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Why Did You Laugh?

Ivor Myers
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This presentation centers on the question, are we losing hope in the great hope? Have we gotten used to the words “Jesus is coming again” so much so that when we hear it, it is like white noise to us? We must remember that we are living in the investigative judgment, and things cannot be business as usual.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • August 3, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Heavenly Father look bless us this is our prayer in Jesus name Amen. Jesus is coming again. Amen. Why did you laugh let's try that again Jesus is coming again Amen. Why didn't you laugh you guys looking confused that's the title of the sermon. Why did you laugh Have you ever laughed at the promises of God. Come. Turn with me if you will to the Book of Genesis Chapter 18 Genesis Chapter 18. I'm going to deliver the little bit of background in Genesis Chapter 18 Abraham is about to be visited by God. And the Bible tells us that it was God into angels that come to Abraham and and he fixes them a meal and then they begin this discussion and in verse 9 the Bible says and they said unto him that is Abraham Abrams where is Sarah by white and he said be whole. In the 10 and he said I will certainly return to the according to the time of life and lo sorry my wife shall have a son and sour heard it in the tent door which was behind him. Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age and it's these to be with with sour after the manner of women. Therefore sour a laugh out loud. The foul laugh out loud nun and on and on Sarah laughed within herself saying I am I after I wax also I have pleasure my lord being old also and the Lord said on to Abraham wherefore that Sarah thing I have a surety which IMO is anything too hard for the Lord. At the time appointed I will return to the according to the time of life and Samara shower have a son. Then sorrow there now oh and look at him crazy thing I laughed not for she was afraid because she was a good 7th Day Adventists. And he said Nay but the how did slant you see are we have Sorry here are laughing at the promise of God. So we might be saying well you know that Sarah you know Sarah was you know Abraham's wife but Abraham you know he was the father a fake Amen. Except. If you go 1 chapter back Chapter 17 verse 15 God sent to Abraham as for sorrow my wife there are some are called her names are right but sorrow saw her name be and I will bless her and give the a son also of her yea I will bless her and she shall be a mother of nations kings of people shall be of her then Abraham the father of faith. Fell on his face and. Laughed. You see you have to understand why Abraham laugh because Abraham was 75 years old when when God 1st called him and gave him this did this promise that that that he and sour were going to have a son and I want you to imagine you know Abraham hears this news and and he is excited God's word has spoken God said we're going to have a son and so you know 8 months passed by and guess what. No son but you know they're like hey not a problem God's word always comes to pass Amen another year passes. Hey it may seem that God is not on time but trust us God is a long time God somebody say leg for years past. God's Word will do what it says it will do a man 10 years perhaps 15 years past. 20 years past. 25 years pass. And no son Abraham and sorrow begin to doubt their name begin to doubt their identity that's Genesis Chapter 18 so so let me give you the context of this last are in order to do that we're going to go back to the very beginning of the Book of Genesis and we know that in Genesis chapter 1 through 5 the Bible there are summarizes the the the story of sin and how sin entered into Planet Earth that's Genesis chapter 1 verse to chapter Chapter 5. But then you have Genesis Chapter 6 where where God speaks to a man by the name of no world and he says to no 1 know what I'm going to call you to preach and you're going to preach for how long 120 years so check this out the 1st time prophecy in the Old Testament is the 120 year time prophecy are you with me or I was God in this time prophecy our God says to to know what you're going to preach I'm going to give people a period of probation a period of mercy that's going to last 120 years if they do not accept the salvation that is offered to them at the end of this period they will be cut off. You're not feelin it you see what happened at the end that 120 years is that salvation came through a man who was lifted up above the earth on would bring. His great school. And those who rejected this man who had been lifted up above the earth onward they were cut off and God raised up a new people that were to be fruitful and multiply whom yet that reminds me of the 70 weeks prophecy in the New Testament how many of you to the earth does that remind you of that. Yeah you have a 7 week prophecy which pointed to Christ coming to this earth a period of mercy being given to God's people in the Old Testament lesson a man is coming he is going to be lifted up on a cross above the earth he's going to be lifted up on board and those who reject Him will be coerced and I will raise up a new people whose job it will be to be fruitful and multiply. That that's Genesis Chapter 6 all the way through to chapter 10 when we get to Genesis Chapter 11 we find something very interesting we find this this this this story of a man by the name of Nimrod building this tower and we call the tower of Babel and the style of baby was a symbol of rebellion kind of reminds me of BABYLON Yeah yeah yeah you know that other prophecy in the Book of Revelation which speaks about this power called Babylon during the Dark Ages that sought to exult itself against God that time prophecy was the 1260 year prophecy Check this out guys Genesis Chapter 6 through 10 reflects the 70 weeks prophecy Genesis Chapter 11 we find this rebellion taking place at a place called be able to hold on at the end of Genesis Chapter 11 you have the story of Abraham being called out of our of the Kal the. You have Abraham being called out of double on. You guys. Can you think of a time prophecy in which God's people were called out of Babylon. For the 2300 day prophecy 844 the God raise up of people in 844 yet the god core Abraham took the godson Abraham Abraham you're going to produce a great multitude beloved Check this out we are in the Bible you want to know why I'm excited because our story is in the pipeline who would have thought that Genesis chapter 1 all the way to now check this out we're going that's Genesis Chapter 12 where God calls Abraham out of earth the county's now from Genesis Chapter 12 all the way to Chapter 17 or Chapter 18 what you have happening is. Is waiting for the promised son no no this. Abraham is waiting for the coming of the promised son he's waiting for the Advent 844 God called this movement into existence and we were told that Jesus was coming again and our response and yes. He didn't come $850.00 but love you believe Jesus is coming again. Our holy Amen. 18 ating Jesus is coming again a man 1920 this is coming again and. You hear us begin the go down. A man 1950 this is coming again. A man 1999 why I took a. Jesus is really coming again. 201-201-5201 Extension 8 many of us when we heard that tonight Jesus coming again you know we did we last. Heard this before pastor my parents saw Jesus coming in their time and their parents saw Jesus coming in their time we've heard this before and so what begins to happen is that our doubt begins to creep in we begin to doubt who we are with begin to doubt our mission and our identity don't live because Jesus is coming again. We have not believe cunningly devised fable don't last you see beloved Satan wants to put doubt in your heart and in your mind and have a so begin to doubt who we are and to doubt our mission by the way Abrams name was changed to Abraham because his mission was in his name God gave this church a name 7th Day Adventists and that name it describes who we are as a people it's our mission It's our identity so I just gave you the context of Genesis Chapter 18 that laughter we see we follow this pattern all the way from Genesis 1 all going to Genesis 18 Now check this out remember the last thing we read in Genesis 18 was God telling Abraham listen our you will have a son the son will come in the meantime God rises and he's about to leave a brand you have a get excited Obama so for 2nd because God is about to do something so ever have rises with the many angels and God says OK I got to tell Abraham because I must do something so he says Abraham Abraham listen I'm going down to Sodom and Gomorrah to investigate I learned something I learned that in adventurism silence is a new excitement I learned and it's taken me many years to get that but getting the hang of it somebody solid with you just for a 2nd. Why Abraham is waiting for the promised Sun God says now Abraham I want to work on your character so much to tell you something I am going down to investigate if there is going to be an investigative judgment Abraham I want to see how you respond and Abraham begins to plead and intercede for listen to me for the enemies of God You want charge of change intercede for your enemies you see people have a God trying to tell us why we are waiting for the 2nd coming while we are waiting for the promised son to come we ought to be doing something and that is we ought to be we ought to be interceding for those who are the enemies of God and our own and why what and Abraham is preaching in pleading listen to me God has given us the ministry of reconciliation that's what we're leading That's why he called us God wants us to reconcile the world to Himself see our problem in a church is that we've been given the ministry of reconciliation but we cannot even reconcile amongst ourselves so how are we going to reconcile the world with God when we cannot even reconcile among ourselves ministries jealous of ministry ministers jealous of ministers brother jealous of brother listen to me in the world in the world that term brother has a totally different meaning in the church in the world that you know my when I when I was in the world when you said Brother to someone it was like your bro brother brother brother was like brother in the church brother means prepare for rebuking brother. Brother matter where With every time I hear Brother I'm like oh no it's that's a terrifying word in Adventism brother it should not be like that brother should actually mean brother. But it doesn't we pick each other and and we police each other we were looking for how we can outdo 1 another and beloved god cannot trust us with the ministry of reconciliation when we can't even do it in how you see beloved God follows his own advice God 1000 Matthew 18 if you have out with someone what do you do you go to them yourself and you don't hear you you sent 2 witnesses and if they only hear them you bring before the church Amen so last question Did Jesus have art with this world yes he did and guess what he did he came to this world himself. Humanity our issue with you you sin can we can we be reconciled to man is that now we're going to put you on a cross a 70 we prophesy you know that right that's that's point 0 coming that's 70 probably so they rejected Jesus so what does Jesus do he follows own advice if they reject me I'm going to send 2 witnesses Yeah your 2 witnesses all the New Testament 1260 years Revelation 11 how do they treat 2 innocent they kill them so they don't hear 2 witnesses the last chance for reconciliation if you bring it before the church that final prophecy beloved 844 the 2300 a prophecy is God raising up a church with the Ministry of reconstruction filiation in mind because he wants to win the world back to himself and listen to me beloved You all know this too Jesus DID YOU HEAR ME YOU ARE IN HIM How many of you gave your life to Christ you get your life to Christ Amen All right so you know what happen you oh jesus the testimony you all in your life. Listen let me make a point you see what happened in the war is in 844. Launch. Special counsel he launched a probe because he was trying to to to the judgment was about the terminating our who is guilty of Colucci. When a foreign power. Think with me guys think with me Come on man keep your mind spiritual right now please please don't come up to me after we're let's be spiritual right now OK the investigative judgment is approved by a special counsel in heaven and what that special counsel trauma the student is looking at is who is guilty of colluding with a foreign power you see beloved that foreign power is none other than Satan and his kingdom and here's what God finds the Bible says All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God meaning all of us were guilty of collusion every last 1 of us but guess what there is good news because God offers a plea deal God offers a plea deal and it's a sweet deal because that deal is if you confess your sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and a compass of all around righteousness and guess what we don't have to serve any time it's a sweet deal even the gun in David in the Bible who colluded with the devil when he had your right to kill the 1 that story and the Bible says that that he was found out and he repented Amen and when he repented the prophet Nathan comes and says listen you have repented you will live but the charge you have is going to die. What a messed up story until we discover that the child that died even though he doesn't have a name he was a male child meaning he was the son of David. And not another the son of David having done no wrong. Having done no wrong because that someone else might live beloved that's the previous So when you accept Christ guess what it's a sign that Jesus has flipped you and when he flips you you become his witness. And as his witnesses you always see him testify. Are you catching me God desires us to testify and to testify means that we are demonstrating before the world the goodness of God and what he has done in our law because we now believe and know that Jesus is coming again we understand the purpose of on the 7th Day Adventists we believe that Jesus is coming again and here's a problem many of us have taken that name for granted you see many of us don't know what it means to be a 7th Day Adventist What does it mean to be a 7 day I've been if you believe in a sub you believe in the 2nd coming and you believe in the sanctuary Amen Check this out I have a little time as I'm going to cover these 3 and then we're going to call 1 of them in the 7th they ave to be 7 and then it means you believe in the Sabbath Amen. Castle we've got to move on to the next 1 hold on you see the Sabbath is a celebration of God's creative power right how God created the earth amen The problem is many of us stop right there we don't realize that the Sabbath the celebration of the Sabbath is more than about the creation of the world you see beloved when you come to Christ he makes you a new creation. You started out in darkness and then got some Let there be light and then you were baptized in water and then you brought forth new fruit and then he brought to you the greater light and the lesser light and then he made you a fisherman and then he recreated you in His image the Sabbath is a celebration of a changed life in you so all we're celebrating is God creating the world 6000 years ago we have missed the purpose of the Sabbath yet in catch that if you have not been recreated if the creative power of God is not working in your life you don't fully understand what it means to be a 7th Day Adventist you see the Sabbath was also given as a sign of redemption how God took the children out of captivity they could not keep the Sabbath in captivity they had to be taken out of captivity in order to keep the Sabbath so open up the Sabbath is a sign that God has taken you out of captivity from alcoholism from drugs but I look you don't have to have a big testimony Oh yes you know I was a struggler I was a you can be X. Laodicean. Whoa that's a testimony. You know I remember as an excellent way to see and we don't hear testimonies like that the source I was the X. killer murderer and I stabbed but you know your cause you can have a testimony without doing that you can be and actually ARE THE seen do you know that in the Greek the letter X. is a symbol for Christ so when when you when you fully embrace the Sabbath you become an X. man. Young people you know what I'm saying Next you become an X.-Man the Sabbath is a sign that God has recreated your life what about the 2nd coming very quickly 2nd coming how many believe in the 2nd coming you don't believe in a rapture. The 2nd coming Jesus comes again every hour see them out the Bible says that he comes with a clout the Bible says of the wicked are our slain and the righteous brought to life the Bible says that that we are caught up to meet him in the air and that Satan is bound for a 1000 years as I write did you know that Jesus said I will go and I will come again to you Do you know that when he said I will come again to you he was talking about coming to us through the Holy Spirit do you realize that in order to experience the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ you must 1st experience the 2nd coming or going on in the. Beloved in order to it to be ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus you must 1st experience the 2nd coming listen guys when she's of comes again every eye sees him the rapture is a lot and someone says Jesus came and you can't see and guess what it's our law many avenues believe the Rapture because you believe that Jesus is secret in you I can't see Jesus or you he's here NO NO NO NO beloved Jesus said If they tell you and you don't see him it's a law what. Are you OK are you OK when Jesus comes again but of Into the Heart guess what every eye sees him hear you change guess what the wicked man dies and the righteous man is brought to life we are caught up together in heavenly places Amen we are transformed by the renewing of our mind Amen and guess what Satan is bound gonna feel Him Satan is where you can do the things he wanted in your life you see believe it to be a 7th Day Adventist means the world can look at you and see the glory of God in 1 more 1 more the sanctuary see the whole sanctuary process I have OK All right. We'll go back to juice the whole book of Exodus right now are you ready for this right now and then I'm serious I'm serious in Exodus Chapter 1 God called the man a motive Moses is afraid to speak but God calls and after the child in this year has spent 4400 years in captivity guess what 1260 years of captivity and at the end of that time period God called a man by the name of William Miller who's afraid to speak on a human and if you Moses leave the children of Israel out of Egypt William Miller and the miller write lead God's people out of Babylon Garches the Israelites the Sabbath he remind him of the Sabbath just what God gave his Church the Sabbath and that's astronomy God gives His church the 10 Commandments guess what god clears the Enchantress after the after $21.00 today probably he gives them the 10 commandments and then we get to access 25 where God gives them the sanctuary message honestly with me and for Methodist 25 all the way to Chapter 40 the Bible says that they were working on completing the temple you see a lot of the century is about cleansing the temple it's about cleansing the temple it's about cleansing the temple and when that work is done the law in the Bible says that when the when they finished building the sanctuary the Bible says the cloud descended Yarmuth when the water of preaching this message is done a cloud will descend the love it is Thomas out laughing now is not the time to laugh when when Sarah had Isaac she called his name I think it means laughter the time is not now to laugh when Jesus comes again we will last week at the last laugh it's not an eye catching laugh it's not I told you that it's a lack of choice. So beloved now was not upon laugh let's be about our father's business that's not got our name let's not doubt our mission let's do the work that God has called us to do and when we complete that work than Jesus will come again Jesus is coming again a man and a man a man Heavenly Father thank you for speaking to us your remind us that we have not believe cunningly devised stable Lord forgive us for doubting the promises forgive us for doubting who we are and the mission you have called us to accomplish Lord let us be about your business let us as witnesses testify on your behalf. Thank you Jeanne. Thank you that your words will do what it says it will. Set us on Fire Lord renew our passion renewed our zeal. And may we intercede for World. With. My audio. Services and industry. If you would like to learn.


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