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The Song of Moses and the Lamb

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM


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Of you have your Bibles with you tonight and some form or another we're talk tonight about Moses the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb and the scriptures read so nicely tonight by Hilda Reichert that you turn back to that same scripture Revelation Chapter 15 that's a serious message revelation 15 it's a sobering message it's maybe a message sometimes that our modern world would not be too politically correct but it's the truth and we need to take a hard look at it tonight the song of Moses and the Lamb let's start if you don't mind with verse 1 that I saw another angle another sign in heaven great and marvelous Lotus has introduced this is great and marvelous what we're about to see here having 7 last play for some reason we don't think of pole legs being great and marvelous but the answer duction here is that these mighty works of God are great and marvelous. Or N. them the wrath of God is complete another way of saying that the wrath of God is finished which means that there were plagues before this God's judgments have not been idle if he had not had judgments in the land you wouldn't be here tonight Christianity would have been wiped off the face of the earth godly people would have been obliterated but God's judgments are in the land and they have been in the history I want to flash back if you don't mind for a moment to the 7 trumpets. I'm not going to spend a lot of time to 7 traumas but I want spend a little time and I can have time to bore into them but I want to take a look if you look back at Chapter 11 chapter 11 verse 15 begins to tell us about the 7th trumpet now I believe in avenues have taught traditionally and I think correctly that we're living in the time of the 7 trumpet so when this trumpet is done it's finished now those trumpets are God's judgment it's God's judgment through history we have the 7 seals the 7 churches and then you have that principle repeat and enlarge and they cover the time from the cross to the coming of Jesus so the 7 churches and then you have repeat and enlarge with the 7 seals and you have the repeat and enlarge of the 7 trumpets but each of them approach it from a difference aspect the 7 trumpets are God's response to evil in the Christian dispensation if you please if you look at verse 15 it said verse chapter 11 verse 15 then the 7th angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and He shall reign forever and ever that verse sums up the finish if you please and of that 7th Trumpet the 7 last plagues are part of it they finish it and the kingdoms of this world becomes the kingdom of our Savior where he is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. If you look down at verse 18 verse 17 we give you thanks oh Lord God Almighty the 1 who is and who was and he is to come because you have taken your great power and reign the nations were angry do we live in an angry world. And never seen more anger like a devil is evil angels are just ratcheted up angry people are just mad the nations are mad angry and your wrath is come they're not just angry at each other they're angry at God. Let me just give you just a quick view if you don't mind of these of the 7 last play exe for just a moment. I mean of the 7 trumpets the 1st the trumpets come into sets a set of 4 and a set of 3 these are judgments against the enemies of God's people the force for the 1st 4 trumpet. Take down Pagan Rome those trumpets and you can see that the symbols there but remember that pagan Ramos a great enemy of God's people when you when you look at that coliseum and wrong how many Christians lost their life how many prayers of mothers and fathers begging God for deliverance in fact the whole scene of the 7 trumpets starts out with this mighty angel which I think is like a representation of Christ not a created an angel by the way just to make sure. And he's taking the prayers of God's people like incident and he's presuming them and there's an answer in heaven to the prayers on earth. And it's lightning and thunder and earthquake and then you get the response of heaven and the 7 mighty trumpet it's Rome that great pagan empire that so pretty you have the 10 years of the persecution of Diocletian they would have ruined Christianity off the face of the year there's never been a more desk but the Nero who took the life of the Apostle Paul and the apostle Peter these were evil people wretched and God says I think of how the Knopf I heard the prayer and he opened up the floodgates room the city of Rome that had not been invaded for 800 years. 800 years. And for 10 A.D. the gosse invaded and breached the walls of Rome in 66 years down to the date of 476 the lights of Rome the sun the moon the stars the leadership of wall it was turned off and turned into darkness and the began the great called the great dark ages. In 66 years the great empire was finished because God ordered it but then out of those ashes arose another in a mean of God's people you're familiar and many of you been to an evangelist meeting let me see your hands are a. You know when that Terrible's 1260 years of the supremacy of Papal Rome began and it began in 538 when Justinian the Roman emperor by law and definition made the papal see the Pope of Rome in charge of all Christian ministers and that started the clock ticking but God also raises up forces and those last 3 Whoa those last 3 trumpets you hear the angel saying whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa to the inhabitants of the earth because of what is going to happen by the way we're living in those whoa God often sometimes uses other movements to check other movements I was just doing a little reading I said by 600 A.D. the papal sea had become utterly corrupt the popes had all kinds of concubines they were the 1 thing called simony where you buy the office and then you give it to your children and they were given it was a mess I don't have to get into you can read the history yourself. Common history and 570 A D. A man was born by the name of Mohammed if you ever heard him some years ago you might not have been too acquainted with him but most Americans today are quite acquainted with him by $600.00 A.D. we have the Muslim the Muslim movement beginning to start and God allows the Muslim movement to rise up and order to check the power and the apostasy of Christianity not true Christianity but a pasta a Christian. And that power has grown I don't have time to get into to all of that but under that sixt trumpet you have 4 powerful forces that arise an order to stop this power are at least check it you have the rise of the Muslims you have the rise of Protestantism sometimes God uses both negative and positive force that mighty angel that comes down from heaven 1 foot on the earth 1 foot on the sea I think represents the mighty Protestant Reformation and out of that reformation would come the rim imminent of God's people that would focus on the books of Daniel and Revelation and they would have an end time message for every nation kindred tongue and people so you have the RA's of the Muslims you have the rise of the Protestantism you have the rise of the rim in an and in chapter 11 you have the rise of atheism and those powers we still contend with across the face of the earth now I want to share something here that I think you'll find interesting when the prosecutor affirmation took hole by the way this is this is. $2017.00 and October 31 we will celebrate the 500th year of the Protestant Reformation and there are voices around anticipating that saying the Reformation is over it's done it's finished I'd like to be 1 of those voices A says no it's not we're not going to give up so to skip to Europe for your councils and your apostasy Protestant. We're not giving that up but in the process Reformation arose. Charles Sophists ordered the protestant the princes of the preserve and Protestant States to appear before him inspired I've been there and he demanded their loyalty and to turn over the Protestant preachers and to return to the papal power and that's what we call the protest the princes I stood up and said You cannot dictate to our conscience and that started all the great protest called Protestantism Charles if it was absolutely furious he stood and told them what he would do he says I'm going to go back to Spain I'm going to raise an army and I will decimate your states I will destroy your villages outta straw your towns I will well it was pretty awful language but you get the picture so I did he meant every word of it and this is in general terms I went back race an army and he was planning to go with that army to Germany when Guess who invades Spain the Ottoman Empire I have time to get into the Ottoman empire except to say this is very fascinating by the way for just a sidekick on the Internet people make fun of the evidence position on the side those dates and I mean tell you we know those dates are solid that the lot of new research and listen the prophets are never wrong you just have to wait a little bit sometimes I have I don't have time to get all the dates and all that the interest you do that but I'm not going to do that but what I want to note here is that while Charles the 5th was being preoccupied by the Muslims the prophet Reformation grew in such power that became unstoppable. And out of that gave birth to the United States of America and the Constitution the Constitution that we have is a Protestant document it's based basically on Scripture and the golden rule which do unto others you'd have them do to you is the greatest document probably in human history and as a nation we felt like we need to export those principles everywhere and we've endeavored to do that time many times now watch what happens as promised Biblical religion Protestantism grows. What happens to the Muslim Ottoman Empire it goes down until it becomes known as my father used to say the sick man of the east and if you go back and study that prophecy you'll find that the Byzantine Christian imp Emperor actually came under the power of the Muslims the Ottoman Empire but at the end of those prophecies it becomes reverse and the Ottoman Empire is so weak and so powerless that it has to depend on the Christian powers of Europe and become submissive now you know what Turkey's part of NATO the reason I'm giving you that because now I want to show you something very interesting and 1 of us here that 1 these are the papal visit to the United States and I need to refresh my memory I really date myself real good here but in 1969 I was a senior in college 1969 was the 1st time I poke ever ever visited the United States of America I was the 1st time. It came on the heels of Vatican 2 any of the you remember Vatican 2 if you don't you should study it because that that it can to changed and open the doors to America for the papal see I just read an article written in 2015 by a Catholic scholar and they were debating as to whether the that it can to actually endorsed religious freedom because it uses words like human dignity and people should be let to have their own conscience and it sounds really good but this Vatican scholar not Vatican Scott but this Catholic scholar argued that either if you take the best case scenario or the worst case scenario that Rome never changed it's added to about the separation of church and state all it did in Vatican 2 was changed its methods but the American people have bought it hook line and sinker. So that's the 1st and then the 2nd 1 of course was John Pope John Paul the 2nd you remember he became very famous he's the 1 that he and President Reagan worked together with the CIA by the way the CIA's has I special relationship with the papal see because the papal see has better intelligence than the CIA. And I happened back there and we saw all the Ground 0 Poland became Ground 0 we saw the whole Soviet Union come down and whole thing and it was hailed as a great movement and human history the Berlin Wall came down the pope was applauded Reagan was applauded they were given the credit for having all that happened well I'll be I'll be 1 the 1st 1 to say that state sponsored communism state sponsored atheism and communism is not something I would ever want to buy into they certainly didn't even live by their own constitution and give people freedom and they were the religion by the way is was atheism today it's. Russian Orthodox Church is a state church I don't have time to get into that ask me about that sometime but I want to I want to move dampens I want you to see you see it up on the screen there again you can see Pope John Paul the 2nd visit of the United States I'm sorry the writing is so small you can see that he visited 7 times and then you see Pope Benedict the 16th came to Washington D.C. by the way he's the 1 when somebody asked President George Bush what he saw when he looked into the pope's eyes he said I see God Now if you know anything about the statements of the papacy concerning the papal see that should send some cold chills up and down your back but we're not done yet and then we have a Jesuit pope now the Jesuits don't have a real good reputation in the world they've been kicked out of about over 80 countries Catholic countries and city states because of their political maneuvering you check it out yourself you can also go read some of the valves on the O's they take. That this particular Jesuit pope has taken the world by storm he's the 4th pope to visit the United States when he visited was in Washington D.C. in 2015 September and there he addressed no religious leader to my knowledge has ever done that address both houses of Congress with his own agenda that's United States is great once great Protestant country went to Philadelphia stood there in Independence Hall talked about a lot of wonderful things about liberty everybody saying oh isn't this wonderful he really believes in religious liberty and then turn around a few months later and January of 2016 meets the pope of the Russian Orthodox that 250000000 at era meets them in Cuba and they issued a joint declaration in the joint declaration they both roundly strongly the him and Lee condemned proselyting a proselyting just another word for sharing your faith and it's a cornerstone of religious liberty if you don't have the right to share your faith you don't have religious liberty and the Russian Orthodox pope by the name of krill went back to Russia and they put together most draconian anti religious liberty. Law that that was worse than the communist you can even pray in your own home with somebody else lest you be you have to be in a certified church with a certified person in order share your faith you can't handle it you're on the street you can't pray with somebody on the street you cannot do that kind of thing it's against the law. So this Jesuit pope gave the world a full display about talking out of both sides of his mouth but the world little noted. But I notice this remember what I said about the Muslim the papacy came up power the Muslims came out and when the papacy went down and the Reformation came up the power of the Muslims went down. There with me watch this this comes from Public Broadcast Service frontline and it's called The Evolution of Islamic terrorism by John Moore I have compared it to the timing of school visits to United States per U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops that's where I got the information that akin to was finished in 1965 Notice carefully but John Moore and public broadcast services say that the dawn of modern terrorism Islamic terrorism terrorism started in 1968 and went to 1979 so Vatican 2 finishes in 65 Pope Benedict makes the very 1st visit of any pope to America and 1969 I found that interesting in this is when you have radical Palestinians launching hijacks and kidnappings bombings shootings 172 you have the Munich a limpet kidnappings and killing then he says the next 1 started the rise of state sponsored of terrorism and he says that goes from 1979 to 1991 Pope John Paul 1st visit came in 1979. Any visits to us the 1st time follow the 7 more visits with the last 1 and 1999 and that's when you get the Iranian and Syrian sponsors of Hizbollah pioneered the use of says suicide bombers 983 killing of 241 Marines and Lebanon the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing killed 270 people over Lockerbie Scotland and then the next section is from 1991 to 2001 and he calls this the rise of global terror so he showing these different stages of terror and of course you can read I'm not going to take time to read all of that there but of course and 2001 the World Trade Center came down the Pentagon was attacked how many of you remember where you were on September 11th 2001 that's exactly what I thought our in of are distinctly where I was we're actually having the meeting of the district superintendent and I said to them this is a watershed the world will change and the world has changed let me ask you a question Has the terror has Islamic terrorism gotten less since we've had all of this embracing of the papacy or has it gotten worse I think everybody will tell you it's gotten worse I mean even the secular people will tell you it's gotten worse and fact the United States in the past some years has spent huge amounts of treasure and blood trying to stop the stuff and every time they cut off the head of 1 of it a grows another 7 why the reason is because this nation is abandoning biblical Christianity and really embracing the papacy and so God withdrawing his hand and allowing these Muslim powers to come up and check it. Just like you did before now it's going to make a lot of people feel uncomfortable and let me just say this so I'm not misunderstood I'll be misunderstood anyway but at least I have the record straight there's on a soul in the World War doesn't love he loves every Muslim he loves every Protestant He loves every Catholic loves every Adventist and a 7th Day Adventists we should be filled with the unselfish love of God and let me add something else don't think that these political parties are going to be able to fix anything don't sit your hope on some political star rising or falling God knows what he's doing he's playing this whole thing and he's putting checks and balances on it but the world today is preoccupied Europe is preoccupied with its safety United States we're still spending huge amounts of money right this moment trying to stay safe from Islamic terrorism I'm not a prophet of the sun I'm 1 but it's going to get worse if we continue to embrace the papal power and it's pretty astounding when you bring the Pope of Rome before a United States Congress is pretty astounding when there's not 1 Protestant left on the Supreme Court and so my sense that with the last 1 it was a Protestant check and his background and find out who trained him you'll see the finger sticks of fingerprints of Jesuits all over everything this nation is doing so I want to I want to picture that for a moment but then I want to come back to I did have some notes here but they ran away. But maybe it's still my Bible there they are the good thing all right I want to come back to verse 2 chapter Chapter 15 verse 2 Chapter 15 verse 2 and look at that again. Revelation Chapter 15 verse 2 and I saw something like the sea of glass mingled with fire and those who have the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name I want to look at that word victory now people don't like that I mean I've heard so many apologetic Christians I've heard a lot apologetic Avonex say Oh please please don't talk about triumphalism I mean you know you know we're all poor sinners or Oh that's all true but we have a mighty savior who is into winning. And is individual 3 any prophesies he's going to have victory and he prophesies that if we stay with him we'll have victory to now listen this see that you're seeing in chapter 15 does not take place on this side of the coming of Jesus this scene in chapter 15 in these 1st few verses takes place on the other side after the coming of Jesus after the Saints are in heaven and they are standing on the sea of glass that's mingled with fire and they're singing a song verse 3 and they seen the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb saying great and marvelous are your works why do they sing that song they're looking back at the 7 last play. And they're on the other side saying amen hallelujah thank you for running down those play were grateful your ways are just and true and marvelous. That's the picture I told you may not be comfortable. That's because we have sometimes a warped understanding of just how evil evil is we've lived in it's soup so long that we don't have an understanding of why God hates it so much. Let's take a look if you don't mind a little before I get there and talk about that word victory for a moment this this scene that takes place on the other side of the 2nd coming on the sea of glass and the people who sing this song the song of Moses and the lamb. These these are the remnant who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus this song is not a song that the apostles will sing or the prophets will sing or the neighbor Hamel sing it's not even the song that a lot of great Christians will sing they may be there but this song is a song that the remenant will sing who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus and the reason I know that is because the Bible says that they have gotten victory they become overcomers and I would say what they got victory over they've gotten victory over self because they put self and selfishness to death by the way we're going to live in an unselfish heaven and we need to be preparing for that now. I'm tired of the selfishness and the greed in this world they've gotten victory over the beast because of their faith in God they've gotten victory over the image of the beast because the image of Christ has been formed within them. They have gotten victory over the mark of the beast because the father's name his character is written in their intellect and his character his unselfish love his goodness and his righteousness is their choice and they have overcome the number of the beast they've overcome 666 and they've overcome it was 777. 777 if you look in the Greek you'll find that it's using the Greek numerical value of the letters of the cross of Calvary in fact if you go to back to chapter 12 it says they overcame him by the word of their testimony and by the blood of the Lamb their overcomer we gotta get out of this thing we've got to get out of this thing where people say look if you want to be an overcomer you must be some kind of leaderless I'm so tired of hearing that kind of ham tell you folk Europe My Bible says and your bible says that if we're going to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb on the other side we're going to be overcome or. Now I want to say unequivocally none of us will ever none of us can ever give 11 molecule 1 atom of merit Jesus earned all the merit on Calvary's cross we have no merit of our all we have nothing to offer but let me tell you we're not going to win by our own power either it's his power it's when we unite our pitiful nys with his powerfulness that we become overcomers So let's be about it what do you say by the grace of God. And we still have praise God an advocate in heaven so I will look at it verse 3 for a moment. It says and the song of Moses Moses wrote the 1st 5 books of the Bible so the song of Moses if you please in 1 sense starts the scripture and the song of the Lamb in the whole scene and it in scripture let's take 1st a look at this at the song of Moses if you don't mind turning to Exodus Chapter 14 I know you know the story so I'm not going to try to retell the story but I am going to point out a few things here so that we get a picture and a fill if you don't mind X. is Chapter 14 you go back by the way the song of Moses is found in Exodus 15 and the song of the Lamb is referred to in Revelation 15 I just thought that was guy in arresting Here we go Exodus Exodus Chapter 14 Now let me give you just a picture if you don't mind without taking too much time but let's look at verse let's look at verse. At verse 14 I'm sorry chapter 14 verse 2 the last part God speaks to to Moses and he says you shall camp before it by the sea or Pharaoh Will Save the Children of Israel they are bewildered they're confused by the land. And the wilderness is close I'm in I don't have time to get into the geography of the but I'm tell you that I don't believe that what's called Mouse on day is the real Mount Sinai and if you do a little research on that you can find out a lot of that archaeology stuff but what you really have if you if you see it you're mine you've got the delta of Egypt all of its fingers and you follow the Mediterranean coast right up that's the shortest route right into Palestine and you would come right up against the Philistines in the southern part that be the shortest route the God does something very strange the Callao has them turned south and they go through you read Alan White's book patriarchs and prophets about the picture they go through these mountainous WATTIS or valleys are flashflood valleys if you please that are dry riverbed and these towering heels dry desert mountains on every side and they follow that through and then it opens up you can see it on the map on a huge big but there are mountains to the south and to the north are a Gyptian Army post a set or but there they are and it seems like the stupidest thing in the world when you look at it why in the world would God do that and Pharaoh came to the natural conclusion there tracked now the Jetson's were Matt that kind of recovered from the shock they buried their firstborn you think that be enough but let me tell you a sin is stubborn and if you look at the next verse there you'll find that God says I will harden Pharaoh's heart was it let me ask you question God hardened Satan's heart. Are to say to harden his own heart because he refused to be submissive the same thing with Pharaoh God just knew what this man was made out of and he worked it out so he was on the throne because God knew he would never ever yield to him in any kind of a way and God was going to use a stubbornness his own stubbornness his own choice and every time that God movie don't get more stubborn and more determined why do you think that Satan gets up at the end of the millennium after emails and says Justin turn your wise and he gets right up and he tries to get a whole army together the whole world to go up and to take the city because sin is horribly stubborn so they pursued them they were mad they were mad because their land was devastated the 10 Plagues had left Egypt in a mess crops were destroyed much of the animal life livestock was gone. They not a lot of men feel good if you look at all the stuff they went through. And then they lost their 1st born and they're mad and guess who they're blaming it on the blaming on Israel who do you think people are going to blame the effects of the 7 last plagues on the end of time you can figure it out and add insult to injury Israel left Egypt loaded day with to them and then those moments and you know I like that gold piece and I like that go on and on as you have a lot of so and they went out and they took the wealth of Egypt with them and now these folks think they've come to their senses they haven't come their senses they're just there stubbornness has made them. So we're going to trap them we see what started going through the minds of the Israelites when. And in verse 1011 and they saw Pharaoh draw near you can just see the reaction among the Israelites by the way there's probably 2000000 of these folk there are 600000 men but you add their wives to it and their children to it we got a lot of people then you add the livestock to it we got a huge multitude of people here and through that multitude fear and you can read the struggle of their faith then they said to Moses because there are no graves in Egypt you've taken us why did on the wilderness and you can see you can hear them say that and Moses said to the people do not be afraid walk in and say that yes the Red Sea in front of them they've got Pharaoh's army with their long knives behind them and Moses says to them Don't be afraid he can say that based on experience. If there is anything about this generation of people that was brought out of the land of Egypt it was because these folks were just very forgetful and many times have we been afraid because we've forgotten and the Lord begin to work you know the picture that mighty cloud that contained the angel of the Lord rose up and came between the Egyptian army and Israel and then the Bible says and was darkness to them they couldn't go forward they couldn't do anything and the Bible says that the wind blew all night on the water this and there was another time when the Holy Spirit hovered over the water. And that was a creation and in hovering over those waters and separating the water from the land some have said this is like another creation where God is carving out his own people his own nations never been anything like it on the face of the earth no 1 has ever seen anything like it it was like God was saying the Pharaoh actually saying it to say listen I'm in the business of claiming reclaiming planet Earth he said through Moses to Pharaoh Israel is my firstborn with visuals his firstborn does that mean he has other children he wasn't just trying to save Israel he was trying to save you the firstborn so he could save the rest of them and he says if you don't let my firstborn go I'll kill your firstborn let him go so here's Pharaoh now you think that maybe he'd catch on again he's confronted with a supernatural cloud of darkness on the other side almight the wind blows in the morning dawn. I a huge strip of land that is unbelievably dry and that multitude wants them and all day they March it most of the night they March and finally somehow the Bible doesn't say but I just speculate a little bit that cloud lifts because to the Israelites it was a lie to pharaohs darkness so maybe it's in the wee hours of the morning and that cloud lifts and pharaohs eyes are open they must have bulged out that would have been the time to have gone home right there I mean he nobody's ever seen thing like it here is Israel it's scaping through this thing but water piled up on every side and I don't know who his heathen priest are but listen evil will always lose because evil is not perfect it always has flaws. It's almost hard to believe the stupidity and he orders his soldiers his chariots to go after these Israelites there's that Angel the light in the end so they plunge in there they're close like a horse's chariot they're closing on the last part of Israel and I'm not forsake of time you can just read it for yourself the Bible says that God troubled the army of Egypt and the word trouble there can also be translated confuse them by the way the name of Babylon is confusion. And if I've understood the scripture correctly it's that plague of darkness in the 7 last plagues that halts the progress of the mark of the beast and say's God's people and breaks confusion. And then the Bible says that he that he bound the he bound are tore off the wheels of the chariot to cause the will to tear it can also be translated as bound the wheels of the chariots So they're rushing through here and all of a sudden they're there chariots are Grondin to a hall Have you ever have you ever been or those tractor pull they got that juggernaut on the back of drugs see how far they can pull that thing before that just going to put a halt to and just like that uses tractors that thing just move keeps moving forward and get to a certain place no matter how much power that tractor has it's gas going to stop run to the hall and these chariots are grinding to a halt they can't go follower and then all the sudden out of the sudden those Egyptian shoulders soldiers start shouting to 1 another the lowered fi. Our Lord is a great warrior Bogalay maybe we don't like that imagery but let me tell you the book revelation is rift with it it's clean God the Lord Jesus is a great warrior. And God became angry with the Egyptians and I say GOD The LORD 5 he fights against the Egyptians and he fights for Israel so what do you think they did they turn tail and begin to rush back now the morning light is breaking all of Israel is now standing safe on the other shore and they're watching this whole Egyptian army turned tail and they're rushing right back down into the middle of the Gulf of Aqua which is part of the Red Sea and then God says the most a Stretch out your hand SHA the shock turned into joy. Saying that we're glad when anybody dies but let me tell you that army was a terrible threat and God shut it down and he did it for RISP people and they got it they understood and they begin to sing the song of Moses and you can find that song I can't go all the way through tonight for sake of time but you can find that song and Chapter 15 and most of starts the song with the chorus I will sing to the Lord for He is triumphant gloriously the horse and his rider he's thrown into the sea there been many battles horses have been killed with spears and guns and what have you and people been slaughtered on the field of battle but there's been no battle that I know of where they took the horse and the rider and the war chariots and threw them into the sea. Seemed to the Lord and then if you look down a verse too says the Lotus the word mine the Lord is my strength and song he has become my salvation he is my God and I will praise him my father's God and I will exalt him the lured is a man of war the lowered is his name. They rose chariots and his army he cast into the sea his chosen captains also drowned in the Red Sea the dept said cover them and they sank to the bottom like a stone then he pictures the enemy in verse 9 the enemy said I will pursue all over take out of God to spoil my desire my binge and my emotional anger will be satisfied on the Israelites I will draw my sword in my hands shall destroy them and then the song answers and it says you are talking about the Lord you blew with your when. You blew with your win. And the seat cover them and they sank like a lead in the mighty waters who is like you oh Lord I want to tell you that there are 7 other mighty plagues coming on the earth and the 1st 3 plagues of Egypt the Israelites suffered but the 7 last plagues of Egypt Israel did not suffer God made a difference in the 7 last plagues in the end of time they will not fall on God's people now that doesn't mean we're not going to be without suffering and hunger and thirst and difficulty and challenges and the unbeliever we don't even know what's in front of us there's no group that's ever going to go through what we're going to go through here and in that time my brothers this is my peel tonight is let us lay hold of this mighty warrior God that we have he is able to conquer us on the inside he is able to conquer our enemies he is able to bring us to the 7 last plagues and he's able to put us on that sea of glass. I know that we feel sometimes a little stiff drained. By the way go back to the song of Moses for a moment in verse 17 in my summation Moses says Lord you will bring them home you bring them into the Place your center be our dwelling place if you go back to Revelation Chapter 15 and look at verse at verse. 3 to 4 we get a picture of the song of the lamb because these 2 are blended in the blended for obvious reasons Look at verse 3 starting in the middle grade in marvelous are your ways this is song of the Lamb your works Lord God Almighty just untrue are your ways you king of saints the atheist out here they why they say your God You know he so mean look at all those people he killed in the flood. Look at all those Egyptians they drowned in the sea your god so mean. But the Bible declares that God's ways are just and true and righteous that they would stand the test of the cork some evidence of God's ways are just and Jesus by the way in chapter 19 old I'm hearing for time Jesus is pictured as the great warrior riding on the white horse followed by the armies of heaven and Chapter 17 he those that are with him are called chosen and faithful I want to be 1 of those That's because the world doesn't understand how terrible evil Ians let me tell you on the other side I know this doesn't sound politically correct but it's the truth on that sea of glass mingled with fire on the other side. There's going to be celebration over the destruction of evil. Now let me tell you something clear because we don't get this in our atheist friends don't get it evil in theory hurts nobody it has to have an agent you can have all the theory in the world but evil require an agent and we've seen what evil has done to this were and we're going to be celebrating not because anybody wanted anybody to lose their life not because the Saints really wanted anybody to be destroyed but these people have destroyed themselves by their own choice and if they had been left alive we see at the in the millennium what they would do they would take the New Jerusalem and kill everybody in it they would tear God off a strong by the way they're not wise enough to run the universe only God is able to run the universe and he's a WANT TO gave His only begotten Son So you're not going stand on that sea of glass brothers this is this is for the rim and they're going to sing the song of Moses and the land let me let me just say let me just say this that that the singing there and the singing on the side of the Red Sea is celebrating the destruction not only of evil but the agents of evil I mean my father was in World War 2 some of you've been wars or the horrible but when Naziism was finally put down and the Empire of Japan what happened in America people poor into the streets all over this nation celebrating the in a Nazi. By the way anybody want to bring Hitler back to life you know bring his Nazis back to life. We have the we have the blood of 6 I stood in 1 of the 1 of the or the concentration camps and I saw the horrors of what this Nazis and had done and I was so moved by I stood there before some of the names that are put there and I was by myself and I said a little do not let their voice die let their blood continue to cry to you from the ground until you answer with Justice listen if we can do that over some war here and you think about that coliseum and all the terrible things that pagan wrong do you think we're not going to rejoice over the destruction of pagan rung. Are we not going to destroy rejoice over the destruction of those who instigated the Inquisition there's never been any more horrible tortures millions of people lost their lives the Alba gin seas were slaughter the wall didn't see and so were slaughtered and what about the slaughter of is long the slaughter of Jews a slaughter of Christians the suicides and all the terrible things just look what's going on in Mosul right now look at those poor people have been through. You think we're not going to celebrate the destruction of that kind of a thing we have a mighty war. And Jesus is going to put an end to it. We're not going to rejoice over the destruction I'm not see Islam in fascism that destroyed nearly 6070000000 people in War 2 are we not going to rejoice of the destruction of communism Russia lost 20000000 people China 70000000 Cambodia 2 to 3000000 and tens of millions of others around the world you mean we're not going to stand on the other side and say with the angels of God Hallo look they're gone. They're fruitage well. We stand at the edge of the Red Sea before us the remenant the keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus before us is a sea of impossibilities giving that final message of being victorious is going to take a mighty leader and there's no human on earth that can lead but there's no leader like our Savior there's no leader like Jesus behind us Babylon is gathering her forces and as 1 dear papal Prelate said to someone this time we're not going to make any mistakes when they learn to but we have a mighty warrior we have a mighty leader here is the question that you and I must answer if we are going to be part of standing on that sea of glass and celebrating the destruction of evil and here's the question will we trust our leader will we obey by His grace and power his commands will trust our leaders or Surely he's coming. We're missing that great him G.'s going to get us in that low he. Want to stand with me. Last. There based slug. List. Oh. Look. It's. Love. Love love. Snow. Sleet. Love. Love. Love love. Love. Love Lucy. Gracious Father in heaven thank you for sending your great warriors. To warn him in my heart our name conquering everything in my heart in the Lord Father in heaven. May all power and glory and honor be given to him in May he conquer all the horses of the earth and he will finally even Satan himself and all the reading will rejoice over that but here we are in the end of time father We've been called the Sunday sing the song of Moses. And the land were great and marvelous are your works. Heavenly Father by your Holy Spirit put it into our hot. That we will trust our leader. Our son our Jesus. A man. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. Your servant leader visit W.W.W. dot. Org.


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