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Jesus Throughout the Bible

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • August 21, 2009
    7:00 PM
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a how is everybody in I am going to plug-in my computer but I can party while in doing that and I will be sharing some stuff with you is not a slide presentation on your show you how I study my Bible so bear with me here a moment I tell you an amazing hack what were doing this there was once a time when they invented the machine Bibles in the first printing press was Johan Gutenberg and the first book printed on a printing press was Bible and up until that point all Bibles were written by people man's hands right and it took a very long time when the first Bible came up printing press face it how can anyone have thoughts to them the Bible printed by seeing really there was a lot of conventional wisdom that as long as a man is writing out these things this is so when it but it's triggered by machine how can God use it and there are people who think how can God help you let your Bible to a computer level where God where God you know whether those words are pointed going to or for my little pixelated dots on the page or whether the pixels on a computer screen the Word of God spoken the word of God written word got digitally is still the word of God is subtle I hope you will not be disillusioned when I tell you are almost never study my Bible Bible I preach from my Bible Bible ninety nine percent of my real study is done in the morning or at night on the computer and I'll tell you how much this has helped me personally first became a Christian I read a Bible indicate and saw a hat and gradually I was able to get a collection of books but you know when you live in a cave you don't have a great library and so I have the Bible I had Stephen Haskell 's book on Daniel and by your ice in his book on Daniel and Revelation number of spare prophecy books eventually when I moved to Coble I got concordance or two and when I wanted to study a subject out of any viewer member Young's analytical concordance but it's a big heavy book and I'd have to look through reams and reams of microscopic print to find the word and then you flip of the Bible you find that verse now with viable software what used to take me about twenty minutes half an hour and hour to discover I find insect and so I just wanted to share with you that I have been able to really make people think that I'm pretty smart because of a computer when I get a viable answer why program Sunday night pastor Rawson Pass and I both have laptops open and when people ask us questions we seem to have the answers very quickly because we're going through the Bible software we can type in one or two words and find they think were going with it will that work appears eleven hundred times in the Bible that if this lifetime Cindy Festus may times in the Old Testament and here is a great and it's really been a real blessing for me now just show me your hands how many of you have even desktop or laptop computer with you but all those people they are you can greatly accelerate your Bible study by using some of these overlooking a wireless urinal online I doing now using a laptop is yet can barely see my mouse on this is the program on showing a writer I'm not selling anything this program and your goal and I learned quite a bit from John McCain he told me about this every morning the pastor Doug wakes up I press that little icon which is my daily Bible reading program I read my Bible every day aside from what I normally read in Bible study and sermon preparation of always somewhere for him always somewhere reading along in the Scriptures this morning I read the Isaiah chapter forty five North says here that owns ten readings behind this event that's because I'm doing it on my desktop when I'm on the road then I use my laptop I'm not behind the one everyone know that I read that this morning that I use this end I just say okay you research any it takes you immediately juveniles versus and I read through it and by the way I don't read and attend chapters a day I used to do that so I can read through the Bible every year I found out my mind started wandering why wanted to study more and so I was racing to get Mike will done every day and I found it was more productive for me I read through the Bible every three years this is likely two years the Old Testament one year of the New Testament in a sorry again I've been doing that for many years now and I read through the Bible lots of times if you add in all the sermon preparation artificial things that were going but I'm always reading through the Bible because you know if you just focus on one thing it's really easy to get where you got framework section of the Bible I knew my fingers the line you haven't read either the Old Testament or in part the Bible so great respect for my friend Dwight Nelson he reads through the whole Bible every January of every year by HMS Richards Senior used to read through the Bible several times a year and so you can do it you just have to be committed out something else I should say before I go on and show you some little tips in the Bible study sharing these things with you because there's never been a time in history when we had been more bombarded with information at any ever gone through like a salad bar before and when you finally you get your salad of fresh try to put the salad and all the greens and many of them addressing and ego compressing on and you I don't know I put way too much dressing on and the only thing you can do is go back and more solid so that it doesn't look like a salad is swimming in dressing right it evens out eight or maybe you know you put some soy milk in your cereal in his film manifests women now in milk I got more cereal and even it out in our culture today because your mind is been so bombarded with other information just we're surrounded by everything from billboards and magazines the radio television that you cannot survive as a Christian on the same amount of Bible study but they had a hundred years ago you realize a hundred years ago if you wanted to listen to a song you had to know somebody who could singer learn how to play an instrument or go down to the local country store but when they learned to reproduce music the way they do now people can listen to songs and music thousands of different once all day long it's almost like we are saturated with information so compensate for that I think we need a study like with everything that's been saying you got add more solid now this is too much dressing and so you know as he was a sharing when I drive in my car just last night a pic of my son for molesting two how come every time I get the car to zero we got a sermon on the life you want no one to talk to you sounds like you're not I've always try to listen to something because I've got to feed my soul back years ago you'd really will bet and you find yourself meditating on it all day long that was really the only and what but there's so much input right now that this places the Bible in our lives you have to compensate by meeting a lot of the Bible studying a lot listen to Christian stations when you drive there not all administrations I know but if you're reading your Bible you'll have a filter in your mind we'll know how to spit out the seeds and hang on to the melon right and so and by the way I don't think it's a sin to listen to people other than Adventist preachers there are some good godly preachers out there but you got a have a filter sometimes they preach doctrines of devils and he got a know how to discriminate between those things but you need to feed your soul am I years old several Bible programs are probably got four five on this computer right here the neat thing about it is also got a Bible dictionary any person place or thing in the Bible you type that you want to know about it and narratives you see a president of Jesus Christ I can hear anything irregular but the resurrection click on that how fast is that any cross-references for those things it is click on it it gets back to the Bible where those references are quite aware of showing you an old pro new ones do this and much more every verse in the Bible you see this is how they are right now every single virtual civil final click on verse four all these are cross-references for that one verse that will instantly take you to it and sell benefits and while that's not the one I'm looking for is go back and I'll click on any of these other cross-references year to execute that the efforts of red letter edition I can put my own personal notes in this Bible Doctor Shoreview but yet I can type in my own notes and so little click and take me back my notes so you get a Bible dictionary here this is just one program you got a Bible Atlas it's really helpful when you are preaching on different places in your same appalling from this down to that town you don't know what the world does that mean and work you so you know Jesus went from here to there right now get a map of David's journeys are preaching on David tomorrow at central church by the way friends please forgive me after the program brother Rich here and I are going right to the possible airport with flyback Lincoln Drive home wake up early precepts going church and so I hope you'll understand if I can't state linger tonight I wanted to be here but I can't stay to visit okay him anyway so you just click on any place in the Bible see the bottom of the screen it tells you about not only that if you click on the verses in the in the places it will tell you where in the Bible to appear back in the Bible that's great I always get excited show people that you know what else is the is I don't know if you can see it now you look in the bottom right part of the screen here look at my things on the map you see him along to the latitude will change depending on where you are if you click on one fiancé how far wasn't with click on gap year is gap and I will know how far is it from gap see the bottom of the screen the longitude latitude changes and it tells you the distance it's when it says that are both in France and Kerry negates up that have brought you click and see how party carry those dates he carried within miles they don't not like to get a map out because he carried me from urinary a while but how far did Joseph and Mary Dole when they had to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem which is pertinent on ability and so the Mets are really helpful you look at the journeys of Paul and that's always good you should have maps even in the back of your Bible articles that actually some banal through Mick that helps me old but I hope this works this is just this is part of the same program of showing it's called QuickVerse and again this is an old program but I all hundred Bible commentaries in this Odyssey in my computer right now all these Bible commentaries on this one program your total libraries in our gut Fox's book of martyrs I've got the writings of Josephus Annette Spurgeon on God MacArthur all of these things burdens morning and evening and I can click on any one of them I can cut and paste into my sermon instantly I type with two fingers I really don't and so when I built my sermons I type all the verses out your show you read the Bible of what I preach and some of your Bible workers and I learned this in John McCain 's I need to give him credit arguments to me for copyright infringement I format my sermons long lines landscape to Collins usually one page both sides abilities as an outline I put double-sided tape inside my Bible you can get at an office is in a new industry is pretty wrecked that keeps him falling out but the tape is not real strong to doesn't care your Bible parking denotes out but I like it to reimpose the tape but when I treat people always wonder how you read in Genesis and Revelation the funnier Bible when you do a Bible study on cellulase is practical you spent a lot of time turning your pages even if you know where the books are I tell everybody the conversation where to turn on attorney to get every verse on the read printed out in advance I colorcode my sermon color printers are really cheap right now the color-coded in for me my illustrations are one color I put boxes around spirit of prophecy quotes I put my topic headings and purple so I find into my mind quickly is a color-coded and I like things real simple I'm being a periodically held in the Bible read verses in the Bible but a lot of times I save a lot of time designed all the verses right there is foldable reporting from a vinyl and this is the practical thing so when I'm preparing a sermon I use my Bible software I highlighted yellow note that means copy paste and my notes I've got all of the lights writing cure my laptop so yummy books that case but it's all here so it it doesn't take long at all we look those things that really got to do is of course you find a verse you want to go like I say right click go to your Word document pace it's in their movement around Dragon where you want it you put things in order that used to take me so long to do with a pencil sundown to sell on eBay my notebook of handwritten sermons at but I got all those and it is that they forever and I didn't care about the rewrite them are trying for lines and arrows don't they disperse they dispersed it is so much faster now using this all what else shall be received at the moment of three seventy I've even got a program here I don't know how to pronounce Bible words I get a programming here that tells you let me see here hang on a second that the writings of Josephus my mouth is and here's some struggle and failure is Unger 's new talking Bible dictionary every word in the Bible it says it for you you know it's able to find a hard one there you go ahead microphone here to yachting welded this is here that I've never come across where in the Bible United sent this one this is one book out of seventy votes in this one program that will say every word in the Bible you know how smart that makes me sound when I'm preaching if I'm reading verses and while hot about how the world they that I will present impressive present in turn of your mediocrity here has to drive a air has to drive in it raises your perceived IQ when you're preaching if you don't have to save displaced by it you can know Samos lived as one of the thousands of the of programs are available and well I'm not linger on that one but that does give you an idea of where to get the dictionary what's one more thing I saw on the Army website you've got this free software I use it all the time for bad it doesn't mean for .net and I downloaded about everything in English they have and it's nice to begin make a donation to them because they do this for free I did I think that it's a good to support considering that anything is every verse in the Bible you click on on the right here you've got the commentaries of some of the greatest Bible commentators there are public domain has felt that the other free and so well well honey you know it's like Leslie 's notes Adam Clarke this was John Wesley 's basically his right-hand man spoke seven languages brilliant brilliant guy John Gill the best Baptist theologian and you know else you'll find these guys believe an awful lot like canvas more than their austerity they believe the beast the way we do most of these Protestants and they believe in keeping the law obeying the commandments not because not to be saved but because you are saved they believe in keeping the Sabbath you you read what Spurgeon says about seventy of the date wrong but he talks about keeping the Sabbath and so you know like the city got a spit out a few seeds that there's some great knowledge and by the way Matthew Henry's commentary which is your free dental life library she read Matthew Henry's commentary and so this incredible resources here that at the bottom of the screen this again all free online resort .net is so all these dictionaries that so it'll tell you about the word history whenever I preach on a word I want to get it not only the dictionary is a name in the Bible what does that mean mean it always means something so isolate those that and so hear you got ten different Bible translations of existing up at the top is the King James version every single word in Hebrew or Greek is they are you just go like this unluckily put pots of the everywhere where is the strongest at the monitoring of how strong can copy them so this is what we usually do the radio program is a output in the Hebrew another thing that is all yet doesn't looking at it right here in the financial attitude is everywhere we go to the verse I can read it in the Hebrew and Greek so you get Smith's Bible dictionary here names topical you want to prepare sermons and Bible studies is more if you order now you got I told you about all of the lights writing yet most of you know this not only are all of the lights writing here but you got all the writings of the pioneers I just don't remember how to open it at the here where we clearly struggle were allowed words of minors with this although White's writings and all of the writings of Ike Andrews will do that using this new and very often what I want right away they are buying are often you got all the writings of Jane Andrews he also spoke seven languages socially a picture of Mickey one they could put into a PowerPoint program Joseph Bates William Miller James White the small one CD I don't have the CD in my computers on the hard drive and how heavy my computer would be it was a book unserious the book would be bigger than this room think about unserious all the books that are in here now I haven't shown you flaxen of what's there so and you know now the Internet more and more people aren't even put the ball in the computer is a good Internet everywhere you can ask for all our writing Internet business word books the Bible Gateway and so I guess what I'm saying is all in your personal study it's great to use all of these resources as far as if you want to study different versions you want to look at recruitment if you want to do word study on the final this is some incredible resources that will help you I always like to hold the book in her hand 's answer we still have a lot of the books in our house and she's as wiry I like the film available in my butt she also studies on the computer to so I just wanted to share with you what I do maybe I'll take a moment or two and see if you have any questions and then we'll go to the presentation from tonight any questions on innovative Bible software or Rob the question back here speak up at all repeated first program first program was called QuickVerse it was actually QuickVerse version for the rainbow edition about ten years old but I think that it's still available unlike eBay or something but then is there a quick verse ten now I just like the old one I thought I'd figured out how to use the ten -year-old one everything within it really I learn something new about the program last weekend out of her fingers well you can find a CD of the question that you need to get the CD you can also study most of her writing that the EG White website is not right now so it's both funny Internet I like having it it's much faster than do it if it's on your hard drive like that you got a slow connection not that the weight it's ten times faster to have it on your hard drive into how much now it's nineteen dollars and a senior resident usually hundred I the programs I should be very what way are we a microphone near awkwardly through the QuickVerse is a great program I know the guy who invented logo is one of the most thorough Bible software he was at our church and it's actually good for the real scholars but it does everything logos is a great program there is out PC Bible does all different levels of Bible software you saw me point out the sword really has all the fundamentals most of us would need it the all legal commentators are free if you want to buy the new commentators is still copyright you have to pay for those the public domain things are all free all the Bibles of reducing lot of versions available in different languages available any sort Spanish Arabic Greek you name it they've got just about everything there Hebrew Greek that's a store that's free yachts is one of the little keys you and installing this click of want to convince you of a great final concourses are free on each sort Nelson he addressed another set of the Adventist commentary that still something uniquely by the ABC it's a separate for there is a slender software for the Adventist commentary by any other questions specifically about using technologies that he might of the Bible on my phone we had someone here can was living helping with production i.e. is it too early for me to say that we've just developed all twenty seven offended on same week all twenty seven amazing fact study guides that will be on the iPhone is an iPhone app now so do not need to sell it about a week or so are hoping a couple weeks were hoping that that will be able to get that is going through the approval process of Macintosh or Apple that means anyone can carry all of our doctrines and the proof texts wonderful to get a Bible study or to the study for themselves but so so much of this is not the phone laptops and desktop of the meal phone and so it is nice to know about the things that will be at our fingertips the don't forget you can't get lazy and just be depending on your computer is not sorted giving my take away your phone someday in your computer and your wife is not the phase I work I fit on my hard drive that I might see him please don't even be all right in the first is the old commentaries this is updated for now this is my personal opinion I have the Seventh-day Adventist commentary but I found that our commentators often were standing on the shoulders of the one plaintiff showed their often reading Matthew Henry and John Bialik Jamieson Fawcett Brown and Adam Clarke and I can see in their answers there are a reading ancient commentators there's some places with our our commentaries are really valuable when you're getting to the sanctuary of some of our peculiar doctrines but when you're going through the history of David and Joseph and the evangelical Bible study Doctor find a lot of difference between the Adventist commentary and some of the great Bible commentators that I mentioned any other I see there's another hand him him just so studied as a digital and him and and I and and I study the aversion and him I see like in this magazine here they have something called the Genesis code and how I love August the Iceland my local Hollywood video analysis check in on some video games and I was just flabbergasted when I saw this he again he said Prince of Persia it just blew me away I will have to use reading my Bible online about was the only does this all up for grand ceiling and I can go over there and take over you know what I want to know what you think about that Prince of Persia while I don't have a partner comment on it vividly but now I would like to avoid that I I I want to know what they mean you know how to know what they mean by the body videogame or movie I don't know if feeling a bit down they'll death the reality of the better off at the thing buying more questions on Bible study studying the Bible on your Israeli economy needing to mitigate the mind I think this is the guy okay tell you what then on miniature and is often in the nobleman that the program I had with the map the one program QuickVerse for the lots and got the library to use off it's got the maps it's got the dictionary it's got it all I didn't even show you but wait there's more did I shut it already I think again beyond them to see if I got it it's also got thirty two thousand Bible illustrations of Bible illustrators he does appear to the bottom of the screen thirty one thousand that you getting those works of the Bible program you pick any subject you scroll down to the subject of your teaching or preaching you need some good illustrations by Gary Bible illustration looking that you thought I dreamed all the things that you just would like is always a different illustrations and anything you see that first down here that a lot of the Bible when it illustrations actions or you can click on a verse in the Bible these are illustrations of this personal ticket illustrations related to that Bible verse that's also part of the same program so that's all quick first work unlike us and that's an old program they got much better stuff out there by now that was the look for Volkswagen program is something that can improve one but the anyway I wanted to color timeliness but this is the mental blessing my wife was virtually a widow for two years and I learned to use a computer I kept crashing my Windows three one and while the I was learning how to use it and I still can't type I still use two fingers the type but the anyway it's embarrassing when I'm on an airplane and some executive opens his laptop and you know he is going headlong flight eventually I hope they go to sleep and they don't see me I have to open my laptop and the they find out that I type with two fingers all right you know my favorite scene in in the Apple classes that we teach at amazing facts my favorite things to talk about Jesus in all of the Bible and maybe as a springboard for that I'll have you turning your Bibles and selling me a party taking your report the Luke chapter twenty four Luke chapter twenty four it's a story of the disciples on the road to romance this is great to see everybody here we do this every year how this focus on Bible study I think that's wonderful it wasn't for the Bible I sure would be here right now when Jesus rose from the dead the disciples were of course devastated two of them walking down to Emmaus that they were discouraged and they talked about all that was discouraging them you are nearby they did not recognize Jesus by his design it wasn't just that he had a put on or that he had disguised himself somehow their eyes were hold so they didn't recognize because they would be so excited and wanting here and the main thing that you wanted them to hear was that he was the Messiah from the Scriptures as well as her walking down the road into the spirit Christ says in verse seventeen the twenty four what kind of conversation is this that you have one with another as you walk and I sat our status is not our watch not a set by the way it is a connection there that they did not know him and they were sat eternal life comes from knowing him you can't obey him if you don't love him you will love them if you don't know him you will know him and let's you let him speak to you and you speak to him you speak to him through prayer he speaks to the word the best way to follow the Lord is a gut level cattleman unless you know him and you love them that won't happen unless you spend time letting them talk to you every day if you're married you know that it's not just being with somebody physically that means you have a meaningful relationship is not always quality time quality time is where you actually communicate I've been often reminded of that possibility I was with me all day she's down but we didn't really talk and so gone one quality time with us that means what were communicated were praying these weeks to us through his Word and it delivers twenty five pesos old foolish ones and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken on not Christ would suffer these things and entered into his glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets the founded under them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself please notice all the prophets of spoken all the Scriptures expounded under them in all the profits all all all God wants us to believe mobile number Jesus said this how much New Testament was written so when he's expounding about himself what is the and when when Christ says search the Scriptures friend that you think you have everlasting life the visa David testified me John chapter five what Scriptures is he talking about principally build data centers egocentric is now and talk about typically not administered just don't have a Bible for the people but it's just the New Testament and yet Jesus proved he was the Messiah from the Old Testament when Paul went around to the churches of Asia and all the apostles how did they convince the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah by pointing to the fulfilled prophecies and the old custom not only the fulfilled prophecies all through the Old Testament the stories in the Bible will select Jesus not say sending them interesting happened to me this week of the diversity of the story of my father died hunting notes five six years ago now and just about a week ago about a week and a half ago I got a big box one big box from sister-in-law in Florida still rooting through his stuff after all these years you have no eighty three years of stuff and she said that anything that I thought you would probably want as opposed to my kids the grandkids but in one open etc. painful you know that on manhole for a week and Karen I think she finally opened it to the main and I noticed it had been opened she won a look inside with his life and so then I finally one day when no one was home I got up I certify to digging through it and he had no some memorabilia and some pictures in there and some junk by gutsy like his registration for car fifty years ago and I'm looking at an anomaly this is interesting that while I really need this so you have got paper got felt about you know you really don't want to pass on to your kids and so and I separated to pile stuff I wanted to keep stuff that was really disjunct they didn't know what to do it this big box of junk food out and think about it much against put some other stuff my father is in the photo welcomes Monday we take out the garbage garbage cans get taken out waiting for the check them out I got the strangest impression I will I when outside thousands of gallons of water websites it was cool enough yet I saw it understandably said go look in the garbage can I thought I don't do that anymore I got victory years ago from high I used to do dumpster diving but I am not a long time and really I I got the strong impression that with regard to and I went out with the garbage can and I I picked up garbage and I looked to see the stuff I thought that was my dad 's and I just felt like I was being oppressed to pick up this older that I thrown out I've been through it I picked up and I looked at us when second hygienists I can see that there was a whole file of my fathers pictures love letters my mother after he'd been married to someone else for years no less autos get a weird in the and pictures from his friends the other picture him anyone know who Kurt Kerkorian has on the MGM Grand part of Chrysler under that good anymore but down the use in the evening this is the current any of the letter with him Kirk according to pictures of them in their life together it is all the stuff I'd never seen before pictures of my dad raising young in his first wife they died by crushing all this really intimates that I thrown out by accident and I get the largest not even looking this one and I started learning all kinds of things about my father after he is gone now modern about you but some of you may have of characters somebody and you felt like you know I never really got to know him as well as I wanted to know but even after they're gone then you'll need people to use the work with what you'll need friends or family know it feels all I can tell you stuff about you that and that's happened in the last six years since he died I feel like I know him better now and it wasn't this kind of a relationship it was like I'm knowing him through other people who knew him and you know when I read the Old Testament I get to know Jesus through Moses I get to know Jesus through David I get to know Jesus and Joseph to get it they said an asphalt that what shall I more say everywhere I look at the Old Testament unseen Jesus and if you ask me I couldn't tell you whether I learned more about Jesus from Matt Mark Luke and John were from the Old Testament because when Christ wanted to prove that he was the Christ he turned to the Old Testament and it's almost like somebody that is wearing a gun with really big meter light sequence Ron and no matter where they turn you seen varying reflections were ever I turn the Old Testament I see images of genes and I now read the Bible that we by the way and I think there's a handout I don't know if you get them afterward if you got them already but there's a handout that I sent on again that talks about Christ being in all the Bible and I encourage you to read that this is how I read the Bible and I find this very encouraging it that is really been a blessing for me there is an effort of got it in my book no I don't have it in my aggregates and Nelson enhance for instance in Genesis Christ is the seed of the woman and exigency of the Lamb for sinners slain in Leviticus he's our high priest in numbers he's the star of Jacob so forth and you go through the sixty six books of the Bible and you get a fine that Jesus is being revealed to you a fast and obvious character through one of these dimensions now chances are somebody hears anything offensive what about say but I feel oppressed said there is a growing group out there that is hung up on the name of Jesus and are even reading Bibles where the Bible specifically rewritten so that you must say Jesus name in the original top Yahweh I guess you depending on whether you're in the old and New Testament I respectfully disagree with that position I don't find anywhere in the Bible or God says we must address him in Hebrew or Greek or any other language he always expects us to address in our language I also find in the Bible that Jesus has many me his name is wonderful Counselor mighty God everlasting father the output the Omega the door that read the fine the living water I mean they goes on and on until it becomes very narrow it is the antithesis of what God is saying in the Bible that we should just look through a pinhole to see who he is Christ is giving us to stop it like a diamond with all these facets to get these pictures of who he is if anybody's got a complex personality it's gone he is so well he's still awesome he's so great in the Bible just continues to expand deeper and deeper who he is and he revealed to me is still all these different names and so when someone comes in and says you're saying his name long and it's a sacred name of the always both uttered a certain way that's almost spiritualist it's like he's saying a spell but if you don't say the magic word a certain way then you're probably answer annual Jehovah's Witnesses a sort of hung up on that they won't pray with you because it's able you may not say his name right our God is bigger than and so I see Christ revealed in such incredible detail all through the Bible now when Jesus is walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus at each opening to them the Scriptures going from Moses the Malachi and the song it says later in the same chapter from the law and the Psalms and profits I've often thought how much would you pay for an audiotape on Jesus proving that he was Jesus for two hours after the resurrection going all the way through the then existing scriptures to that recording the work as I spent a lot of my life sane I wonder what you set no I is been a very rich study for me right now a central church I'm going through a series when talking about Christ and all the Bible and I'm talking about various Bible heroes and such as Moses and Joseph and David for instance let me take one of looking at the clock and I think I'm only enough time for one one of the greatest examples in the Bible of Christ I lay back until you mind saying what insane we are encouraged to study the Bible the way Jesus study the Bible we should study the Bible teach the Bible where the apostles that would avoid us getting into a lot of trouble with some of the offshoot interpretations that we run into Paul read the Old Testament and he saw Christ everywhere Paul talked about the Exodus and prescribed instructor can so they were baptized in the Red Sea they were baptized in the pillar of fire are baptized in Moses he said as we are baptized in Christ and he compares Alexis experiences salvation Darrell 's antithesis there really is a type of site Moses is a type of Christ when the last prophecies of Moses said in Deuteronomy Chapter eighteen verse fifteen the Lord your God is going to raise up a prophet like me from your myths from your brethren and you will hear doesn't tell his name is Ronnie Moses preaches it many times before he dies he says don't despair is another profit coming like me than just being a follower of Moses was named Jesus Joshua in great history there was another Joshua now was the prophet who came like moments matter-of-fact you can read where a when John the Baptist Partridge all the Jews were looking for this profit that Moses had foretold would come Sunday a great deliverer that would save the people that would be like Moses when John the Baptist preaching the company say are you Elijah are you in the profits and when they said the drop of the thinking about the prophet Moses researcher again in verse twenty five John chapter one they asked him why then do you baptize if you are not the Christ or Elijah were the prop so we don't find a name connected with it as Moses never gave it a name he didn't say someone will come in my spirit and power it is said there will be a prophet in acts chapter three when Peter 's preaching he said for this is in verse twenty two for Moses truly set under the fathers a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up and you of your brethren likened the vegan you will hear Peter goes on to say that Jesus Jesus was like Moses matter-of-fact one more thing if you reimburse twenty four fax three here goes on to say gay and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after as many as have spoken likewise foretold these days you catch that Peter said all the profits foretold what just happened with Christ coming these days Jesus so I read my Bible looking for the allusions in the references in the metaphors in the types and shadows and echoes of Jesus in every Book-of-the-Month you can find even find it in the genealogies in the name space into those names and they often represent Jesus one hundred and forty four thousand one time lady appeared here in Revelation chapter seven don't place in the Bible they appear that list it tells the whole story salvation the way the names organize and so it's it's just a wonderful study looking for Jesus everywhere accept a seven speed is about to die in a stone of note he tells the Sanhedrin this is speaking of Jesus this is that Moses who said to the children of Israel the Lord your God will raise up a property why to me from your brethren can usually hear is that Jesus was the fulfillment of models responses were baptized in most numbers to look at some of the parallels of Jesus on the Gulf don't quickly if I can sum the parallels of Jesus and Moses you find just to give you an overview and you know what I'll leave my notes with whoever is large and in charge here I have on my computer and if anyone wants a copy maybe they can make copies of this I did not send this ahead but I'll be happily this year with you and I just did the study last week so it's pretty fresh first of all both Moses and Jesus survived the baby genocide there was all law government want to exterminate all the baby Hebrews in a certain territory for one it was Goshen for the other Bethlehem interpersonal exit is one throw all the baby boys in the river Matthew chapter to kill all the baby voiced years old and under both Moses and Jesus were born slaves but were not slaves all of us are born slaves of sin were all born every medicine except Jesus though Jesus had human parents he never sent the motor pathway parents he never served as a flight but Moses and Jesus were saved by going Egypt as a baby Jesus was taken by parents of Egypt as a baby Moses was adopted and Pharaoh 's household and that was the means of saving another interesting parallel saved through Egypt interesting book with Moses in Exodus two ten England Jesus in Luke two forty it says and the child grew not by that phrase word for word that many times in the Bible and the child grew both Moses and Jesus turned their backs on palatial wealth the same the people we read in Hebrews chapter eleven verse twenty four by faith Moses when he became of age he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin esteeming the reproach of Christ Moses knew about Christ and he was valuing something the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt for you look for the reward that Christ turned his back on a policy never to come to this world because he looked toward saving you that exceeding great joy that the devil offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world he turned his back on why for the reward the joy of seeing you and I say they were willing to suffer Moses and Jesus both asked for forty days and forty that both Moses and Jesus hear the audible voice of God on the mountaintop deadbolt Moses and Jesus hear the audible voice of God in a valley with other people listen by the baptism of Jesus which is obviously Valley 's River and Moses at the foot of Mount Sinai one gospel how often does anyone audibly hear the voice of God who makes what happened to Jesus and Moses Malone Moses and Jesus had problems with a shining Moses was on the mound talking to God and his face shone so that he had unveiled his face so that people couldn't look at him Peter James and John went up the mountain Jesus and God spoke to him in his glory shone through Christ so they had the power they couldn't even look at him because of the glory of God Christ was God 's day-old inhumanity just as Moses veiled his face of the people could see them Christ was unveiled of God remember when Jesus brought the mob and the rest that Jesus they said that whatever Jesus of Nazareth Christ said INV and they all fell back I got a hunting like that by fifteen million lumens with relevant talk about it since spotting light I don't hunt a window camping is really fun you think of someone like it is fallen asleep in the event you shall decided in the face I never do that him and I thought this thing really bright and can imagine when Jesus that I am he admitting lashed as vividly as is all that will Moses veiled distaste as he talked to Don Christ was the divinity of God failing humanity never now than that divinity shone through you read that the book desire of ages both Moses and Jesus sat down by well and found a woman remember when that he can read there next to the chapter two verse fifteen now if Pharaoh heard these things he sought to slay Moses but Moses fled from the face of barrel when he dwelt in the maybe we sat down by well Melissa was an interesting piece up down by well he met seven daughters of Jethro ended up marrying one of them but when he first met them he defended them from some shepherds that where I'm not looking water the plots they then ran home to the father needs where is the man go back and get on with your hospitality and go back in again of the company joins a religion adjustment Jesus is not a well he reveals to a woman who's had five husbands she's living with what you got married to that six none of the broader peace or happiness mentioning Jesus reveals his Messiah brings a joint business that she believes tells everyone about the Messiah comes back with a hometown raise them back to their town sits down by a well built Moses and Jesus were judges member most that down to judge the people finally delegated that judgment to other leaders twelve princes Jesus is our judge when he ascended he delegated that to the others second Corinthians five ten for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ both Moses and Jesus were good shepherds of their fathers block sacrificial shepherds Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven whenever did Moses help through God 's power perform miracles be the people with bread did Jesus perform a miracle to be the people with bread and then in the context of that miracle Jesus turns the back points deposits the nose is getting give you that Brenda came down from heaven on the one that really give you the bread and I am the true bread that came down from heaven that all pointed to his mandolin live by bread alone but by every word that is your Bible and don't forget in the Lords prayer give us this day our daily bread whether talking about just who the Bible how often should we be reading it in the sixties we the manna fell in the sixties we write by the way you're trying to live today and what you collected a month ago it's been agreed worms in saying you don't have fresh bread every day Friday with any gavel data twice as much right here saddest lesson so he got also interesting that the man is even a type of Christ it came down quietly during the night Jesus came quietly into our world it was around the symbol of perfection it tasted sweet the word of God is sweet like honey in our mouse it was white the Bible a symbol of purity that both little man is an you know what they called it was God 's people said was when Christ came what it is people say who is this they didn't know Moses and Jesus shining on him came down the mountain teaches the save Exodus nineteen verse fourteen Moses went down from the mountain and the people Matthew eight one when he was come down from the mountain great multitudes followed him by the way when Moses came down the mountain yet a deal with devils in the Valley your memory when he came down shining on the mountain and make it a golden calf levels of the Valley when Jesus was on the mound transfiguration what he encounters an economic Valley a demon possessed boy the disciples to cast the demon out and went from the glory of amount doubles in the will you attempt the stone Moses Exodus seventeen for Moses cried to the Lord 's and what shall I do this people 's regular spelling numbers fourteen ten and all the congregation bade stone them with stones meaning Moses Aaron Caleb and Joshua what about Jesus John eight fifty nine they took up stones to cast it in the Jesus himself and went out of the Temple going through the midst of them John ten thirty one the Jews again took up stones to stone him he is that prophet like Moses Moses have seventy elders of Israel Exodus twenty four nine then whenever Moses and Aaron made evident by even seventy of the elders of Israel what about Jesus after these things but one appointed by the Lieutenant verse one after these things the Lord appointed seventy others also and sent them out to buy two before his face in both fasted forty days and forty nights Moses had twelve princes of Israel twelve tribes that he led you can read about this in no numbers one forty four these are those that were numbered that Moses and Aaron numbered in the princes of Israel being well on her the twelve tribes you remember the twelve princes of Israel they were the leaders of binary gadgets Luke six thirteen when it was day he called them to him his disciples and he chose twelve asked Jesus who he named apostles to not only did Moses have the twelve princes there were seventy hours not only did Jesus have the twelve apostles there were seventy disciples and when they replace Judas they look for one among the seventies would follow him from the beginning admitted signifying us right the cast lots probably one of the original seventy this is really beautiful both Moses and Jesus gave a bear spirit their followers numbers eleven seventeen God said to Moses I'll come down and I'll talk to be there and I'll take of the Spirit is upon me upward upon them what happened at Pentecost I said it's expedient for me to go away that I might send the comforter to spirit as it becomes said when were baptized in Holy Spirit Spirit of Christ same way that that same spirit that Moses was filled with buildup then as well both Moses and Jesus conquered the serpent there thought about that you know the story children of Israel complained about the manner and everything man-to-man romancing and manning you know salad bar salad bar so I don't have anything else at what happened when they became ungrateful for the manna that was sustaining them God withdrew his protection and a plate of serpents came and began to bite the people that Moses was instructed to take a bronze serpent and put it on a pole enlisted up lifted up where everyone could see Christ talking about that said in John chapter three as Moses lifted up the serpent even though so the Son of Man should be lifted up what is that mean what people read that audibly then order me I think on seventy two K to understand what that means when I lived up in the cave I had a snake stick because when you kill a rattlesnake I killed the rattlesnake more frequently with my stick no telegraph you what two weeks ago part the airplane of Nicole O'Hare open hangar near the rattlesnake I got a broomstick in my hangar I use the to begin up the black widows I don't like Windows and that'll think the mining or anyone like him this is I noticed this broomstick is little room where the broom outplaying all the spiderwebs off and killing a black widows I killed the rattlesnake with a broomstick I reached over and picked him up because sometimes even though you think the mortally wounded it looks like they had an target disconnected don't you wait to pick them up because they don't reflect the swing around like to think you did pick him up with a stick and I care not back in Costa do safe place shepherds all had stats appear daunting to bid my rattlesnake or menace they can maybe survive not a sheet your shepherd and you see Rattlesnake the better pulpit when you pick it up and if you see a snake being carried on a staff by Shepherd means he just killed the snake and taking it off the disposal but it's still dangerous so when they looked up at that poll they all knew within their nation of shepherds it meant a defeated serpent but still dangerous when Christ was crucified he defeated the circuit 's doom is sealed he said it is finished Satan is not now suddenly turned the tide and wind about his new buddy can still buy ideal but was both a crisis that the Christ by Jesus that you will tread on serpents and it's what it's all talking so Christ defeated the serpent Satan defeated the rebels defeated the serpent also given one will sign his book the new the butchers put yourself on the ground what a different he was able to take my detail and I think it will grab behind the head but we don't try to identify the tried a different address visible debit so Christ Moses the seed of the serpent they deliver God 's people from slavery there is a great deliverance if they stuck with Moses they needed out of Egypt we stick with Jesus he will give his victory over sin book built the Temple Moses built Temple in the tabernacle and Christ said destroy this temple made with hands in three days I'll raise it up the only two witnesses they got to agree with the ones in Mark chapter fourteen percent we heard him say destroy this temple made with hands integrated I'll make one without a bespoke of his body you are the body of Christ you are the temple Jesus built into the carpentry came to build the temple you're the Temple Moses built Temple and the Temple crossed over into the promised land and you are to cross over into the promised land from Williams vote for Meek doesn't say that about too many people in the Bible that Jesus said John chapter eleven the day give you rest Ryan neat and lowly and was the outstanding characteristic of Moses numbers one twelve now the man Moses was very meek above all men which are upon the face of the earth in the Old Testament just before the people are delivered from slavery Moses prays and ten plagues fall on Egypt and got people come out at Egypt Christ our Moses just before he returns is in the seventh anyone think that's out of this world into the promised land both Moses and Jesus were resurrected now you know of course Christ is resurrected first twenty fifteen four and that he was married and they rose again the third day according to the Scriptures the auto Moses was resurrected not some people take issue with this my public improvement ibuprofen the Bible the Moses died and resurrected you can't prove he was race three days later but there is one semi- dependable writing that seems to support that now tell you about that just a moment first of all G1 verse nine Michael the Archangel when contending with the devil disputed about the body of Moses does not bring against a railing accusation but said the Lord rebuke thee why was Michael coming for the body of Moses obviously to resurrect why what was a great desire of Moses that he was denied he wanted to see the people cry what he wanted Alito not let him see the promised land from afar but he wanted to see the people cross over letting God raised him not doing all that is in heaven he talked with Jesus face-to-face on enough transfiguration that was not an apparition revision you don't have three people all having the same dream at the same time the same voices Peter James and John were there so they can get first-hand witnesses say no it wasn't a dream that's why Christ said don't tell anybody about this until after risen from the dead that's why Pierce said we were with them on the holy now but we have a more sure word of prophecy the word-of-mouth see the more sure than addition and so Moses and Elijah are alive now so we know Moses diagnoses resurrected it is in heaven there is a book that is no longer in existence but it was quoted by the church father origin and it's called the assumption or the ascension of Moses and it's an old Jewish tradition that when God came for Moses when Michael the Archangel chamber Moses became the third day to raise him because the Jews he did not want the Jews to find a place where he'd been buried by the Lord and make a shrine out of the place now that really is something to think about is only one person in the history of the world at their funeral conducted by God himself was loath to get a pretty special when God takes funeral arrangements says the Lord buried and that someone and probably my last point will be to Moses and Jesus were willing to lay down their lives that others might be saved even if they might be loss intellect reason Christ went through when he was in the garden Gethsemane when he said not my will by will be done Christ suffered in the way the loss suffered facing the second best because he was going to his death Barry Gill 's legal wants to each of our punishment and our death or death of the guilty debt so Jesus was dying the kind of death loss diet up until that moment when he said it is finished in your hands I commend my spirit was easily willing to lay down his life to save us what about Moses Exodus thirty two thirty two that should be easy to remember he's interceding for the people was Jesus our intercessor was Moses and mediator Jesus our mediator is that if you will you send will not I pray you want me out of your book that you've written note like Paul he'd come to the place reset even if I'm not saying what's most important in the Lord is your glory your name your people and you know my desire is I think Olive arrived as a Christian in my sanctification if I can ever get to the place like Moses Ripoll also unwilling to be lost Israel might be saved so often we ask like Peter most of us are in peers stage with the Lord what's in it for us we left everything the folly will we get the Lord knows where that Wayne is all you get a hundred times more in this life eternal life in the world to come but you really grown when you love the Lord select leave the Lord I don't care if I get any if your name is glorifying your people to say that the level the matter what's in it for me even if I did nothing find lots and your will is done on that seemed so foreign to me you know the only way that we can think that way 's of me in the mind of Christ now something occurred to me how can God control history so much that these heroes like Moses Joseph and David Gideons Samuel and Elijah you look at their lives and you see these types very prominent types of Jesus all represented when Moses surrendered himself to the Lord God orchestrated his wife Sue and Mary his own life if you and I surrender ourselves to the Lord you become like what you look at our lives begin to represent an mere life of Jesus and it's like that Scripture were Paul says that that we would open face holding transform the Lord of glory by North souls are photographic plate you are all right now the sum total of what you're taking and your minds in your eyes and your ears over the course of your life that's what you are you are that's why EEO mostly speak English that's what you like the food you like this for some executive who already all of a sudden says no I really crave rights of the libraries will never have before been craving most people develop an appetite for the you become like what you look at in the wonderful thing is you can change your appetites and you can change your character by choosing what you eat both spiritually and physically I do need to drift off in the help and supposedly more yesterday said senior changed by the only so the more time we spend beholding Christ our lives begin to model the life of Christ and it's like it says they're Hebrews what shall I more save for time would fail me I was second heard Jesus sermon of that you talk about David and when David was writing Psalms twenty two these in my God my God why he offers a community see Jesus on the cross in the root repeats the first verse of the twenty second Psalm while you do that this is helping you to open your Bible and read the rest of the software it says they gamble my clothing they pierced my hands and feet how strange is that it never happened again we read in the Bible where David is weeping on the mount of olives over Jerusalem and ECGs is waiting on the mount of olives over Jerusalem and you see that the author of the lives Joseph archer Jesus talked about Joseph how do Joseph's brothers cover their sin of the train one brother they presented to the father a bloodstained robe how is the only thing that my Chrysler behind the bloodstained robe and actually offered to the father to cover arsenic all these things are written by the way when David was betrayed by his best friend to get the film when it backfired if the felt when out hunting so Jesus was betrayed by a close friend but he realized it didn't work out the way plan to cut prices and work a miracle things in and went out all who care is in the Bible I keep seeing Jesus did on this for me it helps me realize that people are just looking at the Bible the way some folks may look at the Koran at abundant leaders some other professed holy book and forcing into with that it may be sacred for me you cannot escape the supernatural nature of the Bible that God has out a sovereign and over all history from Genesis to the present day that is true serve this book is evolved from monkeys so what is a Christian follower of Christ you would be like Jesus begun looking at the best way to look at prices in his work so I commend into this book and I'd encourage you to read it is not yet listened to anything reading hardcopy regarding computer listen to CDs in your car and down on your phone doesn't matter meditate and quiet moments talk about them when you walk by the way when you rise up and sit down we should surround ourselves with the word of God Jesus you were and as you read the word yoga transform the present that's my prayer is that men say what effect you desire what we stand you know before you pray also one online I will leave these notes appear for whoever will make copies and do what you money father is we pray for your convenient benediction on this gathering we thank you Lord for the sacred hours seven thank you Lord for the sacred nature of this blessed book and hope what if we could only know the ocean of London has flown that we might have these words preserved for us help us to appreciate our loss is real freedom the proxy to handle the word of life I pray Lord that your alcohol before in my outlines with these true through the Holy Spirit we pray that you will engrave these things in our hearts and minds and it helps to recall them with the power of the spirit as we need them for our own victory and also had an even share the principles of truth with others please continue to bless this congregation we presently know you're here now we got in your name I pray we can gather strength from one another as iron sharpens iron thank you again for your blessings we pray love Bible can you grow as a result of what's happening in Jesus name we has a


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