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Top Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Jared Thurmon Danny Houghton
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Join some serial entrepreneurs as they talk about how to use business to change the world and create organizations founded on the secret sauce of the Advent movement. 


If as Ellen White says, “Religion and business are not two separate things but one,” what does the future of ministry look like in a world where businesses and organizations take up more and more of our lives? How will Seventh-day Adventists thrive and prosper in a world of artificial intelligence and automation? 




  • August 2, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Good afternoon. My name is Danny Houghton and I'm presenting something called Top Tips for entrepreneurship success with Jared Thurman and so I will take a moment to name and share just helpful bit about your background. Entrepreneurially what you're doing currently and we'll do a brief introduction each way and get started Sure absolutely. I currently have the pleasure of working with the administering view and we're working on a lot of new exciting initiatives in the areas of augmented reality and virtual reality and on demand video and audio as well as some neat things we're doing with print so if you haven't seen what we're up to lately I'd love to have you come by our booth and that we're doing but my background I grew up in a home where 2 parents had high school educations and worked their tails off through life and taught me the value of a dollar so entrepreneurship is very dear to me and working for what you eat makes you appreciate the food all the more I would I would wonder though how many of us would call yourself a failure anybody would say I'm a I've got a few people OK so I've been thinking about this idea recently and I think about it in sports analogies if you fail 60 percent of the time you're an all star in the N.B.A.. If you miss missed 6 out of 10 shots you're an all star and baseball you know 300 you're a superstar I mean 7 out of 10. And I sometimes wonder for a little hard on ourselves in our initiatives and endeavors or maybe work perhaps not even trying enough to think hey out of 10 times the best of the best in the world succeed maybe 3 to 4 times on average so I hope you know you're in a safe place so they were going to have some fun together and Danny share with us about your background please or well turn us down a little sure so I. Present a sales for a company called vibrant health products Well actually have 3 different brands that are part of our family of brands that we that we sell to the public 1 is called Silver Hills bakery which you're eating some of the bread in our meals sprouted organic bread product we have a another brand called them or their bake house which is a plant based non GMO verified gluten free line of breads and then we have 1 you're going to foods which is a completely transparent supply chain a line of products that include breakfast cereals hot cereals baking flowers and certified organic presence well so I kind of work in the food space and I've actually been coming to A.S.I. for a number of years and my 1st entrepreneurial venture was as an 8 year old little boy way way back at it as I convention where my dad who had a very small business called Instant replay would actually copy tape all of the A.S.I. meetings and we would maybe to set some of those on demand right away within 15 or 20 minutes of that being done and that was how we paid for our school and so we would set up the supply chain right there and we would make them and have them ready for people afterwards to sell that was my 1st entrepreneurial venture So the neat thing about living here in the US is that starting a business is probably easier in the United States than anywhere else and so you know we travel to some other areas of the country lectured other areas. You know countries where it's not. Easy to start a business that's very hard but we take a little bit of a different look at failure as you were is you were saying. And so it's exciting to be able to have that framework and what we want to do today in the seminar is to give you a couple of things that that we've looked at that kind of have scriptural precedent that we believe would be of value to you as you're looking at saying hey I want to sharpen my business opera I'm thinking about a start up here some things that we hope will be helpful to us as you're looking at your own business. I want to talk a little bit about traveling here in preparation this is my son Andrew He's 16 months old the very 1st time he ever flew was to a convention last year and we had it easy he didn't move at all and he was very stationary but we flew all the way from Seattle to to Orlando a direct flight almost 6 hours and he moves a lot more than they used to and so my wife began thinking about 3 or 4 weeks ago how are we going to keep this little boy engaged and not have a meltdown when he has to be crushed into this 2 seat space and she had more games for that little guy to play whether was taking Q. tips and putting them in a bottle that had been emptied of water he was able to do that for a good 30 minutes can see here she had some stuff he could stick on the window to keep him in Gauge she was prepared and let me tell you when we landed we had had 1 major meltdown and we were so thank us and I'm so thankful that you prepared for that made it much much easier which leads me to our 1st tip that we want to talk about which is preparation. And I want to to kind of tell you a little bit of a story and then we're going to look at a very quick. Example. I was at a trade show it was the 1st time our company had been a trade shows in Chicago in November and since we it was our 1st time there we hadn't gotten all the points that people typically will get so they can get the best spot for a booth we were in the very very back where there was 0 traffic. And I hate that kind of thing because as a salesman I like to be talking to people and I want to be able to present what we're talking about well towards the end of the day. Someone walked by that had their badge turned around backwards and asked me a question I said Hey you see you haven't your banner sprouted grain bread Tell me about sprouting I thought it was the 1st person I've been able to talk to in 1520 minutes they're going to get both barrels and so I talked to that lady for 30 minutes until I literally had no material left and she just absorbed and absorbed and absorbed and she turned her badge around and she was from the 2nd largest distribution company in food service in the United States and she handled all of the bread purchasing for that distribution company and she said I have a question for you. She said My my corporate headquarters are 5 minutes up the road can you come see me at 8 o'clock in the morning and do a presentation on your brand and what you can do for us as a company and I looked and I said yes I can and I asked after I thought after I said that and she left I thought WHAT DID I JUST PROMISE because she was going to bring her V.P.N. there was a whole group she want to bring in but I said yes because I knew that there were some things that we had prepared that would allow me with some work to actually pull that off and so as soon as the day was done I was in my room working and what we do is we have a generic sales deck that we we always have prepared that has a listing of how we sell the product what the benefits are and I have a data analyst that goes in and changes the data every month so that it's fresh so that any trends that are there that are helpful to us that we can sell from it's always up to date and fresh I also happen to have our head of R. and D. with me and so we huddled together we spent we worked into the early hours of the morning and we were there are 8 o'clock the next day we pitched to a group that had some very high level decision makers and past 48 months we launched 2 products with them nationally and all 72 of their warehouses became an anchor for our. Moved into food service to sell our products there and we have since then been able to place additional products with them in fact they've even come to us and so we've tried to get other people on off what you do it doesn't sells well you don't make as good a product so that pitch being able to pivot that quickly was only possible because we had prepared we have been able to say we never know when someone is going to come and ask us to do something like this but if you prepare in advance you can pivot very very quickly. I like this quote from Bobby Unser who is an automobile racer and 3 time any winner he says success is where preparation and opportunity meet no preparation favors the prepared right to success favors the prepared I want to take you to a story in the Old Testament of King Joe hotshot back sorry and I I really like this story there are so many business things that principles that you can learn in the Old Testament if you'll just take a little bit of time to unpack them and I want to I want to show this to you know your house if I was lucky his father was someone who worshipped God have promoted the worship of Jehovah in his realm and Joshua about followed that and you know these cover a couple of different areas but you can see he worked to obliterate idol worship in his kingdom so the 1st thing he did as he said we're going to be worshipping ya way in Judea The 2nd thing he established systematic destruction of the Holy Scriptures in his realm that hadn't been done previously and if you look at this quote from patriarchs of prophets Ellen White tells us that this wise provision for the spiritual needs of his subjects to hostile fire owed much of his prosperity as a rule or. Notice that he also sent a judges throughout his kingdom with a court of appeals so not only was he instructing his people and the Scriptures but he had a way for them if there was a disagreement that was happening there was a process that you would go through there was an appellate process that would bring it to Jerusalem ultimately it came to him so that there was there was a sense of fair play that was able to be you know distributed throughout his kingdom he also worked very hard to make due to an economic powerhouse. Second Chronicles talks of multiple times about how rich he became not only because of the tribute that was paid but also because he had different ventures that he would and he tried to emulate what Solomon had done with with sending ships to Ophira to get gold he was constantly working on build. Enough the economic engines in his and his kingdom and lastly he built fortresses and storage cities he trained his army so he worked very hard and all these different areas where there was instruction where there was an economic whether it was a military he worked very very hard to prepare and all of these areas and I want to share this quote with you from prophets and kings to Hotshot was a man of courage and valor for years who had been strengthening his armies and his fortified cities he was well prepared to meet almost any foe yet in this crisis he put not his trust in the arm of flesh so even though he'd been doing all of this work he didn't trust and his own work. Not by disciplined armies and found cities but by a living faith in the God of Israel can he hope to gain the victory of these he even who both of their power to humble Judah in the eyes of the nations so towards the end of his reign he has this huge crisis hit basically all the cousins the Ammonites the Moabites and the even mites get together and they come up near Jericho with a massive force they said we're going to take you out. And you know it's interesting to see what the response was of his people he brings them all together and he puts them in the sanctuary he says we're going to pray about this he doesn't say we're going to go sharpen our swords we're going to pour the army in this way or that we said we're going to pray about this and so they pray and ask God say Lord even when we came through from the Red Sea up we asked for the ability to pass through and pay our way this is not anything that we have done that that's that's you know against us and in this fairness thing please help us and so the Lord comes down and he says to a Levite you're not even going to have to be prophesies of the entire group you're not even going to have to fight you're not even to have to raise your sword and so what is your hostile fat Dewey says OK we're going to trust that you know we're going to do we're going to take our choir and we're going to put the choir in front of the Army and we're going to deploy them out in front of this huge army So not only does he prepare as best he knows how he has his army there but what he does and says Lord I'm going to trust what you say and it's that living faith in the God of Israel that ends up bringing the victory and you know they go out there with the army and with the choir for the Army and the Lord turns these tribes against each other they have not only each other and all they have to do is go and pick up all of the spoils that are left from the soldiers that have killed each other and you notice here and I love this end quote then the realm of Johansson that was quiet for his God gave him rest all around but you see it's the combination of hard work and preparation with a total reliance on God that gave the hushing that victory there's 1 other story in the Old Testament that I want to very quickly hit of Joshua same type of thing you may remember he was facing a coalition of am right kings. 5 of them to be exact and I love this quote where it talks about how he prepared to fight says Joshua had received the promise that God would surely overthrow these enemies of Israel yet he put forth as earnest effort as though success depended upon the armies of Israel alone. That strike you as a lot of hard work a little bit elbow grease he did all that human energy could do and then he cried in faith for divine 8 the secret of success is the union of divine power with human effort I'm going to read that again the secret of success is the union of divine power with human effort and those who achieve the greatest result are those who rely most implicitly on the almighty are so here's the 1st tip or set of tips we want to leave with you on preparation number 1 you need to give your absolute best effort right is that we're going to expect of us whatever the hand finds to do do with all that I might write number to rely completely on God for the outcome now there are ditches on both sides of that right on the 1 side you can say hey I'm giving my absolute best effort and I'm going to start relying on who. Myself right the other side is there's nothing I need to do because God's going to take care of it and somehow it'll work itself out neither 1 of those ditches is where we want to be we want to be blended right in the middle where we're doing everything we know how and whatever business venture that we're doing but yet at the same time we rely completely upon God and the eventual outcome so that's our 1st tip and preparation but I headed over to to Jerry thank you think. So if I prepared. This next idea is something I'm very passionate about kindness is king. It may seem like the most simple idea but as I read different journals and books and listen to podcasts and see things in the world I think this will be the distinguishing characteristic of the most successful ventures in the years to come this idea of kindness being King the most important thing there's something I don't write says about this kind courteous question is the most powerful argument in favor of the Gospel that can be produced so questions to ask ourselves as people engage with us and our business as they engage with us in our nonprofit as they engage with us at our church do they leave saying those are the nicest people I've ever met those were the kindest people is it actually remarkable I love the word remarkable because as I understand it it means I have to go make remarks about that experience I have to go tell somebody about this and when we look through life these are the things these are the companies these are the products these are the experiences that we're giving our money and time to things that just blew us away went above and beyond and so we're going to look at a story where that takes place in scripture with an awesome female named Abigail some just read through this we're going to put out some details there's a man named Nabl he's very rich he has a gorgeous wife named Abigail. In verse 3 it says she was a woman of good understanding of beautiful appearance but the man was harsh evil in his doings when David when David heard in the wilderness that neighbor was sharing his sheep David sent 10 young men David said to the men go up to Carmel go to enable greet him in my name. That's true so say to him who lives and prosperity peace be to you Peace be to your house and peace to all that you have and then we see it begins to go through verses 789 these young men go to Naples house hey we've been protecting your sheep we would love some food we love a little thank you we're hungry and this would be so kind if you could help us out little bread and water and maybe lancers who is David who is the son of Jesse There are many servants nowadays who break away each from his master shall I didn't take my bread and my water and my meat that I have killed for my shears and give it to men when I do not know where they are from so David's young men turned on their heels and went back they came and told David all these words David said to his men every man good on his sword every man good on his sword and David also good on his sword and about 400 men went with David 200 stayed with the surprise David is hot he is angry he feels like he deserves something in this experience now 1 of the young men told Abigail navels wife saying Look David sent messengers from the wilderness to greet our master and he reviled them but the men were very good to us we were not hurt nor did we miss anything as long as we accompanied them when we were in the fields they were read to us both by day and by night all the time we were with them keeping the sheep now therefore no 1 consider what you will do for harm is determined against our master and against all his household for he is such a scoundrel that 1 cannot speak of him. OK So this is the sad David and his men are furious they deserved better than being refused some food and water. Abigail was told this what does she do. You are made aware of experiences in your organization your venture your church you are authorized to make it right Abigail instantly says I have to make this right because people are coming to kill us then I will get made haste so 200 Mosab read 2 scans of wine 5 sheep already dressed 5 say as opposed to grain 100 clusters of raisins 200 cakes of figs right of them on donkeys she said to her servants go on before me I'm coming after you but she did not tell her husband Nabl So it was as she rode on a donkey that she went down under cover of the hill and there were David and his men coming down toward her and she met them all right so how will kindness prevail in this moment David said Surely in vain I protected all that this fellow has in the wilderness nothing was missed of all belongs to him and he's repaid me even if a good may God do so and so to the enemies of David if I leave 1 there who belong to him by morning light this is the man after God's own heart Oh right now David said Surely in vain see here we go now we're trying to make God No 23 now and Abigail saw David she dismounted quickly from the donkey fell on her face before David and bowed down to the ground. And the possible 2nd there are moments when we encounter people that are acting completely inappropriate and any engagement we have with them their inappropriate David is absolutely inappropriate he was refused food for crying out loud but he is on the warpath to kill people now how does Abigail. Act and react in a moment of hostility. She gets down she bows down 1st $24.00 so she falls at his feet and says on me my lord on me let this iniquity be so she takes responsibility even though it wasn't her fault but if 1 of us did that what would happen please let your maid servant speak in your ears and hear the words of your maid servant clears let not my lord regard this council Nabl for as his name is so is he neighbor who is his name and family is with him but I your maid servant did not see the young men of my lord whom you sent therefore my Lord is the Lord lives and as your soul lives since the Lord has held you back from coming to bloodshed and from avenging yourself with your own hand now let them let your enemy sees me now Ben let your enemies and those who see come from my Lord be as unable and now this present which your maidservant has brought to my Lord let it be given to the young men who follow my Lord please forgive the trust she begins to just pour it on thick and she begins to remind him who he is going a bad of and beyond and this idea. As I see it the most successful ventures in the world are trying to do with technology save their preferences try and track what they want to do Ritz Carlton remembers you like fresh squeezed lemonade they take notes they know what you like she is going so far about what the moment calls for and so where does that lead us well I says something else about this concept in your association with others put yourself in their place a lot of times we encounter people they are upset how do we put our souls into their shoes or Jesus' words whatever it is you'd want someone to do for you What do for them. To do that takes high emotional intelligence no movement in the world has guidelines and principles to have higher frontal lobe development and intelligence than the 7th they have in a shirt so they should be we should be the kindest people on the planet with the highest emotional intelligence on Earth in the coming years there will be 2 roads that are going to die verge those who understand artificial intelligence and those who understand emotional intelligence and the emotionally intelligent ones will be telling the ones who are running the artificial intelligence how to do their jobs because they know that they were managing people so in this moment Abigail is exhibiting such amazing skills in managing the moment it goes on enter into their feelings so such within your association with others put yourself in their place enter into their feelings their difficulties or their disappointments their joys and their sorrows This is of people who support your ministry come to your church buy products from your company what's going on in their lives identify yourself with them do to them as were you to exchange places with them you would wish them to deal with you this is the true rule of honesty it is another expression of the wall goes to Jesus' words in Matthew 2239 Love thy neighbor as thyself another expression of the wall then it gets really heavy here on this idea of kindness into a spiritual sense is I may just 638 those whom Christ Cummins in the judgment may have know little of theology but they have cherished his principles through the influence of the divine spirit they have been a blessing to those about them even among the heathen are those who have cherished the spirit of kindness. Before the words of wife had fallen upon their ears they have the friend of the missionaries even ministering to them at the peril of their own lives among the heathen are those who worship God ignorantly those to whom the light is never brought by human instrumentality yet they will not perish ignorant of the written word have God they have heard his voice speaking to them in nature have done the things that the lag required the works are evidence that the Holy Spirit has touched their hearts and they are recognized as the children of God So as we have organizations that engage with real people with real issues we have to put ourselves into their shoes and ask what would I want someone to do for me in this situation because I'm sure you can think of some business you've done business with in the last month or 2 and it was bad that fair and anybody said this was just not what I wanted and those of us that will succeed in the coming months and years will be asking ourselves what is it I'd want in this moment and how do I even make it better than that so this huge point of kindness being king is a way that we can say hey at the end of the day I've got to make this so beautifully emotionally in rich ing and fulfilling that people say you've got to go there to that church to that organization to buy that product or that experience. You know 1 of the things that is very unique about the story of David and Abigail is when David makes that decision not to shed innocent blood that was an incredibly good decision because I can imagine when he came to the point where he was going to be anointed king had he done something like that who knows what path would have happened if he had not expressed the kind of kindness so the next thing we want to talk about is good decisions and I you know as a young boy I can almost hear my dad saying to me and he hammered this home to my brother and to me good decisions begat more good decisions you ever heard someone say that is not right once you kind of get a momentum making positive decisions that it kind of carries on little bit further. I like this quote from Tony Robins says it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped and I want to share a very brief little story about when we were starting our our company wonder your Gannett foods from scratch 1 of the huge decisions that we had to make was what broker we were going to select to present our products nationally in the United States it's a big decision and needs to be some of that kind of fits you know what it is that that you do in kind of the energy you want to bring as a brand and we we were fortunate to be in a position where we had the top 2 brokers both courting us and saying we want you to sign with us we want to do this work with you and partner with you 1 was a was a company that had a real good presence and representation what we call the natural organic space so think of the Whole Foods of the world the sprouts of the world your local co-op the other was 1 that had a little bit of a less robust. Coverage there but they also the big conventional The public says of the world the Wal Marts of the world and the Kroger's of the world they had all of that as well they came in and they they sold us this huge story we're going to take you everywhere and so we had this very very tough decision that we had to made and make and we realized that this decision. Once we make it is really going to have an impact. On how you know our company proceeds and how successful we are and as we looked at these 2 organizations I discerned that the 1 that was really good in the now to organic space had a level of energy and excitement about what we were doing that was going to set them apart a little bit and I I had this text in my mind that kept playing over said whatever the hand finds to do do it with all the might and it just seemed that these people had that spirit a little bit more so we selected them and that's probably the best decision that we have made when we look at the trajectory of our company and how we've been able to place our product in stores was was that decision and that has bred other good decisions and other opportunities that have opened other doors for us so you know sometimes you come to that decision point and you look at the 2 different routes you can take and you say how do I make that right decision. I want to take a quick look at a case study I call the sounds of this a car now when you go back and you look at this this is just when David has been anointed king and all of the tribes are sending in all of their regular troops and it's a kind of a you know there's a little bit of a jockeying for position and you know you've got the big tribes the little tribes and and you can see here this list Judah has 6800 warriors simians and 7800 you kind of go down the list even has 20800 that's a bigger number you get you get to half the tribe and that's it which is on the other side of the Jordan $18000.00 and then you come to the sons of Issachar in the numbers $200.00. OK And you keep on moving down you can see the numbers get bigger 500382840 then Reuben gad to have to announce 820000 you think you know whenever you're looking at data you know we're awash in data today right you look at that and that's like a huge blinking neon sign and what is going on here this is different notice what they say about the sons of is a card says and of the children it is a car which were men that had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do the heads of them were $200.00 and all their brothers were at their command so Issachar says we're going to be a little bit different here instead of showing our broad and how many guys we can send into the king for his army we're going to send our best thinkers and notice the 2 things that they call out an understanding of the times so a sense of what's going on in the world right now and they knew what Israel ought to do they could provide counsel said this is what you should do in a decision I'm going to put this to the Bible commentary says about the men of Issachar these men of Issachar were men who had the wisdom to understand the meaning of current events and were who are able to provide intelligent counsel now how how can you provide and tell you know how can you understand the meaning of current events what do you have to know. You have to know what's going on right you have to you have to have a network we'll talk about that in the but I want to focus on the the phrase understanding of the times when I went look this up in the Bible commentary that reference this story and we also all know the story of Esther where it starts with King Ahaz you were his commanding his wife to come in and dance in front of all of his boards OK and she refuses and it makes him very very angry and notice what he does notice his response but the queen vast I refused to come in at the king's commandment by his Chamberlain's therefore the king was very wroth with his anger burn in him then the king said to the wise men which knew the times OK now that's the same phrase that we saw in 1st Chronicles and we were talking about the sons of Issachar What shall we do with the queen bastard according to law because she had left reform the commandment of the King Now notice what what the Bible commentary says here about these wise men in the in the empire of Persia persons of learning and experience talking about the wise men who are acquainted with precedence and who knew what would be the proper thing to do on any particular occasion now in this case is talking about the precedent of Mito Persian law and from the story of Daniel we know that there was something they took very seriously that could not be changed once the law was written whatever it was it had to be executed but if we take that principle and we apply it to us today what precedent would we say is important to look at what we're trying to discern what a proper decision should be What do you think. Maybe Scripture would that be a good precedent for us to look at so notice here we've got we've got 3 things number 1 we need to educate ourselves on current events OK you need to create a funnel that allows you to have a feel for what's going on and that can take a variety of different forms you know there are a series of news websites that I look at regularly every morning there are a number I at any given time I'm reading a series of different books I may be listening to 3 or 4 of them at the same time and I like to see how maybe sometimes thoughts overlap and somehow they relate to each other there are also industry and trade journals that I will read that are specific to my industry and in addition to that I kind of have a human network of friends and colleagues that I will ask questions and say hey have you heard about what's going on related to this or that so you need to have all of these different elements that will funnel down into a body of knowledge that gives you a sense of what's going on and then what you need to do is you need to filter that through a set of precedents and I'm going to suggest to you that we look at that as scripture and have that be filtered in such a way and framed in such a way where you can say here's what's going on here's how it relates to the president of Scripture and that ought to allow me to properly frame this decision and such a way that I can then her either provide intelligent counsel or make the proper decision does this make sense and and so you know you've got to make sure you know what's going on having that work and then have a base that you work from and I would suggest that Scripture is by far the best 1 because you're only as good as the decision that you may today. So an original quote. It says This red box and Netflix are not even on the radar screen in terms of competition. That was the blockbuster C.E.O. and December of 2008. Not even on the radar this next 1 is exciting the idea of disruption So tying off of what Danny just shared the sons of discard they knew the time and they knew what Israel should do. In the world of business it is a really strategic moment to be following trends and to be knowing what is it that will be the opportune thing tomorrow not today because the trap is do what the other guys are doing today so that would have been Mr Jim Keyes scenario and now we've got a lot of stores people rent videos they drive to then they love driving 30 minutes so that's not going to change so look at let's look at a few other examples you have i Tunes if you would of thought that people would purchase their music through communication channels rather than at the local store or the largest taxi company in the world Hoover owns no cars the largest hotel company in the world air B. and B. owns no hotels. Companies that are disrupting. What does that look like here's a story of destruction I'm very excited about we're going talk about David and Goliath this 1 I love fate whispers of the water you cannot withstand the storm the warrior whispers back I am the storm. David and Goliath we use this example a lot it's used a lot in the business world we look to big companies they are go why a lot faster is go right. How could this little streaming platform compete right. I B M is good. How could the little fruit technology company compete so who had the advantage in the story I just want to go through this right quick This was pretty exciting to me so here's a scenario the 1st signs are standing on 1 mountain Israel was standing on the other mountain for Samuel 17 there's a valley between them the Champion went out from the camp of the fearless Stein's named go I have from gas whose height was 6 cubits and a span so I believe that was over 9 feet tall he had a bronze how much on his head he was armed with a coat of mail and the weight of a coat was $5000.00 shekels of bronze about 156 pounds nothing could penetrate this armor he had a bronze armor on his legs a bronze javelin between his shoulders the staff of his spear was like the weaver's beam his iron and his iron spearhead weighed 600 shekels and they should bear who went before him he stood and cried out to the armies of Israel and said to them Why have you come out to line up for battle and why not a 1st time and you the servants of Saul choose a man for yourselves let him come down to me. Notice some of these words he's got to come to me go I have never fights on your turf he wants you to fight on his turf this is where some of the biggest companies are realizing rather than let the next guy beat us let's create a 1 department your job is to beat us at our own game here's 10000000 bucks go figure out how to do what we do better but it's much better that we own you rather than the next guy being that person. OK so we learn some things about David through his life and things that you may be doing in your life that nobody's noticing there may be a skill you have nobody really notices but you've been honing this skill David had a couple skills as he's watching sheep all day he's playing music that music gets him to into the audience of the king to learn how not to be king he had an amazing talent that took him to an amazing opportunity to learn exactly how not to do a job that is 1 of the most powerful lessons I learned in the last 10 years of my life God taking me into positions to learn the worst possible way to do something around the worst possible people to do it with it's a horrifying Western to go through but it's amazing to learn from it so David literally sits in the court of the king with his talent that's got him there playing music and he watches this dysfunctional mess and God is showing him when you become king never do this when you leave this organization don't do that then he's got another skill. He's a slinger. Now as a child I have to Mina never understood the story I thought was a cute little boy and he had a little rocky through it and whatever there's only 1 way goes down a sling or fighting the go riots in the world of business say come to us if you want to fight with us bring your advertising dollars compete with us on our stage and that's what got us here you come down to me and the Christian way of fighting was both armies don't need to fight it out you send your best we'll send our best both of our sides trust us a lot the loser serves the other so these were the terms and they're going to be terms in the world of business and organizations that you lead and run where people want you to fight on their turf don't do it this rupture and doesn't come from innovation. Innovation is just doing something a little better disruption is doing it entirely different we don't need to own taxis people own cars but just to create an app people can call a cab anywhere they want so this is the story so David is there and he's he's kind of confused I mean you guys are being talked trash to every day so David says to say that no man's heart failed because of him your servant will go and fight with the Phyllis side and so said to David you're not able to go against this force trying to fight with him your youth he's a man of we're from his youth but David said to say your servant used to keep his father's sheep when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb out of the flock I went out after it and struck it and delivered the lamb from its mouth when it a rose against me I caught it by its beard and struck it and killed it I killed Ryan SOL. No question as he learns this art of being a sling or what experts say is he had the precision at 100 feet some believe more with the precision of a $44.00 magnum handgun to hit a target now you have the right big huge Goliath standing here you come fight me on my turf and you have a guy with a gun who has the advantage and we've never looked at this story like this right now can gobbles what David and Goliath is phenomenal on this concept that we only look at things as go right as they may really just be slow moving target. What is it you can do in your local church in your local business that is so innovative that is so disruptive that maybe you could test it out in your local place and then share it with people that may not have the ability to test something out so much this is often how disruption comes so we know that David goes out there and we learn from Ellen White where he gets the sweet advantage go lie if it is insulted. And Maya. You send me out here now Goliath can hold his shield and his weapons so we have somebody holding weapons for him some people believe there's reasons for that this guy's not quick on his feet he's so mad that i White says he does something very foolish he raises his helmet. Now if you're slinger with the perception of David and you have the confidence of the Lord you are prepared and the Lord will deliver this is easy. 1 shot what is it that the talent the Lord has given you people may not be respecting right now people think oh we live in a world where there's D.V.D.'s and you say yeah but it's not like that it's something that you really have to stream it it's crazy concepts right this idea of disruption is unpopular nobody understands it it doesn't make sense it rarely gets funded but disruption when done at the right moment changes everything and in this moment we literally could have seen a turning point in the history of Israel but instead David kills the giant does some other explicit things through his body and they chase them off the scene what is it God's put in your hand that you can master and be prepared for disruption. 1 of the things building off on the story. Can you hear me. So 1 of the things that you want to do when you're looking at the story of David is build on that incredible act that really launched him into the kingship you know trajectory and 1 of the things that David learned as he became more seasoned and as he became ruler over all 12 tribes of Israel was Man you got to balance the load and when you think about whether it's your ministry whether it's your church whether it's your business sometimes this is something that can be challenging for us whether it's you know I think I can do all this on my own I can figure it out or maybe you work yourself too hard how do you balance the load and how do you make sure that a broader enterprise a bigger moving ministry or business can actually be successful I love this quote from Albert Einstein life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving now 1 of the things that I try to do every morning and I do most mornings I try to get out and exercise and I try to make sure that I'm very efficient with my time so I usually work it's kind of speed walk between 4 and 6 miles every day 3 in the morning 2 to 3 the morning to 3 at night depending on my schedule for that day and I I like to listen to books usually spirit of prophecy in the mornings I will usually listen to scripture and I particularly enjoy the clear word paraphrase that I have on my i Phone. And I was going through as and Nehemiah. Now as we're in the M I have a lot of names of guys you know and when you're reading it it's very easy to skip through it but the way that they've coded it it's not by chapter you know they didn't take the time to go through to do that so you could only Fast forward about 15 seconds and I kind of felt bad about you know I made this commitment I'm going to listen I should really fast forward so I said you know what I'm going to listen to the names and see if there's something that I can learn from it and as I got to the book of Nehemiah I got to the point where they were building a wall around Jerusalem and I found something very very interesting that I want to share with you that I think relates to show spreading and sharing the load. I broke down and I looked at all the people that were mentioned that were working on building the wall and they broke down into these groups some of them made sense some of them were a bit of a surprise you look at the local government so you get they could they call it a mayor there were 2 mayors of Jerusalem they broke out into 2 different districts and you can see that the different names you know these are basically people that work for Nehemiah Nehemiah was the appointed governor from the Persian king to the province of Judea so these make sense OK he has control over him he pays them all right you come in this is what we're doing but after you get around that then all of a sudden you see surrounding cities OK maybe didn't have as much influence there but he was able to recruit them across then you get down to the clergy and he mentions the High Priest OK so the clergy was kind of a separate grouping that Nehemiah didn't necessarily have direct control over yet he's able to get them the Levites the nothing name and priests that were outside of the Jerusalem area recruited to roll up your sleeves and start helping us build wasn't something that the priest necessarily always did but then you get over to that the next grouping business so there were guys that were Goldsmiths perfumers merchants so he's recruiting you know the people that handle commerce to help him with this building project and then what I call the in front of his house guys there's a whole list of guys that are basically there their houses on the wall he says hey this is going to help you just start helping us build in the area in front of your wall. Lastly and I love this there was 1 guy that brought a bunch of his daughter's name was Shalem So they even had women working on the wall which may not be as big a deal to us but back then that was kind of a taboo that was you know usually didn't have women working out in construction so so what I see here is I see a leader who is able to recruit from a broad cross-section of life different people and he's able to get them to subscribe to a specific goal and to put the. You know put their shoulder to the plow and really help them work and it gets them all going and they're building and you know they've got sword and want to hand in the bricklaying tool in the other and they're going to town now notice what happens. Now what happened when San ballot to buying gas from the Arab and the rest of our enemies heard that I rebuilt the wall and there were no breaks left in it though at that time I had not hung the doors on the gates so he's almost done with his project but he still does not have the ability to seal the city inside the gates are not hung so if these guys come out him they can still come through the area where the gates have not been hung at Sandown to get them said to me sent to me saying come in let us meet together among the villages in the plain of Ono but they thought to do me harm so what are they trying to do Nehemiah has got this broad cross-section of people focused on this goal they're working hard to get it completed because once they get it completed there's another whole phase that's be able that's able to be entered into and rebuilding Jerusalem. They are trying get him to leave but notice his response I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you he say I built this momentum I have recruited all these different groups if I leave that may start to dissipate and of course we know that would have been the case they tried this on him 4 different times was that's a lot of times to say no he keeps coming and saying I can't come down finally they say hey this is not going the way we hoped it would go so they sent him an open letter now today we have Twitter and we have a lot of people that are always sending open letters the idea is basically we're telling everybody what we're just going to tweet here so they kind of send a tweet that goes out to everybody that says. Nehemiah is actually rebelling and he is going to be starting his own kingdom and he's going to break away from the Persian Empire it's their last effort to try and get him to come off of this big project where she's been able to kind of spread the load and get this built but he does not of course fall for this last 1 and there is a process they go through but what I found fascinating on the specific topic. They're able to Nehemiah is able to recruit and to motivate a broad and multi-disciplinary group to support the load and I think of how things work and are our own company which is whenever I've got a project that I want to try and execute There are so many different groups within our company that I have to recruit and bring along there's marketing you know I work in the sales side there's the Q.A. team that has to make sure that we make it in the right way to the proper standard there's the R. and D. team that is the 1 responsible for making whatever the new product may be there's the production team that has to make sure we can make enough there's the you know there's the logistics team that has to make sure we get it there each of these different groups and it may be different in your ministry or in your business you have different groups that have different functions that almost kind of have their own what's the word I can use there their own culture that have to be brought together into a focused goal and you kind of have to stay with them and push all the way through that while you're sharing the load to keep the focus until you cross the finish line and so as we look at Nehemiah here and we see the 2 big principles number 1 it's important to have a broad cross section where you can spread the work find people that have different expertises that allow you to accomplish what you're trying to do and don't stop until the work is complete. So as I mentioned earlier I truly believe kindness is the most important thing fallowed by candor. I think that many times we may mix these up that it is more important for me to tell you the truth than to be nice to you and I really do think it's in this order so kindness is Queen candor is kind of his king Cantors queen. How do we how do we deal with this in the world today you know it's so easy to be kind to someone and not genuinely honest but your phone is great. Or. You know oh yeah the church service was was very nice and we're not being honest how do we balance this out where we can be very kind but we can be very honest that's our that's our trick Ed Catmull is the C.E.O. of Pixar and Disney Animation can do isn't cruel it does not destroy On the contrary any successful feedback system is built on empathy on the idea that we are all in this together he talks about a story how this really played played out as they were creating content at Pixar as compared with Disney and how you noticed 2 different cultures 1 culture everyone knew they cared for each other and they could go to each other and say hey they have something at Pixar called The Brain Trust you know I care for you right yeah yeah absolutely this film is boring and you probably should rewrite it a Disney you recognize this film is great I mean it is awesome Wow so good and losing 100000000 dollars losing 100000000 dollars And he's like something's not right here do you guys really think these films are great well no but I don't want to offend my boss so how do we balance this out with the idea of how honest we can be. And for this 1 we're going to look at the story of David and Nathan before I go there though there's a statement we've probably heard before this is pretty important especially in the day and age we live in from the book education 50 Cent picture of the 7 the greatest Swank of the world is the want of men think about in the ME TOO movement watching you got no men you got a bunch of boys posing as people that are not doing wrong right things they're doing wrong so ladies are looking for men where the men willing to stand up the greatest 1 of the world is the 1 of men men who cannot be bought or sold men who in their in most earns are true and honest men who do not fear to coarsen by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pen men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. David and Nathan had a relationship and I think it's very important that we earned the right to be right with people and I think we should even ask them how I earned the right to speak truth into your life I don't lest they say absolutely you don't have that right and as happen if I will be the 1st to admit it's very tempting because I say I know so much you need so much of my information in your life I just need to tell you something I hope you take this the right way but you gotta go in that way so he read. Let me tell you pass this is a lie says Nathan delivered the divine sentence with such heaven born wisdom as to engage the sympathies of the King. To rouse his conscience to call from his lips the sentence of death upon himself the prophet repeated a story of wrong and oppression that demanded redress Here we go the Lord sent Nathan to David he came to him and he said to him there were 2 men in 1 city 1 was rich the other poor the rich man had exceedingly many flocks and herds but the poor man had nothing except 1 little you lamb which he had brought up and nourished and it grew up together with him and with his children it ate his own food drank from his own cup lay in his bosom it was like a daughter to him and a traveler came to the rich man and refused to take from his own flock. And from his own herd to prepare 1 for the wayfaring man who had come to him but he took the poor man's lamb and prepared it for the man who had come to him so David's anger was greatly on the owls against the man he said to Nathan as the lady who lives the man who has done this shall surely die and he showed me stored fish old for the lamb because he did this thing and because he had no pay then David said to David you're the man that says the Lord God of Israel I anointed you king over Israel I delivered you from the hand of Saul I gave you your master's house your master's wives into your keeping gave you the house of Israel and Judah and if that had been too little I also would have given you much more why have you despise the commandment of the Lord to do evil in his sight you killed your eye of the Hittite with the sword you have taken his wife to be your wife and have killed him with a sort of the people of AMAH. Therefore the sword shall never depart from your house because you have despised me and taken the wife of your rival Hittite to be your wife that says The Lord be Behold I will raise up adversity against you from your own house I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor he shall lie with your wives in the sight of the Son for you did it secretly but I will do this thing before all Israel before the Son. Whoa and because they had a relationship David says to Nathan I've send against the Lord and the white even says the prophets rebuke touch the heart of David conscience was aroused his guilt appeared in all its enormity with trembling lips he said I have sinned against the Lord David had committed a grievous send toward both your right hand but Sheba but infinitely greater was his sin against God from prophets and kings God cannot use individuals who in time of peril when the strength courage and influence of all are needed or afraid to take a firm stand for the right he calls for men who will do faith a battle against wrong warring against principalities and powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places it is to set as these that he will speak the words Well done good and faithful servant my story is when you learn truth you often get very committed on it. Perhaps you've been in the ditch on the left. And with all the conviction in the world you recognize I have been in the wrong and I need to get in the right. And 9 times out of 10 we over correct and we go after people still in the ditch you need to do this you should be doing this why are you doing this you should be doing this you should be. Well I says rebuke and censure have never reclaimed someone from a wrong position but it is driven many to go against their convictions and never come back they know what's right. So we've had this in the business world 1 of the coolest things when you start a business is to be able to have a culture where people love to work with 1 another where you just think I want to be working right now I want to be with my team I want to be creating something doing something I live for this but if we get into an environment where it's just niceties no great thing will ever come from that we may be nice to each other but we really don't like our product our experience our church service and we're going home and we're wishing we'd have been honest but the best companies the best organizations and the greatness of the advocate movement will lie in this idea can we be loving enough to be honest with each other and to hold those as guard rails so that we can continue they say Danny I I got to tell you the truth but thank you Lord for helping me realize I got to love my brother as myself what would I want to hear if I was in Danny's shoes how do we make a better product a better experience and I just want to challenge you to think of these 2 things kindness and candor and any time you want to get to kind and leave out the truth remember there's a ditch over there or too much candor and leave out kindness there's a ditch over there how do we maintain the balance through life. So when we're looking at that balance it's very important to pick the proper word do you agree. And so what we want to spend time here in our in our last kind of segment here with the tips they want to share with you is how do you choose the right words in whatever situation that you're faced with and I want to share a brief example 1 of the things that I learned and I had to learn the hard way I didn't do it right always at the beginning was how challenging it could be to figure out a way to pitch properly to a grocery a retail grocery buyer now you've got to realize when you're when you're visiting with the retail grocery buyer and this is kind of what I do you're 1 of a 100 people that they're going to see over a span of 2 to 3 weeks when they're reviewing their category and so you're nodding your head you understand what I'm talking about so sometimes you're able to secure a 30 minute sometimes are able to secure an hour to present to them and give them a full idea of what you're going to doing sometimes you're walking with a broker and they say you've got 3 minutes. OK And you never know sometimes you do all the research you can do to find out who they are what they're like you know do they give you the time are they abrupt or do they let you talk so you do your research but at the same time you never know what's going to happen and so I've learned to prepare and such away from my pitch to be able to talk for 30 minutes or be able to talk for 5 minutes and it takes preparation it takes hard work feel to recognize if I had to condense this down to. 3 minutes what would I want to score with this person what would I want them to to see as memorable and when I walk out will they remember what I have to say so King Solomon says a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver choosing the right words such an important thing I want to close by looking at a case study with Jesus and dialogue and it's a fascinating difference to see how he does it 2 different ways and we're going to start by looking at the story nicotine is a very familiar story and and Nick edema starts by throwing Jesus what we kind of call a softball OK Whenever you're in a dialogue you're going to have a discussion with somebody who is a softball which basically means you ought to be able to hit that thing out of the park where ever you want to hit it left field right field center field whatever he says Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God for no 1 can do these signs that you do unless God is with him he's basically in Jesus. Here here's here's a frame I'm going to give you a compliment. Take the conversation where you'd like it to go. Notice what Ellen White says here desire of ages talking about nicotine his words were designed to express and to invite confidence wants Jesus to feel good but they really expressed unbelief basically prove yourself to me not that different from some of the questions that Satan posed in the wilderness if you are the Son of God do this do this OK Notice Jesus response here there's some candor in this answer instead of recognizing the salutation from it could be Miss Jesus comes directly to the point doesn't screw around doesn't hit the softball what's the pitch go by and says I'm going to hit this where I think it needs to be hit and look at his response. Most assuredly I say to you unless 1 is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God So he plants the seed in his mind and he you know of course being divine could read and understand you talk about emotional intelligence of course Christ probably invented emotional intelligence in each of us right so he's able to reason it could be a mess and he looks at him and he recognizes that there is a soil there that's very fertile and that he is able to cut right to the right to the quick and to have a very high degree of candor in dealing with the giddiness and of course as you read through the rest of this discourse you can see that nicotine is kind of taken back and there's a there's a back and forth and and you know it ends up that nicotine is does not publicly support Christ through His his active ministry until he's crucified but no note the way that there was a tremendous amount of candor here cut straight to the point and confronted nicotine is exactly where he needed to be confronted now I want to I want to look at 1 other 1 and this comes from Acts Chapter 1 OK and when I read this this this actually came from the Sabbath school lesson a couple years back you know a couple of weeks back we're studying the book of Acts right now and when I read this you know I read it before but somehow it struck me a little differently talking about the disciples Luke writes therefore when they had come together they asked him that's Jesus saying Lord will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel now was this a ridiculous question at this point in time well the crucifixion has happened. He has been for 3 years trying to teach them about what his kingdom is like the road to a maze has already happened so he's explained to 2 of the disciples at least that he's not here to set up a temporal Kingdom this is asking when are you going to set up a physical kingdom that we can actually see you know John the Baptist did not even understand this and Jesus gets all the way through his ministry he's crucified he's risen from the dead he's raised from the did and he still being asked the same question now if you were to put that question into a business setting where there had been a multiple you know multiple opportunities where you were trying to teach your staff something about a specific way you wanted something done or to view the business in a certain way at a certain point as an executive you'd probably say you know how many more times do I have to tell you and my instinct as I read this was like man Jesus just set him straight Will you just tell them finally have some candor here but Jesus doesn't do that Jesus doesn't confirm or deny that he's going to set up he doesn't answer the question he really doesn't answer the question he absorbs the question and he redirects it no to his response. It is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority so you're asked me this question let's not focus on that right now but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and some area and to the ends of the earth Jesus does not use candor in this example he basically says you know you don't need to worry about that right now I want to take your focus from here and I want to move it over here and you know that thing that you're so worried about having this huge Kingdom where you're going to be able to have all these different people it's a different level that we're talking about here and he underscores again in a very gentle way. That this is a you're not thinking about it the right way let's let's maybe move you over here and so you look at both of these examples which take a tremendous amount of emotional intelligence to be to be honest and we talked about that a bit earlier. When do you use which approach how do you know when to do this the 1st thing we know from Proverbs 1528 study how to answer so obviously Jesus is talking about his kingdom here this is why he came to to you know to this earth was to share what his kingdom was like he's intimately familiar with that with whatever you're dealing with in your ministry or in your business you want to make sure if you're thinking about whether you're going to to pitch to a buyer and you want to think about every way you might have to share that and whether it's 3 minutes or 30 minutes or when you get into a staff meeting the different people that are going to be coming from different angles how do you deal with 1 versus the other you need to study different ways that you might be able to answer something Number 2 you want to read the situation in the people you are engaging it's very important to study the person that you're going to be working with get as much intelligence as you can watch them you know get a sense for how they relate in groups watch them over a period of time in their work understand what they really think like put yourself in their shoes we talked about that little bit earlier from a kind of perspective and then lastly. You know I asked the Lord for help to determine help you determine which way you're supposed to respond do you need to use candor in this case or maybe can you can you shift focus and avoid some of that conflict because of the way that things may be going down the situation at that given time but it's important to recognize that these words have tremendous power and import too to change direction for decisions that you may be making for you know different things you're facing in your business or your ministry choosing the right words are a critical component of success and we can see from from Jesus' example here that it can be handled in different ways and that he's he's able to give us the wisdom to know how to best relate in each of those situations so this kind of brings an end to our formal remarks and Jared come on back up 1 of the things that we did last time in our in our discussion last. Last year at the same seminar was to give you a chance to ask us some questions we can't guarantee that we're going to be able to answer all of them but if there are some that you'd like to ask us here briefly at the end of the seminar we'd be happy to entertain any questions you may have. So your question so let me just repeat the question he's asking he's asking that he has a his that employ that is in an abusive relationship that is affecting their work as a fair to say and what I think what you're asking is what is my responsibility in relating to this specific when you want to tack that or you want me to are going to give you that 1. I would say you know what he says a female this is a female. Married. Boyfriend. Another woman I want to meet her I want to meet the woman the other woman in the thought is. I want to tell this woman off I would say what's really going on what's the situation here there may be something that you have the answer to that oh I didn't know that both of your child just died and it's created an awkward moment so I think it's putting yourself in their shoes Hey I'd love to have you and her come to lunch with me and some friends whatever you know your wife. So that it's appropriate but I think sometimes you've got to dig into people's lives and really find out how can I bless you so that this problem that is affecting my business on affect my business and then won't affect you I don't know what are your thoughts No I think it's a good point the idea that you're saying there is to try to get to the root cause and understand if there's something that may not be evident on the surface because that helps you better frame the decision on how you want to relate to it getting that flushed out all of that whether it's talking to her and asking to hey you know I don't want to I don't want to pry into your personal life but I recognize that it's it's affecting your work I want to be supportive to you is there anything else you can share were Jared's case where he's saying maybe you can meet the partner as well and see if there's something that you can learn there that would allow you to better frame how to relate to that decision. Yeah. Let me repeat the question so you can answer we have on tape so the question was What company do you see that is reflecting the 2 things that Jared covered which is kindness and candor Can you give us an example I would say 1 that I read a book about recently is Ritz Carlton. Now that's not something we all just can go stay at every night right but here's an example Ritz Carlton employees are trusted to make a guest happy you can spend up to $2000.00 and you don't have to ask for permission. I have to ask for permission to spend $100.00 of the General Conference. So that's that's an example I would say I'm being a little facetious there but the point being that's a lot of trust that they've put into their employees make our gas love this place. Now I think that can be easier in a business with margins right but but it still I think we can take it into every every thing we we put our hands to how can we make this absolutely more than what people expect I love to see what we what would happen if we did that in our churches people expect something when they come to church why would they leave and say I have to tell someone to come here next week this was unbelievable I don't know the answer to that but it would be interesting to ask that question just to add a little bit on to what Jared is saying there's a company that we deal with in our space that is a redistributor So there are a distributor that sells to distributors and a huge company. And they have a hiring policy where they they will talk to an employee for 3 months and put them through a series of interviews and tests and things for over 3 months before they'll actually hire them so there's a huge selection process they go through to hire a specific type of employee that they want to empower to deal with their clients and so as someone who heads up sales at our organization I'm often talking to a manager you know which down their chain is very very low because they've been empowered at that low level to be able to to to have candor and say hey you've got a problem here we want to help you but you've got a problem here let's solve it together and there they are legendary in our space for the way that they relate in a Christian manner they're a privately held company Christian owned and they go through the selection process and they empower their people to be able to speak very clearly here's the problem or here's the benefit and here's how we're going to help you work through that together which is that kindness piece we want to be supportive and we love working with them I mean they're great to work with so you know that their kindness and counter thing is something we're trying to really curate at the evidence review but it's not easy I mean when you're dealing with creatives we're working on a lot of creative things. That is so sensitive I've got a script I'm sharing it with you and I mean this is me I have poured my heart and soul into this I've got this image I took in the Himalayas of a village I think address should go to what do you think if if Jason says who took this image it's joke. That's me you just called me Jock right so it is truly this art form in a company in Iraq in his ational culture to be the outgoing but to be willing to say that the product or the experience isn't as good as it can be if we can go back and forth about 5 times this will be amazing but I can tell you it is very difficult. It's an art form. So it's a great question is I'm going to repeat the question the question is basically in a start up situation there's a great deal of energy that's needed and how do you ensure that once the founder has started that that that translates through the life of the business is that a fair way to ask the questions let me take a shot at this and I'll throw tutor. It's you know it's a difficult thing at times because a founder is someone who really believes in an idea right and so they're going to have that energy and that passion to be able to match so you know I talked about the broker that I was looking for when I when I went to that broker as 1 of the co-founders of of 1 of you're going to foods I put so much time and energy into building these relationships with all these people and they matched it back you know that's just the real you get out of it what you come back into it but as we begin to scale you know sometimes I felt like some of the people we hired didn't always have that same level of challenges so what we did is we began to start selecting and being more careful in our hiring process to recruit people in that had that same degree of passion that it's hard to screen for Sometimes you can't always find those type of people and so we're working on that we're getting better at There's another company that I'm aware of called Simple mills and you may know that they make good free crackers very very dynamic and explosive company and I listen to their C.E.O. talk and she said you know we will not hire anyone into our company unless they get us and they understand our vision and they buy in and we know their body because when that happens then we're going to be able to see that degree of energy be carried through at the next level beyond the founder and so I would say that's a people issue and as you're looking at how you want that to carry through you want to sell select and find people that are as passionate about whatever it is you're doing in your business as as you as a founder are you know that's a great point I would just add the as founders and leaders we need to be about creating a culture what is it we stand for what is it we don't and how clearly have we disseminated that to our teams. And how much do we as leaders hold them accountable and how much can they hold us accountable because once the culture adapts Hey welcome to I had been a scheme unity here's what you're going to find are the nicest people you ever meet as rude as you treat us as much as you want to charge us however you want to act in front of us were the kindest people you know me if that's the norm then when Danny is that honest he Danny you know we did say we'd be the kindest people you'll ever oh yeah good point so I think sometimes it may not be as simply delineated to the team as it can be sometimes it's just assume hey you're an admin as of course you'll be the kindest as always right and then when I go through T.S.A. I lose my religion and. I don't want that so I think it's the simulating those values to say this is what our culture is about and I told my local churches and they said hey I think we should redo our our mission statement where the kindest people you'll meet in town are we ready for that maybe not. But if you put it out there it also allows you to say we've promised people something let's And now we're all accountable to it not just the leader founder Yeah. Oh. Well thank you for inviting us in such a public forum. It's very kind of you thank you. Well we appreciate the fact that you know it's like a start up right starting a new A.S.I. chapter and I am a firm believer in that I know Jared as well we have to look at our calendar but let's talk afterwards and we appreciate that very much 1 more question that we got to close were a couple minutes over so we'll go in the back. Because I'm trying to recap. How many how many attempts would we have before we found success and when when you may not be the most driven do you surround yourself with other driven people or or how does that work. Innovative people yeah take it to a shop. OK sure I probably tried about 25 or 30 different industries fail over 50 percent of the time. Now my definition of failure may be different than someone else's they've never just closed down and. 1 example I got into day trading when I was 13 trading soybeans meant I was making money hand over fist did I take any of it out no I kept reinvesting it until mid July I lost a 100 grand in a day and I thought I'm not day trading anymore that's a disaster so I'm a big believer in failure I mention something very beginning we look at sports professionals who succeed 3 or 4 times out of 10 as deserving of the Hall of Fame. And I think if we if we know some people who well their success I would ask 3 things if you try and I think this is really an example the church if we're keep if we keep leaning to a couple things that have worked. I think we should have more of a batting average mentality how many different evangelistic methods have we tried and how many did we fail and in the last year we should have margin for attempts and trying things so that's 1st right so I can put all answer right quick I would say we I'm out of touch on this last year we're very Protestant and we like to find things that are a little off with your company I may do things a little more righteous so I'm going to do my own thing. I would say let's let's take a little more humble approach and say you know what I may not have all the skills that you have but what if we teamed up could could we work together I mean the business world the secular world does this very well I mean you see lots of things brought to you by boom boom boom boom boom all these different things so I think there was that there's a lot of opportunity for us to find other people with like minds then what you thought you know great great thoughts there you know my mind runs to software venture I was involved in where we thought we had something really dialed in for a software platform and by the time we got done building it we realized. We completely messed up the way we built it and we started building it from scratch before we ever ever rolled it out to a customer and we spent a lot of money there was a learn there you know our friend Ruben who did this with us last 3 says I always win he says either I win or I learn and sometimes learning can be expensive Right and so you know you you try and frame in such a way and it doesn't you know once you once you actually are in a company it doesn't mean that you necessarily are all of a sudden immune from failure that's right you know we've launched a product line recently that has not done well and so we look at that we say what can we learn from that how do we iterate how do we take it we've learned and apply it so that we don't do that the next time and recognize that there is a regular cycle that happens there and in relation to your question about you know surrounding yourself with people or having an idea some of them may have an idea but can't execute it you know Jared's point is excellent team up with somebody and you know sometimes there are different stripes of entrepreneurs there are people that are collaborative there are people that are fiercely independent I want to control everything in fact entrepreneurs tend to want to be a little bit more on the control side so you know what I would say is you just you've got to you've got to take a look at and see how you can frame it to be successful. Without without specifics on how to get a better answer than that. Focus is something that's very very important in any type of entrepreneurial venture and you know I would encourage you in your thinking to find what is the most important thing you can do 1st and executing that very well once that's done then move on to the next 1 if you're too scattered especially early on it's going to hurt you you really need a laser focus to do something very well the 1st times I thought your point so well we're well over time and we really appreciate you spending time with us hopefully there was something you were able to or from a chair would you close with prayer for the spread Heavenly Father we're so grateful to be here to be able to fellowship together we recognize this is not a luxury many people in the world get so we just want to cherish this moment in the time we have in the halls and discussions and moments like this thank you for showing us things in scripture and through the writings of L. and white that we can see are the most cutting edge principles in industry even today in the 21st century help us to continue to learn those and help us to live like you love this in Jesus' name. This medium was produced by audio C.D.'s on adding to his layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more about. Ministry. Or if you'd like to this free line sermons visit W.W.W. do you verse.


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