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Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • August 3, 2018
    5:00 PM
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Good evening everyone. We'll get right into this I want to I want to speak to you this evening the last session on a topic your 1st profession is a phrase I use a lot because it has guided how I have practiced medicine and gone into businesses started many businesses fail that business is by God's grace succeeded in some things but. It is your 1st profession that you must always keep in mind our scripture will be taken from from. This trick you the Book of Revelation I will go to the 1st chapter of the Book of Revelation Revelation chapter 1 and use click at the next year and verse 9 says I John also am your brother and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom in patients of Jesus Christ was in the aisle that is called Patmos for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ what I want you to get from this is that John never intended to go to Patmos it was never as planned to spend the time he was going to spend in Patmos and Patmos In fact John was an ethicist and he was doing a great work enough of this and as you read in the Book of Revelation F.-A says was 1 of the strongest churches John had the ministry he wanted he had spent all that time with Jesus he was not able to use it but something happened as John was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as he was lifting up the name of Jesus and Emperor ascended in Rome that could not stand what John was doing was the Emperor Dalmatia and when he came to the throne he could not stand what was going on because he called himself the emperor called himself Lord and God And so when he heard about John. Preaching of Jesus Christ as Lord and God He wanted to stop John from preaching so what they did is they took John and they tried to throw him into a cauldron of boiling oil you heard the story and when they throw John into the cauldron of boiling oil nothing happens he survives and so the way to get rid of John is to send them to an island by himself where he can have no influence is interesting somebody talked about this earlier because it's on the island that he actually has his greatest influence of all the emperor who spews brother was Titus who actually is the 1 who sacked Jerusalem and fulfill Jesus' prophecy of 40 years of the 40 years his father was also an emperor he thought for sure that he could destroy the Christian church by doing things like killing off the Apostles and the leaders in exile and people to places like Patmos what I want to tell you about your 1st profession today is that sometimes you will have to leave ethicists and go to Patmos I want you to understand that for some of you you will always have the rosy story of the amazing successes that somewhere along the line you're going to wind up on an island that 7 miles by 6 miles where nothing hardly grows you're going to be stuck in a place where criminals are sent you're going to be put in a position you never thought you could ever thrive or survive in and God is going to place you on Patmos because it's on Patmos that you're going to bright your revelation it's on Patmos that the great things are going to happen in your life I said it just on a panel a 2nd ago the reason many of us never actually reach greatness is because we're afraid to fail we're afraid of pain we are afraid of Patmos. And I challenge you I challenge you to find a way to get where you're supposed to be and you've got to do that by finding your why people have said that earlier today you've got to find your wife so what was John's why Well number 1 he was a preacher of the Word of God He had the testimony of Jesus Christ as he lists in the 3 verses you see here and if you go on with those 3 verses Revelation 1412 says here is the patience of the sayings here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus Revelation 1217 says and the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant oversea which keep the commandments of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ like Revelation 1910 and it begins to explain that even more it says and I fell on his feet to worship him and he said on to me see that I would do it not I am by fellow servant and of the brethren that have the testimony of Jesus of the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is what is the Spirit of Prophecy so John's Why was he was a preacher of the word and therefore a keeper of the commandments number 1 and number 2 he was a preacher a speaker a 4th teller that's what prophecy could also mean of the word and those 2 wise landed him on Patmos I'll give you a 3rd why in the 2nd left in this stop looking OK So those are the 1st 2 I mention but Quest object lesson says this I want you to get this without the Spirit of God and knowledge of His word is of no avail the theory of truth unaccompanied by the Holy Spirit cannot quicken the soul or sanctify the heart 1 May be familiar with the commands and promises of the Bible but unless the Spirit of God sets the truth home the character will not be transformed I want to tell you why you will often land on Patmos. Because often it's on Patmos that you meet the Spirit of God It is on Patmos that the character gets transformed so I want to give you a 3rd why the 3rd why and this is the 3rd why of your profession is character transformation very few people think when they're trying to figure out what they're going to do with their lives about how is that going to impact my development in Christ Jesus how is what I'm choosing going to either make me more a Christian or less a Christian or will it have an impact at all I want to challenge you as young professionals that you go to start businesses and and take new jobs that you always ask God not just Lord you know can I speak and I shared a word at this place or in this business can I minister to other people because oftentimes we approach ministry like we have it all together we have everything we need to give to others you know the mission trips I've done in my life have taught me to places like Haiti southern Africa South America Jamaica urban America I have learned on those trips that sometimes God sent me around the world not because I had a Jesus to give them but because I needed to see their Jesus because their relationship with God Do war 1st what my experiences were in the States I challenge you to pick a career that when you go into it you don't use not just an opportunity to share with others or you to make be successful make money have a good career is not wrong with that not fact that's a good thing to do as we talk about in a 2nd but what I want you to understand is your character development should also always be at the forefront of everything you do because when you die as we always say in church The only thing you get to take with you to heaven is your what. It's a character so imagine you pick a career and somebody just kind of mentioned it on a panel you pick a career that causes you to constantly in conflict with your core values as a 7 is Christian choose the 3rd why character transformation you gave me give my testimony will I watch my testimony I'll be doing it in Tampa tomorrow 1 of the things I start off with my testimony of everything I went through I start off what is I needed character development God sent me through everything I went through not because I knew he wanted me to be a hero but he needed me to be closer to him and the problem for a lot of us is because we know the doctrine we understand truth we think we have it all together and as Ellen White says there just knowing the doctrine isn't enough if the Holy Spirit is not bound to that there is no character development and if there's no character development you can know everything and still be lost the Bible says even the demons believe in tremble so I challenge you as you look for what you go and do as you go into a different professions of different things you need to be able to do this she says here the rapid fulfillment of the predictions of Holy Scripture regarding the signs of events which were to mark the closing scenes of Earth's history is a short evidence that we are now living in the last days therefore a company of Christian people who keep the commandments of God and we have the testimony of Jesus Christ the Spirit of Prophecy should today be in existence look at the question Ellen White asks at the end of this quote where May they be found we're are those people. Now what we often do is at Venice is we find a way to to kind of coagulate together we figure out a way to draw in and create a little safe zones where it's easier to be admin is and to some extent is not wrong with that I want to open university and I needed that for years a man Oakwood those 4 years in a safer environment to build my reserve before I was sent out into a hungry hostile world so there's reason for that but where are they where are the people who truly believe where are the people who have keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus Christ where are they may they be found and the answer is they should be found a little bit everywhere if we're to salt of the earth some of us have to go into some difficult places some of us are going to have to go places other people wouldn't go and I can tell you God sent me into some of those places you mentioned in my introduction I was I was there an advisor for George W. Bush's administration and for Barack Obama's administration I sat on panels where people would have a former surgeon general what individuals who have influence in the world like you would not believe on issues of great import on whereby federal dollars would go around the issue of HIV on another committee where I was on what would a high end influencers on the issue of sexual health in the United States of America and I can tell you that I would be there and it would be it's often be like a spiritual warfare some of the meetings I would go into I would literally fast and pray that morning before I went into them because I knew that there was going to be a battle over what direction we should send the United States of America in even just by what we suggested in some of those meetings and are often only 1 or 2 voices that would say the things that would line up with the holy scripture and I was always asking God Lord let my voice be on your side. Because Lord you sent me into this circle for a reason and some of you are going to wind up in those circles your voice is going to be placed in a grand place where you can you can make statements to help defend the cause of Jesus Christ but guess what you've got to be in the place with God in a place with God where you're not afraid to speak truth when you get there because it's tough it's really tough to be the 1 voice that's different it's not easy when you're being heckled and ridiculed in professional meetings because you believe the say of the Lord and as a professional you've got to be excellent at what you do you have to go to science as a physician and a doctor a medical doctor the real a doctor the public health you've got to know to science so that you can speak not just inside the word but outside the word and so I give you 4 things I will leave you for practical little things that will leave you and there the acronym is pace so you have to have purpose you've got to have action you've got to have courage and the E You have to have excellence purpose action courage and excellence if you are going to go if you're going to be well I was asking for where May they be found these 4 things come together number 1 purpose and I like the way that the Bible gives us purpose in the story then you'll want to verse 8 says but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not the fall I'm self with a portion of the king's me nor would the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the princes of Prince of the unit that he might not defile himself so a lot of times we talk about purpose we think of like a purpose driven model like what does God want to do with me I want a prayer of Jaber as I want more territory the 1st purpose isn't the purpose of your growth is the purpose of your constraint. The 1st purpose is I am I willing to live like Christ wants me to live even when I'm surrounded by folk who don't want to live that way when I go into corporate America and some of you are not going to have the favor to just be an admin It's a touche an organization you can have to go out among the wolves and like Daniel Daniel give you a powerful example when he says he purposed in his heart I challenge you to have that kind of purpose when I went through everything I went through I got phone calls with people who said listen if you're willing to recant your beliefs and I'm just paraphrasing if you're willing to recant your beliefs we will get you your job it will smooth everything over I said I can't do that I can't do that you see when I was my mother was a single mother she raised 3 boys by herself I remember us not having enough money many months we had more month than money somebody knows what that is and I remember us lining up in our live in our in our den in our little house in Connecticut and my mother having myself and my brothers get on our knees and we pray and ask God to show up because she was out of money for that month didn't happen often but I remember breaking us pray that prayer and I remember when we finished praying the front door bell rang and when we went to the front door there were groceries sitting on the front porch of that house to this day we don't know who left those groceries at the house so when you tell me to recant on MY GOD I CAN'T because I know that my God is a provider he is Joe hold the gyro he will provide So even if I lose everything I have not knowing what's next I serve a God who will survive who will provide for me especially in my darkest hour purpose in your heart like Daniel that you won't defile yourself with the things of this world the king's meat or of his wine the 2nd 1 is action. 1st I was 1732 and David said a Sallet no man's heart failed because of him David says Di servent will goal and fight with this Phyllis Stein action you've got to be willing as a professional to go out there and do things now watch this it's tough because sometimes your ministry can't happen on your job directly so you do a ministry on the side like I do now where I work so I you know I try to witness as much as I can my patients and to much the people who work with me many of them are Christians and so you know you know I 1 of our 1 of our nurses was was was pregnant with the obstetrician gave her a bad report and said that she could lose the baby and she was at work crying and I gathered the nurses on that unit together and I we laid hands on her at work and prayed the prayer for it faith in the name of Jesus we claim a healthy delivery and a healthy child and a healthy mother she delivered a healthy baby she's healthy and she moved on and guess what the power of that prayer the action of not being afraid to show that I'm a Christian in my workplace had a ripple effect in the place some time full come from Dr Walsh I'm going to some I heard you pray with me are you willing to be active That's after everything I've been through it be easy for me to leave me alone I don't want to do it this Christian stuff I want to be safe but you know God taught me by taking everything from me that you can give it all back because I have more now than I've ever had multiplied more more opportunity more of everything God is a provider take action with God He will increase you as you move. The Jordan would not open until the priest's feet hit the water some of you are standing at the bank of the Jordan waiting for it to part and all realize you've got to take some action that your foot has to touch the water for the water to move to take action courage Daniel 316 when I fervently Bible stories 1 of my favorite verses of the story there are 3 sixteenth's a shot of the 2nd Abednego answered and said to the King or not you can as a look at what they say right here this is powerful they say we are not careful to answer you in this matter they weren't careful and they tell you why they weren't careful in the next 2 verses if it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of your hand okaying look at this look at the but that they put in here but if not must say let it be known to you OK that we will not serve your god no worse of the golden image which you have set up the reason Don't miss this the reason Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were willing to go into the fiery furnace wasn't that they expected to be delivered they understood that they could be delivered it was simply the can of God His ability is all they needed because once they understood that God could deliver him they trusted his heart to do what was right for them I hope you get in this you're not you can not be afraid you've got to understand that you serve a God who can. And then you got to understand another principle I learned is that while what I think some of our brothers and sisters hear from while what I learn is that while with just a few weeks ago I was there hanging out with them and the end of something powerful that was said in 1 of the classes of powerful if you understand that God is Love you will deal differently differently with God. Watch this so if you put that together you're not a god can he is all powerful so he can and you know he's love he's all love perfect love a got a love you put that together you realize he can and he's love that's why they could say in verse 18. But if not it doesn't matter if he doesn't deliver us because He loves us and if not delivering is what's best for us we trust Him you will be successful and you'll have to be courageous you have to take risks business risk calculated business risks calculate a career you have to leave 1 job to go to another 1 but you're going to have to pray and ask God what direction do I follow which way do I go and then you have to when God sends you you have to go because you've got to understand that he can but other times you have to stand up for what you believe in and it's not going to be comfortable and it's not going to be easy and you can lose a lot by believing and trusting God and speaking truth in a and in a time of error you can you have to stand up and do that and you're going to have to remember that he he can my courage is a based on his ability and his love it's not just random courage it doesn't come from me it come from is a proper knowledge of Him So the last 1 is this 1 excellence excellence 30 Exodus 313 I'm just reading back to the Bible I started Isaiah this time just to be different. I just went through a Leviticus it says Exodus 31 verse 3 says and I filled him with the Spirit of God. And in wisdom and in understanding and knowledge in all manner of workmanship devised cunning works to work in gold and silver and brass and in cutting of stones to set them and carving of timber to work in all manner of workmanship this is a guy named bezel ale. He was the builder and designer of the guy who cut the Stones put everything together he's never really talked about never really mentioned a lot he's someone we often skip over we'd like to talk about the sanctuary message and we don't realize the sanctuary message and the sanctuary is possible because there were people who were excellent at what they did there were people who work Moses or Aaron weren't Mariyam they weren't the sons of Aaron they were priests they weren't Levi's but they were excellent at what they did I want to challenge you that everything that is possible in your life is possible with excellence God does not want us to be the tale he wants us to be the head that means we study harder we work harder we push harder we do better why do we do it because if we're Christians on our job or in our business and people are watching us 1 of the signs that we are of God isn't simply that we say we are is that we function like we are we work like we are excellence is 1 of those things and being a physician being in public health 1 of things I can say when I went through all the stuff I went through I was so thankful that no 1 could ever write that I was not amazing at what I did knowing that I would say he did not do a great job in fact many of them wrote no matter how scathing the stuff they said about me but it was an excellent public health department under his leadership and guess what I like that I like that in the name of Jesus and I like it because I want to represent Christ not just because I say I represent Christ but because I work to represent him even in the small things as Illinois talks about I'll finish with a quick story about all of this put it all kind of together I had a patient come in who was. Diagnosed with terminal cancer however the oncologist was continue to do to keep it there it is a poor woman who is suffering. Excellence I want to training and doing to do wound care so I do care now as well as part of what I practice and she because of the radiation and the tumor and the chemo she lifted up her arm and she had a massive open wound like the length of her inner upper arm seeping period drainage Sloss all over the wound and had a foul odor to it and the woman couldn't put a she couldn't it was so bad she couldn't put her arm down so she's walking around like this all the time she sat down and had that look on her face like listen I read rather almost be the look on her face she didn't say this I would rather be dead than to be dealing with what I'm dealing with I sat down with her in tears just started streaming down her face she looked at me and just thought I will tell you what everybody else does that there's really no hope for you in this situation there is nothing you can do to be better you're terminal and maybe we can put some stuff on it to take away some of the pain but but you're not going to do any better but in those moments I reach Patmos in those moments I realize that God is in a sect the skills he's allowed me to develop the career that he allowed me to be in with the Ministry of the Jesus I love that in 1 moment it all flashes together for this person sitting in front of me I want to reason I love being a physician and seeing patients is people come to me and I can bring them to Jesus rather than I'm trying to get him to come to church and I was sitting there I said Lord what do I tell or of your we preach I said Is there a lot of patients access that are you a believer the tears began to stream even faster is that yes I believe I'm a Christian lady who was what I think was our sister was there and she nodded in agreement that she was a believer I said but you look like you're running out of faith she said I'm tired doctor I'm tired I'm tired of the pain I'm tired of the bad news. I'm tired of the fact that I don't know how much longer I'm going to live I'm just tired and and I don't see where God is in anything that's happening to me I said if you're a believer and we're going to believe today if you believe it we're going to trust God today and I said if you don't mind this is an open room where everybody can see this is not unlike a little exam room as if you don't mind I want to lay hands on you and I want to pray for you right now and pray over you for this wound on your arm because I believe Jesus can heal you he can heal that wound she said really I said yes she said I would I would love that and I laid my hand on her in fact the nurse that was with me also 7 events she she laid hands on a lady as well and we began to pray and I began to pray and I asked God I said Lord I know her terror cancer is terminal but this woman the wound itself Lord is causing a great pain I am asking God as a woman physician that Lord you immediately ate and heal this wound when I was done praying she was crying and she hugged me I saw back in 2 weeks. And I prescribe stuff to put on the wound like I do everybody else the wound that was about this big was about that big and she was happy and smiling and just lifted up in our arms up and down like a duck she was so happy and some of the nurses said what Dr Walsh you you you're crazy to to put yourself out there like that but you would pray for her not knowing if it's going to get better coverage C. in place I know that God can I'm not in this profession wondering if God can I'm in this profession because I know God can and my challenge for you as young professionals who are going to do great things for God is to never forget that God can now to close out they've actually to do something special and I thought it was an excellent idea we want to close with a season of prayer. Because all of us are going through stuff all of us have reached our Patmos all of us have had our challenges I want you to get the groups the tools in threes and I want you to pray that God will help you with that decision you need to make right now the challenge in your business or your career maybe there's something in your family that's going on maybe or something in your health but I really want you to pray about your ministry and your profession and its intersection and I want you to ask God today to show you where he sending you I want you to day to pray about your Patmos now God is going to use you to lead people to Jesus Christ. Father God we. Come Together Now Lord to close out today's young professionals section of a a side Lord these young people in front of us now Lord of the future in many ways not just of A.S.I. but of the global work of the 7 his church and of the very kingdom of God Many of them Lord a timid they know they can do big things but they may be afraid to fail that they don't want embarrassment they the didn't want to have to rebound so last that you just give them the courage to follow you in a big way there are those Lord who are here who who don't know where the resources are going to come from from that for them to be able to do the work that they do or to have to do the work they want to do more day they have no idea how they're going to put together the business plan or or or don't think that their C.V. is enough what I ask in a very special way Lord that you bless them Lord with everything they need to be successful others Lord I hear and they don't even know what direction to go and they're still trying to figure it all out. I ask in a special way Lord that you would show up in their lives give them clarity so they know which way to go as you're leading them to great work in these last days but no matter what Lord for all of us I pray the Lord to continue to mold and develop our characters that the great Potter would lord mold and fashion us into vessels to his liking and the Father God we would not be resistant against that moldy would not be resistant against the development that you want to give us but Father God would be humble malleable Lord Father God we would be in your hands what you want to be of all the God I want to press special prayer of A.S.I. over the people who let out today I want to pray Lord of disorganization would continue to do your work leading business people and professionals to greater walk with. And to be better mouthpieces for. This is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name. Amen. This media was produced by audience for the ads on his name and services and industry. 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