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The Book of Nature

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 21, 2009
    1:50 PM
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whom good afternoon everyone I that me asking for a man you feel more than a passing this way I feel to go to a four year course in a matter of a few days I will assist you before we get into our message logged into some practical is a very quickly how many do you have ever heard of an eye roll software program called you sort who okay to make an announcement for those of you who do not know that Dwight interested in getting the tools you need to understand the Bible the sword is a free Bible software program you cannot download that program mean sword .net read Bibles concordance commentaries will write the sheep of your fingers movies and dumb I would just encourage you to download as much as you can and the more you use it the more you will learn how to use it okay so this encouragement that you don't have to go out and buy an actual concordance or by hard copy that means you cannot get a laptop or do downloaded to your computer and you don't need to go back online to you that you can use anyway and so on anyway this one was sent out to the sword .net E .net you you know no they don't need to by the way they do have the white owned resource CD that is now available for nineteen dollars at everything including the writings of economy and the use if you have a Mac you have to be running parallels or boot camp July said to have it on your computer so anyway let's jump right to the masses but before we do that I want to let you know be feared we are going to break up with a breakout session something similar to yesterday this breakout session however is going to challenge your creativity in designing and him and him playing so be prepared and all that talk telephone heavenly father we acidly please speak to us today open our minds that we may again behold wondrous make every thought later Lord father you know that since I came into the stretch I only wanted to do your will I'm amazed that you have me here doing what I'm doing now yes Lord it is surely some people may wonder what right do I have to stand before you people I know I have none will accept you someone please again open I in Jesus name we pray amen amen I open Isaiah chapter twenty six verse three Isaiah chapter twenty six verse three today's study is going to be unique for a house not what you expected but nonetheless I believe vital to an understanding of the word of God Isaiah twenty six verse three when you have that same end misery got to get involved will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the because he trusted in the gone desire is to keep our minds continually stayed or focus on client think about that have you ever tried to think about something for more than ten minutes straight it's a hard task under God says I want to achieve your mind walked a on me how in the world do we accomplish that while run-of-the-mill cattle do not know notepad until you walk around within your party is there to help train you to do what she thinking on seasons keep drinking on his word God wants us to continually what sort of diffuse continually think on game in the Old Testament the table to celebrate who knows unrepresented the bread of life in the word of God Nassau then by what bread is all about by every word that proceeds on about them the notice to the table of silver and was called the bread on the continual presence did you know that the brand of the continual presence indicating that we are to enter our minds stayed upon the word of God the Hebrew word that is used they are in connection with the tables showbread when it says the more continual is the Hebrew word Tom need and whatever that even where before Tommy is the same word used in the book of Daniel when the Bible says that Antichrist for same table will try to take away the daily the Hebrew word there is the Tommy now there are some people who think the timing represent one thing and do some people think that Tommy represents on the other thing I'm not getting into that I'm saying is that collective possible one thing the government wants to take away on staying continually whether the focus upon the word of God could that be a reason why he has Hollywood on the scene and all these other things that are designed to make it difficult for us to have a time need experience with God when you think that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on bee and that's why beloved we need the mind of Jesus that is mine Philippians two five that this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Isaiah thirty two verse eight I will teach and instruct in weight loss although I will guide you with tools are mine I we want to see of God C we want to see the Scripture as Jesus sees the Scripture you know I wanted something about you by the way Jesus is the ultimate teacher and he has the best teacher and if we want to learn cool that I learned from them Strong Jesus as the age of twelve Jesus confounded the scholars of these days you know as I look at the teaching of Jesus said map Lord please I want to teach the way that you teach not as interesting about Jesus and you wondered how it was that Jesus could keep the attention of a child or teenager and adult and elderly present on the same time why coming from the same message the kids were like wow the elderly were like wow you know well about going to everyone I wanted things like that yet in his life is like you thought you might want it seems like Jesus is all we need to do it is figure out how many events Elizabeth Secunda such a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds the animal top and then in the same message some time and have everyone walk away going or what some of you may be aspiring to be pastors I don't know Bible workers maybe not maybe you just don't know how to witness to your friends do not ask your job or your family elaborate the best way for us to learn how to teach this to do with the way Jesus became made sense this is the book child guidance page fifty one this is what LI tells us about Jesus mode of teaching the parents of the year the movies of the fee the solar embassy the shepherd and a sheet with the ease Christ illustrated what you need to mortals from page through illustrations feature what everyone also found the game bags of life from what from the facts of experience for no yards of the hearers the eleven they hidden treasure the Pearl the fishing that the Moss point the prodigal son the house is on the rock and the fan and user lessons there was something to answers every mind to appeal to every heart loss the daily tasks instead of being a mirror round of toil the rest of higher thoughts was brightened and lifted by constant reminders of the spiritual and the unseen soul we should teach is the last sentence so you know before shopping with me on this field take care to see this is boring and mundane anyone violating our Jesus human frustration of seeing you every time you see will know the reason is that the Dany task you can think of bending tasks the time of the message today is while the window displayed the time of a message tried on Wednesday night was the nature of the book the title of the message today is the book of nature the book of nature notice with me Psalm nineteen verse one through three Psalm nineteen verses one through three beloved I believe that one God is ultimately trying to do is he's trying to put on each and every one of us gospel of blasting gospel glasses what the gospel glasses dual gospel glasses allows you to look at the morning-after ordinary everyday life she asks and see illustrations immortal truths is almost a month and a journalism resolve nineteen verse one through three that have been to declare the glory of God what do everyone they declare the glory of God and the disarmament show up his handiwork down to the others under a speech and night on Tonight Show with knowledge there is no speech nor language where their voice is not part where told that nation are and how reveals the glory of God one of the last time you look at it three and said hola not not allow but whole lot the tree is not God that's recently reflect the glory of God Street reflecting the glory of God somebody talking about it the same way the Pharisees thought of Jesus what crazy illustrations on using these that doesn't make sense they can see the lessons he was trying to appointment to another I believe that if we look at nature we will see the Lord and on any movie that can anyone tell me where online says Jesus will be coming from in a universe where was using coming from from where all Ryan Ryan as interesting and very see Orion when he sees back and get this up here okay here we go relatives of Orien I was not appointed here see the sorrow over the top that stars called Beetlejuice such identities are seen the star three stars in a row they don't banking brace on his arrival that is the all right in Bell seen the new start on the bottom the big one down the bottom towards the right there went my point of my voice is married right there banking banking and banking I'll give you that my point that when I'm finished with five I use my point update this story is call Rigel and here still a solid will close for there that's called him the nebula okay anybody see anything there one night you see things their button but if anyone sees the glory of God anywhere in this picture where our life as the that Jesus will be coming out on our high priest the thing that is one of you have on gospel glasses ready to see something raising I don't see anything nonanonymous more regularity healthy somethings the specific gay that seem to does anybody say anything when I is coming out of land and the credit card number a few and on sitting down on the liking of this money my business and I look at all Ryan why will looking him and that is the more stars here's one star rightly or does one start idea but immediately and this jumped out at me those three starts in nineteen results enrolled for some reason I noticed a man the story begins right I noticed this on as immediately because I am solely used to meet utilizing the sanctuary and just jump out at me and it doesn't sound like say that Jesus is coming from over and the Leviticus is not Tucson high priest is coming out on the sanctuary to regain his people old Lord have mercy that I have visions declared the glory of God okay now my once my accident child on his face forty five the holes in the whole natural world is designed to be an interpreter of the things of God 's unit the whole natural world and designed to be an interpreter of the things of God continue on page forty six many illustrations from nature are used by the Bible writers as we observed the things of the natural world we shall be enabled on the dining of the Holy Spirit more fully to understand the methods of God 's word from anyone more fully understand the methods of God 's word where is the book that we should be looking the book of nature it is an amalgamation of the week that God begins to show us how to think that when we come to Bible are you following things begin to add on the whole I see now I will miss your friends you can send them illustrations that will captivate both the child and the Eldon a net in the natural world into this next sentence in the natural world God has placed in the hands of the children of men that she unlock the treasure of his word were the same as demonstrated by the same divine wisdom eternal truth and grace are understood by the things that God has me you don't understand what that means read he that is Jesus studied the life of plants and animals in the life of man from his earliest years he was possessed with one purpose he lived to bless others for this he found resources in nature new ideas of ways and means to ask into his mind as he starting for life life continually ignored we've found the continually he was seeking to drive from being seen illustrations by which to present the living oracles of God the parable of garbage in your youth ministry love to teach is not the truth so now Albany 's spirit was to the influences of nature and how you gather the spiritual teachings from the surrounding him him down like how many of your open to the teachings of nature you are in the classroom when you pay attention to the classroom minister healing page four eleven this nothing but make sure that we now behold give us a fan concept of Eden 's glory Satan has marred arts beauty on all things that maybe seen traces of work of evil yet much that is beautiful remain nature testifies that one incident empowered greater goodness mercy and love created the earth and filled it with my finger even in the United States all things reveal the handiwork of God of the great master artists whenever we turn or wherever we turn we may hear the voice of God and see evidences of his goodness from the sun unloading of the deep toned thunder comedy when you hear the deep toned thunder stop and think the glory of God or the onions of death under from the sun and the on the deep toned thunder and all of us in ceaseless roar to the glad songs that make the forest vocal with melody nature 's ten thousand voices speak his praise in earth and sea and sky with their marvelous tendon varying in gorgeous contrast England and Normandy we don't hold his glory the everlasting hills this power the trees on brand and ring in the sunlight and the flowers in her delicate beauty point in their creator is ingrained that carpets the brown earth child of God 's care for the humblest of these creatures women one of the last time you look at graphs and said behold the love of God no because mowing in his class to move this interview up the chase of the city in the dust of the earth reveal history service will place a problem in Ellison and applied in the present life among the rocks is on the America of the beautiful the sun rising in the heavens as a representation of him who is the life in light of all that he has made the last time that you look at the sun you are not the foster why why because you are blinded by the glory me what informative a side note there are things around us guys try to teach us how to think in the salami and leader ignoring his grand lesson book so we come to Scripture and passive morality that it all and how to get back the punishment it changed us how to read his word so to spend with me now is twelve verse twenty seven you just write about if you want to move forward Jesus says consider the ladies fifty five he talks about the by Matthew thirteen three talks about the solar ninety seven twenty four built upon the rock Matthew twenty five thirty two sheep and goats not the freedom he talks about father John three sixty talks about Lynn what is he doing he is using the illustrations on the nature to change the deed shows of the word of God it's all about context Jesus spoke the events the life occurrences the things with which his hearers were familiar living in an example not impressed a spot on my mind is a son I used to freestyle back when you're a hip-hop artist yet is a moment in the and you know we we would all our boom we would get together and we just don't get the site we start running you point something out and we have to write about that thing and make it match and make sense when what we adjust that so want to the lamp onto the pulse point of the carpet and you have to treat knowing on being at Gustavus and that this is what this is something similar to what I know Julie does in a field living in a rocking I think that Rocky sitting on your something is used because his mind was so adapted to the voice of God he would look at an object in that street here's what I'll do that invest that's free with the characteristics of Israel Gaza mother cursed history save these grown on moronic with idealist planning okay we find it no one can demonstrate any similar to use us as an object lesson committees in a letter plug around anyway better outlet can use in the Gospel and the electrical outlet raising happy to see the gospel in that electrical outlet what is the gospel in that electrical outlet I was pretty easier you can try to get the gist of what you go to be doing in your breakout sessions God wants us to see with his eyes you are in the classroom are you okay attention you know the great controversy is called the drama of the agency trauma one is a drama it's a place something that instrument central you know it can take some every sermon I put together is a drama you don't understand what I want putting together a message to a Bible study or a message a movie is unfolding in my mind makes lazy like that years ago and I didn't because that's what this thing is it is on solid arenas a lot of them are usually dogeared six feet you off on the one drama that really count as I understand when I like economics item on presenting some message is like an weight you see what happens at the end of the sermon it's almost like God has called us to to to to find ways to present his message in it and in a way that's an important way for people people in this room as though they were watching and caustic docudrama on the age this drama of the ages will be shown so and very soon for the whole world to see as pastor more pointed out in panoramic reason think about that that would be a movie theater in which the whole world is present watching the scene 's unfold before their southern Bible beloved Islam sharply it is it is an exciting book and the I want to see what you want to see what I can think of how much I knew I wanted training is not beholden to the hospital in everything your eyes behold singing the on scene although the art was blinded with the car 's nature was still to be man's lesson book it could not now represent goodness only fourteen but was everywhere present Mare RF C air with his mom and touch the filing touch where once was written only the couch on the knowledge of good ones now Britain also the character of Satan the knowledge of evil from the insured which nominee on the mountain that had an evil man was continuing to receive warning was asked to the results of thing chalk on his page forty six I was on a plane sometime back this couple years ago not sitting on the plane and am informed asleep and they have the biggest and the Springs your face on and I think I fell asleep I woke up to something on the on the on the that the TV I just can't my attention immediately it was it was a whale chasing adult and am looking at this and literally the dump them into the beyond number and location of dolphin not a will is facing a seal CLR Doctor one one of the once he's in the field of a sale isn't something out of the water and your instrument on the nervous system I like high jumping over the argument is that this seal was obliged on me but didn't like his mama of excitement here okay this field is self like jumping up on me like I'm a boy and I will not win in Jumblatt have been priming is amazing and I like centimeters and my mind is not limited and Littlefield are you doing in my mind does not begin to think this is how the devil is after my immediately my mind just made a spiritual application this is how the government after another women try to tell you is don't normally reason why they didn't use a goddess Shawna tend just to behold as much as we chatted with possible eyes because the more we can use so that the easier it will be to keep our minds a on his cell whereby the design examples are you ready to take for example nature I for example nature what it means something fraud page one fifty one winter and autumn winter in the light of the gospel that's one possibility is that any review what am I like this the Christians sojourn in this world maybe fitly compared to the mall cool the winter here we experience trials sorrows and disappointments we should not permit our minds to dwell upon these enough amounts when you're in the winters when you see snow falling through the winter you know you can be like here's the gospel while this is just like what my fees you know that the struggle for the Christian benevolence he goes on to say that us rather look forward hope they could look honey summer where we shall be welcome to art David Hall where all life enjoy where all is peace and love so some are really thinking some of the glory of God right there I can't wait for the great-grandson or how much you so you represent in a tiny summer life migrants than as something that comes before winter eleven answers question and then fall again I'd rephrase the question when did the fall they sit with me why tell us the first release fell to renew some gospel glasses the book with the following of Adam and Eve death and decay came as a result of man's fall into sin unless it is falling is there and as they got another twenty four Jesus and because iniquity what is iniquity falling into sin this is not fun economy might accidentally it means you have fallen follow whether intentionally or unintentionally got sent to become intimately shall abound fall many winter him are you following me because the lab because an amendment because in the default shall abound many while blacks called Mowbray had an hour of spiritual darkness number we can hope that the summer is coming amen what is a sign that summer is coming in the season before summer you don't get again one of the spring season about me I will end the season that means springform family are okay then you need newer properties shoes are scratching foreign from the art in this springing form from the article that brings new lease and newly argue following facts is what brings us into an eternal summer with the gospel class seeing things in the light of Jesus Christ what what help spring when there's no when when when things begin to Sprint what is it that causes health things to spring up its rain Israel comment on the wall rain doesn't like to does rank that is why the Bible says about mangling in Isaiah fifty five percent Isaiah fifty five verse ten when you get there say that listen for as the rain what coming down and not snow from heaven and return if not bit about water they are and make it into brainstorm on we might say spring forth and by betting against seeds of the solar and battery eater so some want more are being want on my mouth it shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which oddly enough when the rain is falling you should be in your mind that this is like the word of God this morning on this is what Don ultimately want no more of God honoring all around us once again Jim that's a good idea of what the matter is on about what is not a rant on about it is about the word of God following on our in fact noticeably Deuteronomy chapter thirty two verse two Deuteronomy chapter thirty two burst to the Bible says here my doc strings shop job you want rain my speech shall discover that the due process model made upon the tender and as shower words upon the grass are you following me out in your lower body essays hopefully during the thought so when we arrive at I will keep you in preventing whose mind is what stayed on in everything you say about it so I thought now was not a caused glass to spring up but when a minute the rainstorm anyway something rise is from the earth and sales on a cloudless prettier do we want to bring bright clouds so that God can bring down what they need in these areas Frazier on following in fact what does this on a Bible and Bible study is needed throughout the world I would donate here right now attention is to be called Nokia searches of men but the word of God and this is this is done a mighty work will be brought when Don declared that his wife should not return attainable on one person that I said if he thought he meant on it is that the gospel is preached and regional automations the Bible is to be opened to the people on knowledge of God is the highest education and it will come in the art with its wondrous truth as the waters cover the sea and Underwood versus coordinate as the waters cover the sea is Habakkuk two verse fourteen which is a direct quote of the latter rain that are being covered with glory as the waters cover the sea do we want to bring about the fall then it falls as a result of free there will follow up on anyway grass when an address in full the gospel anyone you know I remember criminal law wasn't nothing else wants missing about a hurricane that had come through in my thoughts about the four winds how God is holding them back and when he lets people what happens when an upbeat hurricane in the if you destroy everything want everything out enough of the notice a lot of Ark is that when you look at when a hurricane comes through I mean all these structures are just torn down buildings trees uprooted I attended the weekends they comprise is on our pride go before destruction and they party spirit before a fall but the needs will inherit the earth that God wants us to open our eyes so that we may see the lessons on the gospel were definite of the church my friends at the meeting this what happens because the state and put in a bunch of burning states I said that's the developer is a good one think that's good and remove it from the bunch of burning states after anything I said fine he said exactly always surround yourself with people who are on fire I had a great and I have never gotten the picture is worth a thousand words I will come out to meet like ten years nonprinting for think ten years ten years and have people come up to me from like eight years ago after your at the mind what you actually remember that Simon pictures marketing a list of ones they remember these words like twenty words let's remember these words communicate and remember than twenty and five minutes twenty words you have a hard time until those same words admit a story and not passing a fondness billing guess what I guarantee you that most of you would be able to recite the twenty words in less than five minutes God taught in pictures because you could see a picture an illustration of something that was just the lesson was singing at the tribunal that shape again you would get the picture you would get the lesson all over again with deeper implications everything addressed blade of grass come up to the sidewalk you see that I'm wondering now how in the world I mean there are so many things that God is saying unfair that now keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee we can consider the animal kingdom the line in the dumb and the ground slides is commonly called Lauren and I even irritating unicellular thing everything the smallest thing guys try to open our eyes to think you don't on the praying mantis from you know what what a pregnant is praying mantis yellow-green that is called a praying mantis since Delta ways praying PR DY but also praying on the Martin act is PR and why the word now this is actually a bring word which means sooner or processing on the reason they did this this this this creature the water the main active and because it it's happens more always been praying for so they called prompting his friends will always this speed I thought to myself why I want to be like the pregnant and in fact the Bible tell us submit holy hands like conservative ranks of the body moldings where you want to mail anything I want to live my hands and whenever and the victory will be one praying mantis consider the praying mantis everyone is in the battle in all the all praying mantis has been seen of the North to catch a hummingbird in the light do not under estimate the power of praying hands and seven five eighteen verse thirty four says he teaches my hands to war sent a boss because of a phenomenon we know that we're not talking about church where talking about this is how we wore pretty busy consider Manchester consider the act of the talking out on the ads are diligent creatures it doesn't matter what went down after full I will slide out one track mind they will do anything to get that phone and we have many acts in this room it will come from there I said I want nothing to me I want actually beloved I will keep in part you will keep us in perfect peace money I stayed upon his when you want to look at the sky the sun the more the size of the business stars we should be thinking what Abraham 's promise that is a great multitude of what we have a great want to know what my sitting on the billing update whenever I start out at anyone for Jesus Christ biology reflects the same method I mean think about all the optimizes of the human body garnish wanted to just to see when you wise one illustrates on the music you know the Bible talks about the blog how how the blood of Christ is what helps us overcome and just like the human body and how blood flows in a fight with them if the bat is cut off in our experience what happens if you sit on your bed for a long time why is the church asleep at night for me with thermodynamics home the Gospels and thermodynamics yes let me share with you three and also thermodynamics very quickly I can number one is this author so now that he calls system pays all cannot be lost or gained it is simply converting a statement on the sometimes part of the law conversion and the laws couldn't imagine another reason is that ensure the physical round in his fusion of something that's true Christian when a person is surely can write when much energy you once pressing the double is as much energy he will now proceed down all the Gospels and thermodynamics this is not a law that are Paul Paul was a zealous prosecutor of the people of God and when he was converting yet that's what I was sometimes the people who are out there doing the most craziest Cheney is it all just just doing crazy things that's why when you come into the church sometimes I looking at you like what you know the Sanchez on based on law conversion and we need to learn a lesson from the business second the excess heat moves from Walmart so-called until the entire system or body is heating the air God desires beloved to see how whole experience even the sun was one half warm half whole they oversee the process I want your holy positive note for some of us don't yeah I'm hot gear pump full year God wants to make our whole experience even experience upon a second author Madonna is caught edge of the best thing is not on maintenance actually follow caught without the maintenance of the Holy Spirit you may have said ten years ago to about what the Spirit of God is not maintaining you if you're not maintaining all relationship with Christ through his word and prayer you will fall apart and there's another law that I discovered this that discovery is called zero small which actually puts it before Moss number one two one three and this law simply states was called firewall equilibrium one is that basically has two objects that that how are the same temperature passing is not made there are equal fun while lower until the thermal equilibrium happened back there which sidetracked me second in the EA guidelines apply nothing happened why because the same temperature and God 's family delivery of Aslan in the Bible it will release that is the advancement was fired nothing up nice temperature you in the amount of science in the realm of nature in everything that we may know how all the glory of God is an average day like being on the object was using that as you're driving down the road tried something you know we always used if the cop who will you do not have anything against your ticket are you now reason he gives you graze you bought you now free to go and speed again in Ottawa we always I cannot do there every day to illustrate the top hall wanted that is one of the most powerful industries as I can think of to prove that the law of God skills that use of illustration before when you're cooking the bacon about the gospel when you a lot see this case some of us are like brown fox and umbrella pad is this very authority following me these modern-day demonstrations and chastening is not fun but at the end again is the peaceable fruit of righteousness every day lessons that damage now the change will continue badly want to look at the plot when you're on your knee think about those wrinkles when you got that wrong one day I have a new body will him and that's not what I'm Nancy who is Jesus says that even appears than his shirts a beautiful bride without spot and wrinkle the praise God that he loves us and I guess we are not a wrinkled as let's send us in wrinkled what you see any smoke drink you didn't do it on the underachieving and I want to stay on eighteen of your occupation to the A's are you what I consider them consider someone nor the white bearded active divorcee enough I find that whenever you to organize and you want to enable wood siding what you're doing the application that God is trying to get you to see people shut the twelve verse wanted to speak about all speak about running the race and the race can you imagine Papa likens this process of salvation is running a race and that when you begin to put things in context I just did a sermon given at my church about that among the seven churches and that is one of those charges like they were in a relay race is in a relay race is like kids while most charges have since all candles the average on a reservoir every chart a path onto the next one by the way what runners who are the fastened with the way they put the fastest fastest runners in a relay race in the beginning and IBA see the first church ethicist on about gaps that website about God a lot mostly on you know the middle run of the slow things down Smyrna came above began to get a little turbulence my father Carlos is like a pendulum and four times as I have an LG damn that long the right to charge their pig and lets face and start picking up speed in the fat inside the reason why God is something you want to hang in the car that I only got this been in the lighting all the last lag thing about his beloved God makes labeled as the content context new runners can reach with the gospel shared Satanist can't think themselves a social dominance man is the last night when using window how can you make on the last night don't you know where the weakest generation this mind of God make the weakest generation the last thing you will but listen to this on the any dusty and then praise the Lord but there's something else see the first man to get the torch was at our home was perfect perfect environment he was to be the man that could out run the demo no problem and when the in the first move on the way to trip up God the convicts and this is your best I just took your best and be sure that the accident so God takes his wiki not in either the environment but an environment that is not what sounds fun and time and not as hands-on as a company is the way it is racing will to bring the torrent across the finish line that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Renzi wants to be a bit on the other the last death December the twenty comment you were in the the hotel where the unarmed when off in mid- in the urine that some your you know it when I happen upon Springs cups on one amount that you know why we are then I see all these people usually like to print in the morning and that is role in that then this is like the ten virgins in the theaters and then I met when he comes home and have my dorm is ready to leave Randy sleeve ready but I think you understand don't let the message is gone by you and we may everything reveals a block away the gray controversy or another you think about school work where you can read about that you the meaning is and how already that I've been speaking on mouse as a Navy guys like a half an hour of the new Sade are ready really race has begun all right here's want my passport on winning to was from somewhere now I suggest again a United States citizen like within the last couple of not less like six or seven months is okay but anyway before that in all all on traveling my Jamaican passport and and we had some independent password you must also have like a so security card or something like that and my Social Security card was so just destroy the day in other vacations couples on my domain the lamination the lamentations now keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the benefits and okay so that you are not commenting on the Derby laminate saw been nominated not knowing that you're not supposed to be nominate my best son wanted Vietnam you can't deny him going to security whatever and I had a dime my my my so security card and he looks at it and it looks to me he says when you discard all way and I think I just changed the lab Macias was yes against the law and he'll say you need to be changed whenever but know that you can do something like that and when I happen I thought to myself how many people are expecting to get into heaven with a counterfeit passport where the fourth commandment has been changed but God is able to see what this is not my version of the Commandments lots of buzz for their cheapest commands of the national right to life and entered into the lock gates the ten Commandments is the passport the city on the glasses and every experience online are you getting the picture even think about this from school classroom final pop quiz summer school you can get our nose who went to summer school those who are both not on site already has a note nobody here but some schools usually if you flunked or failed a course right eye what it was for me him and not benevolent the summers in the house and some people who actually felt comfortable to summer school so we see a lot of you think about this whole process will not cause us to enter into the school of Christ it causes to learn that escape he promised to be in the divine classroom he gives us pop quizzes and the final coming up and also spent out of five I believe that one with you who do you know that we just have a few more illustrations to go here I am being appalled even use counterfeits things to illustrate divine truths in Asia going to talk about the parable of Lazarus Chris father Bob is holding them in what I had on Albert that this is not all a a popular you know home I'm sure in the state and tries to use acting as an illustration because his hearers were familiar with that story same thing with Paul and Bob talk about the unknown god and an outright husband Paul on to note shot the people of the Gentiles sure how familiar he was with the sound they were familiar with and can't and will be in the industry says Stephen and the things about her I want to see the great controversy example when I was back in the world I had all of my actual friends you know you'll write all that is like forty of us and we were like you know anybody Mister you in the mincemeat book by all that right and on the name of our crew was called X-Men actually here at Anthony so now I'm the outline on the kind of Christian as an dog begins to show something to me that some of the fund is not really want to be a hotly little with the term Xmas Xmas no enemies Christmas do you realize the wiretaps was the Greek letter C which was used to signify Christ way back in the day and mouse I buy you singing that you want me to be an act that is I know you have are you how many rappers and entertained dwellers and I thought condominium John Paul's is called in so many axes on his LMC creek Christ man electricity needs in the lowest twenty okay this X-Men stop the wall process of counterfeiting off and being genuinely that God has for his people notice LLC is the MR sonorities and then docility we got a commodity our member and left it all behind my neck know what normal marsh must meet the gun readings of the Bible where Paul talks about fighting against flesh and blood and about how easy of knowing vessel not against flesh and blood I discover that this wrestling was actually a great martial art called the penetration and other exotic on related videos spiritualized live in Atlanta and Arlington on Friday nicely found in the book of Genesis we know that the Bible says that problem the Bible says that chain was trying to move getting angry with with with able and a sense of King God comes in fifteen on one side being adoption of if you do well I noted seven if you do not do well sin is lying at your door and are limited thinking wow what a dismayed at the translation work actually means what he was turning tables K don't offend the all rule over you you roll over the word rule indicated he is making one myself the wiring means to rule over or to dominate channel and a Santa will bring everyone over you I one tango is subtle spiritually mastering himself he's physical far his brother and then again in Antigua since as you know what team studied under the drawing dragons that enable studied under the house we know that he was the cheaper obscene chain starting the shade and the residents of the city either held his Savior I'm sorry on this ministry they had been able to study the presence of the shape and sheepishly they held his Savior amen God calls us to study under the enables knowledge on our real good drunken monkey God Jesus and his dates on the popular sayings and nine illustrations are very cameras who are familiar with these things and understand and make it applicable in their own time and talking reach the people to more illustrations do you know that the company can count how the sanctuary operated air same time public presentation and to while the sanctuary he was he was guilty of sin lay his hands on the head of the animal what happens and what would be going confessing a similar animals and Emily happened down with that but the things were now in the blood of the blood would be take this is sprinkled on the altar this happen every day throughout the year and then one-man a year the high priest would go in and do what claims a sanctuary from all the sins that were abandoned on the other there is an illustration of the sanctuary that each one of you both through our every week and are very household and he never thought about it and I thought I saw your face and not every day you have garbage in your house you think that garbage you know paper played some and you put it in your way in your garbage day your house is now clean and well where the garbage is in the trash can soul friend not displayed but you would think I got a job on a nightly basis and in a point where I'm a sign on your house not your house is fully planned on the garbage already in a sense you but in a sense no where the garbage and still with you and outside the thought of our now one day of the week and you know what a day that is I'm embarrassed to say this but that day is a tough day for me because many times I forget I would forget so often that Bob is from God which is way for me I waited in line and pay for all the okay so one down the week what happens if you take all the Marlins in the human drama week I knew sat at the front by the cause of varnish on that is coming to take the Barbie where the tape regarding to what definite way I then and only then can you say the process is complete someone argues with you about but have say about the center and the cleansing judgment illustration and they will never forget it I don't be angry at me funny for maximum and maybe one day they'll be converted like okay you know it all started when I heard this illustration was sold not for the first this is opened online are that I may behold wondrous things out on bylaw one more illustration and then one that has to do is is simply gets I want you to take the next couple of your here today just to start thinking your silence say you're walking out of the consider the sidewalk you don't just just start thinking the county to think in this way all in my eyes so that I can continually see the gospel unfolding before me but also identify anything I'm anonymously when you begin to do that he will then come back to the word of God and see things that you've never seen before her father was rated on they hunted they are very speakers it is our seventeenth helplessness if any man be in Christ he is a all things across labor all things are become new they don't today automate speech one speech it honors the glory of God we should be able to look at the days and see the glory of God we believe that not every Sunday able to look in the days and see the glory of God alone I want to suggest something to watch and noticed a life-size revolution thirteen HR current state on this is is as follows it was sent out and tell the human family the format was created the provision was made that it is necessary that a test Jesus would become his sacrifice and surety that through faith in him now my be reconciled to God for Christ's was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world what's he saying here is that God already have a plan of salvation in mind before I was creating Internet in the case currently possible that in the very days that God created what the DNA for the final salvation we don't all passengers if you are able to the days of the week could have put a message in the days of the week that speak of the glory of God that speak of the process of salvation that sequence these of the plan of salvation listen to me without it when you before I you come to Christ what are you waiting you and finally the only nonfarm and see why was that the fate of humanity when Christ came upon the scene is not the same humanity before Christ comes into our lives guess what they want to have to go out without form and void and daughter spotted visiting the Bible says that the spirit of God 's will upon the face of the waters anybody ever remember the spirit of nonmoving upon you when you were in darkness a while and then got to unlock the ARB dance again either staged every life when I listen to anything from it in chapter four verse six but it was me quickly second Corinthians chapter four verse six the Bible says for God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness like Mars and he replied in the author speaking of here Genesis chapter one that's my noncombatant nine this wasn't not done that I decide on a bonus eight hello mods to give the light of the knowledge not already donned in the face of Jesus Christ and the glory of God is Christ is none other than Jesus and him crucified the memorable screen for the foundation of the world on the day honors speech without it and at times they get encapsulated the entire plan of salvation managed .net spirit of God molds God said let there be light and he is the light of the world when Jesus comes into your life something powerful happening dates who says the waters were sent from Raven on the water if anybody seen anybody seen what our waters in the Bible another when Jesus comes into your life he pulls you away from the old crop to pull you away from the all friends from the old associations no one is separated from the water on day three the Bible to try and appear in dogs that are being grouped today by following me when you click tries comes into your life and the things he says you can call you out from all associations in the regions of their new world and then forces and unless a lot your attention has now been focused on handling the reality removal of the great alignment misalignment the word of God Jesus Christ these are nonessential of advice Solomon one of one uprising was in darkness when Jesus comes into my three things happened he said Torres from his old acquaintances in our bears fruit and Jesus is now the handlebar and often on the fence on the underlying what happened they thought finish and burn is birds in this world I wanted to meet quickly he will to the book bomb of Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse twelve Ecclesiastes chapter nine Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse twelve as the Bible says her format also know with not as fine as the finishes that are taken in any .net and as the Pirates are caught in the snare sound are the sons of men snared and enable time when all of a sudden on them are deficient in the birds on their snare on you men out there who are tracked as it were what does Jesus tell us when he says come follow me after you've been born again you come to the world and after the war not in the center of your life in Jesus and like what you say follow me and I will make you fishers of men Beta God in the creation of me was already sending us a message just in case you fall I have a way that finally what happened Monday said two things God made man and he's in the and he gave him dominion over the piece over the whole of you realize that God 's ultimate goal is to re-create man named James Amos which means that he must have the manual over the whole former everything are now my sense we donated closely those who receive the seal of the living God finally what is the scene of the living God that some one do some person knows who received the scene of the living God and are protected in time of trouble must reflect on Jesus for he hath on his face now one may in the end and have dominion over the whole the last part of the plan of salvation is not being created in God County and we currently take and then come some rest come unto me all ye that labor and inhibiting and I will give you rest day onto the other is speech do you want to be others I will keep imperfect whose mind is stayed on comment your excite to both you and your cause to go take a walk the goal was sent this to may our minds beach train to see the glory of God with an appraisal analysis is seated as we pray a lot I saw I'll apologize for not demanding the opportunity to break out on speaking again on some ensemble with potatoes opportunities to break out and you are born to put these things into practice they are not needed the three are right and then let's pray heavenly father we thank you once again the opening Lord help us to see the glory of God that is manifested in so much around each possible to see as use to think as you think and to teach presidential in Jesus name we pray amen and produced out our mission is to help prepare and coming of Jesus Christ my point to supernatural power the Lamb of God thank you experienced a victorious Christian living for more information on our multimedia resources or encouraged on speaking engagements please log onto our website at www. power lamb .com www. power and of the Lamb .com or call us at area code eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero eight oh five two two six eight zero zero thank you and God bless


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