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Surrendered Singles

Laurie Snyman




  • June 20, 2017
    10:00 AM


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Rather it for you see it's getting drenched there and it would be worse that the words speak so that you might understand grow up. And. Let your will be done here. Well on how to live with what you do I marry write all my worries name and here you are that ensures the single. And actually a lot of people living on and off all of us. We had a very strong program here in Michigan for singles and 1. With the weights so my goal is that I'm going to talk you a little bit about singles in the surrendered singles and doing it in the singles respect from. The literature and Bible so we're going to talk about that here and then when I would like to have you help me think about how we can minister the single machine that you. So let in session rather than the summer I suspect you think I'm going to have a Power Point and preach and I'm not going to do that today so I don't. All right. Well well I've been looking at a lot of books and literature and actually I was a speaker at a singles week close at over 1. 100. 30 you very much. I went to a singles retreat was a seeker I didn't talk on singles I just talked on my arrival and that's when I think that it is that it doesn't matter what your dad says there are things that God sets. Your hearing. With Do you have a partner whether you can have her 1 time or not and so you need to be really comfortable with your marriage you may be on to more your marriage status you may be miserable with your. Marital status but the truth is that no matter who you are God still values You 100 percent when we say that God is never suspect or person. Could be raised you could be disability it could be miracle status you could be backgrounds it could be what kinds of paths you had it could be about all kinds of things but GOD LOVES YOU ON 100 percent and wants you to be surrendered that makes sense. If you are born again. And soon rendered Jesus that makes right. And it doesn't matter who you are you all be we will all being together will that be true we all have the same ability to be in heaven because God spoke for us C.S. Lewis I heard you. Had a book called The problem look pain and I thought that was a good illustration today. Besides God's love is sure and fiercer than that the kind of supreme love that our flesh is on is also a creation a creation that he wants to mold and shape into the image of Christ. That. He decided to conceive it is simply a fact. God has given her this point my life doesn't mean that he doesn't want to love me or less. God His love is hoping to use my singleness to mall in shape me to be more like him and draw me to him. And evidently at this time in my life he felt that I needed no other confusion chaos and to be single so that I can get closer to. God doesn't decide whether he's going to use you are NOT use you because of your marital status spike your marital status we have to all are going to be content you think it's mother words for the word content. And peace I like that peace is a good 1 which is a happy Yeah you know happiness is not Hell nice circumstance right without tranquility and that's a really good night son will try. To get you to leave Yeah you need waiting we're seeing now these were trained now you know I got caught I'm sorry we were watching this man last round of golf our back porch troopers are good here I don't think yet you see. Something here. That tension is. So why. We're. Going to be. All over. The. Years. And nationally and we are waiting to be representing. Our entire tracks people like we're going to. Yes. Oh. All coming. So OK. So contentment is important by the way if you're let's say that you're really unhappy with your marital status can you be content. If we don't learn to be content can we be discontented even if we are married. I have people you know I'm actually a marriage counselor and I work with a lot of marriage marriage people who have marital issues and some of them tell me I've never been more lonely than when I married somebody because there's nothing more than being rejected or betrayed and or having somebody who's got a fence up all the time and you can't get in to their heart and they feel really alone. The fact that God hasn't given you a partner at this point in your life does not mean that he doesn't love you or want to bless you again it means that he wants to draw you to him and peace and contentment may not eliminate your urge to have someone love you and be significant to you when that be true so because of that it's a determination that you have to make that I am going to be content with God and God's will and many times when we have those things together in our life is when somebody might be introduced into our life not always but when you feel really empty and sad and frustrated is the worst time to have a partner come into your life because you suck their blood and you know. You every day and then you over all need them and they feel often empty and that's a really bad time I'm sure that some of you've had a needy friend who needy needy you all the time and it's like when they call you it's like. Or they call you 8 times and say why haven't you called me and slick I wonder why because you were going to call me 8 times right. And so when you see somebody who's discontented often our human barriers are to push them away right we must be satisfied with what God has given us today so that we can be appreciative of what he's going to give us tomorrow or what we will not have tomorrow but because God will fill our holes in our heart and as we practice contentment we are better prepared for whatever life brings us 1 of the biggest struggles that Christian singles face is wondering if they've messed up God's plan by doing something wrong passing over someone not showing interest not being kind not answering the phone call at the right time and it's like that's part of our obsessions isn't it isn't that like how it is all the time we're always wondering what I missed out on. There are people who tell me that they wondered if they took the wrong job or they came to the wrong area and that's why they're still alone but we're really never alone are we when. When Jesus came to this earth what was his marital status did it remain so have you noticed how movies and all kinds of things try to make it look like it's having an involvement was Mary Magdalene it's like in their mind they just can't figure out how he lived as a celibate guy he did didn't eat he had a church yes and he loved his church and he loved his people but he was dedicated to those people he didn't have time for a relationship and what he was doing right do you think that he what. Yeah. Do you think that Jesus felt ostracized. By people do you think that he felt lonely do you think he felt misunderstood. Do you think he felt betrayed. Misunderstood. Or. And that's my next I can't you're just always honest. Jesus was single on this earth because I mean at a time when in the community that he lived in everything was about family clans families own property only if they were related they the women weren't supposed to be without the men when they went to get their water at the well or whatever they were supposed to always be was a man like think like many Arab countries today it was always family oriented even the priests the Jewish priests were expected to marry or else they could be priests you know that I looked up the culture. They felt that something was wrong with them if they were attached to somebody actually when we feel like we're half of a person and we have to have somebody else in our life to make a whole person and we've got trouble right when the whole people in crisis that we have something to share if we get involved in a relationship but he was often ostracized because he was alone people would have. Discomfort bringing him into their houses if he was just a single man because they needed to make sure they had the right amount of people and such so he felt probably very uncomfortable at times family clans form the basis of the Israelite community and they were expected to have children that was what they would ask you when they would see you they would say Hi how are you they say how many children do you have. Yeah there was a lot of stress on a member how the women felt her render slee awful when they were infertile there was this huge push and if they didn't have children even if they married they were like not important but if they weren't married that was even worse so many times they would try to get people to take you on but you were never the loved wife or the you know 1 felt a sense of belonging. Early Christianity presented singleness as viable didn't it what does the Bible say about singleness if you're single stay single because you could maybe serve the Lord and different ways and other people OK and even said that sometimes it was more profitable but in a society that he was in that was really not the way that they thought what do you think about in the United States at this time in your life do you think that there's a big push to always be with someone what are our songs what's our culture of songs you know in other countries they laugh at us because our songs are all about romance and togetherness and she left me if it was country western was always about she left me right so they laugh because they think we're emotion and romantic sick over here I heard it. Right they used to have words about that and they did you did you notice that it was kind of demeaning to women been sisters old maid you didn't for men he's a bad he's a bachelor. Like there's a potential for him. Yes and that thing. Where. You're being. Forced. All And do we have a little problem with divorce in this country. At some times I mean when you look at the paper and you see all the engagements know that you slashed half of them and they're going to be done actually some of the fastest growing divorces are in the segment of 2 years of marriage and then another fast growing 1 is when the kids are gone and that's 1 of our fastest growing segments because the wife is so happy that she got rid of the kids so she can go out and do china painting and go and do something with the ladies and he's like recognizes that his job won't be there all the time so he gets really focused on her and he wants know what's for dinner and she says I don't care what's for dinner you've never been home before so why do you care now well I just thought when will I see you and she's like. Right and so you start to see this big division in that group and so when kids say some of the things that have happened to their parents and the things that they've witnessed many of them say they never want to get married you hear little children saying I never want to get married commitment is a huge issue is that not well I commit which is really self oriented Is that what if I don't feel like that in a few years what if I don't like how they are what if I don't like the size that they grew to what if I don't like the fact that they have a medical problem and they can't do things with me it's like really we've become really self oriented so now I'm going to change I'm going to change and say I'm changing what I'm doing I'm not changing into some is that what you thought. I'm going to change the way that we're looking at our tap and. By the way my profound statement I was thinking while I was preparing this marriage isn't better or worse than singleness it's just different. So let's do some planning. I have heard from some singles that are in my life how much they wish that there was some programming some kind of events some kind of organize zation for singles here in the Michigan area do any of you act go that or am I talking to people who don't really care OK so there is a big interest in that. I talked to our family life department at 1 time we had a retreat at Camp A Sabo it was a wonderful retreat sounds like you've been there some of you have been there the single Yeah. And tell me about the last 1 because that must of done it well. Cover. It all kinds of. Illinois. Isn't that wonderful I'm like isn't that thrilling story here. With all 4 of these just. For. Over because it was so large that they could divide the groups isn't that wonderful and then the last 1 you were at how many to 30 OK I understand Gail Mitchell has a heart of gold she always wants to help people she would bring in speakers from other states and plan for them to be here at Camp Meeting and guess what 2 people showed up or 1 person showed up and she said it really couldn't work very well for the money that they had brought somebody and so it's been a back burner for quite a few years and I think and then I've had people who've told me that. They don't want to be singled out of the word single they don't want to be singled out as singles. And they don't want to be singled out because they think that when you single them out then it's like they're a special needs group well. Are any of you special and do any of you have a need OK So then I had people that thought that they felt like a special needs and this is what somebody told me and they were irritated that I would even consider a single thing they said I do all of my things with people of all kinds of status within their married or singles and I don't want to be considered single I want to be considered me. That was when I was asking a few years ago why it is that nobody's coming to these so anyway so people said. The truth oh I was going to say the truth is Michigan conference does allocate some money for singles and they are willing to do retreats and seminars and they are willing to have weekend get togethers and all kinds of things but sometimes it has to be a grassroots we've got to get it going again and then we'll have something to offer does that make sense. Of. This. Well you know what whenever there's a big interest it usually gets finance so I'm going to think about how can we how can we move forward so we can do that. Will. Sometimes churches take an interest because they want to see you prosper So sometimes they'll give you a stipend or a budget I mean I think about the East Lansing Church every year they. Support so many kids to go to G. Y.C. that's a big undertaking how many of you support kids to go to camp or why not send a single to a retreat so anyway. I think it's more of a family life thing. Family like. How many of you are willing and getting something organized or would be a part of an organization OK that's encouraging to me now you didn't you know you didn't all put your hands on. How many of you would be willing to be a part of an organization. OK All right. Only a little too and how. Kids who are going to be kids and some of them are. There for right reasons you know young adult or early adulthood can we're looking to a single. Season more like a single seems like it's more that. I was able to trick people. I actually I am sensitive to that and I hear what you're saying there are some people that go to date and want to know who is going to be there and there are some people that go there because they want some spiritual blessing and they'd like people who are in like mind and understand some of the needs that they have would that be true. It's going to. Will have. To be. A love for. It so I'm going to I'm going to defend them so is that is that bad oh. Yeah is that man. I'm like I mean there are some people there did you hear that a voice from the back side isn't that the point we need to have some scoring done yeah. I'm OK just a minute I had I was 1 singles retreated to go again because the program there I didn't. Really book Rouche or you know or just you know spend time together have some spiritual stuff right. That's what you were looking for was a spiritual time was very much centered on trying to get people to. Really actively you know trying to cope people up trying to find ways like write down all her interests and all her eyes and like go to the house you know her gender like my and I really hated that because that's not where I cannot find people who want their own home but I thought it was I'm comfortable knowing that I was a gun at someone for me I would naturally just find them in the things that he was enjoying cheering in the natural trying to push people together. And I just went off and high drama was the whole rest of the time did come back to the D.V.D. I understand and I understand and I'm sorry Emily that that half and I think of an illustration my husband anybody you know my husband Royce naman be cute guy with a bald head brain is brain is poking through the surface OK but he wore a black hat the other day and he looked really cute. For a pioneer. Anyway he was the single Pastor Wright he was going through theology and they invited the single men they didn't know why the single men were being invited at Pacific Union College to a banquet and they thought that was really cool and they invited the nurses the single nurses to the banquet you know and tried to get them into ice breakers together and he said evidently being a pastor meant we had to have a wife to be able to get a job or something he said boy that was really uncomfortable nobody wants to have that happen I agree yes Kim OK let's get the. Car over there was no way here. No wait for summer I I can. Relate. I had there were 3 women that had come in they were on their 4th retreat and they said they were looking over the men from place to place and they hadn't found 1 yet and when was I going to get up a big 1 together so they could have more juice choices but. That's OK. Yes but you're right that was a small part of that group yeah it was a very small part of that group but I think that you know I took a whole group of singles when I spoke in West Virginia and I told them I don't care because I don't know anything about West Virginia anybody know anything about West Virginia OK I don't know I said I don't care if they chew tobacco I don't care is they just came in off the farm and they've got manure on the boots I want you to be friendly to each 1 of them and be a friend so we did things where they we didn't do anything romantic we did things like where they had to come up with the Sabbath school program together we came up with where they did the mission story together they did all those things and they I think they had a ball and I'm still getting letters from West Virginia telling me that they thought that that was the best time they've ever had in their retreat because they were all so participatory for to say yes whatever that means. Yes go ahead well the 1st name and where you're from. From my. OK. I think that's prison territory right OK. OK. That's OK. You just fall out of the. World with me on how long I'm a little for a little. Old OK so it's probably been a very long time. She's a month. From today. Is it where you. Were for a. Very interesting Susan chooses us you have a flavor of both come season here is I was. Able. To find people who are and it would seem to be and I think that it should be big enough for all those groups I think this is something that needs to be discussed just for a view to. Come true for you for example on the. Dish for the Christian group that was the sense to leave the singles with us it was like you were always on the phone I was going to say I support means like like you got you got a disability or something and you got to be in the mean time comes just to think oh I'm so sorry you think oh he was asleep you know. Because you're single with all of this is a good you're going to have there are posts assigned to help you with grief. So I. Just wanted the I like all these ideas and then pretty soon I'm going to go over to this board and I'm going to ask you to dream up some things that you would like to see in Michigan. Sound OK go ahead your name 1st name is. Gold. Oh that would be great. Mate reminds me of all kinds of things so I'm trying not to be subjective I want broad ideas that will hold them up but boy OK that's cool anything else that people have to say about some of the singles things that they've gone to the things that they liked or didn't like does that mean that maybe not many people had probably I mean experiences at a singles activity OK your 1st name is. Funny. But I think it would be nice. To each disagree with. Singles true to her like early afternoon. And then have the single go. In by a single. TEAR. Drop down. Your way but by the way Susan that is a mile a very important subject when we're not connected to somebody she said to try and encourage people because they often drop off and go their own way when we're not connected to people that's exactly what happened we lose people and if if you're 100 percent valuable to God then we need you in this atmosphere and that's why I want to see us come together unity is wonderful. Really. Is in the area. All right I know your area has a single point ministries that which is a big program. Yeah. That's right canned and that's sad too because actually we're a smaller church to nomination we don't have the resources we don't have the management and the time we can't get a you know what I said let's not say we can't so we don't have a vision for somebody who ministers to singles at this point but maybe when we have a big interest that would be a big interest whatever you devote time to grows right when we started devote time to kids who are 10 to 16 we came up with a Pathfinder program when we started to work with kids that were adventurers age that's when they came up the adventures women's ministries people said well what is that are they going to get together and pain each other's toes and do hair and like look at what it's evolved in which is a dedicated women force that helps missions and and encourages 1 another at such a so my thought is that we just haven't had the vision yet and I think that I'm hoping that you are going to start dream dreams where that sounds like a Bible prophecy but I hope you'll dream dreams about what we could do and here go ahead Emily. Something I noticed when I was younger and am now I was when I did go to that 1 singles retreat before I was there I kind of X. Some of my friends who were single want to go out with me and only desperate people could and that's sad and. Yeah I didn't believe it. But. I think if we changed. It so well get togethers were you know people if they want someone they can and they just want to hang out they can do that we try to talk my shot but I'm tired of. Projects she's done or I think that would be wonderful younger yeah I just want to make sure that I covered everything and that is I would like to see that a singles organization their focus is to connect with God and and make friendships with each other while they're pursuing God does that make sense and all these other things whatever they're coming in for hopefully they're going to get their needs met but that is what the focus would be yes Sharon. Bridge where. It's been a campus group there are. No friends really all that. They need. So they do a social thing as well as a prayer group thing but you guys are all nodding your head because you've been there well OK just a minute we'll interview. You think. You know. OK now I would assume that that would be more of a focus for the younger singles no. OK. OK why don't you tell us about the bridge and what you guys have been how you've been participating in. And your 1st name is. Hi Shannon. Oh. Oh. I think that's a wonderful beginning and we never need to recreate anything so I'm like that would be a great resource for people. You. Know me. And it's just a recognition that this group needs to get together and it doesn't matter where OK that's really good by the way I don't see you know I'm like I want to make sure we are representing a lot of people groups we don't have a lot of people groups in here Asian or Caribbean here just like I want to make sure that we're inclusive of everybody oh you are good some lists like I don't want this to be a lily white group does that mean Sunstein I want to be inclusive of everyone so that would be my thing is that we need to also mix with all kinds of cultures would that be true OK. So will you help me right now as we start to think about what we could do and I would love your brains and I don't want to I'm not going to call on specific people but I'd love to hear from everybody in this room does that sound good because I think that. If. If it's only react reflecting 1 person that would be really sad and that would mean that that's their problem and not your program so I guess that's not going to go K. so I would like to talk about a goal OK come up with anything that you say is OK and then we'll hone it down OK yes. Oh you know singles heavily home with your family here all want to go. So a goal would be a goal you're saying is that it would include singles I'm clarifying that and. Our same goal as well because there's a lot of. Nice things that are done with troops OK presentations and then I. Can for. So wait wait I'm just like I'm trying to figure out can't you're saying that you wish that campsite would be more inclusive of singles. So are you saying because I don't want to specify camp do you would you like to see a conference that's more inclusive of singles in many different ways what are you doing broad ideas 1st. OK Anything else. A social network. OK Anybody else I'm sorry. Singles helping others what was somebody just said some about you know like doing a work thing was that you and like there is there's actually people connect with other people when they have similar interests and helping others and if you want to track nice people have a and a work project that they get together on that's a really great place to meet and greet OK so now that I said all that I have to think of how I said this so singles helping others what's your 1st name. I R. K. I mean there's. No word. Yes. So there are things that are not designated singles that we need to identify that would be something that singles would enjoy that you know. We. Hang. Other things I'm like I want to spiritual goal OK. So we're. Just. Really a support of ministry work just. Like so it just help me understand that so 1 needs and history and all. OK. For a long time I had. Very strange That's what the real. Basic mysteries but. I hope your wife I mean hell yeah OK so both sides the title classics. So maybe it goes with this conference inclusive of singles we have. Almost all those. Cheap. Hang all right and like a spiritual goal somebody is spiritual. That's why I said surrendered singles I thought that was a really nifty name nothing you have to have that but I really would like to say that I hope that whatever we did with the focus would be to get to know God and grow spiritually would that be true OK. OK. OK it was a safe. Place. Like safe. Place. To me I think a social network place. To live the same kind of thing really mean more like a lot of things the social. You know you will. I think he will you know what we're going to go on we're going to be this sounds like a meet up a little bit it's really an addon a singles meet up. Not Amie 80 not looking for me we're going to have a meet up. OK. You know. What. OK go ahead. No idea where. He was. Actually. More resources. Do you know the North American division has a cruise going on. Summer Danny if you know about it see that's an issue. There's a cruise going on and it's a reasonably inexpensive cruise and it's all 1st singles and my thought is that nobody in Michigan really knows about some of the North American division things that they're doing and I think that we need communication so so let's go let's divert to communication how can we communicate resources and advertise what's going on and look at events so let's talk about that do we need a blog a Facebook page or do we need there's a very easy because when my when I was going to homeschool my son I was absolutely looking at like all of us endianness like. Blocks and sure but my hands are seen what appears to be seen about what is good and what programs reviews Yes So if you had a leg same day you could go on and be like these are the best that are coming up a Web site. And I don't know if you. If you know that I I work for the conference office the ministerial department and I have the nicest. Name is Elder gala more. And all I have to do is go in there and go I think we need to do this go ahead Lori whatever you want to think OK so you know I've got a website on bullying and I can imagine having a website for single moms when they have a fun OK a website. What would we call it rendered singles OK. I mean I kept trying to come over the next word I can't tell you how many dictionaries I went through before I got that but anyway you know we have to come up with a name so OK so maybe a website anything else you can imagine so that we could communicate. Well a follow up a 1 call me. By the way this is going on. 1 call. 1 call e-mail distribution. Fires for the churches Oh oh do we have a problem with that. Oh no I'm not I don't have a problem with that you know what it is it's called churches are so busy and they have an event scheduled and they don't want to let you know about events that are going to take you away from the event at the church so those it with those flyers a get sent to your church often get put into the circular file and those people who go we go we sent out over 350 of those flyers Didn't you see anything how many of you seen things to people you know 3 people. They're all in English. Oh. Oh that's that's a problem isn't it they should be in the language of the church they're sending it to however there's a new generation they speak English right it's the older generation that doesn't really. But I yeah that is because you know most of the historians you know they're the ones that you know. Are encouraging right so fires in their language. OK I. Nobody's going to say a Facebook page. With. Bad be great I see I'm going to go with that 1 Facebook page. See I think anyone can make a Facebook page you don't even have to be active on it but you could look it up once in awhile and see if anything comes to there because there's nothing like letting you know currently by the way I saw this and this is gone I just think of all of us who are on a Facebook page I was just thinking that I'm not 1 of you right sometimes that sounds like I'm including myself but I want to be included with you because I like to see it going and I hope you don't. Distrust that I'm the 1 who's conducting this program today you know my I hope I just want to see something going so anyhow I would love to see that any time that we know of something like what's going on with the bridge or that there's a retreat from the NE D. the cruise or whatever or that there's a mission trip that we would put something on that Facebook page would some of you who don't have Facebook pages commit to making a Facebook page so you could be on some like that OK So OK go ahead. Oh does it so we could put a link to that too. OK so maybe links to bridge or any other things OK the any D. actually writes like a blog or so they have articles or whatever and I don't know how anyone knows anything about it I'm like I just found it is kind of the elusive So if we had a website that you could go to that was active then you would see anything that was current coming in and we could get a feed on what do you think. What about like a Google Group anybody and her group. Nobody knows about a google group. You can put notes on it constantly and everybody is in a like a group and you get a little notice that some coming on you have a message. That's a possibility I'm going to put out we said we're input possibilities so that's a good. Google Group. OK if there were plans for something we would probably need a committee of some kind to make the plans for the year would that be understood so we would need to have people who would be serving on some kind of committee it doesn't have to be very often to be once or twice a year could be it can't mean right so we need a committee to plan events for the year would that be fair or maybe even for 2 years because you can figure plans when you go to for 2 years is there anyone who would like to see a group or a van go to singles retreats that are in other states would that be a fun adventure. Singles retreat OK so now I would like you to dream dreams of some of the things that you think that Michigan could do specifically for singles would you like to see something campus Sabo again even if it's a small group because you don't have to have a big group to go to camp SAGAL You can have a small group in the Cedar Lodge. You can even have 10 or 15 and afford to do it. I know because at 1 time there was a big interest so they were doing something right at 1 time and then that turned around and nobody showed any interest or commitment to it so maybe they didn't feel that it was useful to them is what I believe that the family life department they felt it wasn't useful and I'm saying OK I don't know what was going on in 2006 or 2007 I'm saying right now in 2017 we need to revisit it and try to get it going again. We need to put a new battery in it and jump start it. Why not be united and have the lake region be involved as well. Including. Lake region. Did I miss something. Oh it was a club a ha I don't want to be a club OK. All right. So we said yes we'd like to see singles retreat What about just a weekend potluck afternoon thing I think I will leave the singles are mostly lonely and sad us I've been told that I think that's really sad if Savva this supposed to be a celebration. Why couldn't we do it why can't we do a single thing at certain churches around the state would that be OK a single Sabbath. Day. Different churches. I don't want this to reflect Laurie's ideas so I always have lots of ideas but I'd like it to reflect your ideas so OK Holly will be here and they would always choose me. So. Where they would it would be the single like a potluck. That was a how many years ago. Now I just and I have been happening for a long time. Yes some of you must remember it was 2001 and here at the You mean 16 years ago since we did a singles retreat actually there's a couple in the East Lansing church they met through the same retreat they got married 10 years later but you know they've been they were friends for 10 years so what can I say but in those days where you needed you had to. Be for it these types of functions I mean let's face it in a little. While. I can't meaning public. Starting Samah. You know. What do you think. Bring it here British. Bring a smile be friendly. OK that sounds good anybody else. There are some quiet ones here I love to hear from white people. Camping trips Yeah that's what I delegate Now I saw the people in the truck tents today they were getting what I'm like. Camping trips. And we're. Just going to be eating. You know they're doing. In the summer. You know. A ski trip is expensive though. We have to we can have a ski trip you know what I need I think that we need to always say there are people who will be interested in certain activities and others that won't right so a ski trip would be OK. Oh. OK. OK snowshoe and what do you do eat I'm cooking I'm walking. Oh you walk in I'm OK Yes no show. Is there snowshoe rabbits or some OK. OK you know shoot them that's a good thing I. Look like. I think. You know actually I help I help supervise pastors that wonderful so I could tell them that they all need to come up with a date for a singles day in their church what do you think 117 pastors here we could have 117 Sabbaths of singles. Now we can take you away from your churches every Sabbath I get in big trouble. Biking biking Yeah you just need to make sure that no cars hit you right Sharon. She's recovering from a broken hip after being hit on a bike and I mean. OK you guys are talking a lot about activities but back there you were talking about doing something like If you ever thought about going to the admin assistant village and maybe doing a work crew there they'd love to have you so some kind of like a work retreat of some kind and they actually have housing there so kind of work retreat we talked about campus I will work retreat. For them or we they will all have to tell the director that's what you said and put it on tape and everything people are going. Find the safe you know. Bring your lunch now. We're told. That that's how it is on. Trips to other countries is that you have a couple of days of fun I had been here. For over I say bring your trailer your tenders OK Any other ideas. Are you leaving without me getting your name. And. I'm like I'm taking a picture of her just a minute I'm. Like oh yeah. I'm going to I'm going to remember who all you are. If you don't come to 1 of these things I'm going to go you're the 1 who suggested it. I knew mark against. She's. All you think I'm so I'm not serious. Oh no I want it in blood but I won't get that today OK. Seminars workshops like the house where the singles go where you know because people have something that's necessarily or. Can you you know or for. Spiritual you know any better single because they know what you're going to see you mean like a support group like I like all that extra overhead can we have something like. This so some kind of workshops single thing would work out break out groups that so that would be something. 2 at a singles retreat so workshops specific to singles. To. See. For singles or eat during this period. Married or not that injury free. You know. We get all parents just your opinion. And so yours are 16 right kind of Muslims do you see 1 specific boundaries of what you're doing I have been to like being a pastor's wife I remember somebody having a single Sabbath at our church and Kalamazoo area and I remembered some weirdos coming to me and saying there was there were 3 of them and there was nobody there age there I think that that's what we're going to find is that there is going to be times when there isn't anybody but I think that older adults can mentor younger adults and I think that some people who are college students can still mentor other people that are coming so like I agree with age age restrictions but I still think that I don't care whether they're widowed or whether single moms or whatever I think that they all have something to benefit because they still have the single life style in common no I'm not refuting what you're saying I'm just like clarifying what I hear 66 so maybe we need to say age and stage what would you want this to be. 20 an up or something. Dirty enough. For being up. I was 160. 0. 70 my. How old was that man at the West Virginia retreat. He was. 89 and he said he came and he needed a woman. And we all of them we all decided to be is friend but we weren't going to give a married person or by the end of the trip either I'm just like. Well he was there for the whole weekend including was 1 of their conference officials he was like there because he like he was afraid to tell us that he was needing to be in fellowship because he works his job by him self and he kept coming in and now in and out and I think that it was just a threat because it was his conference and I think that we recognize we need to recognize that there are people who really want to be a part of an organization they need another place maybe where they don't feel threatened like a state over or whatever so I don't have any concerns about inviting people from other states I think that there's more power when we do that go ahead I was just saying. Because there will be people who with mixed feelings on this people want to be with people in their age group and some people like the mix. I think we're benefited by energetic rational. The single street when I think of the church which would carry people of a similar you and I would if you could actually do like. A registration form like a little check mark are OK with anybody but me Grant Well yeah I think that's great noticed. Somebody also a son maybe we should consider doing a singles. Network of some kind more people can talk on this singles network I know there's a lot of ideas OK so now today 1 of the things that I recognized that I completely forgot was a piece of notebook paper and a pen is there anyone who has that and we could get people to put their if they feel they will if they want to do it yeah why don't we get more than 1 out there if there is a way that you would like to put your name down so that we could start to form a committee or a Facebook account or an email and start to formulate this we're not going to get it all done today. But I would like I think this is like the 1st step of thinking about it and I'm happy to start working on it so you have a piece of notebook paper there we need to put it on a book does anybody have a pen. So OK why don't I say before you really let's have prayer. Must have prayer give peace anybody have a pen for that thank you so if somebody would write the 1st 1 it would be their name their e-mail printed out so that even people like me can understand what it says and your phone number if you're willing and if you want to do it privately you can put it in a little piece of paper and hand it to me but let's have prayer Well wait let me before I before I even close something that you feel would be powerful for singles in Michigan something that you feel is good that came out of this meeting this seminar that you feel that we need to move on with anybody got a comment so I can pray about just getting it started is a good step OK being recognized anything else. We need a leadership team in Michigan what. Do I need a volunteer you know oh yeah that'd be great but make sure you print it. OK then let's pray and please won't you sign if you're willing to be a part of an organization that does some of these things are right Lord I thank you for each person here Lord you know their story you know why they're here we pray Lord that we will be able to meet as many needs possible I pray that you will help us with structure that you will help us with the vision that you have a still growing you that we may be surrendered no matter what our marital status that we will be close to you and committed we pray that we will not leave anyone out in any group that we will always be inclusive I pray Lord that you will help us to accomplish some of the goals that were on the board today if those be your will I pray that you'll make them real clear and Lord if we work on a committee of sorts I pray that you will help us to select those people that have some leadership skills and some persistence that will not get discouraged when people do not respond but will continue to keep this going so that our grassroots can get stronger and we can have a vibrant group here in Michigan I thank you for each person here that they are priceless Jesus and that someday we will be in heaven and we won't even worry about some of the things that we have to worry about here and you really need. 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