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Starting a Center of Influence

GW Chew
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  • August 3, 2018
    3:30 PM
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So mostly our project on the question is my last name really choose and about I thought about that day all right so 1st of all my last name is Sue and I'm not Asian a man. So my dad was like man he snapped out of the sea an Asian person man and I was I now have legs. Anyway my name is Jeff Jewett as I always say going to give us something to chew on and so I've actually Akbar companies caught something better and we manufacture an amazing plant based protein solution and we also create the most amazing Deegan restaurants in urban centers in the country we started right in California right in Oakland and we also our company is actually a public benefit corporation. Which sort of goes right. OK Go So yeah our comp is actually a public benefit corporation which is actually a very mission or approach to going into business we talk about that a little bit but save a little myself and actually was I was raised a hardcore southern country boy I ate every meat you can think of I mean fried chicken rience pork chops ham bacon We even ate squirrels on them I have a squirrel before. So that's our group my father actually believe it or not as late as 198 in the 1980 and my father was still sharecropping in the 1980 S. I mean very very wrong but his country folk but sadly due to the excessive meat consumption this actually had a detrimental impact on my family meaning we had a lot of disease in my family my father died a few years back and different cancers in his body most of my family members die before the age of 60 heart disease saw him on the Alice's a lot it was actually obviously caused because of the the diet and many of the diseases were preventable about expense that. And obviously has a human impact on the health or the environment as well and so I began again back in 2001 I became of the in almost 18 years ago and amazingly at that time again I was raised around adventurism but I wasn't actually an Adventist my mother father was an avenue to my uncles and aunts were so I actually had the experience of growing up going to church on the Sabbath was an advantage but I had the experience eating the Loma Linda hotdogs and all the different veggie meats and for me at that time again when you ate actual big Franco Rubik Frank you need to 1st veggie dog it tasted like a lamb a pet food to me I mean it is it didn't didn't really you know this was a Southerner really enjoyed it and so again I began a journey I wanted to have the experience I mean I say go to K.F.C. and get the 50 piece barbecue chicken and I ever did it before the every single piece of the barbecue a man come on now that was me right I had my barbecue sauce and I would dip it in eat it and I had a lot of meat Popeye's my father thought I love my father memory that a few years back he's on his deathbed and he said Take me to pass. I'm like I'm on top but it was an atomic place them in their natural sermon So anyway I began to 50 year journey thousands of experiments to understand the secrets of why I love me so much and I discovered the 3 secrets of why I love me so much but here's the obvious but say the secrets Here's how I found out here's what is this but as intelligent cooks. Do their best to enlighten others the law will give them skill and what understanding the word of the Lord is forbid them not for I will reveal myself to them as their instructor it has been presented to me that men and women of capability were being taught of all of God how to prepare wholesome collateral food in an acceptable matter a man easy the same as a man Jeff said earlier this is something I read in 2001 that there was a prophet named Ellen White that said that somehow we were going to be taught by the Holy Spirit to create food that would change the world so God taught me how to create something and so they experience those 3 things that we learn that people love when it comes to eating meat and that we can make when it comes to eating healthy protein after a plant based protein options are actually protection or taste and apparent again texture taste and appearance and so we've created the best tasting plant based protein solution with a texture and taste that satisfies your body desire for the meat and it looks and it tastes and it feels like meat and is made with whole food ingredients that you can pronounce we call our product better chew He says better texture better taste better to look like sick and it tastes like chicken but guess what it ain't 2nd it's Christiania outside and it's white in the middle of all it delicious is a man. And all glory all glory goes to God. In our town with the click we are here says this The Lord called upon those who are positions of trust and so again my journey goes here so I literally again started as long journey learn how to make these amazing meets eventually actually get into the restaurant business a restaurant or and eventually amazingly a few years back I actually at a S. I am at a conference of. Today we're going to talking about some the cost centers of influence with the call centers of influence you may have heard that term kind of coin a couple with mission to the cities but I met a covers official some years back at A.S.I. But this is kind of what it says and I like to sell it I would like to do some called Living the page when you read prophecy when you read a long lost writings look at yourself in that page that all those promises in the scriptures all those promises in the Spirit of Prophecy are things that God can do in your life Amen. The law calls upon those are positions of trust those to whom he has entrusted his precious gifts to use their talents of intellect and means in a service our work is to present before these men a plain statement of our plan of labor telling them what we need in order to help the poor and need to establish the work on a firm basis some of your might be right now have a have a plan if you worked on it you've been testing that you've been believing in Know that God and the Amen opportunity comes you might be before someone that has the opportunity to help you to accomplish that dream and so it says that some of these not all but to some of these will be impressed by what the Holy Spirit to invest the Lord's means in a way that 1 advances call says they will fulfill its purpose by helping to create what sin to create centers of influence in the large cities then it says interested workers will be led to offer themselves for various lines of missionary effort and so amazingly again in 2012 I came to the A.S.R. convention and at that time there was a car for the fish who had they had just started an initiative called the bridges to the bay an issue to this bay area for Jesus and some of your might have been a part anybody of the part of the bear for this initiative Amen and so this is a coalition between citric California and Northern California to present Jesus Christ to a the most 1 of the most secular cities in America and this is San Francisco Bay area and so an open I'm actually an open territory in northern California conference I was able by amazing circumstances the Lord allowed us to get an investment from the conference. You gather give a shout Hallelujah Amen. I don't know if you know any conference he would give over $200000.00 to a young brother trying to do something for the Lord a man that's a miracle a man kimono now south of the Amen amen and so again we started something called the Ventura and the very became an amazing Ministry I'm going to share a little about that story and this is what it says read the statement years ago and I remember when I was going to California I was living in Arkansas with a pastor and also at a food company in Arkansas that's honest in 201312 before I went to California but I read the statement I said there is a work to be done in California a work that has been what strangely neglected Lester's work be delayed no longer as doors open for the presentation of truth let us be ready to enter as soon as possible well organized effort should be put forth in different sections of what this city and also an open other restaurants similar to the 1 on Market Street should be open in San Francisco and where Oakland women they're written everybody 1000 know what now I mean even restaurants that you know that's owned by 7 events in this country. If I know of any maybe a few of them a friend say they have 1 but you can't your hand will not get filled that we can't get past 10 literally and here we are living in an age and I'm going to say since last of how veganism plant based eating is at its highs the Mandan it's ever been and where are we S enervate of young adults going out creating solutions for communities and can also support yourself honestly the same time. The Right now the vegan market is increasing $6.00 over the 6.6 percent every single year over year right now the U.S. market is set a response I point $2000000000.00 but 2020 and this was more thought was so much more exciting than this is that 70 percent of the world's population is saying that they need to eat less meat and we have the health messages and we don't like it. We're send of it we want to eat not going to say we're ashamed of it and we have a lead we have a golden opportunity right now as a church to put us on the floor on a map to put it on another platform and if they don't like me today there again or leave it it could OK get a letter to book another OK There you go so again we're in a position right now that got us places and I like that there's a prophetic opportunity that got us places and to do something amazing in the world so again I literally have been a restaurant or start my 1st restaurant of 2008 called in to live for another restaurant 2012 caught a something better and now we started our last restaurant to something better in 2016 we lost that in December 2 161 thing I've learned about restaurants is that if you don't have a plan you are deaf what you will plan to what Phil will use when it comes to do any kind of of work for God well organized plans are key you have to understand the business that you're in because my read every single month in for my for my lease is $5000.00 every single month not payroll every single mothers left almost 1415 $1000.00 a month payroll. You get the math right now talking about electricity literally is another $50.00 a month in gas so I have to literally produce every single month above $30000.00 to be able to get to a break even point and my business in the Bay area rents $2500.00 a month personal rent which I can live in Arkansas My 1st thought when I got married was for another mother man Lord have mercy rule a California man you about the sort of point I'm getting at is that. And then we just heard it but so you better have a business plan right because it's not seat and you've gone against me again you understand what you don't own me you have to understand everything but you have to take time to understand you've been some of your home I want to do whatever they're calling my be find a mentor with me talk to my mentorship find a mentor from I want to be a restaurant or give me a call come work with me for a few months but the key is understand the thing that you're going to go into and you must I like to say you have to master what you do don't be 2nd rate what you do master your craft to the point where again where we're got to use their thing not just to make you money your pockets Libya a tool for God in these last days against the wall but I did again in order for me to get the money from the cartridge man I guess is where for 3 hours a share with you with the Congress put me through imagine moving to California in a Promise me literally over almost $200000.00 start this restaurant and when I get there they say to Miss somehow communication the money is not available now left Arkansas I moved to California with this with a child and when I get to California somehow to miscommunication with administration they tell me that guess what the money's not available what would you do. Go back to Arkansas right I couldn't I gave them a pass or Java gave them a restaurant or there was more moved on for this new dream that got a call to me to do at that point I'm literally in California no no money at this point to stand with a friend I 1st met my tools out of my 4 years ago and again I don't know what that is going to do but I'm praying that God can open some doors and so amazingly man I'm telling you again I came to California with 10000 dollars I'm a pocket and literally and for MUST I'm almost dead broke 2000 dollars left in my bank account 1st thing I did and I'm not ashamed to say it is a man a car mom. As a mom and he's a money mama I got a kid I got a life and I need some help mama gave me $2000.00 a minute here is a mirror to moms are the men I am again with $2000.00 Now what is I'm almost nearly broke almost down to 0 right my mama giving $2000.00 in the same 2 weeks they were getting from me things 2 weeks now I'm look at the Citadel I literally went to file my taxes I normally get maybe $800.00 a $1000.00 back this year I go off on my taxes I'm like to go see what happens about April right now to see what happens go to the tax lady they listen the scimitar sure you know you're going to get that $6000.00 per. My price is right $6000.00 I came on my wife I said very a very very $6000.00 service so do the mare I got $10000.00 I'm account and I come down is almost 0 My mama give me how much you know $2000.00 the tax will give you how much $6000.00 now I go at this point I was an article before I moved to California at a stop sign a lot of you not Driving Miss Daisy come to my car I mean his van. I'm at a stop sign ya see this van right now it's my car she ran into my car I had no time to deal with it I get to California some a deal with the family it's in the form of the fan to go to the tax and insurance company and say OK we're going to do them a car they said Mrs Sue OK Crowley going to take care you we said listen you can go to any dealer civil any collision place and get it fixed or you can get 16 another service. Now which 1 would do 2 hours I don't even see did I know or is there. Even if they did I don't know what it is that never got 6 filled up in the same Prius 2006 Prius I'm going to be real but I took their 16 allows you do the math 600201600 how much is that your 9600 dollars it's not over yet this isn't 2 weeks 2 weeks let's see you know Lord now I get checks in the mail in this same 2 week time frame I got 3 checks 1 from the electric company 1 from Comcast these checks total almost $300.00 Likes plus dollars I'm almost right back to guess what your $10000.00 was in my bank account in 2 week time frame I'm not working no job I'm waiting on God to do something I'm about to start might be the last several years back about the pick up going by the Go button shovels and rakes in the law put $10000.00 in my account finally the conference came through and I got literally they got it got a grant from the in a deal we got a grant from the union and we got the money from the Northern California conference in the law provided what I cannot do for myself but he let me know stumpy says Scheft to G.W. to you my son I am going to take care of you. Well father mother for sake you were conscious to say if you went with whoever saves to I will provide God has a 1000 ways in which we know not how he can provide for his shoulder and. God did that for me and so we created a very servant we went and went out and finally the money came through I went to my closet I literally spent 4 months I mean literally in our closet creating a restaurant that would not fail and I create a 300 page owners man operations manual it was overkill I wouldn't let him in don't need to be 300 pages but it was 300 pages a man and I was like this restaurant going to be exciting so again through the day to this appointment to prayer through perseverance God will be open at restaurant we had a line around the door amazing people was a so excited about this big a restaurant was coming to town if you see the picture right here you see the president left that restaurant right beside it was an actual make Damas to make down or shut down 3 months before we actually opened up it gave a great story it was like Are they down and shuts down and the van opens out. Of the can restaurant right next to our Make down it was a great story man so we got great but it's. The city council vice mayor we're cutting a ribbon together that's Dr Wilson who's actually extra mental That's the conference president right at the very end and we got a war it's amazing awards Local Hero award 2017 in fact awarded 28 saying we do cooking classes education in our restaurant we get hundreds of 5 star reviews in the community are so amazing and I texture and taste that God has given us we do cooking classes in our restaurant teaching under-served kids how to communicate how to actually eat healthy imagine being in East Oakland. E.M.R. is open humanity is open but as a rough part Oakland when you're literally like 60 kids you know kids that's gone through a hard life and I'm talking to these kids telling the same story and I'm telling you guys a day of how dreams are possible you know again teaching kids taking kids all walks of life you know we've got a great scene there's no 1 class that the kids are to serve another friend of mine who's work with us works with us and so again we realize that God can do amazing things right now in our food company has blown up right now Whole Foods 1 of the GO ON literally about 100 stores all for 3 stores Northern California was the go on cervical a foreigner I mean I can't explain to you what God is doing right now I'm speaking right now to some of the largest plant based food investors and in and they're excited about what we're doing but you know I'm committed because I realize that I don't have a person as a 1000000000 dollars says to me I can give you this 1000000000 dollars if they can and they're not going to follow we're got wants me to do that money is not good money. So now I'm working with a T. tic team on HARDAKER 8 an investment program that allows me to feel God's mission for fill a social impact concept rather than simply just taking money because the vailable someone is so much as we speak it's our mission is to make healthy food affordable and accessible to all people and that's our mission and so again we're creating solutions a Brit bringing healthy food to under-served communities and so we're doing something amazing and on this story I came right here 400 pounds his wife 200 pounds we started a food program for him in 10 weeks I came as a came Ameri lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks eating healthy protein products and eating a healthy lifestyle and this is what I believe God wants us to do in these last days we have a solution that can bring life to the world and I believe that each of us has gifts and talents that he wants to use in you satisfy to your day again don't believe that your dream is not possible know that God is the 1 responsible for the results to render your heart to him and he will make and stuff responsible to do something for all of Maisie so exciting so this delicious soul light world and I to say my name is Jerry Lewis and as I always say going to give us something in the To. Media which could use my audiogram Orient Line Avenue name and services and industry. If you would like to learn more and. Leave some of them to you. Or if you'd like to read online. Please Visit W W W W for.


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