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Tell Me the Story of Jesus

Sue Gilmore




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM


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Dear Heavenly Father I thank you so much for this opportunity to share about how we could make a big difference in children's lives by telling your stories to them and I just ask for your Holy Spirit to be with us and to be our teacher as we look at your keys in being a master storyteller like Jesus in His name we pray man OK well I have been in love with stories since I was a little kid I always had my nose in a book and but it really wasn't until I was. In high school that I. Started hearing the stories of Jesus I grew up in the Catholic Church and and we would have occasional stories during the mass but but not really a lot of emphasis on the Bible of course and but you know when I was in high school. I had a friend in my friend and his name is John and he was on a spiritual journey so he invited me to go along to church with him he had just been on. A vacation with his folks and while they were camping some young people came to their trailer and was passing out tracks and 1 of the tracks was on the Sabbath and so John looked at that and he said this looks really interesting and so once he got home he started going to the Lavonia 7th Day Adventist Church here in Michigan and invited me to come along with him and so we did add we went there and we loved it there and the people were so warm and friendly and every week the pastor was telling a story from the Bible and stories I had never heard before and they just it just builds up my back then I was an atheist and I had like I felt like I had this hole in my heart I just felt so empty inside you know I had a lot of friends I had a boyfriend but I still had this emptiness but when I heard these stories they were feeling that hole that I had and so I really wanted to know more about Jesus and. And then pretty soon after I started tending the superintendent of Sabbaths go this is the the Navajo him up to me and she handed me the mission story book and she said Will you tell these stories every week. And and I and I guess I sort of gulped and said Yes you know but I had never told this story before in my life you know and and I was you know I we had the platform here you know and I was literally my loonies were literally shaking back there I was. But you know the more I told these stories week after week the more I loved the story and I found that they were changing me and I started to want to tell other people. So and I have been. A storyteller ever says. OK I've been telling stories. Bible stories to kids in Sabbath school and of course I started out by time mission stories and I love telling mission stories to kids into grown ups and I am usually asked to be the storyteller for Vacation Bible School and I we have a church school and so I'm I often have been over there telling stories and once a month I am you know I'm on the docket for telling stories during church time and I just love it and the kids love my stories grownups love my stories and I and I just have a wonderful time sharing Jesus that way well I believe that Christian storytelling is a powerful way to witness for Jesus do you believe that it is in the Namak way you know and you know when I was a brand new baby Christian you know I was reading the Gospels and as I was reading them you know I saw over and over again that she says love to tell stories you know that's I think it was his favorite way of communicating the gospel you know and the Kingdom of God to the people then and I want to share with you this this beautiful verse that's 1 of my favorites from Matthew 13 verse 34 where it says Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in what your balls and a parable is a. Story right OK he did not say anything to them without using up here a ball or a story you know and sometimes. Let me see if I brought my. Yet you get my Bible out sometimes we forget that you know that the Bible is really a book of stories right it's a book of stories for our men and women and for boys and girls lost their way and need to find their way home you know it's a way they were got it's just amazes to me that God uses this simple the simple tech me to talk to us and to really turn our lives around and he's done that for me and so I want that start out by telling you little story my favorite stories are about my journey you know with Jesus as you know our testimony is the most powerful story there is OK now I said I've been going to the I went till about a 7 the administration Sabbath I still went to church on Sunday with my my parents but my mom was seeing that I was getting a little too interested in this admin this church and she was the spiritual leader in our family she was a dynamic. She had a pretty heart and her you know she was I Namak person and she just put her foot down and she said Susie you are not going to natur anymore you know but then it was too late. As the Sabbath. Had been planted in my heart and I wanted to keep the Sabbath and so I remember it was 1 Friday night and my sister had gone out on a date and I was in our room all by myself and so I got out the hymnal the pastor had given me a hymn Knol and those were all new songs to me so I would take it home and try to learn them so I started out I think in a song and then I got out my Bible my boyfriend had given me a Bible verse Bible I had ever owned in my whole life. No this is not oh no this is not. Mono and this 1 is very old too but. But I was reading a book. And the reason I got started on Matthew was because 1st of all my boyfriend gave me the book. And I remember as a Catholic but it was the perfect book to give to me because because I was a big history fan and so I saw that and that's all about history you know in the very beginning and I say read about Martin Luther and he became my hero I just loved him and then I just noticed that all the people all these people they were laying down their lives for this book you know I said What is with Bible that people would do that and then I noticed in great controversy I said Man there's a lot of Bible verses in the book I said So what is with this book I am going to start reading this book and see what is so special about it and so I believe the Holy Spirit guided me not to start in Genesis I believe it guided me to start in Matthew. In the New Testament and that was the best place for me because it was not long before I fell in love with Jesus as I read is story and you know I think and then that Friday night back to that Friday night so it was that Friday night I was all alone and I just got down on my knees by my chair and I said Dad I don't know how to do this but I just want to let you know that I want to be your girl I want to be in your family and I want to be like Jesus inside this in my heart and that was the 1st not the 1st step but a 1st really big step for me in my journey with the Lord and you know I believe because the Lord changed me through his story I have been passionate about timing children starve or sense because if they can change me you know atheist they can change our children's lives and so that's why I've been really it's a bene part of my my life ever since OK. Yeah I love telling the story of. Our story in the most important story so what we're going to do in this seminar though we are going to look at 10 keys that I have learned over the years that have helped me become a witness for Jesus and storyteller for him OK So 1st story 1st he who is my story for this is a really important key OK so. If this let's pretend this is 3 year old Jimmy Now if I'm going to tell a story the 3 year old Jimmy I know that Jimmy you know his incredible role so he has a very short what. An attention span right and I have just I just saw this interesting formula that said you can sort of predict a kid's attention span by taken their age and just adding 1 to it OK. So I get Jimmy for how many minutes for our minutes you know and I'm a Sabbath school teacher I teach trail wrong kindergarten right now and you know we have a 10 minute time with the boys and girls for their lesson but I got a trick up my sleeve OK And you can use this when you tell children stories in the kitchen bible school or church service OK when you get to me involved in your story now then you're Strachey is attention span so you know if I'm in Sabbath school I can ask Jimmy to put a felt up on the board and they just love that OK Cradle Roll and kindergartners just love building that picture with you or are sometimes i will use. A simple though little device I made these I call my Bible blocks now what idea then is I have a graphics program and if you want to get in children's ministry I really recommend that you get a graphic art program you know you can pull things from the internet pictures OK I do that a lot but I also am thankful that I have my my current minister because they have a lot of pictures that I can use so these are some of the Bible people from that and I just I just the day compassion now onto this is a what we call underlayment you know you get it at the hardware store and then my husband cut some some little pieces there are like like a triangle or a right triangle so it will stand up so I had These are just about. These are just about 5 of them but I have I have about 8 or 8 more at home but I like to use them because then we can get down on the floor with the kids and they can help make the Bible seeing and like they can move them around. It's them and OK the key to telling a story also is variety you don't want to use just the same all method all the time you want to use a lot of things OK so sometimes I will use that arm let's see oh I think I have something over here in my story kit that I forgot to bring around. Me Sometimes I will bring their Ah OK when I tell a story whether it's for Sabbath school or or up front and I'll tell you we'll get into this a little bit later but something I always use I never tell a story just with me OK I always bring something along and this is 0 is gyrus is could be gyrus is daughter right OK And so I 5 got Jimmy in my class OK I'm going to have a little Dad 1st for gyrus is daughter Sarah and you know when when she was 1st sick I'm sure gyrus must have given her some medicine that he got from the doctor and so I have a little medicine bottle that I've saved and I give the actual little Jimmy and Little Jimmy comes up and gives their a little drink of Bateson OK And every child in the class will do the same thing you know but we say it's still not working she's still not better you know so those are some things that you can do. In helping to get to me and wow OK so I'm not I'm going to teach a story very differently for him than I would for his sister who is in primary and she has a much bigger attention span OK Now another thing I'm going to do you when I know who I'm talking to you is I'm going to adjust my grown up or Cabul Larry to their vocabulary so I'm going to boil it down. Simplify it OK now when you're working with. Juniors and early teens you know it's not so critical you know but but still if you can if you can be aware of some of their their cool words you know. The market time you spend with kids the better storyteller you will be you know how we want to learn to speak their language and that's our our next key here number 2 is talk their language now I brought Carnally around. OK in our quarter this is the 1 that I use in my class because I'm using the can the garden must in there and our quarterly is are a good tool if you're telling a story and say have a school and if you want to become a storyteller some of you ladies want to be a start and were not involved in instilled in Sabbath school I really suggest that you talk your meters and say I like to come in maybe once a month I'd like to tell the mission story or I'd like to be a sub for your teacher or from think you something because the more you're with children OK Amaury understand how they tick and they'll give you and the more you tell stories the better you're going to be at it OK but our star our quote of these are really good for putting the story in the kids' language you know and so if you read the quarterly it's really going to help you especially I think Grace link for Khanna Garnett does a really crackerjack job at this. Yes yes. Yeah yeah. Oh. Yeah that's right of that that's what happened that. OK OK So let's say all right you know you're going to be. What the court is good for is it breaks it down into children. In ways that children can understand OK And you know when they're telling us story the stories in the court of these are not the same as are not the same excuse me but this. They're not going to have all the the details that we have in our Bible especially if you're channeling a story to a young child OK there are some things that you some stories you're not even going to tell a kid that is in the Bible you know like the story of the shiva for example you know. And you will you will see that as you reach children's stories for her young children they leave out a lot of war stories you know you might see it in primary and Junior they'll start to bring those in but you won't see it with the crane wrong kindergarten because they can't handle it OK It will be to what why wouldn't they be able to handle it yes that it will be upset and that children that age are very feeling oriented and it will scare them out they will scare them spend this OK and we don't want to interject that into their young lives OK. And. So there so that's when that's an important reason why we like to use our court of these good tool for storytelling OK. And. And we also don't want to interject ideas that are over their heads if I just was going to tell the story of David and Jonathan and I quickly I grabbed my Bible look it up and went by my Bible alone I could be adding things in my story that are way over their heads that they cannot understand just recently I have a bike a team of storytellers that come in to do the lesson time in my room I just lost my my main teacher he moved up north and I haven't been able to find you know 1 person so I got a team of 4 but anyway I had a sub come in and she was telling the story about Joseph and his brothers you know how Joseph went with food to his brothers and but she didn't have time to study that lesson that we see is a busy mom and she just didn't have time and so she just sort of winded you know and she winged it mainly from the Bible and so she was bringing she was amped assizes all the hatred that Joseph brothers had for him you know and going on about they were going to kill him they're going to do this to them they're going to that to them and she spent a lot of time doing that and I was just cringing inside because I have this is right or wrong she forgot who she was talking to you know but that's what can happen when we know OK so we definitely don't want to do that and I'm I'm probably getting ahead of myself here OK let's go on to the next 1 so we don't want to read our story of that a very big 1 you know when I see our story tellers during a church service so many people bring up a book or they bring up a paper and they end up reading it like they're giving a speech you know to the cancer and any of you who have done children start you know. No that that is the letter of kid interest as soon as you read now that's not a killer up here in this picture OK because this is a nice time mommy with her little girl sitting on mommy's lap they've got that colorful picture book there's pictures on every page you know it's a that's a great time to reach a can but when you've got a group of kids you know like I had a whole rather row of kids and I start to read to them they're gonna wiggle they're going to start to talk. They're got off sometimes cry you know I am lost and so I never ever read so what do you do when you're when you have a story well you pick out your story and let's say you know we're going to do it next week so in the morning when you get up you read the story. In the evening before you go to that you read the story you do that every single day because your goal is not to read the story your goal is to tell the story right because we're a story teller All right not a story reader you know and the big this is a big thing with me. Because when I feel like Pathfinder is a church school kid you know their teachers are teaching them to read the story not to tell the story and every time I watch people doing that you know the kids are all over the place really keyed in to that person telling was trying to tell them a story OK So remember not do not read OK and. Also focus on the big idea there's always a big idea in a story and you are in a quarterly as well bring that out devotional books is another great place to find children stories that now her church are her Bible School and but there's always like a kernel a scene in there that you want to get across to your kids OK So you want to focus on that because you don't want to just give them Bible information I think we want to have bible transformation we want that story to change their lives and so we need to find what is the big idea that I'm trying to get across just 1 thing 1 thing you know in the Quarterly is usually do that like. We have. So that's what we want to focus focus on 1 big idea I'm going to show you what I mean in the next life OK All right then this is an example from my kindergarten lesson that's a few weeks ago right now or been learning about Joseph and this is the story you know when he went to da fan you know to help his brothers out this is not the picture that's in the Quarterly I had I couldn't find 1 like that so but anyway this is a scary story isn't it yes because there the brothers are going to do something then OK but I want you to notice how this is from Grace Lee and I really like how they handled it it says they talked about the brothers talked about the bad things they could do to just up and they made plans what kind of plans hearable OK Now those 2 points OK or throwing him in the well like we see in the picture here and then later what else did they do. A soul in training OK those 2 things now this story in and my quarterly are right they didn't mention that broke that the brothers hated NOSSA they didn't mention that they're going to kill him OK it wasn't in that story in that that detail out for a good reason but they showed they didn't like Joseph by doing those 2 things right so that's all we needed to focus on in that doubt those gory details and that is so important we need to always think about what is appropriate for the same and I have the benefit of because I was training as a teacher you know I studied spiritual development of children but you know when you become a venture leader which I have been an adventure leader I've been a Pathfinder leader I've been in childed ministry or since I joined this church you know but there's always resources there that help me understand the various ages of the children how they think how they're growing up you know what their needs are and if you really want this to be a ministry of your then I encourage you to find a book you know like that and go through it and you know just read it you don't have to pass a test or I think you know about learn about what kids me and that will help you also to be asked to be a master storyteller. OK that's going to the next 1 all right key number 3 all right all right when you're getting ready to tell a story it's like you're going to be in a marathon race OK or no limb pick runner and you're at the starting line and right beside you is Jesus and Jesus is saying get ready get set no no don't take off yet get ready get set so Jesus wants us like I said not to him yet he wants us to prepare prepare OK So you know I used to train Bible records. When I lived down in Oklahoma and 1 of the things that I always told the kids these college students I said that doesn't matter how many times you've given this Bible study and when you get into Bible work. Hundreds of ones and twos. Sometimes a lot of people after the 2nd lesson they're 1 other ones so you end up finding somebody else but but you know also but even if you've told that lesson. Hundreds of times I still told them I said prepare today as if it's the 1st time you've ever seen it and that's what I did that's what I do because I would go through the lesson again I had prayerfully asked Jesus to reveal Himself to me in the story in this lesson and because I want to give manna a fresh experience to my students and I've carried over that principle into my work with children so Same thing with my hump no matter how many times I tell that Bible story I am going to look at it again I'm going to pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to me and that he will guide me in knowing how to. Presented to the children and so I'm going to have a fresh a fresh story it's going to be it's going to be different than any other time I've told it but that's 1 of the things we need to do and take time to know your story and asked Jesus to help you to be able to tell it through the eyes of a child so if you're maybe working with primaries you know and you Evan you've been reading about what primaries me you know but and so think about telling that story that will fit most primary kids but then also think about the children in your church who are primaries that you're working with you know maybe you've got 7 year old Molly over here you know what does Mommy need in the story that she can take home with are and practice during the week you know because you want that story to become their story not just your story or not just Jesus's story but Mollie story because you know what the most important part of any story is not the facts it's not the plot it's application that's what we do with that story and if you're a Sabbath school teacher you mean to make time in order to talk to the kids about the application even if your child a children's story for church there should be a little lesson at the very end that you tack and you know so that the children can make a decision and that's our goal that's our goal as as storytellers for church time is we want the children to make a little decisions for Jesus OK. And our next 1. All right a pitcher is he number 4 now what to my pictures. You know kids today if you study about the brain scientists will tell you that our children's brains have become rewired you know our brains are always changing and our kids because they're so keyed in computers you know and all of that graphics you know they're thinking graphically so pictures are so important for getting the kids to really experience the story OK so if I'm telling the story about let's say that the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden OK I might find clip art from the computer that looks like this OK Now where's the devil in that funny looking snake right OK Now is this a cute graphic. It is cute it is cute but it is not what I would call a truth building graphic because are they going to think that if I use pictures like that are they going to think that thus the devil is someone they should stay away from. No I really looked this is a fun picture OK and I would not use it for trying to teach children because you know we want them to know what sin is even small children you know that sin hurts the heart of Jesus and sin hurts us so I don't want it to be too comical All right so as much as possible I like to use pictures that are closer to looking real OK now here's another picture this is from the series my Bible 1st they use this artist's work quite a bit in their lessons and am an even look like real people there don't pay as compared with these guys right thing and they look like real people who are about to make a bad decision OK So this is more of a truth building picture yes. I'm going to tell you just about you can you can find them in rugs. Yeah I use my computer a lot and. There is a website that has this whole collection by this artist and you can get every story in the Bible and you can download them into making small cards or or in a half by 11 pictures you could bind them and put them together in a book like. I have a binding machine at home you know so I can add these little binders on the side you know a binder machine only cost like $2025.00 it is a really good investment. And then I'll have the pictures and then I can I can either you know do it this way and just flip this way and show it to them or are in book form yes. I have a laser printer so it's much more cost effective than that and I would do that every week anyway but if you want to know where you get those pictures you can go to a website it's free Bible images or you know and you can you can make them into a Power Point and then you wouldn't have to choose any at all and it's really like. Free Bible images that org. Is a real gold mine. So that I when I found that I said Oh I. Don't have to use a Google Images so much OK all right or the next big thing that has really made a difference in my ministry with kids is to use traps and no matter what age I've been working with you know when I was a Pathfinder later I used perhaps when I have been primarily at or I use props you know when I tell children stories at the church school I use props OK and props make your story come to life OK now. See up here. Marigot OK here are some props OK now if I was telling the story of a lie Joe Mount Carmel OK I wanna I wanna build an altar OK with the kids you know I could bring in some rocks OK I have rocks at home or I could make some rocks and they wouldn't be so heavy to carry you know so I just did some of this not too long ago I just filled up a garbage bag I made some that are bigger than this 1 but I filled up a garbage bag I stuffed it with plastic grocery sacks and I taped it shot and then I got 1 of those are rolls of brow craft paper that you wrap boxes up with you know when you're moment and and I just cut off a piece and then I and I sponge painted it you know I took out a sponge and I put a lot of brown different browns and different grays onto it you know so it would look more rocky and then I crumple it all up and then I wrapped that paper went to the dry around my bags and then then just taped it shut now another way is you can day composite onto your onto your back to me but it looked really cool and and the kids really liked it and so can use that for a prop. They could part is is like a thick glue a craft a glue that you can get at your craft store. Well after you've taped it it would it well it will make the paper stronger and it will stick and it will stick now it will stick to that now let's give it a try. You can make them any size you want to these are much smaller than the rocks that I I made I made giant boulders because we were starting about Jesus' 2nd 70 so I wanted a few boulders you know but you can make I've made small ones yet whenever a small bag would work just fine OK on when I'm telling the story about Jay come on making the multi color code for his son Joe so I like to bring in well now I. I have been shepherdess we used to live up north and I used to have a small flock of me and I learned how to spin well I and make things out of the wall and so I like to bring that along because you know most kids don't have never seen Well you know or felt most kids have never seen a spindle so I usually will bring in my drop spindle and show them how Jacob probably made the yarn for this coat you know but you know as a storyteller Those are my experiences you know I was you may not of then. Kept sheep but you will bring your own experiences and things from your own house into your stories and God will just show you what can I do to make this story in her active and hands because most kids if you talk to any teacher will tell you that most kids are more hands on about learning these days than they used to be. OK. Now no 1 has called me the bag lady yet but I kind of am when it comes to story because I what I like to do is I like to use a story bat so whether I'm teaching Sabbath school or if I'm teaching up front in church I always bring a couple of props in a container Now my last story that I told I didn't bring a clock bag I brought a beach bucket right and I told the kids I'm all ready for the beach I got my stand back I got let's see I got my shovel Oh OK And you think I'm going to play in the same. Looks like it but I'm actually going to the beach in order to find an amazing animal that lives in the shallow water and then I pulled out this animal. Do you know what it is. It is that's a sea of art or some many of them wanted to hold it you know but my story was I was using the sea horses and I told them I said you know Jesus has given this animal an amazing 10 am you know you see how its tail curl and I had some plants and I actually attached the sea horse to the plant that just borrowed 1 of the plants from the podium and I said this is am I has this animal actually has a tail that's very similar to a monkey stay on and scientists call it a prehensile tail I didn't use that term them in the. You know but you know a monkey can just hang from a branch right you know and his arms dangle down you know he can be looking for prude on the tree you know but Jesus came the see part of you because. Believe it or not this is a fish and he has some fins on the top of his hand and on his back only 2 and because of that he can't swim very fast a few words can only swim 5 miles an hour and but but Jesus is taking care of him by giving him this tail and so the sea horse well hooked onto a piece of core all a piece of scene we you know it's something there in the water and plus he can camouflage himself to look just like the color of the coral or the color of the sea and that's how Jesus. And what Avar. Seahorse holds and chew it's called his hold they asked and so I use this story to. You teach the children you know that Jesus is to be our hope that's right the Bible is to be our hope and but I use those props and by bringing a big bag or some kind of a container you are creating something important and it's called Curiosity and so it doesn't matter if you're working in the juniors or early. You can build here yesterday in that lesson or in met story by having a container that you're going to bring a couple of things out and it makes all the difference in the world let me tell you. I'm the only storyteller that does that at my church but I keep hoping the other people well. But so far so far no go OK All right let's look at our next slide. Number 6. You are speaking of props you are the number 1 prop Have you ever thought of yourself that way. As a storyteller you are now 1 way you could be. A prop on there was 1 year. And there was 1 year when for vacation bible school we had a program called that was a Bible museum did any of you do that wonder member that when you don't do that well I was an awesome why it was so much fun and I got to be the Bible curator So that meant that I wanted to do it that part of the program in our church go in the hallway so I set up 3 long tables and I filled it up with artifacts some of them were real you know actual Bible artifacts and some of them I had to make are by like Mike here I still have it I this is a hieroglyphic clay tablet because that's how they wrote thing back in Bible time you know and I'm an on line in and research some letters of the that they used back then and and just use like toothpicks you know. To make them into some clay that I got at the craft store OK and it's still nice in heart another artifact I have and I made a little I made a little David sling that was 1 of our stories so I never all the artifacts in our museum went along with the stories were written by with Co So this is the actual piece of real mother you know and these are real mother OK pieces that I tied and you know and oh boy when not so I thought a slave does love that you know and this 1 I I bought I bought at Oriental Trading that's another good place where you can get stuff for time China starts this is not that my had you know I have a huge head but you know when we were talking about jet and we had a lot of stuff for Egypt that I had had bought little models of their god different gods to show the children but. But anyway I was there the curator and 1 day 1 day art we were having the story about Joseph in the court of many colors and so it was all about Bible clothing you know and of course during the in our our thank museum I had Bible pictures on the walls too and you know I could appointed 2 people there you know but I just thought that wasn't close enough for the kids you know I wanted something closer and so I decided I'm going to make myself a bible thing and so I like to sell so I got a pattern and I made a Bible row and I I found fabric that kind of looked Bible like you know and I had a chew Nic that went over it you know it's like a long best you know and then I had the tire around it and of course the headdress you know the veil you know so the kids were so excited even kids that went to the church school you know and knew all about the Bible they just thought that was cool now I'm in pretend I was I was Rebecca or Sarah you know I was still stuck to the curator the museum curator you know but I use I was a walking demonstration right. I was a walking prot you know what I wanted to teach them so that is 1 way you can be a prop but when I think of me being a prop I use custom so minimal I mean how in 99.9 percent of the time you know I don't do that but but I am still a number 1 because it's how I tell the story that makes me how do I use my voice when I tell the story and like. If we were telling the story of David and Goliath you know here comes young David just picture it this young kid you know he's got his sleeping. He's got his staff with a stick and he's come into words of the giant you know and the John wants to fight with a soldier right and he says this kid how do you know I'm with this dead and so he gets all male or mad and he said Who are you going to come to me with. You know it's men like that you know that your teachers ever tell you to read with expression. Now I cannot be a base but I'll try my best you know but but we can do that especially when we're trying to say the same words that that person may have sat you know life is an extreme example you know because he was big and massive and he with mad you know but we can do that from time to time and and that will punch some extra interest in the story OK So that's 1 way we can do it another way. Is well 1st of all I want to show you this quote This is from councils to parents teachers and students. And this was a conversation between an archbishop of Canterbury with a famous actor back and in those days you know an Alawite and the archbishop said why is it you actors affect your audiences so powerfully by speaking of things a mansion. So things on the stage are not real they're pretend and told that in the actor replied mind the word replied better to permit me to say that the reason is plain it all lies in the power of what. And through me as I'm writing OK now if you are a very quiet person hey and you're going to have to move out of your comfort zone a little bit when you tell a children's story because this is so important in a story is using and yes them we on the stage speak of things imaginary as if they were real and you in the pulpit speak of things real as if they were. Out that's. So that was kind probably kind of worrying that what the what he was saying about the ministers OK so by using enthusiasm we are showing that what what we are sharing with the kids is really important to us OK and if Jesus has changed your life by the Bible OK then you can they are naturally pass that on it which is a bubble out of. So we want to get excited we want kids to know that this isn't just an ordinary book I remember working with Pathfinder you know on that was something I really wanted to share with Graham you know and I often then I said this is not in our name and this is not just words on a page I said this or that God used to create our world out of nothing is an other sentence in this book now do you believe. If we believe that the we're going to pass that on through our stories and how we count them we're going to get excited when we're telling them about the 2nd coming of Jesus or I mean we're going to be smiling from ear to ear I am going to tell them how we are going to be jumping up and down I mean we are going to get excited I mean I didn't get this when I when I get a Bible study and people can tell that I have something I have that inner joy about Jesus in His word and that's what they want in that and my juniors that's the thing I mean I had kids that were. Hard so hard and generous was a tough age group for me because I'm I'm really more of a younger kid type of teacher but these kids were hard just sitting on their shared this are almost you know arms folded like I dare you to touch me you know a type of thing you know but you know as I began you know through the year sharing my own experience with Jesus in enthusiastic way you know using things from made sure and showing them real thing. I'm changing every 1 of my junior and I saw them want to know Jesus wanted half of the life with my to be baptized you know and I know it was not and it wasn't me. It was the Holy Spirit using me but now I could see that Jesus I had Jesus my life and juniors I'll tell you Junior is an early teen why a religion that works they want to real they don't want no phony you know just going to church you know just words they want something real and that's what they're looking for. So we want to pass on our excitement with Jesus OK. Let's move on to our next. Oh I want to share this verse OK when my favorite verses he says says in John 1232 you and I if I am lifted up from the earth will draw all people to myself all right and that's what we want as a storytellers right we were to kick this so. We want to drive the children to Jesus so when I look at this text you know I always think Jesus is saying and I if I am looked it up from here I would drop all children. That is my prayer and I love what all my shares with us about how that happens in the 1st volume of the testimonies page $162.00 she says if Christ be in us the hope of glory we shall discover matchless chimes in him that the saw which is the children we're working for will be in mannered means there while not with right that's what shows up there we will cling to him choose to love him and enraged and in admiration of him self will be forgotten and that's why we need to walk closely with Jesus and Jesus will be magnify and adore him so we need an experience of being a storyteller we need a close experience with Jesus Christ and if Jesus is in us the hope of glory if we love him to our core then we'll be able to pass on those matchless charms of Jesus to the boys and girls that we are ministering to OK we want them to follow us. To copy us OK as we are following Jesus All right we are their picture of Jesus OK And what a Christian who loves Jesus looks like so that is really a prerequisite now you know there's a big there's a big push in working with kids in your show to follow. The follow the ways of the world you know our kids have a lot of stress on them a lot of things pulling them you know there's a rock music you know there's a computer you know on their smartphones I mean they are so distracting and so many people have tried to use those same things in order to win them and grab their attention OK but there used to be a church called the will create and if you ever hear will. Well it's not a 7 day Amish church it's a non-denominational church that was run by a pastor named Bill. And Bill highballs had the idea I want to reach the secular people in my community OK that's a good thing right but you know he want he went about it in a business way he wanted to use advertising as his method and so his method was I'm going to find out I'm going to go door to door with surveys I'm going to find what these people want and I'm going to give it to them and so what did the people want they wanted rock bands you want a puppet show they wanted sketch they wanted drama and so that's what the church gave them but just about a year ago Bill Heibel was being interviewed by a Christian magazine and he said it was very shocking you sad we made a mistake. You know and he said Yeah I brought the people but they didn't keep them and they were growing to be good Christians solid Christians who really loved their Lord and were living a Christian life and so he said We decided to teach them the Bible get them into their Bible studying the Bible a taught them how to pray we taught them how to share their faith that's where we're at right now you know so I mean that's what the Bible tells us right that's a Christian discipleship is really all about you know so for me we don't need those the world's trappings we don't need to the world's methods we have if we have Jesus if we have the love of Jesus in us OK we can use some very simple things and it's still going to grab the kids' attention and it's going to help them grow and I have seen it I've seen it in my in my ministry OK Number 7 is tell the story OK. All right so when we're telling a story we're not acting out this story all right I'm not going to be King David or I'm not going to be Queen Esther OK I'm the storyteller it's kind of like I was there watching that story unfold OK It's kind of like you know you never know the kids are playing out there but you know if the window was open and let's say we saw a helicopter land there in the courtyard and then we saw a bunch of guys get out of the helicopter and they all had a hammer in their hand and they went around that courtyard and they were smashing all the windows OK And then later later in the day the police came by and they found out that we were 1 of the classrooms here and so they're going to come and ask you what did you see OK now what would that make you. Oh Whedonesque That's right you know and that's what we are where a Christian storyteller We are witness OK It's so it's like we were there like in the story of Daniel we were in the dining room OK with Daniel and all those other young men who were there eating with the king we saw all those tables just loaded with Babylon food we saw the stuffed pigs we saw the Red Lobster we saw the turtle. That's all the food that that some of the food that they packed them we saw the wine sparkling in the goblets OK And then we saw all over it we saw an empty then you know wasn't it oh no and because we are we are a witness for Jesus Jesus has given us the ability to know what Daniel was. OK Dan was thinking I love Jesus I love guy I want to be faithful here in the court of Babylon I want to eat and drink for the glory of God I want to keep his commandments so we can use those things oh things so to speak think of yourself as you have this little tool box with you all the time but you're pulling that out of the story and sharing that with the boys and girls you know Mary and Ray Right OK All right. Kids are having such a great time with that teacher up there OK So think of yourself as a witness because that is what we're doing. OK so I want to move on as our time is running. Yes season 1 the classroom. Now that. You know that nurture us keeping them out together now when I was training college students to get bible study done Oklahoma I shared with them I didn't have a little boy in it but this is what I call a saving trying OK And this is in a nutshell this is how we can be making a big impact in children's lives OK So 1st of all we have a saving what message is right and for us that means our truth building story that we want to share with them OK And then we have a math it OK we want to use Christ's method in order to share that saving method and then the 3rd essential ingredient is the. Messenger OK And God always uses this format in order to teach truth whether you are a creature. On Sat with morning whether you're given a Bible study to a friend or whether your town a children's story this is God's method of Banjul ism and that's how I see Christian storytelling OK now if I was to let's say pop in a video OK All right would I have a saving message. It could be if it was a story about Jesus maybe you know but it was a video. It's still I still got the message right and it would be a captivating method kids like the videos OK but where's the messenger is it me I'm not there anymore all i did was pop that in into the machine OK so that human element would be missed and we need the human element in order to be a disciple or maker and that's what we're doing when we're checking a story OK that's what we're doing when we're giving a Bible study are preaching whatever it is we need God always it uses the human element and this is why even though a video is captivating OK kids like it OK it's that's not going to fit in with our goal of making young disciples of Jesus OK So that's that's OK for them to do at home all right with their family but not in a storytelling. Opportunity Yes. Yes that's right right exactly. That's right but you can also get the kids involved when you do up our points because like I had a kindergarten primary room for Sabbath school and 1 year we were doing a I put together a program on dinosaurs in order to teach about creation and evolution and so you know I had really cool pictures of dinosaurs that we use in that program but I had little kids advancing the slides and they loved to doing that that was fun you know and the kids would take turns reading the fly you know because there's only a small amount of information on a slide where I would still get me as the teacher opportunity to also be teaching with that sly so it gets them involved but it also I am still the 1 the teacher I'm still the teacher and we don't want to lose that relationship OK. That's right yes that's right absolutely So I like using slide shows occasionally but not every week I said it's variety variety Rai OK OK. And here OK He number 8 is get close. This is a very very important 1. Now 1 of the things that can happen in church is that. You know we've got steps leading up to the platform you know where they have the pulpit for the minister you know and quite often I've seen a lot of people do this is is the storyteller were sort of sit on the platform step and then they'll be all you kids here in the front you know and but in between if it if you're anything like my church in between there's this big gap you know there's probably like if I'm sitting here you know the kids are right there in that 2nd row and I have all this gap you know and when you have a big distance like between you and a child all right you are losing them easy terms of their attention kids are going to be all over the place and you know what you need to do what you need to know you need to much better for you to stand up just like I'm doing now you know and if somebody was getting wiggly over here you know I could just move forward here and automatically that startles the child a little and well if he's if she's talking to her Brandon and giggling about something that usually they say that this is a technique that they teach teachers you know in in college and and I have I have taught kids even in the inner city of Flint and and that still work or your are you can use their name as part of the story if you see that they're getting with but you also always need to watch your crown you know me for what. And and adjust your story sometimes you know to see what the kids are doing. OK but I don't like to see you have that gap Avar you know and in Sabbath school that's why I like to like in my class you know we have a story corner where I have a special rug on the floor and it's all decorated you know to be a cute space for the kids and you know I get that on the rug just with the candidates you know because I want to be close to them and because when I'm close to them they are glued to me OK But you know if I am I am sitting in some Sharon and they're sitting in some chairs you know it's a lot harder to keep their attention so I find it to move around OK to stand up and minimize that distance and if you're teaching in Sabbath school like and some of our 7 o'clock last is in my church we have what we call these kidney shaped tables you know and you see them in and in classrooms a lot and they are really big and I do not like them. I've used them but I don't like them because if there is a lot of distance between I like smaller tables with the kids you know because you're really that the principal is to be as close to them as possibly can and it will keep their attention OK All right. Next 1 is plant it. OK Do you want the kids to remember your story just for that Sabbath or just for the 1st Monday in Vacation Bible School No you want them to remember it all week long you want it even then you stay with them all their lives OK So you want we want to do things that will help plant Nat's word in their long term memory OK and there's 4 big principles that will help you that. First 1 is. Yet OK now. You wouldn't have to do this all the time but singing is a great way to plant it because you know there's just something about music you know it doesn't have to be music with words even but if you got music involved then it is going in to a child's long term memory it's going in more deeply than if you just said it to them OK so I like to sing the man reverse if I'm teaching Sabbath school I like to sing the Bible over and you know when your time children story approach you can open up a Bible and have a verse that goes along with your story we do that Archer a lot and have the kids say it after that after them but I like to sing it with the kids and. Just recently I told a story about about I used the nature an animal to introduce the idea but my story was about how to be a living temple for the Holy Spirit OK so it was about hell and so at the end of my story I thought I had a little bit of time I introduced a song to them called Body house that many of you ever heard that song. Have you ever heard of Janice's And I think it's still this is not a brand new book That Used to be a program I believe on 3 ab end but I can still get this book at the A.B.C. and it's got wonderful character buildings in here and I discovered this 1 called Body house and so I thought oh this is such a. Note and it. Just the songs and the music you know with so so I taught them the song with with some simple actions you know I think by the house. The house that has given me a body how he made it from scratch and the parts I put it out together and he made it just right you made it for me for the day and night I'm livin in my bar. Now is all but so I did it and then I asked them to stand up and do it with me and they were. From ear to ear they just the love that you do that again you know I did just loved it you know so you think that I remember that story. Are going to remember that her longtime as they were singing it after church something in it OK So and you know I remember when I 1st went to my 1st go I ever went to was in his university 1st Avenue I ever meant and I used to go of course to church there to chapel and when we went to vespers on Friday night and I was when I 1st discovered scripture Psalms. And just the other day somebody started quoting from Psalm 63 Verse 3 and and all of a sudden buoying that song that I learned way back when and I am yours came back to me I'm loving kindness is better than light and you have heard that 1 my live show praise the dust will I bless thing my bless the while I live that's the way I learned it but you know that a lot of years since I've had it and use but that song came back to me as it were planted in my long term memory and that's what we continue with our boys and girls OK Another way to plan it deep is to picture it OK and we've talked about this already a little bit OK And that's why when you're working with little kids pictures felt you know those are dynamic ways to teach a story another way that I've like doing with primary is I like to we I give them picture kits and I've been an art teacher and so I like to do artsy things in teaching lesson with kids and so what I used my my crit master again and I made I could background see you know with hills and a path and and that sort of thing and I would give each 1 of them that paper but I also would pick clip art that would illustrate that story and I did this 1 year I was asked to tell the story and to venture funding and so I had like $35.00 kids in this 1 class you know and so we all did this and as I was telling the story I believe it was the story of Rebecca and being picked to be Isaac's wife you know I had each of them had a little sandwich bag and they had some part in there so as I'm telling the story I would ask them OK now let's let's find Reba you know. You know and so they toil Rebecca and then they were glue it onto their picture background and so as we're going through we're going through all the steps and they were both just they were listening they were attentive has their hands were busy that was 1 thing OK and that was the big thing really you know and then we're going to remember because they're hearing me they were saying the picture and they were doing something with that OK and the more of those we call those learning more Galatea on education the more of them you use the easier it's going to be for kids to remember what you told them OK so of that sort of goes into you with the do it OK And studies have shown that when you have an active component like that whether it's with art or whether it's with games Bible games then kids are going to remember at least at least 45 percent more than if you hadn't done anything active with them now I showed you this of a book as far as the binder is concerned but I have a ministry called Bring them to Jesus and I'm producing materials for Sabbath school years and so this is 1 of the books that I was selling just yesterday over at the library called Bible fun and it's got memory of her schemes for kindergarten through juniors and I'm selling the only have 3 left but they're $5.00 but they have a lot of fun games are not going to take a lot of time if you're teaching Sabbath school or vacation bible school it's good to have an arsenal of Bible games you can do with. OK All right I'll say that for you after. You know it's only 5. OK So sing it picture it do it and the last 1 for playing at the is hide it now what do you think that is referring to David said your word I have it in in my heart that I might not win against YOU OK so it's all about memorizing right OK And this is such a big part sometimes of telling a story we you want the kids to remember what dads that OK I mean we want them to remember what we said but primarily what Pat said you know and so that's why I like to open up the Bible with part of the story you know and share 1 little verse with the kids and have them say it after me or to sing it with me and because I want to plant that the into their minds and especially if you're satisfied this is a big part of our ministry all can't we have 1 working and this is the most important 1 and you say with me you're a pray and pray oh OK so we're going to pray that God is going to speak through you OK And when you lift up Jesus and want to pray that the Holy Spirit is going to use the story that you are sharing with the children. Nor to change their lives turn their hearts to Jesus. So that they will give their hearts to Him like I did long time ago and that they will want to be in his family and his younger. Praying is. A pray for yourself and pray for them as well whenever you have an opportunity to share a story so I would like to pray with you and ask that the Lord will bless you in your ministry as you are with young children are any any age of children let's Farhat your Heavenly Father I thank you so much for this opportunity we have to get together and and I hope and pray that. Well how each person here you become a master storyteller just like you Mark I pray for her spirit upon each 1 that they will have a deeper experience with you and that they will be passed that on as your witness as they use Christian started telling the rich today's kids for Jesus and in your name we ask that. 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