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Anil Kanda

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  • August 4, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven we just thank you again for this morning and thank you for this privilege of worshipping you and opening up your word God we pray as only says for the present blessing right now where we pray that our hearts and minds of be drawn to you and as we open up the word of God May you speak to us me you convict us and lead us closer to you in Jesus name we pray Amen. All right how many people have their Bibles put your Bibles in the air if you have a Bible All right look to the person next to you with the judgement to look for not bringing their bible to church this morning. Look at your hair may not work right on Sabbath your clothes may not fit right you look a little off you may forget all sorts of things when you get to church but the one thing we never want to forget is the Word of God Amen amen this morning we're going to be taking a good look at the Bible and we're going to be looking at a very powerful story in the Scriptures Now I want to warn you not to fall asleep amen because when you read the book of Acts remember what happened to one man when he fell asleep. Right you know what's really powerful about that story though it's the story of a young adult who decided to hear the preaching of God's word he fell asleep he fell out the window and he died but that's not the end of the story right he was resurrected and I love what is said right afterwards and the church was not a little comforted in other words when a young adult hears God's word he goes through a death. But then he goes to a resurrection and an entire church can be impacted by that life and he meant this morning as I said before we're going to be taking a good look at the life of Daniel now I really like the story of Daniel and this morning when I was actually studying out this story God begin to give me some additional thoughts to what I was going to preach about in fact I came across this verse that's oftentimes used many times during evangelistic series it's found in Jeremiah chapter $29.00 verses Leben through 13 but what is so remarkable about this verse that is used over and over again maybe on placards maybe it's used in a painting at your church or maybe it's something you put on Facebook is the context of this verse you see God gave this verse during the time Israel was about to go into 70 years of captivity under Babylonian rule for 70 years they were being under a bondage in Babylon under Babylon and it was through what was going on that God gave this beautiful promise that is found in the book of Jeremiah notice what the Bible says right here for I know the what thoughts that I think towards you says the Lord Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and they say something like this or say hey I know what I'm thinking they're trying to assure you of something so they'll say something like Hey I know what's going on I know what I'm saying right now and essentially what they're saying is what's coming out of my mouth is really what's in my heart so when God is saying I know the thoughts that I think towards you he essentially is saying look I know what's really in my heart so what's in God's heart let's read the rest of the verse says the Lord thoughts of peace. And not of evil to give you a future and a was a hope then you will call upon me and go and pray to me and I was listening to you and you will seek Me and find me when you search for Me with all your words you know where God wants us to start today with our heart and this beautiful passage of God's promise God's Hope was given to a people who are about to go into bondage a time of oppression a time of confusion and this is the context of the story of Daniel you know when I 1st became interested in standing up the Bible as I said somebody said before I was actually born and raised a Hindu I also come from a Sikh background now that may not make a lot of sense to people but in India makes perfect sense. Hinduism is policy a stick Sikhism is monotheistic sort of a pantheistic monotheism but in India you can do 2 things that are contradictory to each other that's possible that's why they called the land of contradictions right and so I was born and raised with these kinds of religious backgrounds and was really interesting is when I began to study the Bible somebody introduced me to the Book of Daniel I tried picking up the Bible before and growing up there was lots of spiritual literate literature my dad cloth it had all these books on Hinduism and rather saw me and said Sunday and I would go into his library and I would sit down I would open up these books and I could not understand a single thing I thought to myself if I couldn't understand it it was because it was way beyond human current comprehension this is something that must be of God If extent not being understood that's the reasoning of a 14 year old kid. But then when someone began to introduce me to the Bible I remember picking up the Bible and I was still going to the Sikh temple and we still had Hindu idols in the house but I would pick up the Bible and open up the Bible and I read stories very interesting stories and I would try to pick up on the lessons that were coming out of these stories but for some reason I was not able to connect and understand the Bible but it wasn't until I came across a 7th Day Adventists and the very 1st book that he introduced me to. Was the Book of Daniel and it was through the Book of Daniel that I really begin to understand the rest of Scripture for some reason the Book of Daniel seemed to connect with me now just think about this the Book of Daniel starts with a group of vegetarians. Then you're Chapter 2 is that these group of vegetarians apparently no Bible prophecy Daniel Chapter 3 this group of vegetarians apparently stand for the 10 commandments and Daniel Chapter 4 the very individual who they have come in contact with has his own personal story of how God changed his life and so I began to study out the Book of Daniel in the Book of Daniel so remarkable one day when I was actually in my Philosophy of Science class in. I never forgot on the very last day the teacher had really dedicated the last few months of attacking creationism and so on the very last day I you know I've been preparing and I've been praying but it wasn't just a very easy place to connect and witness with people to people and so as she was going about you know the final you know last 20 minutes of her presentation I for some reason raised my hand. And the context in which he was talking about was the National Academy of Science their criteria for what is authentic science so I raised my hand and I said if you look at Criterion number 4 it says that science must be testable or must be repeatable and I said How would you test the theory of macroevolution if it's based upon billions of years of this planet and millions of years of life evolving how would you be able to test our short lifetime she responds by saying well what you would do is you would go back into the data and you would study out what might be the affects of that theory and I said OK so I raised my hand again very obnoxious I was really quite surprised at myself that day and I raised my hand I said well that's really interesting and I said over the last 100 years one choose to admit that there has been lots of hoaxes and fabrication to make the theory of evolution work and she I just you know here's the thing I I just saw her throat become unconquerable is really weird I just saw something changed in our throat and just her voice begin to crack a little bit and she said these words yes that's actually very true so I raise my hand again and everyone began to look at me and I was wondering to myself what am I doing at this very moment and raise my hand and I asked the question I said how many alterations does a theory need before it's finally dismissed and she just does this she said no that's actually a very good question and that's why we're here. And then she just says these words and now we're going to end this class. And thus philosophy of science was ended that semester but there was this tension in the air and I was just wondering to myself Why did I say all these things right and then forgot I was sitting in that class there was a guy next to me he gives me a high 5 right afterwards and I'm like what what you give me a high 5 and he's like I'm not 7 they haven't just been dating one. And he says I believe what you're talking about is like there was another brother in front of me and he he just said hey you know I like what you shared I want to you know study your paper and intelligent design so I said all right but it was the 3rd guy who right in front of the class he does this he says Hey man I want to talk to you. So I said OK so we walked outside and it's really interesting we began to talk and he said look I've heard everything you said before I don't believe a single thing and I said Oh really and he's like Yeah I've studied the Bible I was actually born or raised the Roman Catholic he said I took Bible studies and I don't believe anything and then I said these words I said you have a study of the Book of Daniel and he said these words No I haven't you know it's really interesting that people who studied out the Bible many times will overlook the Book of Daniel and then I said these words said Would you ever be interested in studying out the Book of Daniel and for some reason his countenance changed and he said. Yes I would. And I realize I was like wow the Book of Daniel is an opening with lots of people right because the Book of Daniel is oftentimes seen as a mysterious book in the Bible when people are studying out the scriptures oftentimes the Book of Daniel is overlooked why because it's a book about symbols and prophecies but the Book of Daniel is a powerful book because it allows us to connect and understand the times that we are living in can you say amen to that but the Book of Daniel has Jesus Christ throughout the entire book and that's why that book is so relevant to you and to me Revelation describes end time events but the Book of Daniel is a microcosm of those end time events and how someone survives live and thrive during those events this morning we're going to be setting out the Book of Daniel if you ever bother go to Daniel Chapter one Daniel Chapter one. Daniel Chapter one. Daniel Chapter one of the walking in somebody gave me this lovely Advent hope water bottle double wall what I was told I'm the people here appreciate gifts Amen so do I And it's really interesting when you study again your chapter one God is giving lots of gifts do you mean by that pastor now Daniel is thrust into the very 1st chapter of chapter one but if you notice God is giving things isn't he Daniel to me God gave Johore came into the hand of you. Never can as are but if you keep reading it the Bible tells us that God gave favor right to Daniel with the chief of the UNIX but then you continue reading in the Book of Daniel and you'll find out that God gives wisdom and knowledge so when you're reading the Book of Daniel you're finding out God is giving lots of things what is he giving he gives to Daniel circumstances he gives Daniel relationships and then he gives Daniel talents and so the Book of Daniel Chapter one is about God given circumstances relationships and abilities to Daniel and now it was up to Daniel to make a decision upon what he would do with it God gives opportunities and our success depends upon our use of those opportunities can you say amen to that the Book of Daniel is this powerful soil in which God does great things now I know you have your finger on Daniel chapter one but keep it there I want to go all the way to chapter 12 right now Daniel Chapter 12. Now you may be thinking to yourself is this sermon relevant to me right now it will be very relevant to you I promise Daniel Chapter 12 Daniel Chapter 12 I want you to look at the very last verse of the Book of Daniel Chapter 12 The very last verse and if you there God and say Amen. But notice what God says to Daniel and you won't find a greater affirmation of stunning out the Book of Daniel than this very last verse but you go your way till the end for you what and will rise to your inheritance when. Do you know what Gone told Daniel in the very last verse of the Book of Daniel you have the assurance of eternal life. In other words if you were to take the entire Book of Daniel and you would say where is the ultimate point of success in the Book of Daniel you would fast for all the way to the very last chapter to the very last verse and there you will find affirmation upon Daniel's life now think about it how many books in the Bible really end like this Daniel you have eternal life you have the assurance that when I return you will be part of that faithful group and it's so amazing friends because this is the ultimate point of success in the Book of Daniel However you would never ever have Daniel Chapter 12 The very last verse if it wasn't for the very 1st chapter in the Book of Daniel so let's take our Bible Let's go to Daniel Chapter one Daniel Chapter one. Daniel Chapter one. You know the context Daniel has been carried away into Babylon and so you start seeing this onslaught against the Hebrew identity Hebrew way of life in Hebrew religion notice what the Bible says in verse 3 then the king instructed asprin as the master of Unix to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the Kings descendants and some of the nobles young men in whom there was no blemish but good looking gifted in all wisdom possessing knowledge and quick to understand who would ability to serve in the king's palace and whom they might teach the language and literature of the DNS and the king a point in my daily provision of the king's delicacy and the wine which he drink and 3 years of training for them so at the end of that time they might serve before the king now among the sons of Judah were Daniel had and I am Michel and as the RIAA to them the chief of the UNIX gives names he gave Daniel the name Delta shares are to hand and I a shadow to Michelle me shack and to as Araya been there go now notice this this is really interesting you start seeing this onslaught this conquering of Hebrew identity and Hebrew religion Hebrew way of life and all of a sudden that is interrupted by the next verse notice what the Bible says next this is powerful it says these words but DANIEL In other words as this Babylonian onslaught has taken place you get this sudden stop because one young man decides to make a decision about something notice what the Bible says right here but Daniel what purpose. That's a powerful word right there Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's delicacy nor with the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the chief of the Unix that he might not defile himself the Bible tells us in this moment heading in one direction where it seems all the Hebrews are capitulating one man one individual decides to make a decision but notice where the decision begins it begins in his heart he decided in this 1st lesson in the Book of Daniel to make a Christ centered decision and that Christ centered decision was so powerful it was a catalyst for the conversion of other people well how do you know that because he has 3 friends who decide to join him D M M what the 3 friends name is Neymar Shadrack means Shaq and. A Bendigo Now this is very interesting the reason why it's interesting because it says it doesn't say they purposed in their heart does it it tells us Daniel purposed in his heart and because he purposed in his heart apparently had a powerful influence upon 3 other Hebrews who happened to be there you know it's really interesting I really love what I want says where she says something so powerful and I believe it's worth recording she says these words every soul is surrounded by an atmosphere of its own. In that Miss fear it may be charged with life giving power faith courage and hope and sweet with the fragrance of love but notice the contrast or it may be heavy chilled with the gloom of discontent and selfishness or poisonous with the deadly taint of cherished in by the atmosphere surrounding us now she sounds a little new agey when you read this next part but as you continue to flush it out you realize what she's saying right here but by the atmosphere surrounding us every person with whom we come into contact ne next few words is consciously or work unconsciously affected Prince there's something to understand about Daniel as this young man who was in the middle of this very confusing place he decides to make a decision borne out of conviction by the Holy Spirit into harmony with the truth of God's word and as he makes this decision all of a sudden the people around him begin to change Have you ever change your diet and then you find some of your friends begin to change your diet you guys are not successful with the health message right now. I notice in my friend group that whenever I make a change in one of my habits whatever it is I find that some my friends begin to make similar changes and they begin to reap the benefits you know what you start picking about Daniel's life he was a very good small group leader Amen It was a very group good very good small group leader by the way you know the very 1st small group in the Bible wrong the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. But one thing you know about Daniel is that he has this small group in Babylon and apparently this group has an effect upon everybody else think about this Daniel's key to leadership in this small group was this he purposed in front of his friends. Number 2 Daniel prayed with his friends remember in Chapter 2 whenever King never can as I said we're going to destroy all the wise men do you know what Daniel did he raced home and he told his friends can you imagine a prayer meeting started like this by the way we are going to die tomorrow. Can we pray number one Daniel purposed in front of his sense Number 2 Daniel prayed with his friends but when you read the end of Daniel Chapter 2 you know what you'll discover is that Daniel when he is exulted begins to promote his friends he put Titian's the king so that 3 of his friends can be promoted with him so notice this number one Daniel purposes in front of his friends number 2 Daniel prays with his friends and Daniel 3 X. the number 3 is that Daniel seeks the promotion of his friends he was a very good small group leader Amen but there was something powerful about Daniel's influence he seemed to be the kind of person that when everybody else was going in a certain direction when he felt convicted by the Spirit of God He put his foot in the ground and with love and tack he shared what was going on in his heart I love the book of Daniel because oftentimes when you study up the Book of Daniel commentators will say something like this will say hey the Book of Daniel is really about the preservation of life in the Book of Daniel there was danger there was great you know problems that were happening with Daniel and the other Hebrew so people will say it's a story about the miracles of preserving life but rather the Book of Daniel is the story of how God's power preserved his integrity rather than just his life. Through Babel on all the temptations that were sweeping upon the Hebrews that were in that area many of them were capitulating many of them were forming and accepting what was going on Daniel made a decision God preserved his integrity during that time and I think to me that is the biggest miracle in the Book of Daniel as Daniel made decisions the friends around him began to make decisions friends we need to understand something about Daniel and that is this is that Daniel was a mover and shaker in the land of the land of Babylon his vibe attracted his tribe Amen. So I'm in this M.P.H. course right now and I don't know why I took it actually I know why it took it God will lead me into it but you know I'm taken by a stance right now and I absolutely hate bio stats anybody here love biostatistics look at all these hands that are raised right now. And people do not like biostatistics raise your hand it's better something is biostatistics class right and before this class I had to take a class on habits health habits how to change health behavior in the population and I was reading this book it was the textbook that word that was given to us and the textbook sums up how people can change habits and it sums us sums up the most successful point of changing the habit and notice this right here if you have a goal but are frustrated in reaching it use this law of rule OK What is it you are not enough involved in activities with people who share your goal as of value friends if you are trying to conquer a habit or you're trying to produce a habit you know what you need to do you need to be around people who are heading in the same direction. You know it's giving counsel to one of my young adults and. You know he was interested in this person and so I asked him a question I said is the person you're interested in are they ministry minded the response was Well they don't work for the church then asked that question I said are they ministry minded Why do you ask that question well your ministry minded and if they're not Ministry minded you know it's going to happen a car collision friends if you're going to get married to somebody you want to marry someone who's heading in the same direction spiritually as you are and if Heaven is your final destination guess what you want somebody who's heading in that same direction can you say meant to that but the journey is just as important with that destination as well and so it's very important that you're finding people who have the same desires as you do and the same convictions doesn't mean everything has to be lined up but in the general sense if ministry is life for you whether you're paid by the church or whether or not you want to find somebody who has that same passion can you say amen to that and that's very important Daniel was somebody like that as he begin to change and influence his friends they became focused in the same direction and really remarkable because in general chapter 3 when Daniel is nowhere to be found do you know what happens to his 3 friends they are tested in the fire and I love that story you want to know why because when they're thrown into that fiery furnace do remember never can as recess he says I see how many men for men but he didn't just say he sees form and you know what else he said no no you missed it there was a verb being used there walking I see 4 men walking you know what's the big deal with that Pastor No it's a big deal because they never walked out of the fire. In other words they understood it was safer in the fire with Jesus than it was outside of the fire without him they were enjoying the fire walking around to know what kind of conversation was going on there but they were loose and Jesus was in the fire with them and apparently it was more enjoyable than going outside the finer friend this teacher says a powerful truth about the kinds of people that we are associated ourselves with and it's very crucial we understand this because more and more we're told in Hebrews do not forsake the assembling of yourselves Amen but it's the next verse that we forget even so more as you see the day approaching In other words as we get closer and closer to the 2nd coming you don't we need to we need to continually meet as Gawd's people that need to increase where there is a great bond that is happening a unity where everyone can see great things are taking place Francis is a very important point Point number 2 is this The Bible tells us that health became in issue health became an issue let's read what the Bible says In Daniel Chapter one Verse 11. So Daniel said to the steward whom the chief of the Unix had said over Daniel had and I am Michel and Azariah police test your servants for how many days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink and then let our appearance be examined before you and the parents of the young men who eat a portion of the king's delicacy and as you see what So deal with your servant so he consented with them in this manner and tested them 10 days Francis is a powerful point because it teaches us Daniel understood something about the laws of health he understood in order to have a clear mind to be able to be spiritually strong and to resist temptation and use your gifts for gone he needed to have a mind and body that was not tainted by heaviness or by you know strong inclinations toward sin and so he made sure that his diet was on par so I think it was December of last year when everyone was getting sick I mean like really sick and I got really sick in December like I got really really sick and I got better and then we got sick again and I thought this is absolutely horrible but it was during that time of sickness I decided to do something I said you know up. I'm going to do a 10 day detox so I did it 3 days of juicing 7 days are all by the way any medical advice to see your doctor about this and get sued so as I did this I felt soul amazing and it was really interesting during this 10 day of detox literally I would wake up with food on my mouth the taste of food why did we come up and I was like why am I craving a veggie burger right now. I go to sleep as I'm laying down to sleep all of a sudden I'm like why my craving tacos right now and it was like my body was like give me food now give me food and I was resisting it came to the end of that and I thought to myself you know what I need to change I need to change my diet and so I'm going straight vegan and I mean not just your kind of. I'm like I am going hard core Vegan Indian thing we go crazy and everything. So I did and I noticed the inflammation going away I thought I had need issues but the inflammation was going with my knees my neck because I broke my back years ago rappelling like the inflammation was going away I'm like why do I feel so amazing all of a sudden I'm alone I'm noticing that I'm benching more and I'm not getting injured every other week and it was so interesting I started telling people about it sometimes they loved it sometimes they didn't until I stumbled across a very interesting group of studies and I'm sure with you one thing you know it's about Daniel's Daniel begins to showcase the principles behind his religion he begins to share through his life experience what God was doing and what God had said regarding the loss of health and I really think it's important that has gone to people we don't need to be boastful about our health but we do need to be excited about these principles can you say amen to that So anybody know what Tinder is raise your hand if you know what tender is he will be praying for you after this meeting. Now you know what Tinder is Tinder is a dating website very inappropriate dating website and the dating website not used really for networking it's used for what they call hook ups or one night stands or so and so some of you're like oh I never heard that before. So Peter do you know what Peter is. What PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals It's like C.P.S. before animals right so Peter decided to do in an adult role experiment where they took a man one individual one of the workers and put him on tinder but what they did is that they had him mark in the stacks or he was a vegan and one that he was corner for and so in these pictures they would show him wearing a shirt and the other one would say some like bacon his life back here's a picture right here and so he would be in one picture holding a dog in another picture he would be holding a steak and the funny thing is they found that the vegan identification he got twice as much swipes than he did in the mediator but it was the exact same picture and the exact same poses and so what they did is they took this experiment and they said maybe it's just maybe it's just random thing to happen here in America let's take it to Australia they found nearly the exact same results apparently his image and the things associate with the plant based diet got him more hookups. Some of you have finally figured out why you're so single. Oh we're not done yet. It's quite interesting because they did this study in different places using the exact same picture and they found nearly this same result is that the reason guys the planned pay sky was getting double the amount of swipes when it says essentially I'm not quite sure that function works but I guess it means that somebody is interested in you so he was seen as more attractive because he was on a plant based diet you may say wait a 2nd pastor now you've got to convince me wrong who I will watch. So there was studied done on odor and so what they did is they took a group of men and they placed them on a purely carnivorous diet they just ate lots of meat and they took another group of men they put them on a plant based diet where they lots of fruits and vegetables. And then what they did is they took in pads placed them in the armpit how them sweat during exercise took those kind pads and took it before a group of women. Because they wanted to see how women were interpretating this Mel and the results. Are quite interesting. Here this body orders were collected by having subjects place contacts under their arms for $24.00 hours the older infused pads were then collected placed in jars and sniffed by 30 male students what is the result women rated body orders of the men talking about plant based men to be more sexier more pleasant and less intense after they gave in after they had given up meat for 2 weeks oh gets more amazing than this. The sweat produced by their cheating men was described as floral fruity. Sweet having much to settle quality. Men you don't have to worry about giving flowers you can be the flower. Some you are probably wondering if you should be in that chicken before you go on the Sabbath hike this afternoon. But I think there is something to be said about Daniel Apparently he was seeing differently and it was through his appearance that the prince of the UNIX begins to change his mind on the question of help what Daniel could not convince him by words he used his life as a witness or not done yet this goes a step further because there was another yet another study done on people who were lots of fruits versus people we lots of meat and what they discovered was quite interesting fruit and vegetable consumption and ingestion of Karata noise which is basically a bio active compound that's found in foods like pigment and people who partake of it this is the change that happens to be associated with more human skin color yellowness in a recent cross-sectional study this base coloration contributes beneficially to the appearance of Health in humans and it's hell to be in a sexually selected Q. of condition in other species in other words if you have to interpret it what it's saying is those same most amount of fruits and vegetables apparently became more yellow. You're not convinced by this and I understand why when I 1st read it. And essentially I think as Dr McDougall begin to talk about this and he said look. We call it the golden glow. And he said the golden glow whether people were very very dark skinned or very very light skinned if they had this golden glow from the consumption of fruits and vegetables they were seen as more attractive in this research in fact Dr grader from Nutrition Facts talks about this he says studies have shown that the more yellow a person's skin tone are Asian brothers and sisters have a head start on a Sunday going yellow a person's skin tone the more attractive they are rated by the opposite sex the healthy appearance of skin no one this may be attributed to dietary Khurana weight desperate this position in the skin it's only a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables that leads to higher levels of these glowing Karata noids friends are you convinced about eating plant based foods like I'm going to be married by the end of the year now. But I think this does teach us something about Daniel doesn't it apparently here he was in a better appearance then these men because he started making choices Daniel Chapter one is the chapter about little decisions every other chapter is about big decisions but as I said before Daniel Chapter 12 all the way back would never have taken place if it wasn't for Daniel chapter one and so the little decisions in Daniel's life contributed to big things that were taken place MARK PATERSON one time said these words he said he's an author he said look if you do little things like there are big things God will regularly do little things like there or do big things like they're little things. And so as we're faithful even in little things and we begin to make decisions in the right area especially as a new school year is starting we will reap the benefits of it and you will see great things Daniel made a decision Lord I want to only you with not just the way I live my life but with the things I eat he found God's greatest blessings that took place Amen Gena chapter one what have we learned so far then your purpose in his heart he became an influence to the people around him Daniel Chapter one second lesson is that Daniel made health something to be showcased for the glory of God and Daniel Chapter One Lesson number 3 is this Daniel has a very special focal point in his studies what was that most what the Bible says right here and for these 4 young men God gave them what knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom now if we stop right there we can say well they had a great education didn't it God guided them prevented them to be eclipsed and dominated and so deuced by Babylonian education but there's an added Cavite to Daniel studies notice of the Bible says right here and Daniel had understanding in all visions and what do you know what Daniel made a personal study in his life about it was understanding prophecy but Daniel was not a pastor he was not somebody that was paid to work for the church he wasn't a conference evangelist he was in a director of ministries but he made a personal study in his life prophecy in fact God gave him special insight to what was taking place now where am I going with this. Daniel was given understanding but in just stop there not only was Daniel given understanding he was also call to participate in prosthetic events is because Daniel understood the big picture of things he understood what God was up to and he waited at strategic moments to be a witness and to share and if you notice something about Daniel's tact and his wisdom you'll notice that people are open to hearing his counsel at very difficult times why because Daniel understood visions and dreams he had an understanding of prophecy though he himself was not an evangelist as we understand evangelistic No he was not somebody who was paid by the Church of talk about prophecy he was somebody who was in Babylonian education he was in the midst of Babylon but he made a personal decision he was going to study out Bible prophecy I'm a few Remember we talked about in the very beginning that promise we're God says in Jeremiah 29 verse 11 to 13 for I know the thoughts that I think towards you thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future hope future and a hope that was given in context of the 70 year captivity Daniel was living in the midst of the 70 year captivity and what is so amazing is the very last verse of Daniel Chapter one is an insight to the blessings of God and it says that Daniel lived until Who Cyrus was the king that let Israel go it was the end of the 70 year prophecy in other words Daniel lived in prophecy he participated in prophecy and he sold the conclusion of prophecy specifically in regards to the 70 year captivity. Friends When gone gives us understanding of prophecy he doesn't want to simply to be a passive actor what am I saying here and I saying go out and get involved in politics not what I am saying is there is lots of people here who need to understand the things that you have come to understand God is giving you understanding in prophecy to share prophecy Amen Joseph when he interpreted Pharaoh's decision do you know what he did he didn't just stop right there he gave a solution he wasn't just prophecies problem causer he was prophecies problem solver as well and friends when we study out what's going on here we begin to understand something and that is this God wants us to keep studying out the times that we're living in don't get caught up in this idea of these thoughts are sometimes you know differing around in the church or we don't need to be worried about prophecy and all that stuff you know you need to God wants you to have an understanding of what's going on but at the same time understanding that Christ is our focal point can you say amen to that and it is Christ what Christ is doing and what he has done and what he is going to do that is all to me for ultimately prophecies purpose so why am I going with this God is calling God wants you not only to study out prophecy but per to supply it and as you share the gospel with others you will see what God is doing something happened to me a couple years ago as a conference evangelist and as I said before I broke my back and we injuring myself and so I was going to this chiropractor and then I'm had to do a series in Fresno California been to Fresno California it's very very big and so I was going online I want to find out Fresno's best chiropractor What's the who's the best chiropractor they have and I found him. And so I called I showed up and sure enough there was a line outside his office and I thought to myself I'm going to just talk the other way and I want to come here or go somewhere else as I would stick it out when they're waiting about 25 minutes finally the contractor bought me into the office name was Tom did some and he looked at me and he is like you know wow you would need lots of work and said OK great very intense He's the kind of person when they're talking you know they get it right in your grill and they talk to you that's Tom. And so this was taking place and you the funny thing is I had a flyer for an evangelist and I thought. I'm not really good with literature and I'm not really good at passing out let anybody else like that it is like OK like if you try to give literature you it's really awkward That's like me and I went to med to get a prescription and I had some Glo literature and I handed it to the prescription lady and I just like Florida. I'm not really good with that but I'll still try I'll still try so I somewhat adjourn I'm like man this isn't an invitation. I know what I'm doing just give it to him he was talking the entire time and even have like a moment to give him anything finally at the end I was like hey thanks and had a militia Check this out and I literally walked off. And I just looked back he takes it doesn't look at it puts around the counter or whatever anything is the series started a few days later and sure enough in the front row there was Tom And it's funny when I talk to him is like actually I came on Thursday because I start on Thursday so he was the day here early but he's like I'm glad I'm on the right day he stayed the entire series I baptized him as a 7th Day Adventists and I realized something I'm like man. This guy didn't look like a candidate for the kingdom the circumstance did it seemed to be where it seemed like God was providentially leading me to this man. You know I know that every person is called to be part of God's kingdom. France you may be called to be a Daniel in the midst of all the confusion and the onslaught of evil and sin God calls you to purpose in your heart to be an influence for the good of your brothers and sisters God calls you to make decisions that will help you to be the very best happy and holy and you know healthy kind of person and number 3 God wants you to understand the very special times that we are living in friends strange things our foot that God wants us to be like Daniel confidence. In the Lord Amen that's power heads forward of prayer Father in heaven. Just want to thank you for being our God. We thank you that the god of Daniel is our God too but I want to pray for every person here those that may be struggling fighting a hand to hand battle with sin those that feel greatly tempted more for those that are confused and those that feel alone in a foreign land God I pray that you would bless them and remind them. God that the life of Daniel can be there life. God may our hearts and minds be on you this beautiful Sabbath Lord as we go about this day may be witnesses to goodness and grace Jesus' name we pray in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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