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Board, But Not Bored

Jeremy Hall




  • June 19, 2017
    1:00 PM


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The title of course is bored but not bored many people talk about meetings and you know how much they just can't stand meetings actually I don't mind meetings too much I actually enjoy them if they're stimulating if they're doing something productive and we're actually stretching ourselves I actually enjoy that so board meetings don't necessarily have to be B O R eady they can actually be exciting if we know what we're doing and if we're in a in a process where we're making progress so we're going to look at some of those elements the presentation split into basically 2 sections the 1st sections going to be basically a general philosophical overview of what it means to be a board what a board does in philosophy and then lastly I'm going to be sharing with you some information that my good friend Gary now retired director of the Lake Union Education Department put together for board presentations that he would do and it's basically top 10 tips on how to be an effective board member what each board member should take to consideration when they take on this responsibility you know administers education is very unique agonists education is not like every other system that we have there are other Christian systems the Lutherans have education the Catholic savage occasion avin the city cation is unique within Christian education and it's definitely unique as compared to public education we support a unique name a unique focus and a unique outcome. We're seeking something different we're not just looking at preparing somebody to serve as a professional in the secular world we are trying to transform young people's lives so that they can be in the kingdom of heaven do we do that no the Holy Spirit does it but we set up a structure by God's grace that hopefully will have that as a consequence of them being in our schools what do we mean by a different name well these quotes are taken from the book Education Page 13 Mrs White says the harmonious development of the physical the mental and the spiritual powers this is our overarching aim in administering cation the how money is development of the physical the mental and the spiritual powers it's a holistic approach to agonist education Secondly where we have a different focus the focus that we have and have an ascetic ation is to restore in man the image of his Maker and these are direct quotes out of the book education we're just looking at a philosophical overview and then we're seeking a different outcome I want young people who go through our schools to do phenomenally well on the S.A.T.'s and the C.T.'s and the I would basics or whatever it is that we're testing them for and they can get scholarships for college and go out and make lots and lots of money there's nothing wrong with that but that is a byproduct just like Daniel and his 3 friends were 10 times wiser than those that they were working alongside it wasn't that they were trying hard to beat them it was that they were trying hard to make sure they were honoring God and because of that the consequence of that naturally was that they were actually Excel ing in their work and their careers. How is the educational system in our church structured well this chart is an overview of how our system from the worldwide church all the way down to the local school board is set up and if you notice from this legend here the bolded lines as compared to the dotted lines talk about which role these entities play with each other the interaction the bold line represents an authoritative and decisionmaking role and the dotted line represents an advisory or consul Tade of role so the General Conference obviously the executive committee of the General Conference is the highest authority the highest authority of the church obviously constituency is where we make the decisions but the executive committee between sessions functions as the highest of governing authority of the worldwide church then directly underneath that we then break out into our divisions and we have here the North American division Committee on administration then it goes down to the union conference executive committee then we're getting a little closer to home we have a local conference executive committee if we move to the right we see that we have a local conference board of education and that board is made up of representation from all across the conference so every district within our conference has a representation on the Michigan Conference Board of Education does that make sense OK so it is kind of in some ways a political type of board where there's equal representation from all across the conference that local conference board then we see it goes down to the conference Office of Education which is what I am a part of in the office of education we report directly to the Michigan Conference Board of Education OK then below that you see the bolded line we have the local school board. Then below the local school board obviously we have the principal Now there's an important distinction that I want to mention to you while the school board provides oversight for the principal they do not provide direct H. R. types of things for instance if there's it's a situation where there's a challenge with a teacher that teacher is not dealt with or worked with by the little local school board they report to the Office of Education for that but as far as the school overseeing the administration overseeing the program of the school the constituents the the constitution rather that process is overseen by the school and as that relates to the principal Now something else that is of interest is the school constituency and that is where the church and the school come together that school content constituency while there is a dotted line here they do not deal with the primary oversight of the school they do make overarching primary decisions related to approving school budgets approving expansions like if you want to build a gym on your school you take that to a constituency meeting so there are some big types of items that the school constituency which is connected to the church and its constituent churches if you have more than 1 church that does have governing powers in those types of categories do you have any questions related to the church educational structure Yes I think there are Americans right. Now yes sure. Correct Yep each structure will have the same overarching principles but then you start getting into taking into account the local laws the local cultures the law you know some of those things so you see variations but yes the the world church oversees all of the divisions in their educational systems in the other questions Is that clear yes. Once a month once a month every once in a while we'll have a skip month but it is on the docket for once a month. I believe so yes I'm. Not necessarily. Asters it is a mixture of all of those things it is a mixture of there's there's laws and by laws that govern the representation percentages so on the Board of Education there are some pastors there but you can't just have a board that's made up all the pastors So it's a balance of workers and a balance of laypeople you know and there are former educators there when we propose board members to the executive committee OK then that is approved by by the executive committee and we hope that the people they're going to make up that board are people that have some familiarity with having a situation and would be able to be contributing members OK because otherwise you know what would be the point so yes the other questions so that's the structure that we have so what are the specific functions of a board member Well we're going to look at a an overview of that what does the school board do the school board helps ensure that the mission and policies of the school are being carried out. It sets policy but leaves the day to day management of the policies to the administration the board's role is not to run the school it is to make sure the school is running well the interest gender stand that it's not to run the school it's to make sure the school is running well 1 of the challenges that we can sometimes have is we can sometimes have boards that want to get in a little too tight to the day to day management of the institution and that begins to interfere with what the job of the principal is and why they were hired for the school sometimes the reason why a board wants to get a little too close is because the principal is creating a vacuum by not doing the job administratively and setting the tone and the direction for the school are you following what I'm saying so then the board feels like they need to come and kind of comment a little closer and kind of do some of the day to day management type of stuff because the principal isn't really setting the tone and being the leader that they need to be so sometimes I'm not I'm not saying it's always the board's fault sometimes they're doing it by necessity but if things are working in equal balance you're going to see this equation happen sometimes you can have specific members on the board who may want to kind of run the school and you know the principal they want the principal to be a puppet in their hand and the principal isn't able to stand on their own 2 feet that's a problem on the board side I've had to push boards back a little bit sometimes because they've gotten into tight to how you know the exact management of what's going on let me give an example. If a school for instance like a full Academy Let's say that has a full time principal and a business manager and so forth if they're interested in purchasing a bus they will go to the board and they will say we'd like to purchase a bus for the school and the board will approve the amount of finance chair full academies have people that serve in a variety of different functions. So they say OK we're going to prove $25000.00 for you to purchase a bus OK once that authority is given it's really up to the administration in the business manager to go out and find the best bus that they think would work if the board is serving in a capacity where they're like you know we want pictures of the boss and you know we want to see the specs and we want all these different things sometimes that get into a little bit of micromanagement and that can be not so healthy you've given the authority for the purchase you've got some idea of what the bus going to be used for you've got an overarching philosophical what's best for the school yes purchasing this vehicle how much OK We'll set this price now we empower you to go out and make it happen that then becomes a principle job so if a board is getting a little bit too tight in there they're beginning to take on the role the principal and that can cause some friction and some problems. It won't necessarily repercussions with the board of Prince was going to have to answer to the board about why the person that. And the board can set some parameters about making sure that the purchase has some guidelines to it but once that's in place you hope that you've hired somebody that's competent enough to to do their due diligence and if the principal recognises that they have some deficiencies they need to get somebody that can help them come alongside We purchased a bus in Indiana Cademy when I was a principal in I didn't go out to North Carolina Virginia and buy the bus by myself who do you think I took with me my plant services director and we went and we we went and bought the bus together and he looked it over had my C.T. L. But does that mean I'm a mechanic now so as a principal you got a. Surround yourself with people that can help you make a wise decision in that regard. And. You are. Willing to work. So. If you have a situation teacher who was happy to be a teacher in the Prince. And he ate a whole bunch of things is it appropriate for the workers to step up to the plate saying you know how you then yes and then we'll get to that later that's a very good point it is very helpful when school board members come to the principal and say you know I know you've got a big big load I know you're doing a lot of different things you don't have time to be a principal a lot of ways what can we do to help you. That's wonderful and principals made whole you know yes this would be great if you could help do this and delegate some things out that's wonderful and in a smaller school situation boards will function a little bit differently than they do in a larger school situation they will have to take on more responsibility because that principal teaching full time plus doing administrative duties won't have the capacity to do what a full time principal will do so there is differences there good point boards also act to ensure the implementation of policies and plans of the conference Office of Education they help develop practical objectives in harmony with the S.D.A. educational philosophy they help develop unique things that are unique to their local school each community within a conference has their own unique culture and so there may be things in the handbook there may be things according to the local policies that are different because of the location of the school support the principal and the home school programs and ensure official minutes are taken and recorded for each meeting. Continuing on with some of the overarching responsibilities of the board consider all operations of the school from the plant to the curriculum making sure that the curriculum is in line with the Lake Union and the North American division all operations of the school. The board is interested and looking into participate in school evaluations we just did 1 school recently we do evaluations every spring and the schools are on a rotation and it's very very helpful when the board is participatory and that each board member is on a committee and helping get the document together. OK and others a lot of work that's involved with that. Support constitution and bylaws that are listed in the handbook as well as conference policies and then help planning of the annual school budget and capital improvement types of needs that the school may have like in Holland with. The expansion 1 of the important roles that the school board has is to market the school with enthusiasm I would suggest that you sign up to be a board member if you don't feel like you could support with your enthusiasm what's going on at the school does that mean you have to feel like everything at the school is going really well no but overall you should believe in the school if you're going to be a school board member because people are going to expect that you should create excitement you are a marketer what you do outside of board meetings is probably more important than what you do inside a board meeting. I'll say that again what you do outside of a board meeting as a relates to the school and what you talk about and your attitude about the school is more important than what you do when the clock is punched and when you punch your time card for your hour and a half ward meeting every month OK Also the board acts to ratify recommendations of major discipline issues regarding students and as the ultimate authority regarding the dismissal of a student ace a principal on their own cannot dismiss a student that if they want to student or they feel like a student they never want a student but if they feel like as to should be expelled that recommendation has to go to the school board and the school board expels the student at that point usually it doesn't have to get to that I have never in all my years in evidence education specifically in secondary ever seen a family decide that they're going to send their child to the board which would be the Conference Board if you're at a boarding school or a local day Academy Board and have that child expel usually the discipline committee comes to a decision of asking that family to withdraw their student on their own and then they do that and it stops the process and people think that that's technically kicking somebody out well it's really technically not the family has decided to withdraw that student and so it goes on the transcript as a withdrawal instead of an expulsion which is why we recommend it OK moving on. Responding to union curriculum initiatives recommend the hiring of staff to the Conference Board of Education so how the hiring process works with a local board is when an opening is posted if there's a full time principal at the school that principal is the 1 that's going to post that opening on the North American division website most of the time the Office of Education the superintendent will post the various openings that exist in a school if you have an opening in your school the Office of Education will post that on the mark North American division and then the Office of Education that resumes and if we see resumes that are good resumes we'll make calls and we'll do phone interviews and will sometimes do Skype interviews and we will vet candidates and we'll check their Facebook accounts and we'll go through all of those different things to do the best we can to ensure that they are a good and viable candidate to pass on to a local school board when that candidate has been vetted and there passed on to a local school board that school board looks over the resumes they look over the candidates or will tell them we have 2 or 3 candidates we like to interview at your school we don't ramrod candidates down to local schools throats were a team we work together and so we'll bring 3 candidates 2 candidates sometimes maybe only 1 it just depends on how many resumes we've gotten in the qualifications the certifications the endorsements all of those things obviously are in play and then the local school board will do an interview with the superintendent present and they will make their choice as to who it is that they would like to hire that recommendation is an official official until the Conference Board of Education approves all of the names that are presented by the superintendent at board meeting. OK you get all that. Oh yeah we bring we bring the teacher into the local school board there interviewed and so forth the only time the conference has the authority to insert or install a teacher is if there's a change midstream if there's a change midstream we will just appoint a teacher to go and if it works out well the local school board at the end of the year will say you know we'd really like to keep this teacher if we could or they'll say we'd like to look at other candidates to it so as a new board member let's just say you're a new board member and even if you're not it's always good to review what is good to know what are the things that you should be familiar with well you should be familiar with your school policies because when you're called upon to make big decisions and you're in the heat of the moment and you've got a big issue that needs to be decided about about you should probably know what the school policies are I've had questions posed to me before and board meetings and I'll say I'll come right back and say well what are your school by let's say. What are your school policies call for I don't always know the answers to those questions because we have 38 schools and there sometimes are unique things within the local bylaws that are different than other schools so you should know what the policies of your school are and let me tell you something else especially in the world that we're living in right now a school can become liable which then ultimately the conference can become liable if they take actions specifically related to personnel that are not in line with school policies. If they take an action that is not in line with the school policy that teacher that individual or that parent or that family can come back and provide a lawsuit to the school because whatever action was taken was not in conjunction with the bylaws of that school so as a school board member it's our duty as a Stewart to make sure we know what the policies are so that we do not do things that are outside of those policies and can cause liability we need to be familiar with budgets 1 of the things I would recommend you do is before you look at a spreadsheet and I'm not a finance expert maybe talk to somebody so that you don't take take them a copy of the school's budget or our expense report or finance report and say can you help me understand what all this stuff means so that when you're passing a budget or you're passing the the finance years report for that specific month you feel like you can pass it in good conscience knowing that you understand what you're looking at OK procedures school calendar grievance models grievance policies and other schools specific policies and procedures the description of a good board member looks like this and obviously we're not all perfect but these are the these are the overarching frizzle philosophies we need to be willing to serve it's not just a time that we put in at board meetings it's also time we put outside of it a board member should be a faithful S.D.A. church member in good standing they should be faithful in their stewardship of time talent and money they should ultimately be asking the Lord to use them as a tool. To work through them in board meetings they should be ethical and professional in handling board information and discussions will touch on that element a little bit later frankly I think this is 1 of the biggest killers of all board process right here is is that 1 and put the school's interests above your own how many times in our churches in our schools do we see the work of God halting slowing down because people cannot put personal agendas to the side I mean it's probably our biggest Achilles' heel is personal agenda church split because they can't agree on carpet color I mean I think we've got something else going on that is more important than that embracing the school the mission of evidence education and support the constituent constitution and by laws of the school and I'm going to move into things that are a little bit more personal related to the tips that we can use as individual board members to understand how to be effective as we are processing board decisions and so forth the 1st 1 and these are all given by Gary suds the former director of education for the Lake Union conference the 1st 1 is we need to understand our calling what is our calling as a board member what is it it's so much more than just hey I'm a board member at the school the nominee committee called me up and they said would you be a board member OK sure we need to understand what we're being called to listen to some of these quotes those who have any connection with the work of God are not to walk in the vanity of their own wisdom isn't that interesting they're not to walk in the vanity of their own wisdom but in the wisdom of God or they will be in danger of placing sacred and common things on the same level and thus separate themselves from got That's a powerful. That's a powerful quote There's a lot of things in there to unpack notice the focus on the sacred in the common if we are not led by God If we are not seeking God's wisdom as we serve as a board member then what is going to be administered is common vs sacred because we in and of ourselves don't have anything to offer unless we're connected to got so far not connected to God What we are offering is just nothing really it's just common it's common place here's a quote from Gary said some self the primary focus of the board is to support the principal and teachers in their work of guiding each student to an ever deepening relationship with Jesus and just so you know this is a huge passion for me a year ago at our teachers convention we laid out for our teachers what our Michigan conference philosophy is and it is to bring students to the foot of the cross is to have quality at all levels of our schools cleanliness schools professional schools grades out on time and all of those kinds of things and we want to train our young people in the mission and message of the some of them strict and we challenge our teachers it's not it really is this you teach math on the side you teach spelling on the side your primary goal is the evangelism of this young person you are an evangelist who frankly has the longest time period in all the evangelist of programming we have in our conference people think 26 knight of Angelus tick series or long How about a 9 month 1 from $8.00 to $330.00. Every day if we're not providing opportunities for young people to know Christ in that time frame then we're in the wrong profession so that's the primary focus is the board is to support the principal and teachers in their work of guiding each student to an ever deepening relationship with Christ prioritize your time to ensure your presence by agreeing to become a board member of a local school board you are agreeing to support the school program with your time your talent and your treasure you have chosen to pursue scuse me to participate in the evangelistic ministry of an Adventist school number 3 take time to become involved in the school outside of board meets find ways to use the gifts God has given you to support and strengthen the administration and the faculty as teachers and administrators ask them sorry that's a typo you know when you're in education like people are going to really really scrutinize anything that we write up anything that we put into a keynote presentation and here here's a typo for it OK yeah it's terrible you know it's terrible and I can't even say I'll fix it for the next presentation as this is my only 1 so. Ask Ask the teachers and administrators about their needs pray with and for them and check in with them every once in a while to see how things are going to mean so much it means so much. That it is critical. You know. It's OK to. Come to the Thursday round table when you can share more detail. Number 3 take time to become involved in the school outside the means I just covered that 1 number for here's a toughie be objective can some of the fine for me what objectivity is. It's I think another word that would be a parallel to that would be perspective if you want to be objective Sometimes you need to change your perspective. We all wear our own pair of glasses if you will that we see the world through and we have our own filter and some have you know the sunglasses where they have yellow and so when you look out through them every see everything has a yellow hue to it or that the orange ones and you look at everything unfortunately I think we walk into meetings whether be church or school wearing our tinted glasses and sometimes we need to change our perspective I heard a story once about Abraham Lincoln he said he came up to somebody he said I don't like you very much I need to get to know you. And that interesting and very wise I think sometimes if we could be objective and to be objective we have to change our perspective we have to go up on the balcony you know sometimes you have to get out of the mass of the crowd go up on the balcony when you go up on the balcony you actually see out and look at the whole thing taking it all in objectivity is important yet you have to be personal be vulnerable focus on the boards agenda not our own agenda. Yes that's right sometimes that's right sometimes a lack of objectivity is thinking nobody else is being objective. Yeah so when we evaluate personnel when we evaluate programs policies of the school that directly affect student welfare because of it we need to set aside our personal agenda in our feelings not until you feel that you could sacrifice your own self dignity and even lay down your life in order to save unary brother have you cast the beam out of your own eye so that you are prepared to help your brother then you can approach him and touch his heart. I think we'd have a lot less criticism if we focused on that when difficult situations are being discussed whisper a quick prayer asking God to speak through you I do music a lot and I'm blessed to be able to do that and before I sing every time I sing I say all of the none of me all of the none of me and I think when we go into meetings and we're about to say something if we paused and said all of the none of me then we enable the Holy Spirit to come through and do the work that needs to be done and say the words that need to be said in our personal agenda can be set aside or. Oh absolutely absolutely as you have opportunity speak to the workers speak Words that will be a strength and an inspiration we are all together too in different in regard to 1 another too often we forget that our fellow laborers are in need of strength and cheer in times of special perplexity and burden take care to assure them of your interest and sympathy while you try to help them by your prayers let them know that you do this send God's message to his workers be strong and of good courage number 5 be willing to give serious study to school program the fiscal the academic the administrative and the spiritual we hinted at that already so we won't spoil spent too much time on it but seek to understand all parts of the school program so that when you are called upon to speak you will have somewhat of an educated perspective and you will be able to speak intelligibly about what it is that's going on in the school that needs to be addressed and if you familiarize yourself with some of those things you'll build credibility in people will be looking to you because they'll feel like well this person they really understand what's going on and maybe I need to start understanding what's going on so we can be models to each other Here's an important 1. If possible speak to the principle ahead of time about an issue of concern as to avoid divisive conflict at board meetings sometimes board meetings can become divisive and competitive and critical because something unexpected had just comes up and is thrown at the board chair or or the principal or or what have you and a lot of that can be avoided if you go to the principal or you go to the board here ahead of time and say you know I have a concern about this specific issue could we just kind of hash it out here if I have to speak in contradiction to a board chair or principle it's only because it's absolutely necessary most of the time before a board meeting I will check with and I go to all 3 Academy for all 4 county board meetings every month I will check with the principal most of the time so is there any big issue that's coming up why do I do that because at a board meeting I want to make sure that I'm showing support for my principal support for my board chair and that I'm not contradicting or making them look bad we as board members can do the same thing if we have a concern about something or we don't think something's going well or or we don't really think that something happened right in that last school program specifically like maybe we didn't like song selection at the concert or we felt like the kids were this or the kids were that go to the principal go to the board ahead of time get it squared away so the board me doesn't have to become contentious is that makes sense sometimes it isn't possible sometimes the things just come up randomly and you have to address them and I have to do that sometimes as a superintendent but I hope that I have enough of a relationship with my chairs and my principal that they know if I did that it's really just for the greater good of everything even for them but I have to say it. But if I can work through ahead of time with them I'm going to do that because that's where you maintain relationships and trust and you show a united front to your board members and your constituents Number 6 understand the distinction between making policy and administrating policy. If you depart we talked about that a little bit before you set policy but you leave the day to day issues to the principal to manage and when you do that you show trust for the principle and that builds the confidence of the administrator and they are able to function and lead in a better fashion respect the work and role and authority of the board as a whole when you accept the position of a school board member you make response you are responsible to uphold a sacred trust confidentiality the have been this great vine. Produces Sauerwein and its impact can be devastating devastating I've had teachers who've been to or who are being discussed by a board in a closed executive session have students come up to them after the board meeting talking to them and having knowledge about the next more discussion that's going to come up related to them horrible terrible I've had to admonish boards because of confidentiality breaches I cannot stress this 1 anough when you are in an executive session 1st of all going into executive session should be voted by the board to go into the executive session and voted to go out of the executive session everything within that executive session should be absolutely 100 percent confidential. Even with your spouse OK because everybody's got a best friend. I can tell you this I trust you I trust. Things that are not done in executive session are public people can come and sit they can come in and sit and observe and observe a board meeting so as board chair persons and as principals we need to know when the discussion is starting to get into something that probably shouldn't be of public record and it needs to go into executive session and an executive session anybody that is not a voting member of the board is asked to leave at that time also items that have to do with a conflict of interest individuals that are part of that process and could benefit or have an influence on the decision that is being made if it directly affects them should also be asked to leave and should not be part of a process related to that but confidentiality is huge What is the impact of gossip Lucifer left the immediate presence of the father dissatisfied and filled with envy against Christ concealing his real purpose he assembled the Angelic Host he introduced his subject which was himself as 1 grieved he related the preference God had given to given Jesus to the to the neglect of himself What did he do he gossiped about God and in the process took a 3rd 33 percent of the Jellicoe host is lost for all of eternity because of Lucifer and how he couldn't keep what he was saying to him thinking to himself and turn his heart back to God how much I've also heard of a parable of a story of. Somebody who who gossiped about somebody and and it was like taking a piece of paper and ripping into little pieces and scattering it all over town they came to a point where they realize that that was wrong and they felt sorry about it they went to that person and I'm so sorry and the person I forgive you now go and pick up all those pieces the lesson of that was you can't. In a lot of businesses the damage is done forgiveness is free and and all of that but gossip does tremendous tremendous damage so we must be careful when we're board members that we keep what's happening in our schools within those executive sessions do we need to talk about real and Frank issues yes we do we need to be honest and all the information needs to be on the table but it needs to be taken off the table and buried in that particular meeting OK also 1 quick note about board minutes talking about confidentiality I'm talking about some of those things individual families who are receiving financial aid or students who are being disciplined no one's Dame should ever go in the minutes. And sometimes when I'm going through minutes which we do by the way we go through all of your board minutes sometimes we'll will see a name you know so and so the family was given so much financial aid and will usually contact the principals to make sure that those that information when they're that again is a confidentiality issue that we want to protect Yes. Yes now. In the full academies The principal is technically the secretary but if there is a school secretary that individual will will sometimes do the minutes which which I think is it's good because it gives the principal the opportunity to kind of work more fluidly with the board process and sort of feel like if the quick it is we are yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you know I mean there's things that you know and you know the other thing is we probably should do a seminar some time on how to do board minutes because sometimes I'll get bored minutes that maybe need a little bit more information and then a lot of times we get bored minutes that are that are narratives and usually bored minutes from what I understand should reflect boated actions. So it doesn't have to be a long narrative that includes everything that was discussed usually it's just items that are voted then then the motion will be there the 2nd will be listed there and then the motion will be carried. Right. Now. No. No no because if if if a decision were to ever be looked at in the minutes sometimes minutes are brought back out it could hurt that individual in the community because somebody was oh you're the 1 that made that motion. And so it's best to leave names out of it because really the function of a board is to completely eliminate personal identity and have the identity be the board itself as a living body so I would not include minutes I would not include names of board members and they made this motion and so it's only the 2nd yes ma'am. At the end of this presentation I'm going to give you a link to. The evidence learning community has actually $21.00 hour seminars by Dr Larry Blackmar and he actually does a complete seminar on how to be a board chairperson and then a complete seminar on board membership. The principal is technically the secretary of the board. That's their role. It is. It depends on it depends on the situation in a full Academy situation we have a full time principle that a lot of times have a secretary and they may ask the secretary cut to come and actually record the minutes but they are technically the official secretary of the board so they work with the board chairperson to generate the agenda for the meetings and then they are technically the 1 that's supposed to take the notes so they could have somebody be the recorder but at the end of the day they sign off the minutes the principal does they are the secretary of the board that's their role that's part of their job description. I mean. They would be a recorder and then that the principal is still the 1 that is officially responsible for the minutes and then they bring those minutes back to the board to be approved we're going to approve the minutes from the previous board meeting it's on the principals head. In their office yeah that's their role yes. You know it just depends in the full Academy situations a lot of times there's a there's a secretary that comes to the board meetings and they will be the 1 that record the minutes bigger school in other situations most of the time in elementary and even Jr Academy the principals the 1 that will take a minutes and if they would like for instance if I was injured can be principal taking the minutes for me would really affect my ability to function as as the principal of the school because I'd be you know on that I'm worrying about you know taking the minutes so I might seek the possibility of having If there's a school secretary having them come and be the recorder of the minutes. And then I would sign off and make sure that they were all accurate appropriate they're not a voting member probably I would have to look at that to know exactly if there's a policy that governs that but I don't see an issue with that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I don't think that that's a problem you know I don't I could stand corrected but I don't think that's a problem. Unless there's some reason why that can't happen as long as the principal is the person that's officially signing off on the minutes and they can have somebody else recorded Now if you go into. Executive session that might be a little bit of a different situation unless the board approved to allow less they voted an action to allow the principle to allow the secretary to be in an executive session to record the minute. Their board member their fine but in some situations they're not ready. Yes. Separate. Yes now. You need you need minutes and a lot of times you're executive committee minutes are going to be very very. General you're not going to necessarily get into specifics because because you're you're talking about confidential things so the executive committee approach. You know I know and I know. Now. For. You can speak in general terms in executive committee minutes but it's nice to have a record that something took place in a general category and what that category was because if something ever came back for liability you could show that we discuss this in executive session it doesn't have names it doesn't have necessarily the story but it has voted to discipline student because a violation of policy 3. And then you shone and demonstrated to whoever you need to potentially that you actually process that situation because if you just said we vote we voted to go into executive session voted to go out of executive session then then people can argue. That's the public minutes but in the executive minutes we're going to want to have a little more he to get all right that I cover 8 No I did We're finishing up or we're past time I apologize resist pressure from groups and individuals who have their own agenda if you're doing your job as a board member correctly there's a good possibility that you will lose friends rather than make friends Gary says it is better to follow God's will and lose friends and to compromise integrity and negatively impact the work I've got if you sign up to be a board member you better get ready to be a steward of what God's calling you to do not what the church member who nominated you is calling you to do today that's a huge huge think somebody said to me 1 time I don't know who it was or when it was if you're making everybody happy as a principle then you're not doing your job right. And I think as a board member the same thing could probably apply there's going to be times when you're to make a decision and you're going to risk that person going out and telling everybody what decision you made which they shouldn't do but that doesn't matter because you're thinking about Johnny and Susie and Sally who are sitting in the school and are going to benefit possibly or be negatively impacted by wrong decisions and that's all you have to answer to and you can put your head on the pillow and sleep good at night knowing you've served them better than serving somebody else's personal agenda and the politics. You're right. You're exactly right. PREACH IT That's right and there are times when we have humongous decisions that we're trying to deal with we're trying to process and the bore is just you know how something you're just like oh my are we just going to circle around this again and talk about it and sometimes I've said before at the end of the day we need to make the decision that most possibly impacts the kids and when you do that sometimes you can steer you in the direction that you should go because many times we're not thinking about that. Number 9 Remember that your loyalty is to the schools best interest the board members job does not represent a specific group or agenda the well being of the students should always be at the heart of every board decision and we just talked about that show that you are an ambassador for Christ not I but Christ be honored love and exalted not I but Christ be seen be known be be here be heard not I but Christ in every look in action not I but Christ in every deed in word it's all of him and none of me the most important thing to remember when preparing to serve your school spend quality time learning about and communing with our father each day. Some resources to give you at the end you will actually actually just so you know I went through both seminars printed off my certificates for board chairmanship and board membership from the North America division agonist learning community dot com before somebody signs on to be a board member it's really their duty to go through these trainings training videos if you go to the agonist learning community dot com and you type in school boards in the search tab immediately it will come up and you'll have the videos that you need to equip yourself for how to be a board member I've been rushing for nothing. Thank you OK. We'll take questions is there is there anything that you need clarity on that is a little bit fuzzy I really can't stand that when you're listening to somebody and you're you're thinking what's going on they're moving on oh well is there anything that it would be helpful for us to cover and go over that maybe wasn't included in the set in the session. Or others. And we have. Or. Sometimes boards schools and this is again goes back to the individual school in the individual culture sometimes some schools will put in a policy like if you miss 2 consecutive board meetings you're not a board member anymore. Or they'll have a formula that they'll use That's 1 way to to do it you can ask the board chair person to talk with that person the board chair is the leader of that board and so they could talk to the individual and ask them to to to stress the importance of it frankly I think that any time you have you know boards are in cycles so you have a group of people that have been on the board like 3 years or whatever and they're cycling out and then you have some that have been on 2 years and they've got 1 more year and some they have you know stand how that works so that way you don't have a completely new board every time nominating committee comes up OK So the put them on cycles like that every single time that cycle happens and you have 2 or 3 new board members there should be a border in Taishan. The board chair and the principal should ensure that the board member has had a clear orientation about the things we talked about today that they've been pointing to the evidence learning community. In doing the research for this presentation I'm going to talk to my superintendent but I think that it would be wise for the Education Department to ask that before board members serve on the board they present a certificate to the board chair that says they've been through the training that's on line because you get a certificate I printed off 2 certificates have my name on it is assumed in the video that the board members go through the training and presenters are difficult before they serve on the board and I don't think we're doing that. Well I didn't halt. I mean you see. You know he did you have a discussion 1 and continue for the next time. That person there or not there if he didn't miss the holes cut. Me next time you get a rehash or you know if they're not. Or they're quick to jump and go at different direction you know who they were. You know. It is it is. A board board chair could also send out a letter to all the board members when the next cycle comes that gives some of the outline of the importance of being a board member what the responsibilities are with requirements are a lot of these people it's not to their fault they just don't know what's expected attendance is a different issue but I'm talking about functionality when they get on the board a lot of them don't even know what they're supposed to do yeah. Yeah sure. Yeah and that's a problem you know so you talk to the board chair the board chair can work with a pastor sometimes the pastor can be the 1 that talks of the to the person or. It's always best though to go directly to the person and that would be the function of the board chair to go to that person and say we missed you a board meeting you know. Sometimes. You're right. Right something like. You know if you don't get. It sometimes you're told. You don't want to do is you know yeah that's right we are already. Suspect. There's a there's a booklet here that Merida has and. Now. They can read I'm so glad that you brought that up the other thing that you just brought up that was also in the training of video was there's a consent there's a confidentialities document that that is it's all on the evidence or any community after those videos after the training video there is a whole list of resources below that that the board chair or the whoever the member is can print off that information and you can come to the board meeting and have everybody sign a confidentiality agreement and if a board member violates a confidentiality agreement they're off the board I mean that but but again you have to communicate these things to people and I commend the readers she's a great board chair. Happens and she did she bends over backwards for the school there's a great job with it yes. You have you come it's not shield the vulnerable it's called verified volunteers. All teachers all I mean Pathfinder directors and everybody is supposed to I'm. Sure. I'm I'm not. Yeah. Yeah. It's only those that are coming in direct contact with with students somebody that comes into the school like a board member walked into the school and said hi to people and so forth and left I be different but somebody who drives for your class trips somebody who drives for field trips those people the yeah verified Bollen tears. It's it depends on what it is there's a difference it's a 3 year. Shield those 3 years and I imagine verified volunteers would be that as well but verified volunteers has it completely kicked in yet so we haven't yet had really an orientation from them on how that's all going to work other questions comments. Last. Year. You know. Excellent and I'll say this it's a quote from John Maxwell if you want to read an author on leadership John Maxwell is my favorite He says everything rises and falls on leadership period if you have a board chair who sets the tone who casts the vision who stresses the importance of board function that is going to elicit a response from the board members to say more this is pretty important I've been around I've been around this if if somebody doesn't miss a meeting the board chair the next day is placing a vocal hey we missed you at the board last on Sol or Tex hey we missed you at the board me you're creating a nice friendly accountability does that mean you have to be a taskmaster be like mass bore no but it means that you're creating a gentle little I mean. We have a head elder at Lansing Awesome have elder if you miss if you miss an elders meeting. He's email and hey man if you can make a board meeting what if you can't make them with me let me know but it up well guess what every time I miss a meeting let them know ahead of time what is that that's called leadership that's leadership and so what that does that creates positive persuasion to engage and that comes from principle it comes from which are well. Present. Which. Had kind of an order people don't want to have. The right. Exactly. Yes and those who did that actually. Was right and it's not just. You know. Now. And maybe. More my for me. I'm here. For. Pastors. And you know me there I'm also Jewish where you know. I regret to say oh I forgot this is not want anything to see. What happened here I mean. You know I don't really it really doesn't happen naturally you shall and there's more within a bit wordy then you sound like need his job now decided in the hospital and then forgot all this is not yeah you have already and it happens to me. It happens it does yes it does you know. You you know. Oh yeah. And that's what we're talking about we're talking about. You know great. Let us all enjoy how great you are by and by being I. Don't know well I mean it is nobody else to you and the word that's the word we're getting. That we need your leisure time. By our members so you know we've got members. Who are. You know you're not me. But yes many others. Did there's nobody else really. And. We have. Here and it is because there. Is. Absolutely. Right. We have you know there's a distinction and what we're talking about the every once in a while something comes up and you know that's a different animal what we're talking about is consistent see where we don't seem see present individuals present and you attend what you find value in right so then what we have to do on the school side of things is we have to say. Why wouldn't that particular person find value in what we're doing are they for are they in from a church that feels like the school never goes there doesn't program are they feeling like the school it's kind of like it's kind of like what the tribe of. What was the name of that tribe they said. I think it was when readable and became king and he they came to him and said Would you would you not be so hard on us as Solomon your father was and rebel was like oh yeah out my father whip you with whip some of the whip he was scorpions and bubbled up and the whole tribe stood up and said we have no stake in Israel back to your tent so if I mean it's in the Bible and I wonder sometimes if we have churches that feel like Back to go back to your tents because we have no stake in maybe sometimes way churches aren't really that involved in that representative isn't that involved because they feel like they have no stake we don't have any students or school but we still support When's the last time you visited our school was the last time you you know I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Right so what's the point what's the point you know it's like it's like when people it when people present for therapy exam coming in here for depression is it the depression that is the problem now. It's what's causing the depression it's not the lack of attendance that's a problem what is the reason for the lack of tenants and we may not be able to influence every situation but we do what we can up to the limit that were possible that we're able to and then it becomes that person's responsibility to have 1 of them you said something I'm. Very executive Yes I'll enter my last week because it was that office space was fixed churches. Basically again what 1 worker share and then there's the camp at 5 maximum heart members church and so armaments whole leader is actually an animal. That's so and I think they've been excellent if you have a left hand their high and their home was also a member of. Sick sport position and I think that's why they set it up that way so they you know hope that they're on the board with this don't have to leave your executives actually. Actually Well that's a tough question they're a voted legitimate member. Why are they a vote a legitimate member without warning privilege. Big deal why. How Let The 1 another they will be given the words. Aren't there. Still. Those are by last call for that specific position to be a automatic board position I'm not sure about it but if that person is an official board member then they would have the right to stay through executive session but they wouldn't be able to vote obviously but if they're officially voted as a board member that membership would carry into executive session they just wouldn't be able to vote the same privilege that they would have as a board member in regular board meetings would exist would happen in executive session. They maintain their speed that's a good way to say. Hey thank you all so much if you have any more if you have any more questions will be at the education booth please stop by and let's stand for prayer together as we finish thank you again for coming I assume that all the rest of the board members across our 38 schools are experts. Which is why that income. But pass the word along guys Evan is learning community let's pray Father thank You for these dear people none of them are paid to serve in the capacity that they serve. In a financial sense but in a spiritual eternal sense they are being paid dividends that only eternity will understand because of the young people that will walk the streets of glory because we pray they have been members of our schools and seen Jesus in our schools Lord bless us with wisdom that we do not have to thank for the promise and James that says we can ask of you and you will supply the wisdom that we need to make these difficult decisions and Lord in the name of Jesus we pray for your shielding power to protect our boards in the climate that we're working in now in or sit in our sophistry it can be very challenging but we thank you that you will lead and guide as you always have in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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