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Stephen Bohr: ARME 2009 Question and Answer Session

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • August 21, 2009
    12:00 PM
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him now with interview questions we have a few minutes left this is an wealthy adult book of Revelation and Islamic forces and was in here that I didn't read this contrasts the faithful at the end of every person that was out of forty four thousand whereas the enemies of God 's people are symbolized by two hundred million and I don't think I got a single bullet in early two hundred million not one more not one less what it's doing is creating a contrast the great multitude of the argument of the opposed and there's only one of the handful of people this lack of the Ace is going to be more than eight five job you like to be a small group compared to the number of people who chosen side of the end that's not despises because that's the way that all throughout the course of human history the majority of people cited in as little as you say you know that not the mega church movements as the bigger the church mortgages assignment is fostered on no because if non-Muslims was a barometer than the devil would have the most successful church in the world because most people on his side so we don't have to be concerned about numbers we have to be concerned about high backs are against the law and him okay all right on the next fourteen when God says he hardened hearts of Farrell on what would be actually do learn what this is recession me okay thank you very much that's an excellent question it's asked frequently one of in the Bible what God permits is attributed to God in him is what God allows the Bible speaks as if God did and maybe I can give you an illustration when the sun shines on Islip as it do it melts when the sun shines on clay what does it do pardons and so on all the bands what the element denies that the sun shines on that determines whether and softens our hearts did not shy fullness of life upon the Egyptian civilization in the days of Moses yes you did but what the barrel do he harden his heart so and directly was the message that harden his heart advised the blame because he wanted to soften Pharoah hardened his heart and if you look at other verses that in the first fourteen chapters of Exodus there are Texas A&M Pharoah hardened his heart so their prices and annotated not harden his heart and their verses that say that Pharaoh hardened his heart out you know the story of Job is similar right now again God caused all of Joe's problems now and yet it appeared in Donegal causing yet did not permit you and because God permitted is attributed to God even though God did not directly do what God permits is attributed to God even though God does not accurately do it and therefore is not responsible for so all are basically that's that's the just Pharaoh hardened his heart okay over there on can you expound on the king of the North and himself in relation to a sex and Daniel but other guests short answer in the Bible the North and East are the directions of the compass of the no West and the South by the direction of the count the directors of the compass of the devil is a wise that because it has to do with the position of the sun the sun rises in the east and reaches its deepest and highest intensity when is directly overhead in the north is north is up to God 's throne is in heaven in the sides of the north slumlord does not solve this down is just to the right and Wes is the last and that's why you know in Amos eight it says that at the time many people will run from Tennessee and from Northeast safety in the world got that one look to the West because the West is when doctors began in the South is where the darkness reaches its biggest intensity and that's by the way in math the positive quadrants are East and North and the negative quadrants are west and south however the devil the devil has tried to usurp God 's position as the King of the North descents in the temple of God showing himself that he is not he was not able to do it in heaven so what he does is he sets up his headquarters in the Temple but on earth so the devil is a counterfeit king of the north and is apostate religious system the papacy is because the as someone was thinking of Lenore eleven Jeremiah things in battle was against law and of course Babylon is the papacy and so they can often be untimed spiritually speaking is now one of the papacy which is the king of the North because the Bible looking a lot as bad as it's north of Israel mother from Babylon that come against Israel they have to come across the Fertile Crescent and then they have to come down from the north to act as an estoppel is because it was geographically south and what is the main characteristic of ancient women characteristic of Egypt was defiance of the true God they did not profess to serve the Duma and defied the true God L lights S atheism sunsets at the time of the end the king of the North would be attacked by the King himself what is the time of the end the time of the end begins in seventeen ninety I won't think the bank that would prove that you voted on Daniel twelve the group that met the enemy and begins in seventeen ninety eight so says of the anonymity of a solid packaging of the North Annecy that anything happened between seventeen ninety three and seventy ninety eight that affected the papacy negatively the French Revolution and the taken captive on the Pope and seventy ninety and France the French Revolution was an ESC attack on the Roman Catholic Church that's why the king of the South in seventeen ninety eight is not literally jump it represents a power that has the atheistic characteristics of each I will and I will not let his people go is with things that but then it says the picking of the lowest rises against the king of the South and base you will will world is being about the healing of the variable for thinking of us out there looking up enough in the snow in Alaska that's just in a nutshell I recommend that you go to audio person and listen to reflections on Daniel eleven and you'll find a lot more than also Lewis we're has written a book called the king of the north of Jerusalem which is very good where he deals with this concept for the King of the North and the king himself is yes Tom so the seven days between the flood happening in no entering the art could that be a parallel desired him that when God when Jesus coming back that the son of the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the heavens and that there will be a time where it is just coming and coming but nothing is really happening is that it could be considered a parallel don't think the seven days but specifically because of this time of trouble takes place but look closer probation all the way till the coming of Jesus and that is just football seven days on the last segment of the public landfill it's at the very end of them plus like wheat we don't apply the time periods these time periods were liberal in the Old Testament start when you come to apocalyptic prophecy the prophecies of Daniel revelation that the time varies obviously a symbolic but please type here is that our install raise there is no evidence that you supposed to pick the papers as being typological if the events that are parallel not the plan on I am well aware and I wanted to achieve yet with his were you referring to the one from Revelation eight one when it says the knee when he had opened the seven seals there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour where people have talked about finally takes from heaven to get here I will securely die of diarrhea that that particular time period is talking about that fact in fact LOI I wish I had time to talk about the seals but the seventh seal were worried how this space of about a half an hour is the time that it takes Jesus time you see this stock cloud up half the size of a man's face that begins in seven days and in Jesus descends and then White says that as he descends there is a period of awful silence and then a voice is heard saying we shall be able to stand bands and that is that is the very passage in Revelation where you know when Jesus comes seated on the on the white throne what do the people say who shall be able say Stan and she actually she doesn't want revelation eight verse one but she speaks about the awful period of silence and then she says that the period of silence is broken was Jesus arrived when Jesus says my grace is sufficient for you so I Jesus will answer was able to stay it's only by the grace of Christ that he has a group that will give a sense of revelation a Muslim does me for that seven days job can you expound on some of those that are than the supper actually three deaths now there's some that are in the suburbs three deaths also resurrected the special resurrection of the wicked will do everything unless some righteous people that will also die twice for example Lazarus C the exception narrowly the role of general resurrections but then there is a special Resurrection there was also special resurrected when Jesus resurrected right but these are exceptions to the rule army they are never gets there and have enough basically what the Bible is very about CDs the short answer is that when blacks voice is heard delivering his people went to the voices in his at that time the limiting same side of forty four thousand will be changed at the twinkling of an eye and those who die in the face of the provincial will also resurrect and balls cool pierced Jesus and where the greatest enemies of the truth they will resurrect and they will see Jesus coming on the clouds and then of course those who resurrect will be transformed but those evil people who resurrect that will die again by the brightness of the coming of Jesus after the millennium that will resurrect and then they went dying the second technique is a third benefit second that simply means the death from which there will be no resurrection so there aren't so there are exceptional cases like they were exceptional resurrections to know I Enoch Enoch was translated from among the living losses died and resurrected and went to haven't some there are exceptional cases all over here we need to do with a microphone and what hotel in my comments on the silence in heaven on great controversy in the chapter God 's people delivered their seats she doesn't want revelation eight verse one but she says it is a theory of awful silence him she says this is as important as who something most than in them and it is our my grace is sufficient for you so you once again you look at the structure of what you says and find work fits within the biblical context yes before the flight I understand it was a canopy of water around here so that the sun shone seven times hotter was the original designer the reason at all came down for the flood and son is now seven is hot as well on I'm not sure that the seven times hotter is his link specifically with that what what I can say is that the earth was covered by a canopy of water but the Bible 's clear on that point I and that's basically the reason why there was a uniform climate all over the world there were not the polar regions no extreme heat and extreme cold but of course after the blood I get old but brought all the water down that you place them up and he took all the water that he placed beneath at creation anybody not any filled the earth with water like it was before creation week and so I you know and in this reason why scientists cannot read nature today correctly because it's partly different than what it was after creation before the flat it's radically different so they're trying to read nature independently of Scripture that gives the reason why things are so different and that's why they reach wrong conclusion so it never ran before but I get all the water they got placed underneath at certain hours of the day the heads of the sprinkler system popped up in an era with water by a midst of it was okay over there okay yet he anyway back and forth now why great controversy and signaling that the wicked stop and in the last senses with fearful forebodings they gaze upon the symbol of God 's covenant and long to be shielded from an overpowering brightness has underwent a symbol of God 's covenant in our lives Ellen White in other places explains that at this time God is Minnesota's ten Commandments in the heavens and one is assigned that identifies the commemorative the Sabbath if you continue reading it's all in the next shepherd says that the men discovered that the Sabbath was truly the sign between God and his people so that's a sign that that is visible that there are able to seek basic and that's why they see that their ministers have deceived them to the site so that was the most about church on Sunday because Jesus resurrected body soreness and that was that was sent on a time you rascals the benefit upon the wind on reveals his love independence is actually noticing a lot worse than you rascals I just think I okay back here and using the principles of manual by honest earlier and some are typological consistency as a whole argument is looking at Nola 's time and reflecting on the end times in Revelation chapter fourteen particulars first Angels message saying that the everlasting gospel is preached to the entire world because it is the only evidence that we have of no was preaching filling the entire world the destruction of the entire world well all because we haven't Genesis chapter six that says the whole earth was filled with violence so you have a clear indication that the whole earth was populated and some people say well all you how was no one able to share his message on a worldwide scale and also good value I believe that they had a much more advanced technology than we do you know less about than twenty times the mental energy that we have any good work on projects for hundreds of years back it only tests statement and in some Venice Bible commentary that the volume on the blood where she says that these individuals did not need box because they are however his face out a good retreat and you're thinking that think that they lived in caves and there were half dressed and they went around killing dinosaurs that's evolutionary models he was a sophisticated city the earlier going has been more primitive there that's evolutionary model is not the biblical model the biblical model is that the pilot back you go the more intelligent people were the more capable and want to use the resources that God gave them forty cell in on the whole earth was filled with violence the whole Earth needed flames and needed to be destroyed on-site because enough evidence in the Bible to indicate that the whole earth but also if you do the math one thousand six hundred fifty six years probably hardly any incredulity communal disease on how many children can nine hundred -year-old man specimen lots of people but there was nauseous either that is not the single argument against me the world is abundantly on Ephesus or not I have I have someone with it the statistics what was stealthily put all these factors and the computer is that there have to be at least two billion people before the flood which means that the earth was totally popular solve it all add the mind-boggling thing of them were only eight people think of money okay yeah if you travel around Iraq Center China Thailand India you see these images in a mom with a baby and had preceded we proceeded the coming of Christ is a disadvantage to allow the devil knows to counterfeit soul so since that's what everyone is ready to eighteen eighty years lesson in the devil moved Genesis revisiting getting low that there was not a real woman was when outlets are an exiled was the price is sorry before that there was the mother Isaiah and so what they did try to delete private it before it took place that's why it always civilizations you find a mother figure not only that you don't not not only in Buddhist countries but in Hinduism and Roman Catholicism all over the world you have this idea and ancient pagan religions were not what ever time what because the devil tried to preempt what God was the new Jesus Christ to the elements as of the devil is up percent the observer she says that when the first sacrifice was offered he read what anybody said somehow this is in this is going to interrupt the communion between is is not reestablished communion between man and not as an interrupt my power him as he continued observing the spotless Lamb you know and then being slain in the hand be placed on man of the animal the confessions of sin people are doing to the galleries of that has to represent Jesus and he knew he was waiting for Jesus when Jesus came that's the evidence when Jesus was born he was waiting for it and by the way all throughout the Old Testament is trying to prevent the city from the story of Joseph for example the only way totally missed the point in the story of Joseph if you study as far it doesn't matter how unjust it was what happened to that poor guy I didn't assault by his brother stage is a good cat obedience of ideological allegiances noticed no site and on but that doesn't justify themselves in and so he saw major unfair and because he refuses to connect the absorbent resin only unfair but no one says that when he was on his way to Egypt he made up his mind but when you know you know the gun was doing something that you know what well as the story unfolds you know exactly what you know that there is his dreams are reselling is at the very end of the story Joseph gives the real reason why he was the lead on the new says in Genesis forty five he says the Lord has sent me down to Egypt before you reserve the sea it was the devil 's intention to wipe out Jacob and his family because he knew the seat was in the company that's the real agenda of the devil behind the story of Joseph in every story in the Old Testament not looking that perspective the devil as I remember seeing the environment this income is easier on an analysis of the Bible and account one is more and also all his life he tries to infect Jesus Wilson a device that discourages on the cross he tried to convince and they didn't know the cross and we didn't get to but I will the invincibility because he knows that Jesus Christ that's it it's been when Jesus said it is finished the devil said I didn't okay out time is up Barney the AP Navy listened that know so much their son Mike's disabled eighteen eighty eight and licenses I think that Ellen White pointed sixty may yet message is simply no righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience Paul Levinson that's financial about you know I have nothing against people who study the eighteen eighty eight message but there's many other things besides the eighteen eighties message which are extremely important in the history of evidence church eighteen eighty eight was a watershed event very important event log whatsoever about it and we need to embrace the message of a Canadian because Elimite says it was the beginning of Ingres by the way I have a full explanation of what all of this means if I'm lingers three ABN has asked me to come next year in September I know it's a ways off hopefully he's come before that but not undoubtedly doing a five-part series at their camp meeting in is going to have to do with righteousness by faith five cents one is called weaving the role the second one but finally is claiming the role the third one is examining the role before one is wearing the loan is the fifth one is without a room and it's got to be I different unique way of presenting righteousness by faith you know the objective aspects of righteous by faith in the subjective aspects of righteousness by faith also stateroom this is what the messages volume one that's all I can tell you I you know it's towards old second half select messages volume one all that's in the chapter but people delivered a cable time is up both of us has been a pleasure being with you if they accept invigorating experience for me to be around you know I've been energized by you and appraisal lares or is invited him him and


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