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How to Reach People Living in Your Neighborhood

Tony Moore
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You can share the Good News with the people living in your neighborhood! In this seminar we will explore the most powerful approaches and useful tools for communicating our unique message to your friends, co-workers, patients, clients, and neighbors in a way that they will understand. Discover what works best with your gifts, talents, and life situation to be equipped to effectively witness with both passion and purpose and watch what God will do!


Tony Moore has served as a Bible Instructor, church planter, pastor, and evangelism director for It Is Written. He was converted at a Rolling Stones concert in 1972 and has a passion for sharing Jesus. From this rich background he launched the Biblical World in 2004, dedicated to creating seminars designed to reach people living in the western world. His wife, Helen, is integrally involved in their ministry.




  • August 3, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege of being here and A.S.I. and I thank you for each 1 who is here and for those who have come to this seminar as we want to explore how we can more effectively reach our community our neighborhood the places where we live it's thrilling to hear stories of what you're doing around the world but Lord we want to see it in our neighborhood we want to see that with our neighbors and the people we work with so just give us an ordering of your spirit with Saturn and we pray as we explore these ideas losses with the with Holy Spirit speak to our minds and hearts so that we can see our eyes can be open that we can see what's available around us and how we can make an impact with others we ask in Jesus' name amen. So I was quite happy with that title and as you can tell my burden my desire is to how can we reach the people living in my neighborhood calking we reach people like me so last year in Houston the call me on Thursday night and we have a nominee committee like for you to be the vice president and I thought you know what my little niche is right here my heart is on how do we reach western thinking people right here in North America and I know we have lots of stuff around the world and anyway as they came and talked with me I you know I thought I could be real honest I was walking back to the Marriott it was about 2 miles but I had status with Mary out so I wanted to stay there and get the free breakfast and so I was walking back and I was complaining Lord I don't have time to do this and go to board meetings and do all these different things and my nose is barely above the water line. And the Lord said You know what you're always complaining that we do things all over the world and we don't do things in our neighborhood so let's see what God will do OK And so that's how we're here this afternoon but anyway how can we reach people like me How could you reach people like you people that live in your neighborhood and that's really what was on my heart I love what God does around the world in this exciting but what can happen here can we really communicate with our friends and our coworkers our patients and our clients and our neighbors in a way that they will understand can we. Now on Tuesday we had a board meeting and 1 of the board members mentioned they were very passionate about Revelation 146 and through 12 and you've heard a little bit about that and what's going on with the teachers but when you look at that I want you to think about what this is saying I saw another angel fly in mid-air and he had the eternal Gospel to preach you know those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe language and people King James Everett kindred nation talking and people the target those who live on the earth but where I want you to think about this for a moment where was our nation United States of America. Do we have tribes here we have red drives and blue tribes but do we have more than sorry I don't in Florida I got to be careful what I say I'm from California but you know we're coming tribal aren't we even in politics even an ideology is all kinds of differences there are there any other differences besides that every tribe other tribes here. We talk about people being in columns today they're in columns are insulated from other people believe let's just say politically what more religiously. We kind of live in these different worlds where words mean different things to different people language we all speak the same language I'm assuming in this room or you wouldn't be here you speak English at least whether you speak other languages or not but that doesn't mean we're necessarily communicating with those people sometimes we think well we gave the message what did we did that resonate and people and so there's all these little differences as it will as down as it drills down what it means to communicate the eternal Gospel to the people who are living here and we need it to filter down all the way to my trying to my language you know we kind of been on the committee recently they were joking about the youngest member on the committee who was a millennial and now he has gray hair but we're always joking about you know you know he'll end it you guys don't understand because you're not on the lineal right and we do have words that mean different things how do we use those words I remember in my youth. I had a wonderful godly grandmother who prayed for me she was a Bible worker she actually gave Bible studies to Johnnie Earnhardt if you've read his book about being converted that way and I'll never forget when George Harrison played that. Wonderful tune with very interesting words My Sweet Lord we were going to school she was driving to school when she said the Beatles believe in Jesus did they did George Harrison help me what was he talking about My Sweet Lord Harry Krishna. So he was using the same words but they're meaning different things and so words really don't have meaning until we define them and so we need to be able to define things so that people understand organ we can give the message and it just doesn't resonate it doesn't touch into the heart and that's what we want to do is to try and reach into that and so when you think for a moment about Paul going to Barry and how many of you're familiar with just as a Paul Ok so many of you many of you aren't and we'll get a chance to talk to you tomorrow morning at Sabbath school about the conversion of Paul but we think about Paul and he goes to Berea was he successful would you call that a successful meeting Sure lots of people responded lots of Jews and proselyte I it's they all respond and then Paul goes down to this place how do you know they're not so good. So he goes down to Athens and he has a whole different audience and then he leaves Athens and he goes over to Corinth and what happens there. He comes in through through the gate of the cranium by the way cranium in school all right so you go through the cranium gate the skull gate and he thinks of Calvary being a god author and he says I decided no nothing among you except for Jesus Christ and Him crucified Now many of my colleagues I pastored for 25 years and I don't pastor this point the church we do the biblical world ministry but I pastor 25 years and so I go to a lot of Pastor seminars and speak at house or seminars and many people think that Paul got his ears boxed in Athens got his hand slot. And so he determined not to use philosophy anymore when he went to Corinth he was only going to preach Christ and Him crucified I determined to know nothing I'm on you except Jesus Christ to him crucified. But I would suggest maybe we should be hesitant on that for a moment was it really a flop in Athens I want to tell you I've only baptized 1 Ph D. even MIT and all of my ministry OK and he reached a guy named dial in the sis who was 1 of the top 30 scholars in the entire world teaching at the University of Athens I call that pretty successful when you and so Paul really adapted his message and Perea he had a lot of people who were Jewish they had a memory of Judaism they had a common even if they were prostitutes by the way the best I can tell 10 percent of the Roman world were Jews pretty amazing and 25 percent or 1 of the Roman world were God fear or they had an attraction to Judaism but they didn't want to get circumcised but they kind of prefer that so they're open to it it's really 35 percent of the world in general is open to what Paul is saying and they can go back to the Hebrew Scriptures That's pretty incredible and so Paul touches base with that group in Berea and they have you know what they have they listen to Paul every day with an open mind and searched the Scriptures De Lay to see if what he was teaching was true or not a good thing is there was an Internet right. It would be a lot more difficult to Maria because it had been on their Googling what it was what and getting all kind of prejudice and so on it would been going on. Down in Corinth Corinth was basically I live in California and L.A. so are Long Beach you know along beaches it's a shipping place because they had the boats that would come from the Aegean and they drag them for miles across the isthmus and put them on the other side and they go out of the Adriatic because they were afraid to sail around the southern Greece and so you know a lot of dock workers they're not into philosophy they're not you know all those things and so he comes in and he preaches a whole different message to a whole different group of people there and God last well it's easy to say we want to reach our neighborhood isn't it it's easy to even say we want to reach our world but I want to think about this for a moment. Hard to say I want to reach the people living in my neighborhood. Right our neighborhood my neighborhood now you can see this beautiful little logo than those you've seen it all 3 a side business unusual and as we struggled with this last fall of our retreat as an executive committee what should the theme be we really kicked that around back and forth and I was going to say reaching my world I kept pushing for that and how those are pushing for other things and ultimately we can turn out to be a beautiful and wonderful appropriate the clock all of that going on logo but we do want to have our lives to be unusual right but I want to think about how do we reach our world how do we reach my neighborhood and that's what we'll talk about this afternoon. As I said I've only baptized 1 P.H.D. So it's not enough to tell them something to tell them it's not enough to warn them sometimes they think well we just put it on than the T.V. channel they've had the opportunity that's not communicating to every nation kindred Trung and people right it's going to filter down as to the way that they're going to understand and respond and in a language they would speak I remember. Being in montréal I don't know whether to say this or I want to say it anyway in Montreal we were doing meetings there and our English brochures. Revelation brings hope. Yeah now we didn't change it when I went to French and guess what it said. The apocalypse that revelation the apocalypse brings hope. Yeah so we you know I kind of stood back and said What does that mean to certain people in Montreal the end of the world brings up to the suicide call unison and saying we have to sometimes make sure that the message we're sending out resonates with the people we're trying to reach and and so some people knew it was revelation they were all excited about yes revelation brings hope but in the strict translation the apocalypse which means the end of the world for many people brings hope so witnessing is Jesus witnessed this and our spring meeting in Southern California and we live in the Pacific Union had a right not so we live in a civil union this more the Southern California. The former president of the chapter asked me to speak on witnessing as Jesus witnessed and so I wanted to just to share a couple thoughts with you this afternoon witnessing is jihad if he is witness anyway and that might help us and so I'm going to use a little initials you know that what did Jesus do this is this how did Jesus witness H T J W It was really many and varied ways wasn't it he witnessed in many different types of ways sometimes he healed people in response to their faith but guess what. Sometimes he healed them in response to someone else's faith. Sometimes the guy who is healed on the Sabbath and picks up his bed doesn't even know who healed him incredible right different ways sometimes he told them Go and tell what the Lord has done for you and other times when he said don't tell anybody what I've done many and varied ways so our question is how did he win this let's just define for a moment what is a witness what is a witness anyway what Webster says as 1 who has personal knowledge of something. That's helpful isn't it dictionary verse the verb is used with the object to see hear or know by personal presence and perception and so we think about witnessing in our neighborhood what do we know by personal experience and presence so what did Jesus have a personal knowledge of a like this text so much John 118 no 1 has ever seen God but the 1 and only Son who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the father has made him known so Jesus came to make known the Father is a matter of fact he came to witness about the father and so his whole ministry and purpose coming into this world was really to reveal what his father was like I love this little paragraph or sentence from Christ object lessons page 40 Christ's favorite theme was the mark of the beast so when it says Christ favorite theme was dogging on other churches. Christ favorite theme was what. The paternal tenderness in abundance grace of God Jesus came to reveal what his father was like he's constantly unfolding that in all of his experiences he's trying to teach us what his father is like and you know what the people in your neighborhood need that some of you had a really great time with your father and so you probably didn't have a very great time with your father right but we can teach people what our fathers like and that's what Jesus this favorite theme in the needs of our world have not changed to have a social look at example or 2 Here's an example there's a guy named Nick at the most he comes to Jesus at night and so people wonder why is he come at night and just think of this he's a member of the Sanhedrin What does that mean it's a 70 top scholars and judges of Judaism of the day and he's 1 of these top 70 guys and he comes to Jesus at night and he seeks and out now he comes asking questions why well here's basically why Jesus comes in and he challenges the status quo in the temple he overturns their their their their money changers tables and drives them out because the Sadducees are running the temple and the Sadducees don't believe in all the Hebrew Scriptures ever they only believe in $5.00 books and the Sadducees don't believe in the resurrection of the dead would you call them corrupt. Wow there you would be on a warpath about that wouldn't we if they were the leaders Jesus challenges that who is this guy to do that and the Kadima says Ferris the standing back here he says Wow All right. Rabbi. You know you no 1 can do this unless God is with them. They felt impotent to change the situation. And so Jesus' challenge the status quo so if he was comes and what does he do he flatters Jesus Rabbi same word that Jesus is not a trained Rabbi nicotine is causing by the same title he's called as a member of the Sanhedrin affair a c he flatters in the ass and join the infighting apostasy right join me in fighting the Sadducees these corrupt people who are running the temple and uselessness of that and he does he says you have to be born again it's not about fighting a process in the getting us he got to be born again Now the interesting thing is the Jews 7 the Gentile converts to Judaism he has to be immersed and they say he's been born again so Jesus saying nicotine as you may be the great scholar 1 of the tops 70 judges in the land but unless you're born again you can't see the kingdom. Cynically with me but you know the story of how can I go back into my mother's womb and so on and so on my point is it's easier to discuss religious controversy and to surrender the heart and so as we want to be powerful witnesses we want to surrender our hard now I have to confess I love enjoy I enjoy the skies and controversy as much as the next person but ultimately have we want to communicate with people about Jesus he responded to his questions he wasn't distracted by the side issues and then he led this outwardly observant Jewish man to be born again and then there's another story as want to give you these 2 little stories at this point the Samaritan woman remember that she comes to draw water and you just said to her Will you give me a drink now that's an amazing story what time was it the member. About noon is that when you do your gardens here in Florida you I grew up in North Carolina was born here in Orlando I grew up in North Carolina my my parents they did their gardens at 5 or 6 in the morning right they did it early and do in the evening here in the south of the still hot so she didn't want to come and interact with the other people right now this water's response is a you are a Jew and I am a Samaritan How can you ask me for a drink for Jews to not associate with Samaritans there is a law longstanding animosity but Jesus doesn't let that stop him even though there's a prejudice where Jews would not want to drink the water from a Samaritan What did he ask for a drink a drink he's a bold reformer who went beyond the religious and ethnic principles of his day there's a gender gap here by the way there were just knows what the rabbi said the rabbi said Let no 1 talk with a woman in the street no not even his own wife well it just blows right through all of these barriers speaks to a person that would be despised because of their ethnicity being a Samaritan speaks to a woman in public and then maybe we think maybe even a woman who's questionable in her background because she's there at noon avoiding the other women Jesus breaks through all of that if you knew the gift of God and who it is and asked you for a drink you have asked him and he had to he would have given you living water. This relies on using this my going to have a wireless me that you have it will keep using it I guess it works. Then leaving her water jar the woman went back to the town instead of the people come see a man who told me everything I ever did Could this be the Christ or the Messiah they came out of the town and made their way toward a member they said now we believe not because of what she said but we believe you are the savior of the world I want to think about the different ways that Jesus reaches people and and by the way this is the 1st person that Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah to hasn't told his disciples that hasn't told other Jewish people that he tells this to a son Meriton woman a despised ethnic group a woman maybe a woman of ill repute and he reveals his messiahship to her and it is powerful so think about the contrast make a demon's upright man spend his life obeying the oral and written law comes asking a question about apostasy in the church just says you have to be born again she's an outcast and Jesus asks for her help I want to emphasize sometimes people may come to you and asked you a question in your neighborhood sometimes you have to pray Holy Spirit help me to ask them a question maybe even have to pray ask them for help Jesus even though he was the creator of the world didn't have a rope to let down a bucket to get water out of the well right and so he asked that very practical help and then he gave her the water of life Jesus was observant he was looking for spiritual needs and then he targeted his message to his audience. And when you think about that for him to be effective in reaching our neighborhoods and he had 1 theme his favorite theme he repeated it many different ways over and over the paternal love of the Father and you know what everything else will flow from understanding that at least that's what we get from ones Jesus did now was Jesus always successful you going to go back to your neighborhoods and so I'm going to slam the door on your nose and you're going to have your feelings hurt was he always successful no. No What about the rich young ruler. Can you imagine he runs up Jesus I got to do this age you know and and you don't that guy in your church right you'd want to baptize that guy he said Go sell everything you've got in the guy goes away. He goes away sorrowful must have hurt I don't like rejection you know the you know I don't like it Paris he's largely rejected him only 5000 fair seats but most of them rejected them however a couple accepted. But he didn't compromise he didn't wash hands he didn't compromise that's a whole different story so I want to think for just a moment about a witness and what they know years ago I went to school at Wildwood I became a Christian in 1972 at a Rolling Stones concert in Charlotte North Carolina and the next year I went over to was going to Southern missionary college in those days and end up at Wildwood and that Wildwood I ended up working at the Rajah vegetarian restaurant because I read those books that talked about health ministry and so I'm working in the health ministry and I'm very impressionable as a young person and we've got some people who really got into educational reform and how in my field my mind with education reform you know and how wrong it was to do certain things and you know we should really straighten the world out about all this and so I'm working at that and I was all keyed about that and we had a businessman that came every day he was in town and not traveling on business he'd come and eat there and and so my job was to go eat with the clients and enjoy the clients and develop relationships with women and so we make a real bond and 1 day he asked me what I was studying and you know my mind was full of education reform. So you know I gave him a Bible study about. So. So inappropriate educational reform because that's what was on my heart the Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Now just like the next person I enjoy following current affairs and I have to confess politic I enjoy following all of this we have to be careful what we speak of out of our heart right was a squandered opportunity out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak of now I was a pastor in Southern California in Norwalk California we had our daily bread. And so the Food for Life was another vegetarian restaurant and so was Pastor senior pastor at often go over and I would meet with people and develop a relationship with a young couple younger than you young couple and they'd come in every day and and you know people are vegetarian for many different reasons and they were vegetarians because of PETA right the Ethical Treatment of Animals and so they when I asked if they wanted to say the Bible and so we have several Bible studies and then in my chronology I came down to the bible study of the sanctuary of Jesus being the Lamb of God does that touch your heart. I got all into that and I shared all that and how they had us confess or sins on the head of the Lamb and then sacrifice a lamb. The. Wrong thing to be saying to a person right. And so I'm just trying to share that we need to know who we're talking to and we need to be understanding of that and they were not strong enough to hold up with that and guess what last Bible study I had with them last time they came to our budgetary and restaurant and I could feel kind of good well I gave him the message of Jesus but we have to be appropriate in what we're doing so I don't encourage you to join me in focusing on knowing Jesus and as we know Jesus will share all of that share his favorite theme the paternal love of God if you're doing that he's going to abound to other people and can we look for opportunities I believe in your neighborhood there are opportunities all around I believe in your church there are opportunities all around I believe where you work there are opportunities all around but you know sometimes we have scales over our eyes and we don't see those opportunities. Now Patty is here I picked on Patty a moment ago Patty Guthrie is our. Chapter president for the Pacific Union she was just elected. In April and I met had me and her husband a couple times a day aside but I've gotten to know or and Pat He was trained she has a vast 1st degree in Bible instructor work. Not really but had he is planned to her neighborhood as an Mt Shasta California so you know we're doing prepared we're praying for because there's a lot of fires around there right now is really on not such a good situation of his change since we talked that EVA. And Patty attends a church her husband is physician in there and they do a lot of programming and Patty has been having some wonderful experiences and I asked Pat if she just come and share a few minutes with us about what it is like to share with people in her neighborhood and what's happening in our neighborhood because I found it quite exciting and so again. I'm going to interview you for just a moment and I'll let you come up yeah. So Patty you're not a trained by worker. My brother corrected you he said Yes I got trained by our father growing up but it wasn't a Bible school in fact you didn't go to out CO You know all these programs are wonderful but you didn't go to those and have not had that opportunity I would have loved to you there was a need yes so this tell us a little bit about what's happening in your neighborhood I think your people coming to your church are different programs and your church is very evangelistic it's 1 of those churches that. They're so mean as ever your so what they do know OK thank you for setting me straight. He set me up for that when. Brief History I homeschooled our 4 children and when they went away to school I was there and our big empty house what does the LORD have for me to do well it's not to stay home and have a pity party which is what I felt like doing but over time God has led me into something I've always loved and have done is health ministry through our church different programs. Lots of different types of programs we've done I've been a little frustrated though over the years to as many of you who are in health ministry of experience to bridge our health our health outreach with winning souls this is been a focus of mine to understand how do we bridge these things kind of a separate topic but in the process I started to really know what I asked I prayed that God would give me a burden for souls and so he's done that and then once I have the burden then what do I do with that so just kind of jumping quickly to some of my experiments in winning souls 1st of all if you have a goal it helps to have a goal in order to win a soul and if we're just kind of waiting and hoping we might bump into somebody our success in winning those souls is a lot less than when we are more. Purposeful in our activity and no I've become very purposeful in being a lord's trying to teach me to not be so where a focused on myself but on the needs of the people around me that could be include people who are in our church many people have a story to share and there are a few people who are willing to listen so just jumping into a few stories 1 of the 1st things I tried to was when when Sabbath a young lady came to church. Christmas tree type and I hadn't seen her before I greeted her welcome to her and asked her if she by chance knew anything about the agonist faith in which she'd be interested in Bible studies and she said Well I'm a I don't want to know anything about the mark of the beast and I said not a problem you know I would just like to just enjoy getting together to study with you so over the course of the next few weeks I started going to her home her mom was there her mom had become an admin ISP reviews Lee and fallen away so her mom would be there and she would kind of come into the kitchen and leave there was music and other distractions around but over the course of time her boyfriend was in jail which was a providence because I had time with her without the distraction so we continued studying together long story short it was the thrill of my life to see Jesus change her heart to deliver her through bible study from the actions that had nearly ended her life so she gave her heart to Jesus she was bad ticed in our lake that's where we have all our bad tism And then when her boyfriend got out of jail I was very concerned about what would happen they did get back together but he also has given his heart to Jesus and he was subsequently baptized and now they are still a part of our church family and they are they are like our family our kids they've had a baby now and now I've gone back and I missed. We'll studying with her we didn't for a while but we've renewed that and now we're talking when we get together and studying the Gospel we're talking about how to win her friends and neighbors in her community and I'm supporting her in the idea of starting a mom support group for in our church to bring the mothers in her our community that are her community that she's starting with her neighbors to our church and studying and being there for them that was sort of my 1st experience another experience I had in our neighborhood we got lots of snow in the winter I was walking around our neighborhood this was about a year and a half ago we do have a lot of relationships with our neighbors but part of learning to listen is to hear where people are at and what they're ready for and as we inquire about their family and their occupation and their relationships we can learn what questions to us next well this lady had just met she was out shoveling her snow she started to talk to me about our little dog and that struck up a conversation and truthfully I don't know how the conversation got around to it but I'm always aiming if possible for an opportunity to say what have you ever studied the Bible and would you be interested and I asked her that question and she was well what would that entail I said well we could just try once if you would like to get together and I have some studies and where would be can be happy to come to your place so we did begin studying she is that with as situation she had been away from her husband she had left him for a while because he's a 247 pot addicted person and she just needed to get away improvident she would have gotten away to our neighborhood and so we began studies Meanwhile she neuer took her back to her husband we continued studied studying and over and I also brought in a late mother Lady from our church I had studied with previously and was just about ties to she joined us and they were able to really connect in terms of their home situation and what they were dealing with and and really it's not about me it's about connecting these people as quickly as possible with our church family. And so our church family has learned that we're all part of a team and becoming friends with these people so it's really not about me or anything special we're together I need all the people all these people we need each other to be the hands and feet of Jesus so she I have pictures in my phone but anyway you can imagine she was just bow ties in June gave her heart to the Lord completely as she's just praising God she's entering out in faith and paint returning a tie and it's just been a thrill for me another thing real quickly we started a music ministry Well we'd always done kind of done it you know like out of a good work will go to the nursing home and sing and that we feel good now because we did that I hate that we sometimes have not the best motivation and I want to just confessed my motivation has not always been the probably isn't ever pure for Jesus because self isn't and I just I'm so sad for that but I want for self to be dead so that people don't see me I don't want them to notice what I'm wearing I don't want them to notice anything I just want them to experience Jesus' love so in going to the nursing home 1 Sabbath I said to my husband why don't we try and go to the hospital and sing for some patients since he's a doctor and everybody knows that they went to the nurse's station Sure enough so we went with our pastor and a group from our church he had the guitar and we sing Some him and then as we were singing in a couple of different patient rooms we were joined by another lady she had a white lab coat on who is this afterwards I met her she is the new chaplain Catholic for our hospital Well we have become the best of friends and she started arranging opportunities for us to sing for hospice patients in their homes in addition now we're on it she's got me on her texting you know we text and we have a group and we call everybody together sometimes within just a few hours to go well she last winter wanted us to sing for a patient smother and know there was a patient. Who was the mother of a gentlemen who want to sing we went in saying she was basically in a coma and we sing for about 15 minutes and I thought this woman bless her she's about to pass away and she hasn't heard anything you know she doesn't know anything and her son was not there after we sing the son went to the chaplain and said to her who was that they came in sing for my mother I'd like to thank them while they were you know from a church well what church 7th Day Adventist So he went on and googled and found Walter vice and started watching amazing discoveries and unbeknownst to us any of this and she the chaplain invited him to come to church because she too comes to our church and so he came and he was ready to join our church the 1st Sabbath he arrived so someone came to me and said this me and once Bible studies and from other experiences which I won't share right now I've learned that Ellen White's counsel is right that is best for women to study with women I have studied along with a man but even sometimes in groups hasn't always been the best lots of wisdom in prayer is needed so I ran to get my husband who's a busy orthopedic surgeon honey this guy needs a bible studies can you come in and meet him and start So long story short my husband started a study group with this me and now he's going to be baptized in a couple of weeks another man who had never been out of the mist in our church his wife became an ominous through studies of years ago but anyway he joined the group and now they're both going to be baptized they formed a real meat bond and the men together it's just wonderful Let the men study together I love that and then the women go home and work on their husbands but it's best for me not to do that right so anyway I just. Said I stop for 1 more story OK. I am really wanting to like I mention to devote to connect the health message in the Gospel and so we've started a weight loss support group and that's unscripted we meet in a circle there's usually 15 of us we started in March and we're praying and I'm reading we have a hand out with the Scripture I have everyone read the scripture aloud these are not Christians that are doing this and I'm telling them and we present the new START principles and it's just a little bit we have a conversational discussion each evening show like 5 minute clips from that a You Tube or whatever on the topic but I tell them you don't have to believe in Jesus to pray to Him You don't have to believe in the Bible to claim a promise and where we are just providing this this is something you get you that's unique here at our church that you don't get in Weight Watchers and we're happy to pray for you but you don't have to feel like you have to become a Sunday on this we care about you no matter what we're doing this for free and we're not selling anything we just care about you and by the way these people are experiencing weight loss it's just so exciting they come with their own testimonies about what God is doing and 1 time a lady who is completely not a Christian believes in reincarnation and the whole bit she said hey you don't have closing prayer. And she's texting me to pray for her you know we're going to be starting Bible studies but there was a lady I've been about my age she's like trickle engineers studied MIT Stanford University master's we've been developing a friendship over the about 10 years and she's come to several of our health programs she's a yoga master instructor and she's always been a little bit distant about the Bible even though she's appreciated our vegetarian lifestyle while we had a couple of we've gotten together few times. About 4 months ago we had a couple of a young couple come in present and overcoming addiction seminar at that seminar they were pretty overt and I knew our audience is new age and not Christian and the last seminar or the last. And they gave the woman who was presenting came on very strong about forgiveness and Jesus and the gospel and I was putting myself in the in the seat or that I know how their thinking is and I was feeling like I feel like they've made they maybe feeling we've just been kind of. Being too strong for them so I stood up and I said you know I want to thank you my friend for what you presented until all of you have come it's evident we really love Jesus and we appreciate the Bible very much those of you who know me know I love to study the Bible and if anyone wants to just come tug on my sleeve you know let me know happy happy too but we want to respect your freedom I know that you all represent many different faiths backgrounds we respect who you are more you come from and you are free to believe whatever you choose and that's part of our belief system is freedom to choose so we want to thank you for coming tonight we wish you all the best and I probably close with prayer I don't recall but after that my friend that I had been friends that she was there that night well a few Next week I was out on a walk with my dog and my phone rings and she goes Hi Patti this is she said her name and she goes say you know I heard which I heard what you said last Wednesday night and I'd like to I was wondering if you'd be willing to start studying the Bible with me and I would like for you after that it could we go for a walk she goes I just like to study with you and then go for a walk and I was like Certainly So we started studying and I went to her home they have a lovely home and she has a beautiful meditation room overlooking the mountains and were studying in her meditation room she just returned from India she'd been there studying there and been to a Vedic healing center and so she has a lot of questions about what we believe and so on but she said it was because I gave her freedom to listen without feel. Like I was going to push it as she was willing to study so we are having a phenomenal experience she is sharing with me from her perspective and she's told me if I had known about Jesus I might not have ever gone down this path with yoga as what I have but I can see your hunger She's now on a trip 3 months travelling I sent desire of ages with her and I'm praying earnestly for the Lord to send the message of Jesus she says I wish I had something to believe that I was as passionate about as you are about Jesus so all that to say some of these things are works in progress we don't always see immediately the fruits of our labor and that's probably for our own good but I pray that God would instill in each 1 of you a hunger for souls and you pray for him too Ellen White says she saw hundreds of thousands of people going and reading the Bible in their homes before Jesus comes where are we who are the people she saw let it be us and our church why Tony began our church has never had it in the Angeles series in the 20 or 25 years that I know of in the past we have not they have not been favorable to public evangelism at all and the only opportunity I've had is to do health ministry and they're OK with that and I was so frustrated and then finally I thought you know what can I do for Jesus well stop blaming those people and do what I can and God is so merciful and so people in our church are supportive and we praise God for that and I wish you all that he may increase and we may decrease. Thank you so much when she shared some of the stories I thought how incredible you know what she was doing she was praying Lord let me say she was looking like the woman at the well right asking questions of some of these people and so we kind of put ourselves in the position that we have to be looking to be able to observe and see we have to have a heart to pray for a lost people and that's what Patty was doing and in a vision for a glory give me a vision of law. They let me see them because sometimes they're just people coming to a program or sometimes they're just people who are taking my neighbors and then we have to pray for a passion and you hear a passion Lord give me a passion for lost people you can share the people the good news of people living in your neighborhood and coming to your programs just like that and I have another friend that I want to have come up and he's doing something a little bit differently and. Because we want to talk about the most powerful approaches and useful tools for communicating our unique message to our friends coworkers patients clients and neighbors in a way they will understand and so we need to have a passion to reach lost people and we need to pray that God will help us to discover how we can reach lost people for the Lord now Denzel I know that you're a busy person because I'm on 125th of a of the number of committees outside of your business work that you're on with A.S.I. and I'm just amazed and yet in the midst of all of that you've developed a passion for personal ministry to reach out and touch people tell us about it. Well it's been several years ago now that my wife and I said that we need to start actively and aggressively looking at how we can share our faith and so we've been praying every day Lord bring is someone that we can share faith with and the Lord it's amazing how many times the Lord's gives a SOP or 2 Naji's and all the lot of the ideas that we got we got from A.S.I. members so when I tell you what we're doing it is not our original ideas things I learned through a side so does but it's just mainly the main thing is doing it you know we 1 thing that we did I learned from me as a member is make sure you have conversational pieces within your office that you can talk about so I have a I have Nathan green are my lobby. You know inside and then as you walk into the door of my office there's a picture of Nathan a small little pitcher Nathan green heart of the businessman right as you walk into my door in my office and then inside you know I try to have things around from different travels what I find with the business people that I deal with that people like to talk about travel so I can talk about travel because I've done a lot of it but then they say well what you go for and then I start tone about the mission trips and what you know the things the projects and things that we're involved with and it leads into a conversation that is always really very interesting and so my wife and I we go to dinner with customers and they always want to talk about vegetarianism because we always are vegetarian and then they always want to talk about travel and we can talk about travel that way so it's given us an opportunity and now there are several people that we meet with on a every $34.00 month timeframe where we can get to talk and start to share our faith now we don't know where that will go but we know that it will go we know that we need to plant the seed I had 1 businessman that I actually we I'm trying to be more health conscious and so instead of meeting add a lot of people like in my business like me to coffee shops or Caribous or Starbucks right why where I mean a man is a gym and we walk around the track. And so we do walk in and so we walk around the track and I do that with about I pray about $66.00 or 7 customers Now we about once a month we meet and we walk around the track and we talk and 1 guy you know I always answer when someone's asked you how you do and I always say fantastic but it's going to get better and when people say fan how can get better fantastic and I say the Lord's going to come when he comes going to get better than that and and so so it's just a way or a people say how you do and I always say I'm blessed 1 time I said I said to a gentleman and he said how you do and I say bless he goes that's right you're Christian I'd like to talk to you more about your faith can we sit down and talk and we and so he came to my office I cater and I have a in my office I got a kick a conference table and we always cater and meals a lot of meals right in my office and so we cater in a meal there and we talk right there in the office and it's amazing the opportunities to witness and and already now we've we've been able to go to dinner with that couple 3 times so I don't know where it's going to go but you know we want to continue to plant those seeds another gentleman says How do you how are you positive every day I want to know how you're positive every day and I said well you know I read the Bible every day and I try to get my inspiration from the Bible and somebody will say he says he have I don't have a lot of time with that and I said well you know the John Bradshaw has this great thing called The 1 Minute video and so I gave that to him and he watches it and every time I see him he thanks me for that 1 minute video because he says I watch it every day and he's been watching it now for years now we don't know where those seeds are going to be planted but it's an opportunity. My wife is very involved in health of vandalism and so we decided that we need to get more aggressive in our health of vandalism So now what we do is when we do our surveys we ask at the bottom does anyone want to study the Bible. Well the 1st time we did that we're shocked because there is about a dozen people that wanted to study the Bible and we go well who's going to do the bible studies or how are we going to do this and and and we ask if they want to study him privately or in a group and they all said group and so we called around trying to figure out who could do that group studying We ended up having our home. And I will tell you it's been such a blessing the problem is that our kitchen table was not big enough and so we actually I built a new shed and I built a I actually built a spot that's big enough to hold 14 people in a table for bible studies and we have Bible say is now at our home every so every Friday night and it depends on the time a year it depends on what's going on but we have anywhere from from as little is for people to as many as 2025 people will show up for Bible study on a Friday night and we let everybody know what we're going to study and we let it go through we we fin it we studied it it's written bible studies and we just completed the footsteps of Paul and it's been such a blessing to be able to to study the Bible and everyone comes in and if we miss like this week we're going to miss because where it is I mean we'll have a lot of complaints I'll get text tomorrow oh we're going to miss the Bible study tonight and it's really a time of fellowship and and bringing people together and we've been able to pray together talk together and it's been such a blessing and so that's just a few of the things that we're trying to do to be more active to be more. Proactive to sharing Christ's and it's really a blessing you know we've been able to witness to people there's been some interesting stories through 3 A.B.N. and 3 B.N. radio and we've been really but we have that in our business I mean there are local little church where a little church of our town is 2000 people and we have a church an active church of about 150 members and and so we're really blessed and we have a great church school lot of children my wife's in the children's department and she teaches the little children that's her that's her blessing and that's her passion and there's literally we have and that's a real ministry because the parents come in to sit down with the little children and we have she has 24 little kids in our in our church and the parents come together and I mean a lot of them never been through a lot of our messages and we have we have not had those people are now starting to come to that 7 school so it's just there to me there's all kinds of ways to witness you just have to do 1 or more. Exciting to hear and again you know you can hear the passion and right and as we're praying God open our eyes to see what we can do and how we can move on I want to switch gears as in build on both of these things were just a moment after his baptism in the Jordan Jonathan of 5 Jesus was a lamb of God He went back to Nasser the aunt Nazareth means now and that's that's or you know I think that's remains to mean sprouts can see the sprouts are so if you're a Christian today in Israel and you're an Israeli you know you know what you're called a sprout so now it's means you can see the sprouts from the olive trees us or the grow he goes back and he teaches in the synagogue How does it go. Not too good and so they want to throw him off the hill right and I don't think that's the real hill that's what they point to and that was written down and stone him and so he leaves now as it's a no profits without honor except in his own hometown and it goes down to the Sea of Galilee and he goes around here to Capernaum you can see it's actually spelled a little different kefir name whom Kefir is village of name and he goes to the village in a room and notice it becomes the town of Jesus so he moves his residence or Nazareth to Capernaum Capernaum is pretty interesting because it's on Interstate 95 you see the great trunk road goes right through Capernaum it's not a fact they've got a nice little Roman mile marker they found there for the V M R S And so he just goes there because he wants people to hear the stories he's doing and take them to the far parts of the world right and so he plants themselves there and he attends this synagogue Well at least it's built on the foundation the blacks Stone who were who built the founder who built the synagogue there in Capernaum no. A Roman centurion right and so they but anyway he has disciples now who are the 1st 4 disciples he calls is a point to what we're doing who are they they live here and this town there are 2 sets of brothers Peter Andrew James and John and then Jesus calls a 5th disciple now the 5th disciple was very interesting what was his name the idea How about he's got a name that is called Levi right and Levi's not a very enjoying our leave I mean in Hebrew Joyner in Hebrew Levi means Joyner you know I can look down my nose say hey Joyner right come on over here Joyner you don't you know I mean I can look down your nose at somebody and say that it's amazing what happens Jesus gives him a new name and with his new name you know what Matthew means. Gift of God I can't look down my nose and say hey you have to god right it changes the very way that I see and so Levi is so excited that the Bible tells us that Jesus went out saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting in his tax booth follow me and leave I got up and left everything and followed him he's a tax collector and I just think about this for a moment a tax collector was not permitted a Jewish synagogue he was considered unclean his testimony would not be permitted in a Jewish court of law as a witness and considered unclean like a dog or a pig and yet Jesus calls him to follow him you know that you know I fell Wow And so Jesus be called in to follow him in the Bible says something very interesting the Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at his house and a large crowd of tax collectors and others were eating with them. Levi. Asked the question how can I share Jesus with other people now while he's doing it you remember the story of the pharaoh season they come and they why are you eating with sinners and tax collectors and so on and it's very interesting when you compare that to Luke Chapter 15 the tax collectors and sinners are gathering around to hear Jesus but the fairest season teachers of the law muttered This man welcome sinners and he's with them and then Jesus told the parables of the lost sheep in the last born the last coin that's the setting I believe for those 3 parables after meeting Jesus what Levi do he had a desire to introduce his friends to Jesus and when we come to know Jesus we have the desire to. Sometimes maybe we get shut down we get disappointed different things happen but we have that desire and want to do with that desire he prayed he said you know what I'm really good at throwing parties. And he throws a big his party that ever seen in Capernaum probably and he invites everybody to come tax collectors sinners all kinds of people to come and he invites some believers to come Peter handor Jane and John probably And they're all mingling together because he wants his friends to get acquainted with Jesus he wants his friends to get acquainted with Jesus he's passionate What are you passionate about how can you use that passion just think from 1 of my 1 of my passion about what I like to do you know and how can you use that passion to reach others for Jesus Patti's passion about walking her dog it sounded like right. But she's praying and her eyes are open after 10 years was it was that the lady with 10 years 10 years of friendship so encourage you to pray and ask God to enable you use your passion for the Lord I was passion about history and that's how this footsteps of Paul series developed the Denzel was just mentioning that they had used in their home for a Bible study I used to fly on airplanes working on I was working for it is written in those days and I plan on airplane and 1 day I was flying from L.A. to laundry all and I had a flight to San Francisco and there was an empty seat and then from San Francisco there was an empty seat and there was a computer programmer who was flying up to the jazz festival in Montreal probably not a target for a regular 7 are right I'm working on my series and he just watching it and he gets said you want to see the opposite he watches 2 episodes becomes fast and he because it was touching back into history and geography and then somehow the life of Paul and other time was flying on a plane from L.A. to Boston. And I came in there's the 3 seats in the middle is a 777 and I had an empty seat and other this bohemian dressed woman that came on young woman and I thought she's not a religious lady I get a lot of work done on this plane on this flight to Boston and so she asked what I did I said well I'm a good local movies kind of she said well not a religious person is a didn't fool me at all so what do you do she said I work for for Cal State University I'm flying back to harbor to make a presentation tomorrow but I can't I don't like the East Coast I'll be back in Pasadena tomorrow night it's a cool so we start with a call 1 is working on my program and she keeps looking at the screen as you know watching episode. She watches fastening she took the Bible from a feminist perspective in college and but this is fascinating how do I get this we have to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas and they bring another plane because I'm out of here and I want to get to Boston at 2 o'clock in the morning I'm going back home I'll do a conference call and so she's out this and so a guy sits down beside me in the place he's got an i Pod We're chatting and he asked what I did and I told him he's a not a religious person and he's looking and and so you're watching episode. And turns out he's the N.D.P. H.-D. in charge of the blood supply for New England have been in San Diego speaking on that says I love to get this to share with my wife well we're passionate about things we talk about things I found the airplane evangelism was too expensive to keep doing but. But I really developed that resource for small groups and I'll never forget I spoke of the Florida camping number of years ago and I had a friend or made a friend that came and she bought it and wanted to share it with the church I won't tell you where the church is but she got there and you know the church Toler a woman can't talk in the church. She said you said you had cards that said coming to a home in your neighborhood. I haven't even printed them yet because there's all kind of fresh stuff and so she said simply those cards and she happened to live in a condominium in the top of a 21 foot high building on the O. ocean and so she got those cars and guess what distribute them around and all this and she was doing small groups like Patty she wasn't trained that she'd ever done a small group in her life never you know a bible study in her life and that all the sudden it became a passion so 2 or 3 times a year and how she does small groups and we have another wonderful seminar with them when they asked me to do this and on this they will talk about some of the materials on small groups I'm passionate about small groups because I think it's 1 of the most wonderful ways to reach the people living in our neighborhoods and and there's all kind of different small group materials but we have a wonderful series that coming to a church in your neighborhood another 1 says coming to a home in your neighborhood that you can do on the life of Jesus and I'm very very passionate about that and so in just tell you about that for just a moment on C.N.N. check our time to make sure we're still we have 9 minutes but small groups is wonderful to do and this environment and here's Patty actually and her home on the 21st floor with the neighbors and from our condominium building coming and doing the small group and also do public meetings I love that idea that's a whole different thing and how does it work well this particular program works of the video now this happened to be in Southport England and I was asked to host of Southport England to do a program to reach the indigenous people of England the church that. OK the indigenous people so we are far away from any adding the centers and so on because they knew they were put the conferences putting money in to try and reach them these are the folks who came out and I worked on a place where they were to buy workers and 3 church members and we used the footsteps of Jesus that you see here and so that would watch the program that fill in the study guides and so these are all not having this in England in England where there are no some of the I've been as there's like 3 and for the next like 40 miles anywhere so that they have to watch the video than that fill in the study guide and their beautiful study guide you can see samples of them here you can see in our booth 909 and it's designed after they watch of the cons back and they can fill in their blank as this 1 and once the little button pops they can fill in their study guide and then there's Bible studies that track along there's personal application questions a track along and then bible studies they do on their own and that's a whole wonderful way to apply it to their heart so this is something that people can do that is. Somewhat painless because it is invite people to come to your home where you can do it at the church Patty by the way Tony she does a lot of her Bible studies at the church she meets people there at the church and I believe this is true and and I'm lifted up from the earth altar all men to myself and so I think we need to be lifting Jesus up many in there in ways we can do we heard a lot of those ways key thing is though that we need to be praying Michael Simpson is the most cross cultural evangelist have ever met that's what he did for the North England conference we won't take time to hear this lady's testimony but she says that she came to this meeting and she didn't believe Jesus ever existed. And that she believes Jesus existed she became part of their group and so that's what was going on there in Southport. We had meetings in this place as the opening meeting of the town hall we have afternoon meetings and morning meetings there's only 1 church member in that picture and so a very exciting so 1st time I presented the Jesus series and it was amazing to see people respond and how God changed their heart and how that people's lives were transformed and I want to go past these lies from some of the folks that became part of the church so the most powerful approaches and the most useful tools for communicating our message our unique message to our friends coworkers all the ones that we're passionate about I want you to pray God give me a passion where I can share ideas to health ministry like Paddy was doing or maybe it's your business or maybe it's where you work or you know pray God help me to be able to share feel your mind also with Jesus that's what we talk about discover what works best with your gifts talents in life situation and to be equipped to be fit to effectively witness with passion and purpose and watch what God will do I want to encourage you to pray with me in God help me to discern my gifts my talents as a whole difference in an ardent but help me to discern my gifts and my talents my life situation so I can be an effective witness and I believe God will hear that an answer it we all are very familiar with the story the demoniac current way and how the Jesus not the demoniac and what he did change his life but what did he say go home tell what caused him for you didn't take a course didn't go to Africa didn't go and get a degree in theology all those things are great but he didn't do that he went home and told the great things he got it done for him and when Jesus came back over to that region what happened whole group came out to meet him. And so it can be as simple as telling what we know but if we become passion as we feel our minds that's what we're going to talk about that's I'm going to share about you know what happens it becomes contagious with Patty contagious it's contagious to me I see many of you smiling and it's contagious to me as I heard what he was sharing and Denzel How exciting to do that but we need to be focused on knowing Jesus don't way you know and it's our heart remember what we said in the Bible verse the mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart as we fill our minds that way just kind of overflows you seek to understand us favor theme make that a focus make that a focus and then we have to look for opportunities and once we're praying for opportunities you're going to find opportunities right as if we're not praying for them going to stumble right over them going to walk right past them but if we're praying for them gobble open our eyes to see the opportunities and sometimes you know it's really helpful some of us are a little nervous I had 1 more E.S.I. person I was going to bring up and the R.V. or general vice president because she told me a story was so wonderful she talked about wanting to meet her neighbors and the she and her husband are both physicians of a kind of high powered place in Boston and they wanted to meet her neighbors and she's kind of outgoing in her husband's not quite as outgoing and and and she's trying to meet the neighbors and he's saying take the dog. Now you can't take the dog granted I mean our neighbors and how over a period of time. Let into Bible studies and these heart contacts and I love what we heard from both dental and from Patti time and we need invest time with people don't we most of us are not moving around most of us are fairly stable develop those relationships be praying for those and see what God will do and then I want to just say this my hobby horses don't major in minors elder frizzy used to teach that when I was at Wildwood don't mean there's so many little things we can get off on the summit will hobby horses but we want to be lifting up Jesus don't we we want to be praying for that and if we pray for that gobble up in opportunities and we have a beautiful wonderful There's so many different things from it it's written the voice of prophecy all kinds of different materials that you can use to share Jesus in that context because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak of Let's pray together Father thank you this afternoon for this time we've had to pause on a wonderful convention pause from the busy schedule and think about our life about our neighborhood and that our world Lord I don't know most of these folks are very well but I just pray that you will bless each of us with a special undaunting we're praying that you will open our eyes that we can see the needs of people who are hungering who are wanting to know whether they come and ask us like nicotine is Lord we want to study and we want to be repaired like Nick like like you were when you when they could He was asked you that direct question or were this like the woman at the well that we have to use this to ask some kind of a spiritual question. To stir interest in their hearts but we pray Lord we want to give you our talents in our time in our hearts in our lives and just pray that in some way you go multiply that and make it a blessing to reach and tossed the last people around this is my prayer in Jesus' day in and this media was produced by audio for 40 outside Adventist Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about the size please. Yes I. Or if you would like to do this for free online service Visit W W W W verse.


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