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Managing Your Finances in the End Times

Cesar Vasquez Flores
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This presentation talks about the relationship between faith and finances in the end times: including economic crisis. It has valuable information from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy to find the holistic meaning of Seventh-day Adventist Christian stewardship. Also, it touches general misconceptions about money and possessions in the Christian world: Is money itself evil? Do I have to pay taxes? Is retirement a lack of faith? Practical application of Christian finance principles.


Cesar Vasquez Flores

Accountant and Tax Consultant




  • August 3, 2018
    10:45 AM
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Heavenly Father think your or because you let us are right here thank you Lord because of the blessing program that we have this morning another we don't talk about finances Whoa you want us to manage your assets police bliss my person no because the best in this area know because had the most heart in this place because I followed you my lord prepared their hearts for my brother and sister here in this place we ask your Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen. OK my name isi surf Lloris and I count on from Houston Texas. And I am very happy to be here this is my 2nd year in a side so. I President of total distortion ministry what we do is help Christians you and I hold to it deliberate your finances the 1st part and then when we go there parcels still worship Now this is disclosure we are not selling anything here we are not talking about go to get rich quick stuff like that but definitely when I use a lot the Bible on this part of the prophecy so all be prepared for that OK this is agenda when I have different sections when I need to show where finance an important question and answer are going to be close to the end saw Make sure to prepare your questions we want to try to we want to answer us much as possible to run your cell phone of course. Who is going here. To OK 1st the interaction dots or mission a mission we want to educate Christians hold to balance finances. We believe a lot of that and we want to grow to the point where a better respectful on respect still works for creation worldwide OK our subjects are we cover right now I mean on the on the ministry finances health technology interpretation interpersonal relationship but obviously still worship is but other so we want to talk about finances specifically this morning. This is the patient us. We're giving and this is what we want we have a little light in the middle of this this night OK so why finances are so important you know I have a question for 1 of you I have 3 objects and I need you to rough it OK. I want you to tell me which you relate more when to talking about money when I said large amount of money you have to manage my money what do you relate more. I hafta I know many of you Do you remember this checkbook OK. And this is a guy friend yesterday I put in from the you remember him. So while it OK here we have great cars and now we have these wallet cell phones you know buying and selling everything here on the so it's amazing to look so I want you please to race your hand and let me know which of these 3 guys you really more when I said large amount of money so go for the 1st 1 checks 1234 OK now the 2nd 1 while it with a great arse OK to. The last 1. A while it. OK that's good that's next and I would guess they have is very diverse this elegance is going to give us we work our world a presentation Now the other thing is I want to know which how many of you hot 1 business or try to do 1 business in your life and go business yes going to 1 OK. Now how many of you own more than 1 property even by creation or for rental business OK. That's good so that's very important because a lot of the things we're going to talk about it relates to that so we call these ones. So you know that the Bible talks a lot about money I said stay away whole you manage your find your actual assets now is so amazing when I found out that this even talks in the Old Testament combined with a New Testament more than fate ordered off by twice why because it got new that the way home we managed our assets or goods have a direct impact on the flat or spiritual life we can see that have we heard about this determine today do you remember you remember that yes that's when most is saying look you got to say in this if you forgot it so we're talking is and he's saying if you follow my rules my commands you want to have blessings and he needs a lot of them which wealth is included if you do not for long my commands my counsel my don't you will Soffer such such such such obviously the opposite of world so. It reflects if we are obedient to God or not OK because the Bible is pretty to prophecy talks are not about the subject as well you know this contain OK this is a testimony sure you know. In my profession and in a culture ideal world obviously Christian no Christians atheists on 1 of the thing that they knew everything by your side a lot is trust ethics I think I did not. Mention any profession no association with which do not talk about ethics and that's what L. in the West said as well there were whole we manage that we who would represent Christ in our profession in our businesses sort of flexion this money those who are heavy responsibility in public life physicians teachers lawyers Judge officer and businessmen should be given a clear and distinct message with a lifestyle what does this subject of this as a convention and usual Come on guys and show business Yes You know what 1 of the biggest programs right now is the lack of it ticks and it's growing and it's growing and it's no surprise scene because the Bible say the Spirit of Prophecy repeat it now that in the end times corruption is going to grow lack of ethics right now when we want to find someone to truss stockbroker accountant tax professional you know we need to be careful because ethics is going down so we as Christians that's up or to need T.. To testify in favor of our message that's going to be are these sting message now and also the east oscillation issue and that's the main focus on the IF of the specifics a minor read with me place when it says there are DOS among 7th Day Adventists she's she's energy wise not talking about the war. She's talking about 70 I went is most of us who under their reproachful the Word of God because the way they acquired their property and use it OK with us here Rep Bruford of the war of God because the way they are quire their property and use it you know how many of you have you ever been in a raisin in for school college you know you everyone here so point how many of you miss it when you most of us everyone there was a winner but what happened when you lose you don't get to that a specific 1st place or to that goal for just a little bit we felt the frustration now. What God wants us he wants us to get to heaven he wants no 1 to lose that's why Jesus Christ die for every single person in the war but what happen if we can't comply with all that I would say 7 Day Adventists role but we means 1 part what happened do we went to heaven or not is a simple gesture not know yes that's right sadly that's why it's a celebration issue as well in a way how we manage is going to show us it to the point that you can have the check this. When I have to. To the consulting I have to see all the bank statements all the acid every single piece of property and I have to say these talks a lot about who you were got to the point I said you you can be Bob ties by the wallet and is not because this is specific person after I cannot disclose the names but it's not because lack of offerings or lack of tight even a week or so for lack of CO to manage the rest of the money because when or ego start talking and said This is your money you're really gave 10 percent 20 percent 30 percent to the Lord you can do whatever you want with the other part we do we have the tendency to think like that that's nature that's the problem and it's a big problem so God wants to fix that that's why we came to that to a chart to us where we gather together don't correlate or to be a better Christian every single day now is really the end times what do you think yes. Yes. Just sort of a 1 of a brother almost like he gave he gave his testimony right here last night and he said clearly for him that night that he almost died was about the 2nd coming of Jesus he could be the same for us we have we don't have the future secure we are fighting to be a Christian today so but this is data because we want to believe date the fact that we are in the end days goes people said you know corruption exists all the time the economy goes back and for back and for Don't worry you know there is so little through that but when we see. The whole financial economic data information and we are now allies compared with other times we see a train it's going down down down and down. So we want to talk about that just for the fact to Bali day that the stamen that we are a day in the in days from the financial point of view you know we see storms I was in Houston during the Harvey hurricane was horrible but we survived the series of records trucked in itself but those are signs now the defining issue Ward economy war is insulative that do you think. You know so what big what is this picture from you remember Titus yes to 70 their destruction of Jerusalem right year 70 now any words said cry so in Jerusalem the symbol of a war had been it and I believe in rebellion and rushing on to me they're ready to be just men of God and where Jesus made to him in Matthew and also in Luke talks about the destruction of Jerusalem in his talking also about the 2nd coming right because they're postals They asked 2 questions and Jesus gave 1 answer so those where it's very important to analyze what happened around the time because it's going to be similar where we want to face additional time but into more expensive time so you know this is the years with us when you're a certain temple was destroyed you're 70 but let's analyze a little bit what happened before so we have rebellions War fame. This is in the bus in the future it closes this. The Athena had been 8 that we shall be there is nothing new the history repeats itself so you remember who said that bread and circus it was a famous unibrow it has been a. Cease Julius Caesar Roman power that's when it was up for a hard time but they want to silence people told start giving more circles more money more bread and to the point that in this around this in time Cicero which is historian from he said the body should be balance in the treasury should be for a field public that should be reduced and the system to the foreign lands should be curtailed lives wrong become bankrupt people must be again learn to work instead of living on public assistance I don't know I think his scheme is kind of in this time right because this problem is growing and it's not going to stop suddenly Rome went to back up years later because of that but they have like 300 years of decay we now with and I saw a little more local in the United States let's see what happened currency devaluation air you see this is the of the currency in Rome is going down is going down going on to the point that it got almost 0 and what about the 2 May or currencies in the war are the US and we have the ponds and pretty much this is the of the dollar and this is the cost of living which is the belly of the pond and this is because we live in the what happened here we see that our money is working less than $71.00 in 2009 but what we can buy their purchasing power so less. So do you remember about you were and parents when only 1 need to war in order to keep a family of 5 or 7 Do you remember that time yes we have history till now in this moment who can afford that. The very wealthy people subtly So just to give you up a picture you know $975.00 a new house cost like $48000.00 if you translate that you know what you mean 4840 $8000.20 which is the data and this is the Labor Department by the way so this is Rio data he could cost you like $200000.00 but what happened in that year their house an average house cost to $70000.00 and look more which means that whatever you're making you can Portugal less all the time inflation is going up going up we're not going up we're not we're not we're feel it we John professional here we are feel it and in fact that when I was a study for for the C.P.A. Tess I was surprised that my book is said that in 10 years the source of securities is going to be bankrupt 2 years ago they pass the amount of money that they were even to their mana money they're giving away 2 years ago so economies they wore know that there is a problem growing and that's a sign of the end times. And the same bull acknowledged this is the worse you know if you were in $1075.00 if you were making $10000.00 as a child you could buy your own Cornish. Packing house. Books $10000.00 because it says you need only $7134.00 you know now how much call it in that's not even their tuition for a public school. You know you need a lease for public school close to $900000.00 right now for 1 year so it's unbearable and this is going to it's getting worse then the world will see it does why when you meet your financial advisers they're 100 percent right when they said you need to save money you need to you want your kids gone to college you need to plan now definitely they are mailing in not because this is getting worse and now this is a bear in term I think you see this is of the years this is the G.D.P. the gross domestic production and guess what in the year 2012 you know we owe more money than what we produce this is the 1st time in the U.S. History The happens fountain right that we owe money we are some 2011 economically we can say that the U.S. is broke and we don't feel it but technically is broke we have presidents wars stimulus package and it has gone getting worse no. I want to say this for now there is a saying that in the Bible I want 1 of you help me when you own money to someone and when you own. You are. A slave of the lender who are getting sleep we don't have change with walk free. But canonically we became slave and that's nothing to this is going to play a major role in a 2nd coming. Yes You know when I see is when you go to France and by Sunday I want to ask you what do you own Ok I have the body of these I have the dead these OK if you so everything Are you able to paid out all your debts is a simple yes or no and you suggest I keep a little money for me OK you're fine but if you sell every single asset everything that you have and use the all money that's the point that's when we are declared technically broke you know the thing is we live in a society that because of different reasons you keep borrowing a boring boring so you can live in and I called but he's not your house is the banks you can drive a nice car but he's not jurors he's a bank OK so if you don't pay your mortgage they give you all of the house if you don't pay your taxes you know the levee your your house or the levee your sources a curiosity so that's why when I mean we're broke technically OK we don't fail it but these cause a mayor program in Peru you know in the eighty's you can reveal history about 10 years are going by way when their money didn't work anything is happening right now in Venezuela so I don't spect that we going to be in solely for that in the future you know but that's something that we cannot imagine because it's not happening here you know but anyway I said that we want to see things that we never imagined that's where we need to be prepare OK So and this is another problem if you know increasing of evil for hours and get rich scams. I have to face that because when you are involved in a Ponzi scheme which is someone asked you know we don't give this money you when I became freed I would want to pay you $15.00 times your money in 1 year and then you find out the company did not exist or you send money overseas and. Another person perceive it that's a Ponzi scheme so all the low the IRAs have a section where you can claim you losses for that so when I have clients creations are not Christians saying oh you know what I want to reduce taxes well that you lose money you know to be frank with me Remember I'm the 1 sitting there I have to see there is anything in your life that I can use it in your faith all year and then this is real I send money to Germany for what because I was buying an asset shares in 1 mine in gonna buy a share money and then you gonna OK What is the title you know all they send me an email so this person lost $20000.00 because they offer a lot of money he saw on the computer that he was $20000.00 then would have 80 then 100003 months later he was in the company disappeared the website it did not work and we talked with the F.D.A. the with the police the crime section in Houston and there was nothing to do with that that money was gone now but that's. That's. The work the you thing that. This is growing in science well actually Certainly I personally have to call the thing of brother and sister I love and tell them you are involved is something that is knowledge and. You are your thoughts coming to church and trying to recruit in dowry. Because it's not following. Our speed of the prophecy guideline. It's not when someone told me you can make a lot more money in your thought or the you want to than in your life I sitting in a B. just receiving your checks. If something is not working now you know 1 of the debates you know I'm not sayin that you can any of our country get a priest but we need to study the phrase make sure it doesn't make make sense for him to comment on it 1 of the last months I had is there. Is some cryptic choruses big lines. Does a big issue right now I personally would not invest in that for many reasons and suddenly there are some scams around that building by the prodding is this getting inside this is a parcel from Hughes phone from another bent is he is involved in a large large. Creates scam where he was fined for $15000000.00 for saw the problem these people as we was using his connections inside a chart to sell investment strategies that did not have a backup and that he was fine. Now do you think that this is new you know it happens all the time the fact that in when ever you why it was a life. There was a lot of expect relation about buying alliance to CD buying land in New York the minds on shares in rules and she has specifically talk to the church and said stop doing that because evil is a smart is using good people inside of charge. Because. They said if you make more money you doing later you can contribute that to the child so the idea for the person is when you're not making money. So Ellen knew why it was against God He said gangs spitter prophecy is against speculation in any form not to the acid or to the investment itself is against speculation what is a pickle a should expect relation. I give example. This is a certain right how much is working. The burning of where the market wants OK 102-0200 dollars I make sense if I want to sell you D.S. for $1000000.00 Would you buy it you know OK but if I said there is a special properties in the future of this is going to be 3 me $10000000.00 Does it make sense to invest $1000000.00 Most people say yes because later on I've given you dida and I'm talking very nice is going to multiply your base and by 10 but the problem is there is no actual base why this should be you what are you finding OK So that's the speculation. And this is going to it's happened in the chart I seen it happen with people around it and I don't think it's going to grow it's all versus Do we need to be careful about where you put your money. OK So this is that the most common reasons why finance happens you know lack of knowledge and greed. There is also bad luck where we call we have accidents I do not conduct because the survey 2 main reasons I'm talking now inside of the charge so God said. For 6 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge my people. OK what is lack of knowledge. So when we see these war knowledge. Is is that war in Hebrew you see that so does the same war use in Genesis when God is saying you want to believe knowledge the difference between good and evil OK So the main purpose of that. If for us to separate the difference which is bad which is evil based on God Council and that's why we keep preaching to us but I mean that birth is Jews and the good way for many years but the thing is here is so amazing that he's not that jazz only does it mean that that is specific. Also means knowledge of the good skills in war and manage it for sources that the same for use on 1st 14 when he says he filled it with wisdom and understanding and going to war all works in brass So what it means that lack of knowledge is also a lack of preparation lack of getting deeper you know if you want to invest in real estate for example they're about that Mark if you want to open a restaurant lair about it have some experience in that you know don't get just emotional because someone else is making money on that the specific market or whatever you want to invest your money or how your management and got said that this a principle you know you were this is the world. And great this is this little girl or skill right. What work is what is she doing she doesn't want to share for Toyota. It's mine. I think most of the child children do that you know my my my. Nature we won more you know we have to deal with that so God said for the love of money is the root of evil is the love of money money itself you could say the love of your hobby their love of you can mention different kinds of assets you know the problem is when you we put something on someone else before the love of God that's a real problem so that's great OK God this are his work is to look to him as the giver of all they process this is really our hair on 1 thing or 1. So if we see God as the 1 who is providing for us in real time if we might see you know for those who relate to our check. If we say all you know he doesn't say my name he said Jesus Christ and before I writing a check. Is useful because I want to say this is not my money. So sure I really need that issue is God Jesus going with me to that specific store. Is he seeding would mean that place we take those decisions every day in ours would take more than 5 purchase decision today does away hold reflective Christianity and I hope we don't lack for lack of knowledge or angry now dead that's bad news those are the problems but people that didn't live out there he was so loving that his message also said be as strong and cords here is the fact they might not show us in his words we analyze the Bible I will find more answers because. For me us when I entered to the financer war to the tax war I saw so many programs even with Christians I said hey are we not this songs on the order of got Why do we suffer let me tell you spirits in 2000 May 2007 I need a real sting I lost a lot of money but I want to think what's a me I was amazed is the lack of knowledge hope people trust all others and they take advantage of it brother and sister losing houses businesses to the border knows so is so I kill and then self because finance minister us to all my relatives close 1 slaughterhouse It was horrible why because the knowledge OK doesn't broaden it so hope we get a solution OK we embrace God we baptize we fall on them what else we don't get the solution right there we get the principle of the solution and 1 of the consuls from God that we can use in all our finances is Joshua 1 I be strong and corage that God is with you and that's when I have the pleasure to introduce your high Roberto who is also a member of the to list their worship she the psychologist is doing a master in psychology right now and Christina Mello a mustering finances who is going to translate for her disconnection because it's not just that we know is why we do not apply what God is saying this should be a recent and it's not because we don't want to be safe you know. That's OK Christine I think you. I'm so happy to be here we deal. My name is Christina and I'm going to be translating for you hired today but I also have a lead on next. So if we're going to be talking about the connection the psychology house with our bad or good habits when it comes to wine I miss Coachella Francisco more is killing me I don't know many cans that no say album this whole army medal have you got if they ever heard phrases like I don't know where my money goes I really don't make enough money to pay everything I. Let But I want to say that Carol meant that the. Maybe the question is are we really having good financial habits with the money we have. Or no less rest on man's Plesk well is a standard P.C. less than a. 1 of the reasons what it's really hard to make changes in our financial habits and we don't know the name bless it in maybe yet they'll get a silo well based look but I think the scene this police 1 of them is instant gratification we go to the store we see the new foreigner we see the new dress we like it and we try it on and we buy it and then we realize it's not part of our budget. No matter those less consequence he has made at the US not as my most fund. The 2nd 1 is that we cannot see the consequences of our bad habits the right away so we like that instead gratification we get you know my daughter this 1 look at a most asset look that said Larry let it process all. And we we try to change a bad habit for a new 1 it takes time it's not a change or a success we see overnight so we begin the scourge as they say hold at immortal seche the end when also the. Battle provided I meant that when C.P.O. enough weapons and seizure I am sure some of you ever had to face and knew change and now you have a good financial habits but it wasn't easy when you 1st started this journey will bring more buoyant they must have picked at least adios way. I've story in the Bible that we can apply to this is the story of Joshua and. A sailor and that they must miss my birthday Joe this token day or so I want to reread you from our New King James version and it says Joshua 1 I have I not commanded you be strong and of good courage Do not be afraid nor be this me for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go and. That they both got it cannot see me until Kay may succeed best J. not the little trick or whistles my society owes he borne him but at the little my heart the poilus. Be sorry to repeat again what is has there been a gone up that will scuttle my horse whether as Jane at the last record. To be strong to do with acquiring knowledge be persistent try to find their own resources and see where your financial stability is where you can actually make that improvement. Sort of alien. To act. And be brave has to do with your attitude what I did to you have towards changing your financial situation. Mance been in Cosette already feel a whole they too sexy honest your convictions have to be a reflection that the section of your principles. QUERO that get all look at the end missed this book of yours. But at the remember that everything you have and everything you've been given has a purpose for you on that as you can. Say what are you that they get. So let's live with there sure is that God is going to be with us with us he was with Joshua and he's going to help us through this journey. If you know men think. In the US. And finally cross God and His wisdom when it comes to this. More lag us. On the arena. The horse way the 1 more choker where in can not are but also not past. Can we see it and remember do not give up with our hobby you're sure of the guidance of God Sometimes we make decisions without really 1st consulting with God Is this the right move for us so try to always like always make sure that we are following his guidance in his own comes to different things in areas. That require that most just our 100 but I would embrace our all but at the net I want another mass I can let the ever seen. But I look a. Bit but at the end. And remember it they you are not here in this earth to work for a different company or for humans we're here to perfect our characters for having because that's the only thing we're going to take when we. Actually calms. It's. Sorry. It won't work up OK Yes Thank you Christina and you're Haida for that are just very important because. Your heart also doesn't start a consulting said I am an accountant and sometimes I deliver the measures to my clients but the problem is not on their knowledge not their technique the problem is here they need help to manage their financial distress but that's going to hurt to happen a lot with some of our clients so we want to share 3 principles about finances for the in times and that's unusual because most people do not believe that this coming so I quite well according to God's meant obviously that's our working Be sincere be fair on the all the deals that you do Christians are safe in acquiring money as God directs I use it in channels which he can bless does the money for ministry pastry $36.00 so if you have the opportunity to grow financially pray about it and be secure that if you fall of God you know you are no scening you are not going against God already money that he is going to bless you are going to use you to bless all others OK so that's a principle of God And obviously as I mentioned before. Get rich quick scams. And there is a metaphor to recognize it but that's more technical OK and there is a lot of information about it I'm talking about most of the principles of B. inducers hard worker. And this is from testimony to the charge I says got him press energy What about the need for Savage keepers businessmen to stablish in those 3 S. So that's 1 of the things that impressed me because at the beginning I thought the best of Bentley was a pastor but no God is going to ask each of us what we did with the talents now we had why do we what do you do with your profession or your assets did you say no favor of God when you did you use in the the favor of the medicine and it's not I donated that's good but my view day she's way their hardware is whole I take a decision day by day haul I conduct my business in order to be a reflection of Christ character and be industrious be a hard worker is a characteristic Christian Christian. When Ellen you I was talking about is it is was better related to what is called social enterprises which means you know your focus is no make money but is help all others to achieve financial stability there are a lot of good products out there about it the other obviously about a serving of all the Lamborghini even you like it. And you were in testimony 4 minutes of the same book I mention before said Do not purchase an article merrily to make a show get things that will be useful that will be a 100 educate people to practice serve the 9 lead 8 be can see there that every dollar my represent our soul you know and as just higher dimension and. Faster retribution you sick American what it's all you deserve a new car and a picture back ation a very far away country but can't you pay for it or if you credit cards pay you for it you know. That is. Or finances you know as a country change a lot because they just mention a student loan to start in the 70s before you pay from pocket period the housing market as we know it right now anyone who graduates from college can have access to a mortgage before you have to save years and put 20 percent of the price of your house on the banks have to go through every detail of your finances to make sure that you can repay the long because the banks supposed to keep the loan for 3040 years that changed many years ago and now the banks that issue the loan today is not the 1 who's going to keep it that sell each other to the point that it was funny because in 2008 I found a person who was mortgage free not because this person faded out because if we cause they were so many banks getting bankers 1 on top of the other that for no reason and no so far they ve of the lawn was lost in the process the. Was amazing time for him obviously you know that I don't suspect that bad luck in that sense because when you have to the legal issues later you would favor a more. That reflects whole Gracey became or finances you know country and that's world wide so that is a lot easier to get this reference so a lot easier to purchase find stuff now that because again it's got principle so if you want to be more Prepare to the end times just follow God's command and then I would avoid it you know you have a car made sure if he's wanted to repair it before change it you know don't just do it because you do not change the car just because you get a new degree or you purchase a new house. Bundled up lease because I got against got principle going that way you are proceeding got to listen to you because before we've even known now we know it now look at some because we have 20 minutes left about 1000000000 you why 1 of the 1st be shown on their narrow part to have a deal so large that we are we talking about the end times so in this be sure Ellen you why so herself. A lot of brothers and sisters preparing to go to heaven now she did not say preparing is a bad thing because obviously you know if she knew that the crew was on to the heels of the mountain but to still fairly well in self care self I mean in that we should she prepare OK So preparation is not a scene at all but a whole we deal with changing life. That is when we need to keep that in mind on got 1st so in this be shown the pot gets narrow do not have a space for the scar so they start putting the stuff on top of the horses so they can ride the horses then they have to throw away the stuff and keep just with the horses then depart gets no or a nurse or a nurse saw this for walkie they saw a blog which means a Jesus cross in that way they need to be harmed by this rope that they didn't feed it. And there was a point though they was not more a factor in the happy jump they need to exercise faith in John and that's when they're right for the head while we can err from that thinking of the situation to where the end times of their worship is we need to be prepared not all need to watch choir assets but also when we need to let it go because brother and sister are current in the prophecy we are going to lose everything everything he does remember political connection that's how many call the bank to exude we're going to loose it in 1 point in life but. It will hold we use it for now too bad. That's what it comes that's where we need to refresh cries. Paul we feel we the assets and we need to store so that's a message that we can grab the nation still worship from that obviously the main message is to get ahead. Now broke up an occasion we have like 15 minutes I think. For a minute or very. So there are. Very controversy over what their version is playing a stock market gambling why do you think. The raise their hands yes now brain the market gambling. Is not gambling. OK. You have could be. Could be you know a principal now in fact this I got this. Wrong an interview to Wilson or president and the fact is even for General Conference cost a fortune all the money invested in stocks. This is they bought they make sure that nice for. God's principal they are not they are not selling they are not selling abortion feels they are not you know you can mention a lot of them. So that's a portion of the general comfort of funds assigned as a long term investment are helping make sure of stocks and bonds that are can see there for the for. Quick scam to repeat it because the problem is growing. These is the real company because like a scene those are promoting by people hoping to profit off all their people agree. That what happened was the principal company. It's possible to avoid all risk you know we have resupplied an investment in the folks he said he is more this riskier than all that kind of investment yes I do not recommend it I personally don't do it but I know people that are good at it and they are growing financially because of that. Fight issue but it's a reason not to produce. So pray for guidance. I mentioned before to any kind of event check your bias can you tolerate a loss yes or no talk with your professional. About it and also look for a professional we call reputation you know 1 of the things that when I read about the life of rich people you know it's not that they are expert in every single aspect of their investment but they're make sure that they hire an expert on that area saw they will things about here we are 7 their band of brothers and sisters we have access to each other so don't be ashamed to ask to have a friend who is an accountant ask them if you want a friend with a realtor broker asks them before they can forward or you know pray. If you are married ask your wife your husband for doing human investment you know. 50 percent of all the divorce in the United States including Christians is because of financial problems. 18 percent of all the divorce is related to the student loans that they knew they saw Michiru are all the decision the financial decisions are taking a couple. Now this is another controversy is having a life insurance like a faith. Where in a time you might die for moral Why do we know today what do we need that you know be funny because it's in 860 L.N.G. why she said no insurance is recommended she talks about fire insurance life insurance and different kinds of insurance fraud in. That time what happened in this sixty's in 63 remember that's U.S. history. The Civil War So after the Civil War We have the record structure here we take the call gilding field and here it was a time when there was a lot of scams a lot of. Insurance also receives a bad reputation and because of the time you come for a company you can insure people and then you the clear banker up when you take the money what you think you have for 2100 times the investment I think it might help this same thing happens with the far shore so that's why you would recommend it but in the 1880s she recommends fire insurance for the property for not only overcharge but also person she said if you can bite by it if you can not do you don't want don't do it so that's negative is she setting $865.00 not solve a keeping a Bentley should be engaging life insurance 867 so I going to tell your side of the story. This is 1 of the reasons why I personally side to be engaged in this ministry and this is a woman I respect a lot because she knows a lot of the Bible. Obviously through prophecy but the husband was in on the been. There on 1 you get laid out of her and make her husband died in an accident he was a truck driver you fall asleep. So I was up to back them just stay far when I used to work in the commercial side and I asked him Do you claim the insurance for the car for the truck you know it's almost 100 $1000.00 for us it. Because we don't want to pay that car wash fade out the truck was paid out he'd just be in 1 please. I laughed I thought I lost. But I well I but what about the life insurance because that big husband didn't appear before form that he purchased a term which is cheap form of life insurance by the corporate you for a certain period of time he was paying like $50.00 saw or $200000.00 coverage. And obviously that's insurance advisor by Dems and all of that was a wise decision you know even though you are not Christian you are taking care of your family OK that's a principle a Godly principle you know you take care free from me but then I asked the wife I knew I know you have a husband I think you are you claiming Do you need help with that I say that all know when I counsel it what. Yes I can sell it 2 months before the accident which is like 6 months after I made the guy and I asked why you were only $50.00 and you Carson was making like $4000.00 and you know I should mention it in 674 and then she said I know that God is GOOD me these prove. He is like Dole going to have I want a softening life but that's the way he wants. That if the seething moment I saw the daughter and her daughter would feel angry I mean my Again this teenager not only in those in that part the father was in school having to change now that Modern Warfare 2 she had to survive. They had to not ask if they lost everything just because. These woman these good woman form these specific quote and she decided to follow 100 percent thinking that she was in 87 there was a big reason for that now. In This Is Us thing there were a lot of reasons for that the stamen in the General Conference talk the target analyze even the why state also analyzed they would be on that and the reason why Ellen your wife said that the Pacific Orde just because of Congress believe it is in the war in Korean swirly it is mean is once and got to Providence represent the now you have to restore worship through Stay worship before God in money for greed comparable to speculation in writing fighting and bridge Ellen you what said because I could have 2 diabetic she keeps talking about parents and inventions I image is an asset that was intangible as you can invest in a pairing of someone they makes money you make money get so at that time everyone was created and. Part of you know to the point a worthless patents patents but they sell in it because if someone came in touch about pirates I know because I really don't have to take a class but if we change the name and they put it more fun see wards I might be confuse on if I do not exercise your buys and I take a wrong decision on that So what happens to charge in that moment it was a lot of brother and sister in Sisters losing money because of insurance scams because of parent scams that's why she said that but where were the conclusion you know General Conference officer 181985 they bolt on the Ellen US state confirming 986. The fact that were life insurance was and regulate it and. Get rich quick to scam frequently and till night intense when most of to regulate that you know what you can to create a company for insurance purposes just like that you need to follow certain rules that's why they way haul the insurance industry was a circuit change a lot and now I can tell you that it's more secure to buy life insurance for $50.00 and buy enough fire damage someone sell you for $50.00 these in the 3 is more regular in that this OK So Ellen you why we not make any comments about life insurance after 99 and they discuss this topic and they got to the conclusion that if you can a for life insurance do it there is nothing wrong with it if you don't want to do it just don't do it with a conclusion so I go back to that example to believe an example I said she this woman took at is a financial decision based on 1 quote based on 1 emotional guilt based on fear and I'm sure and the good is not in the church that there is not a charge now why because Chris this teenager grown up and what she saw in Christianity the lack of knowledge we can see Greek or we can see lack of knowledge the evil dong here the evil ones you are not to be loss so either they push you 1 side or the future to the other guy was that's why it's very important brothers and sisters now we have 2 minutes questions if you have anything that would answer right now well right yes. Think about when you're young putting away retirement money so when you get 80 or 90 you'll be OK and you will have to depend on others but there's a lot of people that think that it's not you're not you don't have you know have the face yes if you know if it's a way of money because we know couples are in their eighty's and they never and they have not been Yeah I guess my question you have a face out question I answer this way why do you make the bank to lend you money for 30 years do you think that about the Jesus coming next year because that is up to you know saving if you want to say it is there's nothing wrong to save money God is not saying so everything and put it here in a church and you will be homeless got never said that but depending of our fate most people you know decide how much money they want to give away and that's a personal decision so their thing is. Saving money for the future it's a principle from God Now it takes to the lifestyle different person if someone is going to retire and maybe I know couples that they retire and they want to Ecuador. They live in the Highlands they have a fortune and they don't need money because of the lifestyle that they decide what God wants is think of this nation we want to stay in the United States want to stay here definitely want to make money so you need to say for the future that's that's a principle. Well what about investing. Part of our retirement into charitable gift annuities into the ministry says the church that's 100 percent legitimate if you want to do it or do it I help people who wants to do in that way it's OK you know do it but my job is whoa you pay less taxes on that whole the charts paid less taxes less taxes on oil for example I have when someone wants to send money overseas a large donation overseas I say What are your words that sending the money directly won't help you with your taxes are you aware of the oh no I was aware I thought I could send directly that no no no you need to donate to us base nonprofit make sure the nonprofit exists I suppose and then they if is the allowance to the guidelines the bylaws they can send the money to you where you want OK So yes there is a way how to do it the most efficient way that's when you apply that knowledge. So 1 question thoughts about getting involved in a multi-level company. There is nothing wrong when you train someone and they pay you a commission the problem is when you say that that's going to mean you reach and you stop you need to quit your job. Bearing ball because these vitamin E. cure everything you know I have a friend who invited me for my college year and said all Caesar you are go if you like to talk with me enjoy to this place because you want to make a lot of money I said no that's normal you know I like I come by you get by I mean so you are so I mean there are good but I don't consider the US the panacea of the medicine I prefer to improve my lifestyle and Superman diet because that's kind of what I see here they're so plummets now. The problem is the way hold Moss multilevel marketing operates they have guidelines but they don't know apply that you know I can mention you know I want to say 1 of the insurance company that gave us a very bad reputation that's why we have a. Recent revelation because of the Pacific Company they were a whole they were so large and they were 3 people it was common people you'll see more of the labor market so it is good to improve your. Friendships networking make sure Where are you getting to. Yes So you mentioned most school loans what is the guidelines to how much we can take out or as. As a school loans you buy someone is someone is going to pay for it you have you need to have our cosigner So that's what is very hard even a bankruptcy get away for it so make sure that you use it for what you need and use it efficiently make sure that their degrees are you getting you're going to find a job later because what happened is if you came to the school they want you to take more classes have you 1 if you can so I did no work on counseling but I wanted the financial part so I made sure that at least for the once a counselor is think as many as class classes of you can during college before transferring to. University I'm a sure thus for the degree that you want to get not because you want to have more friends you want to specific class so you will need it later and you're paying $5000.00 for 1 class when you can just be. Investing maybe $100.00 in 1 class or try and get the same retribution of friendship knowledge is not link or change to a college knowledge is everywhere and I personally know people who makes a lot of money I did not finish college but they use that they use knowledge you know in that way hold the laird so guidelines lend their legs that you can apply for a scholarship be a good student don't get in trouble on break out because because it's good when they're. Big going to. Be not investing that personally now there is a lot of speculation about that and the problem with big points is there is nothing backing that is 100 percent of peculation. Saw either government says we go and that's why you know for example before the last year in 2016 you can exchange with going to and watch can see their I change of similar assets or you don't have to pay taxes when you convert it or you transfer but now every single transaction will be going is considered on sale so you have to pay taxes on every single game so makes the accounting so expensive it makes the taxes to the tax regime so expensive that you might make money but I don't see a resolution in the problem is there is not gold there is no real stay nothing you know you are now we can create a big coin right now and give the value we want rather. I missed the last 2 slides of life insurance so I've had a little bit of an experience just now some make a short testimony I was a person brought up by my mother saying that you know son you know trust God give you give you a plus give you offerings angel is there to look after you so my whole life I never have insurance I never have travel insurance I travel many countries a travel many cities and I do many sports many activities. Injuries until last year when my wife also knows that I'm against insurance you want to get extended warranty for a laptop I say no thank you I give my ties into the church a little bit higher I lie just like God's policy better it has no conditions clauses so and I've never had a problem with the laptop or used car or whatever it is and so last year it was in the sand dunes in San Diego and I took a jump and when I landed I broke my back. So it was in the in the morning 8 o'clock I get an email from my wife she saying I don't know what but I got you insurance Well I said. And I replied back you know I am and I don't you might as well cancel it I don't go for this and 2 o'clock the accident happens. So we had a little friend the debate you know so I was in hospital in anyway my injury was 700000 dollars and I should have been paralyzed the doctor because nothing worked from waist down but my legs work nothing else worked and slowly to recovery and sort of coming to a stage my wife still feels that it was good I had insurance she was inspired. I said but when the angel realized that you got a good insurance policy he said I got fired. So it's like what was it because if I didn't insurance policy you know would have absorbed it so it's sort of was sort of something what actually happened so it's trying to put the 2 meanings together as best as I can understand and I'm still trying to figure it out what I do for a future I still have insurance anymore it's over so I said maybe you know the angel still there and he's still protected OK he's going to learn about gravity let him learn his lesson you know but at least he's going to walk is not going to lose his legs so I was sort of protected there but still like the insurance is not even paying half of that so that stiff man's in policy that I feel that I wasn't sure even til today so what do we do about insurances you know yeah they sure are you know they basics of insurance is why you cannot divorce so this is the way I was quite taught with my if you're my friend you're buying a nice car you can you get lease a car for. A car payment for $200.00 all but you'll be half a nice car for $500.00 you know you have a $300.00 extra that you can afford so. It's about protection. And they base their base concept insurance on that's a specific subject that we don't think right now we don't talk on I know. It's in the Bible is in Deuteronomy and they have a specific rules of all the whole if for example there is I don't remember the quote A specific about it's like if you have a bull and people hit someone you need to warn you you have need to kill the bull I need you you need to work for what that person is losing income so now we don't have that but we have car insurance you curse on 1 insurance going to cover until certain limit the amount of money that that person is loosing and also covering there now the thing is a current sure isn't mandatory for most of the states in all their part of the wars life insurance is mandatory so it depends of what you are superb can afford and also what if you've got an age girls and you know obviously when someone asked me I get the answer but if you don't want the person you feel 1 who is feeling we've got a record amount now they probably have it when someone said you proof as a Christian do not buy insurance or proof that your creation and buy insurance now does what does God doesn't force us is the evil force in us so that's very specific case by case they're for. Doesn't microphone there many of the. Real ignorant you know here we are we had A.S.I. and we have businesses and many of us don't even know what a budget is many of us don't even know their profit and loss statement is no real lack of knowledge we need more knowledge and now Google is out there we can do all you know so we're really learning as we go but in the past we've been very ignorant agreement we do not know and think yet that church leaders are investing in the stock market and do enough and things and we're sitting up there like ignorant fools and you know so we have to be diligent students and do our part and learn as much as we can so that we can stand with God And yes that's the power of knowledge you know that's 1 I decided to study day to community why they are very successful financially These guys know all this from the time of war and they apply even the ones that the North followed their relations but by culture or they applied so I got this sort of charge that if you are a defined national principle from the Bible and you apply it and you decide not to be a Christian yes you got to live you get the consequence of that which is well most of the cases by you want to get to heaven so here research you need you don't need to suffer if you can improve improve work but all main goal is to get happy that's OK thank you everyone this is. Our information thus taught us to worship ministry we are more than welcome to share more information if you want to donate you can do it through old post Center International thank you very much and we want to close with a prayer for your notice come. 75 I think there are costs in this family because we've left us with a lot of knowledge we have brother and sister that benefits please put the hardest bread in there. According to God which. Media was produced by audio group. By Ave Lehmann services and industry. If you would like to learn more. Please. Or if you like to live for free online. Or.


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