1st 3rd of the presentation we're trying to just go through these connections between blood fluidity and disease states to show you how important it is let me give you 1 example. Whether you call it the Methuselah factor the H factor whether you call it hemo Ryall A-G. this research looked at it they were looking at gynecologic cancers women who had female cancers and they measured plasma viscosity this marker of hemo Ryall A-G. Now you look at what they found and you might be tempted to yawn because they found that they were more likely to have blood clots if they had worse viscosity how many of you are surprised by this you say no this is pretty obvious right if your blood viscosities worse you have a surgery you're more likely have a clot no surprises there but what was really amazing is that viscosity was also a indicator a marker of overall survival so if you had a low viscosity if you're discussing was more like water if you had better chemo reality a better Methuselah factor you were more likely to survive longer with ovarian cancer you say well how could that be does that make any sense at all well here's what the authors wrote I'm actually using the very language they used in the study and we'll try to break it down for those of you who don't have a medical back. Around so in gynecologic cancer patients women with these female cancers the combination of an increase in R.B.C. aggregation that's the tendency of red blood cells to clog and plasma viscosity what we've been talking about impairs blood flow properties What are they talking about here what are they talking about that's right the Methuselah factor by the way I'm going to give you a little tip if I ask you a question is a group there's a high likelihood the answer will be the Methuselah factor or some other synonym OK so what they found what is that this was impairing hemo Ryall A-G. and as a result it was inducing hypoxia in the micro circulation in other words the tiny blood vessels were not getting optimal Red Cell delivery oxygen levels were falling in those tiny blood vessels it was predisposing to thrombosis tiny little clots forming in those tiny capillaries in other blood vessels and as a result it was providing a place for maddest static cancer cells told Judge and be sequestered or hidden from the immune system interesting isn't it the settlement of tumour cells and metastasis So what I'm trying to tell you is that this is really important stuff OK it's not that 1 day I was saying when I got to come out with a new D.V.D. series in a new book and I was having trouble sleeping so I took out the medical dictionary closed my eyes and pointed to a page and what he moved Ryall A-G. Well that sounds interesting no this is really cutting edge stuff what about cognitive decline well. Himmat a crit and mental health. We've been sitting here for a little bit it's time for an exercise to measure choice reaction time you're ready for it now a choice reaction time is your ability to respond to a stimulus OK how quickly you respond is your choice reaction time so we're going to test it out as a group now of course if we're doing this in a laboratory we'd have probably a video monitor and a computer and maybe you'd be hitting something on a keyboard or are using some of some kind of a keypad OK so let's try it out I'm going to say the name of a color when I say the name of a color I want you to raise your right hand you think you could handle that you already were going to want to see how quickly you could do it you're ready OK fire truck. Not a collar OK OK Red OK now I saw quite a variance in choice reaction time right did you catch that is quicker better or is slower better now if someone in back right yeah someone in back right now just put up their hand that I said red would this be an indicator of of good cognitive function or maybe that there is some problem there there's a problem so you're looking at lower scores those are better so if you have a low him adequate you're anemic you can't get adequate oxygen to your brain and you can't perform mentally as well but what happens once you get to a modest to manage crit here maybe what 46 then what starts to happen as you're him at a current rises your mental function gets worse gets worse. Now if we were to look at another marker of blood fluidity this time viscosity we find the more your blood is like water the better your mental performance interesting is that it. So if we improve our blood fluidity our mental performance and improves as well as this exciting now we're going to talk in the last portion of this presentation about things you can do to improve your blood fluidity but we're tipping our hand right now we're tipping our hand because research has shown that something called venous section can improve mental alertness in many people what is Venus section that's right having blood removed Do you realize that if you're a blood donor and you have a him adequately like the average American you will more likely help your brain performance than help than hurt it by donating blood so you thought people donate blood to help other people and this is interesting isn't it have you heard about other things in life where you help other people and it benefits you more than them perhaps some of you could think of a Bible verse that may give some indication of this it's more blessid to give than to receive you say Dr Drew is it stretching the Bible verse but it is it's true when it comes to this medical science that when you donate blood it's actually helping you perhaps more than the P.C.. I mean some people really need blood Dr De Rose you get the point though donating blood is 1 thing you can do to improve your hemo reality may save a doctor drugs they won't take my blood anymore well. There's a number of other things that we'll talk about that can help you OK We can talk about diabetes we can talk about weight gain we've talked about a number of things related to hemo reality here's 1 study looking at a person's tendency to gain significant amount of weight over the course of this in this case a 3 year study and what they found another look at a variety of markers of poor blood fluidity the yellow means worse blood fluidity and if you had worse blood fluidity you are more likely to gain weight so if you're trying to lose weight or maintain your weight then better blood fluidity apparently helps with metabolism interesting stuff what about Born in joint problems could there be any connection there with hemo reality there is whether we look at a common problem like back pain I just put some journal articles this is material that we've got in the book most of the book is written and actually a good portion of it's edited already but. This is a study actually. Oh boy I didn't I had some of those slides on you. Actually you know we've got a lot of ground to cover we'll look at is a Providence so. This is looking at auto immune diseases I think that or is just a little different than I recalled so we're 1st looking at auto immune diseases so when you think of autoimmune bone and joint diseases you may think of something like rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus scleroderma is another disease in this family and what I want you to notice is basically here they're asking you know whether. Your blood reality is 1 of the factors leading to scleroderma and its complications and it's actually from the journal clinical hemo Ryall A-G. and micro circulation Yes there's a whole journal devoted to this topic. This is. Another study looking at Square Derma again and how hemo reality impacts this auto immune disease there are studies looking at lupus and how he most reality is involved in this auto immune disease so there's autoimmune bone and joint diseases where hemo reality plays a role but then the more common things like back pain and degenerative disc disease also seem to be linked to blood fluidity and to circulation. I'm not going to spend too much time with this but physical aging there's also evidence that you could turn back some of the effects of aging by. By changing your diet and lifestyle to improve your blood fluidity and here's a list of some of the things that change is actually a table taken right from our book. Looking at things that change as we get older now it's interesting to me you look at this list this is basically just showing your human reality tends to worsen as you get older now there's a lot of people out there that want to sell you stuff because they say well you know what certain levels in your blood are not as good as when you were younger and take this supplement and take that because it's changing as you get older but there's something much simpler you can do is you get older and that's just focus on improving your blood fluidity and that's why this topic is so important you can actually improve physical performance as well so hopefully hopefully we've we've made a case for improving your blood flow to the no matter whether you're concerned about living longer or living better living leaner or living sharper I think you should be interested by now in improving your blood fluidity are we on the same page OK So that was my goal in the 1st portion is to say this stuff really is important is just not something that I'm just making up it's really critical and if people in your community realize that you're talking about this topic I mean it really is a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle so we have the D.V.D. many series available this is we're still working with some graphic designers on the cover of the book I'm not sure this will be the final cover but. This is really all you need to do a seminar on this topic in your community you just need the book and inexpensive D.V.D. in fact Sonya my wife she has some material here for you you want to pass those out so what we're doing since we're featuring this here today we do have a special pre-publication price on the book if you want to order in advance we also do have the D.V.D.'s at our booth and pass out something for you maybe that will give us some help there to. And we'll put something in your hands let me tell you a little bit about the organization of the book so the 1st part of the book goes through what we just covered why he will reality is important and then the next half of the book is a program a specific program how to improve hemo reality and what we decided to do was something a little bit different some of you are familiar with a book that we came out a couple of years ago we actually launched it at A.S.I. 2 years ago called 30 Days to natural blood pressure control and. I noticed something interesting so I actually brought a few of the books along if you haven't seen it so this is it right here 30 days to national blood pressure control I know some of you have seen the book purchasable how many of you actually have this book OK so some of you a minority. Our goal in writing this book was to well let me ask you true or false was to give a high blood pressure book that 7th Day Adventists could read in the leisure of their home that was their primary reason how do you think that was their goal no what we were trying to do is write a book on high blood pressure that would impact the whole world they are our target audience was not 7th Day Adventists so at least I'm reassured that since most of you haven't bought the book that are. But this doesn't be live that you were in our target audience but by the way by the way we wanted to give a comprehensive approach to blood pressure It's called 30 Days to natural blood pressure control and in the book we wanted to do justice to all the elements there are important which cannot neglect the spiritual elements is that true our spiritual elements important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Now how many of you think a secular publisher would like to publish a book that I'll just tell you the truth the longest chapter in this book is on spiritual health how many secular publishers do you think would be excited about that not many in fact. 1 of the most prestigious organizations that reviews books it's called Kircus reviews reviewed our book gave it it was a recommended book but it wasn't in their highest tier of recommendations and here's what they wrote and I'm quoting this pretty accurately they said the authors made 1 small mis step and what do you think it was it was including a chapter on spirituality in the book especially 1 that mentioned biblical principles now is really interesting we wrote the chapter on spiritual health to reach a secular audience but we use the principles from the Sermon on the Mount as 8 timeless prescriptions for healing What do you think about that I had a Muslim patient my office not that long ago he had actually read that chapter How many of you think he was offended to read a chapter was taken from the Sermon on the Mount it's overt in the chapter but we said these are dealing with principles that are held across spiritual lines even atheists and agnostics believe in the benefits of humility and forgiveness and reconciliation what do you think what do you think the Muslim felt he said this was a wonderful chapter I had a person who is a new age spiritualist she's not a Christian she read through that chapter what do you think she had to say about it said that was amazing chapter that was amazing Now listen I believe in full disclosure there are other people and I can't explain it any other way but I'll use a medical illustration how many of you have heard of anaphylaxis. OK and a full active correction right you maybe eat strawberries you're deathly allergic to them and what happens if your blood pressure can just drop to like nothing you can die right. Peanuts if some people have an afflicted reactions to peanuts I have come to conclude that there are some people in our society who actually have a spiritual and a full active reaction to the name of God or Jesus and I'm serious I'm just telling you because I there's people that have looked at our book and they've said this is terrible you know you mentioned God in it you know why did you put this in a health book but we're glad we did there's far more people that are being blessed by that chapter but we do get some 1 star reviews every now and then and by the way. The book is doing very well I don't know I may have thrown something in here you know we received 3 national awards for the book it's carried by by major booksellers around this is a Barnes and Noble event I was doing and I just pulled this up today to see how things were doing this is the 3rd book in all of Kindles of preventive medicine books and it's number 4 on their cardiology books God has blessed the book it's reaching literally hundreds of people a month and in that chapter on Spirituality and Health as we go through the background for the Sermon on the Mount we have to give the cultural background we have to mention sin and salvation we talk about the state of the dead we talk about the Sabbath if some of you heard of these things actually we expose people to most of the Biblical truth is that God is interested to us as a people in a way that is designed to be non-offensive So if you're not using that as a resource definitely we have the books here for you and and they're available. But. I want to tell you too that part of the reason the book got the visibility it did is because of you. 1 of the reasons book's good visibility is because people buy it and they share the book and they tell people about it so 1 of the things that you may be doing in health of evangelism that you don't realize is by by sharing Adventist bucks and. My conclusion here because of what we're seeing is the world is longing for insights that 7th Day Adventists have concerning reversing disease with natural therapies and that's why people are buying the book and that's why it's getting generally very good good reviews and my point is published medical resources can open doors for sharing truth with your communities so because of what the Lord's been doing with this we've been doing some other projects as well and the 1st 1 I want to tell you about although you have some materials you can purchase in your hand some information about them I want to tell you about something that's free so we found there's another reaction we've had from a few people when they see this book actually the last person that wrote a review on Amazon she gave it 1 star she said I'm sure it's a wonderful book but I'm a caregiver for a patient with Alzheimer's and it looks too difficult. OK By the way if you've read the book and you're like you know go to Amazon and give it a good review if you don't like it I guess in full disclosure I give it a bad review on there but but the point is there is really a battle out there and if you realize this but we talk about a spiritual battle we've actually seen it just in the publishing world there Buddhist people logging on and you know giving the book you know 1 star 1 of my co-authors found that out he said I noticed all the anything that mentions God this guy logs into Amazon and gives it a 1 star. Now it's really really interesting world so anyway. What I'm mentioning is some people look at the book and they say there's just too much to read. There's a lot of graphs tables a lot of stories most people say it's easy to read but what we did is we developed a free online lifestyle program and the reason I'm telling you about this is this has become the structure for our book on hemo Ryall A-G. and I'll tell you the the connection there so right now you can go to You Tube 30 days to natural diabetes and high blood pressure control you'll find it on Facebook my ministry is called compass health consulting you can find it under that and what you'll find is you'll find $5.00 to $6.00 minute videos 1 per day you can invite someone to view this and will engage them with an Adventist lifestyle message specially focused on diabetes and high blood pressure but after we produced that I said you know what this is exactly the same lifestyle the same general principles as help blood fluidity and so I had this draft for the Methuselah factor that I had started working on some years back and I said you know this is really relevant This can be tied to this same outline the same 30 daily tasks because people want things in small pieces and what we're finding is these simple videos there be being used by dieticians are being shown in churches you could show a 5 to 6 minute video these are free you don't need any there's no copyright on them as far as sharing them in that way I mean we don't want you to to produce them and sell them but use those because it's just like coming into my office and getting specific pointers on healthy lifestyle habits so that is the outline for the blood fluidity series for the Methuselah Factor series if you want to do it in your community OK that's our website how many of you think you can remember a compass Health Net. He said Well Dr De Rose We're here because we want to improve our cognitive performance OK we don't want to commit to anything what is a compass to give you direction and what are we trying to people when we try to point people to Jesus and health right so compass Health dot What why is it that now why is it that not what you had Jesus wants us to be fishers of men can you remember that compass Health Net If you go to if you just remember that and go to our free material section you'll see a link to the videos and other free materials that we have OK So remember compass Health dot net and all of you know can remember free right you've got it covered OK OK you'll see things like this we've got many videos and other things there. This is churches are using our books and D.V.D.'s to put on a church based program for high blood pressure. You can see here what we're seeing this is you know pretty small numbers I think 5 churches have shared their results with us and comes out to 25 people with high blood pressure who went through those programs a lot of they said well those are small churches Dr DROs but I like small churches that's what most people attend small churches and you can use this simply just a few of the videos and the book and there's no training there's no. Video viewing fee that you have to pay me to show $1.00 of the videos and you can see here in $4.00 to $8.00 weeks they run the 30 day program and typically $4.00 to $8.00 weeks average person lowering their blood pressure some 17 point systolic And what about 8 points diastolic OK compass Health Net something else free for you. You know I'm not just here to sell you things by why you to leave I want you to be more energized about being involved in health ministry at your local church level are some of you doing that I mean we've got great great resources in the church right so many of you use stuff from from well a source of your heard of well source and if you hear know anything about well source. You've heard about their resources how about depression recovery act or Natalie's research Michigan conference a lot of great health of evangelism resources chip. So we've So what I'm saying is there are some of those programs there's a bigger hurdle to implement them if you're a small church and feel it's too much work what we try to do is more simple resources that you can use kind of out of the box and do something with OK and that doesn't mean they're better than anyone else's in fact in some respects they're not as good we don't have the whole infrastructure we don't have you know. You know people that you can call you know immediately and you know we don't have all kinds of people that can do research on these things so we're not talking about 1 thing being better than another we're just timeout other options so that you shouldn't leave A.S.I. and say boy I wish we could do some for a community what are we going to do but there's health resources that you can use Ok this is something that's free the North American division health ministries every year they have a health Sabbath Are you aware of this and they put resources out there for you to use in your churches this year 2018 the fell featured health resources were from our book 30 days to natural blood pressure control to see Dr De Rosa don't want the book well then go on least get the Power Point slides in the script and use those because Are you aware how many people have high blood pressure in America today have any idea let me ask you the question a different way. If you live a normal lifespan in America today you end up living a normal life span What is the likelihood that you will have high blood pressure by the time you die it's about 90 percent 90 percent and this is true worldwide So if you want to reach your community with something you know you do it you know young birds diabetes when wellness and we got all but do something OK that's this is my plea do some type of Health Ministry in your church these are the resources we use it for doing a. Reverse a hypertension series in a church and this is a follow up series we have and the reason I'm showing you this is because it fits in with the Methuselah factor book and video as well. Some years ago we were working with patients in our community and many of them we had contacts with and we said well how can we engage these people on you know on biblical topics we knew they were interested in health because they were patients they'd come to programs that we had done so what could we do we actually developed this series called Healing insights from the Gospel of Mark so actually I go through the entire Gospel of Mark the 16th chapters in 8 sessions they're half hour presentations 830 minute presentations you go to our website do it if you know what our Web site is that's right compass Health dot net go to the Web site and where do you think you go on the Web site what part of the website to find. Free materials you go to free materials and we've got outlines to lead discussions based on each of those 30 minute presentations see a show the 30 minute video or you do it yourself you say look it was interesting to see how Dr De Rose did it but I could do a better job than him and find that doesn't bother me OK and I'm going to share some material upfront and then we'll discuss it or you can plug put in the D.V.D. and then talk about it now I know some of you are you saying you know what I've heard about all this stuff you just put in D.V.D.'s and play them when I was passed during 1 of my heroes in health of evangelism was a guy he had just come into the administration which he was not a public speaker I mean anything but that he was a blue collar retired blue collar worker I mean I think the guy Studdard if I remember correctly but he had an amazing talent you know what he could do that's right he could put D.V.D.'s into a D.V.D. player and actually get it to work and 1 day I walked in and he was actually leading a follow up series I think we've done at least depression recovery seminar and he was doing a follow up series actually using another bridge series that done mackintoshes and I walked in and here's this guy he's got 20 people in the room from the community and they're watching a video and then he what do you think about I mean how if you could ask that question what do you think about it he said what happens if no 1 says anything well ask the question again. OK. OK here's what you'll find on our website right now so I told you we're telling you about how you can use these materials and health of vandalism So what we've got is the book that's due out in October that you can order right now you should have a sheet in your hands by the way when if you've got a pen and write on that sheet 3 digits I want you to write 3 digits on that sheet the digits are $63.00 and $7.00 they need to be in that sequence $637.00. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what 637 refers to that's right that's our booth 637 so if you fill that out bring it to Booth 637 you can get the special pricing on the materials and what you'll find on our website under guess what free materials we have a lot of our blood pressure materials 1st then you'll say how to run a a Methuselah factor seminar in your community in a show you what you do all you need is this D.V.D. and the book and it shows you how to run a 5 week program once a week where the people when they go get go home they're watching those $5.00 to $6.00 minute videos those free videos we have on line because they are covering much of the same material that we cover in dealing with blood fluidity and right in the middle we have a cooking class how many of you think cooking classes are effective ways to bond with your community I mean these are powerful powerful. You say But Dr Drew is I don't know how to cook anything. Well there's someone in your church that can cook something and believe me there's a lot of people who don't know how to use a crock pot and make beings the 1st week in this program I'm going to start giving you some you know some of you say well OK we want to know more about human reality I'm going to give you something right now that can prove your blood fluidity and it has to do with eating more be. You know 1 of the most powerful foods in our diet our being. And I tell you something we've got a whole section in the book the Methuselah factor and we talk in there about lecterns you heard about lecterns some people are getting worried about lengthens lecterns are natural constituents of beans that medical research shows have health giving properties so don't believe anyone if they're telling you're supposed to get all the lecterns out of your diet and I can mention any popular books or videos but this is not God's program God has given us beings Now if you're like Ellen White you know Ellen White said about beings they were poison to her OK definitely avoid beings No really I mean if we were to make a lifestyle program based on what every 1 of us in this room could not eat what would we end up with it would be very small if anything right so our strawberries a good food for most people they are but if you're allergic to Strawberry should you eat them you know so someone goes on the strawberry free diet they say I have I'm stealing so much better when they were allergic to strawberries so corn you stand up in your church and say I'm on the strawberry free diet everybody get out and you can feel so much better OK Same with avoiding beings if you have problems with beans yes that could be a problem but let me tell you some of the reasons why beans are so healthful 1 is they have something called Dielman is fiber look human is fiber it tends to stabilize blood sugar does something else very interesting how many of you have heard of coli cystic you heard of that C C K I see a few of you revealing that your medical professionals what we learned about A C C K In the old days when I was in medical school as a hormone that was involved in causing the gallbladder to contract. OK It literally refers to that coli sista kind and refers to a hormone that would cause the gallbladder to move or to contract we now know now we now know that C C K also has another function is a set Taia the hormone if you eat live human as fiber it actually preserves your C C K level longer so you're less likely to want to eat between meals interesting isn't it and 1 of the things that worsens our blood fluidity is guess what carrying extra weight OK So anyway we drop illustrations like this in both the video presentations and in the book and then in the D.V.D. series that you can show in your church now for those of you we do give you a way out if you say there's no way we're going to do a cooking class you can show my video changing bad habits for good the 1st half hour if you haven't used that that's a good resource that fits in with this series as well. As they go through this this series on line and as you use the program in your communities they're going to be exposed to things like this Sikh spirituality Now remember we're trying to we're trying to engage people who are secular people with biblical principles Now some people that say this is disingenuous Doctorow's you're labeling it as a health book but look at here's what we know as we look at these biblical principles they are in line with sound science is not disingenuous I would be disingenuous not to include these things so how many of you. Remember how to factor numbers remember how to factor a number someone factor out the number 14 he's coming up with 2 and 7 How about 213 and 7 How about 28. 22 and 7 OK of. How many of you notice something about 7142128 is there any relationship between those numbers they're all multiples of 7 as people go through the on line program we encourage them every 7th day to have a day of rest of you heard of this concept before now where it's not a doctrinal thing when I say they have to keep the Sabbath but we're inviting them every 7th day and so as you're going through this program with them as you're doing the Methuselah program in your church and you're showing the D.V.D.'s and they're watching at home and they just kind of show you what's happened here I know many of you are reading this in detail you've got your field glasses but you go on the website and look at this up close right after they watch that 14th video that says Sikh spirituality they're meeting in your class and and you actually will show that 5 or 6 minute video in the class again because a lot of people you know they get an assignment What do they do they don't they don't do it right where you like then school would you do all the assignments that the teacher gave you you're not wanting to commit I have a lot of smart students they say the smarter we got the more we realize don't do what the teacher asked you before the class was just too much work. So if you say that's true I don't know I did never told my students not to do what I was asking them in preparation for the class but what I'm telling you here is after you view that video then I say here again this is we're writing this to reach a general audience if you are part of a faith community group that meets weekly invite attendees to your place of worship how do you think that's radical Could you handle that you know some people never come to your church because you've never invited them I mean is this sounding really has anyone ever come to your church that you invited that you were sure would never come. Really do special things in your church invite people who come invite people to come to worship they will surprise you they will actually show up sometimes OK. Well let me read you a couple of testimonials here this is an admin is pastor who run the blood pressure program in his church he actually posted this on Amazon this is 1 of the best books that I've ever read to help transform my life sale although I was previously following several of the suggestions in the book I decided to use this as a community outreach program in our city we had dozens of individuals I know this is truly like 40 or 50 people come is a church with 20 members attending We had dozens of people go through this program and I said that I would go through the 30 day program with them I figured 30 days isn't that long to try something the truth is in that short amount of time we had several within our group seen their blood pressure either normalize or drop to close to normal ranges some dropped 50 points and have been completely taken off of their blood pressure medications for myself I'm sleeping better and I've seen my blood pressure normalize this book is just an incredible resource if you're suffering from high blood pressure I can express how useful this book will be to you and your community my point is we need to get we need to use thing we've got all kinds of things we could have testimonials about depression recovery about. What. Diabetes Program diabetes and you know we could have chip but do something OK this is a dietician writing about the book and advice that Titian just finished the book while the Beatitudes chapter is just incredible praise God it was a blessing to read much needed principles for both patients and clinicians alike have you thought about writing a book just devoted to this section on the beatitude principles. OK so now that's how to use the resources we start to give you some exposure we've got our last block of time to give you 10 strategies to improve your blood fluidity OK And Sonya my wife is coming up with an important message you know OK you know this is an important message this is good thank you for bringing up right now so this is so good to be part of a team you know is such a blessing and part of the team that I'm part of is health professionals and the advocates church how many of you know about a man OK the administers medical evangelism that work if I got that right OK A man is having a luncheon meeting in the Conway room across from the exhibit hall tomorrow at 12 30 pm OK if you if you've not heard of a man if you're a physician a dentist of anyone can come I'm sure is that right no. They have to be medical OK Yes So we're going to be going to discriminate Actually I'm not involved with putting on the meeting but it's a very good organization and and I encourage you to be there I think I have other commitments but it's going to be worth your time if you can attend so do they need to sign up for it OK They need to sign up in advance so go to the Amen booth do you know what that is back there the Amen booth number so go to the Amen booth and sign up if you want to go to that that meal and that meeting and I hear they've got a special guest speaker is it true that Mark Finley will be speaking among others yes OK so it'll be a very good meeting and so 10 strategies 1 of them by the way 1 of the best strategies you can do is connect with other people yes what do you have for us what is the both. 825827 OK 825827 so just a stone's throw away from booth 637 that you've all committed to memory Right OK So we already know that donating blood will help our blood fluid What are some of the things that we can do when you think about this when drinking more water and I really want to tarry on the beverage is all most of the slides you're seeing are actually in the D.V.D. series OK but I've actually put some material from the book that's not out yet that you really need and I want to skip to the ad so some of you that are speed readers are benefiting from these but like I said the slides are in the videos this is a fascinating study actually drinking pure water will help you lose weight it actually revs up your metabolism Very interesting stuff OK I want to talk with you about caffeine and. The particular material I want to show you is right here I actually 1st had this slide in titled want to live longer drink coffee and I said well if someone walks in in the middle of my presentation or toward the end of it and takes a picture of it I'm going to be in trouble or if you're just taking pictures they're going to say look at Dr De Rosa slide want to live longer and drink coffee and Anyway so this is I'm just this is actually the text from our book the Methuselah effect or perhaps an even more amazing example of the connections between caffeine and bad habits came from a widely touted study published in The New England Journal of Medicine So let me give you the background so as we're writing this chapter about beverages and and specifically about caffeine. I tell the readers that my biggest concern with caffeine is not anything that it is physiologically but what it does behaviorally. Now I want you to think about this if you look at the counsel that God gave us about avoiding things like tea and coffee was the primary emphasis on how it would affect our health was the primary emphasis on something else it was on the mental and moral ethics you study it out through the Spirit of Prophecy OK So because of that I'm looking at the medical research by God's grace through a filter that he's given each 1 of us OK New England Journal of Medicine this is no fly by night medical journal 20121 of the 1st studies came out that's been touting this concept it's been coming out recently wanna live longer drink coffee What does the research show here's my my take on it just reading from the book the late take on this large study with data initially coming from over 600000 people was that coffee drinking helped people live longer as 1 related press release expressed it want to live longer drink coffee how many of you heard things like this have any of you looked at the research on this as we're going to do right now you need to know this this is absolutely incredible the data actually painted a very different picture when the Raud data was analyzed the researchers observed this is an exact quote from the New England Journal of Medicine the study that the world press said was helping people live longer by drinking coffee here's what they said in age adjusted analyses coffee consumption was associated with increased mortality among both men and women and as I was reading the study I was shocked what are they saying Here's the raw data the more coffee you drink what happens the sooner you die that's what the data showed and what is the media saying. Drink more coffee and you'll live longer I said how can this be this New England Journal of Medicine How could they publish something like this so I start reading through the data because what they found is the more coffee a person drank the more likely they were to die but but but they found something else very interesting in fact they found exactly what you would expect if Ellen White was divinely inspired namely that the coffee drinking was impacting people mentally spiritually and behaviorally because what the researchers found is that coffee drinking just happened to be associated with most every bad habit that the researchers looked at the more coffee someone drank the more likely he or she was to let's look at the list smoke cigarettes drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages daily eat more red meat have lower educational attainment it's neglect to engage in vigorous physical activity and consume fewer fruits and vegetables Now here's what really is amazing about this study then using advanced statistical analyses they controlled for all the bad things that coffee drinking was associated with and after they quote controlled for all those bad things lo and behold they made an amazing discovery the more coffee you drink the longer you live is that not amazing it's absolutely amazing Do you see that you've got you've got a. Really in your hands maybe even on your smartphone I mean I have the Ellen White resources on my smartphone you've got better material. Then those scientific experts speaking on television this the kind of stuff we're trying to put in our resources that we're trying to put in your hands what about alcohol as a beverage well isn't alcohol good for your heart what do you think is it good for your heart is it good for your heart alcohol your my star pupil you gave me the right answer the last time when I asked a question whose answer was Depends OK he doesn't want to come he didn't want to take my leading it depends that's right it depends he's right overall it is detrimental but here's an interesting thing and we talk about this in the Methuselah factor book if you run a lousy lifestyle there is evidence that alcoholic beverages lower your risk of heart disease and heart events let me look at this and they will show you a little bit more this is 1 of many studies now there's a large cohort study a large study where they look at people over time looking at alcohol consumption and the risk of cancer and what these researchers said is quote from The Journal the cancer risk increases with what every drink so that even moderate amounts of alcohol such as a small drink each day increases the risk of these cancers and what did they conclude even though now here's where we're going with this even though a light to moderate alcohol consumption might decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease and mortality so there are some P. They say it might there the wording is very careful because what we're finding in people in a lousy lifestyle drinking alcoholic beverages might lower their risk of cardiovascular disease and death from cardiovascular disease the researchers are saying the net effect of alcoholic beverages is harmful alcoholic consumption should not be recommended to prevent cardiovascular disease are all cause mortality why are they saying that. I mean this is mainstream researchers there say alcohol is bad for you just like the fellow in the 2nd row said it's bad for you it's not good you say but what I want to lower my risk of heart disease this is going to die sooner from it let's look at this is from our book the Methuselah factor so if you say well the book isn't out yet but much of it's already written I told you since virtually all major alcoholic beverages are derived from plants these beverages still have varying amounts of beneficial phytochemicals right so when you ferment the the grapes to all the good things that the creator put in the grapes to they disappear you know there are still some good things in grapes there for a person on a phyto chemically depleted diet in other words a person who does not eat many fruit fresh fruits or vegetables may get more heart benefit than harm from an occasional get a glass of wine but what's the price they're paying they're increasing the risk of cancer they're increasing the risk of death or increasing the risk of digestive problems there's all kinds of behavioral and moral effects that no 1 in the medical literature is talking about least not many Let's go on however when individuals eat a diet with plenty of plant foods they get no added heart benefit from alcohol this is been documented in the medical literature for over 2 decades as testified to by the famous Oxford vegetarian study when health conscious vegetarians were evaluated as part of this study drinking alcohol did not reduce their risk of heart disease death and there's the reference right there if you're wondering where it is OK so this is not new research so if someone tells you Well I drink alcohol for my heart what should you say well there's all kinds of things you could say but maybe 1 thing you can say is I'm sorry to hear that you're on such a poor lifestyle. I'm sorry to hear that I didn't know you once said they say Dr Rose that would not be very tactful I'm just trying to make the point you see what I'm saying so a lot of this stuff in the popular popular literature they're not looking at the big picture and we have the ability to cut through that so I want to challenge you do health of vandalism in your churches and for those of you there are health professionals get this material out there how much do you think it cost us to put together a 30 session D.V.D. series 5 to 6 minute excuse me video series on You Tube and Facebook 30 presentations 5 to 6 minute presentation how much you think that cost us 30000 well coulda could've cost us 30000 but we just filmed that in my office just a simple production it really didn't cost us much at all I mean it cost I don't know what the actual price tag was but it was it cost more in my time than it did in and shelling out a bunch of money to production executives OK so I'm just saying get stuff out there God's giving you an experience share what you learn and do things for your community and it will make a difference well you say Dr Drew as you only showed us 2 things that can help our blood fluidity Well you may have gathered more plant foods is another 1 in the list is stress management regular exercise losing weight if you're overweight taking care of your dental hell that's on our list of things that can improve your blood fluidity and of course there's a there's a place for a variety of things as well but we have a few minutes left if there's a burning question we'll take that right now we do want to be a little bit interactive I. Want to question for us please. OK So the question is about blood thinners OK You know I have I wish there was another term you know other than thinning the blood or blood thinners all of these things work in very different ways so aspirin for example poisons your platelets the clotting cells in a war friend works on Vitamin K. dependent clotting factor we say they all fit in the blood. So this idea of thinning the blood is really quite quite imprecise but the point is simply this. Most all of us have things we could be doing. They could improve our blood fluidity and would help lower risk of disease if you were on a prescription medication to thin your blood I'm not recommending that you throw away that medication and just read the Methuselah factor book because if you have a serious problem if you have an artificial heart valve maybe maybe you have been having strokes maybe you have atrial fibrillation we're right now when it comes to atrial fibrillation I know there's probably a number of you in the room the want to share your testimony of how you have not had a stroke and how you're using all these natural things I could share with you stories of equally conscientious people who have done natural remedies and ended up with strokes OK so if you want to experiment on yourself and you're sure the Holy Spirits leading you I mean I'm fine with that but right now if you want to follow the clearest evidence that we have in some of these conditions you do need to be on a medication and say Dr De Rose I thought you were a natural doctor you know I have to be honest with you when did God give us the comprehensive health reform vision when did he give on with their vision your member OK 863 How long ago was that. You know I really believe if we had seriously followed the life God had given us we would know right now I could tell you yes you know here's the 3 natural things you do to thin your blood it works better than Coleman but I don't know what those are right now OK and if you're my patient I'm not going to experiment on you and say well let's try these things see if it works better than a conventional blood thinner so what I'm saying is if you have a diagnosed condition work with your doctor if you think the Lord does not want you to take a medication be very careful that it's really the Lord it's not just wishful thinking you remember that story about the missionary whose son died remember he wouldn't give his son quinine because Ellen White had written against it and what is the account say Ellen White told him if quinine works use quinine if it's the best you know my understanding is this is not a violation of principle OK so you may disagree with where I stand on some of these things but all of us are in the same position we're trying to move our communities move our people to a more natural lifestyle and ultimately to Jesus OK Hopefully I've given you some other idea some other resources that are out there available for you as an individual and as a church and to pray with us as we continue to try to develop resources that other people in our church many are doing this let's pray together I'll stick around if you've got individual questions my wife is already headed back to the booth if you want to rush there before the chase in a few you know 10 minutes or whatever Let's pray together Father in heaven. You've allowed an abundance of light to shine on our pathway and I know probably some in this room are feeling like me a bit frustrated that it seems like there's so much to talk about and so little time to discuss it as seems like sometimes we only scratched the surface but Father if we leave here today just with a better appreciation that really what you've given us is cutting edge science we don't have to apologize to anyone for what you revealed to us decades ago and that if we put our energies into sharing that material it's really cutting edge information that will draw people into really into your church and draw people to you please help us to catch at Vision to leave A.S.I. more determined to share what you've been trusted to us and that would make a difference in our communities and like a pastor for sure a story I shared where we get involved in reaching out to our communities with these materials may we see an improvement in our health as well we ask it all in Jesus name in. This media was produced by audio 40 S. Is name and services and industry. If you would like to learn more about. These. Site. Or if you like this free. Do you verse.


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