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F5 Challenge – Challenging the Status Quo!

Calvin Kim
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How F5 Challenge got started. How I do tons of ministry as a busy professional! What we do as a ministry to appeal and draw in those that are non-religious to our event. Using our hobbies/passions combined with our love for nature and outdoors to connect with people in friendship evangelism.


Calvin Kim

Vice President for ARME Bible Camp




  • August 3, 2018
    11:45 AM
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So I have given this talk we were asked to share what is that you know like being a busy professional person but who's also involved in the church well OK what can I say in like 15 minutes to give you guys some guidance I was sitting in your spot like 10 years ago I guess feeling old right now but just what can I share with you that you know as I get involved in ministry and I think I spend more than definitely more than 50 percent of my time on ministry things but like some weeks it's 6070 percent on church related things and I know a lot of times we hear things like well how on earth can you do all that and also do your work and be a busy professional and I want to share a little bit about like you know what God has done for me in my life and how he's blessed me as I put time into his work as well as being a professional my workplace so just 3 things I wanted to 3 points I wanted to make the 1st is I'm going to ask you a question look at your Facebook friend group or Instagram Twitter whatever how many of you have been on agonists friends I would hope everybody would reach an OK how many of you have maybe like 50 percent or more of your friends are not apt OK how about 70 percent 80 percent non agonise friends so like this past week or this past month you have intentionally made time to hang out with friends or not Adventist. At least if you've done that OK All right so I mean I feel very passionate about that about making friends outside the church it is so important for ministry if I look at my Facebook page I want to see only the only 10 percent of my friends are Adventists on the Facebook page but I have a lot of avenues friends so it's not that I don't have that and it's friends in a lot of time with avenues friends and non-evidence friends the reason I say this is because you know all we have so many ministries in our church and people are trying so hard to be evangelistic and to reach people for God but if you don't have a lens of which to look out when you're doing this there is no way that you can be effective in your ministry when I look at my friends what they've taught me my friends are not Christian they're not of my faith I learned so much from them right because 1 I learn how they think about things where they're coming from when they have questions about God and then it's made me go back into the Word and study scripture so that I know how I can share with them and what I need to say how to say it it just puts a whole new perspective you know on evangelism. And so that is like the number 1 thing when I was thinking about like what is it about Manisty that drives me well it's my passion because I have so many non-hazardous friends that I want to see them in the kingdom and so when you think about that you know I'll give you just a quick a quick example so I've moved a lot of you know I move like every 2 years for the last 15 years and it's because of work and school and all of that I'm kind of adventurous so I go wherever God calls me but my when I was an M.B.A. school I was there and I said God I'm here for 2 years give me divine appointments every single person I'm with give me divine appointments help me reach souls for the Kingdom and by divine appointments in my book what I call that is at least an hour a conversation with somebody about God that's a seed planting conversation doesn't have to be that I have you know they've been become baptized by the time I leave it just means I'm going to take about 6 months to get to know somebody really be their friend like intentionally spend time with them. And be there for them as a friend get to know them and then have that conversation and God has blessed me so much with this I mean it's almost like I'll get to a new place all make a set of friends and once I've like had those appoint divine appointments and conversations it's like God said OK you're done here here's the next the next job and it it's almost happened that way so consistently that I almost know that it's not time for me to leave yet until I've had these things happen to me so when I went to M.B.A. school I prayed about it and I thought OK in my 1st 6 months I think I made about like 10 or so friends that were not not of my fave initially because of from my study groups and everything and I said OK got it I need a plan for that time with them and he blessed that and towards the end of the 2 years I had a great Congress virtual conversation with almost every single 1 of them multiple conversations. And before the end of it I said OK I want invite them to church before I leave so I got my young adult group. On board with this and we said we're going to plan a church service just for my friends of course there's a you know everyone else in charge was coming to but we decided to specific we plan very intentional everything from the sermon to the announcements to the song service to the greeting to the lunch everything was planned with them in mind and I can't tell you what a blessing it was and how amazing it was because my friends came to church for the very 1st time in their lives and they left saying wow I had no idea that's what church was like I had no idea you know they learn things they ask me questions about God afterwards I mean it just opened a whole nother door and I thought wow oh why is it all ministry like that why isn't every time I go to church like that I mean that's what church should be about I mean that's how we need to do it so my 1st point is you know make time to really make non agonise friends because that is going to change your whole perspective on ministry and give you a new lens to do ministry. So my 2nd point is recognize that you're a cold laborer with God. In the in the book councils of the church to the church it says God has honored us by making us coworkers with him and it also says the work of God in this earth can never be finished until men and woman comprising our church membership rallied to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church office officers right so that here the work of God can never be finished until all of us rally together and unite you know what that means that means that guys your work is actually not your number 1 priority your career your school it's actually not your number 1 priority is God and His work now does that mean you don't be excellent in what you do know I mean I hear that a lot is that we have to be excellent in what you do for sure you cannot be an effective witness if you're not X. when and what you do however you could be a workaholic till Jesus comes and never really do the mission of what God is actually called you to do that means being a witness in your workplace that also means outside of your workplace and taking the time to actually do the work for God and making that a priority and the reason I mention this is because as you get more of all ministry and you spoke putting more and more time in it like you're not you know that's not your full time job a lot of the work in ministry right there doing that you on the other hand it's it's a lot of times people do things it's like volunteer for them right it's a volunteer job but what I'm here to say that it's not just a volunteer job it is your job it is your mission and when you have that lens that you are a cold laborer with God It changes everything. Because I'm for sure you will get discouraged you will be tired there are so many times where I was like asking myself why am I doing this you know like you do a 50 hour work week and then I'm like spending all weekend every evening working on church stuff and I'm thinking Well I think this and especially after like a really big event or something you planned like an evangelistic series which I've helped plan once you do that you're like this is this is like this so like not rewarding people or on grateful you know people that's true and you'll find that if I'm grateful nobody says thank you you will have problems with church leadership you will feel like there's so much politics you can get a thing done you'll feel like no 1 wants to give money towards your cause I mean there's just so many things and you're like I come to work today and not even bother you know that's really how you think it is going to attack you as you work in ministry and what I want to tell you is if you don't have that view that you are a cold labor with God you will you will be discouraged and not want to keep moving forward and when you recognize that I'm doing this for God and for the kingdom and for souls and no 1 else I'm doing this for God and I'm working with him on this changes everything you know and when I was working on we Calvin and I we worked on a ministry in Seattle we had 10 people on my committee and our team and I remember what at the 1 of our events we were just totally I was like this was really hard work and I felt like maybe it wasn't worth it but you know after that I saw 2 people on my committee 1 person who just broke down in tears crying because they had an incredible re conversion experience and then the other person she also ended up going to rise to study after that and her whole life changed so when I see things like that I go Wow OK That's why I'm doing this and the more you do these kinds of things the more you see life changed and God working and God will bless you and he will she show you and you just keep going forward and as you're called labor with him he will bless and guide you and lead you in all of this so just remember that your call Aber with God. OK And then my final point is start small but be ready to innovate and by that I mean you know a lot of times in this church we do things because we're used to doing them the way we've always done them and what I want to say is this church is waiting for you to do something amazing you know God has a plan for every single person here and I know that this like this whole group is not by coincidence I mean you are here with a bunch of people really getting a chance to discuss and talk about the issues in our church what you can do for ministry and evangelism this is not by chance that you're here and as you continue to learn and grow and meet more people like praying about what God would have you do but start small you may not know what to do like I'm kind of an extrovert so I go about things differently there are people who feel I don't know what to do or where to begin That's OK I'm in a new church right now I've been going there for. The last year and I literally like to start washing dishes every day at every stop after a potluck but I just OK I'm the 1 in the kitchen helping wash the dishes because usually it's like the same 2 or 3 people in there doing all that work I'm just the background person helping wash dishes then I start a greeting that's on a greeting every week just because I'm like This is how I'm going to know the church I'm going to greet every week and now although I'm starting a Sabbath school and doing a church growth seminar coming up soon and really praying about what can be done differently in my local church and so start small and it's fine but after you start doing those small little things telling you God holds show you and guide you on what to do next and that's when you start praying about OK I'm not going to stay at this point and just do the usual thing but I want to pray about how do I innovate how do I do something different and what does God actually want me to do in this church or in this ministry in this place and to think big and I guarantee you God will show you he will he will definitional you mean this happened to me so many times. I'll just give you 1 example here to close. When I 1st started working at Microsoft I was in Seattle I was in a new area and those of you in like the corporate world or in secular business at secular industries you know how hard it can be like it is so different from church things and ministry things you know you're with 1 group of people and then you go to church and you're with like a whole nother group of people and I just remember getting there and I think you know the tech industry for a while at that point but this particular job was extremely demanding and I was already having like really doubts like God Why did you bring me here you know what am I doing here and on top of that I was like how on earth can I be a witness because I remember thinking like OK I got there and I was really struggling with just the way people were and like how on earth can I share the gospel with these people how can I can even find commonality How can I even be friends with people in my particular group in at work I was really struggling I was also struggling about like why God had brought me to Seattle. And because the whole area wasn't sure what to do with it so I started praying you know it's our prayers are visiting churches like every single saveth and 1 Friday night I was getting ready to planning OK tomorrow is like church off and you know I was like OK I'm gonna go to this church tomorrow have that in the plan and then I just are praying like OK God what am I what am I doing and I remember that particular Friday I almost broke down in tears I was just like I don't know what I'm doing I was just so discouraged and the next day I went to church and I went to Sabbath school and I see for potluck OK Note to self remember whenever you're new church going to get a pulse of the church make sure you show up early and state to follow so I went there and unfitting a potluck table and there's this lady across from me and all of a sudden she goes we're talking about something totally random and then she says you know I work at Microsoft and of course my eyes are like oh OK And then she says you know Microsoft I really wanted to be a missionary in Africa but God said No I don't want to be a missionary Africa I want in the missionary right here here at Microsoft here in Seattle and I thought oh OK God you know that was like a direct sign from God like wow you know it was amazing that God knew exactly what was in my heart and the next day not only does he talk to me through her but even gives me a new friend and from that point on I continue to pray like God would want me to do here and I met I started visiting churches and meeting people and God led me to like minded people and that's how I met Calvin and like 10 of us got together and we started a ministry there and we were again very intentional about that ministry we said how do we reach our friends in this area where do I bring my friends to because I don't feel comfortable bringing them to my church so what do I do and I say that quite honestly speaking I didn't know how to bring my non-Christian friends to my current church at the time. Because I didn't feel comfortable with it so what do you do you start the exam back what I was saying is you start small but then you'll be ready to innovate and think about what God is leading you to do and so we were very intentional We thought through what do we do do we do something different our church or do we do something else so we're starting a Friday night ministry it's kind of like a church plant you could say like a Vespers but very intentional from everything on how we structured it so that anybody who was non-Christian could walk in and feel comfortable but also learn something about God and we could be friends with them so we started that we had like about 80 people coming on Friday night and eventually the young adult group grew and we ended up doing camp meeting took over that and did that differently and had like 600 people attending that and you know God just really blessed and I did that for 4 years and that's how I met Calvin and he's going to speak next and it's because of our friendship then we. Got together and help with other ministries children talk with 5 But yes so that's that's all I wanted to share there is just you know just the 3 points is you know take time to make naan I've been a friend because that is going to change your lens on how you do ministry. Recognise that you're a cold laborer with God because that's the only way you're going to be able to be strong and God will guide you in all that you do and 3rd start small but be ready to innovate because our church is waiting for you to do amazing things. Thank you. How are you guys doing. Here and I'm doing great thank you for asking. I am very excited to be to have this platform and we share towards the end of the presentation of why that is OK before I start I start with a will a quick story. 1 of things that I love to do is I'm an avid runner and I showed up to a Tuesday night running group and there was a new guy in the group that showed up and you said I like to be friends the new people because they don't really know anyone his name was Charlie rocket What a great name for a runner and he was fast and we just hit it off and I asked why they said will you help me to become faster we got together after that and 1 of the times I asked him if he liked to hike at all and he said yes so I invited him to go hiking with me my friends the thing is he had moved from Japan his wife was still living in Japan he's he is he's not Japanese but he was here on business and so because that he didn't have a car and so because we were hiking right after church I told him I'll be happy to pick you up but we're going right up to church I said Would you be interested in going to church with me and to my surprise he agreed to go to church so I drove down early picked him up he came to church he's got a great person I just got along with everyone we had a wonderful time hiking not too long after he sent me this e-mail it says a dear and wonderful friend of mine who's not even at the church recommended that I confessed to you the depression that I can't work through now I'm only going to share with you snippets of the email maybe I shouldn't be telling you this the suicide helpline guy was a disaster can I confide in confide in you without being judged I feel your church and you might be the only ones that I can confide in but I don't know where to turn except the church your congregation even for 1 day help keep me alive I'm sorry to unload this on you because you wanted a running body and have inherited a suicide. See what he doesn't know is that he thinks I inherited a sewer so what I'd got was an amazing opportunity to share with him how he could inherit eternal life. My friend had snuck into an all time low I came by the motel that he was staying out here checked himself into a motel he was drinking himself to death took him to my house that night we had per meeting we just happen to have prayer meeting at a sister truck I invited him to go he wanted to go at the per meeting he wept we prayed over him the next day I believe he came to church with me and during that day started having bible studies. The purpose of why I'm sharing the story is twofold is 1st I want to illustrate the power of friendship evangelism and 2nd the power to connect with people over a hobby a passion or something that you share and carbon and that is what in essence what S 5 is all about it's building bridges our internal Logan we see that because we don't publicly broadcast this is fitness for a witness now I was asked to share how if I've got started I'm going to share this real briefly previous to 5 probably about in 2009 pastor I remarked most of you probably know who he is a few ways to he just shared with me the idea of starting conference on how to study the Bible now if you know Pastor Ivor he is a visionary man I'm more of behind the scenes let's make it happen so we work together and that's how our army Bible camp got started well it was about it was in the spring of 2016 Pastor Ron you prayed many of you may know him is a pass at the illusion an accomplished runner he called me out of the blue and he goes how would you like to run the Grand Canyon from rim to rim to rim a 40 mile run as a fundraiser for my church and at that that sounds totally miserable and amazing all at the same time but I'm like I would have to train at least 4 months for 40 mile run and I'm thinking for the 2 of us to run to the desert all through the night and I thought you know what I want to invite more people to come join this you know why because misery loves company. And so. I just started asking friends I had a friend she was I've always wanted to go to Kenya she was I'm coming I started asking other people 1 of my friends Elena back she was you know it will have to get in shape for this and I loved it because I'm very enthusiastic about fitness and the idea that it would motivate people other people wanted to join I realized very quickly that people want an adventure people want face to face interaction people want to be challenged and also I had an epiphany I was like we need to turn this into an actual event Now keep in mind for years I've been organizing these army Bible camp conferences and so we're like let's have an event I share with past ROGER PRICE He loved the idea then I called the pre A. And she was on board so what we did is we set up a Facebook group we set up a website most of it was word of mouth and started sharing we're inviting people to come not to run 40 miles case that's really for a few select people who are into that kind of thing but to come and have an adventure maybe hike a part of the Canyon maybe do a longer hike become an fellowship together with us now as we started sharing this I happened at the same running group or know the different running group I run into a friend of mine I hadn't seen for years we had been on a mission trip together it was run by up an not an avenue script and we had gone to North Korea together I'm a senior I run into her and she goes I'm training because she's going to be backpacking in Mont Blanc in Europe and I told her want train for the Grand Canyon and I told her we're going hiking in a couple would she want to come with us and she goes Sure so here she going to come hiking with my church friends I let my church friends know that she is not evidence it's important to do that for reasons I'll talk about later she had a great time on the 2nd day of our hike as she's asking a lot of questions about what we believe and when I dropped her off in her car she goes I'd like to take you up on your offer for a Bible study 2 people emailed me that summer 1 who was also from my running group and this is what the e-mail said or the message on line I'm not religious Can I come in and hit me we have to capitalize on this thing we have something where people that are not religious actually want to come to our event now obviously they're not coming because they want to come for the the spiritual food but they want to come because of where we're going and the challenges that we're putting on and I realize we had something here now 5 months later about $110.00 people showed up at Grand Canyon a people attempted the rim to rim to rim 48 miles of which 6 people made it these are the 6. 30 people did a 1 way ramp to ramp 24 mile hike 23.9 and then a bunch of people did the 80 mile down to the river and back up a lot of people to the 12 and some to the 6 miles so there was something for everyone for all levels if you're a couch potato there's something for you if you want something of an Iron Man level challenge there's something for you as soon as we were done people said we want more we also had Ed keys for the conference come give an inspirational message pass to Ron and basically it was kind of like coming to a weekend conference. Now I want to share with you what makes F 5 different because I had been with the army for so many years and had put on conferences I wanted to do things very different so I'm going to highlight just a few of those things 1 that we wanted to give the event to be friendly K'naan Abas non-religious people yes I can bring non Aves people to Army Bible camp but it's not really ideal maybe if I've been studying the Bible with them G Y C Sure you can but some of those messages are not your cure for own people just like a science which is really nice because I get to share with you kind of the you know the behind the scenes things of what's going on how it's like to have an event where you can actually freely invite non Aves people to come and they actually want to come who doesn't want to go to the kind of places that we're going to our next event coming up and you'll see on your table some of the Flyers our next event is that somebody in our big challenge is a Half Dome last September we're at the Grand Teton next year we're going to Zion National Park we're going to places people actually want to go to the actually want to pay money and come to it so that's what we used to draw people in being part of the ministry you know what we used to draw people in ministry a lot of times we used big name speakers when we get them like John Bradshaw Doug Bachelet come on and on Mark's only it draws people to come right the thing about non-religious people they don't know who they are they don't know who Mark only is they don't know who does bachelors but they know what the Grand Tetons are or Zion National Park. Another thing is because our shirts are bright and red when we go hiking we experience that the Tetons is we're hiking and there are so many of us hiking up the stroppy proconsul asking us who are you guys who would you guys do who are you guys and so we decided you know what we're going to put up a specific F.B.I. specific glow track that we can just hand out with people so we have a witnessing opportunity. Another thing we talk about fellowship all the time but when you go to army in the promo you can meet people at meal times you may meet people but pretty much all day long you're sitting in meetings just like this so instead we've got a huge focus on fellowship we do a lot of icebreakers a lot of games so that when you're done and we do less meetings so that when you're done you've walked away with about 20 to 50 new friends and I think that's 1 of the our probably the strongest point of why people enjoy it and keep coming to our republic I mean I'm sorry if I challenge because of the relationship that they're making because the reality is people are lonely today right we live in a social media world superficial relationships and people are craving genuine face to face interaction these are some of the games that we do we try to think of outside the box innovative stuff that people haven't seen or done before so much just came in this great idea for a nice break we'll be doing at the next 1 you line people up in groups and without talking you've got to Lang yourself from youngest to oldest just imagine the awkward fun that's going to be. The other thing like I had mentioned is you know this was from the Tetons So we've done an event at Joshua Tree This is a handful of that summit at the top of the Tetons this was our group I expected maybe 4050 people show up because we don't want to Smiths rock and we had about 4050 and we had about 130 people show up so this movement is just growing and growing and now this. And then what we do is we try to cater to everybody so we had climbing in the morning. We set up 6 lines so if you're a beginner or an expert climber It doesn't matter we'll teach you a climb in the afternoon we scheduled a run for the people who are runners and from where we are Rupp climbing we did a 12 mile run from there all the way to the Alps has a part another thing that we do is we do everything we can to keep our costs down it's expensive to go to conference right and part of the reason is because we're camping a lot of times we're able to really keep the cost down to come to our 1st Grand Canyon event registration with $25.00. This next event and half dome which is coming up in September it's a little bit more expensive the early bird was $169.00 because then you're in a cabin or dorm or tent 406 nights and it covers your meals your main meal not bad and so we're trying to make it as acceptable for people as possible. The other thing as you know in our church there's a lot of emphasis on healthy eating plant based Deacon vegetarianism which is so important but there's not that much emphasis on healthy activity and fitness and so we want to fill that void in the church we want to be the ones that are really encouraging people to get out there and get active The key is find what you love to do it could be running it could be cycling it can be climbing whatever it is that gets you out and moving these are. What the 5 extempore faith I'll ship in a supportive plan that correlate with the spiritual emotional physical mental and social the 5 components of human wholeness and wellbeing so that's where the name came from and we take you real quick to Thailand Bangkok this is Brian now a prime rate for Han he just came out here from Thailand this is his wife beautiful family. And he is very engaged with F I challenge that and is that a 5 challenge director in Thailand and they are using if I can to connect and build bridges with the local Thai people but they've taken it to a whole nother level they have set up a center of influence an F. 5 Challenge climbing center right there in Bangkok what's so cool about this it's 6 Tori 15000 square feet the best part 300 feet from the 13 largest university in the world with an enrollment of over 525000 students I just love how they painted it read like you can just see the building and you should talk to Brian get to know him find the story of how God provided for them to do this the top 2 floors of the bouldering gym you can see pictures here below is a lecture hall for Health talks in church below is a beacon pizzeria under that is a smoothie juice bar hangout spot with board games and a ping pong table in there mainly somewhere for the student to get together and mingle and they kicked off their grand opening June 10th with a boulder in competition. This is Eric and I dony he's coming to our next at 5 even have gone South Africa has taken S 5 over in South Africa and run with it they put on events they did a health and fitness conference it was 3 days the last day they did a 3 peat challenge where you climb 3 different peaks or as much as you can and here's what you message me a grueling yet fun 13 hour day we've built so many new connections of entres people many being begin and who have not considered a Christian option of a people community could connect with until now Gary T. roller is case in point in this care if you will is actually coming from South Africa to our next event in the area of health and fitness we have a window of opportunity to present Christ as the world's attention is drawn to the space of well being I'm sorry I am talking so fast but there is a time and I've got to finish within that time and that's why OK. Now quickly this was me 1000 years ago I was living a very I was living in the world they asked me to share part of the things they asked me to share is. You know what what is it that drives me to do the passion about ministry as a lay person and God took me out of darkness and in living and in in a pit of despair and he brought me into his marvelous light I can attest to this the purity AURITI of the Christian life over the life seeped in darkness and godlessness There's a saying that goes like this you're either a missionary or a mission field there's it's just 1 or the other if you're converted you're a missionary Now why do I do what I do you it's for 1 of my favorite promises a 100 fold promise in the Bible raise your hand if you know the wonderful promise in the Bible. OK I'm sure most of you have all read at least the gospels right this wonderful promise of mention 2 times no 1 knows what wonderful promises to raise your hand 1 person the bat I see a couple of K. this 1 of my favorite promises it's a promise from Jesus for those who follow Him Jesus is what he shall receive $100.00 full now in this time houses and brother and sister and mothers and children and Lance with persecutions and in the world to come eternal life a lot of people think that if you give up all apologies us yeah you will gain eternal life but the life here now is going to be so so you going to sacrifice Jesus comes to opposite he goes I will give you a 100 full now in this life here I have experienced that to my own life why do ministry it's not so I can get the 100 full promise it because I've already received 100 blessing in my life and that's a whole not I could tell you so many stories but for the sake of time so you want to explain life get involved in ministry ministries anything but boring my favorite acronym for faith fantastic adventures in trusting Him my life has been 1 amazing jerk adventure to serving Jesus I am going to skip some stuff when I 1st started working with Pastor Evers I met Meyers I know nothing about ministry besides a local church I set up an army Bible camp dot com I didn't even know it split the dot org as a nonprofit ministry you learned I learned by asking other people the question they wanted to be share with how do I balance work ministry work with professional work well the 1 thing might I have 1 advice but the pressure that is 1 of if you're married keep your wife in your family happy it is key. What good does it do to save the world and you lose your own family and 2nd of all spend quality time with your children because if you don't they will resent the work that you're involved with and that will do you no good now my 1 best advice for what worked for me in bringing success and lay ministry is a biblical principle delegate delegate delegate. It's in the Bible you will see that God short of anything that requires divine supernatural. Intervention God would delegate Adam named the animals know will build the ark of Jesus go fill the charge with water remove. The tomb stone and so this doesn't come easy for a lot of people in my end you may not always have this up to my dental practice if it can be delegated out I don't do it including bills including in it where I live I don't have to do things we can have life of the system feelings I have delegated everything allow that allows me the freedom to be able to have time to do ministry now and ministry when I set up a 5 challenge I set up a very large team and someone asked why do you have to large team because if I don't I have to end up doing all the loose sense and so that's the key delegated out I have never set up a 501 c 3 I don't even know how I don't even want to but I've been blessed with people on a team who enjoy doing that stuff and so they said all that stuff up to find the right people and delegate everything out and you'll build accomplish much now. I'm going I'm just getting some stuff but I'm going to share with you this part is the part that I really want to share because I have this platform challenges and a 5 ministry 1 is 1 of things we want people who are part of a 5 run on Facebook we have about 3000 we just surpassed 3000 members we want people to breed and not Avinash friends and come to our events as an ISP people. Just want to come to the event we want to bring their non-evidence And how do you educate them to do that we can't talk about on our Facebook wall because there's a lot of not advice on our Facebook wall we can put it on our website and if you look at the language on the on the advertisement card not the red ones the bookmarks you'll see the language and how we encourage people to invite their friends and family but the thing is the only way we can do that is we can just model it that's what we're doing we're just what we're trying to model it so other C.E.O.'s bringing on Avonex people in our messages are geared for not avenues people but here I have a forum and open platform where I can tell you that is the purpose of S 5 so bring those people that you're friends with and when you invite him to say you know what we're going to have dome and when to shoot the climb to have Tom lot of your friends believe it or not they'll be very interested now of course on our website when they see the schedule it's very clear that it's a Christian organization because we don't want to do is a bait and switch right we don't want them thinking they're just coming for an adventure or Oh it's a religious thing and so but it gives me an opportunity to be able to share that with you directly that this minister is designed to bring your non religious non-evidence friends Number 2 I'd love to talk about this more we've had interesting things happen I only share 1 of them which they get time. 1 of my French non-religious she's sitting with us at Smith Rock and she was at Grand Canyon the month before and she goes in front of the group and she brought 1 of her non-religious friends with her which is even better and she goes where do you guys administration up with this thing that Jesus is coming back to the belt of the Arayan and I'm just like who is talking about this to you. I mean there are so many things to talk about she's not avin is there are certain avenues things that we talk about amongst each other and 1 of the things I realize is 1 part is just trying to educate our own average people how to interact with non Adventists What's the key to learning how to do that well give 1 on 1 Bible studies you give 1 on 1 Bible that if you're activists or when you learn not to do those kinds of things I could tell you another story but I won't for the sake of time. And so with that I'm going to end with just this last story this gal I was in the airport headed to Chattanooga I was at the little market inside the airport in the terminal and I asked Do you guys sell any triathlon magazines. And this lady heard me talking and she comes up to me and she goes I heard you ask if you're looking for a Traveler magazine and she strikes up a conversation with me and on her shirt she got Iron Man on there so she's an Iron Man traffic I was actually headed to go do an Iron Man Chattanooga we're just chatted up and she want to sit together on the airplane so we were able to get our seats arranged and for 3 hours we're talking nonstop traffic on that plane right just flew by and I knew that she would be a long term contact cause she said I'm actually moving out there when you live with my husband they had just moved and she was we can do training right together and she insisted that I take a heart rate monitor with me because I don't train I don't I don't I don't train with a Harley moderate she insisted so I look at her as a as a long term contact when I travel I like to carry glow but I do not give blow to her I want to at this point just build bridges with this gal now she's a medical consultant who makes more money than her husband who's a cardiothoracic surgeon she's not the kind of lady that I really want to just be like you want to come to church with me because I could tell she's very irreligious I invite her to the Grand Canyon she was the 1 she said her husband would like to come and she's 1 of the ones at that I'm not religious but can I come she was not able to come later on we did a Tough Mudder event she came and met a bunch of people and then I invited her to our event at Smith Rock that's how many get her to go to church because we have church at our events and she sent me an e-mail and it took the day but I'm praying for and just before the day before eventually goes I don't think I'm going to come I'm atheist I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable and I said to her you're not going to make us feel uncomfortable but if you're going to feel uncomfortable I totally understand if she decided to come she had a great time and people minister to her on her way home and up to this point I've never had a spiritual talk with her as I'm driving her home and it's just me and her she starts opening up how she grew up Catholic and at 1 time she wanted to be a nun but the pain that she'd experience in her own life. And Shoshana has she never heard of some of the avenues before and just opening and so you can see what we do with this ministry is that we're able to build bridges with people someone like her that might be very difficult and I think as you know I offered to do Bible studies with her you know I don't know what God's going to do with her in a life that's not finished with her but you see what we're trying to do with this ministry is to make connections and build bridges and when to close with this last quote. All who are consecrated God will be channels of light God makes them his agents to communicate to others the riches of His grace our influence upon others depends not so much upon what we say as upon what we are men may combat in the fire logic they may resist our appeal but a life of this interested Love is an argument they cannot gainsay it consistent life characterized by the neatness a price is the power in the world and so is my prayer that all of us be consecrated God showing a life of us that love thank you for your time this medium was produced by audio for Oriental avenues laymen services and industry. If you would like to learn more about the inside. Of you W W A S 5. Or if you like to lose more free online sermons please visit W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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