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  • August 3, 2018
    4:15 PM
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Our next section is going to be a special panel of our speakers Michel Michel are going to lead on this and we're going to invite our speakers to come up at this time and we're going to have Q. and A Our 8 Well we have come to the time where you got to hear from all of our speakers except the 1 which is Dr Walsh who will say a closing charge after this but this is the time when we promised you that these speakers could answer your questions so we've been getting in questions and we're going to go through a few of those and also we can still probably take a few more via text potentially so I don't know if that number's going to go up there but if it does you can text a few more here but when we start with a word of prayer we're not going to do introductions you've met all these guys already today but let's pray 1st as we start Father in heaven thank you so much for just the inspiration of what you are doing through the people up here on this panel and we know that's just a small subsection of what you're doing for people in this room and in your work in general but I pray that you would guide right now what we share what we discuss that it would be the things that are beneficial the things that you want shared at this time and so I just pray for this and thank you in Jesus name Amen All right well 1st let us a little bit more of a general 1 so I'm going to throw this to ever feels like answering this but it's a big 1 how do you balance working in the professional world and the side of ministry so maybe some of you in the corporate world who have that job and are doing ministry would like to answer that question started. All right thank you I guess I'll go 1st and jumped on this 1. This is very challenging actually and it's 1 of the most difficult. Parts of being a professional in a very secular world. You know and if you would have you've seen the social media my face has been all over social media and the Internet and Youtube and everywhere else. And it was by choice and I think that's what a lot of people don't understand I was never afraid to have my name attached to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I knew and I told my brothers even years before everything happened to me that what I'm doing is 1 day going to cause me to to lose everything I have I knew it because I knew what I preach that a new world in which we live you cannot have your profession as an idol if your profession becomes an idol if your career becomes an idol you will lose your soul to your idol and there are a lot of people in this room right now that really our profession comes 1st we would never take the chance to go through what I went through because we would never want to lose everything the problem with that philosophy is you don't you don't give God the credit for having given you everything in the 1st place. And so if he can if the judge job said the Lord gives and the Lord takes away bless it be the name of the Lord if you're going to profession of my talk after this is untitled your 1st profession your 1st profession has to be a profession of faith it has to be that and if you're not willing to get leave everything at the foot of the cross to lose everything like Christ and like Paul did like Daniel did I did 3 Hebrew boys did like David did I can go on and on and on then your profession you may thrive that it but spiritually it can actually choke you out. I think this is particularly why the Sabbath is so valuable we are commanded to work for 6 days and rest 1 day so if you can accomplish your work in 6 days you're probably doing more than what God has called you to do. For the next question is for Gary it's for the presenter in the blue shirt who has 3 master degrees. Is it possible to get the presentation of the Bible characters who had the different circumstances and overcome them I guess the question is if they wanted to resources is there a way they can get some of the resources you had or anyone yeah yeah let's see who they contact with I guess to Syria. And an e-mail address has associated with you I think what we'll do is that before the end of the presentation this evening we'll give a contact you promote information for the young adults and they can e-mail that will do that after this we'll have that up that they can contact in that you can send it to us we can probably send Yeah no problem. Our aid here is 1 for those of you are working with groups and teams what do you look for when building a team to build a business. Right chef to get there right now I mean we're in the process of building it see. You factoring operation 1 of the things I have my closest friends actually becoming my greatest business partners but you look people have some of core values that you have to say when a pastor saw me a long time ago is that you know time is your friend. Meaning like time really becomes your educator on a person's character and you find ways to you know have those intimate conversations and you X. questions you know Jesus when he was in a temple when I was 12 years old what do you do he asks questions and you can just simply just take time before you kind of a person a major responsibility you take that intimate conversations that get to understand who they are you know and you get to see what their values are what they think what they believe and you know that when a crisis comes because in business a crisis is going to come and you know that their responses things that you they're saying you know eventually that's their character is going to come through the reason why it is a sore point for our company last thing I say is that you are raising a lot of money right now as a business and also our business is a very sexy business in the sense that there's a lot of people who are investing a lot of money and who are doing and so eventually we might have an opportunity to sell our company to another person or we make and take investment but that might not be the right investment so the people that's on my team or even the investors that actually are investing they also become team members as well they can lead you to do things that go against the values so I think values are number 1 when it comes to your team knowing that they have the same faith perspective same belief systems when it comes to business family friends that type of stuff is super important as you get to a close enter intermediate kind of thing. Yeah I have maybe a little bit of a different perspective having been through now a different benches really fast growing 1 set of growing 100 employees and seeing what can happen and I started out with the same a ethos which is essentially bring on people that you trust maybe that you've known for a long period of time that you feel like that there is some loyalty that you're going to have loyalty when this you know hard times come but the problem is with the loyalty thoughts is that they expect that you're also going to be loyal to them under all circumstances and what happens is as the company grows quickly. This is growth in transition points you get to say 10 employees and 10 employees ways you've been doing things from you know 2 or 3 employees doesn't work anymore so you're completely reconfigure and then there's another wall of like 50 employees and there's another war with 100 employees and another war 200 employees and if you don't completely change the way that you're doing things you smash against that wall and you just cannot get through it it doesn't matter how much energy and time and money is throw at it it's like LS you completely change and the problem is this is expectation for those that were with you from the beginning that they're entitled to the same position or hire as the company grows and the harsh reality is they bust they can't do it for their life you know if millions of dollars dependent they just can't do it and you have to be able to fire you know you don't want to fire them but what usually happens is they they protect themselves they start hiding information they're trying to conceal their incompetence and it's just a horrible cycle of shame is just a terrible situation to get into where you're conflicted between your loyalty to your friend and your loyalty to the investors into the business and what you have to do to grow so if you put yourself in a position to where you feel like you can't make those decisions. It gets really really ugly like in a way that's not ugly that if it's just someone that you're hired in you know they're not working out anymore because you know he metrics. Thank you if a pest liked it over here to Jeff. Yeah I think part of culture and values some of the pieces that are really helpful for me in building a team as I've seen there is for Central people on a team there's the dreamer the doer the details person and the team builder and having 4 of those different characters on your team you don't want for dreamers on your team you don't want forward doers on your team you need different elements to help balance out a team another good book to read on that is the email 3 visited where it talks about there's 3 essential people that are part of a company there's the entrepreneur there's the manager and there's the engineer the technician and so you need 3 of those essential people to be a part of a company and a team to accomplish haven't you can't have all engineers you can't have all dreamers and entrepreneurs you have to have a balance of all of them all right let's go to our next question this is for all of you and it's going to be just real quick 1 answer each. Would each analysts name 1 resource or education tool that was a great benefit for them in their business and he says the Bible Prophecy maybe it was a book maybe as a course you took what was it that helped you be successful how did 1 of the sport of business by Mark Cuban. Good to Great was the book. You know 1 thing was a lecture that I listened to by high level manager from a Ritz Carlton and what they 1 of the things that I took away from this is that they don't take people because Wisconsin is known for the best service in the world right for hotels they set the standard is that they don't try to train people to be a certain way they find the right people and I found even in my own dental practice I'm on my 4th practice right now it's key is finding the right people and then teaching them it's difficult to take just somebody in try to train them to be that happy good attitude kind of person and that's really something that's stayed with me. There's no books on You Tube It's all You Tube to totals or pod casts. I'm going to echo Dr Walsh good to great and great by choice and specifically Good to Great There's a principle and basically 3 circles number 1 what can I be the best in the world that number 2 what's my financial engine and 3 what are my passion about when you find the intersection of those 3 circles that's what you should pursue. This is the old You Tube and that is Zig Ziglar with over the top Yeah so it's a T.V. series or Cassidy or D.V.D. or you know whatever but. But it's really good just to prime you and give you some good basic confidence and I guess life skills 1 book Start with why Simon sonic Senate he did a really amazing to talk with these on sets off with Simon Sinek start with was pretty amazing there is a book an audio book by Brian Tracy called the psychology of selling when I 1st started in business I got this audio tape and so I actually listened to it about 3 times a day for about I don't know 5 months because when I was driving it was just on a loop and that actually helped maybe I was crazy at the time but I recommend at least once. Try a blank on the author's name because he was like my professor and I should remember this but it's a book on advocacy and influence and I found that any book like that that really teaches you how to win people over when their confidence and learn how to basically build bridges with people in a way that builds advocacy I found that really helpful in my career. Thank you I hope you all got all those are also some of the recording later to get closer to a sources. But so are our texting kind of blowing up here with questions from just it for justin so I'm going to ask the kind of. As it does that if we get past the mike down there. Do you make money out of your You Tube videos and is it enough to sustain yourself and then you know kind of with the last question do you you know have training classes for people on this OK so the last question yes Shop dot that Christian Blogger dot com of a 14 part course that teaches you pretty much everything that I've used as far as strategy to grow You Tube channel Shop dot that Christian of log or dot com was the 2nd question. On sustain yourself on this is log that whole sustain word like that's that's a difficult word to define. Since I believe that in marriage it's not just like my finances and her finances it's our finances in a certain sense you know are sustainable. But my wife is the primary breadwinner or winner in our home so she brings this triples home. Not the bacon that was a joke. Yes I do make money on You Tube It's not enough to where it's i could fully say it's enough but it makes the equivalent of a healthy part time job so I do that and then another part of my income is freelancing. Video Production for a business in Vancouver Yes it's a question we have if this is up for grabs what is your biggest success story or fail story and what lessons did you learn from it. Well I'll maybe share a failure I can I can do that 1 so yeah when I started I was tired of this earlier start of my my 1st business and I was naive in so we started making some money not too much and so I started buying all these cars and we bought this house and we would travel and we do all these things and so all the money I made I spent on these and these kind of quote unquote investments in the business you know it was a tax write off and I could leverage it to actually kind of push this aura of being successful so we could recruit more well when the whole thing went down I had $0.00 in savings it was not a good situation this was at the end of $2004.00 and so I pretty much lost everything I had to move back with my dad credit rating for a period of time had a credit rating of 460 or something like this you don't even want to know what that is and so collectors calling all the time so I had there's this I learned a lot about credit my credit is great now actually there's a 7 year sabbatical and there's a lot we can talk later if you have bad credit but the reality is is I learned that you don't want to do that you want to actually yeah I mean be excited about the prospect of the thing growing but you know I see some people starting businesses there's a friend of mine he started this business where he wanted to sell books online and do different things and he threw the whole thing on his credit card Well it didn't work now he's $10000.00 in dad and he's scrambling just to be able to pay his rent and so there's you want to be smart about it you don't want to be too optimistic you know especially if you're brand new I see that as a thing with a lot of new entrepreneurs they get extremely optimistic Hey my friends start this Amazon business selling whatever and so I'm going to do that too and I want to make 50000 a month in 3 months and so I hear that a lot and you know if that happens great but it's sometimes harder and you want to be smarter if you make money try to save it if you can that's kind of what I learned from that so that's what I will share. I can share some stories a lot of my 1st restaurant in 2008. 2526. You know you got excited you know I read so many books and so I literally financed my whole restaurant on credit cards it's all been almost $100000.00 in credit cards to start this restaurant and I had a few other friends that went into this business. And so you know what happens on credit cards they give you 1 year what 0 percent 18 percent interest and you don't realize the problems might take about a year to get the rest of the ground so now you know I had some free rent and so forth and so everything there is literally this kind of came to a an immediate all the 20 percent interest rates are now hitting me your rent is due. We live in you know the nightmare I mean was a nightmare and. Sabbatical all your credits now I have a $700.00 plus credit but I went through the pain of knowing never a finance or restaurant something that a super high risk super high risk business ventures do not find their sit on a credit card is better ways of doing that or simpler ways of getting into a business that doesn't have the risk those things that are more simple if you want is a credit card that doesn't have the higher risk as something like without. A failure a big 1. Well I could tell you stories about outrageous success with waterfalls of money just lending on our laps and just how great life is but it's a lot more fun to hear about people's failures. And when I was 20 years old I started a computer graphics card company we worked with a Commodore Amiga computer and if the 1 remembers the Commodore Amiga. It went out of business coming away it went out of business when they went bankrupt our business dried up overnight and I had a company in Los Angeles that we're partnered with they were the seller and the promoter of our product well the owner wasn't a very nice man. And he demanded that I so my company to him for a very small amount of money or otherwise very bad things were going to happen to me and I'd seen how he'd done business in other certain circumstances and usually involved firearms and and bad things so. I literally had to pack up everything that I had with tuna dollars in my pocket and basically go into hiding and I literally had hit men turning up at my friend's place that I've been staying at because I made the mistake of calling his business from my friend's phone to try to work out some sort of negotiation Luckily I wasn't there and was living by sickly in my car the actually homeless for about a year. You know trying to start up new startups and things but I know what it's like to be completely bust broke with no work permit in this country you know no what you just just doing what you possibly can to survive in trying to scrap out like the next gig like what's it going to be Wiz what something I can do to get back on my feet again so I've been you know I've lived through both sides of that and it was an awful awful feeling it was an awful time but it makes you appreciate the good things in him and this Nothing was that since unlike. You know nothing does quicken the senses like hill or something like that but when you know when you were facing when you're looking over the edge and you're looking at complete total disaster it really gets you motivated to figure things out wow thank you all for sharing these things because I think sometimes it seems like while there's all these great successes but if I fail I can't do it but you guys have been successful and I mean you failed even with someone hunting you down with a firearm so if you can recover from that then it gives me hope that we can recover from other failures or things Jason did you have something real quick you know share something of failure and ministry side of our business we opened up our 3rd juice bar and right after that on this weekend there was a race and the race ended right outside of my door on Saturday and you better believe I want to be over everyone's like you're coming at the perfect time there's going to be thousands of people right outside your door and we didn't open on Saturday but everyone came in and asked me why we weren't open on Sabbath and I was thinking I don't want to be to 4 of these people I don't know them I want to build a relationship with them and I said well I give my employees 1 day off a week we just take it as a day of rest you know it's kind of 1 of our core principles sounds OK right people thought I was so lazy they thought I was just taking a day off literally like washing another day off like take Sunday off take Monday off. And I walked in 1 day and 1 of my employees and the last person you'd think would be doing this and if she was here she she would say that was true I'm not I'm not saying you know anything behind her back was explaining to someone why we were close because it was the Sabbath because her 7th day adventists because we go to church on the day and I was like shocked I just walked in my store on this going on the I was like oh that's cool and they respect that when you tell them this is my religious conviction you know salmon in the Bible people respect religious beliefs much more than just saying and I want to day off you know a day of rest so I would encourage you to be bold with your faith people respect that. I have 1 quick. 1 for supreme that came in it said how did you start ministry opportunities and activities on a secular campus and get through all the paperwork and such to be able to do that. So the 1 good thing is nowadays there's so many resources and there's a lot of people who have gone before you and done this so 1st I would reach out to somebody who started 1 recently so like when I started like the always you were Oregon State University Berkeley started soon after actually And so the guys who are Berkeley reached out to us at that time because we had just started it like a year later Berkeley was starting something and so reach out to someone who's been there because only have already done it and they're ready and willing to mentor you and help you that's 1 thing and then of course there are resources on campus I started to A.C.S. 1 an organ stay another 1 in U.T. Austin so there are resources there to help you but even more so I look into all the campus ministries right now that are very well known and successful and I think A.C.F. has a website and they have resources and there's other you know Michigan campus ministries and all the other 1 side reach out to some of these guys and get information from them because yes the paperwork can be a little daunting you do have to have the Right now an amount of people you know and all of that but even if you don't you can still start I mean I remember begging like somebody random little of that can you just sign this paper because I need to get this club started and I don't have enough people yet but that's OK You know if you if you have at least another person that you're willing to that wants to do it start there and go look for someone to help you and ask for guidance and it's really good also within your church if you can find a mentor or somebody there so of course your pastor and other leadership but if you can finally say you know maybe there's a couple there that would like to help the students out or start something or maybe your church wants to get on board and actually start doing something in your campus community there because a lot of churches you know they sit in the middle of a secular university campus and the. Totally like not even connected to the student group so my 1 of my all churches is now starting a whole campus ministry thing they're supporting twitching out international students and they're starting a whole new thing so look into ideas meet other people and pray that God will give you the wisdom we need to I'm going to give this time you could comment on this a lot more to our next question is. We don't have much time it's just a couple minutes and so drew quickly is related to the last 1 before him and it's basically since many of you have experienced failure what would you have done over 10 years ago or whatever it was if you could go back in time so that you could maybe do things a little bit differently what would you do differently now with the knowledge you know. Part of the problem a lot of people have put up with becoming successes that they don't embrace failure so when I run a health department and we were incredibly successful in Pasadena I would always in ours all staff meetings out always tell everybody do not be afraid to fail I want you to dream big it goes back to the Big Hairy Audacious Goals from the book Good to Great Dream Big Don't be afraid to fail there's power in accepting the fact that you can fail and learning from your failures so the lobby was a look I want to career I want to path where I never fail but the truth of the matter is it is sometimes in that process of failing that you actually learn what you need to learn to be successful when God's time for you to be successful comes and that is a biblical principle you go back in Acts Joseph would you have gone downstairs and told your brothers for breakfast that you dreamed that they were going to bow down to you as your father blade that Coat of Many Colors on you he would say he would never have said no I wouldn't I wouldn't do that differently Joseph's you know mistake a lot of preachers say and being bold about that dream those dreams was a mistake and that's why he was sold into slavery but it's also why he won they sat next to Pharaoh so I understand that you must embrace failure and a lot of people assume a lot of us are so. Intolerant to pain on any level that we can't be successful because we're trying too hard to figure out a way to get to the end zone without ever having to hit another player. And so you gotta learn Don't be afraid of failure out of that God will do great things. With it and you can share anything you want here where at the end of our time we want to give a chance for each of you if you could summarize like basically a 1 sentence or so challenge to people in this room of what you would encourage them to take away from here and go home and do what would you share with our audience here. Love to hear from each of you what would you like to leave with our group. For me I guess it's also dovetails on the last question is what I wish I would have done 10 years ago was have the tools necessary to get to where I'm at Meaning have a strong personal assessment of where I'm currently out of what I'm doing based on like the presentation I mentioned I wish I would have known like my strengths my Myers Briggs and all those things to know who I was earlier and then set goals have planned and then have somebody hold me accountable to it versus just doing everything 1 thing I didn't mention in my in my presentation was babies when they're born they have twice as many synoptic connections over time they start pruning the synoptic connections and you start your not as creative over time but in the beginning of birthing something the more you expose yourself the more you experience things the more you're able to hone in and prune the things that you were good at and double down on those things and lean into it so I guess find a way to to learn about yourself. You know work involved in ministry I would always put people in a position that they don't really enjoy doing like for example I don't like working with children so I particularly That is something I always put to someone else but you what's interesting in my own church it was a need for youth leader in my own kids or in the youth class and because we had no 1 I stepped in only because my kids are in there and I want to make sure they have a good youth expansion what come to find out I absolutely love doing it it's become a passion is something I look for every Sabbath because I get to make an impact in the lives of our young people and it's something that I so I found that God took something that I dislike and it's become 1 of my greatest passions and so you know what I've learned from this is that give it to God Give it to God and if you want to put yourself out there it's amazing what God can do in your heart and you know let let him bless you and it's amazing it's an amazing journey. My. Challenge would be to be the change that you want to see either in the world or in my contacts within the church you see a gaping hole where there is a massive need for something rather than just complain about it rather than just wait for the old people to get it rather than waiting for budgets to line up like don't worry about any of those things recognize it that's a calling from God and step into it in courage and in faith be the change that you want to see in the world and in the church. My chances for you. When you look at the life of Christ we realize that he risked everything to save humanity and I would challenge you don't be afraid to take a risk for him. Every single 1 of you have the seeds of incredible greatness inside of you and it's fear because he or worried about what people will think that gets in the way of you doing it so my challenge to you is to live an extraordinary life take the risk and don't have regrets don't look back on your life and say I knew I wanted to do this but I never did I never try and go out there and do it you know it's not going to be easy it may not even work out the way you think it will but take the pathless traveled do what you call today. It was funny when I went. Around a few days back and I got a fortune cookie this the new face adversity willingly. And it was this I was like I was spellbound because that's been some week my weakest moments is that as adversity always comes specially as entrepreneurs as ministry leaders you always are going to face adversity as with the Bible promises and many times we can this as been specially when it comes to De Lay. Delay and delay it's like the thing that gets me most air Tate It frustrated angry eccentric cetera et cetera and I'm learning that and allay you know you have your greatest ideas you have your greatest you know about yourself the most. Vulnerable to delay and realize that delay will bring out some of the best or could bring out some of the worst of you and if you trust God in that moment it can really bring forth the fruit that can be truly amazing. Amen amen this kind of also dovetails with the last question I talked about this earlier about the 7 levels of a kind of business for those you there are there in the morning and so you have to make sure that you are not in levels 1 through 3 and so this is when you're just doing any kind of business and you're not considering what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy clearly tell us and so you don't want to be involved in things that are going to cause you to break the Sabbath are going to cause you to lie or going to cause you to break any kind of can manage anything you don't want to start a brothel for instance or anything like this OK And so the reality is you want to be you want to be it's late in the day that would have been out of clicks a lot sooner so the reality is you want to be very careful about this OK you want to be very very careful about that because here's what's going to happen right now maybe you say I want to start a steak house you know steak is not pork but you know has blood in the meat right we know that you so the thing is you want to be very careful about this kind of stuff because here is going to happen either it's going to be a failure anyways whatever or if it's successful now you're in a crossroads now because now you're going to get convicted and you have to make a decision and that could you know this is a this could be salvation stuff you don't mess around with that stuff or you have a situation where you might have to shut the thing down or change it's kind of like start off on the right foot make sure at least you have an agnostic business you know do something that is not even religious at all so that way if you want to you know infuse religion in it later you could maybe but don't do anything that's violating the clear things that we see in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy just don't do it no matter what stop immediately if you have something like that going to talk to me or talk to someone else because you're going to change it later. My challenge is is to not be satisfied with the status quo and by that I mean no matter what it is you are doing I mean this is my philosophy if I am the greeter at church I will go and talk to all the graders who have gone before me and I will learn everything there is about about greeting but then I will not stay and just do it you know I'm not I don't not like tradition I'll just be honest with you I am nontraditional so I will look and see how can I make that better how can I make being a greater better in my church in my local church in my conference in the world right so do it to the best ability but ask God for help because the only way we're going to make any changes in our church in our community and do the things that all these guys are talking about is don't be satisfied with where you're at and really look to see how what insight and wisdom God is going to give you to not be satisfied the status quo and go beyond that. Thank you all of you on behalf of A.S.I. we want to think each and every 1 of you we know that you're busy we know that you have businesses we know that you have responsibilities you know we have a family for many of you and so for you to take the time to come here it really means a lot and we say amen to all our. Thanks for this time we would just like to dismiss with prayer and also a dedication for your well you know this. All right let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you so much for all that you've done we thank you so much that you have given us this time together and I pray for each attendee that they can apply the things the words of wisdom let me know that there are 3 kinds of people in this world people who learn from other people's mistakes that people learn from their own mistakes and the people who never learned or pray that we can learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before us and for those who are up here those who are starting a business who are on the front lines of business social media health or their profession wherever they are pray the prayer of jabers for them that you would bless them indeed that you would enlarge their territory protect them from you pray that for all of them in Jesus' name and this media was produced by audience for us on having just layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. A scientist. Or if you would like to list 3 lines or leave as a. 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