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Risk in 2017 & Beyond

Leander Tomazeli




  • June 20, 2017
    12:00 PM


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Good morning everyone Lori well coming from here on this rainy day we have a nice soft Kerry house and Michelle it's only like to welcome us all Treasury Department to Buffalo and especially given that sometimes nations are coming out of this weather and little bit of self and all our stuff. I've been thinking about would just be a treasure a little more since I've been out of your 50 years now and I noticed. The faithfulness of so many strangers. I was thinking about maybe I pretended they. Could bring you all the time to the store house that I always thought didn't it that just you know for as a person and specifically tied as I become involved in this idea like yours above bringing it happens by people such as the house and so we're just very much just like you so this morning you know and welcome lots of our kids are nothing but. Our Heavenly Father we thank you so much for the opportunity we have serving your cause we think he for that the funds that you are bringing and then service your worldwide work and small part we can play in helping things get in the right place thank you for each person here in their faithfulness in their willingness to work in your work their coming out or that you will send your spirit upon us to start and we need your help and guidance to understand we should so that we can help things not great and just manner possible so thank you and ask your blessing on us here in Jesus name you know to be. Good once we are like here you think you so much for coming to date we have a lot of preachers who are you kidding so we're going to get radiation lit up you were scared to centuries come up there's a couple of things I want to tell you about. We have a treasure in this conference you gave me in college couple of weeks ago and said to be my house groupie after last night. And it was such a date. Such a hot fire there he is a disabled person he has a specially made video for his knee and it kind of melted in the you know lost everything guess where all of his church books and everything were. In Here's House and even so he lost everything so 1 of our jobs after camp meeting is to try and rebuild 2017 us last week and with what information we can get from Beijing I told this story to our conference treasurer and so what I would like to do these days as you lead Kerry now we have in our last rights and we gave you last rites a couple of years ago we said we don't really care if you use a curse not all or you were buying our number our land but now we do want you to use it for work. And was like to sit just on the purpose of giving you a 2nd class driver is there 1 I know that many of you work from your homes will you see your church and your school books and so I don't expect you to be located to the church or some off site place however what I do expect now because of the situation here is Jew looking back I have a secondary job somewhere outside so you have this is a treasure truly not without it you have a place at the church where you could put it this way and only you where did well until you die you treasure your hinges traded in out the and yet is there should I need something to happen disaster happens and you lose the church records your computer melts away we don't have to go back and try to rebuild an entire year now when we come God it always takes a car so we have a bit of historical data from the last time we saw you there. Words are we don't have your kind stuff and so we just really want to preach so please don't leave today until you hear yourself while you're in your. Car OK and Harry and I will be handing these out at the answer please help me with this little flash right here and just be very aware of the possibilities of bad things do happen and are but if they do happen the scholars who are going for. The other thing I was a goodly is how many of you have had trouble with them in the selling of it. Many of us here well what I want to tell you today is just simply 2 things they read on here their website as everybody knows they had told us a couple of months ago they were going to start our monthly It causes that did not happen but they are going to start you so starting your usual there will be 2 trials every month here and sign get it the other the I want to tell you is they no longer acts as your real words using Internet Explorer which is a louis on your computer really and you know that's why you can get into a low you click on the key group or you're going to sit there for 20 minutes just a little round and round and round you when you get in so all you're suggesting is that you can you scroll down if you can go in through the crown you will have no trouble being able to access the P.D.F. report OK. That's for sure you can try I don't know I go there homework sometimes that's how I get my records so I go across some words and use it to be there OK now we know that the reason you heard these because you love hearing them so much but occurring in Thailand loves you now you know that this is all what I want to tell you is that the child up. Folks are coming we did bring them up we have 6 cases of that with here unfortunately I said to deliver them to the boys door worship group they ended up where I live the way you know where our whole we have something really in them up during our meeting today so there will be childless available to you at the end of our summer today OK all right today we have 2 very special guests that are going to be presenting for us the 1st 1 is Leander and I'm sorry to Sally that's right they are a good man he is our Atlanta our late Union and risk management reason is not only were treasures invited to the cellar to do this over church state oxers which is kind of a new concept again but it is a concept that is very very important and council are hoping that you will start conversations back on your words with some of the illusion that we understand to share with us today we're used to this with this question answered in lands man and most of you now you know it's magical thinking it is 1 of the programs for the Lucas Arts where he's going to talk about how secure our this system is with all the news we get about you know Internet people happiness and he's going to talk about just how silly our gauge is where you are you know you never lose are OK you do you so much for time and you good morning. Thanks for coming and making it through the rain it was a lot of rain this morning on the way here. And my name is Leanna Tomaselli I'm from Adventists risk management before I start I want to ask you a question. How many of your church treasures OK how many of your safety officers. OK if it. Were my missing hearing that's it OK we get how many of you know what Adam does risk management do you know that very good some of you don't so before I start I want to show you a quick review of. Our cricket or use this of what we're about what we do all right so that's what we do we exist to serve you the church we are we have a supporting role in the ministry of what you do as a church so just 1 introduce the teen that's me on the left and on my left and Nancy's C.S.R. to customer service rep so if you need if you're doing an activity at the state gym gymnastic place or whatever it is they need a certificate of insurance you go through the conference the conference requests that a certificate of insurance from us and we should that in the conference and back to you so Nancy is the 1 who produces that certificate of insurance now what would we do Yes QUESTION What was that. It depends if it's a rush request it could take $24.00 hours or less if it's not depending on how much demand we have we can say $48.00 hours but we usually turn it around pretty quickly so. We are based at the G.C. building Yes At the same building as the D.C.. Silver Spring yet in Maryland. You know you're welcome by the way this has to be a conversation so if you see or hear something you have questions on just raise your hand let's talk this has to be an open open conversation so we can all learn from what we talk about and by the way if you hear a little bit of an accent in my speaking it comes from Brazil all the way from Brazil to you guys. So we see ourselves as a ministry and not so much as a business even though we are the insurance company for the church we are here just to serve the church all other insurance companies have the option of insuring any 1 any client they want but we as a church we have the mission of serving the church only so if a conference wants to go outside they can but we will only serve the church so let's say all the conference decide to get insurance elsewhere even though not recommended by any D. we would go out of business in a way so we exist to serve the church and nobody else understands the church how we do we we operate as a church in a very unique way and understanding those needs are very important so what are the 3 parts of our ministry risk identification risk control and risk financing what are those 3 so risk identification is where you guys safety officers and church treasures have a big important role and you analyze the risks and you identify the hazard so we're going to talk about the inspections but that's where you come in have really you go around the property and you create that mentality of safety. You see something you see well that could be a hazard know a trip 1 fall because of the wires on the floor or because of this the pothole on the parking lot someone can fall and get hurt so you start thinking as you as you partake on the church activities and you start analyzing identifying what the potential hazards are and then once you identify the problems you have to control so you create a prevention plan you take those suggestions those recommendations to the church board and then you will then make a decision and the action will take place so you minimize your overall risk and then the risk financing is when you do everything you can but there's still risk in everything we do so danged sure is company the way insurance work is you transferred the risk to insurance company so their risk of someone even though everything's perfect and looking good excuse me there's still risk of some more someone walking into your church tripping in fall and then blaming the church afterwards so the insurance company protects the church and the coffers Now let's go into the real meat of safety as you know as some of you may know or may not know the any D voted the 2017 initiatives those are 5 main initiatives for Saddam and 17 and beyond and those are going to show you so that's a doubt that the 5 initiatives. And there are basically 5 we didn't want to make it too complicated you wanted to make it simple so people could understand it and and act on them so the 1st 1 is forming risk management committees what are they how do you form and who should be part of your communities are going to talk about that to remove 15 passenger vans entirely from search operation compliance with inspections we're going to go over the difference between I associate specs and a self inspection emergency planning we recently had a safety Sabbath where we did we practiced the emergency drills shooting. The shooting drill or a missing child or a fire drill and then we have camp safety which I have to quickly say Mission conference there's a fantastic job with this campus I have never seen such organized camp operations this so I'm very much impressed so the process so how does it work for you as a church treasurer or safety officer to create and put in place the they nation it's a process and you have to be patient and you have to remind your leadership about the importance of safety so you have to get your leadership or on board practical goals we're not going to solve everything in 1 you know in 1 at once it takes time so what I want you to take away from everything I'm going to talk about take 2 or 3 of the most takeaways things that can very much be applicable to your reality. Everything if it's not applicable just skip over make sure you grasp and understand and take away what is really applicable to your reality and then once you have leadership on board you're going to create magic goes you're going to measure your your actions so you can then report to your auditors which I'm going to talk about 1 of the 17 initiatives is to include a risk management item on the audit and I'm going to show you how it's going to look like are so it's going on. So the risk management committees you have you're going to you're going to include all your leadership in that meeting OK So you because you want to you want to get every every leader in the church this issue makers on board on this you're going to come up with measurable goals and some of the agenda items could be 15 passenger vans emergency planning inspections and follow up my opinion the last 1 spache and follow up and then because the 50 passengers vent we've been preaching that mattered for a while I think most of you are aware of this already emergency plenty very good let's do a drill once a year at least once a year or twice a year recommended and inspections follow up going to talk about in a moment. All right this is pretty much the like the map the Safety Committee brings leadership and you make of the season you grow you create a sense a safer environment for your church so what does it mean to be a safety officer OK By the way a lot of this information is on our website we have a full job description document on our website for safety officers. So the safety officer will be kind of the leader of this whole safety committee idea is going to spur had the committee. He's going to bring everything together OK at the same time you are the leader I don't want you to feel you are overwhelmed with the things you have to do it doesn't take that much time OK it takes willingness and you have to be willing to do it so you just create you put everything in place once and everything else is maintenance you make sure people are following up with their recommendations the actions so on. Stock about. The meetings that they meet on a regular like once maybe once per quarter once per semester you just want to make sure that the actions recommended are being followed up OK there's a very good interesting a Bible verse that says where there's no council that people follow but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety so when we come together as a church and we think about the safety needs of our congregation imagine this imagine if because of your safety fire drill OK because the way you practiced over and over again with the church congregation OK A happened fire happens and because of that practice of that rehearsal over and over again a church member is saved that otherwise would have lost he his or her life so it's that kind of mindset I want you to understand that the things we talk about it's about prevention is about preventing a death. I think a lot of claims come to mind where if we should have done if if we should have thought of this before hand a teenager would not have been been molested or a teenager would not have been killed in a in an accident So prevention is key being proactive in all safety matters so let's move on I just I don't want to spend so much time here that anybody has voted to remove the use ranty borrowing everything related to 15 passenger vents and if you if you are not sure if you have a 15 or 12 passenger van please call the conference or myself I'll be happy to help you checking the VIN number checking the wheel base measurement as well as the vehicle length there are a few calculations that we can put in place to find out whether or not you have a 15 passenger vent so the numbers talk for themselves we have had in our church only this is just the natural national statistics in our church only We've had multiple deaths because of 15 passenger vans they have a higher probability of rollover and I personally have driven 1 like that back in my previous employment and it is very much unstable it's really weird that's the that's the right word when you drive in you don't you don't have much of stability so you. Keep trying to get control over old eventually it's really not there so it's a structural problem that we have to stay away from all right enough on that so managing drivers quickly go over the some recommendations from a R.M. ideally 2121 years old. Or older driving on behalf of the organization so let's say you're putting together a noun an activity or a Pathfinder activity you're going out hiking and you taking a church a bus or even a church members vehicle OK you look at the safety aspects to that so that think so you ask someone responsible with your driving records and you can ask for references there's a voluntary application if someone is volunteer in for your church you can have that volunteer application where you can check references. If that person did a black background check through the conference you have the driving record as well so a few things in place to make sure we have the good people working on behalf of the church. And adequate insurance is driving their own vehicle I just want to highlight here that if you are driving on behalf of the organization and on behalf of the church you or anyone in the church as a volunteer or as a personal vehicle owner ship your personal insurance report response 1st and then the churches insurance would pick up the excess from a liability standpoint. Any question so far. OK that's an internal conference decision some conferences ask 225500 because it depends on the state requirements you have to talk to each Eliz at the conference to find out what is 1 to 300 OK Mission conference 10300 Thank you. Manage for tea. You want to choose your drivers wisely OK wrote drivers every 2 hours make sure it's. You don't choose a young adult who drives untaxed and that's really I mean I can't say that enough you know you know of the dangers associated with driving texting vehicle maintenance if you if you do if you have a via church on vehicle you have to make sure as a treasurer or safety officer day your view vehicle is properly maintained so you think you can conduct a pre and post trip inspection and we actually have forms showing you how to do that so you can download this form online you just pretty much go around the vehicle and you can check the boxes and make sure the vehicle is in good condition so very easy to use a good resource available for yes this is what I want to spend some good time on inspections we 1 of the the main reasons from a claims perspective is trips and falls that's that's where we get the most claims out of trips and falls people get hurt in parking lots people get hurt at volunteer at the church so how do we there are things we can do to prevent those from happening so ending SPAC Sion property expection is 1 of them the idea of Saul What is that that's what's not working there is so that I have so I want to explain to you what is that because we are now expecting every single mission conference property when I say we now say next. 3 to 4 months all of the churches under mission conference will be expected what does that mean that means that you as a church treasurer or the or the pastor of the church will get a call from a company called various various ve R I S K various and they will say they are. They are from various or a gent con Gen Con is our insurance company stands for General Conference so Jan KHON G N C O N They will be scheduling a inspection a property survey for your church so what do they look like they look like this that the reports this is a huge resource for all of us are going to be very much useful for our church why. 2 main reasons 1st it's going to give us a property evaluation it's going to give us the property value excuse me so basically how many of you know what. The is statement of value OK it's that document you get from the coffers showing how much building coverage you have and how much confidence do you have so this will give us a very much accurate information on property value the 2nd and most important reason is the hazards this inspector professional inspector will go around your property and they will identify the hazards for us. Can't get better than that right they do all the work and this is free of charge for the conference and for the church that's the best part so they will give us that information but I don't want to rely on this if there is it and you know your church if there is an immediate at attention a matter at your church the need to speak up and bring it to your church board as soon as possible this will be coming soon but I don't want you to count on this if you have something very important All right let's talk about the audit checklist as we said there will be this year the conference I believe is implementing the risk management initiative which is to add a risk management factor into the audit into the financial audit So how does that look like so we have the name of the church here look ation the auditor doing they are on it the safety officer name so that means we are now asking every single church if that church has or doesn't have a safety officer self inspection OK if you already have an I.S.O. report like I was showing you guys this will be taken care of the can put the date you received the I.S.O. but if you don't have an eye a SO report then we have self inspection form on our website which is very easy which I want to show you to this 1 right here on our part this is a self respect and form that you can download from our website and just go around the property it's very self explanatory very easy you don't have to. I think through too much just read the question go around the property check the boss the box yes or no and if you check no that means you have a potential problem and he described the issue and you recommend action you did it you have to do this once a sim Asser once a year and you take that to your church board and then you follow up with the actions recommended So let's go back to the checklist you also have. The report when you were reported to the board if you have practiced an emergency drill when did you practice or did drill the asile V which is the statement of value which you should be receiving from the conference and 15 passenger van question so you know we are implementing all of the initiatives into a checklist question there at the audit any questions here yes. Wow Yeah this is on our website already so you can have access to all of the initiatives on our website. Yet it's Adventists risk dot org admin to suppress dot org. Yes Well you know. Really what I am. Yes I'm. Not. Not is there he reports that now well you. Know we're just starting. So many of our churches don't ask. So we're just you know use us actually go back to your or any instrument that started this process we're not asking you necessarily to do it now we're at a new. Report this is well the reason it works here this is what. We're not exactly. Where you know that that's right and any could be seen work it have to be you as a church trash or as Michele saying but if we have to start a conversation that that's the goal here we have been delaying over and over but now is the time to talk about we have seen so many sexual misconduct claims some auto claims on the church because we didn't do due diligence in the things that we should have done so camp talking about this stuff is good yes. We have been talking every at every opportunity ploys meetings we have been meetings we have been communicating this massive over and over to our conferences in our employees ads at some churches you might be the only 1 to know I'm not 100 percent sure but you should definitely bring it up and. Yeah I think if the the good conversation yes. It while not directly there is not specific rates change for having cameras however when you did that you reduce the likelihood of a claim because you use scared the robberies they don't like cameras of the go away so that means your overall claim history will reduce which they conference will take that into consideration when distributing and analyzing the allocation of premium but. Ask for. OK the conference told you that are not. The county hours now they're not. Oh OK. So they want to have for the church the. Right answers. And their chips or. Their rights. OK And the insurance is provided through the church or through the town council to. Yet stay her section I see so yes he sure is companies they have different rating regulations so I can't speak on behalf of that town but yes. Church. Or. Pharmacist. Know us when. We were. Very good thanks for bringing that up any other questions or comments or you want to share a story that it everyone can benefit from our let's move on I have a few questions now it's the quiz time what is wrong with this picture to all that's good yes expired fire fire extinguishers so that's 1 thing easy to do right just go around check your fire thing with your make sure it's up to date some are protection elements for the spring sprinkler system sometimes they're outdated and you want to make sure they work. The heat the tact or his fire alarm security systems and lighting like we were talking about flame about storage I'm going to show you a picture in a in a bit what is wrong with this picture. Oh I gave it away but there are there are many mainly 2 things I would say is wrong with this picture well an even parked they all sidewalk but what else are painted That's right if you have an even part sidewalk you need painting you know on showing the difference in and levels all. You would not believe how many claims we get for for trips and falls people falling on on the potholes in the parking lot or things like that it will trip and fall yeah I heard you would not believe that's sure ice very yet. And then some churches even have 1 person just to go out in the parking lot and help folks to come in the church to give that extra assistance for situations and scenarios like that now safe in sanctuary so exit doors I have seen many churches Pylea stuff of in front of their at emergency doors. We have to make sure we don't do that to our churches so the and also the emergency door hardware it has to swing out so people can imagine that if there's a fire 100 people trying to get out and then the doors have to open this way that would be a very interesting scenario so that eager ass maps are very important in situations and lighting speaking of lighting what's wrong with this picture and your body if it is it or is it wrong or is it not wrong if the pans it's a relative I mean it's a tricky question because if the emergency is to my right then this is correct if the emergency exit is to my left then this picture is wrong you see what I'm saying so. That's right you gotta have you have make sure the batteries are in good operating condition us yes yes exactly. Now if you get donations like this please just throw it away because and amazingly enough we do get the nations like that in a smaller church Sadi people donate what it's not in good condition and more for them so they donate to the churches and most of the times in many times and I want to say most many times the condition of the the nations we get are not safe you know safe items so keep an eye on those. In the mothers room the also use those outlets make sure the little kids have a 1 year old daughter and she likes to pull some reason so I have brought some of those home. Make it children what you call the safe for children child proof child proof the house so yet make sure mother's room you take care of all the potential hazards for the kids chemicals small objects the G F C I which is the special outlet for near seeing. That isn't Tang That's a good 1 I we have had claims of passers been electrocuted from using wired mikes to do. That isn't so make sure you use not wired microphones and nowadays I think there's a silly Mike that you can use that's the safest my you can use and even the battery operated mikes that are wireless are not as dangerous as the wired microphones and then the non-slip materials the non-slip mat going up the stairs we've seen people falling in and getting hurt we've had claims of children. Drowning on the baptism thing because they were they were not drained and they were playing after church nobody was there to wash them unfortunately they were very very hard. Our use of candles can we use candles a church or can we not. OK I remember my church. I used to work for the review in Harold and in the church in Hagerstown they had 1 of those. After God like the children events where they hold in those in to do that beautiful ceremony and I remember up until today how the kids were. Carrying these little candles with planes on them and and I didn't work for risk management back then now. I I get scared just by thinking about that because most churches have carpet OK It's takes just 1 drop OK And if you're if that child takes that flammable candle somewhere and there's no supervision that church can is really burned to the ground so no no no if you want to use candles battery operated candles we're all on the same page. So how many churches look they'd like this. Are out so the fire marshall recommends at least 3 feet of clearance radius around the furnace OK Do not put flame of all items next to your furnace and like there's electrical panels and we don't we don't want any foam a Bulls any any hazards on. Rooms the furnace rooms yes questions in this. Thank you thanks for sharing that sick very good yes. That's right very good yes question. Very good thanks for reminding me of that if you are under under the fire marshal's approval if you're doing a waiting and using it a fixed candle on a candelabra that's that's that's a little different we do recommend running that and letting a fire marshal department know you're doing a wedding with candles. Because they will be ready to queue the church if necessary. And yes that's that's that's the scenario where it could be approved Yeah that's that but it has to be fixed on on a stand. By. OK you had Yeah I'm glad to hear that is there that way when we make sure our churches are safe. Our eyes move on we only got 3 minutes left and I don't want to go over my time if you're doing Queenie just just put a sign on the floor I have personally seen someone sleeping in the kitchen and in like falling on the side for very like very close that person didn't get seriously hurt but like I was just talking to someone and I looked at the kitchen does that feel. And I'm like wow that guy really got injured but thankfully think he didn't get injured it was just a slip and fall but you see those are the type of claims that happen are you ready that's I close with this question. The great game of education is not knowledge but action are you ready to take some of this information that 1 or 2 take away I told you about take it back to your church and putting it to into practice we are in the business of protecting our members and the goal here is not to bore burden you overwhelm you with lots of things to do no that's not ever the ego is to provide you tools and some knowledge so you can go back to the church and provide a safer environment for your new members for people who will be visiting your church so that's that's what I want to leave you guys with just take this information go back to your church and that's try to do as much as we can for others that's what the minister is all about yes some questions. Like. No I didn't have a pass out if you want this presentation I can I can write down your e-mail address or our mail address and I can send it to you I can make it available online so it just let me know what would would you like from or from this everything all this information is on our website to make it easier for you guys so. So that. It's OK to send it out. That's fine I can do that I send you a link by today and you can send it all Atsushi to our travelers Yes. Earlier. OK. Very good. But. Now I get to hear that on the question. OK Yes Any other question on there why yes ban transfer the right person to my cousin's. Shirts own the equivalent driver's wife it's a church on vehicle Dammy van that means the van is listed under the Church policy were you not. In their dreams or. Ideally yes but you didn't mention so I just want. Yeah yeah ideally yes there is no specific language on the any of the working policy on on on chauffeurs license to be specific but yes ideally from a risk management standpoint that's the best way to go. Yet some states require that some states some states don't and I believe that's the reason why the possible isn't talking about. If you're driving your personal vehicle Yes Now if your limits if the claim exceeds exhausts your personal limit then the church insurance would pick up the excess tell you the worth of the Charge Insurance works as an excess policy last question. Yes yes ideally yes that's that's how it works if it's a church. Yes and no the insurance is to protect the church if we're brought into a lawsuit and the church is named as as in the lawsuit the insurance will protect the church yes the church should always vote the activities and make sure the leadership of the church is aware of who we speaking up who and how the whole pick up process will take place. Well you don't have to have a vote on it and and it's part of part of the ministry you just have to be aware that your person insurance will be the primary and the church insurance may not even respond depending on the situation a lot of variables go into a up a so a court scenario. Doesn't know. Where it is shooting or. That's right towards. That's a very good point and he starts and you know you're my friend yes I do recommend This is huge in the church operation we are now switching over from sure the vulnerable sue. Very 5 volunteers every single every new volunteer helping out at the church should go through that background check thanks for bringing that up it's very important. For Muslims must must yes yes. They are yes. Yes well. Yes. But I think you know on us 1 last question and I'll sit down. And you know I was how do you know which. I am right that requirement comes from whoever you're renting it from so if you if you're doing an activity from renting a gymnasium from the state the state will come to you at the application process and say we need a certificate of insurance with this language with this insurance limits so that at that point is where you come to us and come to the conference and say I need to fulfill this requirement is insurance requirement otherwise you don't need a certificate of insurance if no 1 is asking you for 1 that's the behind the scenes. So if you have any questions and I. Don't know it's for. You know just 1 second. Hire her in undergrad you're not Nazi like. That and I just want to. Share with you how much of what you just briefly I had. Sort of there sure are out there but I don't want to think. You created interaction. With those. That agree. More I don't want to. Smack I've been a programmer and support person at the Lake Union for the last 25 years normally I come here and I give you some tips on how to use the look of software that is not the case today for say. We're talking about data security and you probably have heard a lot about that I do have a handout if you don't have 1 that is highlighted because I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to hit on all these points there are big discussions in the industry we're all data security so. And a church it is it is a topic of discussion as well. Now Michelle had mentioned early on that she was. That I was going to talk about how secure is your data. Using Lucas software now look a software use a file structure that is not something that is easily read by any anybody off the street can it be hacked Yes because there's not a program out there that can't be hacked as well as their data so your data security is largely up to you as far as how secure you're going to keep it now there's always the risk of getting on the Internet and having someone hacking into your system so you want to take precautions of highlighted a few things here. Operating System on your computer is a big 1 if your operating system isn't updated you know Microsoft mostly you're probably using Microsoft Windows if Microsoft is not updated on a regular basis you are in. Risk of having problems there are hackers out there all the time trying to get to your data your personal data if they could get into your files from Lucas there would probably like that too because some of you are using. Like. The signature. For. Yourself for donations you're using. If you're hiring someone just as a contract worker you're in to giving out a 1099 miscellaneous and more than likely Well if you want to use a program you have to have their Social Security number in your system so you want to protect the data you want to protect your donors as well so my suggestion is you're always update the operating system. Most of them would be done automatically sometimes that is. You know not very nice because you shut down your computer and it's in the process of updating but others will have control over that so that they can do it at their leisure and I tell you just a reprise story not too long ago I had a lady I don't know what conference it was from gave me a call and she was wondering if her data was at risk because she had received a phone call from someone who said they were from Microsoft and they needed to get on her system and they needed to do some updates and let me tell you Microsoft is not going to be calling you to tell you that but there's people who don't understand that and this lady actually walked from her phone or computer to the bedroom to get. A credit card and to get to this individual and then she realized well maybe this wasn't the thing to do and she called her technician and he told there unplug your computer right now and she did that and hung up on this guy he called her back and he thought well we just got disconnected but this happens all the time and so don't share your computer with anyone unless it's me. Now but you're in control of that because more than likely you're calling for support and you know who you're calling it's the same as if you're going to give your credit card number out to someone you're doing a purchase whether you are the initiator So in the case of your support team yes you're going to have. Times when you're going to share your computer screen with us. And by the way if I'm working with you I presume that these ladies are the same they're going to tell you what they're doing on your computer so that there's no there's no questions about it. Email emails are very easy to hack the very careful about downloading any attachment even looking at an attachment for a friend I read I have received just recently because I'm on somebodies address book on their computer and they were hacked into and I started receiving information that wasn't from that individual be very careful when you're opening up emails. You know really. Everyone everywhere. Literally come. In the war and. Then. I don't want my. Butt or somebody hacked your human army or the church is OK but somebody's got into your computer. And they would have your address book that means they have everybody in your address book and they can send an e-mail to everybody. So. The other thing with e-mails is if you ever have an attachment even if it's from someone you know and you think you know what it is if it's an E.X.E. which is an executable it could be a B. A T. as well batch file I don't often that you need to know for certain what you are getting for fact a lot of the e-mails now don't even allow and passionate with an E.X.E. I'm jumping down to the 3rd section there as far as operating systems all. Up above that actually the very 2nd 1 I hope none of you are using X P X P is an obsolete operating system Microsoft does not support that any longer which means that when they're doing updates for these viruses and that that are coming out the new ones if you're using X.P. You are not protected so. A lot of times churches get hand me down computers and they have all the operating systems stay away from the X.P. have at least 7. Vest far as I'm concerned is piece of junk. My personal opinion $88.00 and up 8 and any approvals on $8.10 has a built in firewall and anti-virus which includes anti-male malware and anti spy so you're going to actually use the tools that are on your computer if you have 8 or more recent. It doesn't hurt to buy another 1 but what you don't want is you don't want to anti-virus is working at the same time we have found that I don't know in this conference because we deal with other conferences as well but we have found that they fight each other and it can cause problems with the program problems in the way of whether or not the program is responding or not so if you call in and say hey certain features of Lucas are not working the 1st thing we're going to check is do you have to anti-virus is running at same time. Passwords passwords is a huge huge thing in the whole industry now unfortunately I have to tell you this has look as has a very weak password is only a characters what you're really protected with is when you get onto your system you should be logging in with a password of question marks are going to. Be here. Actually. Ever. Lived. Or managed. Or. Nor. Do I make sure that. Our guys thank you most people would guess has it set so that Windows is automatically updated but you know when that's happening particularly wrong when you're shutting down yes ma'am. Well we can't I can't go into that now but there's a way of turning off and turning on what you want OK So so you don't. Know there are they and there they do have they do have a meltdown but you can but you can turn it off you have control over that it's true your settings. So my recommendation is that when ever I don't care if. Logging onto your system whether it's using your own bank account or whatever many of you probably use your bank account for the church to pay your bills don't make it automatic make sure that you type in the password don't accept. The screen that comes up you want this password save that is dangerous. Anybody else can get on your system and do the same thing so my recommendation is on all passwords you have to and it helps you memorize your password as well some of you probably have a lot of different passwords. For different applications. So I've listed a couple things here along phrases is a good. Good way of doing a password but you don't want to have the same password for your e-mail as you do other things e-mail passwords by the way are very sacred. Oftentimes of a hacker can break into your email password they can break into anything else because you've got e-mails out there that are telling them where to go what to do so be very careful with your e-mail password I'm on a form that is talking about this Adventist form that is talking about this all the time I made an illustration down here that you could consider I have Mary-Jane X X and a birth date or something and then marry X X birthday Jane and so forth and then I have the X. X. X. X.. It's an easy way out you can even write your password down I would recommend us but it was your computer but you could write your password down and only you know what the X. axis so I just put down here and you know like Jesus loves me you could have a phrase there that is something only you know it's never written down and you couldn't use many different forms of the same password and have a note of what is used for a lot this actually was 11 of our forms not too long ago within the last 2 weeks that that was a suggestion because. We're inundated with different programs and all these passwords and how do you keep them straight and then the discussion is we'll put it up on the cloud or put it give it somebody else control over it that has a program and these are not bad programs but everything is hackable unfortunately or you need some time OK. Let me you can read the rest of this I want to I want to just demo something real quickly for you. When you do the backups. And this was 1 thing that Michele wanted me to demo is. When you backing up the entire folder. If you're using a flash drive or if you're using the cloud there's many products out there that have that you can get on the cloud for free Dropbox 1 note and so forth so what I'm going to do is I'm going to locate on my system here the I have Dropbox and. Well let me tell you where Dropbox is going to end up it's going to end up in user files and then under user files your logon and then Dropbox and then I have a data folder I have many things in my Dropbox right now and then. That is the location so what if my files are out on Dropbox. And I want to do it my backup on Dropbox I mean see the lower 1 there is actually the same location I just went to 1 to show you how to get there. So let's say I was actually going to go to my Lucas balder and do a backup of the data folder and the lower to destination says as user L. mac for myself Dropbox and data and then I just hit the the backup button now that is a way of storing your data on the cloud so it's external and. Rochelle is handing out the flash drives flash drives work but you want to have some some mechanism so xterm will. Or are the years I have talked to a number of people November December they lost everything and they have to rebuild everything now this budget that they back up was successful the next time I get in it will have stored that information. On the on the lower 1 the reason I didn't start the upper 1 is because I'm not using the standard. Michelle you're needing a few minutes she only got a few laughs Are there any questions yes they do you see if you. And I. Were maybe I know. What I'm really referring to is that you don't have your kids playing games on it. You're going to do banking on your computer you're into banking on your computer for the church more than likely but I tell you these games there there are a target and this lady had a question how. I was wrong there everybody well it's not out there for everyone but. It is I use it all the time and I used it when I was treasurer of the church I used it for backing up X. turn only because it was so convenient but I also had other mechanisms I didn't rely on 1 such as flash drives. It's a scary sort of unit settings by the way I don't know. If it's over that you. Know who has stuck video place like this off. For you to go OK just to tell you it was only at. The start of this to the Citadel it was very very large actually you know that was very well back to what they should pressure you feel OK so little. Georgia OK good point because they would need your mail on occasion. Much This is exactly 1 of these all of my place now that you're starting to figure out exactly there's a lot of grief in how dear office I was that I do not believe it is serious it is serious Thank you so much all of you for coming in today a year later sharing with us we are not expected to go back and walk or we are thinking of. These dances go back to church or started down and just start a conversation and for those of you who haven't I didn't. Know that you have to ask. The question so if you want to get started and all work together it is an important. 1 for those looking a little bit late I just want to remind you that you do have some flash drives that we would like to hand out to you and me as you day if you so much for her during the last year to come to this journalist very good information that was on the air is going to be available only coupons we have just seen it was actually learned that we had last year the money for the center if you thought oh you know the florist in looking at it. You know there's a little driveway and it goes down the usual door way it is a doorway David Bowie and follow those lines and you can some find guess how you have offered to do in your books this year if you are going to be on the team you are in your car at your feet now you have appointments with us today just to get. Asked questions we're going to be down there almost all of them are wowing I'm actually OK right now but seriously there are always on so please slow really come together and check in with us ask questions with actually was here so thank you so. Here in the crowd I want to thank you so much for being with. China here in our stations our world and we realize that and you already have you watching over a. Quarter to any part of life right now in. The middle Catherine you will look at morning work and they. Let. Our viewers. Know with. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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