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Pick Up Your Phone and Follow Me

Nathaniel Justin Khoe
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  • August 3, 2018
    4:00 PM
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R.I.A.'s Hello everyone now gone. My name is Justin and as Col mentioned I consider myself a digital missionary and my center tonight or today is entitle pick up your phone and follow me if I was clever hope you can appreciate that why God is raising up a generation of digital missionaries mentioned I run a youtube channel called that Christian of augur and really my goal every single day is I wake up with a desire to try and help young people around the world get to know God better for themselves to understand the Bible for themselves and have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with got something I really believe that I'm going to try to communicate to you guys throughout the course of the seminar is that we are facing the largest communication shift that is taking place in the last 500 years what happened 500 years ago Does anyone know the history of the process reformation and more specifically as far as communication is concerned the printing press took place and that dramatically shifted the way that we communicate with 1 another and something I firmly believe is what got us to this point isn't going to get us to where we're trying to go I believe that in order for us to get to where we're trying to be to accomplish the mission that Jesus has given us as a people we are going to actually have to not do things the way that they've always been done but able to evolve with the times and trying to shift and evolve in our way that we communicate with other people here is the problem and I'm speaking to young people here so I know that you guys know what I'm talking about here the recent statistics from the North American division they did a study in conjunction with Barnabas Barna Group they did a study on Adventist young people and what they're doing in their church had bits and what are they staying or leaving the church Here's a statistic I don't know if you known this before 59 percent of administering people by the time they reach the age of 18 end up leaving the church 59 percent according to a study in 2013 ending up end up leaving the church with another 23 percent that's the people that are in this room and still in the church another 23 percent of us are still on the fence as to whether or not we're going to stay in the church we see. Problem and there's obviously a multiple multiples of issues reasons why that's taking place but I think 1 of the major reasons why this is the case is because after you end up graduating from high school if you don't end up at 1 of our Adventists education places you know the inner 1 of the cases there's literally nothing in the church that exists for people our age most people when they graduate from high school or maybe it's avenues education when they end up leaving there's literally nothing for us within the traditional church the average church until the point where we have children and we want to bring our kids to Sabbath school you think about this there's adventures there's Pathfinders there's primary classes but once you graduate what is there for young adults for young professionals that's why I'm really grateful to be here with. You guys and amen there you go so 1 of the major things I think we need to be able to do is provide a ministry by young people for young people so we see 59 percent leaving the church the the crazy part is this is not just a problem within the administration another study said in 2008 that's less than 17.5 percent of Americans all across the country attend a week on any given week and that's not just Adventists That's Christianity as a whole and that's not just young people so this isn't just an issue that we're seeing with with just 2 young people 717.5 people a $7.00 Americans attend church every single week and another study said that every single year 20 percent of Americans end up leaving their church every single year and what we're seeing with these studies and my point I'm trying to communicate here is that the Western world is quickly becoming the largest mission field out there. When we think of mission trips and we have missions stories at church and generally speaking we think about some of us going over there to minister in a jungle or in a forest or in a desert or something along those lines but we're actually finding is that the biggest mission field that's had the biggest untapped need is right here in the United States it's in the Western world in the developed parts of the world in fact the Center for Study of Global Christianity at the Gordon Cornwell Theological Seminary said that the country that received the most missionaries in 2010 was the United States it used to be that the United States would send missionaries across the seas to spread the gospel but it's actually becoming more true that other countries are sending missionaries to us and I'm praising God for that because we see the need we see the issues we see the problem and what I'm going to try and say in this seminar is I want to propose that quite literally you are holding the answer to this dilemma or at least a large part of the answer of this dilemma in your hand. In your hand right now I think is part of the answer to this problem that I believe that through social media through technology through the raising up of a generation of digital missionaries we can actually make a difference this is a cause I've dedicated my life to something I'm very very very passionate about and I believe that there are people in this room that God is calling to do the same thing let me give you a scope as to some of the opportunities that we have here an average day in a millennia now are we all know is there any Geneses in this OK We got a couple are going to see here what I want you to measure this up to your own day typical day of social media consumption by people our age is this true there's a study done by The Wall Street Journal how much time do we spend behind a screen behind some kind of media device of some sort according to The Wall Street Journal on average we spend about 3 and a half hours on the Internet gauge that with your own practice is that within line maybe maybe not we spend a little over 3 hours a day 3 hours and 12 minutes on social media Facebook snap chat Twitter maybe not Twitter certainly not vine we spend about 2 hours a day 2 hours 90 minutes watching a live television and we're playing video games for about an hour and $47.00 minutes every single day we watch television on demand services like Netflix or Hulu about an hour and $47.00 minutes and we're watching a movie every single day about for an hour and 15 minutes radio's and podcast about an hour 15 minutes and we are texting or e-mail for about an hour and 4 minutes a day and then about an hour talking about different brands and doing online shopping through Amazon or 1 of the cases. All in all we are spending on average over 18 hours a day consuming media of some way shape or form now we're not doing this all at 1 time and chances are we're actually doing 2 or 3 of these at a time when you're driving on the way to work you're listening to a podcast you're doing homework you might have You Tube on in the background or something along those lines so it's not like just all at once because then you would like literally never do anything. But like even when you're in class you might actually be flipping through Instagram at the same time or I remember I was literally giving a presentation at Andrews University to seminary students and I'm on stage and I'm looking out because I get to see everyone and there's someone in the audience literally face timing with an ear bud in while I'm up there on the stage it's like wow this is the world that we live in nowadays so thinking about your own practice how many you guys say 18 hours is at least somewhat accurate OK We haven't we have several people you guys aren't as honest as a seminarians and Andrew's because over 50 percent of them raise their hands that is insane that to me blows my mind how much time we're spending on our devices so if you do the math in a given week if average young person let's say that they went to church and they went to church every single week they would be in church for about 1 hour a week you do the math how often are they spending time behind their devices $126.00 hours so we are literally being impacted through social media through through through technology over $100.00 times what the what the church is doing to us and we are wondering why we have this increasingly growing trend of towards you know a secular lifestyle or doing different things is because literally we are consuming content that is changing the way that we live changing the way that we think. And I want you to think about this people pay attention on social media there's like 2 false things that people really believe like number 1 no 1 listens all social media that's that's 1 thing that people say and the other thing is like wow social media is really destroying our world so which 1 is true so clearly social media makes a difference but the question is what are we doing as a church to enter into that conversation most of the time when you think about digital ministry that doesn't that's not even a category that exists most of the time when the church is talking about social media and movies and television and anything like that Hollywood they want you to just turn and run in the other direction they see statistics like while we're spending 18 hours a day consuming media the only answer that we have is it's all evil run away from it don't have anything to do with it and so we go on Facebook to announce that we're going to have a fast from Facebook I mean it's like it's just bizarre the best way that we do it and we celebrate this but I want to try and encourage and challenge you guys that rather than running away from this this is something that we should be running to Eleanor Roosevelt said this it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. And what I see a lot of times taking place is that we're very vocal and loud about cursing the darkness saying social media is evil but what are we doing about it how are we going about influencing the very cultures that exist out there so my point is rather than withdrawing I believe God is calling us to engage and to create and to be part of the solution rather than part of just the problem so here's some statistics about You Tube every single day 30000000 people sign on to Youtube and watch You Tube That's 5000000000 videos with a B Every single day you know this to be true but old people don't realize this that You Tube reaches more millennia old than any broadcast or cable T.V. network in existence now $1.00 a 1000000000 active users every single month if You Tube was a country it would be 6 times the size of the United States of America in 90 countries and over $85.00 languages and every time that someone signs onto You Tube The average of viewing session is about 1 hour. People are watching people aren't consuming people are actually going to Youtube to learn as well you might be surprised to know that You Tube is actually the 2nd largest search search engine that's out there You Tube is not just a place for cat videos it's not just a place for pranks and make up to Tory it's actually a much more than that and a lot of people are using it in different ways You Tube is a search engine it's a place that we go to to learn and skills in a life that we want taught by Maybe our parents or whatever the case is if you don't know how to tie a tie you end up you to being it how do I tie a tie or change a tire or learn how to to to play an instrument and what's crazy enough people are actually turning to You Tube people are actually turning to Google to learn about their relationship with God People actually learning and asking You Tube Some of the most deep questions that exist out there some the most challenging questions that we have questions about identity and purpose and values and morals and ethics and we're turning to media for answers why because we've disengaged with the church and yet we're still the people that God has created us to be God is wired in us this need to understand the world around us is wired us to be seeking after purpose and identity not just to go through the motions got it wired to us that into us and since we're leaving the church in droves Where are we finding that there's a reason why we all wait why many young people today feel empty and feel like they don't have directions because they're not tapped into the very source of life so they're going to Youtube with questions here's an interesting statistic 54 percent of Christian millennial to watch online videos about faith we are seeing that You Tube and social media is largely becoming the place of worship for a lot of people I literally met was someone yesterday. Yesterday literally yesterday who I met who I'd never met in person. I flight to Orlando airport I get picked up by someone I have never met before I found a subscriber who live in Orlando and I am going to enter Lando anyone anyone out here is someone replies I love to hang out with you this person drives 2 hours to come pick me up and my wife we go to lunch I've never met them before and she tells me you know what my husband and I we don't go to church anymore we haven't been to church in years but what we do do what we do do or see we what we actually do is we watch church online and this is becoming the trend you know this I know this on a given Sabbath we're more likely to go on a hike and to listen to a sermon on our own time than to go into a church building we're seeing that church is evolving and changing and what's happening is this is not just a trend for only religious people in fact 31 percent of all US. Us young people both Christian and non-Christian are tuning into religious content online I did some number crunching It's crazy to know that every single month over 100000 people go to Google and type in the question Is God real every single month over 100000 people are searching for Bible study tools online people asking questions like what happens after death they're looking for information on Bible prophecy asking questions simple and profound like what is faith. It used to be that when you wanted to watch a movie you go to Blockbuster and rent a movie when you wanted to listen to a to a song you'd go to the to the music store buy a CD used to be out when you wanted to to get a ride you would call a taxi and when you wanted to discover information you go to the library and check into this thing called the Dewey Decimal System and it used to be that when you wanted to have a question about the Bible or faith or world the in general you talk to a pastor but what have we seen in just the last few years Netflix replaced blockbuster we see replacing. We've been seeing Google replacing the library but what about church where we evolve how we change how we communicate with people because church was always this thing that we would bring people to us so we can answer their questions but they're no longer coming to us so what do we do when they're turning to social media when they're turning to to the internet for answers are we even there think about this if you're trying to find a great vegetarian restaurant in Oakland What do you do you turn on Yelp and if it's got a good enough stars then you go if it doesn't then tough luck what would happen if you typed in the word 7th Day Adventists online today you'd probably come up with something like this. But no but this is something that's actually taking place what would happen if someone yelped your church or Googled your church what would happen. Here's what would happen if you go to youtube and you type in the phrase 7th Day Adventist you get 5 or so videos were over a 1000000 people have heard about Adventists from atheists and people who are former members of the church people with it with agendas who are angry and have so many negative things to say about the church that top 1 is 7th Day Adventists I'm exposed run away from this cult 10 Things You Should Know about some of the events from the atheist voice former some of the events pastor for 13 years gives his testimony about why Adventism is wrong the secret cult of the 7th Day Adventist Church and former something even his pastor exposes the lies and intention to see develop and some they administered. This is crazy this is what we learn this is the world that we live in when people have questions about your church and about the faith this is what they see and this blows my mind because we will send the Cole Porter's door to door to to do mission work to do evangelism will hold evangelistic seminars and try and preach to hundreds of people will send missionaries across the ocean and will will minister to people have never heard the Gospel but when it comes to the person is living in the United States a young person like you and me who has a question about faith and they go to the only place that they know how to get answers because this is what they do they go to the computer they go to their phone and they type in a question into the Google search bar and to you to who is there to answer their questions Who is there to minister to them and to help them find purpose in Jesus Christ. This is why we need digital missionaries because every single day thousands are questioning their core convictions and they're going back on the things that they believed and were raised on but that the question I want to ask us is where are we in this conversation God needs digital missionaries because this is how people are engaging with faith today and we have a few more minutes I want to share with you guys the story of this is Michael a number of years ago I met Michael when I was working in Philadelphia as a teacher at a small evangelism College Michael had the privilege of the cycling and mentoring and I actually even got to was called to baptize him and a number of months into this journey and 1 of the things I love about Michael story is Michael was raised in a nominally Catholic home he basically had no Christian background maybe did Easter is maybe Christmas and that's about it but 1 day he's going online and he's just looking on You Tube and he found a You Tube across the country who is making videos about his faith this person wasn't famous this person wasn't wealthy or influential just someone online sharing their experience with God and for whatever reason Michael found that compelling and decided to give it a shot here I was talking to someone that I cared about that I knew that had a strong relationship with Jesus because they had met someone online willing to serve God and that capacity. I sat and thought my to myself how hard I work as a Cole Porter to knock on 100 doors like literal blood sweat and tears like actually carrying that 45 pound cameras and bag of books all around now my my back is all messed up I have calluses on my toes and such like my knuckles look terrible I'm like I'm working hard why because I believe in the message of the message can change people's lives right why do we do evangelistic Crusades because we know that the message is powerful and change people's lives why do we send missionaries to Cambodia or Vietnam or Peru or wherever else that we're sending is because the message makes a difference does it make a difference if the message is heard from a person read on a tract or watch on a screen no the message is the same the message is the message and that's what matters so I thought to myself if Michael's life could be changed through something like social media ministry why isn't this happening more often I looked online and I searched for anyone making content within our within our denomination doing that and I was astonished there is no 1 in the 70 administrators in North America doing this today this is a field that has been a not even I would like to say it's a field that's been abandoned but that assumes that people were there 1st and then left this is an untouched mission field. And so what I decided to do as a side to pick up a camera and give it a shot I'm a kind of guy with 0 experience in this I think I've maybe not 0 literally I made 1 movie in high school on Windows Movie Maker So how do a little bit of experience but I've never taken a graphic designers class I've never taken a video course I've never learned how to edit a video any of those kinds of things you know how I learned how to do all those things by the way I want to You Tube That's pretty cool and look at that pic of a camera decided to give it a shot inside it to make videos just in the way that I could figure them out. We were living in Philadelphia at that point a tiny little rat infested apartments This is my living room this is me trying to make 1 of my very 1st videos I set out with a goal in my mind that you know at the end of 1 year I said God I will try this for 12 months I don't know if this is for me I definitely know that I'm not skilled in this area but I want to try it I want to just be part of the solution rather than complain about the problem so I said I'll try it and I thought to myself what would be the goal because I'm a you know I have the Cole Porter back and I always need to have a goal every single day so I'll set a goal for 1 year at the end of 1 year what should that goal be and I thought you know what if I were to go and be a church planter What would my goal be then to start with 0 What would at the end of 12 months what I judge as a success or failure was a missionary going across the ocean starting with nothing in a brand new community and now I'm starting to bring out contacts and have the what would that look like so I set a goal I thought the school was huge so I'll set a goal of 250 people so I know how hard it is to win a soul and then as I'm sitting down I'm literally writing this down in my New Year's resolutions God whispers in the back mind just in need of faith goal something that only I can do that will stretch what you believe is possible says are double it 500 I thought I was dreaming big at the end of 1 year I had an audience of 10000 people. And it blew my mind like how is this possible because I know as a bible worker if I knock on someone's door and I find a Bible study contact and I show up to their house and they brought 11 of their friends I'm giving a Bible study to 12 people I'm feeling like I'm the best Bible worker in the world if I can give 20 Bible studies in a week I'm like my mind is being blown because this is amazing stuff God is transforming the people's lives and using me in the process and I realize that that's exactly what was taking place online I saw this channel 2 and a half years ago with 0 experience I've been doing it since I've made over 350 videos in the time that I've started it and over that time I've grown an audience over 60000 people my church is a church without walls my church is a church that meets sometimes on Tuesdays sometimes on Thursdays actually my church means whenever you want to it's kind of fun to see the comments I asked my audience 1 time where the where were they watching from I get people saying I'm in Australia I'm in Korea I'm in Africa I'm in I'm in Pennsylvania I'm where and someone responded I'm on my toilet right now. Like wherever you are ADD like my church can can can meet you where your assets and what's crazy about this is that over 2000000 views in under 2 and a half years that's something I could never do I could never preach to too many 1000000 people in my entire life and God is doing that through social media what I love about this most is that the statistics show that 77 percent of my audience is under the age of $34.00 the very demographic that's leaving very demographic that is disenfranchised with the church doesn't want anything to do it they're the ones looking for answers online and finding answers and hope in Jesus it's all really challenge you guys to do this I want to challenge you guys to think about this differently you all run social media accounts you all are people that spend 18 hours a day allegedly on social media but what are you doing with that influence how are you using that for the Gospel. I believe that this is the most potent a way for us to be able to reach young people in the western world today there are people who will literally never show up at your church but the listen to a video that you create or write or read the blog that you write or look at your Instagram posts I think that is amazing opportunity to share the truth that we have in Jesus Christ my time's up and I sure like 1 or 2 stories that aren't OK. Couple of the testimony I want to share 1 or 2 testimonies of who are the kind of people on the other side of the screen that I don't even get to see ever I got a I got an email or a question I get questions a lot I got an email this 1 time some saying just I need advice you know I'm the only Christian in my family I have no church is in the air in the nearby area what should I do how can I grow my relationship with God and my response was from my perspective you know I live in Portland Oregon you know I have the internet available transportation so I said you know come on let's be real I give like the tough love approach I said all you got to do is just Google a church in your area call him up and tell him hey I would love to visit your church I guarantee you a pastor or someone would be willing to pick you up from church. My hands feeling really good about myself putting my back like yeah I told him how it was they're just making excuses this young woman came in and wrote back saying oh I'm so sorry Justin I didn't explain myself very well you can see is much more gracious than me since I live in a Muslim country there are no churches where I live Yeah and I was my response I'm like Florida like what do you do when you realize that you are the church to this young lady. Social media has the ability to do things that we could never do in real life and and I started think about this more this is my running theory and I'd like to know what you guys think about this the church was built on the back of social media influencers not just the administration of the church capital C Since the beginning of the church was built on the back of social media influencers here's what I mean there's the stigma that says that only person to person ministry is valuable only person a person ministry brings fruit I want you to think about John on the island of Patmos who stranded there Could it reach out to his church community couldn't attend the local synagogue and preach on Sabbath couldn't even knock on their door and give them a Bible study so what did he do he wrote a blog and he sent that blog post to the church and offices in Philadelphia Laodicea and that blog post changed the world has impacted billions of people thought the course of Earth's history the beginning of the process and reformation How did that grow off the back of social media influences what was the social media at that time the printed book and even at the beginning of Adventism copers played a huge role but then even at the beginning of Adventism story we have amazing heroes of people going into radio ministry and television ministry but why is it then when social media shows up we want to run away. No I don't think that's our call I don't think that's what God wants us to do God's calling us not to run away from the darkness to run towards darkness with a candle in the hand or cell phone and the other. This media was produced by audio for us on this layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn. More if you like this. Please visit. Verse.


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