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The Bible According to Little Red Riding Hood

Clinton Wahlen


Clinton Wahlen

Associate Director of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) at the General Conference of SeventhdayAdventists




  • June 21, 2017
    9:00 AM


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Well this morning I would like to introduce sort of where we're going this whole week because how we read the Bible affects everything how we understand the Bible is 6 dreamily vital to who we are where we're going and as a church also who we are as a church and where we're going so that the sort of overall larger title is living by every word of God and you might wonder what Little Red Riding-Hood has to do with that don't worry we will get there but we need to see at this very 1st period of time we want to lay a foundation a very strong foundation for understanding Scripture and we're also going to look at modern recent attempts at looking at scripture differently than we've ever looked at before and so will understand I hope by the time we're done the smore knowing how it is that to Bible believing Adventists can look at the same Bible passage and come to completely opposite conclusions is it that the Bible isn't clear Can we still rely on a plain reading of the text or are we really just deceiving ourselves about that well if you looked at the Michigan memo it did fail little bit about me some things that not everybody knows about me I used to believe that the Bible in fact was just a work of fiction really a collection of fairy tales it had no credibility for me at all when I was in high school because I wasn't brought up in a Christian home had no religious background whatsoever so it had 0 credibility for me. But then someone I'm very thankful had the courage to share with me the book of the great controversy and thinking I should know something about the Bible I excepted it and it changed my life for ever. Forever my eyes were opened to a God of Love I saw a big picture of bigger than ever before I had imagined of what the plan God had for us and our world for me in particular was like and through reading the great conversely and many other books that summer including Smith Daniel and Revelation I came to understand that Bible prophecy spells out clearly the history of our world in advance God says and I was if 469 and 10 I am God and there is none like me I am God and there is no 1 else declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things they're not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure so the Bible was no fairy tale book but living an active and true God 1 my heart. He is so good to us and he was so good to me even though in high school I was rejecting him. I didn't believe that God existed he was trying to draw me and he loves me he loves each 1 of us Once us to be saved so I gave my heart to the Lord that summer of 1978 and I was baptized in the 7th Day Adventist Church. And the Although I was accepted to M.I.T. God had a different plan for my life and I decided that I really hadn't learned anything I really needed to know for eternity in the 1st 18 years of my life and so I won the Christian education and being baptized in Northern California I decided to attend P U C Pacific Union College in Anglin California just above the Napa Valley and desiring to know the Bible better that's why I went there I soon found myself in the midst of theological Conover of C. that was swirling around a professor there by the name of Desmond Ford probably some of you have heard that name and looking back on that time as difficult as it was I am convinced that the crisis that we face today is far more serious far more serious you know there used to be a time when we as 7th Day Adventists believed in soul the script Tura the Bible and the Bible only and when people had questions we would simply say well let's see what the Bible says Somehow that sounds a little quaint today but it shouldn't today some seem to want to make the Bible much more complicated and that we can't just take the Bible as it's written but we have to. Redefine what we really understand the Bible to be saying even our understanding of sola scriptura has to be redefined actually. Redefined not just refined but redefined. So I hope you have your Bibles with you because we're going to look at that quite carefully 1st of all how can our understanding of scripture and the principle of sola scriptura you might be wondering how can that be redefined let in it this way maybe you've asked yourself the question how is it that 2 as I said before bible believing adman a scan study the same passage of Scripture and come to completely opposite conclusions well it's because today there is a new way of reading the Bible that's changing how Adventists think and leading them to different conclusions about important questions of faith and practice someone here may be saying well is it really that important it's very important how we read the Bible determines everything else we believe it's the foundation if we change how we read the Bible that is our inter hermeneutics how we interpret and study the Bible it changes everything else everything we've actually been told how Adventists will condition themselves to be deceived it's found in the great conversely page 608 and as I read this if I make a mistake please speak up and correct me OK we do that as the storm approaches a few who have professed faith. I wish it said a few a large class who profess faith in the 3rd angels message but have not been justified. Who have not been sanctified thank you through obedience to the truth abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition by uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit. They have come to view matters in the same light the same light merely not exactly the same as the world no no they have come to view matters in nearly the same light and when the test is brought they are what prepared prepared to choose the easy popular side right now is the time a preparation what are we preparing for it goes on men of talent and pleasing address who once read joist in the truth employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls they become the most bitter enemies of their former brother and. Was a very sad thing for me to realize at P. you see is a young theology student to see many of my friends leave the church lose their faith even leave the whole churches out with them from what we believe the some of the adverse notice how it happens we're told in prophets and kings page $187.00 notice the statement those who have yielded what step by step to worldly demands worldly customs sorry to worldly demands and conformed to worldly customs will then yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to derision insult threatened imprisonment and death at that time. The gold will be separated from the drop us true godliness will be clearly distinguished from the appearance and tinsel of it notice this last sentence many a star that we have admired for its brilliance will then go out in darkness this next statement also vast Events page 156 very important we have far more to fear from within far more to fear from within than from without That's us shocking statement to me how can it be within then from without we've always looked outside we've looked at you know some of the vents and we should the current events going on around us but let's not forget that there is an enemy who is working within as well as without I used to wonder how it would be possible for so many advantages to be deceived we've had such great light we understand so much in scripture so much of the prophecies have been fulfilled down through history so I wonder and I ask myself how could it be possible by changing the way we think about the Bible that's how 2nd Timothy 2 verse 15 Paul writes Let's look at it 2nd Timothy 2 verse 15 it's actually written at the entrance to the Biblical research institute right on the wall to remind everyone who visits us and to us ourselves Paul says Be diligent to prepare your sprees at yourself approved to God A worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth rightly interpret in the Word of Truth. Less We think that this just applies to ministers like Timothy notice what Peter says in 1st Peter chapter 3 verse 15 1st Peter 315 I think probably most of us know it sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always what to give an answer to every man that asks the you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear so we all need to study the Bible for ourselves why right conversely page 598 it is not enough to have good intentions it is not enough to do what a man thinks is right or what the minister tells him is right his soul's salvation is at stake and he should search the scriptures for himself don't trust what I say go to the Bible prove it for yourself the Bible is clear great conversely page 593-5945 the way this these 2 quotations come from a very important chapter if you haven't read it recently or if you've never read it I urge you to read it the Scriptures a safeguard the Scriptures a safeguard notice none but those who have fortified the mind with what the truths of the Bible will stand through the last great conflict 1 day Jesus was approached by a lawyer meaning you know someone who is expert in the term protection of the Scriptures and he was asked a question it's found in Luke Chapter 10 Luke Chapter 10 beginning with Verse 25 a very important question Luke 10. Verse 25 it says Behold a certain lawyer stood up and tested him saying Teacher What shall I do to inherit eternal life now notice the Jesus doesn't immediately answer the question what does he do he asked the question back he says what is written verse 26 what is written in the law what is your reading of it now that's what the New King James Version says I don't really like that translation that makes it sound like you know the lawyers reading might be 1 reading another acceptable reading might be what you need it to mean or what I read it to mean that's not what the text says yes Jesus says it is written what is written in the law so it's clear that he doesn't just want the man's own opinion really the King James Version how Redus that captures the essence of the Greek text Jesus wants to know what the man's understanding of the Scriptures is testing his knowledge of what the Scriptures actually say so notice verse $28.00 after of course the lawyer answers and quotes the Scriptures loving the Lord your God full of your heart and your neighbor as yourself what does Jesus say you have answered right you've answered rightly exactly Now some would insist though that there are many right answers not just 1 right answer to Jesus question they say we all come to the Bible with our own filters and what we read them with different glasses and we come out with different conclusions well what might that look like to help answer that question I've been listed the help of a well known childhood figure. Little Red Riding-Hood no problem how many of us know the story of Little Red Riding-Hood Now how many of you have read it recently no hands. Within 10 years ago I don't see maybe 1 hand OK to your children right. OK so we're going to read the story but there's a very important point here so bear with me 1 day Little Red Riding-Hood mother said or take this basket of goodies to your grandmother's cottage but don't talk to strangers along the way promising not too little Red Riding-Hood skipped off on her way she met the big bad wolf who asked Where are you going little girl to my gramma's Mr waltz she answered the big bad wolf then ran to her grandmother's cottage much before Little Red Riding-Hood and knocked on the door when Grandma opened the door he locked her up in the cupboard the wicked Wolf then wore grandma's clothes and lay on her bed waiting for Little Red Riding-Hood when Little Red Riding-Hood reached the cottage she entered and went to Grandma's bedside my what big eyes you have Grandma she said in surprise all the better to see you with my dear replied the well my what big ears you have Grandma said Red Little Red Riding-Hood all the better to hear you with my dear said the Wolf what big teeth you have Grandma. All the better to eat you with growled the wall pouncing on her Little Red Riding-Hood scream and the wood cutters in the forest came running to the cottage they beat the big bad wolf and rescued grandma from the cupboard grandma hugged Little Red Riding-Hood with joy the big bad wolf ran away never to be seen again Little Red Riding-Hood had learned her lesson and never spoke to strangers ever again OK now I think is is this story clear is the meaning what it means clear to you what's the main lesson of the story their own talk to strangers good OK don't talk to strangers That's right so I'm going to. Look at now what the K. through 12 curriculum called perspectives for a diverse America says about the story it talks about what it calls the dominant reading of the story dominant reading 1st children should obey their parents it's dangerous to talk to strangers females are vulnerable but can rely on men to protect them males are rescuers and the bottom line of the story according to the dominant reading according to this curriculum is males are stronger than females and better able to protect themselves and others. Is that what you've got a story that's the dominant reading that's apparently what we're all supposed to think as we read that story but that's not the only way to read this story now let's look at this story through what they call this curriculum calls a gender lens. Females are stereotypes of what women should be the mother is a caregiver Little Red Riding-Hood is a dutiful daughter Gramma Well she's a helpless victim now there are married male stereotypes too the wolf is a predator who stalks the child the woodcutter is a hero and rescuer So the bottom line of this story women are seen as people who should obey instructions and as prizes who can be taken by force gender lens reading but now that's not the only way we can read the story of Little Red Riding-Hood Let's try reading it according again to the same curriculum for a diverse America through a class lens reading of the story so with this these glasses on Little Red Riding-Hood grandma and mother own property and enjoy life Wolf poor wolf is homeless and hungry and because of the women's unwillingness to share Wolf tries to take what he needs to survive Little Red Riding-Hood for breaking the rules of ownership which favor the rich Wolf is brutally murdered by a member of the working class the woodcutter who has been tricked to think that he is on the same side as the wealthy was the bottom line of the story cord into the class lens reading parental authority is reinforced to instill attitudes of submission and help preserve the structure of society. Now perhaps you find amusing this attempt to find different ways to read the story of Little Red Riding-Hood but far more troubling is that today these same methods are being used in order to find different ways of reading the Bible can we really use so many different lenses to read the Bible or is the Bible to use its lens on us after all who determines the meaning of what is here is that the text or is it the reader of the tax who determines the mean whose word is it so who should determine the meaning of this text not the reader not the reader I'm going to now and look at what we can call the reader critical method which basically places the reader in the position of over the Scriptures as determining its meaning and it can be determined to mean whatever the reader says it means which of course sets the reader up as supreme over the text what is the impact of this kind of method on biblical interpretation it's severe because it disconnects the Bible completely from history it doesn't matter what happened what matters is how I read the text Secondly contradictory interpretations are fine why because your reading is just as good as my reading and neither reading is supreme 3rd it enables genda driven interpretations. Agenda driven interpretations the class lines reading that's just a Marxist reading of the text the gender lens reading. And well that's evolutionist OK that's another reading we can read the story of creation as mainly a story of evolution and the gender lines reading that's simply another way of talking about a feminist reading of the text so that enables the reader to place his agenda on the text it doesn't come out of the text it's placed on top of the text by whoever's reading that that's the point where we may wonder how is it that distorted views of the Bible come into existence once again this K. through 12 curriculum from perspectives for a diverse America can help us they talk about what is known as a reading against the grain of the text reading against the grain the dominant reading is you know the kind of goes along with what the texts that seems to say. So you analyze 1st that dominant reading then you look at the underlying beliefs that are imbedded in that reading of the text and 3rd this dominant reading is then challenge by what's called a resistant reading a resistant reading Now what does that look like notice this quotation from the same curriculum when students read against the grain they learned to push back against the foregrounding and privilege gene of a dominant point of view often heterosexual non-disabled Christian white. Or male unquote They learned to push back against the foregrounding and privilege gene of a dominant point of view well let's see how this method has been applied to other Bible texts shall we for example in Romans chapter 1 now most of us would probably think that this is quite clear that Paul is about as clear here as he can be anywhere and in fact many even who don't agree with what Paul writes here admit that he's pretty clear about what he says because it happens to be the only clear condemnation not only of male homosexuality but of female lesbian ism in Scripture and so when you read for example verses. $26.27 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions for even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust for 1 another man with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due is there anything unclear about that well according to some homosexuality in this passage is condemned only in connection with idolatry because after all verse $23.00 talks about changing the image of the corruptible into corruptible God into an image like corruptible man and verse $25.00 talks about worshipping and serving the creature rather than the creator so as long as homosexuality is not connected with any form of idolatry that's not a problem. Or another possibility that Paul is actually only condemning homosexuality with children dealt with the child but it's interesting that even that was not forbidden by Roman law so it wasn't necessarily considered wrong in the surrounding society and culture a 3rd possibility if we're talking about sexual relations that are done and naturally what Paul talks about as against nature Well yes if I'm heterosexual it's wrong for me to have a homosexual relationship because that's against my nature but if I'm a homosexual if I was made that way it would be wrong for me to have heterosexual relations so I need to have same sex relations see how that works or another possibility maybe coersion is being employed and Paul is condemning forced sexual relations in any of these cases a loving consensual same sex relationship is not condemn not condemned you see how it's easy we can really read the Bible really rewrite the Bible to say what we want it to say well what about transgenderism now you would probably say Come on there's nothing in the Bible about transgenderism right well let's not be so sure shortly before I prepared this presentation for the and gave it to the pastors in January an issue of the Christian century came across my desk call of being trans and it had testimonies or experiences of what transgender individuals had gone through in their churches not all of which was good. Part of me 1 set is welcome in the church and part is not another my faith gives me the freedom to refuse assimilation a 3rd 1 said I learned to thank God for my being whatever I am while you say but come on where in scripture might this possibly be OK Well let's look at Mark Chapter 5 Mark Chapter 5 verses 25 to 34 now we know the story of the woman with the flow of blood she is tries to make her way through the crowd to touch even if possible just the hymn of Christ garment and she believes she'll be healed right and she in fact does touch garment and she is healed so this haemorrhaging woman this is the dominant reading Now let's look at what the dominant reading would say haemorrhaging woman though categorized as unclean by the law touches the hem of Jesus' garment and this healed Jesus recognizes that power has gone out from Him to heal and asks who touched me Finally the woman confesses and Jesus assures her that her faith has saved her and to go in peace that's the dominant straightforward reading of the text how might it be read by transgender through trans lens by transgender person let's let's find out the woman approaching Jesus fits the category of feminine that is weak inferior with elite keen porous body in touching Jesus something unexpected happens power leaked out of Jesus to heal her. So quote I'm quoting for Jesus' body to begin leaking is a blatantly feminizing act unquote and later goes on the article to point out that in this reading the female exerts power over the male and Jesus aligns his body with hers well it should not be surprising that these are not done in a vacuum these different readings of scripture after all we live in a culture and a society where secularism is trying to change how we think about issues so over the past number of decades we've seen it go from feminism and driving a feminist agenda to gay and lesbian rights and now finally to transgender rights and beyond that is our secular society in which we live now let's let's think about what it means for a plain reading of the Bible if we would construct a reading against the grain that is against the plain reading of the text that's the 1st step we 1st of all want to find a different way of reading the text that is really resisting really opposing a plain reading of the text Secondly the next step we share people's stories their experiences their testimonies and some of the terrible experiences and I want don't want to minimize that whatsoever some people have suffered some very terrible things but that doesn't change what the Bible SAS we love them we want to him you know. Embrace them as Jesus would and lead them to to healing and wholeness but it doesn't change scripture so construct a reading against the grain to share people's stories which then becomes you know an emotional exercise in sympathy and wanting to help 3 then we agree to disagree we may not all see things exactly the same way and step 4 the result as the Bible is neutralized that doesn't anymore speak to this issue and we've seen that over and over again haven't we haven't we seen that over and over again with these various agendas being driven testimonies for the church by him 5 page 711 let the Word of God stand just as it is let not human wisdom presume to lessen the force of 1 statement of the Scriptures the solemn denunciation of the Revelation Revelation she was referring to 221819 where we shouldn't add to or take away anything from scripture the solemn denunciation of the Revelation should warn us against taking such ground Well what what do we mean by a plain reading of the Bible is it Biblical let's look at Proverbs Chapter 8 verses 8 and 9 Proverbs 88 and 9 God is speaking with them really is speaking but it's referring to the wisdom of God God's words all the words of my mouth are with righteousness nothing crooked or perverse is in them nose 1st 9 they are all what. Plain to him who understands notice it's not plain to everybody they're all plain to him who understands and write to those who find knowledge how do we find knowledge where do we find it what did Jesus say Matthew 7 verse 7 seek and you will find seek and you will find Let's look at Proverbs Chapter 30 verses $5.00 and $6.00 Proverbs Chapter 30 again talking about God's word every word of God is pure every word is pure He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him Do not what ADD do not add to his words lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar finally 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 verses 14 and 15 2nd term of that we sometimes skip to verse 16 but notice what Paul says to Timothy in verse 14 chapter 3 verse 14 but you must continue in the things which you have learned and beneficiaries of knowing from whom you have learned them and he's not speaking just about learning from Paul here being assured of the things you have learned knowing from whom you have learned them that's God and that from childhood from childhood you have known the holy scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus now if Timothy knew the scripture from childhood could he understand them are they plain Are they clear if a child can understand surely all of us can understand. So what do we mean by a plain reading the Bible Well it's helpful 1st of all to think about what it does not mean it does not mean taking verses out of context no we look at the passage in context it does not mean ignoring the historical context either we we learned from the Bible what the surrounding history and events were that relate to the text it doesn't mean ignoring culture nor does it mean that we must agree on every single detail that does not mean that it doesn't mean that we stop thinking after all what did God say to us Isaiah Chapter 1 Verse 18 we know it very well come now and let us reason together that's right come and let us reason together Isaiah 1 verse 18 and notice the statement from the spirit prophecy God desires men to exercise his reasoning powers and the study the Bible will strengthen and elevate the mind as no other study can do if you want to be more and you know more wiser more intelligent you want to clear mind read the bible study the Bible that's what we're told yet the statement goes on yet we are to be aware of deifying reason which is subject to the weakness and infirmity of humanity a sense of the power a sense of the power and wisdom of God and of our inability to comprehend his greatness should inspire us with humility and we should open his word as we would enter his presence with holy Allah. When we come to the Bible reason must acknowledge an authority superior to itself and heart and intellect must bow to the great I am testimonies for the church volume 5 page 703 Well I find it interesting as we think about what the plain read in the Bible does mean Ellen White she quotes from the rules of interpretation that William Miller used and she recommends these rules for us and I won't quote all of them but the 1st 4 of them are very important for us to notice number 1 every word every word must have its proper bearing on the subject presented in the Bible to all scripture is necessary and may be understood by diligent application and study 3 nothing is revealed in Scripture nothing revealed in Scripture can or will be hid from those who ask in faith not wavering and number 4 to understand doctrine to understand doctrine bring all the scriptures together on the subject you wish to know how many scriptures all the scriptures together on the subject you wish to know then let what every word have its proper influence and and notice this promise its amazing promise and if you can form your theory without a contradiction what you cannot be in error you cannot be in error plain reading the Bible OK so now notice what she goes on to say. I'm still quoting from this passage the above meaning those above rules I've skipped some of them but the 1st 4 are there the above is a portion of these rules and in our study of the Bible she says we shall all do well to heed the principles set for genuine faith still quoting genuine faith is founded where on the Scriptures why is that faith comes 5 what hearing and harried by word of God So if we attack how we understand scripture what are we really attacking our faith and our salvation because it's through faith that we are saved genuine faith is founded on the Scriptures but Satan uses so many devices to wrest the Scriptures and bring in error that great care is needed if 1 would know what they really do teach it is 1 of the great deal Lucian's of this time to dwell much on feeling and to like and to claim honesty while ignoring the plain utterances of the Word of God because that word does not coincide with feeling. She also gives many other helpful some. Recommendations as to how to understand the Bible notice this very clear and important statement from the great conversely page 598 again from that chapter of the Scriptures a safeguard the language of the Bible should be explained according to what it's obvious meaning does the Bible have an obvious meaning yes unless a symbol or figure is employed. Notice this this statement struck me from page to 60 of the great Conversely all who exalt their own opinions above divine revelation all who would change the plain meaning of Scripture to suit their own convenience or for what the sake of conforming to the world are taking upon themselves a fearful responsibility now you say but what about that we all know they exist what about the problem texts in the Bible there are problems tax aren't there now no 1 is going to deny that there are some passages that are more clear than others and there are passages that if read alone might give a different meaning than we might think so when a text seems to contradict other passages what do we do Jesus we don't take the time to look up the passage but in Luke 24 when the disciples on the road to a man's were perplexed and confused he he said it says that he beginning with Moses and all the prophets he explained to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself so allow the many clear passages to explain the 1 or 2 unclear texts OK another type of problem text is we don't like what the text says we don't like what the text says We'll talk more about some of those texts you know tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday so you'll have to wait for that but Jesus said If any man is willing to do His Will what he shall know of the doctrine whether I speak myself or whether it's from God. John 700 so pray for a willingness to accept what God says whatever God does. And power to do it a 3rd type of problem text it's unclear how to do it or it's unclear what it means in that case we have many. Bible passages by way of encouragement course James Chapter 121 lacks wisdom let him ask God Proverbs 3. Do not lean to your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him he shall direct your path some 1905 die word is what a lamp to my feet and light to my path pray for wisdom and divine guidance. Well I want to just now take a moment brief just a moment to introduce to you if you've not heard of it before a very important document we're not going to take time to look at it today but I want you to be aware of it it is called the methods a Bible study document it was produced by the Biblical research institute in the 1980 S. In the wake of the crisis with does Montford with why the input from around the world church it was approved by the annual Council of the General Conference executive committee on October 12th 1906 in Rio de Janeiro and it's the only official statement of the sun to Avon's church on methods a biblical interpretation or hermeneutics Now this document consists of 5 parts it has a preamble which is very important I'll quote from it in a moment. Then it gives presuppositions that arise from the Bible itself we don't come to the Bible with our own preconceived ideas but we get our ideas about the Bible from what the Bible says about itself that's very important number 3 then lays out some principles for interpretation and for is a very practical step by step guide for how to study the Bible and then finally 5 there's a conclusion so from the preamble no what it says even a modified use of this that is the historical critical method and let me just mention you know how the reader critical method puts the reader in charge of what the text means while the historical critical method takes history and takes history as the control or the authority for what the text means that's the only difference it's just replacing the 30 of history for the authority of the reader over the text to change or or reread what the text really says even a modified use of this method that what retains the principle of criticism which subordinates the Bible to human reason is unacceptable to Adventists unacceptable to admins. I wanted to actually go through a very practical section maybe I'll just go through very quickly. You know the methods of Bible study says select the Bible version for studying that is faithful to the meaning contained in the languages which the Bible was originally written in so how do you find a Bible translation like that. Well there are 3 main kinds of Bible translations there's a literal equivalence a word for word translation and those examples are New King James Version the New American Standard Bible and the English Standard Version A 2nd kind is what we call dynamic equivalents the New Revised Standard Version the New International Version and the New American Bible are examples of that they don't translate it word for word they take a phrase and they put it in the English way that is what they think the best meaning of the text but when they do that think about it they're telling you what they think the meaning is they're no longer letting the words of the Bible. Translate word for word so we decide what it means they're telling you what it means 3rd paraphrase takes that even further and simply abandons any connection with the actual words of the text and simply puts it in new language Living Bible and the message are examples of that now I took the word doctrine and I was curious to know how the word doctrine in the New Testament is how many times it occurs in each of these kinds of translations so for literal versions of the Bible notice you have the year when the present King James version even though is $1611.00 was translated It's been updated several times and the 1 we generally used was updated last in 769. The word doctrine occurs 56 times in the new came during a New King James Version 42 times in the New American Standard Bible in 1905 more recent edition of it 14 times and in the English standard version 13 times. What about overtime notice in the Revised Standard Version which was more literal actually 17 times later the New Revised Standard Version is now only 8 times the word doctrine of peers what about the New International Version some people aren't aware it has that been updated but it was updated in 2011 the older version 7 times is a curse the word doctrine in the new edition only 6 times in daily study of the verse by verse method is the most helpful let the student take 1 verse this from Spirit profs by the way and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that God has put into that verse for him and then dwell upon the thought until it becomes his own 1 passage thus studied until its significance is clear is of more value than the provable of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained education page $109.00 which let's just skip skip over these next lies come to the conclusion the Bible and the Bible only is to be our watchword she says God's words remember the words of Proverbs 8 are all plain to him who understands and write to those who find knowledge and finally I came across this statement this morning very timely 1 the messengers of Christ in the Old Testament as much as the apostles voiced his messages in the New Testament and there is no contradiction between their teaching. No contradiction but. Satan has ever worked and is still working with all deceive a boldness of unrighteousness to make the Word of God of none a fact he seeks to make mysterious that which is simple and plain selected messages book 1 page 345 so I want to leave you with this passage we stop and with do you believe it if you believe this passage raise your hand whatever things whatever things were written before were written for our learning that through patience and comfort of the Scriptures we might have hope I think there's a few minutes left is there for questions yes any questions we have hopefully yes is 1 over here my far right. Or all the records sessions right there recording you session do you have any materials book forms there's a book I'm aware of A.B.C. yeah the sessions been recorded I think yeah and do you have these materials in book form. It's not in book form no sorry. But the math is a bible study that I referred to we will give it to you in written form so. You'll have that as a further study. Yes Yes Dr walling thank you very much for your presentation I know I'm very grateful for the work that the B.R. eye does and I'm glad to see their Pacific indicated understanding the various new ways of reading and we have to be able to respond to this and I very much appreciate the time and work you've put into it and I think it's very helpful I was just wanting to ask you a question about the plane reading. It's interesting I've searched Ellen White and I can't find her ever mentioning the plane reading of scripture but she does say the plain meaning of scripture and I'm just wondering if you view those 2 as entirely synonymous or is there some way in which the plain reading might be a little different than the plain meaning and the reason I ask this is because she does say that some parts of scripture can be understood as they plainly read where other parts you have to dig beneath the surface and and do more interpretation and I'm just wondering if maybe making a distinction between plain reading and plain meaning might be helpful or maybe not I just wanted to see what you thought about it well thank you for that question and I don't think there's any difference between the plain meaning the tax and plain reading the text if if we take the text as it is she says we should take the Bible just as it is and if we do that if we read the text as it says with a a careful translation of the Bible then we can. Read it and understand it I thought I did say that there were several categories of texts that are an exception to that and Ellen White herself as quoted in the great controversy refers to those unless there is a symbol or figure employed so we we need to we need to read the Bible with that awareness and so maybe if there's any distinction at all it's simply with regard to reading the Bible with that broader understanding and that there are some passages that were not meant to be taken literally. Those question over here OK. I'm told by the way is coming to the microphone that. There are copies of a book that my wife and I wrote that will deal much more in detail with the passages of Scripture that we will be looking at this week more than what we have time for in our meetings from morning to morning so if you're interested they are available at the back table OK please How does Andrew Stanton find. Mansions when he's on the versions you and chunking. Well the Andrew Study Bible is based on the New King James version that's the text that's in the Bible and that's a very good translation modern translation word for word carefully done. It's the 1 that I'm using actually for these presentations in fact and the Andrew Study Bible itself is the version I have here with its notes and overall you'll find I think the notes are very helpful. How was the Andrew standing liable. Who were the authors in the beginning the pages of the study Bible you'll find a list of contributors and so went through a process of people writing notes. To the Bible and then those were edited and they were also sent to the Biblical research institute. Just looking no. For that list but anyway it's in the early pages it lists the contributors and the Biblical research institute also was consulted in connection with it so. We looked at the notes and we did our best to make sure that they were helpful in understanding Scripture me maybe we have time for 1 or 2 more. I see 1 hand here in the back. I don't want to keep you too much because I know lunches is on the way. So maybe this will make this our last question go ahead. About that in now T. translation of the New Living Translation Well this is a dynamic translation I think a little more even dynamic or flexible in its wording than the New International Version So I would put that also in the 2nd category basically the translator has taken it upon himself or herself to indicate what the best meaning of the text is so in the case where text could mean 1 thing or it could mean something else they choose for you and that's why it sounds clearer they remove almost all ambiguity from the text so classic example of this is Revelation 12 or 17 where it talks about the testimony of Jesus in Greek that could mean a testimony about Jesus or it could mean Jesus testimony to us through His prophets and if you study the use of that phrase in the Book of Revelation it's clear that the testimony of Jesus means Jesus testimony through His prophets to us that's the meaning of 1217 but not every version you look at that in other versions you'll see they it often is translated Our witness or testimony about Jesus. Well thank you for your questions let's powerhead for prayer as we close Father in heaven thank you so much for your word of truth we know that on our own with our unaided reason we often may come to wrong conclusions but we thank you that you've promised wisdom to everyone who asks and if we are asking faith that you will give us wisdom if we seek will find we knock the door will be open so we would ask that as we go through your word day by day that you will continue to give us a clearer ride or better understanding of what your text says and the ability to share it effectively with others go with us now we pray throughout this day in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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