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Developing a Level 7 Evangelistic Business

Sean Wycliffe
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  • August 3, 2018
    11:15 AM
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My name is Sean why cliff and I am excited to be here today and I want to tell you a little bit about my story before I talk about the fruit tree which is mostly what I'm going to be sharing today and so. This is what we're going to go through and from there we're going to talk about something called a level 7 business and we're going to talk about some of the evangelists that we're doing but 1st I know I know some of you but I don't think I know most of you and so I want to tell you a little about myself I'll start back in college I actually went to school at U.C. Berkeley a few years ago and when I was a student there I started this business Mike was talking about it selling long distance phone service and so most of you don't even know what that is and I understand that and I barely knew what that was at that time and so it started going really well I got really involved and really into it and so when I was 19 I ended up buying a Porsche and dropping out of school and moving down the southern California and my brother did the same exact thing and so as Mike mentioned we were growing this business now this time I was actually an evangelical Christian and so we could work 7 days a week we could kind of do whatever we felt like of course and so I'm just working just doing whatever and just getting really into money making money by the time I was 21 and we ended up buying this mill and our house and of getting this Ferrari as well and all I cared about was money that was my goal I was basically just dedicated to that and just money and so God actually had a different plan for me though so around this time to my dad he actually was this in it's a woman a university and so he went to this thing called the restoration I know if anyone's ever been in that before restoration OK so he wanted 2003 Randy steed some of you maybe have heard him he was preaching so my dad gave his life back to the Lord and then after that he started praying for me now the business I had surely there after there's a long story here the business actually went bankrupt and I had to pretty much move in with my dad now I know if anyone's ever had to move in with their parents before OK maybe you're all young professionals right you don't know what I'm talking about but the reality is I had to do that and I was broke and so through that experience my dad was praying for me work on me and then I eventually went to A G Y C and that's where I was really convicted on my life and I became an avenue 3. Dedicated my life to God and from there that's when I met Michael to resign and for the next 2 years we started just doing a lot of ministry he was the cycling me citing the Bible the whole 9 yards and this was down at the fine 10 a 7th Day Adventist Church I don't know if anyone's ever been to the fontina OK a few here a few Yes OK So anyways we were down there for about 2 years. Now after that I wasn't really sure what God had for me I started backsliding a little bit I didn't know what was going on and so my parents said Why don't you go back to school you should have never dropped out in the 1st place and so I said OK why not so I actually ended up going back to school at U.C. Berkeley and this is when my life changed another direction at this time I actually was continuing running a different business now selling cell phones so is a similar network marketing business but now we're selling cell phone and so I met my wife through this now she's in the back somewhere you'll see arose She's over there the back to the water that's her there she is and so her name's chance and so I met her and she was working with us and I didn't think too much of it because she was boost of a time but in any case we became friends and then I said oh hey who knows what you know 1 back 5 why not you know day to Buddhist and have fun let's see what happens and so there was a long story behind it but we actually ended up dating and we moved in together about a week after we started dating and so you know I was really excited about it at that point and so she just a leave that as it is and I'll move for the next life but the reality is through this experience now she was starting to wonder OK where is this guy going on Friday night he just disappears on Friday night and so I said well I go to this Bible study thing I don't know it's whatever why don't you come with me if you want and so she started coming so she starts having questions what do you believe like why this and that and so I start doing Bible studies with her every night you know when we're together I guess and so the reality is through that she actually into becoming a Christian and then she became an adventurous and then she started she kind of passed me up spiritually very quickly she started doing ministry she started realizing hey there's this commandment that says you know you shouldn't live together what's up with that and so. It's you know and so the reality is this From there we start to get convicted so we try to move out move back and move out will that have going on and eventually it led to the point where I went to a G. Y.C. and she went to a G.I.C. and eventually we were able to separate I'll talk about 1 second now during this period I'm also trying to figure out other businesses that I can start what I can do and so I graduated from college my parents were so happy I finally did something with my life and so after that they're hoping I may get a job I don't and I watch this movie and I think wow there's always empty movie theater seats why not sell discounted movie tickets and so I started this thing called Deal flicks which is call it a Priceline book for movie tickets we sell discount movie tickets and that's how that is and I'll leave it at that but this was started back in 2012 and so it started as a thing that I was doing part time and then we had some co-founders join and then it started to really grow and we started getting some press we did up getting on N.B.C. and The New York Times and seem to be seeing all sorts of things and over the next few years we ended up raising 4 point $2000000.00 from investors and we got up to $400000.00 a month and revenue and so I'm thinking this is a great thing you know here we go and the nice thing with this is I was actually able to keep the Sabbath as well and so I was keeping the Sabbath and all my team was keeping the Sabbath and all these things and I'm thinking this is really good you know again as I mentioned at this time too we had gone to the G.I.C. and my wife said hey we should separate before we get married and so by God's grace we're able to separate and then 6 months later we got married Amen and from there we actually started to do a lot of ministry at our campus at U.C. Berkeley and so for the next couple years we did ministry we start in our home and from there we started to do how to get a seminars on campus and that's another subject and this is how we eventually got into A.S.I. how we started getting involved in this campus ministry called Christ method alone. And so a few years ago my wife actually through another testimony was able to get a 1000 square foot office right next to the Z. Berkeley campus where they have all the riots and where they have the free speech and everything and so we started doing Bible studies there and God really blessed this ministry we had about 7 people get baptized through this these are all filled with U.C. Berkeley the majority of them are not Christian and we've been able to lose Christ in us alone to reach people through this now around this time too I saw this thing called me on the brain so tell me early on I mean and so I don't know has anyone seen this OK Watch it if you haven't seen it OK but be careful if you sell movie tickets because I saw this. A few years ago OK now you can imagine right so I'm a converted person at this point and I watch this thing and I'm thinking oh wow OK and I'm just thinking it's R. rated movies and things like this right but even G. rated things you know it has effects and it's not good and so I'm convicted now so I stopped watching movies for the most part and shortly thereafter was able to have victory in that area and that was a blessing. Now the same time I'm wondering how do I deal with this because I have this business selling movie tickets now you know how do I deal with that and so we raise all this money I'm on the board I'm the only board member there's all these obligations and so for the last 2 years I've been trying to sell it I've asked people to pray for it you guys will pay for it too we're in the process now of either trying to sell it or just do like a full bankruptcy or something so I'm asking for a prayer on this because we're like literally in this process because you know I'm trying to move out of that now as this whole thing is going on I'm praying and wondering God you know what do you have for me and so I met this person named along Laurence I know families known him he's 1 of those people if you know him you know because you don't forget him and so he comes up and he's doing campus ministry with us and we're praying about how can we start something that allows us to do ministry while at the same time supporting ourselves financially right I'm sure a lot of you have thought of that how do you do both and so we looked at all sorts of different ideas and long story short we ended up finding this quote and so the says those who are engaged in the work of preparing health foods are just as much in the service of God as if they were in the dentistry business or in the medical missionary work as you help to prepare a health foods you are doing God's service. And something I don't know if I can go back to become a dentist of communal difficult this point but I can make some health food I'm sure I can learn how to do that and so we started thinking about different ideas my wife had been doing green smoothie for the last 2 years and so she had a great recipe and so we actually put this thing together called the fruit tree and what it is is we actually make great tasting healthy green smoothie star goals to make them do 2 things number 1 be as healthy as possible and number 2 taste as good as possible and so that way it's good convenient healthy all of these different things so we started this back in August 2017 and so this is about a year ago we started about a year ago and initially we were selling this store to door eventually we got into some farmer's markets and so we started selling these things and people started enjoying them even kids like it 3 year old kids the parents 1 tried the kids try it they love it and the parents buy it and so it's really really good now from this things really started to grow and they started to go and so what we have here folks. There is what we have here now is we're in 21 farmers markets across the bay area and so if any of you come up there you can see these markets and God has really blessed so this is gone from a little operation to we're now doing over $40000.00 a month and revenue and we're making over $3000.00 smoothies and selling them for a month a secular people across the Bay Area and maybe to add interest and so the reality is is is we have 8 people now that are supported as their primary source of income from this and so this has been a blessing from God and God has really done this now we need help and so I'm asking everyone for prayer and we also need workers so if you're looking for work or whatever we have positions that we're trying to fill we can talk more about that we're trying to buy land we're trying to buy a van we're trying to do all these things so investment donation all those things we can talk more we need connections to different people who can help us with different things and we're also giving samples and so I know I think my wife is going to be handing some samples around I looked over a year you have the samples and so those are the samples and so that's what's happening with that now what I want to spend some time on talking about is a vandalism with this evangelism because when we 1st started this idea is to not just have a successful business but actually do evangelism that's really what it was about not even just service not even just provide good health just straight up evangelism soul winning and so we were wondering how do we do this now this came to me when I was flying over here on a Southwest flight from from Oakland out plan to do things on my laptop with wife and then the announcement said no wife I so I had 5 hours and this new idea came to me this is what I realize there are 7 levels to an Adventist business OK now watch this so the 1st is just having a business if you have a visit and this can apply to if you have a job business or a job either way doesn't matter or a career or something but the 1st thing is just getting a business or a job right that's a big step for a lot of us and so you want to do that the next thing is having a successful business so it's 1 thing to have a business and then it's nothing to have a successful business so that's a good next step then there's a way to have. The business while you're keeping the Sabbath as you know so I went from having this network marketing business that operated around the Sabbaths to having a business that I could keep the Sabbath for about 5 years and that was a blessing in that sense now there is another type of business where you're in line with what the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy teaches Does that make sense and so you can like tilt like you can have a business that sells movie tickets keep the Sabbath but it's not in line with the Bible spirit prophecy and so that's the next level you want to level up now you have a business where you're actually involved in active medical missionary industries So for instance a number for business is where maybe you're selling cars it's a gnostic does that make sense not against God But it's not necessarily for him it's just a good solid business now you have a business where you're in dentistry or you're in medicine or something like that and that's amazing because you're actually doing medical missionary type things the level 6 business we're stepping enough now you're actually actively and heavily evangelizing to folks and so that's what you want to be active in now you might think that's it isn't it that's it no there's 7 there's $7.00 in these kind of talks and so the reality is number 7 a successful business that actively and heavily evangelizes successfully see sometimes we focus on we want to make our business accessible and if I hand out a few tracks so be it whatever happens happens but we've got to put that same kind of effort in that evangelism side too there should be some truth to that too as well as to what's happening on the business side so look at look at this for me so for me my ideal slick thing that was like a Number 3 business it would enable me to actually keep the Sabbath and God commanded things like that however it wasn't necessarily in line with the Bible fear prophecy we realise this and we said you know what if we're going to start something new I don't want to keep going from level 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 let's just go over the level 7 but just do the whole thing let's just start with that in mind and so that's what the fruit trees about OK So as we get ready to wrap up here. I want to encourage all of you here to start with number 7 in mind a successful business that actively and heavily evangelizes So I want to share a few testimony here we give out some smoothies to the poor that are next to the place that we've done our smoothies and that's good we had a smoothie now where we invite our customers to come to our church about 12 people from the community non Christians came to this movie nights like a veggie cooking class that kind of thing so that was really good I want to talk about your keen she was a Buddhist and she was a U.C. Berkeley student and she ended up working with us through that she ended up becoming a Christian Adventist and now is baptized a man she's at A.S.A.P. ministries now in Cambodia doing mission work there this just happened in the last 4 months Nandu you selling Indian food Nandu sells Indian through to farmers market today all right you can go get some getting through from but the thing is we made some friends with him and through this Bible study. Decisions following Christ Adventist baptized a couple weeks ago Ayman and so God is really blessed and this effort of combining this gospel work with the business side and so 1 last thing I want to do with a lot of you have these tracks that we hand out we just made these for the purposes of it's kind of a glow track but it tells our testimony and then it's a Bible study on health and so you'll have these please read it our contact info is on there as well and so I'm going to get this for the sake of time but my appeal right now to all of you right now is I and really be prayerful Now some of you you might be a level 1 business and you're just trying to get the thing off the ground and praise God for that but start with level 7 in mind some of you already have a successful business. Start with love go to level 7 with it you know really pray about how can I start actively doing evangelism some of you might need training and eventually you might be successful business people but you need training in evangelism some of you might be successful in evangelism but you need training in business right but when these things are combined amazing things can happen and so that Michael there was today I thank all of you for your time and I look for again know all of you the rest that we can thank so much this medium was produced by audio over 40 and by avenues layman services and industry. If you would like to learn more about the inside please to W.W.. Or if you'd like to lose more free online service please visit W W W valuable dot org.


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