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The Flood Story as an Illustration of Historical Typology

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • August 21, 2009
    11:00 AM
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room for learning him him for him to him and said to him and him and will him will will write a you NASA our last talking together as a large diet is really encouraging to see an event such as this that has been organized by the youth it almost conferences and events on this site are organized by paid employees on the church enhancements but it's good to see the youth taking the initiative in organizing an event such as this and then I heard is why I was even back then there are more people that are coming in registry is an enemy and that your tomorrow OEM little thing he organizes you should have this in the large auditorium probably next year you'll have been lied to by God is phenomenal the Lord is doing great things among our youth I know some of the greatest signs of the end are not outside the judgment inside the church in the end that positive things and negative things happening with the right of the Lord for this very movement that will have going on alone okay let's have one prayer and then we'll get enforced I never will study these the last one that I'll be sharing violent heaven once again we draw close to throne recognizing bands on our wisdom is totally limited insignificant simple minds cannot grasp I needed the great truths of your work so we asked father that you send your Holy Spirit be with you give us and them help us concentrate on your work we realize Lord that were living in the last remnant of time Jesus is soon to come before this has been a be a time of trouble such as the world is never seen someone a need that necessary debate and trust in you to go through this Victoria's we asked Lord that you will strengthen our faith and we asked now that as we open your word that your spirit will be with us to instruct us we thank you for hearing our prayers we ask you to Jesus e-mail okay please turn GeForce study in your syllabus by the way if you would like me to send you some additional information I have I have hundreds of lectures such as this already written informed if you would like me to send someone most to you all you have to do is give me your e-mail address and I will send you some interesting materials I just finished at twenty five lecture series on the three Angels messages phrase by phrase and an identical broadcast of the review is under the three Angel series several years ago but it wasn't technically a phrase by phrase that he and we were just beginning with our ministry and so on my face looks like a ghost in the first few lectures the sound is not totally up to par but cited a new series within the time constraints and with the technology acceptable by three ABN and the site is currently broadcast later on this year and I have almost lectures in hard copy just like these here and I think that they would be useful for you to do evangelism and to share with other people so if you want to be give me your e-mail address and please make right nice and clear no scribbling nice and clear so that I can understand it I'll send you those lectures and a few other things that I think will be useful okay in this lesson we want to study the guilt cataclysmic world wide flood in Noah's day the reason why this study is so important is because Jesus said that it foreshadows the distractible which will come upon the world at the very end of time he sat as I was in the days of no less sauce salad also be in the coming of the Son of Man but there is more to the story than meets the eye let's see first of all let's take a look at Satan 's hidden preflight agenda the devil had an agenda and for those as anybody here wants our crack in the Genesis code the series back in the genesis of your good wants it all basically the gist of that series the gist of that series is the warfare between the two seats that's a central theme of the book of Genesis and you know that that series is available it's the longest series that we've done it has fifty two one-hour servants on the book of Genesis so it's very expensive some people do get very expensive and expensive but if not really that fairly expensive know when you consider the amount of material that's in there so if you if you're interested you can stop by the sequence until people by the way also there's a brochure there if I might make a little parenthesis there's a brochure there advertising first summit in Berlin have this year have a phenomenal experience and attitude biological or they have the women's retreat here at the center California gambling we have Ron Dupree coming G Edward read his interview with us I'll be doing some preaching that testimonies when you have time for prayer I would have time for people to be held in the midst of nature because it's near Yosemite national Park Atlanta plenty of time for singing and have wonderful music artist of the real enriching experience I sell if you're interested in knowing more about it you can get a brochure at our table I also want to mention that that was our church last fall he presented his fully evangelistic series because like twenty seven lectures are those of your current times now that he has some dynamite material that he presents the Lord has blessed them phenomenally and I don't say that result him as the voice for the Lord hi we professionally take that series for him at secrets unseal and he has them available here some of those lectures last almost two hours I mean they they were we wanted him to keep within fifty six minutes and fifty five seconds so we can broadcast them on television but that he got long-winded and a half saw it on the first night he behaved himself but after the first night there was no reeling him in but but in a way it's good you know in a way it's good it can be broadcast but that you have a lot of valuable material in that series so he has a table over here and you might want to check on Iver Myers we also produce something scriber he has some outstanding material but you know there's a whole generation of young that are rising to the occasion by not include myself among them him now you invited me to use activity digital okay with you back here while also enhancing the great blood agenda Genesis three fifteen explains that there would be warfare between two seats the surface seed and the woman's seed you might want to fill in the blanks as you the people wake so this will be a warfare between the second seed of the woman seek number two in the story of Cain and Abel Abel was the woman see but he was not PC he was seen that would lead to the seat I noticed anyone same of us all throughout the Old Testament where preliminary seeds but they are not these the receipt of courses Jesus saw the start can enable anal was the one see and came with the seed of the wicked one so it's as invertebrate not music but wait a minute they were both sons of the same mother but this has nothing to do with biology it has to do with their character can have the character of the wicked one able had the character of his mother the converted character was one and so the seats this show host that is not your burst that counts it's your number determines what seem you are is nothing to do with genetics by influencing change again label same thought he got rid of the seat to win the double her the promise that God was in ascendancy to the world that was to crush his head anyone who is seen all over woman the devil said he is known and dawned on him that God was going to send Jesus to the world and using them to battle with him but was in ascendancy to development and so from very early in history the devil said if I can illuminate the scene the preliminary seeds than the SQL and the whole story of the Old Testament is the story of the devil trying to prevent the state from coming and God forming a holy line so that Siebert got from that holy life that's all the whole story of illness when the devil trying to kill David the result it was because he knew that David's offspring would be to see what hentai try to entice Joseph to lay with particles like it was because he know that Joseph has been a popular special plan it out as you in the days a master when he tried to commit genocide we want to get rid of all so often in the Old Testament the purpose of the devil the intent of the devil is to destroy the holy line it is a personal nineties mostly number of the Old Testament is centered in Messiah is not centered in Israel not just at number three Genesis four sixteen and twenty four presents the genealogy of Cain and Genesis five delineates the genealogy of Seth who took the place unable so you have all many seats in states you have the genealogy of Cain which are the wicked and the genealogy of sin which are the righteous let's read this note is very important before we are able to discover the devils hidden preplanned agenda we must review of your things about the world before the blood between creation and the flood there was a period of one thousand six hundred fifty six years before that blood human beings lived to be over nine hundred hello will center around the world their physical and mental energy must have been enormous by Ellen White says it was enormous imagine a scientist working in the laboratory for close to nine hundred years with twenty times the mental vitality they did not live in okay killing dinosaurs with stone hatchets that were much more intelligent than we are today they had huge my Ellen White says that Adam studied the mysteries of light and sound by the way light and sound let us do it technology right today number three the world before the flood was very close to its pristine beauty there was no drastic temperature changes there was no scarcity of food or natural resources and outline emphasizes this point that even before the flood the world looked very close to its pristine beauty the flood was what really did the planet in number form was likely there was very little disease bought a tall man to be fruitful and multiply imagine how many children ninety nine hundred year old person can have lesson when they were three hundred years old they were teenagers unbelievable there must have been millions if not billions of people on planet Earth the baby will on yesterday was the effect the Bible says that the whole earth was filled with violence the earth was populated and yet the terrifying thing is that when the flood came there were only eight faithful people if God is not about the low the human race when the pulling men corrupted and God would not have had anyone googled to bring seed into the world that was the devil 's hidden agenda Genesis six one two four speaks about the sons of God and the daughters of men some Bible teachers I thought that the sons of God were angels back most commentators think that in the daughters of men were human so you have a hybrid it was a combination between an angel in the human well that a thousand ideas is that the Angels do not marry and then I given in marriage this you must be questioned for at least three reasons number one the immediate context indicates that the sons of God when the descendents of Seth and the daughters of men were the descendents of a regularly genesis for the descendents of Cain Genesis by the descendents of Seth and then Genesis six one and two sons about of dollars in rent the media got themselves who the Suns about in the document are number two Genesis is the book about Tuesday's can enable the sons about in the daughters of men Isaac and Ishmael Jacob and Esau in every one of these cases both seeds are human number three the Bible elsewhere makes it clear that the sons of God are those who have been converted to Jesus Christ behold what manner of love the father is given us that you wish to be called sons of God so that sounds about with a righteous and the daughters of men were the weekend and if I might make a little parenthesis here before the flood the issue of adornment was a biggish what attracted the sons of God to the daughters of men was there external beauty about it all but when you don't with the dollars and then work they were not women in the line of King and if you look at the names of the three women that are mentioned as being on the line of King all of the three main meanings of the names have to do with external beauty in fact the name is not which is one of them means jewel or ornament is on the site and saw that the daughters of men were beautiful so the daughters and what must've been ugly bad stuff seems thing in the daughters of men that the daughters of God is not the external adornment in fact the Jewish Talmud which is a commentary on Scripture they say that the sons of God for they believe that they bring to the sons of God were enticed by the women who had their eyes painted and vapor filled with June jewelry and they were naked of finish several times of Talmud says that and so was happening today is not unique and when the Adventist church has standards about jewelry and dress and all these things it's because we want to spare people from one over the same road as before the flood the issue of jewelry is not something that takes place in the lives of thousands it's something that existed before the flood by the way I have a lecture in the Genesis series is called the base crime of amalgamation and I I do this whole exposition about the issue of a doorman and jewelry in Genesis every doctrine of the evidence churches and gents I know baptism is there is going on this publisher whether this planet the unremarkable role that you got it all here written it is written I saw the divine baptism engines but they are Adam was created in the image and likeness of God but when his son Seth was born he was born in the image and likeness of that that's an important new 's he no longer was in the image and likeness about he was in the image and likeness of the simple act right now when you go to the New Testament because you don't just stand and assist you go to parallel passages elsewhere in Scripture when enormous chapter five you have the theology of the two atoms and when were born were all born into the family of the person I really but somehow we need to change families we need to change the family of the second and if possible says that the ceremony that transitions your transitions you from being in the image and likeness of the first Adam been a member of his family becoming a member of the family of Jesus is the right of baptism some baptism is displaying from the perspective of the story of Adam in Genesis like every single the battle of Armageddon way to present the battle of Armageddon is the study of the story of Cain and Abel because the issue is do you open a car and when you sent an worship the way he says are do you worship God the way you want and it's interesting that the one who worsens but the way he wants not only that but it landed Egypt Greek the one who worships probably goddess and his are you better believe it the first mental battle of Armageddon was every story in Genesis is a type every story is is trying to teach greater events in the future and so when you really start operator must start to look for a typology just as I was in the days of Noah so let me that wasn't available selling the most I had a sacrifice of Isaac is typological we mentioned at this point silent alarm the Angels named Ayn Rand because it is destroyed great course that's a coincidence isn't well after your stretching might not the first angel of the judgment Angel because the first angel really is Jesus says that two Angels will toward Sodom and Abraham remains before the Lord and Abraham is interceding before you say will not judge of the earth separate the righteous from the wicked so that the righteous don't perish with the first Angels the judgment and then the other angel spoke to the city to say that my son and I don't have to examine it it will fire and brimstone will develop a new the third Angels message that if you don't you you'll received by and so you have this typological relationship between the stories in Genesis and the impact it up and when people begin to grasp of this while it'll be a nice church has the truth if you look at Genesis forget the rest of Scripture is a Sabbath Genesis is the state of the dead in Genesis eugenicist over seven it's all there the family is there Barb's arrangement you have good presentation on marriage and the family that's one of our fundamental beliefs the millennium is there you can approach the millennium from the perspective of a worldwide flood and so you know we need to look at the stories my stories we need to look at them as something deeper than just stories number five by mingling the seed of the woman with his own see Satan reduce the number of faithful people in the plant eight of the millions and millions that undoubtedly there were only eight left in God not wipe out the iniquitous replug raised the whole of humanity would've degenerated to the point that there would be no holy line in which to introduce the Messiah and to the world in which I let the devil is up to now you see Jesus escaped from his hands the demo type that will try to defeat Jesus in several ways he drank personally killing one safety killed and then he would've died for us not because he's had to offer his life thinking is like what would besides he had to live a holy life before he died sometimes we emphasized so much the death of Jesus that we forget that the that his death would have no value unless you live a holy life because we not only need the death of Jesus the paper since winning the life of Jesus to stand in the place of our imperfect life so he left for us anyone for us when we receive them God was asking him not as a good nose I don't always that while whites as we don't worry about what got been synonymous what we have to worry about is what God thinks about Jesus Christ our substitute and we already know what he thinks about you now let's talk about the sinfulness of the frequent race the almost total depravity of the race before the flood as described in Genesis six then the Lord sought listen to this then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the year Anderson and then have every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually with a pretty wicked sure they were but I want to knows that the expense of the intents of their heart was only wickedness but our tradition of art is then expressed in action notice verses eleven to twelve the earth was corrupt before the Lord and the earth was filled with violence so God looked upon the earth and indeed it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted their way under the word way means their conduct their conduct was corrupt and of course Jesus said that the condition of the world and there's a lot the cities in the days of Lot with similar to what it was before but the master what was one of the cardinal sins that exist in Solomon Moore actually sexual perversion we get the word sodomy sodomize so they openly practice homosexuality member that the two Angels aware lifestyles the men of able men of Sodom gathered around outside they want to do violence to the man what they said was too little to us because we want to open no there means have sexual relations with enlightenment corrupted by the city 's has not got two daughters and my two daughters were visibly I can't I would have given my daughter his mind had been molded to the Greek and by the way it senseless practice and this is because after Lot left the city his daughters Megan Bronson had sex with them most sexual morals in the book of Joe describes this sexual perversion it even says that they will worse than brute beasts and after about a story that is because the most listened to and humans lived they decided to stop animal level because anacondas of it God 's voice and the reviews and the animals listened to what they came to the art and don't believe the Hollywood version but the sons of Noah are out and give Yankee pulling and animals to get into the Bible says that they are in the art at night to a file as well they didn't believe amazing now let's go to the message and mission of no sort of the level the first thing I did was intermingle the righteous with the wicked will that do Windows the number of God 's followers twaddle eleven happen at the end is happening yesterday it's the not unequally your family 's the Bible says secondly was the sinfulness of the frequent race almost beyond the final return yes it was but before you strive that civilization what has got to sentence on messenger and powered by the Holy Spirit let's notice before the world was destroyed bought sent a powerful where I message of warning no one was a preacher of right so before I destroy that civilization is going to send a message righteousness judge my numerical standards no was evangelistic crusade was the tragic failure that could be manifested in central California conference it probably would've been fired just imaginable millions of people lived on the planet only persons responded and they were all members of the same family the story of Noah represents what will happen in the end you suppose that the majority will be on the outside nor did not resist move message he denounced the sins of the act of the movie and then call them to repent and allow God to change their behavior but no I'm not only preached a message but Bill and Mark knows what a you put into practice what I know I've had business before coming on here and what we're going to apply all the Lord will provide to the point his faith and action electroplated through faith is a bullish contrast in God that leads you to obey him in Hebrews eleven all of the heroes are doing something Abraham leads Moses we feel this is to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter felt you have this faith in action that is taking place was so much emphasis that am on something that happens in your brain believe in the Lord Jesus Christ listen believe it is not translate into action is not true really that's why we need both James and Paul philosophy like the Saint Paul says it were saved by faith without works of law justified by faith without works of love and and then when you say what about James well James is lesser inspired the fall but James has lessened off I is not what is not genuine faith when I is true workflow and not illustrated he showered that what he believed was true my taking up a hammering the nails and the song but Matthew when you turn on your car under normal conditions in the morning you put it in drive you push on the gas pedal which wheels moved first the front wheels the back wheels there is always somebody is independent of its front wheel on that will guide not true because it will drive the wheels in the front wheels Bob Friday is the hour and the result fame is the root and worked on the Sonoma backed up his words with his actions he had faith it worked he invested less of them is all this time effort strengths talents and resources into building the building of the ark all the rest of the people were saving for a rainy day now you're slow they then that they were saving for rain what happened when the ringing they lost all they had saved no anesthetic was his building of the ark which condemned the world according to Hebrews no I did the absurd because he believed faith simply means trusting God enough to do what he says you cannot trust but unless you love him and you cannot love him unless you know him and you cannot know unless you spent time number three no less preaching was accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit is out we know that because God says my spirit shall not content always with men so the spirit is contending with the message of no was outpouring of the Spirit to a company of message by the way the word stride here is generally translated in the Old Testament John's C because as the Holy Spirit impresses hearts people make their decisions and by their decision they basically objects themselves they place themselves on one side or on the other slim basket of the message of no one the world into two groups it will certainly be good with the world judged by the message of Noah proclaimed the power of the Holy Spirit absolutely that's what that's what we're doing is used because it's the idea of proclaiming a message of judgment that separates humanity into two groups number four the preferred race was given a period of probation one hundred twentieth so probation was open as so as no I screeching was over the door would be shot and probation would be finished and I mentioned this before Noah's message was accompanied by powerful miracle no one did not have to hunt the animals known the animals obeyed the voice of God and went into the art to know number six before the flood it had never ranked the earth was not water from above but rather a mist went up from the earth on automatic sprinkler system and watered the whole face of the earth imagine trying to proclaim a message that said Iraq when it had never really sure is nice White said that the philosophers and scientists are disguised as he wanted and welcomed them and be real the planet was covered with water before creation on the second day God placed part of the water above the earthen pot of water under the no water above provided a uniform climate the whole world was endorse in the water below sprinkle dear at the blog are do not have to create one hundred G merely brought the waters above back down in the waters below backup just imagine no one trying to convince the frequent race that it was going to rain this appeared illogical unreasonable on scientifically and empirically absurd and yet Noah preached on the Nass is the second coming any less absurd to the scientific and philosophical world today this is insanity that Jesus is going to come in the closet thing to the real and yet it would happen now you can send no he's priest 's sermon to the power of the spirit his message has been asked to perform a work of separation or judgment in this world to a great degree has reject this message except for his family members and now comes the moment when probationary time that's look at when Noah finished building a preaching the Lord shot him in when the door VR and the same were saved and lost lots after this there would be no changing of science at this time the Holy Spirit sees describe what parts of humanity was a spirit withdrawn at this point the longer leverage the longer the Holy Spirit although laws outside the ark were lost listen to this when the door shut they did not know it until it started to rain no as family when the art process and reports are interlinked and I don't have a quotations and I rebate your survivor space and ninety eight one hundred and one Allan White says that this was a big time trouble for non-Hispanic and is the past she says the people outside became more violent but they did not know when his family because God had shot him in notice that there was appeared not after the door closers there's a time of trouble when the fate of Nolan 's family is distant and the wood where the wicked becoming more and more dairy it can start programming the same moment that the art workloads all this prefigures future events have you ever wondered why God let no one in his family in the art for seven long days before us are doing not that it made it rained the very day they had the money to the faith of knowing his family was tested to the wells during this period they must've wondered will not fulfill his word and send the blood after all this is a time of triumph Ellen White's as for those outside the arc in a time of apparent defeat for those in the dark we can imagine the ridicule and imprecations of the multitude but then seven days later skip the next part you have it all written their evidence is that this was a cataclysmic worldwide flood because you have evidence dollars who are saying that this was a local flight in Mesopotamia has been discounted sourcing that's impossible when you start the bylaws to say archaeology history and so on you have all the evidence as he that this was a catastrophic worldwide cataclysmic event that only destroy the work so that's what the word says when the flood came the long exposition of the reasons why this is a global flood when the flood came the fountains of the great deep were broken up and the way will happen where open in other words water came from about and from below they are is something that comes from above and below at the second coming is no longer going to be one hundred is going to be fine you can find that paralleled second Peter chapter three Stephen typology no and his family were preserved on earth during the destruction right by divine power the world during the plenary dirt debris creation chaos that is the one hand into his arms they exist on Apple at the second coming yes all awake at barrister in this very true what do you suppose happened saying there is not he lost his power base a second happen again yes one author has stated by Winamp at one author because I prepared this first thirty two elections the Genesis series I don't use Ellen White because it's primary to reach nonadherence so you can use the first thirty two would not have it happen again aloud a lot like insult because I gave them the written lectures I put one author was supposed to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves the view put Elimite variable in the this early in the series visit will like it they heard about are probably in a negative perspective such a one author has stated same himself was compelled to remain listen come on terrain is readily compelled to remain in the millennium of Compal to remain in the midst of a war he now feared for his own existence the same happened to say that the blood the what happened to him during the millennium he will be bound to this dark earth compound and will lose his power base of people because they will all be dead when no one has found that came out of the ark the handling watch the cabin click on sinners and was totally changed the world which that was parish being flooded with water how much more time to thirty five minutes okay good I didn't see you there at all I'm sure you are paying now let's talk about Jesus and the flood story Jesus Magnus this one-story typological but usually when we study the flood we do a parallel the world was really like it back then and it's only when at the end and because of its wickedness nor the strident back then and he's going to destroy at the end so the parallel is primarily between the wickedness in the destruction but there is a whole typology here the breaching the outpouring of the Holy Spirit jogging separating into two groups the closing of the door the time of trouble for those who are inside the weekend becoming more during each day of water coming from above and from below by preserving Noah and his family the devil being forced to remain among the elements seen as a hall typology here the parallel is complete in other words not only the destruction of the wickedness that is fair we can know what's been happening in time by being always ordered by the story so let's knows what Jesus had to say Matthew twenty four Jesus drew a parallel between the flood story and is coming he said but as the days of Noah were so also will the coming of the Son of Man be Wallace on the number three it says the word Antilles used twice by Jesus in Matthew twenty four thirty eight and thirty nine listen to what Jesus said he said that the pre- flood race was eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until that day that Noah and the ark and almost hysterically and did not know those who work eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage they didn't know something after Noah entered the ark it says and then I know until the came and took them all away in the second auxiliary bistro entails what points of time to the mark to market the moment time when Noah entered the ark and the moment when it started to rain in between there they did not know what didn't they know between when the door closed and the destruction can they did not know that they were lots and those inside they know by God 's word that they were safe but everything that will because obviously Noah did not know or or maybe you didn't feel as time passed by and there was no flood that God was not to fulfill his word I mean you know even though she had faith and trust in God I'm sure that the devil tried to instill in him don't estimate but it's a as time went by now Jesus says that is coming soon be like a thief in the night now we only partially understood that as evidence to the coming of the past two stages and women of that the other two stages are first of all when the thief comes in secondly when you discover that the feasting and Jesus asked that Jesus got a computer if even then I think you can lock the door of your house you live in Houston flooded my music never had a problem is installing your bed one night it's wintertime it's cold outside your under the coverage they forgot to lock the doors of the present number twenty five years of Abigail a bit and so you stay in bed and that the night when the big guns and becomes in your sleep and he steals bunches of leaves you didn't know that the evening you discovered that these came the next morning we got that's apparel with its sea probation is closed before Jesus comes as when Jesus comes that most people never realized that there lost even though when the mortals they were already lots of continue here the word until March two very important moments of time the first until reverse the moment nor enter the ark the second until March the moment when it started to rain between the first until in the second until seven days the lost world live but did not know that they were lost at the end there will also be a period during which lost will not know that they are not let's go quickly to the end time fulfillment of the story is I do want to leave a significant amount time for questions thus the apostle Paul's give a long a lot of sends letter to characterize the world and the enzyme just read the catalog of Sinclair in the second individually I'm not mingled fluid it's interesting that he begins a list by say lovers of themselves and ends the list by saying lovers of pleasures more than of God would you say that characterizes the world living the apostle Paul also one bus people not to be yoked together with unbelievers that means that we don't do what the world does we don't all watch movies and theater that used to be in heaven a standard these days you don't even youth pastors and your directors they said they got to the show with their youth I don't something Hollywood produces nothing of value zero women in the nastiness will be better to go and watch a movie with you director for two hours or to read your Bible for two hours I miss my case is suitable that many of our youth leaders would be saying that it's okay to talk to Christian rock concerts it is okay to go to the movies it's okay to bring the movie Dick Paul when all these things what they do is defile your brain defile your mind and make you on my Jesus when I tell what I tell you where rhino and no all depends on the audience some get mad I don't listen if you can go watch a movie and sit there and watch people being blown away right and left you see people sleeping with other people 's lives and you can invite Jesus it with you and you think that he's an angel yet will can you imagine Jesus sitting and enjoying that let's be honest now will him because Jesus is a slot will be happy and live in ISP how dare we expose our minds is that strength which makes us or Mike Jesus Christ so in the end I'm most Christians are going to join the world in the number of papers can be reduced with him I pray to God that will be part of that info Wisconsin a judge on our message to the world as a separate the world into two groups the three angels isn't going to be accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit and went quickly years ago to be accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit yes he is and we know that because immediately after the three Angels messages the Bible says that the harvest of the earth is ripe and the grapes of your thyroid and that which ripened the harvest in Israel was A so the three Angels messages are accompanied by the labyrinth and the message is a company by the A separate the world into two groups the harvest of the earth and the rates immediately after the three Angels messages you have that Orestes is warranted that his people like to beat as the faithful servant is supposed to be like the five wise virgins with their life Smith presents the Bible is supposed to use verbal but once the supposed music talents to glorify God he also gave the parable of the sheep and the goats were supposed to be treating people with a mask is a dark formation of a close before Jesus comes Revelation fifteen says that the temple was filled with smoke and no one was able to enter the Temple and Della seven last flags have been poured out vesicles of probation and Jesus made this declaration he was I'm just let him be unjust still he was filthy let him be filthy still team who is righteous learn the right to steal he was holy event like this be holy still the inaugural SR inaugural sermon at our Summit I'm a preacher sermon on this verse accident Revelation twenty two versus ten to twelve there's a sequence of events that result more than meets the eye and it's centered in the sanctuary but there's a time coming when the declarations go to be made if you write as you continue me might just interview with a unanimity of the week that's before the coming of Jesus is going to be a time of trouble at this yes other within Google to become more and more daring other like just going to start feeling deep in their hearts that maybe God has forsaken them here in this world you really met a chap from the time probably got receipt Elimite is not inventing this cheese cheese applying biblical typology and she's doing what Jesus did he's a game it's one tells and is a time of trouble in between edits go to be about double science has now has been in the history of the world until that time and then at the conclusion of this is an fire is going to come from above and from beneath that you know Ellen White says that God stored the fuel under the earth at the flood ubiquitin on olive oil think again the bigger when run out of coal think again this is the fuel that God is the news when the fires of Heaven join the fires from your instead of one hundred seventieth level playing what happened with the devil anything just like above flood the devil is to be forced to remain on planet Earth and all of his followers will be there you have me and then as no one is family came out to cleansers cleansing from sin and wickedness evil all of the unrighteous God will make a new heavens and the north where righteousness dwells of course at the flood after the flood Noah and his family came out because they still have a sinful natures sin proliferated again but we know that at the end of time communication at the end of time sin will be eradicated once and for all from the net of course Jesus gives several councils is at the very end so watch me to be aware of what's happening people wake he said praying more than ever for me begin the personal accounts advanced in the cause of the executives burning decreasing oil and the lamp holies in the Bible treat others well the parable of the goats and finally sent out by so immediately after Matthew twenty four he gives us signs of the end even those in the last rest of chapter twenty one to twenty five what we should be doing while we wait him his will as soon as a Lord that we have a whole generation of young people that the consumer is about to give an example to colossal holies in the church and you have all the energy in the world and the devil one failure in because he knows in advance of the dangerous to his God seventy days after the book was interesting and horribly Florida will please them among these all of my energy to write that we wanted to face in my stand that's what you wanted to want to leave their they want to share with others that the deep note that you borrow like myself to start with a level where Brenda will go to a question-and-answer session with Republican banking for Marvel a beautiful thing mother that we don't have to guess at what's happening we are meant to be confused no we didn't just rest in you because we know where everything is it that you use in your hearts one of the younger son we want to use all of our energy in all of our strength is good and given us to finishing the work you have for as were tired of living in this world sin and sorrow sickness and suffering and death we want to go home and we went with a glass of people witness last month and less on those who are gathered here in power than failures sealed them through your power to keep them safe send your Angels to abide with each person here give the devil of a so that you can use us for your honor for your dog we thank you father for hearing and answering our prayers are with a big a a day or a new the moon


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