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1. Not Far

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • June 16, 2018
    6:00 PM
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By God's grace I hope we're not here a 100 years from now somebody is not here 100 years now saying you remember that can mean back when Elder Mitchell was 1st Year Eve's conference President we did this thing in the avenue search where we have the centennial celebration says as anybody ever kind of looked at that and like for example I was in the southern avenues university as last year and I'm not trying to knock anybody but I was there had their signs of the offense Tenniel we've been here a 100 years that anything in evidence was advertised you know what I mean I mean like here we still are and saints we know that it's not because we've been waiting on the Lord inspiration tells us that he's waiting on us and so I have been pleading with the Lord that that this can't meaning would be something different that the Lord would be able to use something here the Lord be able to use everything here to move things forward and hasten the coming of Jesus. So then that's that's my theme this week is going the distance I don't have my monitor can you see it up there IS IT ON YET OK Thank you. I just wanted to know I'm not flipping flies up here and you're just like you know. Because it's time I believe it's time God's people go the distance and finish this thing by His Grace I'm basing this morning series on the book steps to Christ I'm not expounding on the book steps to Christ to be drawing from it but I've used the framework of it for example today's messages based on that chapter of God's love for man the 1st chapter tomorrow's message is going to be on the sinners need of Christ the next day on Monday it's going to be combining repentance and confession so kind of that way and I'm going to tell you if you have not read that book in a while or read it ever get your hands on the book steps to crisis so much more than one thing I realized about the morning Speaker the different morning Speaker and eating speaker is I have a time limit. I think they did that on purpose. And so I could there's no covering everything is I've improved ration been going through the book steps to crisis we always think of that book as a all that's kind of the beginner thing that book is so bold and so I want to encourage you if you haven't been through it in a while to pick up that book maybe as we're going through this this week. I want to welcome you of course who are here this morning and I know that there are others joining us either by radio or streaming this morning and I want to welcome you here and I want to invite you to buy your head and pray with me and let's pray that the Lord would do something mighty for us during this we can't meeting him him Heavenly Father Father I thank you this morning for New Day of Life and Lord especially that it's the Sabbath Day a special day that you have cleared your schedule for us and Father we just love you for that and we ask this morning for the gift of your Holy Spirit not because we're deserving of it but because you promised you promised us that you were more willing to give us the Holy Spirit than we are to give good gifts to our children and father we you've told us to pray for rain in the time of the Latter Rain and Lord we know we see the world around us and we see things shaping up and yet Lord we've seen this in the past where you have brought events to pass and your people were not ready may it not be so today Lord help us as have people to go the distance empower us Lord by your spirit I prayed this morning you would give me the words to speak and give us all ears to hear and hearts to respond to your words we ask and pray these things in the name of Jesus and for his state a min. I've been titled this morning's presentation not far enough taken that from that passage we were reading in the book of Acts Paul had gone to Greece and if you turn there in X. 17 I just want to draw out from what the apostle is addressing He had a burden of heart there in X. 17 if you look at verse 16 this is what the Bible tells us it says now while Paul waited for them at Athens his spirit was provoked within him when he saw that the city was given over to what idols right Dollar Tree and of course this is Athens Greece is a center of all this idolatry influence and Paul heart was burdened as he saw this because he knew that they were not acquainted with the true God Bible says in verse 17 Therefore he reasoned in the synagogue with the Jews in the Gentile worshipers and in the marketplace daily with those who happened to be there then certain epicurean and Stoic philosophers encountered him and some said what does this babbler want to say others said He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign gods because he preached to them Jesus in the resurrection let me introduce a concept to you maybe you thought about this before the something we need to be clear on is there is a common thread through all idolatry and when I say all idolatry I'm including false Christianity and that common thread is that God is aloof or indifferent or angry and religion is it has been. Constructed for lack of a better term as a means of earning the favor and appeasing an angry god. You go across the board with eastern religions like I said and even into false Christianity and the mindset of the worshipper is I've got to somehow get God's attention got to get him to love me we see this in the scripture on the Mount of Carmel right where Elijah goes up there and one of the worships is worshippers of Bale doing all morning all day in fact in the afternoon they're pleading to the point where Elijah begins mocking them and saying hey you know maybe you're God's asleep reason or journey somewhere you need to wake him up or get his attention and what's funny about the story is that people don't say hey you don't know our God our God isn't like that instead they're like hey you know he has a point there and then they begin to try to get their Gods attention the point of cutting themselves in the Bible says the Blood was gushing out on them trying to get their Gods attention that's common in all religions except true Christianity I remember when I 1st became a Christian in you know when you 1st became a Christian you Lord stirs your heart you've committed your life and there's a lot of of going to say that you don't have all the answers why still don't have all the answers I have more than I did then and I remember my cousin my she was a teenager at the time and she said Why if she was getting into Buddhism this is a cool thing going on there some hot young Hollywood actor that was in some Buddhist movie and so it was a this is cool we're going to look in a bit teenage girls and she was like yeah I think Buddhism school why why are you so big on Christianity she said we Buddhist and it's funny because she wasn't really a Buddhist but that's how she identified herself we Buddhists just are content to be what we are we don't feel like we have to make everybody else Buddhist Why do you Christians what's the big deal about Christianity why is it so different Why is that so much better and I had to think about that I didn't have the answer then but the answer that's come to me is this Christianity is the only religion where God seeks this people God the God takes the initiative in saving. In every other persuasion you've got to get God's attention you take the initiative talking about God's love for man Paul as he is is going into Athens he sees this he knows this this mindset of paganism. Another picture from Mars Hill we're going to read about in just a moment where Paul is looking out meeting with the epic Curia as in these philosophers from Greece that tell them about the true God I want to share with you statement who steps to Christ pages 10 and 11 says here the enemy of good blinded the minds of men so that they looked upon God with fear thought of him a severe and unforgiving Satan led men to conceive of God as a being whose chief attribute is stern justice one who is a severe judge a harsh exacting creditor a being who is watching with jealous. To discern the errors and mistakes of men that he may visit judgments upon them that the devil loves That's that's the picture he has attempted to put in the minds of people and he even did that through the sacrificial system I want you to notice this is a fascinating statement or want to read this some years ago desire of a just page 115 tells us that Satan watched as God was instituting the sanctuary services he was looking at that he was thinking to himself What is he getting at here and he discerned in those services that God was revealing the way of salvation through Christ knows what it says here desire of ages with intense interest Satan watched the sacrifices offered by Adam and his son now this is this is not in the wilderness this way back when the they were 1st instituted as it says here without him in his sons none notice in these ceremonies he discerned a symbol of communion between earth and heaven he set himself to intercept this communion What do you think that means. Would mean for the devil to intercept the communion he knows what God is trying to communicate so he grabs it in flips it around so God is trying to say through the sanctuary service I am this this sacrificial animal represents my son then I'm giving to you to save you and the devil says oh no I'm going to take that flip it and then say no the sacrifice is what you have to give me to earn my love and he took that into paying Unism paganism is full of animal sacrifices as well with based on that principle and and he connected his people as you read through the Old Testament with those pagan influences to where the very service of God became turned in twisted to that end and I want to tell you today that happens too much we don't bring animals into the sanctuary but much of our religious worship today if truth be told maybe even unbeknownst to ourself is us trying to get God's favor and earn it and win it and it's paganism no matter what you call it notice what this says prophets in Kings page 177 multitude have a wrong conception of God and His attributes and are as truly serving a false god as were the worshippers of Bale you can call him God You can call him Jehovah you can call him yo way but if you put on him the characteristics of the pagan gods that God that angry God that needs the appeaser not worshipping the God of heaven is that something where the Lord wasn't going to let things stay this way that's the price paid to 10 and 11 says it was to remove this dark shadow by revealing to the world the Infinite Love of God that Jesus came to live among men he came to change that and reveal what God is really like now Paul in that light of all that is looking at this situation of idolatry in wanting to introduce these idolaters to the true God So accept a 17 verse 22. The Apostle meets with these men of Athens on Mars Hill or the area OP Agus verse $22.00 the Paul stood in the middle midst of the area OP Agus and said men of Athens I perceive that in all things you are very religious for as I was passing through and considering the object of your worship I even found an altar with this inscription To the Unknown God Therefore the God whom you worship without knowing him I proclaim to you now notice how he describes Him God who made the world and everything in it since he is Lord of Heaven and Earth does not dwell in temples made with hands nor is he worship with men's hands as though what he needed anything what's their mindset of worship everything I'm doing is because my God needs it everything I'm doing is to appease him everything I'm doing is because he demands it no God doesn't need anything from you Paul says wow this is this is an unknown god to them verse 25 again nor is he worship with man's hands as though he needed anything since he gives to all life breath and all thing and he is made from one blood speaking of Adam every nation of men to draw on the face of the earth and has determined their prayer pointed times in the balance of the dwellings so that they should seek the Lord in the hope that they might grope for him and find him though he is what not far from each one of us language is in it is incredible it was Paul he groping and to find God is as if you're blind and you're looking at you can't you're feeling around to see where God is as if he's far away and then Paul adds that thing in there but he's not far from each one of us God is near is just we don't see him because we're looking for the wrong thing our conceptions of God have been distorted. So the Apostle Paul wants to bring them into an understanding of who God really is a God who doesn't need anything from man but is instead the giver of all good thing a God whose greatest desire is that we would find him and obtain eternal life a God who is not far from any one of us here this morning from anyone who's watching this morning from anyone who is listening this morning God is very near now it's unfortunate as I said we're talking about we're talking about the love of God for man and we talk about love it's unfortunate because our concepts of love today even in the church are soul shaped by culture I love my family I love my dog who I love these socks and by the way I love pizza right we've there's no differentiation we just love this and we love that in our concept of love incidentally is not really it's it's more based on what brings us some kind of pleasure or satisfaction and the problem with that is we've been put that on God We tend to start to understand or want to understand his love that way but that is not the love of God the love of God is very different in fact in the Bible the Bible tells us the 1st John 48 that God is love and the word used in the Greek language of the New Testament is the Word of God Bay Now it's interesting there are 3 words in the Greek used for love there's a gap a there's air off and there's for Layo a god Bay is a word that the Bible uses exclusively from Greek literature in other words you know you want to find the meaning of the word you look it up in the dictionary you look how it's used other places you can't do that with a gobby because the Bible writers used it in a way nobody else used it because there is no other love like God's love so when they would talk about gods of they use that word of God but they used it in a sense of love as a principle rather than an emotion. According to the vines dictionary of New Testament words a got by a notice expresses the deep and constant love and interest of a Perfect Being towards entirely unworthy objects we don't love unworthy objects we love those who love us we love those who benefit us it does make sense to us to love those who don't benefit us and if it does make sense to us because God has touched your heart and mind it's not natural for us to think that way but God's love is not based on you it's based on him he doesn't love you because of you you are he loves you because of who he is here with me to Matthew chapter 5 look at a couple passages on this Matthew chapter 5 we're going to look at verses 445 Jesus says in Matthew 5 this is the love of God This is just said to this day I wish I say I could say I have this down OK you know what I mean as we read Jesus a certain verse 43 he says you have heard it said that it was said You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy but I say to you love your. Enemies as if that wasn't enough he says Love your enemies bless those who curse you do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you know what spitefully mean he is slightly means they planned it out these are people who don't just persecute you like I am I going to persecute today they think ahead that they plan how they can make your life miserable and what does the Bible say were to do for them pray for them bless those who curse you do good to those who hate you notice verse 45 that you may be what sons of your Father in heaven. Or he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just in the UN just you understand what he's saying there he's saying look you need to behave this way because that will make you sons of your father right like father like son he says if you act like this and that's how God is because God blesses those who curse him what would happen if when we were ornery the sun didn't rise that day or you know the oxygen was gone. You know the word God provides and nature is full of the providence of God and I mean have you ever thought about this one thing that I've noticed in Michigan is that in the wintertime it's very quiet and it becomes evident in the spring when you open your open the window in the wintertime you may not even think about it and it's just like that the sun springtime you open the window and you hear the song bird ever do that and it's just think about what in fact I remember my 1st church district I would I had this church and I had a hill overlooking the church I go up in the morning and pray on the hill overlooking my church and I hear the song birds and inevitably every time the crows Ajo up to get those beautiful song birds a breeze and then and then you hadn't. Asked and I don't want to offend anybody maybe you look our Crow lover that's fine but I praise God and not every bird sounds like a crow why the multiplicity of songs right the colors what if everything was brown but tastes all of these things are evidences to us that God loves to please us that he wants us to be happy if we would take the time and in treasure these things up and God doesn't just make things taste good to people who worship him. You understand a thing as what Jesus is saying the sunshine rises on the Goodna band the rain comes the just in the end just they all have flowers in their garden of different colors all are tokens of God's love not because of who and what we are but because of who in what he is there with the Romans 5 and Romans 5 is I don't know how to say this because you're going to hear me throughout the week saying this is one of my favorite texts so I don't know if I am I to differentiate this is one of my most bestest favorite texts or something like that this passage is something that I really want you to grasp the significance of this morning Romans Chapter 5 or 6 it's along the same lines of God's love God taking the initiative God being the one who reaches out when we don't want to be reached a poll puts it in such clear language Romans 5 or 6 As for when we were still without the strain in due time Christ died for who notice he didn't die for the Godly. Years you're reading this with me and you're saying yeah what's the point but how many times have you failed to go to God in prayer because he said Man I just fell into that sin for the umpteenth time and I can't go to him who die for the un Godly don't let on godliness keep you from Gaza now gets better he says Christ died for the un-Godly for scarcely for right just mammal one die yet perhaps for a good man some what he would even dare to die but God It demonstrates that's how the New King James I forget how the King James words but I love that we're demonstrates God demonstrates His own he's not just talk God has given the most powerful demonstration of His Love that could ever be given We'll talk about the moment God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were what. Still sinners Christ died for us I want you to understand what's being said here while we were still in other words while we were actively sinning and loving it that's what it's talking about while we were rebelling against God and had no desire for God right not while we were sinning but thinking I really shouldn't be doing this and other words what I want you to understand is when God sent His Son for us it was when we didn't have the slightest idea or desire to go to God which is why he says in verse 9 and much more than having now been justified by his blood we should be saved from wrath through him for if when we were what enemies now enemy can work one of 2 ways either I am fighting against God or gods fighting against me let me make something clear this morning God is not fighting you and the Bible calls us sinners that just means we're fighting against God and we get this Oh I sure hope I can get God to love me what do you mean you're fighting him God has never been against you and that's an argument of the enemy this is what this is what Jesus was saying in Matthew 5 this what Pudge Paul trying to get across here well we were still sinners while we were enemies of God verse 10 for what if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of a son much more having been reconciled we should be saved by His life in other words God has taken the initiative to save us when we didn't want to be saved now that we do want to be saved how much more can we have hope and confidence in his love that's the Apostles point and again I just want to leave that idea that God always is the initiator he's not waiting for you to initiate things he's not waiting for you to say OK well I'm going to I guess I should come to God and they go OK well I hope you hurry to get on with this thing God is always initiating in moving towards us even when there's nothing in us that wants him a common thing I hear you know a pastor in the cattle me church I hear from young people not just young people. Is this this thing where people will say I just I don't know Pastor I don't feel like I'm ever going to be good enough and I'm going to ask if you've said that. Because I'm about to rebuke you for it I say that no let's get something clear this morning from the get go you aren't ever going to be good and I we've got to get that out of our mind God doesn't save us because we're good enough I mean for crying out loud if we had to be good enough we wouldn't need a savior and so we get in our mind that I'm going to be good enough we're never going to have the hope and confidence and assurance of salvation right because we're not going to be good enough he's good enough it's not my goodness that saves me it's his goodness that saves me that's the whole point of him taking the initiative and I don't he's not waiting for me to get to a certain point and he steps in it God all the way this is here I go again this one of my favorites they mean it is really education Pace United for Notice this statement is powerful so the the Divine Teacher bears with the tearing through all their perversity his love does not grow cold his efforts to win them do not see with outstretched arms what kind of arms with outstretched arms he waits to welcome once or twice again and again who do the airing the rebuild the Is and even the apostasy who the past 8 I mean you compare rabbet rebellious is bad enough apostasy somebody totally turned their back on God one who nothing to do with him and what does it say with outstretched arms he waits to welcome again and again the one who is most easily tempted and is most inclined to err is the special object of his solicitude or care how are now listen how many of you anybody here ever collect baseball cards. Really a there's one I see one or 2 of us in here who were baseball card collectors trading cards you know you get them in a pack of of 15 or something with a little plastic pink plastic piece they called gum you have to have had a pack of cards and all that and the goal is you would buy you get the baseball cards and you would try to collect all the cards for the season all the players for the season of course you get a pack and sometimes a pack as duplicate so you get 5 packs and you're going to get duplicate cards and so you have 5 Johnny benches but you don't have any Ken Griffey S. And so you go to your neighbor and you he collects cards too and he says hey I have an extra Kingery but I don't have a Johnny Bench right you trade the car up and so I grew up at one point of my teenage life collecting in trading baseball cards and I had at least one if not 2 years of the entire set of car I outgrew it had my cards at my mom's house and my younger brother came across them and he got into you know I just traded him with neighbors and he would go to the show it shows where you go and you display your baseball cards and you auction among you how much money you can get out of a baseball card I remember my brother telling me hey he says he'd show me $1.00 of my old cards he said I get 250 dollars a this card I laughed at him you know I bought a pack of them for $0.25 and I said this to him I said listen I'll tell you what I said in a minute I want to show you something here this is kind of interesting here's a baseball cards nolo baseball card a guy named Joe Doyle slow Joe Doe oil anybody know Joe Doyle probably not see one person out there who actually knows maybe a couple who know slow Joe Doyle maybe you know it because Flo Jo Doyle card sold for $414750.00. Oh now you're interested in slow Joe though are you going to go through grandpa's attic and see if you can find it slow Joe Doyle card now you know what made this this is interesting because Joe boy wasn't really a renowned player like a tie cover something like that you know it made this card so valuable is you see that little N.A.T.O. on the bottom there where I circled it nationally he played for New York New York to this quiz Highlanders Yankees real Highlanders 4 they were the Yankees paper The New York Highlanders and they were in the American League in the cards that nationally it was a misprint and that misprint made that card valuable and I thought about that this morning you know sometimes there are things in our characters that feel to us like misprints I'm not talking about open sins I'm talking about people have insecurities and they think oh if I would only be this way or that if my care was only discolor my eyes only this color of only the only thing I always say if I was those Tylenol Jim Slater and the short guy if I could you know get all these different ideas of our flaws but those uniquenesses make us so valuable to God and this is what I told my brother when he told me how much that car was worth I laughed at him and said Listen to me that cars were $250.00 when somebody puts $250.00 down for it don't tell me what is worth in an auction or don't tell me what I want to see somebody pay it when somebody pays it then I know what it's really worth because the value of anything is determined only by what someone's willing to pay and friends this morning if you miss everything else I want you to understand this that the highest price that could ever be paid for anything was paid for you that whatever flaws you perceive were valuable to God so valuable He gave His only begotten Son The Bible says in Romans A If God spared not his son but freely gave him up for us all I think about that if God's Spirit I mean is there something God holding back like I'll give my son but there's something I have valuable back here you can have it. I mean he gave everything in that gift for you because that's how he values you desire of Ages 394 says this one soul is of such value that in comparison with its world sink into insignificance is not something world has hurled sink into insignificance God's love for you is constant it's unfailing his value for you is infinite his desire for you to be saved is greater than your own desire to be C. and I want that to be our foundation as we go through this week because this week I want to talk about going the distance I want to find out about how we can keep building a this morning is more theoretical but we're going to get practical into building and. Saving relationship with Jesus an enduring relationship with Jesus one where we have a steady competence in Jesus is one of the things I want to bring up in this context this morning that's important to me and that is I want to spend just a moment talking about the wrath of God and which doesn't even know what we're talking about the love of God It's funny how sometimes in fact this isn't very uncommon it isn't very uncommon that there are a lot of people will say in fact I've had this people say this to me before sometimes sometimes they say something like this you know I know that God is love but God is also justice we're talking a lot about God's love but God is also justice and I just want to touch on that some of the wrath of God as though there's God's love but then there's also his rat as if God's love and something else Bible says in 1st jump for it God is love the vig out of love and something else the guy that the wrath of God is a part of God's love in the justice of God is a part of God's love and you can't have love without justice knows this statement from desire Vegas is God's love has been expressed in his justice know what. No lesson in His mercy justice is the foundation of his throne and the fruits of his love Let me illustrate it this way by looking at Romans chapter one Romans chapter one I'm going to finish with this thought on God's wrath you'll see why I'm doing this in just a moment Romans Chapter one Verse 18 I need you to follow along here because I'm going to try to trip you up in fact we're going to certain verses 16 very interesting that the Apostle Paul talking about the Gospel and in the context of the gospel he brings in the idea of wrath and you'll see why this isn't just a moment Romans Chapter one Verse 16 the Bible says for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the what the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew 1st and also for the Greek for in it the right justice of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith in verse 18 for the wrath of God as revealed from heaven against all on God thing in and righteous men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness many brands here did I read that correctly going to do it again follow along verse 18 for the wrath of God is real from heaven against all ungodly in unrighteous men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness who his wrath against nobody what his his wrath against you notice what the Bible is not saying it doesn't say its his wrath against on God being right on right as man is against the un-Godly now and on the right just ness of men in one reading God is against the sinner but in the Scriptural reading God is against the sin and this is so important in let me ask you this why is God so against the sin imagine you have a friend a son a daughter a friend a loved one husband wife who gets strung out on drugs and overdoses and you come in and you find them overdosed and you see that needle in their hand how do you feel about the needle let me tell you and don't miss this. How you feel about that needle is directly related to how much you love the individual the more you love them the more you hate the needle if God didn't love you he wouldn't have wrath against sin he'd be glad for sin because going to destroy you and he doesn't like you anyway the wrath of God is one of the strongest evidences of the love of God the wrath of God is not against you and me it's against sin God wants to destroy sin because destroying us the greatest challenge he has is we're intertwined with sin and so through the plan of redemption God is trying to pull us apart so that when the day comes when sin is destroyed we can live for eternity with Him why because God's love for you is steady and constant and unchanging when I finish and John Chapter 3 No no no I'm not going to go there I'm going to go to git Romans chapter 8 I apologize just looking at my time here let me share with you couple statements as we're talking about the wrath of God great controversy 6 o 5 notice what it says here not one is made to suffer the wrath of God until the truth has been brought home to his mind and conscience and has been was rejected it's a choice that people make God does everything he can to save his Advaita $764.00 says God is the what fountain of life and when one chooses the service of sin he separates from God and thus cuts himself off from life God gives him existence for a time for all that probationary time that they may develop their character reveal their principles this accomplished they receive the results of their own choice God's wrath is not against you and me it's against sin and God wants to save the sinner so as the Apostle Paul told those Greek philosophers in his I'm telling you again this morning though it may seem at times that God is far from you. And probably not now for most of you because you're it can't mean right there are things we do places we go that we know we're in the right place I could be ill doing a lot worse things than sit here 7 morning write for the devotional can't meeting perhaps you do feel far from God This morning perhaps you feel like you've gone through the motions and you're doing this here that you know that God how can he have how can he possibly love and accept you because what you've done friends God is not far from you he's near he's right beside you he's bending over you he's inviting you to himself you would even be here if it weren't for that we'll talk about that a little bit more tomorrow morning God is not far God is near and God is drawing you to himself I want to finish with Romans chapter 8 this is a very common verse and the problem with common verses is sometimes we think we know him so well we don't take the time to ponder them anymore Romans chapter 8 verse 31 The Bible says what shall we say to the thing if God is what if God is for us to be against us he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all thing who shall bring a charge against God's Elect it is God who justifies Who is he who condemn it is Christ who has died and furthermore is also risen and is even at the right hand of God who also makes intercession for us who shall separate us from the love of Christ just tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril are stored. As it is written for your sake we are killed all day long we are counted a sheep for the slaughter yet in all these things we are more than conquerors to him who loved us for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels are principalities and powers or things present or things to come nor height nor depth nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord I want you to leave with this thought the snoring and throughout this week there is never a time when God is not on your side there is never a time when God is not on your side even those who are destroyed at the end friends are not going to strike and get no is going to be lost because God didn't love them or God stop loving them the choices they made and all the way to the end God will be wooing an intrigue God is always always on your side that good news this morning let's pray together Father in heaven mother this morning I pray Oh Father you've spoken through clay I pray your spirit would make these words alive this morning I pray that we would sense a little bit more of the unfathomable depths of your love for us this morning that there's never a time when you stop loving us that there's never a time that you don't want to save that there's never a time when you're in a far off country or taking a nap and can't be disturbed but that you're always on our side and father made that inspire us with courage and hope to turn to you in every case and to trust you with our lives I pray that you would bless us through the remainder of the Sabbath hours Lord pour your spirit out upon every speaker and presenter today that we would be drawn closer to you. And Father give us the kind of use of your loving glory that we must have. So that we can go the distance and finish his reign. Thank you we're hearing and answering what we ask and Bradys. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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