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3. Tragic Tale from Tinker Creek

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • June 18, 2018
    6:00 PM
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Our gracious Father in heaven Oh father we thank you for another day of life a day of privilege an opportunity to know you in Jesus Christ whom you have sent more than this father's or theme here is as a witness we have the privilege of sharing Christ with those who know him not so I pray that in this camp meeting you would stir our hearts Lord to finish the work you've given us to do and to hasten the day of the coming of Christ may we all be ready for that day not just ourselves Lord but those who are in our circle of influence because of something we let you do through us to reach them we ask and pray these things this morning in the name of Jesus and for his sake amen our theme this morning devotions has been going the distance as I've said I hope and pray and really believe it's possible that we can be that generation that sees the Lord coming in the clouds of glory modeled after the book steps to Christ I say that. Especially Just morning now that we've looked at our 1st message I based on the chapter of God's love for man and we talked about God's unchangeable unfathomable love of god loves us because of who he is and not because of who we are and we talked about yesterday I based it on the chapter of the sinners need of Christ and talked about the other fall in this of humanity but praise God He sent His Son Jesus Christ to take humanity and become what the Bible calls the last Adam to overcome where the 1st Adam failed but I don't know if you've noticed yet that neither of those chapters we've looked at takes one step to Christ I don't know if you've ever thought about that when you go through the book today we're talking about what's called the 1st step and that's the step of repentance the message this morning is called a tragic tale from Tinker Creek. In her Pulitzer Prize winning book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Annie Dillard wrote a story or shared a story about some of the 1st Cataract patients in Europe in America when they 1st learned how to remove cataracts and in some of these patients some of these people had been born blind some were blind from a very young age and for the 1st time they could receive this surgery and see and you would think that would just be the greatest thing in the world but she shares in her book that this new site experience proves overwhelming for many patients it oppresses them to realize if they ever do it all the tremendous size of the world it's hard to imagine for me has always seen they said that some of the for example one of the patients with ask even after she received her sight how big her mother was and you might think she might attempt to want to be this but she did this because the perception was not realize how to perceive size and distance and so there's this overwhelming new experience of seeing things you didn't see before it oppresses them she goes on to say to realize that they have been visible to people all along perhaps unattractively so without their knowledge or consent you don't have a mirror to look in you don't know you look like you don't know if you have marks on your face you're having a bad hair day or what right and so now all of a sudden you can see and you realize this is how I've presented myself at ease things were were a little bit overwhelming a disheartening number of them she continues refused to use their new vision continuing to go over objects with their tongues oftentimes a blind person will tell what something is by their tongues or to touch their senses. Continuing to go over objects with their tongues and lapsing into apathy and despair for some change in the old habits and adapting to a new way of life was so distasteful to them that after surgery they actually chose to wear dark glasses or in some other way cover their eyes one post-op 21 year old girl in the words of Dillard carefully shuts her eyes whenever she wishes to go about the house and is never happier or more at ease then when by closing her eyelids she relapses into her former state of total blindness actually chose blindness oversight because it was easier for them to keep living the way they always had doing the math there the Bible tells us this a church in the last days that's blind as a church of Laodicea it's a church that describes you and me in the Lord's counsel to that church is be zealous and repent there are many even in God's remnant church who are no more willing to have their spiritual eyes opened to their own condition than where the cataract patients in Dillard's story notice the statement from the book testimonies to ministers even 7th Day Adventists are in danger of closing their eyes to truth as it is in Jesus because it contradicts something which they have taken for granted as truth but which the Holy Spirit teaches is not true oh I thought that was just other churches even God's people you know the call to repentance is always accompanied the preaching of the gospel John the Baptist started out by preaching repent and then pointing people to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world Jesus began his preaching manner ministry with the words repent and believe the gospel the Apostles messages called people to repent what shall we do man and brother and repent and be converted steps to Christ tells us that repentance is the was the 1st step that must be taken by all who were returned to God. It's wonderful to learn and know the love of God I know people today who want that that they just want to talk about the love of God male and white says in the book steps to Christ it is not enough to perceive the loving kindness of God it's great that God is loving but God is going to be loving even when people are lost perceiving the love of God is not a step to God repentance is the 1st step that must be taken by all who would return to gone now the call to repentance is only the blending of the law and the Gospel and it's unfortunate in so much of the Christian world that the law has been cast aside as something legal istic and I and I'm sorry to say that it's starting become more and more popular to say that and do that in God's remnant church but I want you to notice what it says I'm a crisis object lessons here Page $128.00 No man can rightly present the law of God What without the Gospel or the Gospel was without the law the law is the gospel embodied and the Gospel is the law and folded the law is the root and the Gospel is the fragrant blossom and fruit which it bears and in Ellen whites $888.00 material she makes the statement the law and the Gospel revealed in the word are to be preached to the people for the law and the Gospel blended with what will convict of sin God's law while condemning sin points to the Gospel revealing Jesus Christ in no discourse are they to be divorced because God uses them to move his people to repentance and I want to tell you that when the long gospel are not combined it minimises it it diminishes our view of sin and minimizes grace in the function of God's grace I mean what's God's grace if I'm not a sinner if I don't see it my sinfulness you know the whole idea of the got it's interesting to me today because we're told that the Gospel is the divine remedy for sin. And as I mentioned much of the Christian world says well the laws been done away with the law has been done away the Bible says where there's no law there's no transgression So what's the remedy suddenly the Gospels are remedy for a disease that no longer exists makes no sense Ellen White quotes from a minister in her day she starts out quoting and then she comments in the book great controversy notice the tendency of the modern pulpit this is modern in the 1906 actually the 800 the tendency of the modern pope is to strain out the divine. Justice from the divine benevolence we would say that God's love or mercy to sink benevolence into a sentiment rather than exalted into a principle we talked about that with the love of God Love is not God's feeling about something it's a principle it's a choice from the habit of underrating the Divine Law and Justice men easily slide into the habit of underestimating the grace which has provided an atonement for sin and then Ellen White comments on the person she quoted by saying Thus the Gospel loses its value and importance in the minds of men along gospel must blend and when they do they call us to repentance now repentance is something so sometimes in fact oftentimes we think of as what we do for God I want to go to the Book of Acts with me Chapter 5 Acts Chapter 5 you know a lot of the things I'm sharing this week have been so foundational in my experience and they continue to be I remember the things that you remember learning and you just don't lose them because it was such an aha moment because I thought repent you know you read these calls to repentance repent and be converted Well that sounds like something I'm doing and it is in part but I want you to notice Acts Chapter 5 and verse 31 Peter just mentioned Jesus who was crucified. In fact you want to talk about conviction and conversion and repentance and verse 30 as he's preaching he says the God of our fathers raised up Jesus whom you murdered by hanging on a tree there's a little conviction Him God has exalted to his right hand to be a prince and save year to do what to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins repentance includes 2 things book steps to Christ tells us it includes sorrow for sin and turning away from it and so I've energic to their softness and that's God's part I can't become sorry for sin when we looked at the condition of fallen man yesterday the Scripture is clear that there is absolutely nothing in us that would ever seek after God if not prompted from him by the on the outside there is no one who seeks after God The Bible says no not one and it's amazing how Paul he's quoting of course when he shares that in Romans Chapter 3 but it's almost as if he knows somebody might contend it there's no one who seeks after God hey wait a minute wait a minute no not one there's nothing in us you say but I sought after God you know I came to God I remember one experience where I sought after you reasons you sought after God because He sought you 1st it's always the case so before we ever even desire God it's God who puts that sorrow for sin and a heart what's in it another way of saying sorry for sin we're going to get pushed to settle a bit more but when you are sorry for sin how do you feel guilty that's not a good word today is it I don't want to feel guilty but let me just interject here that you feel guilty because the Spirit of God is calling you to himself right God is the one who why does Jesus make his people sorry for sin he gives repentance and what. Forgiveness of sin I mean or is not going to give you repent and you're like oh will you forgive me forget about it why would he start by giving you a sorry for sin because he wants to forgive you and draw you to himself repentance 1st is that software sin that comes from God and then a turning away from it now God's not going to make you turn away from sin that's your choice that's my choice but we can't even do that on our own and so turning away from sin IS OUR I could say our divinely aided part says in the book steps to Christ again we can no more repent without the Spirit of Christ to awaken the conscience and we can be pardoned without Christ so it's a lord working through this process and the Bible tells us that true repentance includes Reformation go with me to the Gospel of Matthew you look at the preaching of John the Baptist want you to notice Matthew 3 and verse 8 fact will start 7 Matthew 3 in verse 7 the Bible says but when he John the Baptist saw many of the fairest season Sadducees coming to his baptism he said to them brute of a viper who warned you to flee from the wrath to come therefore bear fruit. Worthy of your of repentance and do not say to yourselves we have Abraham as our Father for I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from the stone and then he says now the axe is laid at the what at the root of the tree now a New American Standard Bible says bear fruit in keeping with repentance you know the Bible talks about the man who sees himself in a mere But then he goes away and forgets what kind of man he was he doesn't do anything he doesn't change doesn't make sense that we would see our sinfulness knew nothing about it. Doesn't doesn't make sense that we would say we're sorry for sin but not do anything to change it I mean if you're really sorry there's going to be a corresponding response to that is true repentance includes Reformation book steps to Christ again page $59.00 says there is no evidence of genuine repentance unless it works reformation we just I'm going to tell you we just have a habit of excusing ourselves too often stories told of a company that had a problem with its employees taking advantage of sick days they'd call in sick when they weren't sick imagine anybody would ever do such a thing well they met with the union leaders to complain and say we've got to get this thing in in line we've got these employees are abusing this privilege and as the union labor union you need to make sure you straight these guys outside hoeing on a minute are labor guys they don't abuse their sick leave privileges if they're calling in sick they're sick so one of the guys in the company says Oh yeah let me show you this and he lays a paper down on the table he says Look here says one of our employees just won the golf tournament yesterday he called in sick the union guy thinks about it for a minute he says Man think how good he would have done if he wasn't sick we have a tendency to want to defend our actions when we know there's no defense for our actions one of the most powerful examples of to repentance in Scripture is is the example of David in the story of David it's fascinating I hadn't realized this for a while David and Bessie but how many of you read the story David the king of Israel David takes another man's wife and if you go and read through the store you see that he comes to repentance I'm going to touch on that for a minute but while I didn't realize for the longest time it just never dawned on me is that an entire year had passed before Nathan the prophet came to David and he just was OK with every day he took another man's wife she got pregnant. He realized that that wasn't a good thing he'd get found out sort of covered up he tried to get the man to sleep with his own wife but the man was too faithful to sermon in of itself and so David put him on the front lines in battle to get a murdered now he's not just an adulterer but he's a murderer and then he takes the man's wife into his palace and lives happily for the next year as if nothing happened you might ask yourself how did he do that how did it do that without his conscious bother him let me be clear about something this morning that was the practice of all the kings of the nations around them and there are many times that you and I look at the people around us even in the church and say well they're doing it I think it ought to be OK doesn't matter if they're doing it if God says you shouldn't do it and it took a year before Nathan the prophet showed up and told David that story and David judged in the case and said That man ought to be punished and Nathan the prophecy said David you're that man and then David saw himself the way God had seen him to repentance is about I want you to notice in some 50 you want to couple things in some 51 I'm going to read the whole Psalms it's a it's a it's a powerful psalm I would hope you have read some 51 before but if not this is David psalm of repentance verse one says Have mercy on me your god according to your loving kindness according to the multitude of your tender mercies blot out my transgressions wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin I want you to know that David was not just looking for an excuse maybe that's not the right way to put it David didn't just want God to say OK your sins are forgiven he wanted to know he was cleansed and there's a difference some people just don't want the penalty or the punishment that comes with the wrong act that was he saw as repentance. But that's not true repentance because a true repentance has sorrow for sin and if you have a sorrow for your sin you want to be free from it now notice what he says in verse 3 this is really fascinating to me in verse 3 he says for I was acknowledged my transgressions and my sin is always before me now I want to I want to flesh this out so you understand this what he's saying I acknowledge what David is saying is I acknowledge my transgressions and my sins as sins OK this is how we do sometimes we get something brought to our attention we say Yeah I know I did that and I know that the church says I shouldn't I know that some of the people in this conference don't agree with that I probably shouldn't have done it that's not repentance David didn't acknowledge that somebody else thought it was sin he acknowledged that it was sin that God thought it was sin I know some people would disagree that I'm drinking my coffee now no God disagrees with it and there's a difference in acknowledging that and not acknowledging that David acknowledge that what he did was offensive in the eyes of God In fact if you go on here notice I acknowledge my transgressions in my sin is always before me against you you only have a sin and I used to confuse me I thought what is he talking about I mean are you Ryan best Chiba and how do you say only against God But the point he was making is it's not man that I've wronged it's you that I'm wrong it wasn't that there weren't offenses to other people but true repentance is when we come to terms with the reality that we have offended God and offended is to put it in a more visual way we are the ones who drove the nail through the hand of Christ I remember back to my own conversion I mean that was you know I say that you know our conversion conversion is not really a one time thing you know that. It possible that I die daily conversion is a process that can take place over time but there are events in different people's lives for me I remember that 1st revelation to my soul that I was the one I mean it came vividly to my mind in fact I was when I when I realized that Christ had died for humanity and I was really I was actually reading a great controversy I was reading in the context of the Jews who rejected him and I became upset with the ignorance and the stubbornness of the Jews for rejecting him all the while I was in the midst of being upset with the Jews how dare they the Spirit of God said it was you who rejected me it was you who drove that drove the nails it use been closing me out Oh man I'll never forget that I was sitting on my sofa with my wife and I was reading this out loud but I just read that I began to weep and she thought her husband at last is mine why did my carnal mind I saw Jesus for the 1st time as not only the one I murdered but the one who let me do it to save my soul David acknowledged his transgressions before God came to terms and went tell you something else about coming to terms I don't know what to think when I hear church members making I don't say making excuses blaming people like this we say you know I know I was a sinner and I was livin I were the way I shouldn't but you know I grew up in the church and they were so mean to me and it was so legal istic like what are you doing here on the church under the bus for one thing I realized when I was converted was it's my fault and only my fault it doesn't mean people didn't mistreat me that it mean there were problems in the church but what their problems in the church and that's my excuse no I am choosing look the Bible says that the Spirit of truth will lead anybody into truth who seeks it. I don't want to I don't want to totally let the church or leaders or pastors off the hook when they do something wrong but when somebody says I grew up in the going to church and I never knew Jesus whose fault is that you don't have your own Bible you don't have access to the Holy Spirit you don't have the Spirit of Prophecy writings I mean come on and we have the access we're blaming others all that saying is I've not been brought to fullness of repentance the Apostle Paul after 30 years of the of a ministry I can openly wish to someday get close to after 30 years of that kind of faith Lewis said this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am she not used to be chief because he realized his own nothingness without Christ David acknowledged his transgression before God and he wanted not just forgiveness but cleansing steps to Christ page $24.00 says David saw the enormity of his transgression he saw the defilement of his soul he loathed his sin it was not for pardon only that he prayed before purity of heart he longed for the joy of a holiness to be restored to harmony and communion with God You long for the joy of holiness the you see yourself in those moments when we're with the Lord in the holy spirit shines a light on those things that are still there in your life do you long to be free from that you long to reflect the image of Jesus that's the spirit of God bringing you bringing me to repentance says says End Point page 25 against to Christ a repentance such as this speaking of David's repentance is beyond the reach of our own power to accomplish you can't you can't muster it up I don't want you get the idea that while I need to be more sorrow for my sin you can't muster it. A repentance such as this is beyond the reach of our own power to accomplish it is obtained only from Christ who ascended up on high and has given gifts on to men we're going to talk in a moment about how it's obtained from crying there's a lot of talk today about beholding Christ we need to behold Christ I was in Carolina doing can't meeting I was talking on another topic but I was trying to illustrate some of the the modern compromise in the church and so I looked up for pictures for illustration I wish I had had put them on my computer here to show you this morning now that I'm thinking about it but I looked up pictures I looked up I did 2 search terms for pictures one was sure ship that's when I search church worship and the other was rock concert and you want to know something the images were identical I mean one image was virtually identical the others are the same there's a crowd of people the smoke this people with guitars on a stage and hands up like this I had to search it I'm not talking about OK when I looked up rock concert I saw a bunch of those and I searched for a while and I found one of those when it no Christian were the same thing I looked up Christian worship I didn't see pictures of people like this I didn't see people read the Bible I didn't see people Bible study and see people preaching it was all this big band up front and were going to be I remember of the late Pastor Tony. Coming on one of these preachers once you said you know I was this morning I was talking to the Lord and He revealed Himself to me while I was shaving in the mirror Tony Pastor Tony said you were just you were shaving and you got it you got a revelation of God and he just sat there and shaved in the Bible when people saw God they fill in their faces even angels John saw an angel he couldn't stand on his feet when Daniel saw a crisis and all my comeliness was turned in me into corruption and I retain no strength. When Peter saw Jesus the glory of Christ was revealed to him on the Fisher's boat he fell on his knees and said Depart from Me Lord from I'm a simple man and your shaving your waving your hands and saying this is worship this is not worship folks when David in broken hearted dispell before the Lord in repentance that was worship you look at the Day of Pentecost and they were weeping in repentance that's worship we have this idea that when Christ research feel to us we have this warm feeling and will just be it's not going to be that way let me share with you some things related to see and message is a message of repentance the book early writings Ellen White says this she shares this experience she says asked the meaning of the shaking she'd seen this this vision of these 2 groups of people one group of people was agonizing and pleading before God for light and for for. RIP HIS forgiveness and his transformation and another group was not so she calls him careless and indifferent and that careless and indifferent group was shaken out she says I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the true witness to the Laodiceans What is that what is the counsel to true witness to the legacy ans you think your spiritual written or not he tells them their true condition and it changes the people who hear it says they pour forth this straight testimony so this will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and will lead him to exalt the standard poor 4th the straight truth some will not bear this straight testimony they will rise up against it and this is what will cause a shaking among God's people I saw that the testimony of the true witness has not been have heeded the solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangs upon what the destiny of the church hangs on whether or not we receive this message of repentance this call to repentance. The solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangs has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded this testimony must work. Deep repentance all who truly receive it will obey it and be purified says here that even in the last days God's people are no more willing to have their eyes open work than the people in Dillard's book those cataract patients so if there's going to be a resistance to the call to repentance Now why do we fight repentance so hard why is it that we've always got to put that blame off I was thinking about this recently and I think I've got at least a part of it you know the devil so distorted our minds and we get so in secure that when God comes to us and points tell our sinfulness because of the way things work in this world and maybe the way that people do it in this world we perceive it as as an attack when something we read or hear makes us feel guilty we assume it's coming from the enemy and we brace ourselves to resist it we take it as a criticism and we shouldn't want you to consider some things here I was talking about beholding Christ notice from steps to Christ page 251 ray of the glory of God one gleam of the purity of Christ penetrating the soul makes people feel light headed and woozy and blissfully happy but some people have told me makes every spot of defilement painfully distinct and lays bare the deformity and defects of the human character right because you're you're coming closer to Christ we're going to look at that statement back I'll say my comments I look at that now continuing on here it makes apparent the on how low desires the infidelity of the heart the impurity of the lips the sinners acts of disloyalty and making void the law of God are exposed to his sight. And his spirit is stricken and afflicted under the searching influence of the Spirit of God He loathes himself as he views the pure spotless character of Christ this is what happens when we behold Christ according to inspiration this is the experience I had in my conversion when you see Christ you're just not shaving you're just not doing this I want to tell you that's a false revival and emotionalism the devil is making people think they have some kind of experience with the Lord now I don't want to give you the wrong idea because all the while you see your sinfulness like Peter on the boat remember the story in Luke 5 or Peter fell down before Jesus said Lord depart me from a simple man you remember what he was doing he was going was running away from Jesus see the awesome this of this blend of the law and the Gospel is even when we see our sinfulness here's the thing when we really realize how sinful we are because we don't naturally and yet Jesus is still there offering us salvation I mean look there are days and I have to be honest with you as a fallen human being there are days when if God would say hey I'm going to save you and say well you ought to I'm a pretty good person and I don't appreciate the Gospel and days like that it's when I see my utter sinfulness and brokenness and fall in this and Jesus is still there holding out his hand to me that my heart is broken so even as we loathe ourselves our sinfulness we rejoice all that more than the love of Christ for our soul this when you probably are aware of this is a fairly common popular statement but steps to Christ pay $64.00 and $5.00 says the closer you come to Jesus the more faulty you will appear in your own on this she goes on to talk about how it's because we've become closer we've because of the contrasts that we see between him and us and I've given people the example of basketball because I'm I'm terrible at basketball. But every once in while I go out and shoot some basketball so I'll go out and I'm I have a day where I'm feeling pretty good maybe you've done this before and hey I'm hitting a few and I'm like hey you know maybe maybe I'm cured of this maybe maybe I've got it down now that some guy like Tom hovered shows up who knows how to play basketball and suddenly I feel really lousy at basketball you know I'm talking about so you can you can do yourself a certain way but what how would you expect that you would see yourself the closer you come to Christ and His infinite purity the closer you come the more faulty you're going to appear this is what this is evidence that Satan is what his delusions have lost their power now put the 2 together what's his delusion when I see my sinfulness that's in evidence he has delusions of loss of power so is illusion must be that I don't see my sinfulness then I feel OK then I feel pretty assured of myself this is evidence of Satan's delusions have lost their power that the vivifying the life giving influence of the Spirit of God is arousing you know deep seated love for Jesus can dwell in the heart that does not realize its own sinfulness if we do not see our own moral deformity it is what what kind of evidence it's an mistake a bull evidence sorry it's on mistake about evidence that we have not had a view of the beauty and excellence of Christ so Saints is what I want to understand we 1st have to realize that the closer we come to Jesus the clear our views of Jesus the more unlike him we're going to appear the more we're going to realize our sinfulness not the less this is how Jesus draws us to himself This is how he does it what did he say to the leaders in his day it's not those who are well who go looking for a doctor it's those who are sick. You know Ellen White even in her ministry she was concerned that she would get too proud because of the revelation she had in the Lord said I hope you stay humble by afflicting you with sickness you're aware that. The Lord for our own good often keeps us in a place where we know we're dependent this is how Jesus draws us to himself but not know this if you've missed everything else God's call to repentance is not intended to be a criticism of our own godliness but an invitation to his godliness every time you see your sinfulness Now the devil is going to take advantage I like to say he has planted and planned because we just saw his delusions are broken when we see our sinfulness so he doesn't let you see your sinfulness because then oh mercy you might go to Christ for forgiveness so he tries to keep you blinded to that but there comes a point when the Lord reveals your sinfulness so he switches to plan B. And that is well look how sinful you are you can't go to cry but you've got to remember that I wouldn't even see my sinfulness if it wasn't for Christ and the only reason he's shown it to me is because he's inviting me to himself so again God's call to repentance is not a criticism of our own godliness but an invitation to his godliness book steps to Christ as the Spirit of God He is pleading with us to seek for those things that alone can give peace and rest sorry I lost my peace and rest the grace of Christ and the joy of holiness why as you point out our sin because he's calling it WAS have something better he's inviting us to something better through influences seen and unseen our Savior is constantly at work to attract our minds from the unsatisfying pleasures of sin to the infinite blessings that may be ours in him praise the Lord so listen saints when we feel guilty. We need to remember that we wouldn't if it weren't for the fact that the Spirit of God was a rousing us and inviting us and the Lord Jesus was wanting to save us is a statement from. One of the messengers God raised up to bring a reclear if occasion of righteousness by faith to our people in $888.00 in the after years and in the right of that time one of those men is named 80 Jones and 80 Jones wrote something that I have treasured ever since I 1st read it I want to share it with you he's commenting on this whole idea that we're talking about the closer we come to Christ the more we see our own sinfulness and I want you to notice words here he says Do not be discouraged at the sight of sinfulness in the flesh it is only in the light of the Spirit of God and by the discernment of the mind of Christ that you can see so much sinfulness in your flesh is not true could see it otherwise double that what you see it you couldn't see it if it weren't for the Spirit of God So he goes on and the more sinfulness you see in your flesh the more of the Spirit of God You certainly have. Ever thought about that before the only way you can see it then when you see the sinfulness abundant in you what Thank the Lord that you have so much of the Spirit of God that you can see so much of the sinfulness your think about thanking God that you see yourself so sinful You should thank the Lord that you have so much of the Spirit of God that you can see so much of the sinfulness and know of a surety that when sinfulness abounds grace much more abounds in order that as sin has rained on to death even so might Grace rain through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord. So brothers and sisters which I don't imagine how you can make it through a week can't meeting and not have some conviction of your sinfulness as you hear different messages in your mind of areas in your life that are in harmony with God's will like they need to be rejoice and say Thank You Lord for caring enough about me to draw me to yourself and give that over to him and take that step in repent how many how many of you want that that not just that forgiveness but that cleansing that David prayed for that closeness to God and experience you want that this morning let's pray together Father in Heaven Father as we've meditated upon these things today in your word as we thought about your work in our lives of of bringing us to repentance and moving us to turn from our sin it's not a human work Lord it's not something we can do for ourselves and it's something the enemy so wants us to think is an attack to keep us out of heaven instead of an invitation to get us in bother this morning I just want to thank you that your spirit bears along with us and that even as we say so often want to resist your drawing power Oh Lord help us to be drawn to the foot of the cross in repentance that we may be cleansed and glorified. And rejoice one day very soon. At your coming and in the kingdom Jesus Christ we ask and pray these things in his name and for his. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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