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Everything You Wanted to Know About Michigan Advance Partners (MAP) But Were Afraid to Ask

Kevin Barrett




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM


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Father in Heaven Lord we come to privilege to be a part of Mr Vance partners and we ask for that you just guide direct this week delve into the details and the thing that map has bent to this conference for almost 40 years now in Jesus' name we pray a man to start out with talking about how it all began. So delayed by is very is a program that was actually started back in the late seventies and there was a lay person by the immaterial no 1 from it's going to he still lives there and he had this idea How could a layman and pastors work better together in the conference to finish the Lord's work here in Michigan. Unfortunately was fortunate for his idea but important the same time there was a there was a big financial crisis the conference going through at the time and Jerry was is quite a go getter still is and he contacted with help. All the churches in Michigan and said hey we'd like to have a representative from your church we need to get together we talk about this crisis and this idea you know how we can help get us out of this crisis so over a period of a few weeks there was a lot of means that took place in various parts of the state and they were a. Lot a lot of prayer that was going on because I can't remember exactly what the amount of money was but it was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars Long story made short. They engage the executive committee and some of the officers and said you know let's kind of formalize this thing and they developed a committee of about 13 people as a as an original committee elected in 1978 and the laid by his recounts it was officially born. The good news is that this snow ball was rolling you know and theory in this and as you know various people from these elders and some pastors they they had this real burning desire to see if we can you know help the situation out and it was only a matter of like a couple maybe 3 months that enough funds were. Obtained from the various churches to basically cancel all of that financial crisis. It was a it was a it was a miracle and it was it was it was a beautiful thing. They wanted to keep it going and executive committee and the officers want to keep it going as well so they set up a regular schedule of meeting and basically discussing the needs of the conference had you know financial needs in various areas and some of the things that they were discussed as you know we carry through even today as far as education evangelism is concerned you know various other needs that the conference has and basically the whole whole concept of Michigan advance partners in the concept or right you know means that it's basically. People in Michigan wanting to advance the work of the Gospel here in state and almost 40 years later I put this number on the board here $22300000.00 is how much money how much met money has been. You know contributed in that time and this conference would look entirely different had it not been for him Little Do people realize is that this is the largest source of 9 tithe income. That the conference operates under. And. So it's very important that we have consistent partners and the recommendation as you probably know from various peels is 1 percent of income. 1 of the things I wanted to point out was that. He did you see this map reports. Reports on the right side of my pocket and it has probably seen this before but it shows the breakdown. Sure so this is like a 3rd of all met monies go to evangelism. And then the church and building fund 25 percent will talk about that a little bit later project assists as for the students. And the great lakes and Dance Academy gets 15 percent and then you see the breakdown 4 percent for CAN'T meeting and 4 percent camps will and point 67 percent for church equipment for school Quitman Now what I wanted to point out here was this 25 percent. Now this 25 percent. Is what is known as the pooled resource fun. And the pool resource funds. Then they are left pocket you'll see I have a handle called Map pooled resource fund guidelines. This pool resource fund is 25 percent of map funds that are that are received and that is the fund that the. Advisor recording committee has oversight and distributes over the course of a year that committee is made up of if you look at the back of the seat. Made up of the officers here myself and the chairperson right now we have vacancy in my Styria secretary and then you see the area district's area A B. C. D. each district. Each area is made up of several districts area a being districts $1.00 and $2.00 Area B. districts $45.00 and $6.00 areas see districts $91011.00 and D. districts $78.12 you see the various names in there each area has a chairperson a vice chair a secretary. You know. That's a good point because I was just going from some other things when I was putting Sagat or it's going to point. Rate right. So this group which is which was a bit called the Lead very meets about $3.00 to $4.00 times a year and 1 of the do well they they sit around the Get some conference reports you know as far as you know what's happening in terms of vandalism what's happening in terms of you know do various things their various programs are going on the conference and what is unique to Michigan is that to my knowledge this is the only conference that has such a oversight of lay people and so the conference officers are sharing you know reports and things you know and different needs status is a various projects that are going on and they look for input from lay people and they welcome that input and they you know. They get they get a lot of feedback which is very helpful to them. After the reports are given and then we have the time of the meeting where we talk about the various requests now. In your packet. You'll see a. Met funny request form that. Also pull your met pooled resources fund guidelines this is the report that. The churches will submit to the district chair in your excuse me the areas here in you know that is whatever your district is and here. OK. So you would contact Dick Harris you would submit that to him. Do you know Dick No OK So Dick will work with you and kind of regulate your requests and you know. Help you out with you if there's some additional things that are required if you're if it's of his that if it's a physical building requests you know like repair or something that want to look for at least. A couple to 3 bids that you've gotten for the work and. What qualifies for funding Well I'm glad you asked. The. So that's the guidelines are here so we try to keep it nice and concise here there's really 5 basic guidelines you know at the very top there 1 of the things that people don't realize and I was I was hoping that you know we'd have more people to kind of hear this is that number 1 unique outreach evangelism products can be funded up to 100 percent out of the Met pooled resources on. Well maybe it's unique to your particular church maybe it's you know maybe somebody had an idea for you know a way of doing D.B.S. or. Maybe it's. A Bible worker that you want to help fund and you're looking for funding for that. Could be a low power radio station I'm just I'm just I'm reading things off the top of my head that other people have requests in the past you know we've had some people in some the urban areas have you know special programs for youth that the church was you know trying out in the area and they were looking for some additional funding. Map will fund up 100 percent of that. So. Funding for new building projects will be decided by the laid vary state wide cording committee on a case by case basis the reason why that's in there is that. We ran into some trouble back in the ninety's because it was in the guidelines that we would match 10 percent of the total project fund and it was like the roaring ninety's and everybody's building and we had projects that were like a 100 well $1000000.00 And then here in the north so 10 percent of a $1100000.00. It's a lot of money so what happened as that the fun sketch rapidly the Pete depleted to the point where you know we basically had to put a moratorium on those types of requests so it's like for quite a long period of time there was a slight no money to do anything in and so we were honoring those requests and make a long story short it took. Over 10 years to kind of catch up to a point where we're now I think we're just finally we're we're paying off the last. You know if you projects and we might have to be completely can you know caught up on that now but it's not that we're saying no we're not going to help you with a new building or that type of thing it's just that we're going to value it in a case by case basis. Right exactly. Yes. We don't like. It. So I get into a little bit later you know some other areas that kind of qualify in that kind of case by case basis type of thing Number 3 funds granted for prove remodelling improvement maintenance projects will be from 1 percent to 50 percent up to the total project cost need based on the need now. We get a lot of these and it's roofs that need to re be repaired boilers that are broken furnace is lots and lots of parking lots you know people are looking for help with paving and that kind of thing 1 thing that we tried it we recommend people don't look to map as a primary source of funding for those projects you know we are more than happy to help out we have a we have a church in the conference don't mention which 1 but they're in a situation right now where the. You know this a few people are attending and fixed incomes and the building is literally about ready to fall and in order to make it safe you know now they've done their best to you know raise some funds you know to make it safe again you know so it'll pass inspection. That's 1 way we're going to you know that's kind of Mormon emergency because if they don't get this thing fixed they're just not going to have a church so those are that's 1 thing we're going to probably address here later this summer and so they can do the lock revelation seminar and all that. Other situations we've had schools in like in the middle February there boiler blows up you know that's an emergency situation and that's where you know if it doesn't fall within 1 of the like 3 or 4 times that we meet we'll have a phone call to address the need and but we still want them to submit right paperwork and say you know what kind of funding do you have available what heavy raised you know locally 8 address this emergency and that type of thing. Force really important all requests for funding or subjects to fail ability of projected pooled resources fund balance Why do I say that we don't spend money we don't have. We did that we got internal and you know people just kind of lost track amount because we were busy catching up and you know like I said it's the largest source of income that the conference utilizes outside ties so it means you've got you know evangelism being positively affected you've got education being possibly affected the people just kind of you know just kind of it kind of happens what doesn't just kind of happen it's really the systematic faithfulness of members in Michigan all banding together to make it happen you know we have close to 19990 churches and companies here in this conference and you know the thing I was trying to what I wanted to emphasize was that it's you know you have all these churches kind of working together you know it just makes it so much easier and you know basically unable. Maybe some other churches to do some things that they would normally have you know the ability to do financially and just every everyone benefits from that so it's really kind of a it's really a beautiful thing and I believe it follows the you know the 1st church model the book of Acts were everybody was you know sharing resources and severely very much along the same line of. Of thinking. Number 5 any changes to met percent allotments would be recommended by the advisory state wakeboarding committee to the machine all that means is that right now we've got these percentages set up. Those you know there's a process we just can't go in there willy nilly and just change the percentages we're going to be working with the you know through committees and the executive committee of the conference. If there needs to be a change it's going to be addressed in a proper manner. So how to get funds that is the map pooled resources fund request protocol other words how does it work. Kind of alluded to this is that you fill out your form you look to see who your chair is on the chart here and you need basically submit the request through and that is you laid by his or representative that does that and then they work with you to see you know well you need this or that this was good and at that point where they think that you know and they feel that this looks good and it meets all the requirements they're going to they're going to pass it along to myself conference treasure is going to get a copy and also some other some other that area chairs are also going to and once that gets vetted out then we brought to the Coordinating Committee so everybody can decide upon it so he provided general description of your project the reasonable or exact estimates of the total project cost. How much money you need. And why you need the funding. And it's really it's really that simple. You know it kind of gets in the nuts and bolts of what I just mentioned here and step 67 and 8 but once it hits the once it hits the chord in a committee meeting. That actually happens very you know very quickly you know we put all the requests up on the board like this and we kind of go down and we look at available funds and say you requested. $1000.00 but this particular time we've got 50 requests and we've got $20000.00 to work with so we'll go through and we'll try to be as fair as we can in you know that's why it's important to you know state the reason for the need because we'll look at you know List which are here has probably enough members to you know raise additional funds were is this church you know the out of fixed income you know you know so we would take that on the consideration and then once that 1 says taken care of than the committee votes on it right after that meeting you'll get notified and as to how much you know money was allotted and then that money gets dispersed pretty quickly probably within a week of that meeting and. That's how that works is there any questions that you have and that I really. Like. But I like it there time to be you know you get more requests. That is hard to. But there are times if you're going to think oh well OK if I submit Now I'm going to be with like 50 others but if I sit here and we have like we've 3 others it's really hard to say I would say that for the longest time we weren't getting any hardly any requests because people didn't know that it's possible and so we've been trying to get the word. You know it's not broken any more it's fixed and we're And soon as that were got out we started getting more and more requests. So and that's why the protocol becomes increasingly important because some of these requests are people just don't have a knowledge you know like had 1. 1 group wanted $628.00 and. You know they don't add explain them I said Well thank you thank you for your interest in the app but then you know what I want to kind of broke down you know what Matt actually brings in annually probably bringing in close to $900000.00 total And keep in mind that all but 25 percent of the bit that has already been allotted to or these various programs so with that still is just 25 percent of that so that's the work that's a little over 200000 that we have to work with over the course of that year and so the whole you know and those are the kind of things that if we all hit that 1 percent you know we'd be closer to $3000000.00 a year and we wouldn't. We wouldn't have to have and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with appeals you know we need to make appeals but the systematic benevolence of all but everybody work together. This 3 iron 50000 that we need for evangelism that we've been covered that would have been covered by this and you know I'm all for evangelism and map is an answer it's the biggest percentage of map ghost of Angeles and but we just need to get the word out to be systematic with this because everybody benefits. Everybody benefits in the conference and that's why I think it's a it's just it's just that kind of an amazing unique. Offering that is very unique to Michigan and Michigan has been the leader in a lot of different areas and I think you know this is 1 of the areas you know in Michigan the systematic benevolences has contributed to that you know being able to do some things and there's just so much more that we need to get done and that's when you get the word out you know that map is alive and well and you know people like yourself you know I've got to I've got some testimonies here that kind of describe you know anything from the grilling school to the client church to. You know McMillan Northwoods up in the in the Upper Peninsula how they've all benefited from met. 1 thing I wanted to share with you is this is from our this is actually on the right pocket side it's called the skin conference something I've been a slave vice recording committee meeting these are examples of recent projects that you know extrapolated from this this from the minutes these are actual projects these are the this is the last meeting most recent meeting that we've had really have another 1 in August here but this gives you an example of you know we've got going City tile a City Iowa New Church co-author church Detroit northwest and says held over requests you're only wise to say held over course what we didn't have any money. When these requests came in so what we will do. Is that we will hold some over you know and wait for the next meeting you know when we have some funding available but these you know these were held over from the previous meeting and then we were actually able to address them and then we have new projects you know new projects that came up you'll see that mission conference mobile kitchen overhaul campus nature center. Mt Pleasant remodel St Charles S.T. Hillsdale Yana back to come see Metro Bluewater. And then you'll see that. Postpone the following projects till August and seek further information why is that won't oftentimes sometimes the formal come in kind of incomplete we don't have enough information or they didn't get enough Did you know and know maybe it's a little fuzzy or they were rushed when they said that in and. If we need more information we'll basically send a bag say this is not necessarily rejected says that we need more information so that we can make a proper decision. Now the reason I put these 2 churches on here because those are remodeling. And the kind of falls more in the category of maybe like a new building structure type thing when we compare that you know somebody wants somebody wants to carpet the roof not caving in you know their furnace is working fine whereas we have these requests over here with this church is falling apart this. Park out of here has gigantic craters you know that nobody possibly could you know visit safely you know we will we will look at that situation and also we didn't say these were rejected. Well basically just kind of move them or you know ask for more information or you know ask them you know what's the what's the time frame that you want this remodel take place so that's what the function the committee does you know just kind of kind of ways these things out and and you see where we've got the voted in approved and. Now they're really gets everything that they requested because why because largely because we don't have the funding available to to hit the hit the market we see the. Exactly you see the you in your career requests and 15567 and we have voted to 6000 or 6200 is what we were we're just working with available funds right and it's not that we don't see your project is not worthy we're just trying to spread it around. Trying to spread it around so I want to put that in there so that people have an idea that. You know. We are. You know interested in working with all the churches is this that you know we only have so many funds to work with and we have these guidelines and we waive the way the projects out based on based on need. OK. What is. OK And this is for the recording. We're talking about the map report that comes out every month and we're looking at the main map report and the question was you know what is that percentage mean that is a percentage of basically tie from that church in terms of if you look down to the various churches like that 1st 1 is point 29 percent of income is what was allocated for map OK But so then you know it's. From the church and $10.00 that is much. Less a recommendation I mean we're right we get it from it's yeah based on our membership and. The gross whatever it's the actual It's the actual tie that's returned you know to Yeah absolutely so it's like we have like a 100 something people are booked and we got 8 people so we're not sure yeah it's going to look really bare I didn't think you could. Well it's really kind of it's really more of a tool for the church you know it's nobody's getting this is that P. is an opportunity if you know what it was like OK well if it was actually based on membership it's like oh yeah it's going to be off and I don't care but if this is based on what are actually we are returning Yep and this is only the amount that we're getting then I need to do a better job of letting members write that hate that dish and 1 percent I mean everything so you get it free you know that's the that's the beauty of systematic benevolence is that when if if everybody is contributing that percentage has becomes just a huge blessing for everyone and if there's an image there's an immediate correlation you know that's you know you mean. Available funds of you know for evangelism for for education for really student fun for campus Sabo for for these campground you know for the you know can't meeting improvements the list goes on and on and and then more money you know we can could you imagine if the committee had $600000.00 to work with every year right how many churches would relieve really benefit from that so you get the you get the vision assist everybody doing a little bit you know it just means a whole lot of benefit for everyone. Yeah they said they are based kept returning to my. Point 15 percent. OK then I guess they have to do something and that's the thing that I was hoping that more representatives would come here so they could ask these questions and we could answer them. You know if you look at the overall conference average of point 29. That's that's a even a 3rd of a percent you know that's why I was saying that I can imagine 3 times what we're working with today what a positive impact that would have in our in our church and I think I honestly think that more churches are going to see this because they're going to see a map you know moving and. So I think. Right. You know. You can see there are there are different sides churches so this church right here you know. Good for me and. Yet the Detroit median. Is bound to be a very small church I can manage with me you can even hear that large Right I mean that's right here the specific Right exactly yes Detroit is large but I can't imagine that the Romanian community is that large so that's a very small small church right it might be more than 8 people but. But you see there you know that would be a small and they made their 1 percent yes. And that's really kind of the point right now you know it's more difficult for a larger church you can look at the current amount in the year to date amount you know it's what has come in you have given I give them what the tie the base is a bit well that's true so you know they're 1 percent actually 1. $187.00 is like $8000.00 right here and you hear exactly. But you know it's just a it's really like I said it's something for the individual churches to look at and and these are actually areas that the chording Kemi you know takes in consideration you know if we have a church that comes to us and says you know we're requesting. You know $50000.00 in funding and we look at their percent you know that they're giving their that point or 1. You know we might. You know ask them to. You know do some education as to what map is and you know maybe invite 1 of us ness of the thing. If you want to have. A special map emphasis be happy to come to your church and anybody listening to this recording I'd be happy to come to your church and to talk about map and do a little bit of a. An overview of you know much more concise you know in the offering time and I would even be willing to give the message you know if you wanted to if you wanted to. Know from them and if anybody is listening to recording wants to have any of these handouts you can send me an email K B B A R E T T The number 33 at hotmail dot com and I'll be happy to forward the electronic copies of these handouts that we're looking at today. You know as far as the guidelines are concerned we kind of went over those 1 or the Met brick Quest form. A little bit of the history of us met. Also I have a advisory area church assignments as a handout so churches are looking at this I have who what area my in and basically look at this handout you can see that you are you know listed underneath area A B. C. or D. And why is that important because the corresponding chair for the areas who you want to have your lay advisory representative interface with for those requests and. Just file that simple protocol that we have outlined here. And I. Really start to. Experience the blessing of maps now I will say that. Some churches make you have for years and years and years and you really have no need or you know to put in a map requests I've had churches we've seen churches that have. Submitted requests and they're the amount qualified and after they receive the amount they realize that oh we. We found out we didn't read need that much and they'll you know return the full amount or part of that mount you know so that goes back in that pool for another church that you know needs it and so that's really nice or a church is out there that we've we've seen that is kind of and the money back and we've had it happen recently you know was was a $10000.00 amount of money and they just they looked at their situation said no we had the engineers look at it in and I said nope that's a natural settling that's going on so you're saying we should be OK So they sent back that check goes back in the pool which is important because there's a there's churches that can do that and. Now to look into that. Some of the services so as I was trying to update to 2017 because the last thing I had was 2000 so you know I don't know what happened to District 3. In the in the slim 17 years but. I want to include this from. Councils on stewardship and says Wait not for appeals is a little handout here. Says our people are not to wait for more peels but are to lay right hold of the work making those things which appear in possibilities possibilities let each 1 ask himself has not the Lord and trust me with means for the advancement of his cause let us be honest with the Lord all the blessings that we enjoy come from him and if he hasn't trusted us with the tell it means that we may help to do his work shall we hold back shall we say no lord my children would not be pleased and therefore I shall venture to disobey God during his Tell in the earth there should be no delay in the Cause of God demands your assistance we ask you as the Lord stewards to put his means into circulation I think I clear this because this is really what the pool resources are about putting these monies into circulation so that you know that God's work can be benefited all over this all over this conference. To provide facilities by which many will have the opportunity of learning what is truth and that could be schools it could be churches it could be you know I just I thought those felt just really resonated well with the what Michigan advances all about. The temptation may come to you to invest your money in land perhaps your friends will advise you to do this but there is not but is there not a better place in investing your means have you been bought with a price has not your money been entrusted to you to be treated upon for him can you not see that he wants you to be to use your means in helping to build meetinghouses and helping to establish sanitariums where the sick show receive physical and spiritual healing and helping to start schools or think keep schools going. In which the youth job you train for service that workers may be sent to all parts of the world in the last paragraph here God Himself originates the plans of advancement of his work and he has provided his people with a surplus was a say a surplus of means that when he calls for help they meet cheerfully respond if they will be faithful and bring to his treasure the means lent him lent them his work will make rapid advancement many souls will be once the truth and the day of Christ coming will be hastened and that is what map is all about hastening the coming of our Lord and. You know I talked about the history of map you know starting with cheery snow and I really think the Lord inspired him with us because you know I can't imagine what this conference would look like without map and. And you know this conferences I hate to use the word envy but lot of you know conferences will say well how is Michigan doing it and especially when not saying that we don't have our own struggles but you know when we had that. 12008009 you know that was really some really tough years you know for some conferences in the Midwest and Michigan was able to weather the storm and I think it was largely because of the faithfulness. Of people with a map offering and it's like of the only storm that we're to have to weather right and you know just look around you are things getting better and better don't they're not you know that's why it's it's really important for us to kind of hit the gas and you know do what we can to promote map and I say map is the only answer but I'm just saying it's a it's a huge you know if we do it now Campbell the moment when we can't and say oh I should have said I'm going to want to go to could I want to yeah yeah you know may come a time where you know who knows when the next crash and how big it's going to be and we're almost kind of. Think well and then this message is we're waiting for the Lord which right before the Lord comes we know is going to be that we're really looking forward to that time and if we're looking forward to a time where things are going to be really better for us why not now take care of this issue so that there can be something available for that time and secondly we all say it's going to happen like Sudan not like you did years like tomorrow like you were all looking forward to tomorrow when it happens because it's always tomorrow summer being bring Iran with me want to do this it's. You know like the you know you know like they're like the ideal the later as we read you understand it and. Is there anything that you had questions on that I didn't address No I think that with the you know covered it I mean I got a form I don't want to give it to you now I had some idea that I needed some beads and that kind of thing. And I kind of gathered that and it's just getting those. Right let's him we have it we use it it can be 2 years old on rights so. Let's have order prayer. Father in heaven are we thank you for this opportunity Laura to share about mission dance partners and to learn more about this dear sisters church and learn their desire to serve you and desire to win souls learned just warms my heart to hear this and always pray that they will catch even a greater vision of finishing the Lord's work in their area in their church and have renewed hope that there is help available through music and dance partners to help in their efforts God direct us towards With this I can't meaning experience or to pray that you'll just teacher hearts in the order that we may be able to see more on fire for you these things we ask in your name Amen. 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