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Stay on the Wall

Taj Pacleb
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In a world of mass distraction, it’s easy for us to get side tracked with issues that take us away from our mission. Such has been the challenge for God’s people in every age, but especially in these last days. As the foundation of faith is being undermined and the walls of truth broken down, God is calling all His children to refocus on the essentials.


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries




  • August 4, 2018
    8:00 PM


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Aloha. How many you've been to who are you before or I How many of you wish you'd been to hoist for. If I had the power to make a motion that we have a sigh and a holy 1 of these years how many of you would 2nd that. All in favor say then all right I thought to Phyllis the backstage and he said let's make it happen we do have a convention center there and I know many people think a hole is a place a vacation but really it's awesome mission field people who are hungry thirsting for the truth of God's word it's always an undeserved privilege and a high honor to share God's word tonight and I just want to thank God for that our opportunity to have what you take your Bible and turn with me to the book of Isaiah Chapter 50 a Isaiah Chapter 58 as we open God's word for the final charge of this powerful weekend together the message I want to share with you is very simple stay on the wall we're going to Isaiah Chapter 58 is a chapter that is written especially for those of us reliving during the time of the investigative judgment during the answer simple Dave atonement and in this series and solemn time it's not going to be business as usual for it is a solemn time for a very solemn work a time for us to search our hearts and afflict our souls in preparation for the last days and it's a time for us to be engaged in that special facts of unselfish ministry to others and in the climax of this chapter we find the prosthetic role that God would have us to play in these last days were in Isaiah Chapter 58 if you are there would you please let me know by saying amen and notice what it says in verse 12 dear lord we have open your word now open our heart. Speak to us we pray that the conviction will result in a deeper conversion of our lives that you truly bring revival that will result in the Reformation and the restoration of humanity please speak now is our prayer and Christ's Name Amen The Bible says and as if it's a verse 12 and they that shall be of the shall build the old waste places that all shall raise of the foundation of many generations and the house shall be called Let's finish it together the repairs are of the breach and the recent hour of pass to the weather here in this very popular will known passage we find that the primary role that God would have us to play in these last days is that of rebuild or repair and restore but something only needs to be restored or rebuilt if it's broken now how many of you know something about brokenness I don't know about you but I grew up in a broken home. The dysfunctional family we never went to church growing up I had no idea what was God or who was gonna And without a solid foundation of faith in the walls of truth to protect me I started making terrible decisions at a very young age I didn't know what S.D.A. was or a sire G Y C or a B. C. or of the of these other letters that mean so much to us totally ignorant of the things of God and as a result my life like the Texas became an old waste place wasting my time and wasting my mind on drugs searching for something to fill the void within that was me when I was 16 years old but in that last condition someone came and knocked on my door invited me to a Bible prophecy seminar spirit filled Bible base lane led evangelist outreach and I'm standing before you here tonight because in those meetings God the God of restoration found me and I've never been the same sense and I want to share with you friends tonight you may be in the midst of brokenness a broken marriage a broken home a broken body a broken mind a broken ministry a broken church but thank God that our God is the God of restoration and if you're thankful for the god of restoration same in. He is the 1 the resource with the enemy has broken and thank God that His work is not to tear down but to restore and as we allow the Lord to repair the broken this Innes is then that he will repair the broken is of the world through us for this verse not only describes our natural condition without God But it also describes our supernatural commission for God to repair the broken this of humanity the brokenness of truth and so it tells us that the primary profit role of God's people is rebuilding Re Store and repair the book design of a just tells us that the very essence of the gospel is what. Is restoration and so those of us who are receptive and of the gospel are called to be participants in a very unusual special work of restoration but friends I want you consider with me that it takes no skill to tear down but it requires unusual and great wisdom commitment and love to do it or some of you may know that earlier this year my family were victims of arson a thief came in the night and my family home was destroyed by fire it was a terrible devastating experience the fire calls over $700000.00 of damage it could have easily taken our lives that's the fire that our home. Was destroyed by and it was tragic we made it out just in the nick of time it could have easily taken our lives now thank God we're all safe we all made it out and everything that can be replaced is going to be replace thank God for fire insurance to him in but there are so many blessings in the blaze 1 of the blessings is that I was able to speak to the entire state of Hawaii across 3 television news stations about 15 minutes after the fire was extinguish I was on live T.V. and because I knew there was live T.V. I knew they wouldn't cut me off so I just kept talking and talking and talking about Jesus I was saying you know it's a mess in there but God can take a mess and turn it into a message we're victims but God can take a victim and make them a victory in Christ in life you know what I said I said you know by the way this whole world 1 day is going to be on fire the Bible says He that does God's will will abide forever even. Now and I never thought when I went to bed that night that in a few hours 3 at 4 o'clock in the morning I'd have the chance to speak to my entire state but God does wonderful things even and by the way you can see the whole news report if you go on our You Tube channel just type in blessings from the blades. And you can see the whole thing is it's a powerful thing the Lord with that enemy meant for evil got turned around for good and it just gave us more fuel that if the devil is going to bring destruction to us we need to bring destruction to his kingdom and the only way we can do that is by lifting up cry save him and so right now we're in the rebuilding process the restoration process and I learned that risk aeration is a process in 2 phases demolition and rebuilding You see before the home can be rebuilt the damage interior of the House needs to be torn down and it took the demolition crew just 1 week but it's going to take the rebuilding crew several months my friends it takes no skill to tear down but it requires great wisdom commitment and love to build up and that's the same with the restoration work of God My friends you know world today there are many spiritual walls that must be torn down walls of selfishness and sin and spiritual lies that separate us from God and 1 another as Protestants God is calling us to cry aloud and spare not and to lift up our voice like a trumpet in caused by its right name and the reason why is because before the truth can make us free we 1st must know the lie that holds us in captivity there are many spiritual walls that need to be torn down but friends you realize that there are some ministries within the church that spend most of their time in tearing down and they spend little time in building up people who are soul couldn't consume with the counterfeits that they rarely talk about the truth people who are so focused on the bs that they end up losing sight of the land we sometimes we can emphasize all the rules and the reforms without pointing to the relationship that gives us the power. We forget that our religion is not a negative religion consisting in various provisions Ours is a positive religion that offers something better than what the world offers a meme that's the watchword of Christianity of all true education something better but then there are those who like to air out all the dirty laundry of the church for the world to see on You Tube ministries and individuals who seem to rejoin us over the evils that the sea and they're eager to publish it to the world they are in the they're in the business of tearing down instead of building up these are in times fears who live to criticize the faults and the mistakes of others and forcefully they use it as an opportunity to line their pockets with tight money thinking that they're doing the work of God and yet they are revealing the fruits of the enemy who seeks to divide us deter us and distract us from the work of restoration friends listen especially those of you live in Orlando not everything that glitters is gold not every rainbow represents the promise of God Not every preacher is telling the truth not every church is the Church of God Not every biblical counselor will offer you Biblical counsel and keep your business a secret my friends God has called us not to tear it down but to build up and not every worker for God is doing the work of restoration God has called us to do that work Amen and so what does that mean practically and prophetic if our primary work is not to tear down but to build up what does that mean it takes no skill to tear down it requires great commitment to build up what does it mean profit acclaim and practically I want to look at that little bit deeper as we consider the context of this Isaiah $58.00 Commission it's a sacred record tells us that the context is this because of the abominations of Israel. The kingdom of Babylon would invade Jerusalem and bring desolation to the city the walls were breached the temple was burnt and God's people were enslaved in Babylonian bondage but after many decades of desolation God open the way for a brand new beginning after 70 years Babylon is fallen and now God is calling his people to come out of her it was time to go back to Jerusalem to be engaged in the work of restoration and so they went back you know the story eventually the temple was rebuilt but there was still a breach in the wall even after 3 Persian decrees the work was not yet finished there was a breach in the wall and 4 times God's people ceased the work on the wall the work had begun but it wasn't finished my friends as we think about this ancient story let us remember the Bible tells us that which has been is that which shall be there is deep profit ik significance of this story for us in these last days for in the year 844 a mighty prophetic movement began the for the 1st Angel began to cry out that the hour of God's judgment is coming and that prophet year the 1st angel gave that message the time had come for the sanctuary in heaven to be cleanse and restore it was time to follow Jesus into the most holy place experience but has that message went out those who rejected that message and did not follow Jesus into that experience they ended up falling into Babylonian confusion and when that happened the 2nd Angel began to sound the 2nd angel said Babylon is fallen is fallen God was calling his people to come out of the fallen churches a Babylon that had rejected the 1st angels message in those. Who came out you know you know when you come out of something simultaneously you come coming in to something else coming into 1 of the final prophetic movement of destiny that God risen up for such a time as this to finish the work of rebuilding the breach in the wall of truth and so the fire engine began to cry after that the 3rd angel saying here is the patience of the saints here are they they keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Here's a boom in a church called to preach the pure complete gospel message of restoration in all of the world like the Jews a vote it was a movement called to rise up out of Babylon to rebuild the sacred temple of God sanctuary message and to finish the unusual work of restoration and so in 1904 the wonderful work of the last days began our forefathers of faith laid a solid foundation of truth 4 feet they began to publish and preach it to whoever would listen and from humble beginnings this movement spread rapidly to every nation kindred tongue and people the walls of truth were being rebuilt and the prosthetic paths were being restored but a 170 years have gone by since then and there is still on finished business the work is not yet done there is still a breach in the wall and Jesus is not yet returned our faith has yet to meet our eyes and we are still waiting for the return of King Jesus but here's the good news friends what the 3 angels failed to finish in the 18 in 1800. The 4th Angel revelation 18 will bring to completion is this is the 4th and final decree that will finish the work upon the wall and so it's in various contexts that God grows up a man of opportunity a simple layman used by God to initiate a powerful revival that would bring the finishing of the work upon the wall and my friends his story his story points us to 3 essential things that we need for a finished work now and those 3 things I want to give you right up front the 3 things are these focus fusion and faithfulness focus fusion and faithfulness for the sake of time we will summarize his story his name Nehemiah it means Jehovah comforts he was a spiritual giant amongst the people he was in a prophet he wasn't a priest he was an a king he was a simple layman 1 of the 00s of Hebrew captives exiled as a stranger in a foreign land but Divine Providence had led him to the place of privilege and position in the kingdom of Persia he was the King's Cup there a position of great responsibility and trials he was granted the privilege of living in the comfortable palace of the king but in that comfortable Palace Nehemiah could not be comfort the luxuries of royalty in the financial securities of the kingdom offered to him no rest at all for how could he rest when his city was in ruins and his people were enslaved and so the comfortable Palace. It was not a place to be desired while his people were lawyers my friends Jesus feels the same way about you and me today and so near my I can imagine he began to think to himself There's got to be more to life than this he began to think to myself I'm sick and tired of business as usual he began to sense a higher holier calling upon his life he began to realize that he was created for something more than what he was doing more than just living in the palace and giving juice to the king and the fact that he was not living out his divine purpose and reaching his full potential was a heavy burden on his heart and my friends as we think about the life of this laymen of old the question comes to us tonight what burdens you what keeps you up at night. What troubles you do you have a burden for the unfinished work of God or are you burdened by things that don't really matter in light of eternity concerned with your own comforts absorbed in your own agenda captivated by your own career engrossed with your own clothes well all the while the house of God in the walls of truth are broken down and my friends listen carefully we were created to live for something more than ourselves we were created to live for something more than just the 9 to 5 job the status quo the typical The usual the ordinary in the common desire of a just tells us that higher than the highest human thought can arrange is God's ideal for you we were created for the glory of God and the blessing of of this and this divine call was placed upon our lives at the moment of conception somebody said like this Your job is what you're paid for but your calling is what you're made for. Don't allow your job to be an excuse to neglect your Kong but allow the Lord to use your job as a means to fulfill that call of glorifying God blessing of theirs and rebuilding the walls of truth for only as we live out that call we truly find comfort rests and satisfaction in life ima so Nehemiah understood that he wasn't called simply to stay in the game and enjoy the luxuries of the palace he wasn't called to do something that the irreligious could have easily done and as the conviction of his call grew stronger his spiritual focus group clear he began to focus on living for cause that was greater than himself and by the way friends he didn't need a title a position or a paycheck to do it all he needed was simply a greater cause to live for and even a call that was worth dying for Kitty salmon. My wife and I have the privilege of traveling and doing evangelism all over the world and it's a wonderful privilege but before we started our supporting Ministry of the church a few years ago we were blessed to work in the conference as conference evangelist and doing literature ministries and we were there for at least 12 years and had a wonderful time but 10 of those 12 years we were on the ordination track but unfortunately because of certain church policies were not we were not able to be ordained and you know for a while that bothered me but I began to realize that that God can use all of us and we don't need a title position or paycheck we just need something to live for and God is going to do something special very unusual in the last days he's going to call 11th hour workers from the plough to the pulpit to do a mighty work and as the book great controversy tells us these will not be qualified by literary institutions but rather by the unction of the Holy Spirit and that's what we need now. And Nehemiah understood that and so just like a bald eagle whose eyes were fixed on his prey Nehemiah began to focus on living for cause that was greater than himself and as a humble layman he did a work that others had neglected to do friends I want to be like Nehemiah How about you a man so near him I did 2 things Number 1 he knelt down in prayer and then number 2 he got up off his knees and he offered himself as the answer to his own prayer my friends near my I didn't wait for somebody else to move before he did he took the responsibility upon himself Nehemiah knew that when prayers go up wisdom and power in blessings come down he had a here I am send me kind of attitude. Unlike today perhaps you feel like there's nothing happening in your local church perhaps the services are lifeless in the surf and the sermons are still or maybe the attitude of some of the church members are as cold as an Arctic winter or maybe the outreach of your local church only extends to the borders of the church property or friends when you look upon the broken was you just got 2 options either you're going to sit down and complain about it or you're going to kneel down then stand up and do something about it God calls us to do the latter he's looking for someone friends with who are dissatisfied with business as usual he's looking for just 1 who will stand up and be an agent of change in their community and so my friends if there's a work to be done and do it if there's something that needs to be said St If there's a message to be given give it if there's a need that needs to be supplied meet it if there's a check that needs to be written write it if there's a position that needs to be filled fill it if there's a promise that needs to be claimed claim it and that's exactly what Nehemiah did he knew that if God would open the doors he would also provide the means because because of it's God's will it's God's believe. And indeed the doors were open the means were provided and so he went back to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem I want to be like Nehemiah How about you and upon arriving in Jerusalem you might did something interesting he didn't begin the work right away the sacred record tells us that Nehemiah took the 1st 3 days simply to pray to observe the condition of the work and simply to pray because Nehemiah understood that this was no ordinary endeavor it was on the use of an unusual work that required unusual wisdom and power and so when it came to Jerusalem you have to understand that he came invested with the authority of the king of Persia he had the power and the position and the resources. To begin to order the people of God to start working but was in a dictator nor was he a micro-manager he was a true leader he did not use his position or his resources to boss people around instead of giving dictatorial commands he simply gave an A an appeal to the heart why because near my understood the 2nd thing that we need for finish work now not only individual focus but near my understood that in order for the work to be finished there had to be corporate fusion not only focus but fusion he knew that the work could not be completed from the top down but rather from the bottom up the people needed to catch the vision they needed to own the endeavor so instead of in forcing their hands Nehemiah sought to win their hearts why because a union of hands and heart between the laity in the clergy was essential for completed work the same is true for us today friends my beloved brothers and sisters we need 1 another in order to finish the work our mission is called The Great Commission not the great competition and the word commission is 2 words it's a mission that is that the requires the cooperation of 2 or more parties self-supporting ministries we need the support of the church and as a church we need the work of self-supporting ministries we can't do it alone we need 1 another because the fiery fusion of unity result in spiritual synergy that will finish the work for us that's what we need to be praying for there are some people that I can reach that you may not be able reach Surely there are people that you can reach that I can't reach but if we work together we can reach the whole world Amen United we stand divided we fall and so friends let us stand upon the wall and let's do it together Ima so Nehemiah got connected to God vertically. And then when he went to Jerusalem he got connected with the people of God horizontally and friends when there is a vertical connection and a horizontal connection what you have you have across this what I like to call Cross centered unity it's not an ecumenical unity it's a cross centered unity and friends wherever there's a cross there is death to self selfishness sin and spiritual pride and it is cross centered unity that is the prerequisite for finish work because it is the self sacrificing love demonstrated on the cross that's going to win the world for Christ's And so the record tells us that the people of God began to work as 1 man a mighty movement to finish the work but then the record tells us that there was a 3 fold union that united together to show to stop the work upon the walls you can read in Nehemiah Chapter 6 their names send to buy and get a 3 fold you know they came together and the United and they tried to get Nehemiah to come down from the wall they said to come let us meet in such and such a place and it seemed like they wanted diplomatic relations an ecumenical truce so to speak but their real agenda get off the wall and cause the work to cease. For the Bible tells us that Nehemiah would not be called down by compromise he allowed nothing to distract him from his duty faithfulness was more important than compromising with the enemy and so he simply said I can't I'm doing a great work I can't come down why should I come down and cause the work to cease when meeting with you and so he continued faithfully upon the wall and the record tells us that the wall was finished in 52 days how many days because there was no breach in their unity there was no breach in the wall. My friends what does this have to do with us today listen very carefully today there are a multitude of force both seen and unseen that are uniting together seeking to get get God's people all of the wall of truth the wall of mission and the wall of love coalitions are uniting to call us down in compromise so that the walls of truth made about be demolished and in this age of compromise I urge you friends don't fall stay on the 1 just as there was a 3 fold union that united against me a mile or so too does the Book of Revelation predict a 3 fold union that's going to unite to try to stop God's work the dragon the beast the false prophet that Spiritualism Catholicism and apostate Protestantism and friends these are the movements that are already united together an ecumenical movement that mistakenly looks upon the walls of truth as divisive and a barrier to unity the loud cry of the Apostolic Churches of the world is tear down this wall forget about absolute doctrinal truths just give us love they say we don't need the truth as long as we have the Spirit but it's a counterfeit spirit that leads to a counterfeit truth and my friends as we see the prophecies of Revelation 13 being fulfilled before our very eyes and as the world gathers together is following the peace I urge you my friends don't fall still in the long. Today we live in a world where human reason is being exalted above divine revelation a time where humanism is getting a foothold in many churches were church members are rejecting absolute doctrinal truths and they're replacing it with subjective personal experiences that the devil can easily manipulate a time when emotionalism is taking the place of deep searching of heart a time when theatrically taking the place of the preaching of the pure word of God and friends as we see multitude being swept away by the current of religious relativism I urge you today friends don't fall stay on the wall today we live in a world of mass media destruction Internet and television and social media all of these sound bites and flashing lights demanding our time and diverting our attention from what Jesus is doing for us in the century above and as the enemy seeks to desensitize us by worldly attractions and distractions I urge you friends don't fall stain on the law and then there's the virus of dry religious formalism infecting the church religious distractors who major in the minors and minor in the majors and they forget the weightier matters of the law like love justice and mercy in the land of Laodicea many people are becoming comfortable in complacency lazy in lukewarmness and a rigid in self righteous formality we boast that we have the right answers but all the while we lack the right spirit our heads are full with the theory of truth but our hearts are empty of the person of truth and as the and we're like the fairest use of old sometimes bringing that adulterous woman to Jesus calling sin by its right name wanting to accuse her quoting the law calling sin by its right name. Well all the while their own hearts were more guilty because of their pride and self righteousness more guilty than the 1 that they're ready to throw stones at my friends as the devil is the devil is trying to knock us down into the ditch of legalism I urge you don't fall stay on the whoa then there is that other equally dangerous ditch on the other side of the wall called liberalism the idea that God is not particular and that he has no standards it is the gospel that cheapens the expensive grace of God and makes it a license to sin it is a 1 sided 1 sided preaching 1 sided programs and projects that try to divorce God's love from God's law as it tries to separate Jesus from prophecy and prophecy from Jesus' mercy from justice and justice for mercy but these 2 should never be separated what God has joined together let no man put asunder and so as the devil is trying to knock us down into the ditch of liberalism I urge you today friends don't fall stain on the law as the devil seeks to divided us with rigid legalism and loose liberalism the solution is not to try to avoid 1 another on either side of the law before each of us to come upon their to let Jesus lift us up on the wall of Divine Love which is upon the wall of love that we learn the perfect blend and balance with justice and mercy. Beautiful balance of spirit and truth and so my beloved church let's stay on the wall together let us love 1 another let us work together to finish the work like Nehemiah let let it be our cry we will not come down from the wall when someone mistreats you in you and you feel like getting angry stay on the wall when there are tears in the church that make you feel like leaving the church stay on the wall when you go through tragedy and you don't understand why stay on the wall when life becomes overwhelming when you feel like giving up scale on the law when you're on carnal flesh is pulling into forbidden for waters remain on the low my friends as we finish is so high and get ready to go back to our respective fields let us remember that a finished work in this generation requires 3 things number 1 unusual focus number 2 unusual fusion and number 3 unusual faithfulness how many of you see your need today of God's focus fusion and faithfulness how many want to say Lord help me to remain on the wall now as we close what enables us to remain of the 1 my friends is because Jesus remained on the wall for us while the walls of humanity were broken like Nehemiah Jesus could find no rest in the Heavenly Palace so he came to the world to rebuild the broken was but in the garden of the olive press Jesus was pressed to come off the wall tempted to abort his mission and return to the heavily palace but Jesus remain on the wall what he said Not my will that I will be done but then upon Mount Calvary Jesus was tempted to come off the wall knows what it says Matthew $27.00 those who passed by blasting him wagging their heads and saying you who destroyed the temple and what. Build it in 3 days save yourself if you're the son of God come down from the cross our friends what was Jesus doing on the cross he was building something he was rebuilding the broken walls of humanity and as humanity was tearing down divinity of the cross divinity was re building humanity you see it takes no skill to tear it down but it requires great wisdom and love to build up that's what Jesus demonstrated at Calvary and then he began to attack his faith in His father Matthew $2743.00 says he trusted in God Let him the Father deliver him that is the son if he the father would have him the son for he said I am the Son of God are friends you understand what they were saying here what they were saying was this not only do we not want you not even God wants you if God wants you he would deliver you but the fact he is not shows that that even God has for seeking you gotta hate you God is cursed you see the spies is you he has left you he's given up on you so you might as well give up on here and come down from the cross same of your self same self same of self has the devil ever whispered that in your ears friends this was the agonizing temptation of crisis we will face a similar temptation in the last days a time where we as God's people before shaken by man and seemingly forgotten by got a time when the whole world will be against us and heaven will be silent and in that crisis our That which we need to remain on the wall is the faith of Jesus was the faith of Jesus listen listen listen Christ understood that in tempting him without realizing it they were actually fulfilling Bible prophesy. When they said he trusted in God Let God deliver him they were actually quoting from a messianic prophecy in songs 22 and verse 8 he trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him let him deliver him seeing he delights in him and so as the people tempted Christ by quoting verse 8 Jesus overcame the temptation by quoting verse 1 he said in verse 1 he quoted this verse my God my God why stuff for sake you have to understand friends that that was both an interactive and a declarative statement Jesus was asking his father why he had for sake in him because that's exactly how he felt but in asking that question Jesus was also declaring that even though I feel like you have 1st taken me father I will not forsake you and Jesus didn't say God God why have you forsaken me he said Mom I had my God In other words Father even though it seems like I am no longer yours you are still mounted I might even though it seems like like you have left me I will not leave you I will not give up on you I was staying all on the law it was as if Jesus was saying I'm doing a great work. I cannot come down from this 1 and so Jesus clung to the Old Rugged Cross and by doing so he was guaranteeing the finishing of the work of rebuilding broken humanity and if you're thankful for the Lord Jesus let me hear you say amen and guess what happened 52 days later how long did it take to finish the war guess what happened 52 days after the cross the day of Pentecost was fully come and power was poured out on the early episodic church and because there was no breach in their unity there was no breach in that wall. Jesus remained on the wall for you will you remain on the wall for him I want to stand up and be counted how about you amen So allow me to finish with some good news and some bad news the bad news is this our adversaries are greens are obstacles are many our resources are limited our numbers are few Our faith is weak our doubts are strong in our carnal flesh is powerful but here's the good news friends our God is Almighty His power is unlimited his wisdom unmatched his resources are infinite His grace is sufficient his love is eternal and his presence is with us and so we can't lose when Jesus we choose we have no reason to fear when Jesus is near and we will not fall from the wall would upon Jesus we call and surrender all and so today if you want to say Lord help me to remain on the wall and bite you stand your feet where you are quickly as we close in prayer why don't you put your arm around the person next to you and let's make a wall of prayer shall we let's hold 1 another as God holds us as we close as I 2080 and our per simply tonight is this Lord forgive me for my fall help me to live out my call and give me courage to remain upon the wall Let us pray Father in heaven thank you so much more. For your amazing grace and your marvelous. Thank you dear god. You sent your beloved son. To You Lord Jesus were willing to leave the comforts of the heavenly power. To rebuild broken humanity. Thank you Lord that you did not come off the cross you remained on the wall for us. Now dear Lord we pray for you please forgive us. For the times that we have come off a lot of the times that we were so absorbed in building our own houses in the work. Of the Gospels I've been. Or I pray we pray that you'll give us focus you give us the fire of fusion. And you give us on wavering. Thank you Lord Jesus we commit ourselves to you again give us strict nows release keep us in your great Jesus name we pray that all of God and time Nehemiah say. Amen this media was produced by audio for 4 days and why haven't the layman services and industry. If you would like to learn more about. Please the W.W.W.. Live. Or if you like to live for free online. Leave the W.W.W. body over for.


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