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Jesus’ first miracle was making juice!

Jason Churchwell
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Ellen White says that at the second coming, some of God’s people will be engaged in business transactions. Join us as we discuss ways business can break down prejudice between the world and Seventh-day Adventists and how God rewards those who take risks for His cause.




  • August 3, 2018
    11:15 AM
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My name is Jason as Kyle said I work for adjure now the advent of element a relief agency and I help them with their marketing in development and then I'm also on a small team that investigates social enterprise opportunities business opportunities around the world places where we can start businesses that generate more private funding so we don't have to be so reliant on government funding because we don't know when those streams of income will dry up but we want to continue serving people the most vulnerable people around the world and so that's your interest in your passion to come talk to me afterward and we can we can sit down with Gus those ideas but that's really what we're interested in ads are getting into that space but today I haven't asked to talk about a venture that I worked on before this in Atlanta Georgia which is where I'm from called press together and we were brainstorming ideas to reach the city there was a big push from the General Conference a few years ago to reach a city that is still going on and we thought health is the way to go and we want to go after the wealthy often in our evangelist efforts we go after poor people they have an obvious need and then we can meet that need we thought well how can we get into the lives of wealthy and influential people who are in our sphere of influence and so I'm not a foodie kind of guy didn't really want to start a restaurant it's really expensive but I can make some killer juice and so we develop some juice layers in my house and we say we're going to do a juice bar before going to that you guys are all here to talk about business and religion and his advantage at the end of time no 1 will be able to what. The hand right on cue and so what are we all going to do are we all going to be unemployed shortly you know should we even be talking about this. There's a super interesting quote I want to read to you guys in the last day events and you remember that parable Jesus tells in Matthew $24.00 Luke $172.00 will be sowing in the field 1 shall be taken the other left 2 women to be grinding at the mill 1 should be taken the other left and oftentimes we talk and there are times alike where Lord and were like Is it where they taken or is it where they left and that's the part we talk about well there's a super interesting quote and last event this what it says Christ declared that when he comes some of his waiting people will be engaged in business transactions that you know that like mind blown right some people are going to be doing business who are looking for Jesus coming when he comes I don't know how is going to work it says some will be sowing in the field others reaping and gathering in the harvest and others grinding at the mill so I encourage you now is a great time to start a business some of God's people will be doing business at that time so we decided we're going to do Swan And Lana so we looked everywhere and it's like 1000 square feet in Atlanta $5000.00 bucks a month and they want us I have 3 a 5 month lease. Converse Spence is a sort of again we're trying to operate on this lean startup model right friends and family financing the best kind and so we find this little story of the coffee shop in a high rise that's just off the strip e Sharif if any of your from Atlanta Peachtree Street is kind of like the main street in Buckhead and bucket is like the premier part of Atlanta it's where all the wealthy guys are and so we find this this high rises kind of just off the strip but there's tenants there like sales force the Securities Exchange Commission Fannie Mae Wells Fargo but the building is only like half will there's no street parking it's terrible and I had to be convinced to go into the spot they said hey we'll let you come in here for $350.00 a month and we only make you sign a 6 month lease and you can just go month to month afterward so it's like free right it's cheaper than a share kitchen so I will we can at least figure out the business model refine and start doing some deliveries and things like that so I develop 5 layers of juice just 5 that's all we had in my kitchen and we have this grand open we have kind of a soft opening or we start selling it and learning the system and making juice we have this grand opening in my friend Jared Diamond he had a panel yesterday he and I open this juice bar so they're making juice all night we put our suits we had our family come out we have this grand opening or giving away samples I think even Jerry's mom was there is wife was there and it's kind of slow which are getting a little bored and so we've hired this other evidence guy's name is Brian and he and I are back they're like well we want to start expanding our line so maybe we should try some Allman milk so we bought this press a press is like 2 and a half tons of pressure and so we fill this press bag with this Allman Marsh and we fill the bag wrongly filter from the bottom you're supposed to fill from the middle and fold the ends in and literally like I'm in my soup bag they're trying to make this all milk so I put in the press and it starts pressing and because you feel the bag wrong it starts shooting out the front. Now I see shooting outstanding from the machine and Brian's right here it starts running us in the face so we both jump to the side Gerrard's behind me ringing up a customer right here. The Allman mill hits him in the back of the head and he turns around the truth going on and it sprays into his eyes and so Jerry's like down out of commission like going to the sink to wipe his eyes well there's a lady buying juice at the register. I'm like 6263 this was this was a large African-American lady taller than me standing at the register and Allman mill is just showering down on her no joke I mean we're like 3 tables back and she stands there and she was freed and she starts screaming. Grand opening. So everyone starts grabbing towels and running everywhere trying to wipe it all up and our own are on the counter and I'm given are howsoever self up and she's wiping her face and she stop and she looks at me and she says Do I look like you. She put the towel down and go straight up to women's restroom. And this is how we got started our grand opening oppressive gather. And I wish I could tell you that was the last bad thing that haven't our best selling juice was that is usually called Bring go gringo is what they call American people down south of the border right it was a citrus vase green juice and it had a little help in you know it well I don't know if any of you like how seniors would somehow king of the super hot some aren't so hot or cold pressing how Pena's right I mean we're making the most premium juice you can buy this is organic 100 percent it's called press and it's raw unpasteurized so repressive how opinio is and you know we're still figured out the recipes so I put twice as much in this batch as should have been in there. So I was coming down and you know we're sampling sampling sampling and now I'm like you should try this juice I mean this is a unique juice you couldn't get this juice anywhere else it was like my custom recipe and people taste it and their face turns red and they start coughing and they're like sputtering they're like losing their voices and I was in this and I'm like it's a little house a little splash of helping you know. Those last rites Well what happened was it was the best marketing thing that could have happened to us because they went and told everyone about it and it really taught me an important lesson about marketing in life and that's often we want to blend in with everyone else right maybe want a close look to say a more social media page look the same but if we want to do something that makes people remark about us if we want to do something remarkable we got to do something a little different right and so they share this experience so everyone's coming down from the building I got a child is how it's in your juice Where is it everyone tell me about is super hot. We toned down the house when you were in there and that ended up being our best selling juice we saw that almost every day and so this is how we got started so we had this 1 store we expanded there we did some more juices I think we did about 8 or 9 and we started making smoothies or got into US A balls like community shot which are offered for a while I mean we tried everything just seeing what would work and about 9 months later we opened a 2nd store and then a year after that we opened a 3rd store and the Lord was really blessing things are going well. Where we're delivering to companies every week we're going to some farmers' markets and. And so as time went on we had this lady who was ordering juice from us in the these really autumn outs we started making these cashing notes and she were like 10 at 1 time and more like that's not really the most healthy thing you know to be drinking all this caching milk and so we started trying to find out you know what was going on this lady was married to the trainer of the Atlanta Hawks N.B.A. basketball team and she ordered all this juice when her husband would go on these N.B.A. trips because I guess you don't want to cook and they're more filling. Husband comes home and like what so that he starts drinking some ends up losing like 60 pounds you think like you know professional trainers of athletes they'd be the most healthy No not necessarily He's like a stuffed amazing I have to get my players to drink this stuff so he brings us down to Phil's arena and puts a cooler like press together cooler down in the in the in the locker room of the N.B.A. players and sort of later into the Hawks every week and he says hail me introducing my friend over at the Atlanta Braves which is our which is our major league baseball team so they're like hey we want to get our players more nutrition they need to recover better but you have to be brought in samples for me like hey we love it so we met the chefs and we put it down at a Turner Field at the time and so we had the Hawks bring in our juice and raising our juice and I back at that time the Hawks are number 1 in the east now you know they're down at the bottom but they're not going to use anymore and so. That's what happened. So the Warriors really blessing what we're doing we hired all average young people working their way through high school college we had some refugee kids who were on scholarship to go to heaven school we gave them a job over there and and so so that's kind of how we're doing it now how do we do mission work out of a juice bar all of our shirt on the back of them said Jesus 1st miracle was making juice and people like me that's a duck shirt like what I get that and I'm like it's a true story and I What And so I say yes and John Chapter 2 go check it out and people who never had any idea that that was in the Bible. We started these things called juice and learned where we would go to companies and we would give away free juices they'd all come listen to a health talk that we would give and so Jarrett or another guy would would give a presentation like 30 minutes and we talk all about the avenue of health message how to live you know like the address in the Blue Zones and we give the whole presentation they didn't even necessarily know we were Adventists but a whole bunch of them would line up in the end they want to talk to us because they had different health challenges and of course we tell them you know we're advents and and we share these principles with them and so we started doing that we actually hired someone who got paid a lot of money and I think this is a business for any of you if you have a product to go around and get help talk to businesses they have money set aside for health and wellness that will pay you to do that. So we did those we didn't necessarily have great conversation desire of ages ago tracks on the table my wife and I wrote a health book and we give that out a different events but a coworker of mine would always have books on hand to share but he would tab certain pages and highlight things and so as we got to know people he would give them to them individually and tell him hey I highlighted some stuff in here that you can share with me I think this would be really helpful to you it was more like a wall dancing in thing where we thought we had the best use in the world of all the Indians have these rare silks and jewels and things like that and they would share as they had opportunities and that's kind of kind of how we did things at press to gether recently as as I mentioned we saw it to the Nevada Utah conference my friend is a pastor there he is getting his Ph D. and trying to figure out how to reach millenniums in the cities because we're all leaving the church but not everyone I meant so is still here and we want to reach out to other people and so he's like hey how can I how can I reach money within the city I want to sarge use of Arkansas reach out to him I said hey if you need a vice I mean no and he said well we love the franchise kind of what you're doing well I'm for profit you know the church is a nonprofit and I think that was a little too much for them to figure out how to do. And so I said why don't we just sell it to you guys and he said OK so they're going to open the 1st 1 just outside of Salt Lake City and then I think from there they're going to try to go to Las Vegas and continue expand throughout the Nevada Utah conference as a way to they're going to hire canvassers and people with their in their literature program to come work there to provide some more income for them and then minister to people in the local community so we're Silverside about that we had a couple come over from the Middle East North Africa Union who want to start a ministry their C.E.O. I to reach people and kind of a close country where you can be open about evangelism we train them for a couple weeks they took everything back now to the Jews who are open and 1 of these close countries and so we still are in touch with them but all this from literally hardly any money from friends and family in a building that we had no business being in we thought we'd be there for 6 months I don't care in like 3 months I'm out of here and being our best or for the for all 3 and a half years we were there we had some great friends there and the Lord really blessed and so I just encourage you you know start small put in the Lord's hands and he'll cause it to grow and expand to reach more people for his kingdom and so thank you for your time and appreciate your prayers that ministry continues to go forward in Utah no media which produces my audience through. The news services and industry. If you would like to learn more not. Least W.W.. Or if you'd like to read online. W.W.W. you Bruce.


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