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Let's Not Get It Reversed

Leroy Bruch




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM


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Well the thank you so much for your goodness to us pray that your Holy Spirit will come very close to us now as we talk as we study sun goes forth with the an understanding of the people we need to be in these closing hours of verses St But we ask it in Christ's name. OK Be careful not to get it reversed sounds like a strange title doesn't it but I'm a tell you the world's going to end up in a reversal before it ends now in white I don't know about you but I I read on white I trust on white I think she was inspired what she infallible I haven't met a human being yet that was but when the Holy Spirit spoke through her I believe she spoke the word of God and then she says the notice is the principle that man can save himself by his own what works now I Now you say if you are already talking about this for well let me tell you something folks Community Services is a works based ministry somebody ought to say man what do you do when you're feed Nungarrayi your clothing in a good dry is that wrong no that's not wrong that's not wrong there's just a little cup you nuances a go with this so we've got to understand for our own protection the principle that man can save himself or herself by their own works lay at the foundation of every even religion Israel was supposed to be separate from that but you know why they got caught didn't it you think spiritual Israel could get caught. It's possible the foundation of every the religion where ever it is held men have no battery year I guess since. And I've seen this in my short lifetime when I was a short a Morpheus but. I've seen people I mean they look so perfect on the outside but there's a lot of problems inside right and that's where you and I don't want to go but we're going to be faced with the Jones Act If you want to look at a he's in religion you see the 66 that's he did write. That the Bible tells us and he deceived those who dwell on the earth because the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the Sun those who dwell in the earth to make an image to the beast who has a wound of the sword and has come to life and was given him to give breasted the image of the BE so that the image of the beast would even speaking causes many to be as you know worship the image of the beast to be killed now is this a religion of works make it any church worship the N.H. right do it we tell you or you will be killed that's only God's Way No it was given him I think we already went there any causes all the small in the great the rich and the poor the free men and the slaves you know mark on the right hand or on their forehead and he provides that no 1 will be able to buy or to sell except the 1 who has a mark either the name of the beast the numbers name so can I say to you that the end of time and we're going to get really a little bit more clarity on this end of time when the mark of the beast goes up can be 2 camps there can be those who receive the mark and those who receive the C.E.O. you agree with that right you're Adventists right those who receive the mark are bowing down and worshiping in accordance with state legislation force worship those who receive the seal refuse to do that correct and this is all I have in his moral 1. The question is could God's Church in these last days get caught into a salvation by works trip now Adventism would tell you something you're highly susceptible to that right you go talk to a Baptist Yeah and they're going to tell you and then you guys in the league lose right I'm said to matter what about a study once guy came in I was standing with the person he came in he was his pastor and he was down the Germans going to get him away from this crazy ever reach and he said to me you know you're not the middle egoless and you said that 10 times and I just sat there and looked and said well I'm just trying to a God wants you know he finally got so mad to get out more I left the guy got baptized opened but it wasn't without a tussle and but that's what they said oh you guys are a bunch of legal issue No well I want to go to the scripture Jesus had 6 parables and he talked in 6 parables to counter act 2 very dangerous concepts nice if you get caught with either 1 of the 2 have either 1 or both of these concepts you're in trouble we're in trouble so. Look Well I've got to go back hang on the too dangerous concepts number 1 weekend earn salvation by our works yes or no you sure. Better be sure Number 2 we do not need works to be saved. No waiting there in this an oxymoron I mean what I mean I can be saved by my works but I can't be saved it all works right. How does that work that's the question right. Well dangerous concept number 1 we can earn salvation by our works Jesus but there are not just 1 counts of 1 Jesus taught 3 parables in Luke Chapter 15 parable of the lost he remembered that 1 went on that cheap. 1. He did Jesus that with that cheap he decided he wanted well wondering did he you know nothing about sheep is there either near-sighted or far side I'm not sure which 1 but they can't see far away that near sighted for say as near sighted OK I can see far away and so sheep have a tendency to start nibbling on grass and they start nibbling nibbling they're doing dip and they can see right from they just keep nibbling until finally they get out so far that they turn around and they can't see anything because they're near sighted and that's what this guy he was wandering off eating away lawns and so did he get back to the fold. Through Jesus now did the sheep know it was lost probably he was probably years on point was but did the sheep save himself. How was he saved through Jesus so when the farmer lost the sheep Jesus teaches that we can get lost and he's going to have to find us we don't save ourselves right but as per a loss horney remember that 1. What happened there. How many pieces over did you have Hen you got it he had 10 pieces over now I don't buy you a piece of silver in those days were some money the money you have in your pocket and where things are forget about. Sorry. And quite frankly as you know person into finances. I give you a hint get your house paid off get some then grow food on and get ready for tough times because you're going to come national debt is rolling you on record debt is now 20 trillion dollars This is a stewardship not good for you. If I spent a $1000000.00 a day and to give you quiz if I spent a $1000000.00 a day how long would it take me to spend a trillion dollars and I a lot and. Yeah you might die doing it actually. 2739 years. Now and have government burn sure that no 1 OK this is torture just just get ready for that it's going to come so but she loses the coin Thank you. 739. Turns out to be 2736 you can correct me later but it's right there OK. You can you can actually divide it out and find out now let's have a loss when she loses that he's already very valuable to what does she do she goes through and she swing and she leaves and she finds it and then what does she do she celebrates to rejoice is now let me as we go isn't that going Oh it was lost now no it did no look at that point ever so. That coin had to be say by somebody who loved it all right now the last 1 I don't want to call the time return but you know my heart the parable of the last time so I think so how many think I mean it was a lost son. Now you know I'm trying to trick you here that's not fair I How many of you think it was a lost sons. I mean I don't think. This time today you might not do that. Terrible lost son he grows a kid grow they got 2 brothers you know what I'm grows up the younger grow them so you know Dad I'm tired of hanging out here and farm I want to go do something exciting sounds like the millennial generation right now that they always come back home looking at. They do I go on living at home right now anyway. And he goes to the fires I want to go and do something so his father sells it all ended by everything with both brothers now that was not the inheritance roots inheritance through was that the older brother got the greater share of everything. That the father was spared and gave to those that you have. Those spare right. So the kid packs up heads off for the promised land I don't know if it was a casino in the U.P.A. year where it was I don't know. But he's gone. And he's there just party and party and down party down and I don't know if you study have you studied economics. If you study economics are going to tell you there are cycles you're going to eventually hit a recession it's going to come but what they didn't tell us that we're going to hit a depression in 2008 right but we got through it so far with more deaths than I don't know the bacteria Anyway if. He takes off recession set said he's got all kinds of friends you know the party down on his money good times recession sets in and while the people all scatter you really know who your friends are when things get tough. And so here he is now he's broke is out of money no place to stay so he gotta get a job and the only thing to do is find this farmer who allow him to feed big. There's no jobs or feed the pigs will hussies to honest now this is a Hebrew boy feeding pace. Should not happen right. And so he's out there use to honest even eat the hosts itself so finally he comes to the senses you know that's what happens everybody. He comes to a sense is that I'm going back on my dentist money food he's got a hired hand he'll take care. He knew somebody father did you knew that his father was a good. You know that your father is of this love. And you slip up he'll take you back for his arms right here he comes you come down the lane anyway over the long far no. I use of the ice little farm at the right a school bus home and I have to get off the bus and I grew up the hill on down and you know and down and then my father had a house room I had a house there and we had a whole row of machines and so I can just picture this farmer sitting there on that porch and he is looking out day after day after day looking for this kid you know what he also is doing he's praying for this kid and soon 1 day he sees this kid in his ragged clothes coming down over that hill and what does the suit do so give me the whip I'm going to take care of this boy I mean he took all my stuff and he went in squandered it right. Now he goes racing out there and and the kid starts into his predetermined speech and you know Father I have sinned against you and against heaven and I'm not worthy to be your son just make me as 1 of the hired hands and the father throws his arms around him and he's a forget that and he takes off his robe and covers those racks. Puts the ring on his thing and then he makes him go live in the bunk house right. Now let me ask you something did the kid save himself did the kid out indenture his service to his father to get back into his grace and be saved. No let me tell you something on the say this very kind of a very carefully now salvation is a good. It was an expensive Yes because Christ said it died to procure and I don't know if you read about what happened on that cross was a horrible bit more horrible than you have ever imagined I believe but for you and I to day we need to understand that we are not see by our works we are saved by grace through faith and that is is free gift of God let's look at a couple passages here all right knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ even we have believed in Christ Jesus that we might be justified by faith in Christ not by the works of the 1 of the law but by the works of the law show no flesh be justified any rights for by grace you have been saved through faith that not of yourselves it is no gift of God Even the faith is. Not of works anyone should lose that's basic salvation 1 wants but you'd be surprised how many people can get that thing I've heard administrator say that they were saved by their faith and their works I see no you say by a faith that works right. Now you say that's semantics Leeroy That's event always not semantics it is gospel you get it confusion and you can end up in the wrong place notice what she says. I ask how can I present this matter as it is the Lord imparts all the power how much of it all the grace all the Penitence all the inclination even even the desire to be saved God gives you all the pardon of sins in presenting his righteous for man to grasp by living faith which is also the gift of God Now notice to say I've read this years ago it has never left my mind if you would gather together everything that is good and holy and Noble and lovely and Mina notice you saying those things are in man and then present the subject to the angel of God as acting the part in the salvation of the human soul or in merit the proposition would be rejected as what we. Can't take away from that cross that cross is what gets us to him but it's kind of like 10 choose names and soon we're not saved by our works but again earn salvation 1 more constant dangers comes at number 2 is I'm not saved by my works so I don't need wounds I don't have to worry about works. I noted Well look at 3 parables here the parable of the 10 brewing about these 10 virgins. Headlamps were all their lamps burning bright. For a while for a while but what happened that the. Well they went out with would. You need. OK likes illuminating. The bridegroom was late the lights were burning and they were looming a thing but you know there wasn't any extra oil and so some of the lamps went out by violence when L. 5 had these little jaunt you know these little flats of extra oil and they could dump it in and keep those vents going with the flies it didn't would happen to them. They went to get some oil and who came in the interim you guys are so smart you know all these stories right now where we're going to get into some stuff I don't think you know in just a minute. You may call me all right they want to get some oil and when they come back the door is shut you know we've got a shut door policy here now Diana closed it and it's locked and if anybody's going to get in they're going to have to knock and she's going to have to let a man and when they come back they knock on the door and what happens. They don't get a response OK that's the version then there's a parable the 8 talents right 151211 that was that would be 15 you know OK 1 had 5. 5 room 11 had 11 had 11 had 2 and 1 had 5 let me do it that way it's a little better the parable of the talents how many of those talented people were faithful choose the 1 with the 5 in the 1 with the 2 and what they got Do they doubled him and he sent them out gave him the talents and he gave them a real good review on what they don't what about the 1 with the 1 what did he do with that 1 talent he had it in there now whose talent was it that he did. Was it his talent. Here's the point of Asian history if yes we receive our free right. What is it of ours. That anyone should both. OK now we're going to go into an A little bit heavier version here. I notice here's a lesson the wise virgins had a personal relationship with the right the redeemed employed God's talents to build up his kingdom that would not 1 of the parables now the works of the sheep and goats clarifies the relationship of faith and works how does that work well the parable of the sheep and goats you know it when the Son of Man comes. Right when he comes all the nations are gathered before him everybody and then he separates him and how many camps what to say and he will separate them 1 from another as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats so there's going to be a great divide sheep on the right goats on the left you'll set the sheep on his right hand but the goats on the which can't do you want to be. 1 be in the right that's right you want to be in the right 1 now notice then the king will say to those on his right hand come you blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. That were prepared in the Greek is a little bit more nuanced in the Greek language in the Greek language the word prepared it's in what they call the perfective tense that tense is completed action in past time which the results remain with you to the present time I'm trying to make it as simple as possible for you OK So to translate it that way you would say inherit the Kingdom which was free paired for you back then which you have remained in until now. So what does that mean well beings they made their way into the kingdom through BET does a recession face they made their way in like that and then they stayed in that profession in that relationship with Jesus until he called you all doing that. That is extremely important otherwise you can end up on the wrong side OK Now notice these are people that have a saving relationship with Jesus but do they exhibit works which is say. For I was angry and you gave me drink hunger and food I was thirsty gave me drink I was a stranger you took me and I was naked and you clothes me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came to me Oh that's works and that is that community service is works Ah that do you feed Henri do you clothing naked Do you give water to the thirsty Do you have prison ministry. This is a C.S.L. and you know what when Jesus comes. He says you know you guys were good A.C.S. people now was that because it was you now or is that because Jesus was living in you. Now we gotta be careful Here's the careful of them and you know this is the off record you didn't years out of shut tape recorder but I will we've got to be careful because you've got a lot of things going on right. I will study all for revelation in life and they are good things to get a C.S. drives going with food being given now is not good that's really a real good but you know what the matter how many good things we got to go on they do you not shave. And we've got to be careful we don't start putting notches in our Bible for everything that we do that. We need to do that stuff because if you and I want to say something else this is like. I pastor for 18 years I get the right. When we see these people come to our senses when we see these people on the street sometimes it can get a little frustrating if you're working in your you know and you're tired and we need to look at those people as. You know what I mean. There are people like you and neither people in the I told you the story of the bomb you know my my encounter with him the see that set me on the road to community services and to marry the community services leader. She was in it. But I've had of him in a my church is. You know 1 tell you something you can say oh here comes this test again or you can say this person he tells. The tale. Right they need my help I can make my hands in my feet work for Jesus. I can reach out and touch them even if I only say a kind word to them the way they look in the way they act people probably shun them they don't want anything to do with them but I tell you what have Jesus was here he'd be with. You would be trying to help them understand you have value I want you to live like you have value I'll help you when you look at this we got to be careful you know we were we're real big on keepin statistic Oh we did X. number of venture signees and that's not bad are we even gave out some money pieces of clothing. That's not bad. But let's not get proud about it oh right the thing that oh kill the spirit of Christ working with us is pride. And we got these records on how many people we baptized I had you I used to go now in another conference when I was festering they used to have a monthly let's get together meeting with the president 1 is for that 1 as president would you go to age tell Jay I said it was a I'm. But we go to this office and they would actually literally read the baptismal count for the month they was there earlier I'd show you had to baptism of is this right well you know what. I just told everybody how many baptisms I had. And if you happen to be of the right ethnic persuasion and you know they that just will people just kind of fell into the poor you or you got all these big numbers that if you were Slike some of the rest of us the numbers weren't so big and it got to be a competitive type of thing. And a dreaded to go to workers meeting. Because I want to see people that are disciples not number. I'm thankful here I think our pastors are quite careful learn you know you get some slip through once in a lot of A had that happen myself but we ought to be looking at these people as people and we ought to also be helping them find relationships in the body I can tell you story I was always an event that I was $25.00 when I became an avenue and I told you about my story at social green ministration rouse in this room with these 2 strange looking guys in the turnout the 7 they have. And they witness to me and I read my way around Finally I got into the church but I tell you it's very difficult for people coming in from the world I'm testifying here to stay. Because you're just learning to walk it's like a new baby you know to meet and here you have all these temptations coming back you're given Bible studies you've got to remember this people that you're working with the devil is going to be working with them to he's going to work against you every step of the way I actually in preaching 1701 of my my new baptisms from Avengers the sig meeting with Ted Strong's you know him he's here he and I started working together in a while this guy came up and try to take over my pulpit on Sabbath morning. I have no no the guy. Trance I was again in the fall with your bladder and. I had to literally have the deacons carry him out of the church. And he's going out shouting all the way but this is what the devil does all right so anyway. I just got basically baptized and I was or no I was actually studying I knew that I was young and that's a tall young guy and in the A.B.C. bookstore in Tacoma Park Maryland and he came up to me and start talking I was just wishing I just want to sneak in there get some more literature and get up because those guys when I was so security ministration they wouldn't sue me they gave me books I read them all you can see what happened all right it worked but anyway I was in there trying to get more information it's called guy walks up to me starts talking to me finally he says to me says Do you want to study the Bible and I thought man I get rid of him now watch I says yeah yeah no problem but I'm on the way out of town to Rhode Island got to sit between the Navy in the town of Pawtucket because they're fighting I work for G.A.O. Government Accountability also work for Actually Congress and so I said I will be around for a while and I get out of there. Well I finally said Lord Lord send somebody around to get me baptized I got this call for me and for me go to church so I go out I get in a car with him on Sabbath morning and I told work since I'm around and on driving on the road and I look at his brother in the spa there up front and we're we're in the back and I'm looking at them talking in this or even rain so I told them and finally I saw the driver look at the passenger and smile as we're doing I seen that guy before and then it hit me because I had read the beast the dragon and the woman to be irritable No you know stood by a guy by the name of Joe cruise. If you didn't know Joe cruise you Mr Big. Show was a straight shooter right down the line but he was also very nice and has been son was sitting next to me and it was Larry Well what happened was I was so new that very new I need help and I got baptized and Larry then took me we moved into a house together I was single so he and he helped me get through the new 1 you know I'm going to a recent ups and downs in that which you know sometimes when people trip and some was oh well they're gone you know na na na na na don't do that don't do that they've tripped and stumbled that doesn't mean they're gone. What they need is somebody who's very kind very loving to walk over there and taken by the shoulder the hand whatever and say OK time to get up and get going and. Right now if it was your son or daughter here maybe it was your son or daughter would you want somebody to do that with now. You know I used to think I knew it all. Had it all figured out when I found out it didn't really know anything then I kids I was sure I knew how to raise kids and I can tell you right now I've got to admit I don't even know what to do except the pray. I never. I don't tell you they're good kids I'm a welfare relatively young and they haven't hit my record JAT which is good but I wasn't that I want a Christian. God of mercy. So I'm saying to you focus you see that face or when they come into the center that's a person. Not just another customer like a Wal-Mart I rang him up get him out of here. That is a human these and then a human being that Christ has sent to you that doesn't mean that you can get him into a bar and 1st think the 1 who's engaged somebody a Bible study All right you can try that but you might as well as lessons and literature like you do and you begs a single moment you don't want people can read God can move them other maybe some that come in and say I really want to study the Bible well hey let's do it right here yeah. Yeah because some of those folks are going to end up like the sheep. They're going to say you know I was naked I had to come to your center get some clothes you know this nice lady just said to me how you doing how's your family and I pray with you. And with which in literature this is going to tell you about love it's all right. Only Jesus can know her I can't. So then let God had to go God took me through that whole routine and I spent I don't know was a year reading and studying on my own I had no contact with 7th Day Adventist until I ran into Larry Cruz after my pastor came and Joe was out of town I want him to baptize me of course we always want you know people to baptize a sitter you know like the stature of Joe Cruz but you know my local pastor baptized me he was a very nice guy and I'll never forget that day. When I had basically read the literature studied it and I was ready for that HIS OWN tell you Don't be afraid when you sell this person though I know about Christ you may be the only 1 will ever tell him about Christ. Go right at it now say you know I'm never seen anybody jump but oh yeah I did have 1 guy I want not going to door in Chicago and it the guy open the door as a way we're out here telling the lodge is crazy yeah I don't want to hear about in charge shut the door so I was stupid enough I put my foot the door. It heard it but it stopped the door. And I was in and he finally said Well you know I talk to me I'm a native son or yes I do. You know I don't he I don't know if he ever came to me not that I was able to tell about. The what I'm saying to you is your mission is not to get up close although that's part of your mission is not even to cook a meal although that's part of your mission is to help people find Jesus that's what your mission is. Now and I was in the Army we had a lot of things going on but there was always the mission. What that. Jesus has done for you right. I and I agree but I'm just telling you that we need to build relationships with these people also right. Because if you don't build that relationship what are they going to do well yeah I get this piece of paper all through way but if they look at these papers and you know that nice lady at the center gave me this I'm gonna go home and read it because there was something about her that I just can't get past I sat with those 2 strange guys at so Security Administration and every time I look at them their faces were glowing. You know I went on that trip I can tell you that right now but I knew they had something that I need is your face glow. To your smile and radiate the love of Christ. He tried to say a sound currency Lord knows this is not 1 of my better days. But with you in the ME We can use. Sheep in the goats we're not done yet hang on I'm sure I'll find some other thing that I need to talk to you in a way they're gathered there. Notice with the right to say to him now here's here's a key do you think they were saved by Jesus is chief with a safe. But no notice did they have works he just commended them for their work right but what's their attitude then the righteous will answer him saying Lord when we see you Andrian feed us thirsty or give you drink when did we see US stranger and take you in or naked and clothe you or when did we see you sick or in prison and coming to you Are they saying man I are they checklist and I know I went to prison eally day and I did X. number but I gave out 20 pieces of clothing not I was nothing wrong with keeping records I want to be careful here OK But is that what their mission is no. Mission is to reach hearts for Jews. When we see them or know obviously they didn't see Jesus but who did they see the need of the poor the sick and the king will answer and say to them assuredly I say to you in as much as you did it to 1 of the least of these my brethren. You get it to me. I run into a few of those people. Nowadays on the I've always been very. Tried to be very gracious when I'm carrying cash to help people if they have need now I magine I've gotten taken a few times you know I mean. I didn't ask them to see their bank balance or the way they look they probably didn't have a bank balance but when they came saying you know idea I either if I cashed in I didn't smell alcohol or tobacco I would give them some guy action don't go in the way if I did and I take my credit card down and I buy him a sandwich give them whatever they need. I think we need to understand that something's gone tests. Sometimes those angels come. And they don't look like we think they should look right and so we need to see responses. Because when we do something for them it's like doing it for Jesus when we seen we feed the sick hungry when we help the stranger you know you see somebody walking around it looks lost or whatever and you know I know it's dangerous today right I never advocate picking people up in your car this kind of the I'm not going to advocate that when you're somewhere where you feel that you know somebody is not going to be a threat to your life don't be afraid say hello give me some sunshine right strangers taking them in I'm careful with that 1 but I know people that will just anybody they see they invite home. To me today this this is a very dangerous society and be careful with that but there are other places you can take them if they need a place to stay and I think that's place sorted out if you're sick 1 of the ministries that I liked as a pastor was going to visit the sick because they were always appreciate you coming by and I've actually told you I did I would tell you the story of Charlie when I went to the hospital that there isn't die he's laying on his bed there and and I'm his pastor and I grew up into the hospital and he's not a member of my church but his wife and his kids are that terrorists are well I go in there this is East Liverpool Ohio in case you're wondering where that is and I go up into the hospital and I'm Diana is with me and we go into Charlie's room and we say hi to Charlie and I've never really met him before but you know what they're saying is dying so I as a pastor I'm going to do my pastorally duties and so I said to Charlie before I left as a Charley how is it with you in the Lord and figure I'm going to be like this man to accept Jesus. And he railed off. And I you know that's common young passion I'm very young past not maybe an age but in the work experience and so I just spoke a Charlie let's pray to a notch we always get out of let's pray together so I prayed with him and before we gave him a chance to respond she and I said we'll see Charlie and I says or we want to walk down the steps and we really blew that 1 while I'm in church 2 weeks later I'm preaching away and I usually you know it's clear we're not a big church it was you know 4050 members and I'm looking in the back and I see this old man sitting back there. You know I'm preaching I'm thinking to myself I'm preaching who's a guy I don't know him so we're all done we back to the receiving line and people are coming through and I'm shaken and I look up and lo and behold here comes Charlie he's 86 years old or something like that and he is walking. But what I didn't tell you is you know I'm getting ahead of the story legal back you know this is your brain we leave that hospital room of a gun we're going hear from Charlie again I get a phone call about 2 weeks later. And it's his son and his son says to me the Roy Can you faster you call it that can you come to our house what's wrong he said we need to come because my dad's here and he wants to get baptized now this is a guy that has railed me out of the hospital room. And I'm saying you got to be kidding. And so we get in the car while we got in the car pulling up the highway we live about 130 mile away. And we go in and there's Charlie's laying on the bed and I'm talking to him and he says I said Joe yesterday you know I'm going through 27 fundamentals with him and as in the chair Oh you want to get baptized right she and I do. He said that I don't think I'm ever going to get out of this House committee. That could create a problem so I go into their bathroom and they've got a bath tub and this guy if he's a day he's this tall. And he's probably what 200 pounds. More than that I don't know. And so I said the size of rich you know taught me here we're going take your Dad we're going to put him into the bath and we're going to bat. This with Yeah I said yeah and so we rolled some water into that. We both got Charlie we lifted him up as much as we could we carried and carried and drug him because he was vague over to the BET laid him in there his feet went straight up the wall. His feet were never baptised. It's all right. But he is there and he just sits to lay down in that and so I said Charlie is my honor now to baptize you in the in the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit as a man and I laid him back under that water in that back just barely got his nose. And brought him back oh that's the only 1 of ever done like that and so we then take Charlie drawing it's all dried off and put him back on his benefit and next thing I'm going to see called his funeral like I said couple weeks later on set in church look back and there he said. There you go and he comes walking out with his cane. But only God No rebaptized he was healed in that process. Believe me I had nothing to do it. And it was interesting his whole family decided to leave the church they got all upset at the trust department at the conferences and never get upset with us of the conference come over and talk to us all right they got all upset this was a different conference I've been in for now so I'm going to tell you we're going to the army and anyway they got upset with them and they decide to leave the church with Charlie was faithful to the day I left there my guess is he was faithful till the day he died he knew that God had put his hand on. So visiting the sick you never know what God is going to do. Some time to raise them up sometimes they don't visit him in prison I remember going down here to Jackson to see a guy when I was pasturing and the guard said to me this is not some security says I'm going to take you places you'll probably never see again in your life and you won't want to see again and he took me right down into the bowels of that prison I walked by I could see the people in their cages and that's literally what they were hardened criminals took me up through I had a guy who was going to be sentenced for 5 to 15 for criminal sexual conduct he got that sentence and he went away but I met with him that day the next Institute is visited him in prisons good ministry there are 7 day I'm going to do that in. Good ministry you know you can't write people off because he make mistakes. Sometimes that's the only way they can learn that's the only way we do or. Jesus says you know you know as much as you have done it to 1 of these the least of my brethren you have done it on to me dangerous concept Number 2 we do not need works to be saved Well let me say this works will not save us but I tell you what we cannot become a pew sitting church if Christ is in our heart. There will be works now Randi of that in just a minute notice but there's another group there called the goats What does he say to them. Then you also say to those on his left hand Depart from Me cursed into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels for I was hungry and you gave me no food I was thirsty and you gave me no drink I was a stranger in you did not take me a naked in you did I close the 2nd in prison you did not visit me and then they will also answer him saying Lord when now tell us when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in present and did not Ministry tell us Jesus when did that happen now free to walk in with a robe on it said Jesus on it that probably would have all done it right but for what purpose. When they saw somebody who is in need somebody was sick you were like the light they just passed when you. Were going to some Jesus is interesting. When you're hurting he's hurting. When you're in need He's hurting and he has solutions but he is interested in people the bottom line Jesus didn't come to save numbers he came to save people now I want to suggest to you that you are to go do revelation unlock your Dubus of the offer but you are really not think about well I can get a baptism here which you want to think about is I can make a disciple for Jesus I can make a friend I can make someone who will be. In heaven and I can be. Right what's this what did they say about the early church. They love 1 another these are the pagans righty man what a difference the world would be if the pagans would see that in every church member of every Jew no. I will always think Adams is the only ones that are going to get to. Know that's true then when Miller wooden Martin Luther and. Right now I've been a should have a step up right or to be the most most a lot of not to be at it but there's good Lutherans out there there's good Baptists and you know there's eaves Vica. There are some very devout Catholics that would surrender their life for Jesus it's just tough that their leadership is so confused right. That stuff these guys OK when we see Lord I mean move surely you're mistaken it wasn't us that he was them saying assuredly I say to you as much as you did not do it to 1 of the least of these you did not do it to me and you know what happens to them they go away 6 parables to dangerous concepts I can save myself by my works I going to earn salvation by my works and I will bring it home right now if not we any longer it's I do not need works to be say too dangerous concepts truth lies very close to error in those concepts so be careful you don't get confused now let's notice we are saved by grace through faith not by our own works Russell Calvary state we respond by faith that faith is a gift from God. I've heard the saving. You read about Jesus on the cross and the way the devil tormented him broke his heart you know I don't know that kind of THE SPIN ROOM. I know the love that you have as a human being for no human being but I don't know the kind of love they can say to my persecutors I love you in spite of the fact that you're hurting me that you know. I don't know that but we need to know that because very soon that may be where we are at right. Now here those who got it reverse here are those who did not understand that I can save myself by my works and here are those that do not understand that if you have salvation works will come naturally through the underwhelming is always fair notices these are people that come to Jesus when it's all over it's done easier will that be nice. We go to Heaven knows what it says many will come to me in that day many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in you who are these people these are religious people prophesied in your name cast out demons in your name done many wonders in your name miracles is the translation of wonders how would you think they would be the right people. But what does he say then I will declare to them I never knew you depart from me he's at work on using your King James you practice laws here's the thing on this ones they don't have a relationship with Jesus but they thought they did. If they did. And we have the devil's going to be very smart in the end times and he can do all kinds of signs and wonders and minds and mourners are only dispenses to know the Word of God and to know God. We will be lost without that. What did Jesus when he was tempted would did he respond with philosophy. It is written are you saying every day. Can you can you be an effective worker for God If you don't study every day. No let me ask another question yes God send somebody by your cross your path that day that you can talk to that person about Jesus once you try that. You say Lord you know I want to I want to I want somebody today I can talk to about Jesus. Every day. And you can talk to him. Oh I bet that was interesting. Maybe they think if they keep coming I'll get you. See we need to be we need to be kind to even Joe wins and they can be very unkind of they want to see a. New variant I run into him I'll tell you all about that but it happened. All right they got it reversed. Now I notice you cannot be saved by your works however our works what. Testified to God's grace working in us and through us like an apple tree produces blue because it's an apple tree does it work at it no deception. So we will be. Allowing Jesus to work in a US and through us to reach out to the human family I don't know why Jesus loves people like he does I mean he like some of the worst people I don't think there's anybody he doesn't love you don't like what they do do go right I've often wondered you know what this battle between the Muslims and everything is YOUR any hope for some of these people because they are hardened you know to me but you know jesus love them and you and I need to try to reach out to the hardest people and try to bring them to Jesus so be careful not to get readers don't think that you can say save yourself by I can go to church on Sabbath I can give literature out I can I can even run revelation on lock in 0 and just look at me no that's not where it is. That's you that Eugenia I'm trying to convince and the other thing is you know the liberalism says A It doesn't matter we can violate the Sabbath we can do it everyone because we're not saved by our works we're saved by grace and it doesn't matter just. Because of Christ is living in us will he live out his own law. Absolutely. This is 1 of my favorite I've actually memorizes I won't try to repeat it remember because it was on again from people I get stage fright and I forget the words but notice what it said this is what's coming. And in visions of the night representations passed before me of a great reformatory movement among God's people now who are God's people that's us many were. What are they doing. Now why in the world would you start off their greatest form of drawing movement by talking about people. Who were given the credit to. The into the sick were. Healed Now here's a here's a dichotomy isn't it think about it we're always told that the devil knows how to heal right. OK so now what do you do in this case when the sick are healed by God How do you know who's doing the healing who has a sticky 1 isn't it. It's a sticky 1 I don't know that that's a judgement seat I want to climb on I'll be honest with the sick or being healed only praising God. And other miracles were wrought now it doesn't say what miracles were ot but it says other miracles were wrought a spirit of intercession with intercession. Do you pray for the people you know the people around you the people you love the people you don't love. Jesus of would pray for enemies right. The spirit of intercession was seen even as was manifest before the Great Day of Pentecost that's when they went up there lock themselves in the room and they didn't go out. Had hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and only for them the word about I'm hoping this is Bible study over dot com I'm serious. Somewhere people have to learn the work. Hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit. Had genuine conversion spirit spirit a conversion was manifest you could just walk. On every side doors were thrown open to the presentation of the Would that include Russia and China and all those places I don't know the world seemed to be lightened with the heavenly influence great blessings were received by the true number of people of God Now there you go the true and loyal people of God I heard voices of thanksgiving and praise and there seemed to be a reformation as we were. The time for that don't you think in about time for that. It's gone now and then Jesus isn't. Ever Going to a better place. So look up he's inviting us all to be there right now we've got to be his hands his feet his eyes and ears we've got to reach out and touch those who are hurting we've got to help those who are in trouble we've got to be like Jesus thing with you folks as Community Services workers you love to do all that helping people with Don't forget you need to teach him about Jesus too right. Don't be afraid to show Jesus they're going to say wanting to do that's. That's pretty Probably you're awesome we have tremendous times coming before us Times which will not only try our very soul but which will prepare us to walk with you into heaven. So I pray for every person that's here last every person on this camera. May we be like Jesus That's our prayer may we be like Jesus. And may we glorify you. With thank you in praising Christ. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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