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ASI members will share how they are using their God-given talents to witness to others and connect with their communities. We will look at innovative, new ways of reaching out, as well as review the results of past efforts. You will also hear exciting new developments from two ASI chapters. Come, enjoy, and be inspired to new heights! 




  • August 2, 2018
    7:00 PM


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This evening you know as SA is made up of more than just chapters here in the United States of America I have with me delegation from Europe Christiana is the Europe president every aisle is the vice president and Michael is the treasurer there for the Europe we're so happy to have you here tonight thank you for coming all the way to join us here it is Christiane a you're the president of Europe what is your vision as you think about what needs to be done to finish spreading the gospel in Europe what is your vision my personal vision and the vision of the team is that we are really getting your back and evangelism amazing Chrystia How did God lay that burden on your heart personally it's a few years ago I had a sports accident and this was followed by a life threatening brain surgery before it just before the Serie A tree I made a deal with God that if you still need me please give me a recovery and also only during an evangelistic campaign in the Philippines while I was preaching that I realized it was not God who needed me it was that I was not ready so then when when you say you were not ready what I assume you're saying is at that point your heart was not really right you would. You may be a question your salvation even at that point but God gave you another chance. And through evangelism what happened yes he actually really brought me in fire to spread the gospel right where I live in Europe and man so what's happening there is you're getting your team ready now you want to set Europe on fire for his vandalism you're coming together what have you done this last year as you prepare for that 1st of all we turned a board meeting off a sigh Europe that's consisting out of $800.00 chapters into a mini convention and we re aligned all chapters for evangelism a man and secondly we went I took a team off. To the evangelists to come paint to some BIA to preach there OK So you say we're going to get ready for this and in order to get ready we're going to go do some of Angeles if Michael tell us how did that change your life how did that affect you to go to Zambia and do evangelism Zambia a month ago an outpouring of the Holy Spirit I could heard with my ears but then my eyes sorry that I saw the Holy Spirit coming down and in the 1 day then 1000 people got baptized a man a man praise God and how did that affect your life and even your wife the real converts who are we now now wait a minute you just said the real converts who are you is the real come of those me because no I'm a converted believer in the power of God and a man a man so as you're preparing now you're thinking about this you take your team to do evangelism how many meetings did you end up doing there in Zambia. All together we as a team of atheists I we covered fix side 6 I decided upon there were thousands side Wow it's amazing and you covered 6 of those in God really blessed through that effort but you're not stopping there you have plans now tell us what are your plans for next year we have huge plans for Europe. We are so excited to share Christ with the secularized population of North France that we have planned for next year April 20 to $27.00 to have an evangelistic comparing the north fronts in the Paris area and because there are so many people who need to know Jesus we have thought that each 1 will win 1 we need the church members we need the process we need you we need everybody who wants to help us well I heard you say you're planning an evangelist to campaign how many series of meetings are you planning to do simultaneously in Paris next year in the month of April we are planning to have simultaneously $100.00 sites where evangelistic campaigns will be presented amazing so next year April in the city of Paris $100.00 series of meetings happening simultaneously Wow Can you believe what God is going to do with that in a secular city like Paris to do something amazing for his name so we have the opportunity to do several things tonight Christina tell us how can people help now what is it that someone can do in helping with what you're doing there in Europe we need people help us to prepare the ground that means the training is to show how to run Bible studies and we also need speakers for the evangelistic campaign not only in French but also in English in Romania instead of Gratian and Russian just name it so that's where you can support us in Europe in France in 2019. So you have an opportunity to participate in this event my friends you can go there you can get involved you can sign up you have a website we have a wet side A is online is your dot org You will find the project seat and what's going to happen tonight if you're interested in getting involved this team is going to be at the a main A.S.I. booth in the exhibit hall and they have a little packet of seed there the title of their event they're naming it seed 2019 and they want you to take that packet of seeds home and pray for this event and considering participating in this event thank you so much for sharing what God is doing in a year thank you so much for your support how many of you like to be a guinea pig OK maybe I should rephrase that how many of you like to be the Lord's guinea pig. OK a little more brave brave hands there well the programming team decided that they wanted to start having the chapters share some short testimonies of things happening in their chapters so they I guess reviewed the various chapters and they decided that since you're in the Southern Union that they would make the Southern Union the guinea pig for this 1st series of reports so this evening we're going to share with you just a mash up of just to some short testimonies from 5 or 6 of the Southern Union chapter members So let's take a look. But it was pretty tough it was like we're going back to you guys are amazing I might have a chance of recovering and I was like oh like weeks worth of work you just so happy that we came and when I came on your year you were really being mean and to you they were so great it was my might have been hanging today you just don't want to play the are like you really have been down my path and they just like felt like God is right there I mean a medium missionary can mean many different things it means the love of the home at the heart of the planet the intrepid spirit of the village and the Bible the great metropolis it means camera 1 and camera 2. It means transforming a school or finish or hospital it means fire rain ice and snow. It means gifts by the dollar and by the chip it means donations that rolled into donations why. It's a move on a trail or down a motorway if. They are. All of us together and individually it's who you are for who you are becoming and took her it's a simple gesture that means hope whatever it means to you be no media mission or means more than you might think. It's in. This thing. Steve. See. You shouldn't be. In a shanty. Have you ever face a trial or a problem that seems hard to handle on your own While I certainly have in fact I face problems that have made me give up has also made me feel like I'm not good enough. After giving it up and selling it over and over again eventually I realized there are some things I just can't get through on my own there's a great verse in the book of Deuteronomy that says Be strong and of good courage for the Lord your God is with you. Welcome to the video Bible study series will we will explore a variety of Bible topics using video and print what is. Do we need God's law. Yes you can and we're going to solve that today in 5 minutes or less they're designed to engage you by watching a 5 minute video having a discussion on the topic and diving deeper into it with a lesson study. Each study asks questions as discussion points and award as activity. Overall we developed this project for you to have a closer walk with Jesus as you explore relevant topics either in a group setting or on your own we hope you find these a blessing if you want more information go to W W W dot Little Light Studios dot tv or find us on your favorite social media platform. Southern Union has been a vital supporter in the mission of audio verse to take the 3 angels messages to the world using online technology 1 of the exciting projects sponsored by A.S.I.S. you is the creation of audio verse courses courses the 1st up board and online school with helpful classes on how to make our faith practical things students can learn include personal public evangelism natural remedies organic gardening reversing heart disease naturally and more these courses are conducted in partnership with various other ministries and more courses are being developed all the time students from all over the world have been rolled in are being challenged and prepared for service. Good evening A.S.I. it's of 1 of my favorite parts to do members in action and this evening I have with me Joshua Holly who is a student at Wash it thought Hills college Joshua tell us a little bit about washer thought hills. Wash talk Hills is a very small self-supporting college in Amethi Arkansas and I'm actually studying theology there and they offer a. Many different degrees of education theology business and it's a beautiful it's a special place that's fantastic Joshua why now why are you studying theology tell us a little bit about the background you have an amazing story of how God has led you to that point what happened well it's truly I'm not miracle story. I wasn't raised in church I wasn't raised a Christian at all I'm never heard a 7th Day Adventist and was actually involved in drugs in. Gangs and things like that from a very young age and I actually I'm going to the penitentiary when I was 17 years old and after being in prison for about 7 years. I had an experience with God God truly did reveal itself to me and he let me know Israel and I started studying my Bible and you know I was locked down to a maximum pretty penitentiary so I was locked down in a cell and there was no Bible workers there was no Cole Porter's and it's amazing how the Lord still finds a way to reveal His truth to you because after I started studying my Bible. This book right here there are some prophets. Appear in my cell and I say it appeared I mean it did it was just 1 day it was there underneath my television I picked it up and I began to read it and I was amazed at what I was reading I knew that God was speaking to me through this book right here and I still don't know anything about 7 day I've been assessed and that book the preacher and profits was not just any copy it was the A.S.I. edition of the patriarchs and prophets book praise the Lord however it got there God put it there go ahead tell us more amen and and what's amazing is I read the book twice and a year later I got moved to a different cell and I was in this new cell and there are some books that are underneath my bed that were taped together to stacks of books somebody was using them to work out with and do push ups on them and I pulled the books out and I started working out with a Monday I was doing pushups and contemplating all these things I was reading the Bible especially about prophecy and as I was looking as I was doing push ups I noticed there was the great controversy right in the middle these books and a great controversy in a stack and thus there were books that you were doing and it was this that taught me this person I hear that book they say edition of the great controversy I guess this is a new way to share the great controversy isn't it amazing doing push ups on the great controversy going push I continued to tell us so that's how I learned about this message and I got out of prison. Still fully unconverted I still struggled letting go of the world I did and I actually going to a drug rehabilitation program called the City of Hope in Oklahoma City and it's a beautiful place it's a wellness center slash drug rehab slash homeless shelter and that's where I learned about the spiritual nature of Christ and I actually got to learn about a quarter ministry and I heard about a quarter ministry the Lord told me I go door to door with my books and share my testimony I started doing that I was. Bloss in the beginning and I was very untactful doing it I'm going to knock on doors and start Jesus and found these books in prison and they will change your life and the Lord blessed all people more people are blessed by doing that and. That's that's fantastic it's so encouraging Thank you. For the support with these books it's absolutely tremendous Now please tell us because you have a real passion for these books now tell us more about your plans and what you just finished doing just this last week or we just got done doing a 10 week canvassing program in North Carolina going door to door with this literature and there's something special about sharing these books with people and it's changed my life and I know that God is going to use me on doing this for a long time and that's the beautiful things about being a watch talk Hill School is this is actually how we pay for our scholarship is we get to go door to door and sell these books to people and it's been a been a blessing it's been a change my life that is so encouraging Joshua We are just so glad that God has led you through the Ministry of the printed page this evening our interviews are going to focus on the way that God has used the media through the printed page through television through Internet and through the websites that are available so Joshua again we want to say thank you so much for your time coming here and sharing your story we'll be praying for you add wash at the hills and may God ritually bless you as you continue your journey for Christ and watch the hills those have a booth and I'll be in the booth after the service today if you want to come and maybe hear more my testimony hear more in detail you're welcome to come by into the booth Um $528.00 OK so come and see Joshua he told. And that his testimony is really more like 30 minutes or an hour long so stop by the booth you can hear more amazing stories about how these books really do make a powerful impact again thank you Josh Well we're so glad you came next we're going to have written and publications we have to Whitehall coming and my K.C. and I am so excited about this particular interview because it really touches my heart personally tell us a little bit of publications I know many a no but some are here for the 1st time so tell us well I started running publications around 33 years ago boy doesn't seem like that long but my kids some I got gray hair and I'm getting older but it's really been a blessing and I made a promise over 33 years ago as I dedicated my life Lord that I would put life changing books out to the best that I could that would help change the world 1 book at a time and God started blessing not it always blesses but not big at 1st to all the beginnings but 1 there's a number of projects running that I think is the 1 that I think would resonate with you but we got a book out a number of years ago called the passion of love how many of you have ever seen that book nor a number of you have we were told many times that you know you can get books out the 7th Day Adventists and some Christians but you'll never get these kind of books out like the Wal Marts of the world or all these chain stores and you know what. It's now they we did anything but it's because God uses every 1 of you without you we could not do anything it's partnerships we got a pal and books out in Arkansas and I was just backstage in sharing it runs and I was a part of the and there was a pallet of books in Arkansas where the Wal-Mart distribution plan is that there and they passed books out. The buyer there at the Wal-Mart store called us up and said I just got done with this book would you be interested in getting into the Wal-Mart stores. I said Not really you know. You see how God works things out and because of that faithfulness with the remnant staff over 1800000 books were gotten out of that passion book and over a 1000 Bible studies came directly from the Wal-Mart stores is tremendous that is just an incredible thing and as I mentioned that story really touches me because I was pastoring in northwest Arkansas at that time and was 1 of our church members that was at the Wal-Mart that was passing out this book praise the lord what else what are they and when they're probably another big project was we partner with 3 B.N. a number of years ago and take a mammoth twice removed that was written by Danny Shelton and Shelley Quinn and I know to this day there's probably at least over 12000000 of those books that have gotten out and I know that there were whole churches that got that book and church pastors became 7th Day Adventists after reading that book I've met I met 1 for sure so that was a big project we've gotten packed here of actual Ridge was a new project over 1200000 of those and a huge project which is dear to my heart is a great controversy and we partnered with Ron Goss a tremendous fun to my Project Restore in the last few years we've gotten well over 12000000. Full Version great Congress is out now that's a lot of great counter verses and we mail them out we've got them into San Francisco to Chicago the Chicago Tribune called itself we've been on television stations and. Trim lots of Bible studies from this I will have to say that we would love it then everybody would write us back that would just love the free book that they got but you know 1 time we actually got a book Rodney that had. 6 bullet holes in it OK sell it not everybody likes what you do of course but it doesn't reach your US but God is blessed tremendously it's and it's a team effort it's all because of all of you and others that helped make this tremendous ministry Well thank you very much to wade for sharing and if your church has not yet received a palette of great controversy books please call ren and order your palate for sure now we have Mike Casey with us Mike we want to hear some more stories some personal testimonies of how this literature is really touching people's lives to area ours you know you have 3 minutes. Well there are a lot of stories and 1 of projects that that white in mention is hope for the hurting and what this is this is step to Christ but it has a title of hope for the hurting it's a full color edition and it's wonderful doing a tremendous work and the we have been sending these out everywhere in fact in Las Vegas after that shooting there over 600000 went out to every home there and we would like to thank amazing discoveries for helping to partner with us on this project in fact in the 1st 2 weeks we had over 40 Bible study we quests and in it 1 we're really neat 1 I like to share is a lady she called a couple months after the smelling because sometimes we don't get results right away and she was like nearly in tears she actually she wasn't tears I was nearly in tears on the phone she was telling me tell us how this book changed her life and not only did she want Bible studies but she wanted Bible studies for children as well and that's what makes this book so successful in this version of steps to stop the crisis also has through our partnership with amazing facts introduction of Bible studies in it and through our partnership with 3 A.B.N. introduction to the to their station to view administers broadcasting so this book when you leave it it continues to work is just the beginning when you drop it off so this is what this is what just 1 of many wonderful stories this book has also been. All through the southern area after that shooting in Texas we sent several pallets to. Houston after the hurricane there but most importantly right here in Florida after the park when shooting in partnership again with the Florida conference and we thank them we were able to send every household in a park in a Coral Springs area this book and a says right on here in memory of the lost so it really touches home and we've had some fantastic results in speaking of Florida we've had just last week just before I came here from the Panama City area a pastor had gone around and handed out here old packs all rich how many have handed out here all packs all rich is that the finest book you have ever handed out is tremendous isn't it well a lady called and she was so think full and grateful and again she signed up for bible studies is that wonderful if I have time for 1 quick story and then I hit the way it is going to hold mazing story this gentleman was walking down the street and he was a he's a cripple so we had a cane and as he's walking down the street he sees a book on the ground and with his cane he kind of flips it over and then he reaches down and he picks it up and it's our Noah book and so we takes it home and he reads it but what's so beautiful we didn't know about this story for this had happened years before he was calling us up for cases of this book to disturb it he's distributed he is a baptized administrate a is that beautiful and he's These are the real heroes the ones that are getting the books out you are the heroes printing the books is easy I mean that's that's the easy part what you're doing that's what really makes the difference we thank you for the before you go the last thing is you have something that you're booth yet you have to actually everyone here they as we have this in the booth and what are we supposed to do with it I tell you what everyone that comes by is going to get 1 of these are free but it's not for you please go ahead I'm out OK let's pass the favor let's go handed out let's change lives and it takes every 1 of us and also for those that aren't here please go to really publications dot com You can learn more about what we're doing and please like us on Facebook thank you so much God bless you. In the 10 for the window lift 3000000000 unreached people 80 percent of the world's poor and millions are persecuted for their faith. Ministries believe the missionaries empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit are the keys for reaching the 1040 when before Christ that's why 23 years ago we began training lay people in Southeast Asia church planters teachers and medical missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission among their own people groups using compassionate. Today with God's blessing A.S.A.P. supports nearly $600.00 ethnic missionaries and thousands of impoverished and children are learning about Jesus in the funded schools across Southeast Asia and elsewhere in the temple. Along with our ongoing projects recently has broken ground on the 1st 7th Day Adventist academy in the communist country of Laos support a new lifestyle center ministering to Muslims in country and launched the rich the world next door training program in Houston Texas to equip young adults to reach refugees and immigrants from the 1040 when the living in North America thanks to an S I grant We've also started a secret missionary training program serving an outcast population in a close country. And by faith we can producing certain serious for some of the world's least which people groups so that they can hear the Gospel in their apartment which for the very 1st time. We are driven by a single purpose to reach the world as a people because Jesus is coming soon now more than ever mission matters. Praise the Lord for what A.S.A.P. is doing saying it's so good to see you in this 1040 window and if I wanted to ask you what does A.S.A.P. stand for. Used to be called A.S.A.P. used to stand for Atlantis out this is your project that's probably you what you heard in the past but we have changed to advocates for Southeast Asians and the persecuted OK So this is what we really want to focus on in this particular interview tell us a little bit about how you got involved in asap Well I got involved with a while back when I was just in new Christian. A.S.A.P. had partnered with another ministry that helped me paid for my Christian education and we were Academy and then through we more college to study theology. In those days there was no 7th Day Adventists pastor in North America for the Laotian people and I felt God was calling me but the problem with the problem for me was that I came from a refugee family and there was no way my parents could have helped me to have a Christian education so A.S.A.P. and some other organizations have stepped in and helped me. Be able to go to adult to schools and finished more college as the 1st 7th Day Adventist pastor in North America and are you still the only Laotian pastor in North America at the present time I am so how are we possibly going to change that what is is a piece vision what is your vision for that. When I was at the seminary I prayed many times many times I could not go to sleep because I see this I feel this load on my shoulders there are nearly 1000000 Laotian refugees in North America not counting Australia and parts of Europe and so there were nights when they couldn't go to sleep and 1 night I happened to pray to the Lord late in the night early in the morning and I was inspired. By a D.V.D. I watched and that D.V.D. inspired me to to start to have a vision to share the gospel to multiply myself so that I could I could cover more ground with just being $11.00 pastor 11 preacher and so through all that inspiration I've been involved with A.S.A.P. I've been involved with the media ministry and thanks to grant in 2008 I was able to launch the Laotian T.V. ministry for my people here for North America and I have found that media ministry not only touched the Laotians speaking people here in North America just last year I went to Laos for the 1st time in 10 years and I was surprised how how famous I was over there and I was shocked I didn't know what to do with myself. Everybody seems to know who I am and so and I come to realize that they have distributed distributed my D.V.D.'s across the country and many people have come to the Lord through the through the T.V. and D.V.D. evangelists projects that we've we've done a man so we've heard the power of the printed page with the other interviews here we are hearing the power of media and D.V.D. ministry tell us a little bit more saying about some other projects that asap has specifically to help reach the refugees so here since I have learned from the experience a few years I've done media ministry. Among my own people I have seen the success that the media ministry has has on my ministry I have joined A.S.A.P. a year ago and part of my work is to help inspire other pastors and church planters here in North America to be even volved in media ministry because some of these language groups that have come here to North America sometimes there is no Pastor No no train pastor among these different people groups and saw my my desire and my goal is to help inspire those those few workers that we have to utilize media so that they too can spread the message to their people that are scattered throughout the world many refugee groups have come to the United States as you know and it is such an opportunity for us. Here in North America we have the freedom to share freedom to preach and the message that we we share with the refugees here will not just stay here eventually the refugees will send this message home send these D.V.D.'s home so that their people in other countries in their come home country could hear and could be reached and so as A.P. ministers believe that ethnic missionaries in these very last days ethnic missionaries is key and that's that's why we believe that it's the most effective cost effective and that's how we can reach the world A.S.A.P. we agree with you in 10 seconds tell us what is happening in Houston in Houston we do have a training center a training school to train North American young people to reach out across culturally to reach out to other. Faiths Muslims Hindus Buddhists. Church people so if you have some young people who want to train how to reach out to refugees and immigrants that have come to this country send them to Houston we have a center training center called Reach the World next door if you won 4 and for more information go to booth number. 515515 and go and talk to asap ministries thank you so much thank you God bless you. Thank you our last interview this evening is going to be a very exciting 1 mark so glad you could join me here thank you so much Marc is from OK van and country life and they have an incredible ministry in Michigan Tell us a little bit about what happens at OK then OK Well we operate a health food ministry and a health ministry we're up located in southwest Michigan on 1200 acres we distribute food nationwide in a little bit of export we like to support health ministry and all we can sometimes it's in the foot in the form of sending food to a church that has a co-op that schedules a supper club that can invite neighborhood people community people and then schedule an event where they can get to know their neighbors month after month after month when the food delivery comes now you were also involved very specifically in a evangelistic kind of effort tell us a little bit about that yes so in our local outreach we do a number of different programs some things we prepare ourselves sometimes we use like never program doctor go through these diabetes and different things so we were doing a optimize your brain program and we met this young man named germ our homes which you'll see on Skype in a few minutes but before we get there. There was a mailing that went out right OK right. Well as I'm sure you know we were the Pullman church in Michigan OK Even country life the Pullman church we work together with evangelism with the conference and conference has a wonderful program called Bible study offer dot com So our local church sent a postcard to the community 3000 or so homes and German. Responded in an interesting way at 1st he threw it in the trash and it will tell you about what happened afterwards yes we're going to actually at this time bring it Jeremiah here to our auditorium on Sky So we're going to bring in a live interview now if everything works well Jeremiah are you there with us this evening. There is Jeremiah say hello to the audience here in Florida Hello All Praise the Lord we are so glad we're able to have this interview so Jeremiah we just left a story you got a card in the mail for bible studies and we heard from Mark that you tore it up and threw it in the trash tell us a little bit more what happened. While I had been studying in a lot of the books to try to become a better person and so far that was work and I was pretty busy with that being an I.T. guy I recognize the cost of D.V.D.'s and on this card I saw that there was free D.V.D.'s and so I thought about it thought I wanted to do something with it days went by and I just threw in the garbage time for this well it stayed in the governments for about 3 or 4 days and I decided I really didn't want to know more about that so I pulled it out of the garbage taped it back together and I called the phone number so I could find no what was going on and that's when I had asked about the in his written the D.V.D.'s and they told me that it's written was going to be more on the New Testament I said I want to know more about the history and they said well then you want the D.V.D.'s and so I registered for that began watching those that is fantastic now could tell us a little bit about your religious background before this point. When I grew up I suppose I was the typical Christian American who went to various churches didn't really have a specific nomination that I sat with or was devoted to and that was for most of my life so I'd heard some Bible stories and things that sermons out of the Bible in 2003 was searching for my life me my life partner and met my wife on line and she's from Bangladesh and so all oh it's learning about her and I was learning about the Bangladesh and most people are Muslim over there I was learning a bit about Muslim and based on my understanding of how I had a relationship with God I felt that that matched on point with with where I was in my heart and in my mind and so when I went over there in April 2004 I got married to my wife and at the same time I converted to a Muslim and so it wasn't until 2017 in February where that Bible study offered card came in the mail that is no mazing story so Mark or Jeremiah you were a movie basically and you received this card in the mail tore it up threw it in the trash and then received how many sets of Bible studies did you go through after you went through 3 years total how many. 3 total 3 whole sets of Bible studies through this now we left a story with Mark and he came to a seminar at OK even OK right so as a germ I was corresponding by mail on these bible studies we inserted a invitation to come to our local outreach which was as a mention optimize your brain and this really resonated with Jeremiah as he said that he was looking to better himself and not from a give God the glory standpoint but just something that really touched him and so he started attending optimize your brain for 6 weeks and was really the point is really engaged really applying everything that he's learned that's fantastic Jeremiah can you tell us a little bit about your experience then going to optimize your brain and then starting to attend the 7th Day Adventist Church. OK optimize your brain was really awesome I was into taking food supplements to have optimal health and with a mentorship program I work with I was also looking to expand my circle of influence and I knew that there were people that wanted to better themselves that would actually attend optimize your brain course while I was attending that course I learned a lot of very important details about the various vitamins and the foods that provide them so that our bodies can be with ultimate health and essentially the brain to think clearly and so taking that class really changed my life and at the same time I went there I found out that the person from the 7th Day Adventist Church Allman who was mailing the bible studies landmarks of prophecy to me attended the class as well and that's how I learned that the church was right across the street and so I was able to increase my frequency of going through that landmarks of prophecy Bible study and finished both courses and immediately after that it was May of 2017 and I'm now Wednesday and 7th attendance at the 7th Day Adventist Church can you say amen to that God is so good thank you for joining us Jeremiah thank you for being with us Mark if people want the learn more about OK then work and they go Yes we're both Number 816 we typically hand out a trail mix sample if you're familiar come and get some praise the Lord for members in action. Good evening A.S.I.. Good evening A.S.I. All right I want to make sure you're awake out there so welcome to another offering in action segment it is my privilege to be able to interview different projects to let you know that those are just a few of them that are in your booklet that will benefit from the offering this year and I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing 3 pm tonight I'm really excited because we go way back 3 A.B.N. and I are joined at the hip for ministry and we're really excited to be able to have been to be able to partner with 3 A.B.N. and I'm just you can tell I'm just fall over myself because I'm so excited that they're up here so we have Jill and Greg Morricone and tell me what is your role with 3 B.N.. 3 B. and general manager Molly deans and was vice president and general manager she retired the end of December so I stepped into her position OK And Greg she was my boss. Not really I were multiple how to market a production manager I'm also General vice president at 3 B. and we're reminiscing a little bit so I've been with 3. 1999 and back in the day I used to be on. Guard in our derby 54321. There on together a little nerve racking. So as I interviewed some of the projects it's become apparent to me that a feeing seems to be that as they've been in existence for quite some time that they are looking for new and innovative ways to reach people for Jesus and so I'm wondering if you could share with us what's going on with 3 A.B.N. now and how are they innovating to reach people for Jesus absolutely 1st I would just want to talk to you about the mission of 3 B.N. When God gave Danny Shelton the vision back in 1984 the Lord told him I want you to begin a television station that would reach the world with the on diluted messages 1 that would counteract the counterfeit and for 34 years Danny Shelton and the 3 B.N. team have been faithful to that vision to proclaim an undiluted 3 engines messages to a lost and dying world and I like to think that we do that in a 3 pronged approach 1st we want to present the gospel message to those who have never heard the name of Jesus to those who maybe have heard about Jesus but they don't know the truth that we hold so dear the truth as we can find in the Word of God So 1st of all 3 B.N. is to be as a light as it were in our dark place in a dark world just this afternoon at the booth we had the privilege of meeting a young woman beautiful young woman from Kuwait She's 19 years old and her name is gleni she came up to the booth and she said I grew up in Kuwait I was in a Baptist home and 1 day my parents were flipping the channel and they stumbled across something called 3 Avi N. and they were riveted and they were a whole lot and they watched the programs and they took it back to their church and they question and they they studied and they started Family Worship an app family worships they would study what they had been seen and what they. Had been watching on 3 A.B.N. they were baptized into the 7th Day Adventist Church and that's a result of you well that's a result of you at home because of your support of the ministry people are people's lives are being changed for eternity you know Debbie 3 Abian wants to also think it is sorry because you guys have been a part of 3 A.B.N. from the very beginning I know that 3 have been is a blessing we get to go do these programs a number of you have come to 3 Abian over the years and done programming at 3 pm but we just want to thank you many of you know that Danny Shelton had open heart surgery 2 weeks ago today so he's actually at home but he sends his greetings to you as well we just thank you because it's definitely a team effort together because our goal all of us Roy airside together along with really been all the other ministries is to hasten cry soon return was not right and what a privilege this is just to do the story they're just talking about Mitt just rules our hearts but that's you guys too so thank you for financial support through the years 1 of our newest employees are 3 A.B.N. His name is Ryan day and he became a server at the Everest because of 3 A.B.N. and he's also was an evangelist for amazing facts for what was it 5 years before he came to 3 B.N. That's again thank you to you for your support of 3 B.N. through all of the years you know the finish of the fantastic thing about this is as much as you're thinking A.S.I. we want to thank you behalf of all of our ministries and members because of 3 B.N. giving some presence and some visibility many of our ministries have. Everybody knows about who they are and what kinds of means they have and so like you said we're working together we just give greater lift to all of our ministries because of our working together and it is a privilege to partner together here is the partner together holding hands as we reach to proclaim this message to a lost and dying world and I would like to think that the Lord has blessed 3. Even with the opportunity to have a platform for your ministries you know so many of you have come to 3 B.N. have been featured on 3 B.N. and then we hear stories people say I received so many donations that we could go out and we could spread the gospel with our own ministry so that's 1 way that 3 B.N. can give back to having other ministries come and be featured on 3 B.N. So tell us more about what you're doing in an innovative fish that would be the method we have the mission then we have the mess that. When God called Danny 34 years ago to proclaim the message there wasn't even such a thing as satellite and then satellite became And then the gospel was spread throughout the world through satellite and then now we're talking with our team at 3 B.N. about new and innovative ways we can spread the same message but package it in a different format what I mean by that is so many young people and I like to think we're so are we. But you better say were young your baby you're young OK I don't know for a minute he was hurting this more is I mean I'm getting older Yeah good answer but I like to THINK WE'RE YOUNG Yes that young people want downloadable content and they want sharable content no longer do people say I'm going to wait and turn on the 6 o'clock program on 3 B.N. They want to say I want to see it now when I have time professionals are busy so you can pick up your phone you can watch it on You Tube We have thousands of videos there on You Tube that you can watch anytime Yeah absolutely that's 1 of the more exciting things because really this day and age is more IP driven which is Internet protocol and so the nice thing about it was put in stuff on You Tube a more inner Internet based is because searches are 1 of the key things so back in the day we're talking about people flipping the channels we've all heard those stories right people on the sort of flip the channels as much anymore but they do a lot of searches online and so what we're doing Jools much in the youtube that's 1 of the big things that we're doing we're streaming live always 247 on You Tube We have a big library of programs that have been done on 3 A.B.N. and the key thing is putting keywords in there that way if someone's going online doesn't know anything about the Sabbath and they put in 7. Or what happens when you die that's how people are stumbling across 3 A.B.N. Now that's wonderful I tell you that's 1 of the reasons why we wanted to identify 3 A.B.N. as 1 of the 2 projects that would be recipients of our overflow so we really want to sacrifice from our hearts because as we give more and more and it spills over to 3 A.B.N. and the New Beginnings picture rolls then it just again gives greater lift and more opportunity for other ministries. It's a privilege to work together thank you very much Paul you're well you're very welcome you know I just want to say that I'm looking so much forward to our continue relationship and I just want to thank you on behalf of a aside for everything that you do for us because you have taken us around the world through the through the ministry of 3 avians thank you very much you would think you're going for your support. The for. Coming to the podium now is 20 minute for me Antoinette you heard from last year when she shared with you the dream of being able to build a Q.B. do a girl storm in Tanzania Africa today she has an update on the status of the dormitory and to. Get even a sigh it's a privilege to be here and sharing God's blessings with you 1 year ago I said before you on behalf of the team a Kiwi do a mission in Tanzania East Africa and it was exactly 1 year ago that we thank you for choosing our project for vulnerable girls to be a recipient of the A.S.I. 2017 offering this year I have a different joy and privilege from that is to bring to you a report of what you are offering with God's blessing and hard work has accomplished this past year are you excited yet. You may remember me sharing with you about our program for vulnerable children these this part sorry I'm not getting my slides to go this was started in partnership with a reach Switzerland to give young children and 2nd opportunity to gain education and become educated these young people have failed or dropped out of the school system and they have due to poverty they have very few options left I'm sorry let me go back here there we are. Girls especially are vulnerable and face unique challenges that can be potentially devastating as they grow up in extreme poverty and at our school this last few years we've had a challenge where arse male students are slightly lesser number than our female students and we didn't have enough accommodations to properly house the girls and we needed to build a new dormitory in A.S.I. I chose this project to be part of the 2017 missions offering last year I showed you the blueprints for this dormitory and I pointed out that we managed to pour the foundations at the time of A.S.I. A.S.I. The Lord has blessed very much and I'm very excited to reports he you and to show you the new girls dormitory at Q.B. do a mission that will house 42 female students who have not had the privilege of obtaining basic education before and now the building is almost 100 percent complete is now beautiful. Thanks. This dormitory is an important part of our program to reach vulnerable Youth for Christ and give them a few more years of shelter and education before they have to face life on their own and if we have succeeded in our mission to them they will know that they don't have to face life on their own but that's not all a donation from a is this past year into our publishing department has enabled us to get to 20 foot because shipping containers full of books from springs of life in Poland helping over $2000.00 literature evangelist to continue spreading very important books throughout Tanzania this money will come back to us and enable us to buy more books but with a 43 percent increase and as this increases should grow and story. Then are publishing work so that future profits can go to support the mission. In part you may also remember that he would do a has been a recipient in the past of receiving funding for an avocado farm in an effort to become self-supporting and as with much thanks to the Lord and A.S.I. members that we report that the avocado project is doing well the new orchard of $8000.00 trees that I showed you last year is bearing fruit and our very 1st harvest an export to Europe is taking place as I'm speaking super exciting for us in partnership with A.S.I. members so we have spent this past year putting in irrigation he would do alone has a very long dry season which makes him. An essential to successful farming this will watch are both existing and future or it says and we found a SCI for a few for business leadership for a vision for a heart for missions that have helped projects like us to take a step like this that we could only dream of for years part of the irrigation system is a dam that was built this in the latter part of 2017 the product of many hours of hard work and expertise by many different individuals not the least important that of young volunteers from different continents thanks to a very large solar pumps set up the largest that we know of in Tanzania water is being pumped up hill into a big holding reservoir and from there water will flow downhill through miles of pipe to irrigate 52000 trees what a busy and productive here it has been but it is not finished the rest of 2018 will see as raise the wall of the dam higher to capture more water for irrigation and building a large packing facility to. Says the hundreds of tons of a katas that are expected in future harvests Lord willing praise God. You know every avocado that is grown and sold is with a prayer the souls will be impacted for eternity because each avocado that is sold has the potential to print a prick a tract in our print shop or pulp translate and publish a book in our publishing department or bring restored house to a guest that our wellness center or help us keep students in 1 of our schools where they have an opportunity to meet Jesus or keep a Bible worker on the front lines of God's advancing truth Take for example growing up in a small village in a home environment that her father shared with his 2 wives and their children Photogen you the hardships of a life of poverty firsthand and when she failed to progress in secondary school and had to drop out she was left wondering what she's going to do with her life and she told me or south that she did not want to get married young when she heard about the Q.B. do agriculture school hope revived that she might be accepted and be taught a trade did come to our school graduated and is now a fully self-supporting 20 something year old she sews and sells clothing to customers she so as she sells produce from a field that she had hand hoed and cultivated a long distance from her work place and she has invested some of her profits and bought a piece of land and planted her own avocado orchard. When I visit it with. Something stood out to me she was more thankful for having Maggi says that our school than for the success she is now enjoying due to her education and I asked her what she would say to people like you who have invested into our program was it worth it and she said Please tell them that I say thank you before I came to this school I was not a believer but then I am a aside our mission is people and it takes a global network of Godspeed people inspired by love to him to reach people did you hear me it takes us a global network of God's people inspired by love to him to reach people. And building God's kingdom in this fallen world looks a lot like the growing of a cottage or building churches or teaching or building schools and hospitals and wellness centers doing business and building companies translating publishing books farming and all that we do can be relevant if we pray and if it's anointed by God's Holy Spirit my husband will forgive me for taking an excerpt from a letter that he wrote to a friend. It is God's work and I want to do my best each day to do God's work and if Sunday they are a few more people in heaven as a result of God's heart will be filled with a little more joy and you and I and everybody there will be filled with a little more happiness for ever and ever and ever and multiply that by billions of years that adds up to a lot of happiness I couldn't be tempted here to spend my time doing anything else may God help us keep our priorities on serving Him Let's pray together. Our Father in heaven we are so grateful for the opportunity to tell others that Jesus is coming soon and we're thankful that he is coming soon we see this world falling apart and we sense more than ever our great need of your Holy Spirit of your direction day by day that we might speak to others of the hope and the joy of Jesus in return we just pray that you will bless us to that end bless us with your spirit please continue to pour out messages of hope and healing around the world that we pray that we might have a part in them as we share the Rangers messages we pray in Jesus'. Name in. This media was produced by audience oriented Adventist layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more. Yes I. Do like this free line sermon. Verse.


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